The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 13, 1975 · Page 63
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 63

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 13, 1975
Page 63
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Page 63 article text (OCR)

Page 64-THE HERALD, Provo, Utah. Sunday. April 13, 1975 ^C OT—Intb nUirlrtljU, riUVU, wmn. uunvjar. .-K'" "•. £ jj~ Read Your Future in the Stars For Sunday Apiil13, 1975 ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19)11 you're the one who makes out the family bt^np' this week, chances are there'll be a little surplus after hills are paid. TAURUS (April 20-May 20)You're up to handling matters that call for firmness and persistence What you start, you're likely to see through. GEMINI (May 21-June 20)Don't be hesistant today about calling in nearly forgotten lOU's Your odds of collecting are better than even CANCER (June 21-July 22)A good day to appraise the project you've been thinking o) undertaking Today you'll reflect upon it in a practical manner. LEO (July 23-Aug.?2)Goals are not likely to elude you today You have some aces in the Mole You know how to play them VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sepl. 2?)Today you' 1 ! !>c ft hip to \i\-\ «> sonio cjood words for a friend of |rvii".st3fidi r - r,ici il learn of i.'.is lnt»-r ,.u be grateful. ...3RA (Sept. 23-Ocl 23)Talk over financial matters jointly affecting you and your mate. If your goals are in accord, success is within reach. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22)A decision you'll have to make may at first appear stern to the casual observer. Events will prove that to be necessary, just and fair. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. Monetary 21)You'll go out of your way to be of service to one who is older. Your kind deed will be remembered and later rewarded CAPRICORN (Dae. 22-Jan. 19)You have an ally who is always there when needed. Again today, she'll do her best to make things pleasant for you AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)You'll be in the mood to clean up those bothersome little chores you haven't had a chance to get to this week. Get at them! PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20)Today, seek out persons with whom you have Ideas in common Something .good will come from your conversations You, Birthday April 13, 1975 Your material situation will be more stable this year. Funds should be available to do things for the family you've had to hold In abeyance. For Monday, April 14, 1975 ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19) Don't rely on flattery to gain your ends today. If your compliments are insincere, they'll be detected by the recipient. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Put a limit on what you plan to spend at this time for items or activities outside of your normal needs, or you'll get carried away. Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 U S cent 6 Former Russian com 11 Bellowed 13 Rille part 33 Jazz dances ol a sort 36 Sweet secretion 39 College official 40 Pull alter 14 Liquid lound in 42 Render lurbid petroleum 44 Timetable 15 Yearly abbreviation 16 Chinese 45 Utilize dynasty 46 Onassis 17 Adult boy 47 Keep 19 Town (Cornish 50 Mariner 6 Operated prelixi 53 Wake possible 7 Fooled vase 20 Plebian 54 Cylindrical 8 Beasts 22 Table scrap 55 Pertaining to 23 "Keystone the kidneys Slate ' founder 56 Nostrils 24 Son of Seth (Bib ) 26 Cuddle 28 Oriental com 30 In the middle (comb lorm) 31 Goll gadget 32 Was seated DOWN 5 Japanese 27 Genuine monetary unit 29 Major planet 33 Placid 34 Scottish wooler cloth 35 Distress signal 37 Wanderer 38 Freebooter 39 Challenger 41 Direction 43 Reins 48 Arab robe 49 Sick 9 Acquires knowledge 10 Girls name 12 Populace (comb form) 1 Bows ol ships 13 Small (owls 2 Geological 18 Circle part period 21 City in 3 Country MassachusettsSl Even (contr 4 WWII agency 23 Harass 52 Brazilian (ab) 25 Appear macaw Win at Bridge 3NT Thwarted by Defense NORTH A J 10 2 V 85 • K QlOSli A 1032 \VKST A y 9 6 V K y J 6 3 » 9 5 2 A 9 5 K AST A K U 5 4 3 V 10 9 4 • A 7 3 * 8 li SOITII 1 1)) A. A 7 V A 7 2 *J4 A A K Q J 7 4 Neither vulnerable West North Hast South IV Pass Pass I'ass 3 » Pass Pass Pass 1* '.' .\ T 3 \ T Opening lead K V with the queen after South ducked. Then he led a third heart to clear the suit. South would run off six clubs, finally lead a diamond and be home free since East held that ace. The one South who went down for a nice fat goose egg on the score was the victim of really fine defense. West did open the king of hearts, but shifted to a low heart at trick two. This put East in the lead and East led the four of spades. South ducked that to West's queen. A spade came back and hast was careful to hold back his king so that all South could do was to run with his eight tricks and give up. The bidding has been: 12 \Vt-si North ICast South By Oswald & Janies Jacob) Ely Culbertson once said that any time he could see all the cards, the Culbertson system would get him to the right contract. Five clubs would be the right contract for today's hand South would make it easily by winning the first heart, drawing trumps and knocking out the ace of diamonds. When this hand appeared in the finals of a regional open pairs no one reached that con tract. Those few pairs that did get to game ail played in three notrump .and most of them wound up making their contract. It didn't require any great skill on their part West opened the king of hearts and continued 1 A 3* 3 NT I'ass 2 * Pass Pass 3 « Pass Pass 4 A Pass ? You. South, hold: A K Q96 ;"> V A 2 f K 4 :i * Q 8 7 What do you do now? A — Pass. Your partner has shown great strength, but you have a baluiu'i'd hand with just one point over u real minimum. TODAY'S QUESTION You open one spade with: A K Q y 8 5 V A 2 # K 4 A Q 9 8 7 Your partner responds one iKitruiup. What do you do now'.' Answer Monday Send $1 lor JACOBY MODERN book to: "Win at Bridge, " fc/o this newspaper). PO. Box 489, Radio GEMINI (May 21-Jun« 20) Yoo have a tendency today to dissipate your energies on goals of small importance. Sight on worthwhile targets only. CANCER (June 21-July 22) A problem can be avoided with one you're fond of by not expecting the other party to jump every time you snap your fingers. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) It's not the time to rehash something a friend did in the past to perturb you Let bygones be bygones VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sep». 22) The co-operation you need from someone will be denied you. Through other circumstances, what you hope to accomplish will be gained. Ll" nr . jSepl. 23-Oct. 23) , ou'll have more success with plans today if you deal with the top man instead of going through subordinates. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-NOV. 22) Don't try to dominate the social scene today. Allow others in your company an opportunity to occupy the spotlight, too. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) In order to keep peace on the home front a compromise will be called for. Center- ground will be the safest spot. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) A task that you can normally handle with ease will develop some unexpected problems today. Be careful and patient. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) If you're sharing something pleasurable with friends today, be sensible about dividing the costs. Let each pay his portion. PISCES (Feb. 20-Msrch 20) Don't be overly anxious about the coutcome of an important event and do something impulsive. It will be okay if allowed to run its course. seek Home 050 H/'fs Comeback Trail For Orphan From Viet your birthday April 14, 1975 Surprising success will come to you this year through your creative efforts. Don't let your good ideas go untested, or sit on the shelf to gather dust. Gal Sports Are Coming To Syracuse SYRACUSE, N.Y. (UPI) - A department of women's sports will be competing at Syracuse University by this summer. For the first time in the 150 year history of a school famous for its's men football and basketball teams, Syracuse plans to fund five intercollegiate women's teams beginning Julyl. LINCOLN. Neb. (UPI)-State Sen. John Decamp's office reported today as yet a home hasn't been found for an 11-year-old Vietnamese girl-who arrived in Lincoln only to fine she wasn't wanted by adoptive parents. Decamp's office said at least 40 persons called in offering a home for the girl, Chi, but his office said that no decision would be made at least until Monday on where she would be going. Decamp returned to Nebraska from Vietnam Wednesday night with Chi, who was to be taken by a Nebraska couple as a substitute for another girl killed before she could get to this country. But when the couple found out Chi was 11 they decided not to take her. Decamp said they wanted a younger child. Meanwhile, Chi will stay with Mr. and Mrs. Dwain Myers of Lincoln. Mrs. Myers is Decamp's legislative secretary. ByMAXVANZl DALLAS (UPI) - Critics who like to claim that the finer arts cannot possibly flourish in Texas never fail to cite the troubles and embarrassments which regularly befall the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. they recall the remark by the late millionaire banker R. L. Thornton agreeing to support the symphony gladly "as long as I don't ha veto go." They point to the national headlines the DSO made last year when it folded in midseason. The critics should take another look. The DSO is embarked on a so- far spectacular comeback. Held together by faith, money, good and varied music and a new team of community and managerial leaders, the once- troubled orchestra has been reborn and is playing to packed houses. "The things people read in the media all over the world about how much trouble the DSO is in and how people in Dallas aren't interested in good music have been disproved," DSO Executive Committee Chairman Henry S. Miller announced at a fundraising luncheon. From the dark days at this time last year when it was $1.25 million in the hole, with the season suspended in a complex harangue with its musicians, the DSO today is out of debt and signing up subscribers, who have paid in $170.000 for season tickets, 60 per cent more than projected. Newspaper publisher Joe M. Dealey, chairman of a campaign to raise another $650,000, announced $140,000 already in hand as the campaign was. kicked off, indicating heavyweight backers were opening their vaults again to the DSO. Relations with the musicians are improved. Once in 1970, DSO musicians walked out of an open- air concert saying it was too cold to play. They showed up in blue jeans for the would-be performance —in the Cotton Bowl foot ball stadium. Last year a disagreement over terms of season duration marked the low point in the DSO's 75- year history. Halfway through the symphony year, further concerts were dropped and the season was suspended. This year the musicians are playing an abbreviated season again, lasting 27 weeks, but they're reported content with average weekly paychecks of $432 and are signed on for a full, ISO-performance season next year. 'JofotfotfouAOMflb The DSO hired Lloyd Haldeman, credited with the revitalization of the Cincinnati symphony, to do the same in Dallas and he appears to be doing it. With Haldeman as president and managing director of the Dallas Symphony Association, the orchestra has embarked on a public-appeal campaign that includes DSO ensemble groups traveling to public schools to play, plans to hire new key string players and the scheduling of a broad-ranged pop series. An Ella Fitzgerald-DSO concert in February sold out, and pop performances to come this year include everything from a Mitch Miller guest conductor appearance to a P.D.Q. Bach concert of Peter Schikele's humorous parodies of the classics. Native Texan pianist Van Qiburn opened the current season, and others appearing in the regular schedule this year include Aaron Copland and Eileen Farrell. Friday is Granite's only nite 'til uritektng toGfuuOteA bctte* wifiuta, Cowe*teMWa*ul^ue*«t WE'RE OUT TO CELEBRATE WITH NO FACTORY REBATES! (BUT HONEST-TO-GOODNESS SAVINGS OF AT LEAST $2 PER YARD ON THESE AND MANY MORE GREAT BIGELOW CARPETS. NO NEED TO WAIT FOR FACTORY RED TAPE. YOU CAN HAVE THE SAVINGS IMMEDIATELY, PLUS OTHER BONUS GIFTS.) i PLUS FREE PADDING Yes, you can choose from genuine sponge rubber or 9/16" rebond padding and we will include it absolutely free as you celebrate at Granite the 150th birthday anniversary of Bigelow. Check thes examples: TEXTURED PLUSH $799 i SO. YD. REG. $10.99 Ask for "Freedom" a luxuriously high-styled plush carpet of 100% nylon pile. Multi-colored yarns in sparkling, bright tones. VELVET SPLUSH "Love Song" is rich arid densely woven of second generation nylon face yarns. 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