The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 9, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Thursday, August 9, 1934
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j TODAY'S NEWS WHILE ITS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA VOL. LXV NO. 246 If Yoar (am N«w* U MM O» Y«w Pttccb By Sil5 o'Cfeck, C*tt TW Nm Offic* Mm € o'Clock For Prompt 164 or 165. tictnnn (AND THE DINNER HORN) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage .-I HOME EDITION PARIS, TOCAS. THURSDAY, AUGUST f, 1934 Hold Two For Quizzing In Idabel Case •*T' "••-.. *T. ' *^ "^ ^* ^* . - ^» , ^. - * - • **» 0% - .. J% • . 4% J( JP% J% Government Takes Up Silver Supply Call For All Silver Stocks Chair Again Held Ready For Doomed Murderess Exemptions Are Listed In Proclamation Made Public Thursdav IS NOT TO AFFECT LATELY MIXED METAL OSSIKTNG. K- T. £P) — Thursday j Thre* time* befor* Aana An- sav* onJy for the power ' IOI1 i Oi on i y 2 3, has seen her num- and pity of Ms «cell«»cy t . the. i ber • governor. Anna. Antonio must keep her thrice-broken rendezvous Other Classes Of Silver to , ^ t . r . .... t ^ \ rent of three children, is the ordv ; Be Exempt Under ^<ew remaining: hope- New Deal to i Hunter and Be Continued AllredLock Asserts FDR! In Tax Fight WASHIXGTOX, (£*}—Hold on Steps Already^ Taken Are! Hunter Charges Attorney General Has Misrepresented His Tax Stand Essential to Security of People, Asserts 3 up. and three times come lEach. time it was the gov- witli death.. ; eraor "who saved her by the mere The courts again have shaken ; liftlns of a telephone receiver, the tjheir heads in negation to this mere «***«**»« of a pen. As sim- self-widowed mother's pleas for I p ** tjl2 "life- Ser counsel has pounded : But ^^ ? Til€> governor has frantically at every legal door, } * iven no ic^cation of his intensely to find each of them closed. I tion ~ " J have take ° no action," He Gov. Herbert I^hman. himself— if^^ AnS^a-on'o^ 11 *-**** *° the condemned woman—a P a- I Jf £^ torS?rV^°ndl S^tX President Makes First Ma- j Keform Plan to Shift Bor-lbSi i ..-.i,—w-^—.v^ j.^_., ^ / j.-.^iu. mi ..o J of floating- commercial stocks not.; | your silver spoons, watches and | being csed in industry and com- i dimes — the government doesn't j merce. | -want them. Oklahoma Officers Die In Hospital Killer Identified As Escaped Convict and Texas Bank Robber AREA AROUND ID ABEL SEARCHED BY POSSES FACES WILL NOT BE OPPOSES GENERAL ! When. ,,_ , =— '• ' K "< LS nationalized the j Sut Onlv ^leaeer Qnes Ar*And don t «p«« your Barters governing alniultaneously ado ?c - ~ J" ' ^f /T* T nd nalr dollars to turn into any a policv of taking ihai me-a' J * Ound in wake'Of JU- ifferenz kind of money tomorrow i out f circulation « -m«n«- .«* I 1^= »~1 : and differen from what they are today. TURNED BACKWARD circulation as money and _, ... . .. , storing Ir in hn^e treasury ^nd 1 T.nese. things were not chasgec ; mia= TOults as a permanently-1 oy the presicenna.1 order .-.nurs- : * ' day nationalizing silver stocks. lius Bohannon SALES TAX, HE SAYS I ^ at M " Roosevelt and Secre-| £,.: silver • | tary Morgeaihau are doing is call- j o *- C i- 1 - ctl 7 a tio I guarded support for United I oney. in Ion Order President Itoosevelt Thursday nationalized the nation's store of silver and called for its delivery to the United States mints -within 90 days at a price of 50.01 cents an ounce. !Th« action was taken by executive order t:nder authority granted j by congress in ths silver purchase met passed last session. Secretary of the Treasury ilorgenthau made public th* order arid an accompajiyins: presidential proclamation *t * press conference. j In takin$r over the silver. Mor- { *enthati told reporters the govern- j The death chamber! thrice! cheated, is ready again. Not since j 1927 when Ruth Snyder— a. bus- [ hand killer, too—sat down to the j dynamo's humming death, has a j n. died there- hands of a. clock racing— wondered and hoped. There is no I Two rsen share her fate. They j are the ones. Vincent Saetta anrl ! Faracci, who stabbed and \ jor Declaration of Present Campaign Year den From Little Man Is Outlined Special to the X« f U>AJiK.L. Okla. — Two is sot being taken out j mea ~ residents of the Oak on. Tou will siill jingle ! community. 10 miles northwest of I dimes and Quarters—if vou have ' Idabei. scene of the fatal shooting silver which are traded in | Them—ir. your pocket. " j Wednesday morning of Deputy to the treasury stocks ... . . , ~_ on the commercial markets. These -; The presidfist ' s orde stoczcs may range anywhere from j -i^ administrative wo- 45.000.000 to 250.000.000 ounces. ^ Buying in tnis silver at :_e rate j fng the 50.01 cents an ounce is what See CHAIR, Page S. Co I. 5 Nine Bitten [ntervention By Rabid Dogj Of President Are Treated] Is Requested x «.sa verr-'-caucK^reiiered that over,** 'wax -zhe secretatry's on- i ly ^osnmeat ozs his announcement, j The nationalization of silver f ol- { by a Jfttle more than a year " Com-1 Citizens Organization Asks munity Are Being Given * Roosevelt to Seek Set* ~~ In | GRSEN BAY. Wis.. (3 s ) — Pres- { BY FELIX R, McKXIGHT | idem Roosevelt brought to "Wis- • Associated Press Staff "Writer {^» meant fey •"nationalizing" silver, j ! consin Thursday a message of • Hot sparks fiew from the stumr>. 1 ^- ^ taking: -government ownership | 'confidence reborn among- the peo- ] hecklers had their day and plat-' I pie and an-assurance that the new j form, planks -were again, reiterated I deal purposes "no"Injury to hones: I a s V. Allred and Tom F. j business." but a prosperous i Hur.ter, the Wichita Fails neigh- j growth in which all may share, j bors and grubematorial opponents,! In a state talking about a sew ' continued their caustic battle of j party, the president. home-ward j wo ~°s in mn-off campaign speech- I i b,.und after spanning a great j ^ J*~ednesday night. 1 I stf-tch of the northwest and the 1 From I^ubbock. Hunter shouted I drouUi-afflicted prairie states, j acros s the West Tes;as prairies that j 1 pronounced his major declaration | i 313 o ^ Q " en;: ^ a c misrepresented < of tne first campaign year since 1 ^ s , (Boater's) stand on the 1S32 and said the -new d-al" is! ^^ ^^ ras scin.7: forward. ^!T^'e -who support this neyr;^ |-d«al." ise- declared, -'do so of silver * part of i Sheriii" K. J. Whiten and Conin carry-; -~is.ble iJ, Wilmotii by Julius So- act of cong-ress direct- I hannun, escaped convict and l>ank. iry to huild up a stock \ robber, were beins held in ilcCur- ich in relation to the ; ^a-in county jail Thursday alier- untii they See VTORRT. Page 5. Col 5. i noon be HoldupMen (Flyers Fail Rob Two On i In Attempt North Roadj At Baghdad dement of Strike residents of tne what similar action with re- I conaniunfty. about 15 miles south, to ^old. aithousrh in the case i of ^"a- 1 "^ an<i near Biardstown, Sy THE ASSOCIATED PRESS President Roosevelt has been asked to intervene in one of the it .is a spjcare deal -and because it . _ v t "• —•** ^*i^t •••* ii-^Li ii(5 J is essential to the preservation ofJter'from Torn H tinter corni See IXEAL, Page 5. Col. 2 See HUXTER. Page 3, Col. S of silver the government will not j nitzst undergo treatment for rabies nation's major strikes. Efforts to settle another have been abandoned. A citizens* organization la >,ria- r.eapolis asked the chief execs- } *ive Wednesday to seek settlement i of the truck drivers' strike isri that city. Military rule, they char^- I ed, had violated their rights. the coins from circulation. ! following; incidents of last week sained silver, -which Is • ^^^ when they Trere bitten by a. ir'y being purchased a- 54 j small pup. The dog was killed 2-- cents a,n ounce under the [ Monday and his head sent to president's proclatnat!on of t>ecem- I Austin for esca-m'.nation. -which >er 21, 1933. is nxemptcd from the j showed the dog to be rabid, order, and will be bought as here- I Tb* neraon* #****** *n, the City Upheld | Man Is Held Against State! On Suspicion se persons exposed I danger of rabies are being cared coins, ore. ne hv " ! " oa - ^etas ce-i ! sc ' >ervlsor banks. ,ilver In fabricated ! Wi " article*. ' Flr5t to commsai on the admin- overthrow of ;hc world-wide crolci " •- Duncan, case said Wednesday, Each 14 shots of sertzm possibility of seri- IstrazJon's action was Senator i Those tvho will take the treat- Thomas (D-Ok-^). a senate silver j inent arc George Cain. Valdie bloc leader, who hailed It as the ! Cain. R, S. f3ob> Cain. Lloyd Richardson. Cars Richardson. Mrs. Avi« Cain, Bobbie Jear? Cain, and Dab and Nellie Cain, twins. The dog: first was observed acting strangely aboet Friday of last weeJc. Saturday R. R. Cain was bitten and the :n a pen- Jude Holds He said the world would have to lollo-w the ssiirie course and thus lead »o a. new international mono- tary system. He also forecast it Tcerst on money oesr^'niilT^jc of st I;*TS" era _ perity." *•*-* ; A tsumber of chickens ajsd sev- Firj-t hint^ .>f Rationalization!"^ 1 ^^ also bitten by the dc «- ^rere siren '*Vcdn«!<i a y r.j s ht wh^n « ^ er * kllle<s b >* " . j Cain family. federal injunction against martial law Thursday. } His first proposal failing. John | I'etree. Alabama, director of the national emergency council, abandoned for *four or five days" efforts to negoariate a settlement of the strike of 5.000 textile workers at Huntsvilte. Twelve thousand operatives are striking father Alabama cities, Union officials claimed 3.000 recruits fn northern New Jersey dt- ites for the siriKe of Xsw Tork Eighteen tJsous- 12 j for the city and against.the state, District Judge Kat W. Bond Thursday issued an injirncrion to Mayer j a proposed new police boarg frorri i Tasirsff ti/e police power out of his 1 hands. GOOSE Judge Bond held unconst!tut:-->Ti- ^ j , , ., . . i ! the legislative act. creating the | that they day as a s-Qspect in the fata.! hang-- ing- of Charles Cox, 12. Bystanders saic they overheard the officers ! •wno moved the prisoner remark ] Xo charges had been filed against | ihe pair Thursday afternoon nor j had officers yet questioned them. I Both v.-ere said by sheriffs uf^ i fleers io have been brought in for ] questioning because of belief - they i can shed. light on tee xrhereabo"ax» of Bo-hannon- One of the young: j men was described as IS years-old : and the other £•*. • yeara old. ! The dragnet tha.t .has spread ov- i er this section since Bohajinoit sh.ot * the officers do-sra as tirey sotisfei nf orrnation regarding another maa elded. Paul, lias-: •II. Teras, said be.. o;aiiSjed--i.-ia i robbery or-"a ! Daingerfield. Texas, bank, Hast- City and county officers Thurs- j X,ON!>OX- Qp$ —^The "Trail of the • ^ was stopped and «mestioi>ed by . day. were without clues and had ; Caribou" landed here Thursday j sheriffs posses hunting tor Bo- I only a vagce description or the ! after a flight of 31 hours- and 43 ["hannon and the J& year old. boy he [ n,en sought as they attempted to j minutes from TVasaga Beach. Ont. | lorcec. to flee with him. Hastings j solve :he robbery of two Oklahoma, j The filers. James Aylinsr • and j had two -.vcmen witn'iiim wh.ea h* j men Trednesday afternoon about; Z.-eonard Reid, had set out to \ was taken into custody by Robert I 10 miles north of Paris, The vie-! establish a ne^v long distance rec-1 Ives of Idabei and EdVichards of Iraq, as their j Valliant. Funeral services for Constable I'-'Unioth -vere planned for Thurs- lay afternocn ^.t 4 o'clock at l~ol- arci cemetery tvliile last rites: for i Deputy Sheriff VThitten were to b* • home from the East Texas oil: rne^^naaisn airmen^ set :Sei^i held Friday afternoon a* 4'o'clock, fields when a coupe, containing j ^'ack bipTsTie GOTSTS on tieston air-| a - Holly Creek school -with, burial Holly Creek uerr.ete-ry. The rits ? to be conducted by the Rev. Ul:55 ^ m. K. S=-_T.> i Deputy Sher:f: Whittea is ssr- vivec by his \v;d'^-x% 31rs. E^- J. \Vhittec, two S'jr.s, Hatiey of Broker: 3oxv and Claude af the Hon.iv; cpmniani'v: one tinis trere robbed of about S2o In ; ord -ccith cash and their automobile, a 1933 goal. rnodel Chevr^'et coupe ^ith Okla-; Their Is^dinsr r,:ea^ia that they! plates. | only Covered a little more ths.n Sout TV'ell and rather * - -.-1 or : half of the S.300 m:les they had set | fj Wnite Man Whisfced From j r^^ 0 ^ Oklahoma, were returning i as their objective. Police Board j Goose Creek Jail : homs from the East Texas oil! The Canadian airmen' set Thursday | 3,700 mile? ; They we; bandits eot i t\ro men. forced them to the edge i ol the highway and mace them CKEEK. Tex.. {/?•—A \ leave their car. After they rcbbed •white mar: aboT>.35 years old was i young TTell. ose of th whisked away from the Goose j in nis car and turned i: about in Creek city jail s. few mfnnros after j the road after which bo^h v cars e xvss taken into custody Thurs- I headed to Paris. One of the bandits fired a pistol young Vv'eirs feet when he j ~'.' tiey not take his car. The • ^' ?I •' e:der TTel! saved 1 his purse by toss- j G. II. T. hopped off from Canada at 5:12 a. rn.. E. S. T. yesterday. Co~sec:u€ntly. the^r ti:;:e In the " i _ 1 " i " 4 ~"j L ~^ -"*" "^ ^~~ , *"" : v inita. ;>ia.e ,e=. a. i.rse ^rae o^ s.^^ang., Guner -i^-j,: diminishes- sup- j _, Their rapidly y of gasoline .ere afraid of possible • ~ z ^ \-> a d'--— b^ice th* -^oad \ ?Iy of S^ 5011 -^ forced the fliers?! new board, which Senator Huer ] mob violence. I ^-osT-w*e-e he"rec-v-red ^ wh-- i ro ebarse their plans and decide' P. Ix>nsr. political adversary of the J The was arrested after he ! -'-* ba -"^-\ {^~ ' " " " i -O lar.d in England, Reid said. ; TTalmsley forces, caused to be ! assertedly had led :nvest:ca-ors to | ' xe^b^-~of "^ ^c^^s ^^« aV» ' T " er 5>rous:hr their plane down; , ?!assed through the recent state j the spot where the dead bov»s S- ft ~_^ ; E^d^de^'rPo- "' -v. e ! on a private flying field in Middle-! ana workers m the metropolis are | r^sembly, i clothes were hidd*r. Thev wcr* | t?= tj*,: "^f ^vT"""^*-!" Zt^** U?s a short time after- they cir- : affected. | The police board was on? shoved under a "si'.e*"of "larober in i Ir^"! 15 *-._?.!?:_ Tr° _^.tl? " r "' S " ; c>d over the Kesdon airdrome on S**-SILVER. Pa.?r« 5. col. Highway Men! Dr °uth Acute AidFireFightjIn Red River _._ ! Crews Are Being Kept On I The strike at the MSssocri Gar-! ^ of the: i:5«it factory. Kansas City, led to ; clashes and the arrest of two 1 workers. while nearly 100 persons were arrested as a result of " is: to severai issues ^Valmsley and insr anaed the faction? whf-rb tne shc here the in c * > won Id took body | the Gregory and Reed Wood Heel i company at Maiden, MSSSL | In Cuba, the $25.000.000 } Jem of the 1 Atrrericars-owned • Telephone company. was turned • han • over to the government to oper- sys- -irs both side^ array- f Officers caTnps of oppoyiner s where thsy took the suspect. They { ?TTxen and national guards- j had not Questioned him in detail, ! ^ In the city. j Charles, described as a model I The court held "the act Is tin- j and very brisrht boy. was wearing ' a s"hirt and Trousers over his swimming- suit when he "eft home Tuesday. TVh^r; foiiTtd dss.<5 l?,te that ! by placiasr control ;rt the j day. he wss clad or.Iy in the swim- | of private corporations and min?r suit. | ? __ disc-osc j SPECIAL SESSION OP the northern outskirts of Lone. n. The fl:?rss ~hc :an : -:-?c wfrhout rtotice to wa'chers below,", -^.-ere r''"nninc into tncressirtsr unfsvcr- constitutional because take away from the electors the rijrht to control their local troveri- r- ^. IT. _ T,~ ; a*e. The coinpaay sadd it r ires Threaten Tim- j « AP *,,„.-,„„ , f -1^_^ „ . I "it -vras a. wonderful trip, but -d'e A^m-.ERS, Okla. — In a. special | SU re'.y are disappotnted -we couldn't session of district court here Tues- ! centinii'? to Baghdad." Reic said. day before I>istrict Judse Georsre i "Vv'e had bad weather most of T. Arnett. Idabei. Walter Elliott. ;-he wa^- across the At!an::o. Then whose of plea of guilty to a charge [the controls ja:r:mec several iinies. of jrrarsd larceny -was taken tinder S "So -svhen the grasoivr:? supply Whitten: oi:e brother, sr \v>iiiten ot Marshall. MI5I: i'f St. Louis. ilr~s. I^artre Tstes of Hope, Arkansas and Mrs- Billy Ha."-.-;*: of Kansas City. / C«.*Rsta.ble vn'imoth died at 5:30 vi'eunesday ni.cht «.cd Deputy Sheriff \Vh:tten succumbed at 3:30 Wednesday eight at the Saiii- tarJUir. of furis. where they wera taken \Vednesjday afternoon folio v.-in^r the shooting. Deputy vvhitteri \va-s. s*sot through -.he aL-d-.--r.ieii. the bullet eonsiiis: oti* iiis fc> CoiJ5>ia.ble Officers searched all of TC>dnes- ' advisement two weeks as:o. was j steme-1 to be dror-prr.s: we Doty Night and Day Battling Fire* sentenced to in the state years at hard labor i it penitentiary at ^Ic- i could | •—— - day for the boy's outer srarments | not function if forced to restore I .?'-^^ f IS KTTiO:ir> | >>x?t -W^T*- ur>ab7e to find them. ber and Pastures: Wat- j strike leaders to their former po-1 JCILGORE i#P?—M. M. "WliUrttstr-n | \VTien d!s=rov t -»red Thursday, the Alester. |^ <? .' jsitlons. • I ^hout 50, TVRS killed ?arlv Thurs- { shirt tras stuffed into the trousers. Four divorce cases -were includ- best to Tana." Anyway, -we're glad we landed ANTUBRS, OkSa, — Three cre^s j of highxvsy department workers. det&Ued to aid in fljcrhiiiip the for- *st fires northeast of h*r*, rcniskin- ed on duty Tin-sday and throughout th* nfsrht. K. B. Bursack. divis- — With little indication of relief from dronth which ha* prevailed here since the latter part of May. when the rain fell over the = ] day when a. boHer at a drSHins: r:c GERMAN PASTORS TO TAKE OATH One crew of about S m*ti !s on doty along Hardy Cre«?fc. 25 miles of Antlf-rif on U. S. £71. and two crews of JO men are tfTJjf.isTOd in a jiirnjlnr task IS mHes north of Antlsrs. In the neighbor hood of West's Ranch, I Pasture, already damaged by All the crews remxined «n doty j weather. Fanr.cra have Joined w«n * Wednesday at x-»r!o«s points along 4N ^i«.^ f ^ mile front. Civilian Conservation Corps work- | most «cute. In the north part of the county, «. forest «re has been rajsrtns for several days and threatened to destroy rich pine timber. as -well a» thousands of acres of dry Principles Of Sound Banking Will Be Observed In Housing Program a SO •: T!J«* hoti?* <!*•!•»! r*cev»-y ; tSrv.ftn !T«JI> 05 !s» how of It b Will Rogers ers In effort* to control fire* In six sections of th« timber Jan<!s which Included approximately 3.500 acres, Stockmen are faced with th* problem of supplying hundreds of head of livestock with water, much of ^vhlch has to be hauled miles, a» all streams and »r* dry. , At Fulbrlfcht, { of her*, a well is sup- j drtrtkins water for the con- j munlty. but stock \vat«r fs beinc JsrJow. Two C5lJ*r* wS!l fo?K>ir.> By 7AMES A. MOFFKTT Federal Hoasine Adntlnismaor r^w i ruB ^ own or xr * in uon! \ m <xi*rn conveniences, &wn t Manifestly it is sound practice rtv«rj f *° ^**P btslWljigs in good repair j or improve their efficiency. Thoro| fore, loans of this type may be the scop* of repairs are o£ more ' note. Therefore, from the stand- • velocity and prove of direct Immediate' ben*f;i to every business interest Ja the community. But the good work -will aot stop 5here. The loans, having been wade on sound banking principieis. w!il be of such a nature as greatiy to enhance the value and attract- BS-RZ.-IN\ ix*)—Germany's pro- is-s 1 "—nt paszors arri church offi- ; c-arh of fealty to Chancellor K;c!er, | just as Nar.i storrr^ -rcoos an'd mersbers of th* regular army did las; week. This iir.perta.nt szep to secure Kitler uniform sapport folio-wing: h:s assumption of -ha powers of presicsn;. was anccunced by I>r. Auarasc Jaeger. Naa; comnaissioner for protestant churches. 0t their own self-interest bankers wj!l exercise care in niakins: s^are that the property owner in securing a trtodernisatioa loan is furthering his owa interests. And beyond these transactions between len*J*r and borrower. MORE PROrTH WASHINGTON, -;.^—The jjst secondary drouth counties in | ^* which farm credit administration | Irt Both were in critical condition when they acmitced to the ab-oi^t 1:2'.« o'clock. Wednesday nish* *h« local law eaforcemest contingent was a,ug- m en ted by the arrival of two mea from the Dallas office of tfc« United Stales Departir.erit of Justice- The Department of Jutstic* entered the hunt when it. was jeamed Bohannon was ihe siaj-er of the two officers. Boha.naoij is wanted in connexion with the robbery of s. nait'Mtal bxniv ;*r Xa.p«es* Texas, ea.rly in July. The robbery was the first in which the new federal law makincr robbery of a national back a federal crime can be applied. Bohannon's wife is being held in the McCurtain county ynl here, She admitted to authorities Wednesday :hat Bohar.non had helped stag* the Naples rob:>?r^' and narr;- ed another man as hts aide in the holdup. A won:aa now is beinif held in Laraar county jail at Paris connection with the robbery. ABOARD SS EMPRESS OF CANADA,—We been on here just Ions erjoBRh for everybody to find o:r. everybody ebte'M bu»in«»s!«. Bra- xil'n new ambaswmjor to Japan Jast eoRjln^; from Denmark says Kmh Bryan !« tfoinff ffn<». FiHpJnOji on h«r« icolng hom«*. KnjtH^hmen on here don't like b«tauf«!i we are »,»..i J . J » *•_« »* i . »»,.., , ~ . haulea from Bocsta several mUw* *5v!ny Philippine* rroedom. It aw ^y *»«*»->.«, sv\rra» mtiws *«u a bad example. It pur* fr*«- dom Into other folks' heafljt. No ***** RJver county lias already Of Hitler"* upeech.. S.*ot *v*n *** ftn U*ted for •econdary drouth of Huey Long. Certainly *-j "?'*«f *«<t It t» expected that a day* I *ni g<*lnjit down ant! ! o«»ntiniiatlon of tiie water famine fan t*n with thfr Chinamen, j will result 1n an early appllcatton «ver»jtrA» WIJLU , J tor *m«r««Acy ml*. » «ualtr m»oy I WASHINGTON. &*>. —we or the | Federal Housing Administration t hav« been convinced since the first | day we undertook this task thai I jf we are to achieve resaltw of roa; plan of all be strict conformance to ih« principles o£ sound bftnking-. For, essentialJy» I his is a program which has for its real foundation a multiplicity of banking transactions. t-et xia consider a typical Arner- community. On th* Jaw of be In thU» cotn* U»*t «r« !ty of the property is? enhanced and. ^ the borrower ts in a posi- of the of to iU>IIar wir, c at the yitc. cents at the factory, roil! or t «r, 7 cents at the source of mate- Federal Housiivjc Administration t r!al, and * cent* in transporta- do not rejjuiro specifically that the ! tion; the baiance will go :o the bwildJniK*»uppIy me Ins: institations must doterm- whether or not the property owncrs have spent or tnxer.ded to spend th* proceeds of the loan wisely, it will be apparent, of course, that the soundness of ttxe project witt have a atronir on the property ow«ers* ne«i to rotet th* pajrm«iiU ou tfe« dealers, r.sanufac- turers, and for raw materials and transportation. It requires no siretch of the im- astnatlon, therefor*, to s*>« how the money thai is to b-c deawn from the banks in the moderniza- l>ro^r«n> wt't iv»ove trom per- { to p*r»on with conild»r*bl«} m unity as a whole. The entire real estate field will i b* improved and tb<-> value of the security behind aH real estate loans Tv-ill b* enhances!. All of these individiijtl and composite benefits will be possible because the practices of s?oo<! bank- f ins will permeate each individual i HISTORIAN IS 1>EA1> transaction in the entire modern-! PROVIDENCE. R. I., tfV-\V«- izatJon program. Tre<J Harold Munro. protessor The ad^r.ta S e» to an owner of I *»«««» »t Brown Uiiiversity and hl« property are obvi- ! a dlstinsraJshedt historian of aation- „ „" «„„ 'al standing, died Thursday in hi* BANKING, P«C* s, COL § fsaih jr«*r, I mase crop and feed loans to : 1^ w »s revealed Thursday :n Tners< ar.d siocknsen was In- j the sheriffs office that Deputy Tr.ursday by the addition ! Sheriff XV r hitten and Cosstabl* Wilmoth. who with Sheriff Swd Stewart wen: to the Oafc Hill community to arrest a mars known only as "Jones,' <l:d not know Arkansas, Idaho, and Texas, WIFK THOreHT BURGLAR PORT ARTHUR. C : P}—-Mistaken by her husband for a burglar as { she closed a window, Mrs. R. L, i Mann was shot twice- and critically home Wednesday SHOTS. Pase Z. Co!. WEATHER BAST TEXAS: Partly unsettlod on U> Right ami Friday » W modeT«t« Mmth«rly to OKLAHOMA: XhvrMtar on Tmrttj vto^f

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