Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on April 2, 1942 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1942
Page 2
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FOUR—THE MORNING AVALANCHE Lubbock, Texas, Thursday, April 2, 1942 Dial 4343 For The Avcfanehe-Jouimel Office* 'ts By Margaret Turner Easter Motif Is Featured In Club Social Hours QUGGESTION for us to adopt • M as a slogan: "If sleeping, wake, If feasting, rise" from John In- calls' poem. "Opportunity." I *.. * * . , YOUNGER SET WISH ^ou would write something 'about t!ie unbecoming conduct of many young people when they are being entertained in homes'," a friend said the other day. "I would mention it in parent-teacher association meeting," she continued," only I am afraid I would offend the mothers of triy .daughter's friends." Our-friend went on to tell us that recently she allowed her daughter • to entertain a few friends in the early evening. After the party was over she discovered that the furniture had been scarred, the room rendered in a topsy turvy shape and the outside handle on the door torn off. An explanation of the latter "accident" was that, a boy who had not been invited had tried to.get in with the result that the handle came loose" in his hand. "It seems to me," said our friend, "that the present group of young people is oblivious to rights of others. I cannot help but wonder how they act «t home while I certainly caii tell you hosv they act at parties. "I have always said that I want my children to feel free to have their'friends in at any time but I am about to change rny mind. I have wondered about this question Quite a bit since I heard a woman, a'lso a mother,, say "Let someone else entertain those young heathens, I wouldn't have them in my house for anything." * * * FEDERATION FUND Federation has purchased ^ 55 pairs of shoes and 44 pairs of stockings for underprivileged school children this year. The fund is low at present and they are asking clubs affiliated with the organization and other interested individuals to donate to the fund. Mrs. George Berry, president of the Federation, will receive the donations. There is $6.29 in the shoe fund at present and Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Berry, up from a spell with sinus trouble was wondering how she coulc buy the six pairs of shoes tha 1 she has had calls for lately. This year the Federation spen $177.83 for the shoes, including three -specially built pairs for children with deformed feet. There isn't as much work fo the children's fathers as earlier in the year when cotton picking wa still available and sickness in many, homes has taken .monej that ordinarily would, be spen for clothing, Mrs. Berry said. Those who would like to con tribute; to this worth while fum are invited to-get in touch wit! Mrs.' Berry. .. : ••'-.. 'SAVE ELECTRICITY TTERE are some ways to ^ave -I"*- electricity and saving electricity is money in pocket as well as an important way to help conserve, the country's resources. Don't leave lights on when, not really needed; don't overload your electric refrigerator; don't put hot foods' directly in the ice box'or decide at the last' minute you want a frozen dessert so that you need to-up the freezing control; don't open, the-icebox door more Needlework Is Done By Several Groups Pasturing the Easter motif in decorations and refreshments, a number of clubs met Wednesday for an hour of needlework, while one church class met for a covered dish luncheon. Mrs. M. S. Crai{! was honored with an April fool "jirthday party by members of the Sew-On club in a meeting held with Mrs. Grady Davis, 2213 Tenth street. Visitors attending were Mesdames O. H. Gideon, J. R. West, L. O. White, Gradie Bownds, G. M. Deering, J. Thomas Edwards, Z. 7.,. Wright, John Markham and Events. .. K!e\«r Krift Klub, I p. tnu; lujicheon. m.. Mexican Am 1 !!! ciub. 3 p. m, Mn. George W. Fositr, 1923 Bdwy. S-.. John's Melhodut W. S. C. 6. 9 la II a. m.. Sicttr £(vlr.f Msch'n? company. Red Crois John Cox. Members present were Mesdames J. V. Jones, Wesley Witt, W. E. Morris, Eugene Knox, Ben Jenkins, J. B. McCauley, Craig, Milton Kirksey and H. C. Alien. Sending gifts were Mesdames G. L. Ashley, D. B. Webster, Mor- j ris Cox, John Lowrimore, Gene Leftwich and Arthur Maxcy. Mrs. Jenkins will be hostess for the club meeting April 15. Needlework Done Members o£ the B'it and Fashion club met as guests of Mrs. M. E. I Vitt, 1416 Avenue Q. Those at-' ending were Mesdames M. E. 3arneU, C. S. Eskridge, R. W. Mathews, John R. Freeman, J. W. leid and O. O. Williams. The next meeting will be held ith Mrs. Williams on April 15. Sewing was the diversion at the Dozen and One club meeting with Irs. Elmo Duke, 2306 Sixth street. Refreshments carried out the Easer motif. Members-hip present were Mesdames Glynn Hudgens, V. C. Waiden, G. G. Stringer, Si School-raft and O. W. Fan is. Mrs. Faris. 2-103 Sixth street, will be hos- ess April 15. For a covered dish luncheon, members cf the First Baptist T. E. 'j. class met in the activities center Wednesday at noon. Mrs. G. J. SicCarty wa's chairman of the luncheon committee and Mrs. J. H. Agee presided for the business meeting. . Those attending were Mesdames George Foster, G. R. King, J. W. Willis, J. B. Walker, V. A. Fann, W. H. Armes, J. P. Middleton, Ed Vaughn, S. C. Marrs, Fannie Gee, Southslds B:t!« Study cists, 3:39 p. m.. Mr». W. H. Dc»n. 1301 33rd St.; Her. J«!f a. Welch, ?e»cher. Red Croti f!r--t aid couist. ipor.iored by George R. Brin P-TA. 3:15 to 5:15 p. m., ichool;' W. A, Hood, instructor. VFW »ux'.H»rr, ":30 p. m.. K-P hall. Rebekih !od»», 8 p." m . IOOP JitU. Altruia Interna-tlcca!, '.! nocn. Hilton bow); lur.chwn. BfU Sitnia Phi lororliT, 1M p. m., Hilton hole!. K. Carter P-TA. J:10 p. ts., ichool. First Btptlit Miry M&rthn eUsi. J J>. m.. Mri. r. E. MOM, «21 «th St.. Mrs. J. A, Pirtle, co-ho:t<;». Typojraphlcal auxiliary. I p. m.. Mr«. Henry Perry, 15C3 3Ii:d St. !323 Luncheon club, t p m., HJlton hotel; Mn. Carl Slatos. hojtesi. Lubboci Bird «r.d Pet c!ub. 3 p. nv. Mri. Cbi.'lei Mu;grovt. 2311 S7th St.; Musical Revue Cast Receives Costumes Rehearsals for "Helz-Dun-Popped." musical revue to be presented by the Junior Welfare League April 17, as a benefit for the Lucjock Well Baby Clinic, assumed a professional air Wednesday with the arrival of the first costumes. j"or the Indian number, headdresses o? brigh; red and white plumes and slipper satin costumes were shown. Members of the chorus were than you have to; don't neglect defrosting when necessary; don't cook at highspeed when a controlled heat will do as well; don't use your electric oven • for one dish when you can as easily cook your entire meal at the same time. * « • EASTER BASKETS S IX large oranges, 1 cup diced pears, -\z "cup grapes, 1 cup diced grapefruit. Fashion baskets fiom' oranges. Scoop out insides of oranges to lise .later for some South Piair.s Dab!!a society, 3:30 p. m.. ilr. and lira. James Ssniom. 2311 13th Bt. rilrl S:o-Jt Court of Award. 1:30 p. ra., Junior High school auditorium, Red Cross (irst Aid courie, 3 to I p. m.. room 110 of S^clor High icbool: ipos- »ored by P-T council; Hiss Kathleen. In- En:r.. instructor. Red Crofs home nursing course, sponsored fay Georf» M. Hunt P-TA; S to LI •j.. m., school; Mrs. Don Reefier, instructor. Red Cross home nursing courje, »pon- sored qy George R. Bean P-TA; 1 to 3 p. m., school; Mrs. C. L. Adams, Instructor. Ked Cross home r.uriin; course, sponsored by George R. Bean P-TA; 7:30 to 9:30 p. m.. school: Mrs. Robert McBur- cey. Instructor. First Baptist Besinr.ers <-A ciass, 3:30 p. m., church, Easter egg hunt. First Baptist Primary department. 3 p. m., activities center, Easter eg? bunt. Doub'e 6:1 Fortv-tjro club. 2:30 p. m. Mrs. Hoscoe Webster, 2ol5 zani 5t. 1941 Needle c!ub. 3:15 p. m., Mrs. Merit Clark. 2511 3Sih St. Lubbcelc Junior Garden club, 3 p. w. Mrs. Aubrey Edisrds »t home on Little field highway; Mrs. J. D. Jeniins, co hostess. First Baptist Euzellan class. 12:45 p. m activities center; luncheon; hnstejjes to b Mesdames f.. E. Jonss, W. A. Pettey an . Allreji Crosby. Swan your dishes, Daughter, dear, And rough, red hands need not fear. gelatin dessert., vMLx pears, grapes and grapefruit. Chill and fillthe baskets. Stick in tiny sprigs of spring flowers. OES To Sponsor Class In Ben V. Smith Home A study class will be spon sored by the Order o£ the Easter Star tonight at 8 o'cleck for thos -announced by Director Larry Doyle as follows: squaws, Mes dames Wayne Prather, Biuce Ccl- er, Wright Kerr, Paul Graham yron Brown and Miss Etoile Mc- ,eod. Indian chiefs will be Mes- ames Tom Murphey, Harold Humphries, Oscar Slaion, M. T. ill, Leland Mast and Carl Armtrong. The cowgirls will be Mesdames D. HasseH, jr., Jack Stone, Al_ed Strehli, W. H. Melton and Archie Scott. The cowboys will be lesdames Clarence E. Davis, S. E. Cone, J. B. Roberts, Charles Muray and Misses Dorothy Nelle Iwanson and Mary Elizabeth Jrimes. Tickets are now being sold by 11 members of ths Junior Welfare ,eague. Department-Is Given Easter Egg Hunt Children from the nursery department of the Asbury Methodist church were honored with 'an blaster efjg hunt at Mackenzie State park Tuesday afternoon. A number of mothers were present. Children present were Joan and Cor.'.nne McLemcre, Arthur Riley, Chris Jarrett, Myrtle and Wanda Campbell, Malcolm, Betty Jo snd Laverne Loving, Carolyn Saunders, J. K. • Salser, ii-., Eva Jane Saisei-, Barbara Lou Lambert, Joan and Dan Wallace Shipman, Thalia Lou Stafford, Peggy Sue Somers, Freddie Lee and Mary French, Carron Evans, Sue Slack, Kenneth and Darlene Pringle, Alice Lane and Jerry Cowan. V.olhers were Mesdames R. E. \IcLemore, J. C. Jarrett, C. C. Campbell, C. H. Loving, J. W. Ssunders, J. K. Salser, C. C. Shipman. E. E. Stafford, A. G. Somers, " R. F. Evans. Clara Galle, 'oe Lane and M. F. Cowan. Study Club Attends Annual Breakfast A traditional pre-Easter breakfast was attended by members of . . „,„.,,,,..,.„, the Madonna Child Study club <* ** „, r«Snn ur^., n o^,,, ,,,^,.^;^^ ;„ «i,« i,« m ^ under and Coidon Shower Is Courtesy To Mrs. Bob Tucker Honoring Mrs. Bob Tucker, Mrs. Johfi, 1623 Seventh street, entertained with a shower Wednesday afternoon. She was assist- Gilbert G row- of Mrs. Pebble Avenue M. in the home Talley, 1510-B fridge Party Honor To Society Alumnae Mesdames Hop Halsey, George Langford, Aubrey Edwards anc Miss Florence Baldwin, member of Las Chaparritas Alumnae society, entertained with a bridge party Tuesday" "evening at the home of Mrs. Halsey, 3306 Twenty-first street. High scores were made by Mrs Timmie Wilson and Miss Carolyn Thomas. Other_ guests were Meidames James, Baker, W. H. Crenshaw, Jennings Lewis, W. C. Reynolds, Charles C. Watson, jr., L. J. Sollis, Holt Waldrep, Berl Huffman, Charles Bacon and Virginia Lewis, Misses Joyce .lone?, Betty Alice Gordon. Flossie v Burkholder and Ethel Murray. Place cards carried out a spring motif. Mrs. E. N. Foster was a guest. Members attending were Mesdames E. H. Bergman, J. E. Hancock, Elmore Adair, B. B. Williams', C. W. Ratcliff, H. E. Selby, Porter Garrett, J. O. Kuykendall and Harvey Turnbough. P- 1 Conference Will 3e Held !n Anson Those who plafi to attend the annual spring two-day conference of the fourteenth district, Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers, which will meet April 16-17 in Anson should make reservations with Mrs. George S. Lemon, 1812 Avenue O, not later than April 11. A chartered bus wiil leave Lubbock April 16 at 6:30 a. m. and arrive in Anson in time for the opening oE the conference. The round trip ticket is $2.60 Mrs. Lemon said. Those wishing to ride bus to Anson may come to Lubbock from intermediate points without, extra charge, she said, Craig Hqlbert Named Honoree At Party - Mrs. Floyd H a 1 b e r t, 1902 Seventh treet, honored her son, Craig Halbert, on his third birthday with a party and Easier egg hunt Wednesday afternoon. Following the hunt, refreshments of birthday cake and ice cream were served. Pictures were taken of the group. Guests were Hazel Ray McNeil, Dorny Mullenix, Rav and Jav Woods, Peggy O'Neil.'Patsy Watson, Derrell Wayne McGinnis-and George Wayne arid Billy Mayfield. Sending gifts were J. T. Holt, Ruth Austin, and Jimmy Easter of Houston. Guests calling were Mesdames Hugh Slagle, Mattie Luster, A. J. Tucker, J. C. Pharr, Charles Gallimore, T. J. Yalias, R, E. Scott, Orb Vincent, G. L. Reichling, Hubert McElroy, V. H. Morrison, Gilbert Hillis, N. J. Edwards, Ross Popejoy, Earl Campbell and G. W. Campbell. Those sending gifts were Mesdames Lee Leslie, Helen Rogers, G. A. Long, Hugh Newton, O. P. Blair, Bill Roark of Slaton, Valton King. .T. C. Hughes, W. C. McElroy Bill McElroy, Lavena Julian, anc Miss Mary Ruth Hughes. Associations Will Joint Meets The regular first Saturday meet- ng of the American Association- of University Women will not be icld this Saturday, but the association will meet jointly with the American Association of University Professors April 13. The meet- Ing will be iield at 8 o'clock 'in the engineering auditorium at Texas Technological college. Dr. -A. Caswell Ellis will address the group on "Ths ChaMe.ige of the New Era to College Teachers and College Graduates." Near-By Communities Aid In Recreation According to an announcemeu from the supervisor of recreation from the Works Projects administration, citizens of near-by communities realize that the recreational needs of the enlisted men at the Lubbock Army Flying school arc not only Lubbock's responsibility, but others of this area as well. People have driven to Lubbock from Denver City to bring books and magazines to the CLEAN DRIP PAN To prevent the drip pan under the gas or electric stove becoming permanently stained from spilled food drying or scorching, never allow it to become caked. Wash o£f with soap and water daily. . taking here. the chartered bus from A. D. Browns Host To Guests For Easter Mr. and Mrs. A. D'. Brown, 2305 Fourteenth street, have as their Easter guests his brother, Col. Charles C. Brown, and Mrs. Brown of Camp Barkeley, Abilene. It ABOUT DIAMONDS is •jjt-'cfc'ssary to remove and examine four tons of ore to recover one cajat of diamond. Only one carat in four obtained proves suitable for fine jewelry. soldiers' center. The magazines are to be placed at the post hospital for convalescents. The Bluebonnet club of STnton will fill fhe cooky jar at the Legion hall this Sunday. Mrs. L. C. Ellis-To Honor Department- Mrs. L. C. Ellis will entertain members of the First Presbyterian primary department \vith an Easter egg hunt Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The group will meet r YOU GIRLSI-13 «• 25 YRS. OLD who suffer from DYSMENORRHEA interested in securing either A or I at the church before going to the B certificates. Mrs. Ben V. Smith. | Ellis home, 1639 Main street. 2120 Twenty-seventh street, will j '• — 'Suy A Defense Bond TODAYl be hostess. which makes you TIRED, BLUE, NERVOUS- Take heed if at such times you have all or any one of these symptoms : do you suffer cramps, backache, headache, distress of "irregularities," weak, cranky, nervous feelings—due to functional monthly disturbances? Then start at pnce-try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound- it's one inedlcine you can. buy today made especially for icomeii— a tirss- tested liquid, which is famous to relieve monthly distress- due to this cause. And in such a sensible "way! "With nature's own beneficial roots and herbs. No harmful opiates. Taken regularly thruout the month—Pinkharr s Compound helps build up resistance against such annoying symptoms. Thousands upon thousands of women benefited! Follow label'directions. Otis Taylor, 'J." R. : Stratfon, H. "IV. Waters, G. E. Knight and Miss Lela E. Kendall. GO SPORT! STtR & DN&IIJTHE • Yessirree, Swan's taby-gtntl* mids are mild BS finest iraporUd castflea. Aid fsst? They coma twins is fart as old-ftyle fioatinc soaps; last lonEer,- do more work. '• S-.Tanupahd *ave! Swui up and rave! j .Tun» In •vary wtak: ORAUE AUIN GtORGI BURKS • PAUtWHITiMAH NEW WHITE FLOATING SOAP . CAWBM1THK, »4A»«- •ic £< \ J WANT TO BUY Old Newspaper!, Migaiinei, 'Books fez K,'*lion»l Defense \ Dial 5081 Afitr 16 A.M. •Pick-up: Tues» Tiiuri.. Sat. \ Jack WHIiomson The Sportshop Goes "all out' 1 - for slacks. Get comfortable after -the dress Parade. MATERIALS • Conga Cloth • Strutters Cloth • Gabardines COLORS » Red • Blue • Lime • Bro\vn WEAR THEM WITH THE SEASON'S NEWEST SHOE SENSATION <& 1.;.: ;i *£j LOOK YOUR SHORTEST IN STUNNiN&NEW •^>uBi',; $5 9 5 Red • Parchment. • Green « White Buy Defense Stamps Here: OF WEST TEXAS Others $1*99 to $4.99 • Eelga • Blue • Patents • Red • Combinations Movletand designed xtylsi famous for thtlr •xpnnttvit look. An unmctehrjblo high »tyl« (election to put you en tlie prettlvtt Ea»t«r footing: ev«r. Newest material* . . . newest col&rf. Solert your "*tyle-oMh»~ far*" hera ... NOW I t*czci*c In Value Giving 913 BROADWAY The Prettiest, Most Flattering Styles for Eastevl NEW EASTER DRESS at prices to keep within your budget! IN ... NAVY... BLACK . , . PASTELS .., PRINTS . . Spun Kayons Pastel Crepes ' Rayon Print* Jacket Styles Princess Styles Kedingotes Flared Skirts lingerie Trims O Combinations SIZES for ... Juniors, Misses, Wnraen and Larrcr Women WE'VE ASSEMBLED A GRAND COLLECTION OF NEW EASTER COATS SUITS IX GAT PLAIDS AKD SMART PASTELS . , . SPECIAIXT PRICED! IX)TT In prim; nirn ha quality ana sfjlr! roatt and »ait« to Mfrrt th« nretU of fthoppeckl " Sfrr* for inmory, PiUfe*. women B \o 11—J2 to ™O—3s to o".

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