The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 9, 1967 · Page 14
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 14

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 9, 1967
Page 14
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14 Burs Bunny THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Saturday, September t. 1H7 YA ENTERTAIN VERSELP TILL P8TUNIA GETS BACK, BUT ENOUGH 6 ENOUGH, AUNT PETUNIA IfiN'T GONNA LIKE THIS! Captain NUMMRA FALL* Mutt And Jeft ' SOME OF THESE YUNG GLAMOR N GIRLS JUST DONTCARE HOWTHEV WALK AROUND IN BACKYARDS/ Winthrop VOL) GUOOLD LEACN TO CONTROL TO MDGH ITOFF A6 /WJCH INTELLIGENCE A£A S/c/e Glances Names of All f-f (., 1HJ kr HU, IK TJ4. !,, U J. M O« 1 Cowboy-actor Rogers 4 Noah'* eldeit son (Bib) 8 One of the "Little Women" 12 Maria' 13 Grow weary 14 Tropical plant 15 Legal point 16 Act of paying honor 8 Penetrated 20 Informal talki 21 Eatt (Fr) 22 Consumes food 24 Comedian Lahr 26 Capital of Norway 27 Broadway sign 30 Value highly 32 Son of Poseidon (myth) 34 Looks fixedly 35 Get free from 36 Plaything 37 Bellow 3»Summers (Fr) 40 "Gopher State" (ab) 41 Town (Cornish prefix) 42 Frolic 45 Rower 49 Happen 51 Actress, Gabor 52 " Lang Syne" 53 One time only 54 Fiber knots 55 Driving commands 56 Indonesians of Mindanao 57 Transposes (ab) DOWN 1 Underdone 2 Part of a range 3 Day before today 4 Begin 5 Conceal 6 Eats away 7Sea (Fr) 8 Places to cleanse one's body 9 Pteudonym ot Charles Lamb 10 Sound, u a horn 11 Female fowl* 17 Stag* performer* 19 Natural (at 23 Chang* 24 Finest 25 Within (comb, form) 26 Masculine appellation 27 Account 28 Large, itout 31 High 3Frosten S8 Rob with ·0*1 44ChMt ntOt 4aAInu bn 47- MQennaof meadow grass "That's my dentist's new home--a monument to my dentures!" JACOBY ON BKIDGF ·v OSWALD JACOBY Written For NE* SERVICE Skillful Play Gets Ovrrtricks WEST A 6 2 V J 8 6 5 4 · Q J 3 2 + 95 NORTH 9 4 K 10 7 5 V Q 1 0 2 · 1 0 8 5 4 + 73 EAST (D) 4 Q J 8 3 V K 7 4 A 9 7 + K J 8 6 rt tamed his skill as a dummy ulayer and could pick up o\ertncks when the d feis gave him a chance West s opening heart lead ga\e him such a chance even though East made the good play cf the seven of hearts instead of the king Bob won with the nine and led the nine of spades to East's jack L a s t s best play would h a v been a diamond but East I laved the six of clubs Bob won that trick with the ti n and came up with a key play He laid down his ace of hearts Bob was sure that West did not open a four card suit and therefore East could ha\e but one more heart Bob didn t know it was the km? but he didn t leally care He uanted to s t i i p East of a po- ti ntial exit card When the king of heaits fell Bob played CAM, WHEtt T OF - WRLP WAR I FLV1M0 BUPWE* The Jackson Twins BUT HE t* COMING HMB NEAR i HISBAOO JILL, Hfe rt?» SIGN HIS GBAM'LOVE'. AMu I'VE NeVEC OH, COME OFF IT. JULIA » , _ JUST A NICE KID WHO WANTS TO MAKE IT AS AN AMERICAN NEWSRAPEPMAN NEANDERTHAL Priscilla's Pop THE ONE WITH TWE INFECTIOUS SMILE WE'D V BETTEI? STAND BACK! we DON'T ~ WANT TO SET INFECTED The Bom Losei WHEW THEV SEtfT ME ID Eek Meek NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN u heart to dummy's queen He didn't mind setting up tricks for West because he wasn't going to let West 11 the lead any time East had t., let a diamond go h'.: cou'l not afford to throw away a black card A club lead and queen ti nesse came next Then Bob cashed his ace of clubs and led another club to East'« king He let a couple of dum my's diamonds go on those two clubs East could do not'i ing but take his ace of diamonds and give up O"e nc-trump making four i«n t anything sensational in rubber bridge but this was worth a top score in an im- prrtant duplicate game SQUTH 4 A 9 4 V A93 · K 6 + A Q 1 0 4 2 Neither vulnerable West North East South 1 + I N T Pass Pass Pass Opening lead -- V 5 In recent years Bob Barrett of Houston played only in his home town tournament and attended as many Texas toji- jiamerits as ^e could After all ·vlien you get to be close to 80, tournments can become q u i ' j a strain h'.s recent death leaves quite a gap in Texa, .bridge because he won many 'an event with his favont- yartnerji John Gerber, L R Jtobertson and the late ·fjeorge Heath Like most old timers, Boh LWSPAPLRl Data trm U.S. WIATHIK Sh«w Uw Until lw*4« M*rnln§ AP WKATIIKR KORKCAST - Rain Saturday night Gulf Coast states Cooler temperatures 'are along the Atlantic Coast from Georgia to expect d in the Pacific northwest and north- Maine Warrm-r in tie Dakotas east to iht east POOR LOVERS Freckles And Friends /MISS a ASSES START ON MOMPAV, XWOULP YOU HELP RK. THEM? 1 WOULD IF I WERE AS \AJfLL (SETSOMC- /WOULD YOU CONTACT" LEASES A CMA.C?TV/_ KID WHO wnierup AT YOU THE Out Our Way Our Hoarding House / THERE S A SWITCH ' IT T LOWS ACiO THAT WELL,THE TIME'S RIC-^T FOR A CHANGE-OVER-- HI'S OLP MAN SEEM SITTING IN THE CAR so LOW3 HE NEED5, THE EXERCISEX ANP THE KIP'S GOTTEN O MUCH N EXERCISE HE CAN AFFORP TO LOAF ! IN THE CAR/ AND IN THE YEARS TO COME THE KIP'LL BE BACK ON THE BIKE AGAIN/ rMAcr(i THINK we've FINALLY 6OTTHE THE KIP WAe RiDIKJO J AWAY OM THE [ AMD HIS OLE? MAN y WAS RlPlhJ6 AWAY \ INJ THE CAR / THAT -SHOULD DO IT/ AND HE EVEN B A6LE TO -SQUAWK WITHOUT APMITTIN" , HE WAS / UPPER HAND*WE TAN LET HIM 4I2ZLETHE RE6T OF THE TIME WE'RE HERE/ WILL 6E- HARDER TO EXPLAIN THAN AN EWSPAPJLK

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