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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Thursday, September 26, 1918
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»* *,*.»» «**»•**** • THI IS A « * .MEMBER d? THE • * ASSOCIATED f»RE66 » • WHICH is THE eest • I M I I t I I M I I I • I I I THE HUTCHINSON • THE NEWS HAS fHE • • LARGEST CIRCULATION • • OF THE PAPERS IN * • CENTRAL KANSAS * »•**•*•»•••*»••* VOL. XXXIV. HUTCHINSON. KANSAS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, .19.18. LAST EDITION NO. 3f>. NEW MAJOR STROKE PLANNED BY FOCH Is Being Carnv^ut by the French and American ^ >ps in Champagne Most * >rably. BRITISH'ARE BUSY ON MACEDONIAN FRONT Bulgarian First Army is in Dan* gerous Position. 1 British Are Advancing Along the Cambrai and St. Quentin Front. French and American troops today are storming tho German positions In Champagne and further east In what apparently Is another major stroke by Marshal Foch. The hew offensive Is progressing favorably According to reports. The hew Allied thrust in the west comes on a front which has not been very active since the Germans failed to advance In Champagne in the defeated offensive of July 15 east and west of Rhetms- French-soldiers-, are-attacking In Champairno, which-runs from Minima eastward: to mo.Argourio west ot Verdun. Tho Americana are, moving rorward oast of. ihc Ohampagno simultaneously -with General rotaln's men. Groat paaslbldtlea might result from a BU0ce«8 ,ful allied advance on the front east.of Hhelma UK the Gonnana would be severed) and tne formidable enemy po^lUoaiitj-om Arras to Uiou eniangoredf *with (ho important souLbern.end outflanked. The length oC the attacking,front Id not disclosed but it:may possibly -bo from Rholms eastward-paol,y.prdu)i to southwest of Motl. > , In local "operation!) -between Cam-j .J>tHl»ajwi'.;f^iQuaiUlO'^^lUe..'..lirestAt1v>i front, the Ui'ltlBU are;p.uHUing further; Into, tho Hlndeiiburs Jlno and caplur- ing points vital" to Ibe defense of St. Quemtn • west and iiorthwost of St. Quentin, the British have advanced in- tho region'of Selcncy and Grlcourt. -<$»<$> <§' <3>. $ <$> <$> <?> GOOD GAINS. (By 'flic Associated Press.) With the French army In France, September 26.—At 9:30 o'clock today a French offl. fleer of high rank told the correspondent that the news from the principal points of the front was excellent. The French fourth army has taken Scrvon, which has been In German hands since 1914 and Navarln farm, a strong position around which there has been much violent fighting FORTY MILE FRONT, /(fly The Associated Press.) ; ~~ London, Sept 26.—French .\nd \ American troops launched an Attack this morning against the Gef- /man positions on a front of forty / miles botween Sulppe and th* I > River MeuSe. i i The Germans voluntarily aban.J doned their forward positions./ There was not much artillery or Infantry resistance to the Franco- American drive. /^THE WAR SITUATION^ \^ THIS MORNING ^J) (By a'ho Associated Press.) Swinging to the east and west from the line followed In their first plunge through the Bulgarian lines In Macedonia, the Allied armies are engaged In a turning movement Which appears to be of ecjual If not. greater Importance'"than their continuous advance northward - toward Velcs and Ishtip. <S> ^ c|> ^ vj> ^ *J> <8> THE OFFENSIVE. * . S> <3> <J> <8> <$> <$> <?> <5 <i> <t> <5> <$> <$• * Paris, Sept 28.— -The. Frenoh^ and American troops attacked this morning on the Champagne front at five o'clock according to a statement Issued by the war of- }\ flee today, ~ - 1 The statement says that the Frefleh; attack was launched In the Chainpajgrie in cooperation with the American';army which la attacking further, to"the east. Renewed German attacks north or the Aisno have been repulsed. At one point -where the Germans gained a foothold upon the French positions they .were ejected by a counter attack. The Franco-American attack on the Champagne front Is the first Alliod thrust made on that sector since Marshal,Foch assumed the Initiative in July and Is the'logical result of the Allied success in Picardy in driving tl» Germans hack to tho IlinUenbnrg line from Arras to Laon, A drive northward in Champagne threatens the communication lines In the rear of the Hlndcnburg defense syHtein, where the Germans aro struggling to keep the British and French from breaking through. While the length of the front of attack 1 B not disclosed. It is probable It extends a good part of the distance from Rhelms- to Verdun and probably be- yojad. The Right Sppt. • Military critics havo pointed out that the Champagne front was the logical place where an Allied effort Intended to destroy the effectiveness of the Hindenburg line could be made. For some distuned east of RheiuuY the terrain Is fairly level and open and an advance of some distance here would outflank IMOI\ and possibly St. Quon tin. More important still, such an ad. vanco would sever tho communication lines eastward from Laon. the pivot of the German defenses between Jlhelma and Ypros. An Allied break . through might separate the Oerman forceB in the west Into two groups. There haa been rather lively raid. 1ng activity on both sides on the Champagne front in the last two weeks and BQUIP military commentators have felt that these were the forerunners of greater activity, .3><$.3><3><j><3)<$><»><S><S><$><$><5><$.i£<S> * i> * BRITISH STATEMENT, 3> • - •<» toqdop, ISopt 28.—Northwest of 6t. Qu.wtin British troops continued their 'pressure against the German ae- fensos »nd have captured, enemy strong Points in the neighborhood of Selenpy and Qrioourt, Meld. Marshal Halg reported today, In Flttudarsnhe British line has tUtewbjo beefl »4vftftW4 ,.iy;o*ress b *y. On tho west' I' the -Serblftns and •French have pafts ^iJggrilepJ ^iiSiffiO' advancing along "the' roads toward. Krushevo and Kichevo; 'tthiOh aife in' the foot hills of the mountains separating SOrbla from Albania. North of' t'vllep they are moving toward Velea. On the right the Allies have enlarged their bridgehead on the eastern side- of the Vnruur and aro on Ihe range of hills between the Var- dar and Kriva L-akavltza, a river which parallels tho Vardar*-on the cast. It is officially reported that tho Bulgarians are hastily crossing the Kriva Lakavitssa. Serbs Took Pass. ' Further north the massif ot Popa- dijaeast of Babuna Pass has been taken by the Serbians. Babuna Pass Is a rocky defile through which the Vardar flows to the Aegeau and presents a difficult problem of attacking troops. A few days ago it seemed that, this natural fortress might he the rallying point ot the defeated enemy but It appears the position has beon outflanked and rendered valueless. Took Some Heights. Greek and British troops havo occupied the massif of Kara Ball, north of Lake Dolran. " This series of heights was one of tho outposts of the main Bulgarian positions in the mountains south of Strumvitza. The enemy still appears to be holding a small triangle, of territory west of the Vardar west ot i^ake Dolran. Allied forces aro advancing north"ward there, however, and may soon eject them. When this operation Is completed tho Allies will bo in a position to'put the Uskub-Salonlki railroad In commission once moro and organize their linos of supply for tho troops fighting further north. — THE ALLIES' BIG OBJECTIVE-CUT OFF HIS TAIL AND CRUSH HIS BACKBONE counter attack launched by the enemy In this locality during" the night waa repulsed and several "prisoners were loft In our hands." "We Improved our positions slight-, ly yesterday and during •. tho .• night northwest of Armentieres., In patrol encountors and raids betweeii'Armeii- tleres and, Y pros we captured.Several prisoners.''; .-: .'A".V- :•.?.'•.-.',.•i.^-i- * •• "GAINS IN PALESTINEi: ' <t> <9 <j> <j, ^> <$, 4 <S> <j. .j, <j><S> <s. <$> ^> London, Sept. 26.— British troops operating In Palestine are extending their occupation about the Sea of Gallllee. They have oc cupicd Tiberias and Semakh on the borders of that sea and Samara, It was officially announced today. Pushing on the east of the Jor. dan the British have occupied the strategic town of Amman on the Hedjas railway. <!> <S> >S> <?> * ^ <s> 4> <& <S> * «• WITH FRENCH ARMY. <S> * " <S> <?><J><J>«> <?•<$><?> A ^Ox^**^** (By Tho Associated Press.)Willi the French army in Franco, Sept. 26.—-French Iroops today attacked In the Champagne in a thick fog after a period of artillery preparation which terminated in ah hour of most intense gun fire. The early Indications were that (ho attack waa progressing most favorably. Rough on Hoboes. St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 20.—Railroad detectives ot East St. Louis have been notified by Federal Manager Galloway that persons fuund "hoboing" their way ,on trains or' steamboats shall be liable to arrest and fine and Imprisonment under the war revenue act. <S>(S>«.^<$)4><J><?.«.4><5,<S>^<$,<J>^ <S> «• * FRENCH STATEMENT. * <8> , * Paris, Sept. 26.—French and Amor- lean troops began a Joint attack this morning on the Champagne front and in the region beyond it on the east today's war office statement announces. The text of the statoment reads: "Between the Ailetto and Ihe Alsne $1,573,750 QUOTA FOR RENO COUNTY FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN 2 l A times Third Liberty Xoau. The boys are goinR over, there; we will t'o over, here. All together! _Lets go! log been made la the sector north ot La Bassoo. North ot Grjcourt, on the St. Quenlin sector, the British repulBed German counter attacks. The Statement Tho text of tho statement reads: "Local operations were continued successfully yesterday afternoon and during the night northwest of St. Quentin, ISngllsh troops progressed and captured certain strongly defended localities In tho neighborhood* of ©elenoy and Qricourt together with a number pf prisoners, "In addition to the counter attack* already reported which were launched by tho enemy yesterday north, west of Fayet, his troops twlco attacked the positions north of Gricourt. These attftcka were unsuccessful. 7 "A successful minor operation was carried out yesterday by English troops northwest of La Baaseo us tho result of which the )lne was advanced twl over WO prisoners wore taken, £ the Germans renewed their attacks last evening in the region of AUoiu- ant and Moulin-l^affaux. The enemy succeeded at the latter point in penetrating the French lines but an energetic counter atluck by tho French reestablished the situation. , "Further south the French have enlarged their gains east of Sancy and havo takeu prisoners? "This morning at 5 o'clock French troops attacked on the Champagne from in co-operation with the American army operating further to tho east." Bombed the German, London, Sept. 26.-— Tho German airdromes at Buhl, 25 miles southwest of Karlsruhe and Kaiserslautern, between Motz and Mannheim .have been bonjl)ed by jnacbiues of the British independent air forces, it Is officially announced today. German Statement, Borllu, Vlu London, Sept. 20.—Tlio capture of Ffouch and Americans In borrajue. to the Wt oj Uw M06el|e. Is reported in today's a: ters statement In the righting to th* west of St- Quentin, .the French succeeded in effecting small breaches in the German lines : between Franciljy. and the Sotnine the statetnontaiiriounces. -MANY TURKS. INiSIGHT. ,w-.W04on| Sept 26.—The total ffaWWtiWtef prisoners ai;eady tak*W ep in .Palestine was increased to- y• dsy to 45,000. The annihilation of the fourth army, now hoped for, would com. plete the cleaning up of tho Turkish forces in Palestine, accounting for about 80,000 men. The fourth Turkish army on Ihe Palestine front is virtually surrounded In the region easl of the Jordan and faces annihilation by General Allenby's forces, today's advices show. It. Is surprising the number of things people "know" on each other. -—Atchison Globe. WEATHER REPORT. First National Bank Building. Tempera* ture for Last 24 hours . Tcmpt'nHurp tit noun, G2 4 P. 11 ... Tti i 4 A. M ...SO 0 P. M ...78 I li A. M ...r,s 8 V. M. ...70 A. M ...M 10 P. M: ! 10 A. .\f ...5S 12 Midnight.. 12 Noon .. .62 2 Maximum, 78, minimum, 50. Kansas—'Fair and cooler; probably frost tonight. Friday, fair with rising temperature. ZI^I^IE, DO Voo RECKOtS THE W*f\ 15 GOISO TO MAKE. jm * HARD WINTKRfj Y£s uzz»e,- CRISIS IN BULGARIA? BULGARIAN ARMIES IN PRECARIOUS^ POSITION First Bulgar Army Declared to be Isolated by the Serbians Cutting Prilep-Veles Road. SERBIANS REACHED OUTSKIRTS OF ISHTIB BIG SERBIAN ADVANCE (lly The Araurlated T'resa.) London, Sept. 2G—(7:30 p. m.;—Volos, 25 miles south- cast of Uskub in Macedonia, has been captured by the Serbians. Q BULGARS IN PERIL ^ Paris, Sept, Zi, —Advices received in Serbian diplomatic circles here today show that the Bulgarian troops In the region of Lake Ochrida, toward the western end of the Macedonian front are virtually encircled by the Italians, advancing in the direction of Klchevo, and the Franco-Serbian forces moving from Monastir toward Krushevo. The fall of Klchevo Is expected hourly. ifBeljtfW to" "Look Like TherVd be a Change in (he Government at Sofia. The only means of exit for the Bulgarian? is a narroy passage between the Klchevo and Krushevo. (This body comprises tin. first liulgurlau army). The army- spenw doomed tn destruction or surrender or to retreat in Albania, the Allied heavy artillery now installed northwest ot Monastir commands the passes in the other direction. Greeks In Fight. Athens, Wednesday, Sept. 25.— Greek troops are aiding in the Allied advance in Macedonia on three sectors of the front, according to an official statement from Uie Greek war office today. IDast or the Vardar Ihe Dulgarlans are in flight toward Vai- nndova ".with the Mrltish and Greeks in pursuit. in his cell cut his throat. He will probably die, physicians state. Paris, Sept. 2G.—In well informed circles there are reports that a new ministerial crisis and a complete change in Bulgaria's foreign policy Is impending. Martini law has been proclaimed in Sofia, accordlug to reliable news printed in' the German press, says the Journal of Zurich- it Is said that the Bulgarian cabinet is in continuous session and King Ferdinand had a long consultation with Premier MaJ- iiiolf yesterday. Pacifist manifestations were held at Sofia on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday it is repored. ' * Germany Scared. Tho German government, according lo advices to the 1 lavas Ageucy from Zurich, is very uneasy over the pacifist demonstrations in llulgaria and the German minister has conferred with King Ferdinand. In Bulgarian political circles it is believed that Crown Prince Doris will become regent In the present crisis. RAIN FELL LAST NllillT Wheat Country Had.Good Soaking Ruin as Far West as Liberal and Dodge. The rain of last night, measuring as it did nearly two laches, I .3a inches to be exact, did a world of good for tho farmers of this and surrounding counties who are putting in increased acreages of wheat. Despite the discouragements of tho past yuar when everything seemed against the raising of record food crops, the men of Kansas have started out for lUlD just aa optimistic as ever. From the west of the state as tar west as liberal on the Rock Island and IJodgo City on the Santa Fe, the Western Union office had reports ot good ruins. The ground will be in perfect shape for late sowing and for those who already havo their grain in, it will moan a wonderful start. Seldom has the wheat started, off with better prospects. Three Inches at Pratt. Severe and electrical storm visited this city last night. Three inches of rain fell, which was general over the county. WALL STREET New York, Sept. 20.—Activity centered In the stocK market today un shares In wlilcti a large short Inter- eat is reputed lo exist. After early weakness tho market strengthened under the influence of concentrated buying of speciul stocks and war news. Sales approximated 250,000 shares. Willi no particular iultitive, by the larger speculative interests recently active, prices fell under Un; impulse of professional selling, lluylng power having disappeared to a large extent and the Immediate demand of the shorts satisfied, little opposition was offered lo the scaling down process. Mercantile marine shares unable to withstand the pressure elsewhere, relinquished their gain*, the preferred, falling one point below yesterday's close. The list stiffened at midday after a rise on a point in Heading, Baldwin locomotive, American Sumatra tobacco, and American steel foundries. Speculation was lively in mercantile marine shares, common and preferred gaining nearly a [wjint each at 2D% and 10(>% respectively, notwithstanding lack of official confirmation of yesterday's report regarding the status of the. negotiations with a foreign syndicate leaders like United States steel, Heading, Union Pacific and 'Southern Pacific were shaded, tho latter losing a point. American ice gained three points. Prices moved narrowly in the final hour, tho bulk af the dealings centering on tho equipment Issue. American steel foundry advanced nearly five points. The closing was firm. They Have Advanced Par Into bulgarian Territory (Sow. Said That l:'ncmy it Completly Uouled and in Retreat Prom the Serbians. On the Macedonian front the the British troops have invaded Bulgaria ao tbc Serbian and other Allied armies pursue the h.ird prcsoed Germans and Bulgarians east and west of the Vardar. Bulgarians in a Hole. In Maciutiuia Ihe Allies are advancing all -along ihe 1,(0 mile \-»impt-d frunt between Monn.stir and Lake Ouiian. The Bulgarian llrst arn.y on the Allied left tuu, been placed m a dangerous pualtum by (he cutting of the Piilep-Voles road at Izvor, while the Serbians are in the outs'kirla ol lshtib, li miles east of Veles and one of the bases ot the Bulgarian second arm). Apparently the Vcles-lshtib line, the most loruiidable for tho enemy south ot Uskub, will prove untenable. Northeast of Lake Dolran British troops have crossed the frontier into Bulgarian Macedonia threatening lliu extreme enemy left flank. iMiomy territory was Invaded at Kostiiriuo, a few liiiit -s south of SlruinitHa, the Bulgarian base m the rugluii norili of Lake Doiran. Kosturitio i^ at tho head waters of ihe Trekanya river, which Hows through virtually level country to Slriimltsa. Meanwhile thu Krench ami Givuks art.' pushing eastward from Ihe Vardar river In the direction of Slriiinltsu which is situated in valley buUvoi.n two high mountain ranges. » INVADED BULGARIA. •< <y •i> •;> 'if '!> •?> '•!> <v -if •!• 'v •<> 'i' •< Saloniki, Sept. 26.—Bulgaria hau been invaded by Allied troops according to a British official stite- ment issued here today. British troops entered Bulgarian territory opposite Kosturlno about six miles south of Strumites, the enemy base in this region. London, Sept. 26.— Reports in official quarters hero indicated that the Prilep-Veles road haa been cut nt izvor, isolating the first Bulgarian army from its main line of communication and placing it in a precarious position. The first army Is on the Allied left. TRIED TO KILL 3ELF, "Zimmie" Austrian Citizen Tried to Take Life In Wichita. Wlclilto, Sept. SC.— An Austrian clU iz. n and an alleged member of the I. W. W., who among other members, was indicted by the federal grand Jury hero this week, ftttompted »ul- eltlu lu tho county Jail hero at noon lo'lny. He secured a r&sor under the preuxt ot BhftvJun t^ti Wis alono New York Money. New York, Sept. 20—Mercantile paper 4 mouths and 0 mouths (i per cent. Sterling BO day hills, J1.7G; commercial 00 day bills on hanks, $t.72Vi commercial 00 day IIIIIH, *4-72Vi ; demand, $4.76Vji cables, $1.70 5-S, Prance demand. ?5.<18>,4; cables, J5.47&. Mexican dollars, "Sc. Government bonds firm; railroad bonds, easy. Timo loans strong; GO days, 10 days, 0 months, 0 per ceni bid. Call money strong; high, lev.- nud ruling rato 0 per cent; cloatns bid 0 3-1 per cent; offered at 0 per cent; last loan 0 per cent. Bank acceptances per cent. New York Sugar. New York, Sept. 26.—Haw sugar steady; centrifugal 7.28; fine granulated 9.00. Serbian troops renclieil the out. skirls of Isliflb, an Important Bulgarian base, Tuesday, says a Serbian official statement dated Wednesday. Klscwlietv easi of the Vardar Ihe Serbians have made important gains. Took Bulgar Guns. The Scrim also have captured Urud- sko station southeast of Uskub- It was defended by German troops. An enormous iiuatitily of supplies, Including I!) Kims, were captured by Uv» Serbians. North of Prilep, the Serbians aro pursuing the Uulgurlans who are lu complete reareul and are approaching Jzvor, midway between Prtlop and Veles. The official ntuleiiient reads: "One September 21, Serbian troops achieved u very Important success on Ihe left bank (east! of the Vardar, We reached Krlvolak and the outskirts of Islnili (U miles east of Voles on the Vardar) and miles northeast of Prilep." Caught a Colonel. "In Uilft region we eaplm-ed a colonel commanding a Bulgarian regiment and a considerable number of prisoners as well a* four howiucrs, three mountain guns, 100 borne wagons with teams and other material. "CJradsko statiun, which was defended by Germans, has fallen Into our hands with miormuus quantities of supplies, including nineteen guns, mostly heavy ones ot 210 milimeiers. To the number of prisoners we already had taken we added two Oerman officers and several j-oMiers. "On tlo- right of Prilep our troops have obtained very fine revolts. War tivor U"i miles north of Prilep) we are pursuing the enemy who i-* completely routed and tn retreat." <$. <$> ^, * * * LIBERTY LOAN BONOS. 4<S> (j> * * * * New York Sept. 86.—100.02; first convertible 4,'g, tta.94; second 4'a, 95.04; first convertible 96.88; second convertible 4*i's, (16.02; ttOrd »WW S)> i' • POSITION IS DANGEROUS. i • * • 4» # • * i ? * * London, Sept. SO - The poaition of the first Bulgarian army on the Allied left lu Macedonia is dangecoutji, according to reports reaching here but it la not believed that the army tit faced with Immediate disaster. .The Bulimia , (Coatlnvjetl on P»«H Tvvgjl

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