The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 26, 1948 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, July 26, 1948
Page 4
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i f TW Newt, Frederick. MM**?. July ZC. IMS THE NEWS Dorothy Dix Says: Dear Miss Dix: I am * girl 18 years old. My people are fairly well-to-do and it is not necessary that I should work, but my Dad is alwayi telling me that he would Washington Daybook */ Soviet Aim To Frovoke Allies So As To Brine Errant Keds Into Line it tb* port aOec at McMd-ciMu owner. feel easier in his mind if I would el CtrcoiatioM i study some trade or profession ! jj y -rgjg ~ ; whereby I could be self-supporting . "Washington, July 26--The well- in case anything should happen to guarded code in the State H i m \Wia* rfo von thir*V aHrtilf iJii.c"' I A _ - . * ·- . Today In Washington Wallace Party Platform Singularly Lacking In Positives; Has Only Over-Worked »w Dealisms By DAVID LAWRENCE Washington, July 26--The Henry ! appointing because Rex Tugwell. Know America T»day'c Anniversaries 17.33--George Clinton, soldier of the Revolution, seven times elected governor of New York. 4th Vice President, born in Ulster Co., N. Y. Died April 20, 1812. oOcc.t f Wallace -acceptance speech and former Undersecretary of Agricul- 1796--George Catlin. famous artist- big disappointment, ture in the New Deal, is an Intel- author on the American Indian Side Glances ' platform is a Most everyone something really ivas expecting Jectual who certainly can write a radical, some- better platform than was proclaim- born in Wilkesbarre, Pa. Died Dec. 23. 1872. MONDAY. JULY 26. 1»*8 Lotteries Banned ' ANSWER: the world sh At Jhe recent annual convention trade . a . of Kiwanis International held at s }i e caa earn ner ow " n bread and Lo* Angeles, the delegates voted butter and a little jam on the table The reason for these cables are hush-hush reports irom U. S. and ms. Just why every one of acceptance speech why the new the new party s leaders and their party shouldn t turn around and popularly perfecily many other that clubs woriay purposes necessary raffles are easy t» conduct, as most support her And even the best of ', * rally-cry ind a fiercely grow!- wi'lling to put out small husbands often die. or become in-: ;"« . . . . . * ··-'=·*- and the wife suddenly i a f- d she satellites into line thc family "-' S - course. Certainly nobody is e n o overt, war-lske act by__Americans persons are amounts on a chance of winning some prize, especially when they know if they are not lucky a large ^ part of the money goes for some mrsfortun"e^irsh"e"has'"some"way of in B:rh " would be converted into worthwhile enterprise. But the ma ki ng a living. ' a 8 fcal propaganda hue and cry principle is bad. and is counter to 'o brius Yugoilavs and Czechs and the laws against gambling which Meel An v Emergency Hungarians ar.d Rui.-iani society from long experience has . So m " advice to you is to listen : back into ihe fold, found desirable to enact and enforce. Organizations dedicated to the promotion of high ethical standards in business and the profes- 1348--(100 years ago) John D. | Archbold. pioneer Pennsylvania oil man. taken in by Standard lick John D.'s Lees- 1916. He-j the New 30.! 1906 has- 1S90--Daniel J. Callaghaa. naval aide to President Roosevelt, rear admiral, born. Killed in night battle off Guadacanal. Nov. 1S42. Today In History 1753--The French fortress of Louisburg. -Canada, taken by British- j Colonial American army--the Ar- : cadians. French settlers, later for- ' cibly expelled. doesn't hit hard enough at the ,, , - . v-ciMjui s!-ji.-ju j^ UM:K to be- weaknesses in the capitalistic set- h,« ,VL -n !ieve she ch a r ?*- 'or instance, that "P- Huey Long had a much more "· ine p res i t jent Truman bas no interest ' powerful argument. in promoting the United Nations or ' One takes risks in making long- 1788--New York the llth State to Snat he is governed by Wtl! Street. range predictions but the new ' or international bankers or any of party is not for long in this era. th*t rubbish. It either will be swallowed up by One would have expected from the Democratic party of the North the new party something construe- ' or will muscle in and get a mea- i:vc and different on the subject of sure of control in the Democratic becomes__as»£«! to your Dad. Study some profession and perfect yourself in it so power , iCddl l i J C ^ V ( - l ( l l i 3 V I ( ~ I E K T 1 1 U A fjl C»U~ , ; u l s l u l s vfctrtlrt UtT^(JliC: LiiCT l_;C"VCI , «r»rt rrt that you can meet any emergency that Zhdanov, ti.e h«-al man of the ropf would bo Riven an intellect- phrases and epigrams and afl the 1908 ~7 he . i eaeral B "reau of ratify the new Constitution. . 1863--Confederate Gen. John H.' Morgan and most of his command ; taken prisoners at New Lisbon.! Ohio. Yes. the rirls did buy a lot of cosmetics, but wouldn't you rather:! ,« n o /-/- , - -- · --- -------- -·"- ----«.«« monopoly and business regulation ' party Its future is not good large- Io98 -- '^ years ago' Spam asks for ; P» a few bills like that than have two frowsy old maids on your hands?"!* : -Secret reports of the tussle for One Would have thought that at ly because it is intellectually and iwer within the Kremlin hint j eas t the Socialistic trends of Eu- | morally weak despite the clever to end States. war witi * Dear Dorothy Dix: We an iris :!aiiiiinj to hitchhik sioas should point the way in West. We are not going to tell cur avoiding questionable money-rais- ; parents of our plans as «cy are ·--·T old-fashioned and wouldn't; doesn't rove of it. What is your to us'' wilted Cu;ninf!!ii. oar tlus "reckli-ts policy. ^ oul - Commi.ssar Moloiov. who has had from more face-to-face dealings with hack of ua! working over and that the · singing fervor. It is intellectually "--~" *· · **· *·' "«;«"=«. \f\ i Foreign product would be worth reading i weak because it hasn't come out I92 °--Exposure of the Ponzie "Get- i Kryrifl ictnn !JL» VJLIXI. vestigation F. B. J.) created. 20--Exposure of the Ponzie ''C rich-auick" -cheme in Boston. jNearly Half Of inf methods. To Discuss Funds For Bay Bridge Project ! academic standpoint if no ' with any really , s other. An opposition viewpoint in dence that it is any different from -939--United States gives Japan j rTV| Western Europeans. . politics has always been interest: the affinity of other parties for formal notice of renunciation of; I J""|l"C k ing reading and whether one capitalism. It is morally weak be- * s * 1ni --.«»^--t-i *--*-. *.- i v--v/ , i k c ,. a blt He Personals Mrs. Hilda Greene. Frederick ifl school teacher who was beaten by'-j a Negro who invaded her hotels} room while sha was stopping in!! Chicago on returning from a tour'ijl . negotiations in the current East- agrees or not there sometimes is a : cause it is built anund the sad and ; "West cri.-is. Molotov is said to point worth pondering. 'frustrated career of aa honest but this Back in the '20's the British La- ' misguided leader--Henry Wallace. ; GIRLS WHO WANT TO ; feel that the Woitc-in A LITTLE FUN ! tune are not kidding ANSWER- If -on w i l l f - k ' T '""" Krav ' ?il danger in Berlin, ac- o f the whole world uJvi'ce vo-" will'n,,» «,.,.» j I c o r d l n e t0 lhose '" the k R O W in iellinently worded and explicitly . he had only learned, as did Theo- j cans alongside Germans In S- Annapolis. July 25 (^--Governor · jd ' - J ' r nlndlln d "^ j Wi rf !!i:! Si»«- « that te,,Mon wiH be outlined proposals. '. dore Roosevelt. Woodrow "Wilson although Mussolini is gone" Lane will meet with members of j ;°f" to ^ : , *°- U £"" " CVC i b u l l t "P So such a «»'- ch lllat a sol- But the new party's platform is : and Franklin Roosevelt, that poli- : nf i-fft ,' ng b " J yoar i dit;r or low-ranking officer w i l l get sinaularly lacking in any positives. ; tics requires flexibility and prac- '· n me couia make you ·· mad and let fly at a nose-thumbing i- j s f u ii o f the usual negatives and · ticaliiy and that stubbornness and j ih , "°L a 1 I n s t a n t doi "S a Russian w i t h a few slugs. That the customarv whining of those out ' excessive personal price never won ! mat might bring disaster t o i i s just what Moscow hopes foi. of power seeking to get power. Anything in politics. P- S. The crisis within the Com- The platform is particularly dis- i the State Roads Commission and the ; Highway Advisory Council tomor- j row to discuss plans for borrowing j about $36.000.000 for construction of j the Chesapeake Bay bridge at Sandy '' Point, a State house spokesman said I bor party stimulated the thinking He might have been the Democra- : tary control.' bv their in; tic Presidential nominee in 1948 if . 1943--Italians keep | cans aloi i although But the new party's platform is : and Franklin Roosevelt, that poli- j 1945--The shek Potsdam 1511 commercial treaty be- j tween the two. " j 1941---The armed forces of the Phil- , Rockvill e. July 26 -The com-, - - - - -- -- - , . -- - _,.. ippines put under American mi P let ' OQ of th r«e school construe- recov f, rm S from her injuries but^il ippine* pat under American mili- ,. : .^ .^ M ^ ,s still, suffering from shock. ill * n_T»- ^m^J nf wn Y*» _«.*!_. -- T» rf~i ^11 [·· j of the west coast, was able to re-fil - I turn to this cit " on Sunday. She is HI cal ! tion projects ,, , Sty will cost more than SI.320,000--: . Ir ' and Mrs - Jonathan F. Covell. ]| approximately 45 per cent of a S3 - ^rbana. are receiving congratula-!| 000.000 school bond i«ii* rw^ntiv i t:oas u ? on the blrth o£ a ^^m - I Thomas Bernard, on Wednesday atlr! . ; the Frederick Memorial Hospital. ':· To begin with, your chances of tonight EettinR free transportation West munist Party is much greater than ' realized. Strutting Marshall Tito, (Reproduction Rights Reserved) ing on the Japs to surrender conditionally. ! 1946--The OPA resumes functioning. He said the group will discuss [ xvou! d be practically nil. Very fexv j suggested methods of floating the | cars P ick "P hitch-hikers 'these! a rival of Stalin, and. what's more! j bonds »nd the exact amount needed j da 'S- It is a pastime that has prov- j he may get away w i t h it. Tito's realized. Bruiting .Marshall Tito. M /Tit O« f of Yugoslavia has actually become: AftlOTlg LilC jlCK to finance the project c ? lo be very dangerous. Many Zarlier today. Governor Lane told | kind-hearted people have been several hundred persons at the j murdered by the hitch-Wkers to Cambridge Yacht Club that "money ; whom they gave a lift. and. con- for the bridge will be in the bank ! versely. many a girl has rued the plan of a Balkan Federation, i n - ; Mr. William Terrace, Storm. \ 1947--?.lrs. Martha E. Truman. 94, i --- - of Sandra! tfl -e President's mother, dies. Pres- l K a v Smith was celebrated at the ldent si sns the Tenr.inal Bond - . i BIRTHDAY PARTY The ninth birthdav to his home home of her grandmother. Mrs. N. w ms iwmic j r- Smith riranoham TiJ«- ·)·* ! E. Smith. of sense. That i, why ranking ; Communists in Hungary. Rumania, and Czechoslovakia--all ' Graceham. were 23. BilL by Labor Day." He pointed out that approaches | -n. ! aie u-.-mj; axcu. me .riussians are ; fj nec j to his bed to the span between Sandy Point i So get over this crazy idea and , afraid of them. Before the jmmer | Mr Ei me r BussarC was removed and Kent Island already were being j stay at home. I am sure you can ; ' s out - a ' ot °f D IC Communists in ' j4»..»^*^J A «*4 V.*» «^»^i-in · -u4 If ! rr«k* -»17 **t *!._ t ... . . . . I tfov R i I L - the Fred- where he been a patient for about a He is undergoing treat-! Miss T h l - j for an injury to his back sus- j sa Eyler Th(jse WOK · Today's Birthdavs enjoy- | Sergei Koussevitsky of the Bos- ed. Refreshments were^ served by ! ton Symphony Orchestra, famed and assisted by ] conductor, born in Russia, 74 years | day she ever got into a stranger's I still under the Russian thumb- - '^ned in a rail He is stllf con! » Ey l er '- Those P resent were: i C - - ^re being axed. The Russians are ! *TMf £ h « ta ^ He l^^*^^*,TM**TM: er. Elsie constructed. And he promised it I get all of the fun you w^.nt right j t n c Balkans will be purged, ·would be finished within two years' in your own home town. · * * * " * and eight months. i · f Wasler. Ecelia inda Carol Green. to "If I don't do anything else." he said. "I'm going to bring Maryland j closer together.'' j Although he did not elaborate on ! the proposed tune schedule for its ! up Dorothy ,,. _ ., ,,. rre "ction Expert - Every poli- fer was made in the am bulance of Dix: Don t you · tician worth his salt ought to pour ; M R Etchison and Dlnn fnr n \vif*» ! OVor thf» now linrib- ^»\- I r\i«i*. T)At.% ' " _ . ll '-* a pood plan for a wife i over the new book by Louis Bean. '. to maim v.-_ i. i. j . , ' . . T r ^ ,- ^. -- ' uonaio. % ayne ivioss, iniani to make her husband jealous oc- | How to Predict Elections." Louis , ,_,, nf ATr anri Mr «- Elmer Moss casionallv? Lately, in order to stir Bean is the wizard who told *°? wert Patrfck^eet ^fao «S little interest. I have been Franklin D. Roosevelt how to call I :"**' *t t *?? 1 i.*I!! lA^J*" Frederl?k et0 Me n mo n I Ler ° y B " oler: C * arles Wasler ' ^^ ,~ c " "· "* I ny Sovocool. Sonnv Davhoff. and treatment. Trans- i Freddie Young. Mrs. Edith Soco- cool. Mrs. Odessa Eyler. Mrs. N. E. Smith. Mrs. E. J. Smith. Miss Thelma Malo. Mead Eyler. Arlie Smith, Kenneth Smith, E. J. Smith. CLASS ENTERTAINED The Glad Circle Class "of the Donald Wayne Moss, infant '. born June 15 at Frederick Memor- was admitted last Paul W. Litchfield. board chairman of Goodyear Tire Rubber, born in Boston, 73 years ago . Rev. Dr. Rees E. Tullross. president of Wittenberg College. Ohio, former president of the National Lutheran Council, born Leizig. Ohio. 67 years ago. Walter S. Tower, president of the American Iron and Steel Institute. New York, born in West Bridgewater. Mass.. 67 years ago. Edwin Balrner. editor of Red ber. by -- "- .v..... » 4S . ^«».t*t*3 lu utr uc- ~-.^^ . v - . M . . ^ , . » v »;?i. L u .. . ...- , . . . . . t _ coming a little suspicious of me. i c° n ^rring with thc spirits. Instead i P 1 ^ 1 ; B ? !tin * re . to ""dergo treat i 50 I am in hopes that he won't take m °" University Hos- | Evangelical L u t h e r a n Sunday ! Eook - auth ° r . born in Chicago. 65 TOBACCO SALES BOOM Upper Marlboro. July 25 f.P)--Net j sales on Southern Maryland's auc- i tioa tobacco markets stood at 25.- | i me so much for granted. What do you think of the iden? A WIFE Bean uses mathematics and a com- j pletely dispassionate mind. In this book, venerated political Smith's relig Ernest Wm. May, Jr.. West School and friends were entertained on Friday. July 16 at the home of Mr. and Mrs.-Charles H. Kehne ! years ago. Mayor Eugene I. Van Antwerp of Detroit, bom there. 59 years ago. 000.000 school bond issue authorized. These are senior high schools in . Damascus and Rockville and a junior high in Takoma Park. Th» Rockville building will be for colored pupils. The County Board of Education listed final estimates for these and 22 other construction projects in a statement on its capital outlay program, which was transmitted to the Montgomery County commissioners in preparation for floating the bonds in September. The board has set aside a total of S2.413.756 for construction, including additions to existing school plants in all parts of the county. Among other items for which it made allocations are land purchases, building reconditioning, furniture and equipment, and new busses. It left S138.000 of the bond issue unapportioned. Five New School Plants Hospital. Mrs. demon Lenhart and Miss Pauline Stull. Carroll Parkway/ Miss Mary Butcher. East South, street. Mrs. Irene Geisbert. Wilson avenue, and Mrs. Webster White-hill. West Second street, returned to their homes over the weekend following a motor trip to the White · Mountains of New Hampshire. -. Among the many points of interest ?visited by the group along the. routi'{ were Lake Placid. Lake George, Hyde Park and Vanderbilt Museum, all in New York, and the Trapp family home in Vermont. Mr. and Mrs. Biagio C. Grimaldi and sou Henry of Passaic, N. J., spent from Tuesday until Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. J. Ward Crum. Walkersville. Mr. Grimaldi and Mr. Crum became friends while serving with the 333rd Engineers in the U. S., England. France and Germany daring World War H. Miss Esteile Castle, of Thunnont ANSWER: If seems to me that election, that third parties ahvavs ! Cities. Dangers and j knock out the party that .-».*«^o. «o»»^^i^ «*inj ifc ».«v.«v wttt i*»c jjaii_v in uuwcr. m a t : TT i » Ir , , _ ,, ^^ ,, troubles enough in married l i f e l i n e Democrats are just han«in* on i daughters of Mr. and 3Wrs. K. El-i «« t »*r. and Mrs. Daniel Fout. :*s ^ _ . f . . . . . . ^ ^ i n ~ ~ _ T~l.-.._ -KT n. ·nT....!-*.* _* ^* I All- artrt TVtVc- T*r«. C?K:«I ^T: Ann Baker. ' Charles Keefer. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. i George Bernard Shaw, famed English author, born 32 years ago. French heaviest marketing i ~ " --·-*· *·"»·» *·* » » » « » A i i i ; u i i **·*- Ji-"w.*itvv^«o LO « a * c j L * i i . i i i i i i " i i i v Q r j ; -- - l"iir s«*«m- i without a woman deliberately go- I by their finger-tips and wilf be i mer Baker - North Market street, i Mr. ana Mrs. Wm. Shipley. Miss Last week s net sales totaled 3.- , ing out to rouse the green monster i kicked into the abvs s of ooiitical '· are recuperating at their home fol- i Elizabeth i.Iartin. Mrs. May Baer. 382.818 pounds and averaged $42.57 | i n her husband's breast and make ' oblivion this fall " " ' Sowing tonsillectomies on Friday nt! Mrs. Fred Shipley. Mrs. Nellie per hundred. The season per nun- j him suspicious of her" ' The wav this author look-; a '» if i t h e Frederick Memorial Hospital. I Green. Mrs. Grace Secrist. Miss ^.^.-^ = _ , . - , , ,, , , ,, i _ - . nd has not 1 Mrs - Irene Andrews. 358 East I Be «' Wachter. Mr. and Mrs. John '" n and children. Margaret and dredweight average is S43.18. U. S. The first thin E you know vou ! the national liberal trend *nrf i$t.t» marketing agencies re- j win find yourself involved ' ' " ' The statement showed that five formerly of Frederick, is todav new school plants are included in j celebrating her 91st birthday. On the program which Richard Car- j Saturday evening she was the guest penter. assistant superintendent in | of honor at a dinner party at the charge of construction, said he j home of her nieces. Misses" Martha hoped will be completed by Sep- i and Bessie Zimmerman, with whom. ] tember. 1949. j she resides. The new buildings will be- JIrs ' Elias B - Ramsburg. Sr.. air. Flower avenue elementarv school j an ^ a ^?- Elias B. Ramsburg, Jr, 10 classrooms for 'approximated an ^ ,f ^^ Rockwell Terrace, 350 pupils: aUocation of S96 408 ou't f. and Mrs. J. Richard Rams- of new bonds to supplement S129 - H" rg / nd d TM8 hter Anne. Wesr --- - .Second street, returned to their 465 from a previous issue. Andre Maurois. famed author, born 63 years ago. Today's Horoscope Today gives great ability in j torium combination. for"about"'300 homes on Saturday after a vaca- TV _^._ I **«*i*i--3 VTAA v J A V U X U d V (H.LC Damascus High School. 12 class- J tion of several weeks in Ocean .rooms, gymnasium, cafeteria-audi- City. Miss Anne Ramsburg left ported. |ugly scandal and yojjTwTn winri up waiting for leaders and issues '^n the~divorce court. Before mar- ! arouse it in this campaign. Fiffy Years Ago Local Items From The Columns Of The News, July 26. 1898. it may pique a bov's interest in a girl to think sJie is" interested itself out. but is sti!! there · Third street, is reported to be get- to ting along satisfactorily at the Frederick Memorial Hospital where ! she underwent an operation last Platform Palaver -- A ghost is ' Thursday. speech and writing and great en-] pupils: new allocation of S56*?50 rn!Tci=jr*ri T'Kn. ·m^n^ :_ _* A: _ . -i I i , . vvw*.TM,^*/ in other boys and has dates with t ^ oa{ ' n S around Capitol Hill, and a ' William C. Thomas, five-year-old j ! them, but a husband wants to feel ^°? o£ Senators and Congressmen son of Dr. and Mrs. B. O. Thomas, j · secure in his wife's heart and to i w ' s ^ il would go far. far away. Jr.. North Bentz street was oper- j Johnnie. Sandra and Doanie Rou- i somewhat given to wanderin" The l-'it 1 !: AIn , ? nd , Mrs - _.9 harles H " I senses ma " be. naturallj'. rather un| developed, and need to be carefuilv | trained in the laws of life and mor- | ality. Neglect of this precaution! . , The mind is elastic and j to supplement previous S49.000. sum of on Sunday for Camp Nimrod in Virginia where she expects to stay for a month. Kehne and daughter, Ellen. Mr. and Mrs.'John Covell. Jr., Forest Glen elementary- school.! West Patrick street are receiving 9 classrooms for about 300 pupils" j con Sratulations upon the birth of a new allocation of S182.960 supole- ! son Suilda y morning at the Fred- MR. ISAAC GALLOWAY. A UMENT setter of Brooklyn. .-«. i.. j arrived ia Frederick with two i wife's heart and to i know that he is the onlv man. away particularly haunts robust Con- ated on LULAJWA*"A i"*-»-^- .(Released by Thc Bell Synd ica te I nc , ' Krcssman Clarence Brown, the night at the Frederick Memorial : arid* in^oxica*^-, x of Brooklyn. N. \.. j . ' i Ohio GO" '--'-- -·-·· · · -- ~ ·- - -- ' "''Oxicat.on expert workmen for the purpose j QrOSS Receipts From of placing the new monument to i Jr ·*· *· v i l i Francis Scott Key in position in j Carnival Were $18.141 ' ML Olivet cemetery. To his sur- L W. Cailahan. o^ returned to their extended motor trip , Office- Bethrothal Made Known * ' I 300 pupils, new DUW .» UUU ui ^, 3U . ,, / - . « . * · i 000. ' ^^ c^aies. On the trip v.-est they i ·=-,,,,, ^ , , 'spent several days with relatives · ^Iemen : ary school for colored at near Little Rock. Ark. From there prise, the monument sections were; Total gross receipts for the for n f , ^-H?"- " f U , W h ° at Johr ' 5 H °P kins Hospital. Balti- S2.50 collateral: Jesse special session held on r - 3" d ^frs. D. S. Pennington of Toberv. ' Mt - Keasant announced the en-! , Laytonsville. 7 rooms for about 200 "Is. new allocation of $175,000. The janior school in Ta- some ! in the next few days. LOCAL LOGIC: "SINCE THE reduction in the price of wheat. '· the price of bread has been put net on this year's carnival at be- nccd to remember that a great rna- ,,_,, ... _·.. .... back to the old standard."--John . tween S6.000 and S7.000. jority of the Arr.criears people are " Hershberger. } Receipts of the Ladies' Auxiliary : n . ot im prcssed w,th the political is reasonable to estimate the both Democratic and Republican. : Route 1. Sgt. Ben Phebus. Jr.! 1 gagement of their daughter. Violet ! korna Pa! "k is already under con- Mrs. Edgar C. Rudy. Mt. Airy. , S2.50: George Crummitt. SsL Dan : Pennington. to John Flickinger i ^ruction. The board authorized i improving at University Hospital. · Swomle;.^ and OScer "Denver son of Mr. and Mrs. Burnett Flick- ' a nev *' al 'ocation of S409.460 to sup- iP'.ement the previous sum of S43- | 920 on this project, which calls for - - ---- , T . , T - ,, ,, .classrooms, a library, gymnasium will be confined to the hospital for J Listed for peace disturbance _- vl!s s Ki_ t h Coombs, daughter of , an d other facilities. _ _ -- _ _ _ . T _ i \fisr 4 -**- TJ-!- ? w^^*v. _·_ * T _ ^ ---- ··» fVT \TT" S»TI^? "VTi-^- "D^»»-- ^" ^"-- i i ^*._ isy^sr 1 " 1 -- -"· ^s^s/s^cE "'nTM^^^s^c^ : a^s^s%^^ss -«-TM- slipped and fractured a bone. She ' So. Henry--Coombs the trip took them through the Texas Plains and the Panhandle to Denver. Colorado, and Hagerman, Idaho, where they visited ilr. Callahan's brother. Upon the return trip. Mrs. Cailahan became seriously ill and spent several days in fty hospital at Rock Springs. Wyo. Recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. · story, four-room brick school taken in by the sandwich booth J ? r P arllcs for a !on .s time. Al- , building for colored on Seventh . SJ71.60 in cash donations- and ,! , S h u Rlany , J o k e abo;:t !t - thc "' Street to Calvin L. Engle. f or. S29S.40 in novelty booth receio!^ f act that mi]!!o " s . of Americans "** ia] ,,._,-.,, s ^ , ,,,,, pnf -- S3 300 ' Bi* attraction at the clo=in«r n£h"* C conic lo be!: cve that plat- Memo.ial Ho*pual ana undenvent 4 _ H GmLS :tIEET ' ' , .v.-. ,,_ . , -iu.jii K men. forms arc nothir-" bu* no'ifral hi'T. a!1 appendectomv there on Tues- MR. JACOB WELTY. EAST, * camiva! was the awarding ,.,,,,-,,,, ,, _,, , "",,·,,· -""- lt ';- d ' "^ d _, : n r *. ,, - n . n ^.. . . t-OinkJC IS no 13l:^n*T^?* rrt-^''^" Tf Oci Church street extended, was brought home from the farm Dr. McKiaaey. near Buckeystown. suffering from s broken leg and bruises. He was working at comer of the roof of the barn ·when he lost his balance ana fell from a ladder. MRS. W. S. BENNETT AND LITTLE daughter are visiting friersds at Seneca, Montgomery county. I Aquilla Kline, of Wolfsville. were formed the ceremony. i Westbrook elementary G:ven in marriage by her father ; and S219.281. The Girls' 4-H Club of Wolfs- *e bride wore a white birdseye i Kensington ,,, ------- »vest Patrick street. Frederic irrn's outstanding sales S32.631 Martha Jean and Ray, of Wolfs- Twenty Years Ago 'Rescue" Man Found On 'Island* In Creek ; many rasn to o:V:cc. · "The people know there ., ..,, . , excuse for so many milhons ot o-r cul ' urt "' Ihorr.e'.css beirsc priced out o' o-.\-- nrese:1tpd b - r Local Items From The Columns Of The News, Jnly 25. 1928. City Police had a new uroixe-n APPROXIMATELY 5.000 ATTEND- earjy Sundav roomie ED the annual picnic of St. They had to call th'c Ur.; Res- Joseph's church at Bucseystovvn ewe Truck to rescue a mars mar- Manor. In the tournaments. To- ooned on an island in Carroli bias Zimmerman won in the pro- Creek fessional class and Austin Put- They preferred a charge of be- man in the amateur class. FIRE OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN ate destroyed a large portion of the mit J. T. Hirst lumber yard at Lees- f e£Cued ine man from a sma!! burg. Va., with a ioss of about island in th e creek. Iriple a home or being forced to pay nchieveme-.t and service to agri- bron~e olacue was . D Davis. 3rd. district salesman of the Ralston Purina Company. YANGTZE FLOORS Nar.k:ng. July 25 Jen Yangt-e river injna'ated several suburbs o; this capital today and drove hundreds from their " or: PRIVATr KITF.S - 1 ·~er\ ,ces v. i!: iit held he--e mg intoxicated within the corpor- Tuesday for Mi- E'.e-;io- Med-M '- 1! mits against George Crum- Patterson. publ t - n ei- of the W a "h- this city, after had :ns:ors who d:ed of a heart attack je^terday .... _ . Members of Mrs. " Patterson's $50.000. urummitt, they said, apparently :am:iy sa;0 b;:ria; w.U be ··' tne ABOUT 2QO FRUIT GROWERS ' i 6 " fr ° m lhe Lafa - veUc Br-.dgc or. famly plot a; Graoc'.a'nd corre't'-'v from five states attended the an- ,, Su Patrie! 5 sirest !nl ° !he creck - :n Ch:caso. Wedr.c^iav Both the nual summer meeting of the · . Hc mana S*a U get to the little is- Maryland State Horticultural Society held here today. L O U I S G. POLIKOFF. mother. Mrs. Mildred Eyler. Kast Sixth sireet Refreshments were served and rnany beautiful gift's received. Tiie ·voting coxiole expect :o leave in a few days fo- C.ncir 1 ."at;. O. where the:* wi.l make their home. Army advisory group L E \ D E R S CLASS IN SESSION Tne regular session of the Leaders Bibie C'.ass \vas opened by C. A. Gilson on Sunday morning with M R. Etchison offerin-; the opening prayer. :,T;:':srd E Crum led the singing and Mrs Edward H. Hants presided at the organ. After a forcefrl acidrcf? on "The Dedica- Mass.: Mrs. Harold Sweet. Yonkers. _ N. Y.. sister of the bridegroom: and me sv.ol- M:s« Dorothy Underwood. Chester. N. H. *.vere bridesmaids. Harold A. Sweet. J r . was best Trsan and Roy E. Coombs. Jr.. brother cf the John Corke. Wesif:e:d. N J.; Lieut Harold Luettiga-.. Frederick: and Arthur 3:ge. Franklin. N. K . ushered. Following a wedding trip to the Pocono?. the couple will make their home this summer in Fred- . ,ville. Tuesday visitors were Mrs elementary. S56.951 j William Hays and Pauline Hays j and Rosalie and Robert Prvor. elementary. S30.862 I Also spending the week with her ; grandparents is Martha Jean Kline. High School. S1.856 '. ilr - and Mrs. Melvin Uterrnallen, j near Union Bridge, who had been High School gymnasium. · residing in Frederick since last 591.659. ; March, have accepted positions at elementary. S14.249 and ' *"« Clybarn Home. 4915 Green Spring Avenue. Baltimore, where elementary. S4SS and under-privileged children are being | instructed and cared for. They are y elementary. SI5.775 and : nou " Jiving in Baltimore, haviiul S2.9.104. , begun their new work two weeks Parkside elementary. S18.761 and ' a S°- S26.140. ! Miss Virginia G. Stone, daughter Rockville elementary. SI 7.042 and ; o f Mr «- Robert R. Stone, of Route S10.503. ' 3. Union Bridge, who is a Depart- * -. aboard _ t he Army transport G e n e r a l t View elementary. S146,- j Brewster. which sailed from Manila A and street, iland where Sergeant Dsn Sworn- the bunai service will be" private : ley and Officer Denver Shook The exact hour of thc funeral se--\; found him about 12:30 o'clock ' ice and the details, \\ere not an- Firemen The Wealher (All t'.me rrecipitaiion for 2- hour? rnding ' tion of Self and Substance" by Luther Rice, the missionary oiler- date--2.72 ^ ing was received which amounted bruUea and lac- i him Uck on the "malnUnd Portly Mrs. Paite-suii's when he was struck by after i o'clock. brought today "Am Crummitt remained in j a i l Sun- home .11 M.u,.; .\\ m default o£ 525 colla- . died, to her town hou.-,e on DuPont j cloiidy ' circle * ' i m a c slightly cloudy at Knoxvtlle! at 8 a. m. today--nor.f. Precipitation. July to inches. Normal July precipitation. 3.97! inches: actual. July. 1947--4.36 Mantz with a number of men of er:cK. The bride is a graduate of . 65 ° and S12.849. ' on June 28. Be'.mont High School. Belmont. ] Montgomery Kills Junior High j ^ r - 2n d Mrs. Larrv Hall. Mt Ma^s . and \\ ill be a senior at the School gymnasium. S180.400 from : Airy, have returned to their honvi Un.versity of New Hampshire this ih e new issue and none from the after vacationing at Moose Lake fa!'. Lieut. Henry was graduated old. in the Adirondack Mts, N Y from Wc?tfield High School and Four Corners elementary, none w " h ere they were guests' of Mr' attended the University of New on the new and S28.813 from oid. Hall's parents. Harr.nfhire for one year. He serv-; Rockville elementary lanoi.her ' ^ f - a n d Mr.-=. Hubert P Burdette ed two years ;n the U. S Army · contract. none new and"S17.660 old. Mt - Air '. and Mr. and Mrs Clar- and will return to college this fall. Woodlin elementary, none ne-.v cncc Skcgg?. of Caionyville" form- Attending the wedding from and S17.125. ; crly of Mt. Airy, are on a 10-day 'w- "' ' Montgomery County Junior Col- tour of th e New England states. and son. Camp Detrick. an automobile as he was attempting to board a trollev car at thc Squ*rp Cornet. was ?;\-cess in 194S precipitation to country j u ] v 1--5.41 inches. ______ the class participating. The at- ! The Northern Lights are caused tendance was as follows- Reds 40: ' by an electrical discharge passing Blues 53: visitor's 5. total 97. F,. S Rice \vii! address the class on next Sunday. through the very low-pressure air at altitudes from 50 to 500 above the earth's surface. feet The Philippines were discover- i ed by the white man in 1521 but · the Spanish didn't begin perma-j The leaning tower of Pisa is 179 i. Kathryn Roesen and son. of Lararrne. Wyoming, are visiting nd Mrs. . Mt. Airv. t IN EV SPA PERI IN EV SPA PERI

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