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Harrisburg, Illinois
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Thursday, February 12, 1948
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Register Classifieds Get Results THE TRテつォ TテつサA1T,Y REflTOTRR. TTARmSBURGJS^HURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12. 1948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 191 GRAIN SLUMP About Town And Country B TIMOTHEUS T. Timotheus Reads Minutes of Town Board in 1886-87 nFSE-MlCH DEPT.: One way RsL pcnd a fascinating hour or n fe to delve into records of n 1! of Harrisburg and This Timotheus u u , afternoon, while the n-.s raining and it wasn t a [f,, S. out for cats or dogs or reporters. Timotheus plucked a minute re- JJ of? the shelf of the vault - - t h e city clerk's office and City Advised to Improve Fire-Fighting Facilities down It was so inter- rt^tEfSf hour "hid-elapsed before 1 scarcely got started. Thc vear was 1886 where Timo- ih,us started, and 1 got fairly well trough lテつォb/ before 1 .stopped. Can Retain Rating with Corrections Inspector Urges Completion of Proposed Lake A report from the Illinois Inspection Bureau, which last month '"m" those days we had a town inspected the fire-fighting facili- i ^ 1 1 . _ r :*,, テつキテつサテつォ.テつサ*nrtrtrknt テつキ _ . _ f T T ~ _~:,*W. ,--j-* テつォテつサテつォ.テつサ テつォ.*テつサ tlmt * * * テつサ ! _ board ccnsistmg of its president S four trustees. Ihe president was \ W Durham and tne trustees Wilson Gaskins, W. H. How- t'es of Harrisburg, states that "al though the fire protection still grades eighth class by a small margin there are a number of \V. Ilicnardson and JKOSS ' jcficiencies at present existing was the Sen".' William O'Brien c.rect commissioner, C. P. bjcaggs t h e treasurer, K. Warfield me derk, and J. J. Baker the town constable. s テつォ * Things were cheap back in those davs out tne muationary trend "as evident. Take the salary ot the constable, for instance. In that vear a petition of J . M . Baker (evidently a relative) and 40 other cuoens asking the board ^m- $28 to ciease the salary of stable J. J- BaKcr , , n JS30 per month was read and approved Then, early the next jcar. the town constaole's pay was iaise'd to $37.50. But the town constable was a very busy man, apparently. Besides his "regular duties which are-, in need of correction to more fully justify this classification." The report, received by Mayor H. J. Raley, lists its recommendations covering the deficiencies. Some of the suggestions either have already been carried out or are in in the process at the present time. "Our present published fire insurance rates are based on an .eighth class fire protection grading and a continuation of present deficient conditions could eventually result in ninth class fire protection grading with resultant higher insurance rates," the report | said Miss Betty Glascock Three Senior Girls at HTHS f Carrier Mills, Equality Receive Awards from D.A.R. John L. Lewis Observes I noticed where the board appropriated from the Harrisburg treasury' ior tne relief of the poor and lown Marshal J. J. Baker was appointed to distribute it in such amounts as he after careful investigation, '-to rclieve-the immediate wants of -destitute citizens. 1テつサJ. . WA. -i*rf W42A1 i**' The next month, Baker's report for all fires. Completion ot i^akc The report lists recommendations under two headings, "Water Srpply" and "Fire Department." It 'urges that the proposed Lake Harrisburg be pushed to completion, that the discharge' facilities at the - pumping" station K be re- ' drills'.be "of-'the ffre department and that a total of 12 call men should be available Local Churches to Observe World Day )l Prayer Friday Mayor H. J. Raley, today pro Miss Betty Glascock, Harrisburg, Miss Reita Crest of Equality, and Miss Nona Chancy of Carrier Mills, j are three Senior girls \yho have bv their arranged, -th_at regular.jir co'n'ducted'fdT all members showed that he spent S17.40 for the relief of the poor. * * * Things were getting lined up about tnat time lor the beginning ni the aldermanic form oテつ」 city government in February, 1886, Harrisburg. the petition In ol The'complete list of-recommendations: Water Supply A. W. Lewis and 47 other legal * \oters. praying that the question of adopting a city organization at the next ensuing election, was read and the board ordered the pray of the petition be granted. C S V Noticed in April, 1837, the board \oted that each trustee should get Si tor each meeting attended. At ' same meeting ins board voted .0 luy 30 street lamps to light Churc^-, Poplar and Locust streets. U * * * They had an election here that ear and the April minutes reveal the winners, as follows: W. H. Parish, president: Ross Seten, Wilson Gaskins. J. \V. Richardson and C. A. Pricstcr, trustees. The appointive officers must have done a good job. because the 'same constable, treasurer, clerk and street commissioner were appointed. : ft C ~ * And at the April meeting the ^request of barbers for passage of on ordinance to prevent opening of barber shops on the Sabbath was ticnicc. 1. The new 12-inch raw water line, now under construction, from the reservoir pumping station to the filter plant, should be com pleted as soon as possible. Con sideration should be given the matter of increasing the filtration plant and clear well capacity as present maximum demand closely approaches the maximum ability of the existing facilities, leaving little for fire protection reserve. Pumping Repairs Urged 2. To prevent the serious watei the city has periodically i s r g e the new lake now under sideration be pushed to completion A gravity flow line of ample capa city from this proposed lake t the filtration plant would be verv desirable method of utilizing D A. B. Good ship awards. The awards are given ', try wonde ,rinテつ」 Manually by the Daughters of: the,j injJtc l e a I n s WASHINGTON, Feb. 12--テつォIE-- L. Lewis is celebrating an- 68th. 12 for has the coun- he is go- Mine Seeks Probe Profits by Grain Trader / Cotton Expert Defends Activity Of Chicago Dealer WASHINGTON, Feb. 12--UE-Sen. Milton R. Young, R., N. p. todav asked for an investigation of E. T. Maynard, the Chicago trader who made upwards of $300, COO on the break in the commodity market. Young called for the mvestiga tion as the Senate Agricultur committee questioned a New Orleans cotton expert who said he never has known, nor even heard, rumors of inside information "leaks" from the Agriculture department that would help commodity speculators. E F. Creekmore, president ot a cotton shipping firm and representing the American Cotton Shippers Association, said he did not think Maynard had advantage of anv inside information. "I personally think his operations should be investigated, Young declared. Answers Lucas Sen. Scott W. Lucas, D., HI., pressed Creekmore for an explanation of the speculators' part in the recent commodity price break. Swinging in his chair- to face Lucas, Creekmore replied: "You don't believe, Sen. Lucas, that the serious break occurred Because of the short side of wheat? . "This break occurred," Creekmore continued, "because of conditions--It may have been .accelerated by speculation. For m- tnere are improved con- Lower Trend Strengthens GOP Opposition Republicans Stick To Plans to Cut Income Taxes GRAIN TRADER NAMED. T. Maynard, a trader in commod- has been named by Secretary of Agriculture, Clinton Anderson, as the trader who made $200,000 in transactions which covered a four day period. Anderson added that Maynard had no inside information and that all trading was legal. (NEA Telephoto) stance, another coal strike around. ayor . . , annu claimed Friday, Feb. 13, a day to , Americ an Revolution to Senior j era on - ^ ls around be observed by citizens of Hams- girls who have .been lound テつー ^e has raised the Strike threat i burg as a World Day of Prayer excel in the qualities of dependa- テつォe i s テつォsea . Friday, Feb; 13, is being observed j bmty serv ice, leadership . a n d ^ a ^ by \ Christian peop.le^round the i ' ' ai The project's b'to a dispute miners. Government over pensions for his Mcilivc, nテつサvn- -- - -- ; -- f - ., ditions in wheat in the world. It seems now we have plenty ot v/heat." Speculators Take RISKS Even before Young called for the investigation ot Maynard s trading, it was learned that-a Senate Speculation subcommittee may call the Chicago trader Before, it Ceremonies Pay Tribute To Lincoln SPRINGFIELD, 111., Feb. 12-- (U.Ei--A wreath' of snow graced Abraham Lincoln's-tomb today as people in. high places and those in low paid tribute to the great American-on his 139th birthday. As a symbol of his generous] heart, a train--dedicated to the living--left his hometown carrying food to the starving of Europe. It' was the Illinois section of the Abraham Lincoln Friendship Train which started today at Lincoln, WASHINGTON, Feb. 12.--fl The slump in commodity prices was .viewed in Congress today as the death blow for rationing and price control proposals. But there were conflicting opinions on - its effects on other legislation. It was conceded that the price trend, if it becomes serious, may force a re-appraisal of legislative plans. However, there was no indication that Republican leaders considered it serious enough yet o revise their thinking on such things as tax reduction and rent control. They never have been friendly toward President Truman's requests for price, rationing and allocation controls. The downturn in prices merely strengthened their resistance. Chairman Charles W. Tobey, R., N. H., of the Senate Banking committee, expressed belief the downturn would not result in a weaker rent control law than would otherwise be approved. The present law expires Feb. 29. Sen. A. Willis Robertson, D., Va., a banking committee member, said the price break "proves price controls are not needed." " H And Sen. Carl A. Hatch, D., N. M., said that "if prices level off, there will be no price control this session v There was less agreement on the possible effects of the price trend on the European recovery program and the tax bill. A serious recession could affect those measures because of its effects on the government budget. As national income declines, tax. rev- officials are "- call the Chicago trader eore, i Tiexf we-ekr-AfiiTa Special .House \J ^/テつサ^A*テつサ*テつサ*^'*"' " -- ^ -- -- ----- * テつキ! as concerned over a coal strike world'as a day : of united prayer I build you thful character and to for the cause of Christianity. ! ca ir attention to those qualities ^ sululuct aj ,, ,, Women from eight churches of w hich are desirable in good citi-1 Th ' ev $ay uninterrupted produc- Harrisburg will join in the obser- zens . ' tion ' j s essential to meet what Speculation committee .also was *テつキ - . m i 1 テつキ ,, A._テつォ M*vn4l4-l f\V^C i vance at a service to be held the First Christian church at 2. p, m. The service, the .general theme of f which is "The World at "rayer, \vin u v ..テつサ _ i r r u m tmo テつ」!テつォテつォ**テつキ v...~ e-" -- .-an evening service at ^ p - M e m chosen Illinois Pi ig rim . The win- Girls selected as Good Citizens will this year be entertained at thc state conference of D. A. R. which meets in Peoria in March, this group one girl will be テつォ l * ^ , F ^ テつサ テつサ テつサ * * ; ^ - - - - ' - ---- . . bers of church circles meeting at night which are composed mainly of the business and professional women will participate in the evening service. Mrs. Elmer Davis, dent of the Illinois vice presi- Council of 9テつ」? SVS ^'Harris: liTHS Homecoming Queen ning Pilgrims from the 48 states, as guests of the National Society, will share a pilgrimage of inspiration education and pleasure, to the Continental Congress at Washing- Ion D C., with all expenses paid bv D. A. R. ,,,,,, ,, ^ promises to be a growing demand SJ u C --... He said speculators take risks, and that while May- expects many industries I テつキc^of^harShTps Buffered "to j fetors who at ;inter's oil and natural gas' you don t like this winter's oil and shortages. People must spend this sum- Young said nard's trading he wanted May- investigated be- be possible that president of the テつキ Council, will and visit| Michael Hiilegas chapter spon- schools; sors Good Citizens from thc high ^H th*7hrceテつーnospitals during the!schools of Equality. McLeansboro, テつア-テつア* and Siff di S tribute e lear.!Galatia. Carrier Mills, and Harris- universal worship ser vice. The World Day sponsored by the of Prayer is'of Mrs. Ethel Glascock, 112 1-2 (Continued on Page Eight) Advises Against Buying Owner- Operator Farms URBANA. 111., Feb. 12.--(U.P.)-- Buying a farm as an owner-operator "would not be a wise under- Aug. 3. 1887. a committee was taking" today, according to a Uni- ub- versity of Illinois agriculture econ- . Women. They IOOK aeni oi r-juuiauu. ^..^ "テつキ--:" , o r h r responsibility ; HTHS at the beginning of her from the Home Missions Council sophomore year and has since then ard the Foreign Missions Confer- ! established an enviable record of テつォテつォ. in iq42 In 1800 women I scholarship, citizenship and actn- of a 'number of denominations in! ity. During her sophomore year focal churches in America organ-j sh e was class treasurer a member led fJr the nccdv of this country O f the band, and candidate for TMd other land,. In 1890 two Homecoming queen. In her junior Ull-i laiiw-- i - - strong Baptist leaders, Mrs. H ,* テつサd テつサ***; JS* "In 1920 e*uc*iテつォテつォ*fc*-- wv*t-テつキ,,テつキ --- - 1948, he said, and a coal would "seriously" retard this stockpiling. Ominous Letter Feb. 2 Lewis' anniversary coincides witn that of Abraham Lincoln. But gamblers." Do Not Work Together The New Orleans cotton man =aid he did not think that was possible. "1 doubt it there was concocted scheme to break am closed in honor of Lewis. John L. is observing his birdi- dsv on one of his periodic motor tours to different sections of the country. He is probably headed south." His aides won't ing together now ward plunge of the market. Creekmore replied that '^op tors do not work together.. He said that so far as he knew nothing in the way of crop fore J I \ S L I * . i テつォ _ r _ . i :_r n wテつサ***iirkri Neb. , . - - - テつキ At the tomb, a throng braved below freezing temperatures to attend ceremonies テつキ honoring- - tne Civil War-President. テつキ -Some-'of-'them were part of pUgnmmages by veterans' organizations, civic and fraternal groups. Others stood in a two-inch blanket of snow to pay their own simple respects. Wreaths were laid on the tomb by Gov. Dwight H. Green, 111., Harold E. Morris, state commander of the Indiana American Legion pnd representatives of the Illinois and National American Legion. Legion Commander Speaks Col. Roy L. Dalfreres, executive o'ficer of the Illinois Military District, laid a wreath for President lr cTremonies at the tomb were broadcast on a nationwide hookup from 11:45 a. m. to noon Principal speaker was James F. 0 N e i , national commander of the Amen- for the end of V icn テつサ.テつォテつサテつサテつサテつォ,テつキテつキ LVI- _ "TV _,テつォJ voluntary enlistment in the armed forces and immediate enactment by congress of a universal military Senators believed the price Ca O'Nef 0 ?alled gomerv, named a rrtyer for missions. Women of Canada joined the vear she was class secretary, trcas- to select sites for two put omist. (Continued on Pa?e Eight) Prof L. J. Norton told future 1 farmers attending the 47th annual farm and home week program at Award Contracts 'I ^ or ^ rave l for i*Three Townships L^,\,*v.vテつォ . lt.'Illj of America and together 1 Homecoming queen, and was voted | 30 -- thc First Friday in Lcnt.. tnc most friendly, the most popu-, reached on ***^" *. ^ テつォ ? ; テつォ * . _ ,, , _ . . m _ " . * r A t_ 41. v* Ml rテつサrtCT . -h. テつォテつォテつキ.テつォ 41* */\t srecmcnt is for $100** mo uav of Praver for" Missions. ; lar . an d thc girl with the nicest a-month pensions. In 1927 the Day of Prayer^ forj s m i l c in lnc annual Keystone Scn- will offerings Vcrc^growing , (Continued on Page Eight) i^l Fire Kills Family ! Extinguish Fire Voluntary ,, tincnts on thc Chicago Board Trade arc 33 1-3 per cent As for "inside -'--ex-; Creekmore said: of information," . price cycle and beginning {should keep their capital inyest- 1). Brown, county supcrin-, mcnt and debts to a minimum. of highways, today an- "To start farming as an owner nounccd that contracts yesterday requires excessive capital ana *erc awarded to supply gravel j would not be a wise undertaking 'テつキ three townships under the)at the present time with the un- totc's township road program, j certain outlook," Norton said. Lwv bidders were: Stoncfort "The most economical way to テつォoテつサnf,hip_cioyd Simpson; Gala-1 start farming is to begin as a テつサa ^d Tatc lownships-^Gail Den- managing partner where the own- n All bids were S2.09 per yard. cr O f the land puts up the capita' x * - ' " - ~ ' ~ ' and allows thc tenant a share of thc business," he said. More than 4.200 persons have registered so far for the week of discussions and lectures on homemakins and farm problems. In thc fifth Illinois safe homes program, top honors went to Bond テつキ Montgomery counties ycstcr- Bond county had thc largest SKVering from r moV Uian W, Q f Three, Destroys Room Cottage sテつサ^Sfr3urtt5tf*as is used to maintain! u-omc^ Union Colleges in. WAUCONDA, 111, Feb. 12- rhina and Japan, to pub- UD_Fircmcn today blamed a China ami^ ^ mothers,stove explosion for a fire winch the American e feels that "American sr ngth for its world leadership to enduring peace can best be turn would encourage earlier^ action on foreign aid. ^..Sen- J. Sparkm9B,p:,. *$テつキ' *S? R*"Yourig^," S;,^Nテつサ"~D"r"b^" e * *テつキテつキ-- -r* ce'rtainty"over, thi foreign aid^bili may have been a factor in touching ,,. off the slump. . " .. テつキ "'テつキ Republican spokesmen said only a serious recession would influence them in whatever changes ,they make in the House-approved .bill to cut taxes $6,500,000,000 a year. They do not believe a serious slump is threatened yet. ReeceSayTGOP Congress Proved Right on Controls INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 12.--OE) --Republican National Chairman Carroll Reece said today that the current decline of commodity prices proves that the Republican-controlled Congress was right in wiping out price controls. "Today's downward trends are in accord with the expectations Qt the Republican party," he said in an interview. Reece will speak tonight at a Lincoln day banquet realized through a system of universal military training. The Legion commander quoted from a palsage written by Lincoln* denouncing voluntary enlistment* " con- in the Civil War as "having consumed the voting, the generous. ^patriotic, , the intelligent and , the brave, has wasted the bit moral, social and political ekments in this, republic and left Reece said that the "levelling off now taking place" could have "started a year ago had government buying been handled more systematically." . \ ' He said commodity prices showed signs" of levelling in early e s 1947 but were pushed higher ana higher by "ill-advised government pronouncements and buying. -Th* ill-advised government ap- service 10 テつォ"テつォ - , j.-.,. - Nclson Concrete Culvert of Mi. Vcmon, 111., was thc contract to supply pipe to all three town- Contracts arc subject to thc ap- of the stale highway dc- ro - , n{ ii vontsomcrv co H^ lho statc allocated S15.- 4TM, Bond couritv had thc lar 'テつキW/XX1 to be spent during a two- S r ccnta?c of enrolled families l ' . M, S?S ^Plrf SMS 5S,: a, S^^ Indians. . ' Churches participating in of three and dc-| room frame sum- in which they were 3~MiIlion Hindus Wakh as Gandhi's Ashes are Consigned to Sacred Rivers money makers ,, procreate their kind. Low Production of Farm Implements Blamed on Labor WASHINGTON, Feb. gambling in the markets had the effect of turning up the fires .on the inflation boiler and then shot- tins off the safety valve.' he said. -You cant indicate the govern- mnnt iq eoins. to buy 500,000,OW iKels ofihU ^thout faring a --. tremendous impact on the price oi a 5inC c v,i day. } Booerts, exccuuve services First tomorrow .include the : berry. 36. his wife the'her daughter by a Twd-Ycar Decline feptiTMTchurcn. the Mt Picas-.rage, ^^pgjj^ft. ^ id \tテつ」? of the Ganテつォe5 and' Jumna last riieS"ire completed." Nehru ^^y Roberts told the テつサテつォ SSst church, *J ^^JthPStS'^t^c^ lo lhc va$t f sscmblagc - ndh . Agricultoire co mc TM^ c to テつ」テつ」 /.hurrh. McKinlcy Avenue j -テつキ -- !Vテつォ-H ! *テつォテつォ, ivテつサ. Himalavas to Kanya Ku- fore thc war. church. church. _ county's share * a s S121.000. , Brown announced that con- for Cottage, Raleigh. Rcc- Branch 2. MINES no home accidents. Mont- had thc lowest per- a'ccidcnts among thc of families enrolled. ; Miss'MyTa"Robinson Edgarcoun- ty, was elected president of the Illinois Home Bureau F^c"^: Other officers were Mrs. Cecil iSmittkamp, Edgar^eomrt3r,^wg , tary; Mrs. A. W. Dickey De\Vitt _ S, v . director of the east central Exonerate Herrin Man in Fatal Stabbing in Tavern M. E.J Death Takes Mrs. ;David M. Upchurch, '83, of Galatia , . .. . , i.vm. the Himalayas to Kanya Ku- According lo the Hindu ; mari jn thc soul h. in the interests ~ nn^^Tnnnv \vaテつォ. the lasi slcp ^j j^j,, coyntrvmcn preaching icar- Stock Exchange Chairman Sees chairman of York Stock that the S3srテつサw5fe7ff gsas ccncral decline and he predictea it will continue for about vears. I the ceremony waj. . . ,,テつサ.,,., v , i needed lo send the soul of India s i^nj.^. I sainted leader ascending into tne , UI ^ plcdj;c lhis: -we carry- Mrs Melissa Catherine Up-{halls of Hindu immortals. テつォ o u l Gandhi's ideals and forswear church, 83, wife of David M. Up-! Gandhi's son. ^? as ' _S violence and hatred." church, of Galalia, died at .8 p. j across,the rail/fj^h.テつサテつォ4TM^ i six plancs o{ thc Royal Indian,__... Air Force flew over thc duck as ^n be enlarged Galatia Lumber Co. To Be Enlarged Co., which two The Weather SOUTHRN Followers in other ru, Home Minister Sardar V. high sSwffri-lawft^r** SWM=!sSテつ」ffi ! jffifc^^SSU. S^SnSVTb'S^ t0 ilBta " , ^" SIW テつォ ^ P. Z*J* -----テつキ-- 3 a. m 34 6 a. m. ---33 9 t . m- テつサ 12 noon 34 i Courtney funeral home, Galatia .NFW SPA PER SPA PERI

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