The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 3, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1924
Page 12
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PACT? TWF.T.VE. rr ., ........ :—: THE NUTCHTNSON NEWS, t ^ by EDMUND SNfiuL I V— THE FASCINATING MISS PATERSON BEGIN HERE TODAY i« pi i'pt'l*.fi>r uf llii* Of.uin- J l';it;i!f ill H>i!rif..i. ,\ \(i|ll>L; llliill; 1.* lh.> luiiii.. of I'iit.'i'MMti fom.'K t'i i t hr* i>l-i n! ,i t !'>n t i t>tnp'>rn ii!y re |»1; LC»! ]».'iuii<t Whitf, one r.f i.'iiirSiC.ili'K mvr- ft-vv*. I',i \ "i . MIJI lirimrs with liim a fisli-r. li-1 ltiini.><li:ilriv rwplivntes ill* 1 ntti-Mtin!i c,f i'dlMv .-s, i U-r 1 1i;an's firM BMfislnnt. V> Howes hiifl KnM Pnt*;rtwtn In his • mm «m tht» VfTHtii-la nil,' oviMiitm I Wht'ti li« twins t(i *f<- I'liti'TSnli cit:ii;-| fcorini,' inwiird thi-m with ft tuit.ive [ opUnn \A\H- I" l-itiil. Wllowrs i lOhi^.s the ilnu* ft"ini urn iT^munti-iisly Into hf.t. Tln-n In* Is < had Hint to Jnar Knirl Tul'i sun sny to I UT hro- tJ-icr. "Vmi f'-nl! Whv cnnl'ln'! ynu lnivc l-"pt .iw;tv fri'in !t unoth.n- xvf»:k? I lnul Unit prior Mint (mi-nti- Intr l"'llnW'^i N't w - .n my fini^r nn«l thumb!" X i\v Kn!uw'.i( r( .|i;i[.M's in li -'Iiiiir In •y,u\f Oorripan to it'll him of EM.t l\it(Tsnn's Ht'.'u hery. NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY "You won 't nf'i-(l any nddition." tio assured lilm. "I know innr** ! nbout t-nsps of this tmrt than you i thlnV. If Mrs. Corriean weren't in ; Kti gland, MmM toll you how ! foil ; a certain day in Labium —hut that's ! neither h«»re nor thrrn." Ho shook' hl« head nailly, "I mod to t*'ll ynu j •v>vornI limes, but yon wouldn 't i listen to me." ; "How loner hfivp you been Jiore?" asked (bp ayHiftant. without looking "Jloushiy an hour and n <iuaiter. 'After 1 net that young blackmiaVfl ! on his feet at the foot of the alone—" I Kellowes' head enme up with a : Jerk. j "You?" hp Rasped iueredulouMy. i "I! CorriRan! 1 needn 't add that! I've bad Vatt-rson matched v»?ry j carefully Mm** 1 the moment he nr- 1 rived. 1 didn't like his faco in the first plare—and 1 liked his sister's j Btil] less. Also, my bonny boy, the poods weren 't up to pain pie. You must, remember unit I was expecting a bronzed, hardened planter; not a dopey youth who carted an j nnusually pretty lister about with him into the backwoods*! I didn 't tell you, did I, that there isn't a Davis who's a chartered accountant and is now resident in Singapore ?'' reliowe* flushed deeply. Jlc» reached out for Compan's hand and gripped it tight. "I 've been nu abject nss!" he. groaned, j Feliowes emptied his class. } "Good pveninir. Mi?^ Paterson,'' j (•aid CorriRan ntth^r boisterously. | "I H Mr. Pater son about'."' j She came in with slow hesitant etepH. "Not tonleht. I'm afraid." she ventured etuoothly. "He's pot a tdiRhl touch of fever—and l'vo sent him to bed. Mid you want. himV" rorrk'au ro?o and placed a chair for her. "l .i i'^. bavo ii tune on the gramo- i phone." he --URRt'Sied. He - A as be- ! Rin:;iiur tu fttid the strain too much ; lor him- As he crti-^od tho veranda to* ; ward the pile of wax discs, he ho;ir<l P.iterion'.-? voiee. calluiR. . . . | "Isn't that, your In-other?" ho j asl;ed hf-r, listt-itinir intently. SIio swept past him into the pas- BaR.uvay and Fellowes felt the wavy nf impotent fury that con- sinned her. A record bet ween his fjntera he approached the bamboo table. CorriRan wrote somethiuR rapidly on a ficrap or par>er and hai:ded it to him. Ho concealed it botwoen bis finirors and went back to the Rramopbonc. As the plaintive ncreoch of a popular waltz, fcroko upon the siillness, he opened thB paper and read: •'Thfly must striko HOOII . If anyone leaves the house tonight—follow til all costs." He thrn c t the crumpled scrap Into hts pooket and looked toward CorriRan. but the planter was help- j inp himself from the pqiiart* bottle, whistiinR in tune with the machine, ! fls if nothing unusual wore afoot, j Enid Paterson camo hack from I the bedroom. i "Hi* wantPil some water," she an. i nounced. "ile 's much better. Hia | tpinperature'r-; almost normal." I "Splendid." t -aid CorriRan, empty- j Ins his plass ;ind roachiiiR out for hi* topee. "I 'll wish ynu Rood night, I !Mis;-i J'aterson. Fovcr'r; a deuce of ' a thinv-r, you know. I WHIK U T ynu j luivt-n't succitmbt -d lonu apo. 1 always thougiit yuu Wfn* a worni-riul woman, <*ver SIIK'M tho day jon arrival. You jiniM. liiive an amazing ^•institution, 'lood nipht." 1I« was fionu beiore Feliowe:* tonld gf i at th -i door, "d'ood night, Currigan," he hhotn- I •d ai'ter him. ; "Cherry-nh:" cutne the merry re. j H'onse from th« darkness j I le. turned siowly, prepared Tor mo .it, things. He did not im her see | that ho had notico.j | lf , r drop some. | thing into Jiis half-fined glass, inn 1 llroppc -d casual!;- into a convenii'-n; | thair and clo ^.-d his eyes. j Prr -Htmiy he* rostj and took hi :-»i glass with him to the rail. At that moment the lune toa-'ul 'in. I W^:--'-- ensip-d a hideous scrnpitiR Bound of a pin on wax. "Quick:" lie cried at the top ol his voire "Take. It off. li'll scratch H lo plereii." She turned lo obey and he carefully emptied the whlskoy Into the night. .She noted with satisfaction as she camo hack to him, that Ms lips rested on an empty glass. Ten minu'es later ho excused himself and went to his room. Half an hour afterward ho extinguished ihe hurricane lamp, hut not before, he had clothed blmseii completely. Ho lay down at full length on tho bed. taking the precaution o.' tucking the mosqudo curtains securely round him. Tho bun. galow had become at* silent as the grave, a silence broken only My tho shrill scream of a lizard in the a taps and tho persistent mewinR of a cat that roamed the. rafters in search of rats. Occasionally, as the. minutes crept on in quick succession, strange noises floated in at tho window; the deep-throated croak of a bullfrog, the sleepy chattering of n monkey colony, the coughing of a «tag. .... His wrist watch showed him In luminous figures that it was close on one, when he heard a sudden riound of movement in the house; A door creaked open and closed again softly; there wag a muffled exclamation as someone tripped over a chair on the veranda; soft footsteps on the ground outside the house. A shadowy form appeared at the open window, hovered there for a moment, and disappeared. Keliowes leaped from the bed and ran to the opening, lie could just see the outline of two hurrying figures disoppearing along the path which led to Corrignn's bungalow. Thirty seconds—and he was after tliern. The night air revived him wonderfully. A hrceye was still blowing steadily from the sea. Overhead tho stars blinked down from a cloudless sky. The moon hung like a toy thing that had been cut out and painted. . . The mature rubber trees, their leaves rustling like children's whispers, threw e-ich a separate shadow. And somewhere in their black and silver depth}* lurked the joyous spirit of adventure: for Felbnves felt it: he dogged tho footsteps of those WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 3, 1924 FKI.I.OWES (Jiili'i'KD COHIM- GA.VS HAM) TIGHT. two aliend, takiiiR nclvamage of every bond in tlio winding path. Ik' MIW thorn pause outside Corrinan's broaij, squat, and sat down in tlto .shadow or th.; hank, wntchitiK thom. His quick brain, keenly alert, noticed two thiiiKS that set him wondiirui*.'. The wan-h- nian whose duty it wan to patrol outside—was not at his post. Cor- riL -an's hound—the beast that had followed him home—had disappeared. Tho two dark forms had gained the veranda. . . , Keliowes, every nerve strained, reached the pateh of dark- ne.-s thrown by of the walls, and erept stealiiiily round the huildinst, his head just above the level of ttie veratidu floor. I'res- Mjily he had swuut,' on to the veranda iUelf. lie'peered cautiously into the room forrlgnn employed as his office. Suddenly a blight li«ht flaslie,) in the. Kioom, he eatishl the outline of it stooping form, and saw a woman's hand of incredible smallhess ptisshiK with rapid, practiced movements over the combination. A second figure came to her .-ide and, as the perspiration trickled in cold streams from his forehead, a man's finders passed a bunch of keys into the circle of light—and were gone again, leaving It In the woman's possession. Followes saw her select a key, Insert It noiselessly—and the door swung open on oiled hinges. And then—ho waB blinking furiously into a room flooded with yellow light. Corrigan, immense in a sarong of terra cotta and red, set the lamp .deliberately on tilt table and looked down lite blue barrel of l'ater- son's revolver. "You may shoot, Fellowes," he said calmly. "Put 'em up. both of you," called the first, assistant from the window, his automatic leveled. "Up with 'cm', shouted Fellowes a>:aiti-aud Taterson put them up. Corrigau relieved him of his weapon. Fellowes climbed Into the room, breathing heavily. The sight of tho girl he had once kissed shamed him. "Corrlgan," he cried reproachfully, "what on earth does It all mean? They might have killed you!" "Oh! but I know you'd be there," returned t'orrigan, still with that exasperating grin. "Hut it's preposterous! I might have slept!" Corrigan came toward him and placed a heavy hand on his shoulder. "You were feeling rather sick with yourself this afternoon. You were getting a notion into your head, that I wouldn't trust yon—at- 1 1M - that. He nodded toward the girl- "I knew I could rely on you, old son. I wasn't taking any risk at all, you see. I knew you'd be there!" A mist swam before the assistant's eyes. "But it's wonderful—!" he blurt ed out. "I only keep wonderful peop i about me," laughed Corrlgan, "and we'll leave it at that!" resignation of one of the teachers, has been filled by Mrs. Chn». Grov- or, a former teacher In this capacity , Mr. A. C. McFall left Tuesday | fur Claremore, Okla. The trip was made by auto. S. J. Hubbell anil his estimable bride will soon become residents of Uurrton and occupy a cony cottage on South Main. On Saturday, a coyote hunt was staged in the sand hills north of town by Bert (llggy, Hyron Woods and bis two boys and 0, M. Hamar with their dogs. Two coyotes fell prey to the dogs of G. M. Hamar. The farmers in that vicinity aay the coyotes are destroying their sheep and chickens and they gladly welcome the hunters. The A. H. T. A. lodge are preparing an entertainment for the members and their families for Friday evening, Dec. Clh in the way of a pood social time and refreshments will be served. Mrs. May Hamar and two sons, Kldon and Harold, returned from their trip to Pueblo. Colo. The trip was made by auto. Mr. and -Mra. Claude Flkens, of Casper, Wyo. are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Frederick and family, route 4, and Mr. Fikens' parents of Hutchinson. They expect to visit several weeks before returning home. (In Our Next Issue: "THE BLUE MONKEY.") BURRTON Thanksgiving services were held at the Christian church. Thursday morning. Tho different churches joined in the services. The following guests partook of a Thanksgiving feast at the- home of YV. K. Hoyle: Mr. and .Mrs. 0. M. Cou .siey and Mr. and Mrs. J. -I. Cnnningh.-itn and family of Wichita, Mr. and Mrs. It. M. Collins and family of Hutchinson, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Hoyle and family. Mr. and Mrs. i". A. Boyle and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. f.teti Hridgeman and family of Burn on. Mr. and Mrs. K. II. McFull and son At -i -liie and Mrs. Ida Murray of ilurriou were invited to tho home of Mr. and Mrs. (i. M. Hamar, of route -1 for Thanksgiving. Miss Bertha I'.oyle. who is leaching in Haven, visited witlt ber parents. Mr. and Mrs.- W. K. Doyle over .Sunday. Th,.- vacancy in one of the rooms of the city school caused by the PARTRIDGE Mr. and Mrs. Willis Havercroft motored to Sterling Thanksgiving to meet their daughter. Miss E'.tla, who is attending college at Hays. She returned back to Hays Monday. Misses Hosa and Mario Miller of Whitewater, Knns.; Alfred Miller, of Manhattan, and Herman Miller and Miss Kveiyn Brown of Newton spent Thanksgiving with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Miller. Misses Mabel Diggs, Grace and Xonna Hofsess, Eoy Diggs and Kuasell Hofsess of Salt Creek neighborhood attended the program given by Miss Rowena Love at the J'lr-asant View school Friday night. Thirty-nine relatives and friends were entertained at the home of Fred Uillcnbach Thanksgiving day. Mr. and -Mrs. Ora Todd entertained at Thanksgiving dinner, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Soper and family and Mr. and Mrs. A. W. O'Brien of Hutchinson, Mr. and Mrs. Orval Soper and son Carroll of Haven and Mi--.s Susie Soper of Great Bend. Mr. and Mrs. Hammond and son Bond of Wichita anil Mrs. Sue Bond of Partridge spent Thanksgiving at the home of Mrs. Boss Bond southwest of town. ECZEMA You will b« compelled to admit that tho results of S.S.S.are really amazing! M ANY people Imagine that eczema or tetter needs only some external application on the skin In order to get relief. This is because tho attention of the suf- lerer is so violently directed to tho Intense burning and Itching which accompanies this disease. Try as they may—permanent relief will never be theirs until the disease laden blood Is thoroughly cleansed. Wo know there Is one thing that stops eczema and that Is more red- blood-cells! S.S.S. nuildB them by the million! You can lncreaso your red-blood-cells to tho point where it is practically impossible for eczema. to exist. We know that as blood-cells Increase in number, blood Impurities vanish! We also know that night follows day. Both are facta! But have you, eczema sufferers, ever actually taken advantage of this wonderful fact? Thousands just like you have never thought about It. Skin eruptions, ectema, with all Its fiery, skin digging torture, and its soiil-tearing, unreachable Itching, pimples, blackheads and boils, they all pack up and,go. when the tide of blood- cells begins to roll In! Blood-cells are tho fighting giants of Nature! S.S.S. builds them by tho million! It has been doing It since 1820. S.S.S. is one of tho greatest blood-cell builders, blood-cleansers and body strengthened known to us mortals! When you put these facts together,—then to continue to bavo eczema and Bkln eruptions looks more like a sin than a disease. S.S.S. contains only vegetable medicinal Ingredients. Because S.S.S. doos build red-blood- cells, It routs eczema, clears the akin, builds firm flesh, fills out hollow cheeks, and gives you that more up and going appearance. 8. 8. S, l> sold at »ll good aruj «tore» in two tiztt. The larger siit U more economical. ^World's Best TJlood Medicine - Wonderful- O' Coats S35 Others $22.50 up. Talk abdut value! You've never seen more for the money! Fine style in abundant variety; rich woolen fabrics;' fine tailoring. Big, burley, warm overcoats, single or double breasted; box, belt or "guards" models; plenty of the popular new shades. Come see 'em tomorrow. © Itart Scbaffner & Mara N U S S B V AM' S StatQCotKiers/ Established 1887 PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist l%\ N. Main Phone 2659 GAS FOR EXTRACTION Hutchinson Gladys Hawthorne, B. A. Mus. Bac Voice—Painting—Piano PHONE 3037-J Solve a down Chrlstmaa problem! with the ant that only you can buy—your photonraph. Mclnturff Studio F. M. JOHNSON A Cycle-logical Christmas, ui your boy or girl a bicycle of vole-:, pede, and you give tho utmost in pleasure and health combined. Our Christmas stock of cycles is ready for your inspection. Stallman Cycle Supply Opposite Post Office, Phone 93. a 23 East Sherman. Everything tor the Bicycle A New Arrival. Charley Hicks, half breed Indian and negro, was brought to the reformatory yesterday from Hamilton county. He was convicted on a charge of burglary in the second degree. Remember the Shop-o-Seope whenever you think of Xrnus shop-, I'lns. tf.' ButterTCriist FRESH /] Try it ' 1 Don't Suffer With Itching Rashes UseCuticura Soap. Olntrnai Talctun loM sr »eT7wh#Tt». RtunplM free ot Cttlwa tsvbwterUa.P^pt -K. MtUiuVlfrli7 YOU POOR KID, WHY ARE YOU SO SKINNY? Don't your mother know that Cod Liver Oil will put puunds ot good healthy flesh on your bones In just a tew weeks Tell her every druggist has it In sugar-coated tablet form now so that you won't have to take the nasty, fishy-tasting oil that is apt to upset the stomach. Tell her that McCoy's Cod Liver Oil Tablets are chock-full of vita- mines and ar<- the greatest flesh producers and health builders she can rind. One sickly, thin kid. uged !', gained 12 pounds in 7 mouths. She must ask A & A Drug Co.. Wcesner Drug Co., or any good druggist for McCoy's Cod Liver Oil Tablets—00 tablets, CO cents—as pleasant to take a6 candy. "Get McCoy's, the original and genuine Cod Liver Oil Tablet." Phone for 9 MOVING STORING PACKING SHIPPING SHAW eV FERGUSON City Transfer & Storage Co. 19 WEST FIRST HUTCHINSON, KANS. Use News-Herald want ads. They pay. T THE GUMPS — THE SAME TO YOU TEETH Natural Looking U C SET $25.00 Heavy Gold Crowns . . tf C fin Reinforced Bridge Work ^.UU Silver Fillings $1 .00 Extractions • $1 .00 ; Without the Hurt ALL WORK GUARANTEED DR. CARL BROWN ECONOMY DENTISTS 12 Years In Hutchinson Office Hours, 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. Evenings and Sundays by Appointment Phons 1386 Over Hoagland Clothing Co, Main at Second | IT'S HM?t> IS W-MOST I VJ&S JU^r LOOKING \- NVN CWWS^MAS SHOPPING I VANVc MM LIST T his Wawt s^bs H\C^ CWRNSTMfxS CfcRbS CWRVSTeAfss "SPIRVT WYTWOUT COSTING. US' ^ FORTUNE M=rT>Rvj> To GlVJt PRINTS IVV. TEN* 1H 'W UST-BUT NtVtU viE MSV.^ TO FfcCE PEOPLE VOHO StNb ME A PRESENT A»& <yer * CHEXP CA *3> tN. RETURN I'M NOT GOING TO BR \BE. rAN FRlENt>5 TO LOVE; ME- W I CAN'T UJIN TRvfcN,t>5VAK» U)\THOUT NECrvTlES, T -MiTuS m£r\*^ V ^ \ M\6WT OUST WEV,V T =IN ^ it out NO\M A« LNTE^- CPS NO• »^: ULEIF ME ^ HkVPN HEW NEAR VJvW CHRISTMAS SAVINGS Why Accept Less? Your savings should earn as much interest as your friend or neighbor who is depositing his savings with us. The Salt City Building and Loan Association Phone 972 Lloyd Brown, Secy. 503 N. Main Read the Classified &.ds in The News-Herald. L

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