The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 10, 1970 · Page 29
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 29

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1970
Page 29
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THE NEWS, Frederick, Muybad it, in Recommend Lower Internal Temperature For Fresh Hams Scientists in the kitchen have found another way to save Mrs. Hoznemaker some time and fussing; Their work also should add variety to meal planning, save of, the fuel bill and keep nutrition high on the menu. Research-recently completed showed that fresh hams cooked to an internal temperature of 170 degrees F. require approximately one hour less cooking time than similar products dbpked to the former traditionally^recommended internal temperature of 185 degrees F. ft also was learned that the amount of lean-based on original weight of the raw ham-is greater with the lower internal temperature; in other words, less shrinkage and cooking loss. This study just about wraps it up for the pork industry in its long-range program to present the consuming public with a modern, convenient food product The cookery study on fresh hams is the third and final ofa series of research projects which began in 1963. Each was a scrutiny of differentpopularpork cuts, testing their adaptability to today's homemakers' needs. Prior to 1963, pork cookery research had also been conducted by meat scientists at some of the nation's Land Grant colleges. The fresh ham, also called fresh leg of pork, is not as well known to most homernakers as the more familiar cured and smoked hams. But findings from the Iowa State study can boost its popularity-which will help the homemaker, looking for ways to diversify her menus; and the pork industry, looking for ways to stimulate consumer interest in a greater variety of pork products. The marketing of more fresh legs of pork is being forecast and homemakers wanting to try something different should ask their meat retailers to order one for them. The flavor, tenderness and juiciness of fresh hams cooked to 170 degrees F. were about the same as those cooked to 185 degrees F. But the shorter cooking time will provide greater flexibility for timing meals and also will lower cooking fuel costs. In addition, less oven spattering can be expected; thus less daily or periodic oven clean up. Of interest to the weight-conscious consumer is the finding that the average fat content of the three large muscles of fresh ham-six to eight per cent-is considerably less than has been popularly believed. The report on the research concluded: "An end point temperature of 170 degrees F. is recommended for roasted fresh hams as these hams are comparable. . .perhaps superior... in eating quality to hams cooked to 185 degrees F." Eighty hams were used in the study, conducted in the home economics laboratores at Iowa State. They were in two weight groups: 12-15 pounds and 15-18 pounds. The 170 degrees F. and 185 degrees F. internal temperatures were used with hams from each of the weight groups. Lower weight or smaller ham cuts would be expected to perform the same way. Since cooking time may vary with the type of oven used* as well as with final internal temperature, different models of household ovens were used in the study. Reba Staggs, Home Economics Director of the Heat Board, said: "There is now no cut of fresh pork that needs to be cooked to the 'old' 185 degrees F. temperature. Careful research studies during the past 10 years show that SB equally desirable and more juicy end-product results from the 'new' 170 degree F. maximum internal temperature." Based on the research findings, the board now recommends that legs of pork (fresh hams) should be roasted in a 325 degrees F. oven to an internal temperature of 170 F. Looking For Someffiing Different? HICKORY SMOKED SMOKED PORK CHOPS CHOICE LEAN CENTER CUTS S Ib. MELROSE SLICED BACON LESS STEAK Weis "Valu-Trim" USDA CHOICE BEEF FULL CUT DUTCH VALLEY SALADS FRESH Macaroni Salad Potato Salad Pepper Cabbage Cote Slaw Vegetable Salad Baked Beau Tapioca ft Rice Puddlngi Gelatin Desserts FULL 1-LB. CUP TOP ROUND STEAK WEIS "VALU-TRIM" , U.S.D.A. CHOICE BEEF ,b $1,19 5ILOIN TIP STEAK «· $1.29 SWISS STEAK WilS "VALU-TRIM" U.S.D.A. CHOICE BEEF Ib. «0"n»w»WWWIWWVUVVVIfl«VWS«VVW^^^ BONELESS ROLLED RUMP ROASTS $1.29 SIRLON TIP ROASTS Mb. |W.i» "Vdlu-Trim" I USA Choice Bt»f .Ib. Everybody Wants The Drumstick! Plump, Meaty Government ^t^ *m^ Inspected fo.nni TURKEY DRUMSTICKSOO Regular... Freshly Ground GROUND BEEF RING BOLOGNA Great For Lunches or Snacks! Fine Cut . . . Plain or Garlic . Package of 3-lbs. or more Ib. Frozen Seafood Values! SKINLESS AND BONELESS COD FILLETS larg*, Thick White Mkat Ib. FANCY, SA»Y SIZE LOBSTER TAILS 1 la 2-ox. MM Ib. WEIS QUALITY HEAT ft SERVE FISH CAKES $1J9 12-ei. 39c FISH STICKS 'S 6Sc FISH CRISPS ALL FLAVORS SHERBET MARGARINE GREEN STAR Golden '4's 1-LB. i CTNS. CARNIVAL BRAND Vz-GAL. CARTON HEINZ KETCHUP 14-OZ. BOTTLES NABISCO . . . Cheese or Swiss Ham ORANGE-LEMON FLAVORED FLING CURLS 53/4-OZ pkg. SOFT MARGARINE BLUE BONNET =43c LISTERINE ORAL ANTISEPTIC 63e ss $1.75 BLENND DRINK SJ.OO 46-OZ. CANS FRENCH FRIES L-B SHOESTRING SHORT CUT SINGLE 2-LB. BAG 2-LB. BAGS BIRDS E Y E . . . QUICK THAW STRAWBERRIES 10-oz. pkgs. CHEF BOY-AR-DEE CHEESE PIZZAS -r59c 79e SIZE 7-OZ. BOTTIE LISTERINE TOOTHPASTE 79e Twin Pale. Pkg. OUR PRICE 63 PRISTEEN FEMININE DEODORANT $1.39 SIZE 2.5-OZ. SPRAY OUR PRICE '1.19 BIG VALUE! BARB-O-LITE CHARCOAL LIGHTER QUART CAN 29c NEW!!! WEIS QUALITY DELUXE CHERRY BONANZA ICE CREAM In Plastic Quart Containers WHY PAY MORE? SARA LEE... CHOCOLATE CAKE OR GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE IS^-OZ. COCONUT CAKE Howard 17-«. *t*m Jehnten'i .. oka 7/C TOUR CHOICE Chocolate Brownies Sara 13-oz. Pkg. PILLSBURY . . . EXTRA LIGHT BUTTERMILK BISCUITS 41c Have A Chun King Frozen Luau! SHRIMP EGG ROLLS pkg. of 6 73c; pkg. of 12 bite size 73c CHICKEN EGG ROLLS . .. . 6-oz. pkg. 73c CHICKEN CHOW MEIN 15-oz. pkg. 77c SHRIMP CHOW MEIN 15-oz. pfc. 77c FRIED RICE WITH MEAT 10-oz. pkg. 57c PHILLIPS GILLETTE... Platinum Plus INJECTOR BLADES MINT OR REGULAR 93c SIZE 12-OZ. BOTTLE MAGNESIA 79c OUR PRICE VANQUISH TABLETS 98c Size Our Bottle Of 60 Price HAI KARATE AFTER SHAVE LOTION $1.50 Size Our £| 4% A 4-Oz. Bottle Price $ I .A7 BISODOL MINTS 99c Size Our V{% Our Bottle Of 100 Price $1.69 SIZE OUR DISPENSER PRICE OP 11 1.39 SAVE 20 GREEN GIANT... FROZEN WHITE CORN In Batter Sauce . . .. 10-oz. pkg. 37c CARROT NUGGETS In Butter Sauce 10-oz. pkg. 37c BABY LIMA BEANS In Butter Sauce . 10-oz. pkg. 43c BIRDS EYE STRAWBERRY HALVES . . 16-oz. pkg. 59c BIRDS EYE CORN-ON-THE-COB 4 ear pkg. 49c WITH THIS COUPON ON ONE 10-OZ. JAR OF MAXWELL HOUSE INSTANT COFFEE OFFER EXPIRES 4/U/70 ONE COUPON PER FAMILY SCOTT FACIAL TISSUES r-*r ^f^r ^r ^f ^^%r^r^r^^r^rr^r^r^r^r^Hr^^ 4 _^_^^ ^"T ^^ ^^ ^^ T^ ^^ ^^ ^y ^»^ ^f ^f ^^ ^ -*r -~- ·-- _ _ -- ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ ^ A A. A. A A. · _ Si^A^J^J* SAVE SAVE 15 SAVE SAVE ON ONE 2-OZ. JAR OF INSTANT LIPTON TEA SANBORN SUGAR DOMINO CHASE BAGS SANDWICH ONI COUPON PER FAMILY OFFER KXPIRCS 4/1I/7I im ^^y^y^ri6rvr^6rVrVr^yr^rr^r^r *r ^* The time required t§ 22-26 minutes oer round for 12-16 pound legs (bone-In); 24-28 mlao- tes per pound for 10-14 pound legs (boneless); and 35-40 adnu- te« per pound for 5-8 pound tntf- legs (bone-in). The investigation to determine the most satisfactory internal temperature for fresh hams was a follow-up of a similar earlier study conducted at Iowa State which established 170 degrees F. as the recommaffited internal temperature for pork loin roasts. Another pork cookery project -completed in 1965-involved various types of pork chops in broiling. This research effort showed today's product to be ideally suited to broiling, though up to test time it had not been recommended as a pork cookery method. Nutritious Summer Snacks When a between meal snack can be nutritious as well as tasty, how can you go wrong? Encourage your family to eat well-balanced meals, and to make any additional refreshers just as nutritious. Choose one of these milk and ice cream coolers as the nutritious way to summer snacks. MALTED MINT FLOAT 1 quart cold milk */2 cup chocolate syrup 14 cup malted milk powder Vt teaspoon peppermint extract 4 scoops vanilla ice cream Blend or beat together milk, chocolate syrup and malt powder until ingredients are blended. Add peppermint extract. Four into tall glasses. Add 1 scoop ice cream to each glass. Makes 4 servings. FRUIT AND HONEY NECTAR l l /2 cups mashed banana One third cup orange juice 6 tablespoons honey Pinch of salt l k teaspoon almond extract 1 quart milk Put banana through sieve. Add fruit juice, honey, salt and almond flavoring. Mix well. When ready to serve add cold -milk and beat with rotary beater. Garnish with whipped cream and serve immediately. Makes 6 servings. BANANA STRAWBERRY frosted 4 ripe bananas One third cups strawberry preserves 1 quart cold milk 1 pint strawberry ice cream Peel and mash bananas. Add bananas and preserves to milk, beat well. Pour into chilled tall glasses. Top each glass with a scoop of ice cream. Makes about 8 cups, 6 to 8 servings. PINEAPPLE COOLER 2ty cups chilled, unsweetened pineapple juice 2 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons lemon juice Pinch salt 2 pints vanilla ice cream 2 to 3 slkces canned pineapple, cut in halt, optional Mint sprigs, optional Combine pineapple juice, sugar, lemon juice, salt and 1 pint vanilla ice cream; blend until smooth. Pour into tall chilled glasses; top with remaining ice cream. Garnish glasses with half pineapple slices and mint. Makes 4 to 6 servings. MARASCHINO CHERRY ICE CREAM SODA Vt cup finely chopped maraschino cherries l k cup maraschino cherry syrup 1 pint vanilla ice cream 1 bottle (7 oz.) chilled soda or carbonated water Combine cherries, syrup and l /z pint ice cream in chilled soda glass. Stir gently. Top with soda water and remaining ice cream. Makes 2 servings. Menu GOOD DINNER An easy and delicious way to fix stewing veal. Phyll's Veal Fricassee Rice Green Peas Salad Bowl Spanish Cream with Mandarin Oranges PHYLL'S VEAL FRICASSEE , 2 pounds boneless veal shoulder, cut in one-inch pieces 2 teaspoons salt l k teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon paprika 2 tablespoons butter 2 cups thin strips onion 2 cups sliced celery Vz pound fresh mushrooms, sliced 1 can (13-% ounces) chicken broth 1 container (8 ounces) commercial sour cream Dry veal on paper toweling. Mix salt, pepper and paprika and sprinkle over meat. In a large skillet heat the butter and lightly brown veal; turn veal into a 4-. or 5-quart saucepot; add onion, celery and mushrooms. Add broth to skillet and stir over low heat to get up drippings; add, to saucepot. Simmer, covered until veal is tender-- about one . hour. Stir in sour cream; reheat but do not bcil. (Sauce will: be thin.) Serve over rice. Makes · six servings. (One cup of sweet, roasted red pepper strips--from · a jar- may beaddedtothefricas-" see.) fcWSPAF-ER IV

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