The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 8, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1934
Page 8
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MCtOCHT Extortion Is Nipped When TrapWorks j on. threats, of vicieace to Ccloiel! Kogers* third wife, j Ideut Cliarles E- Xeaaaaa sai<l j i Cvaaisa. confessed to -writing the < | two letters which directed .Rogers j I to leave the money ia a. suitcase 1 j at the shop of a.n innoce»t tailor, i ] "If you love your •wife," one t s \ letter said. <* you had better <io ' ^ Tri> AC ! Us ^e leu you—- County FERA Snpemsorj Refuses Aid In Fire Work fFALTJKNER TRUCK: 1 CROPS DAMAGED 1 FAUl-KKER. — Gardens and \ truck, crops are aisaoat all tone in | tiiis community, Nearly ail fruit later than usual and i* ripening Decline* to Assist In Fire Fighting in 1 munity have cur their corn and I are curing .it for forage- Cotton I is beginning to open, people are having to haul Cvanisra was seized by a squad i i of detectives \v-ho converged on, CoL Henry Roger* Saved ! M ^-^ ! «^J;^ grasped | FVom Plot Engineered By jthe first detective's revolver, bes-f AXTLJSRS. Okla., — r>ec?arms j drinking water and most poo!* and l*V»«»nAi. l"'>i*»rif-fWit» iSing hini not to shoot. Other de-j thai an unwholesome situation j water •*. -ks are dry. former \>Jiauxj.^u.r . , eclive ^ ..^staking his actions for; niig^ht be created. Al G. Reeves,! Mrs. John Graves is _ Jan to fight. cre\v their' county FERA supervisor, late on j with an infected foot caused from YORK, (-•**) — The Uafi-« owr , W ea.r)or-< but \\->V— M t" ; -e' Mondav declined to submit as a stepping on a. naiL » j I ___ law *ras Invoked "Wecti^sday I on a warning shout from xh-e- firsi i projee: fire lighting: cre\vs to as-j ~""" former cUaa«e=r for oKlccr. [ slst in !t»-npin s out the fires iso-a- | MORRIS FUNERAL „ H=^O= Ho S ,rs *-|c^^i^^i ™^i^S?. ta "" lulljr ^' lons «* "»| HERE WEDNESDAY sasnst the| he plav ~a a lone hand. He was,' Citizens had appealed to 'Cart! millionaire xras; ..,>,„ ,.^ , v ; Tb .^m-rio* M»c-fc«»»s! : GUesC State ^ FERA admlnistratorj Funeral services for Edward CoL ter 9xt extortion plot S*tandard Oil balked. , \v-:h extortion, blackmail' ^n^' crr,,,^ H-T^CT'A ^^_t_V- "„_ ! Funeral services _ ana violation of the federal Lind- , , o send our crevvs t<> aid , in con ,_ ; ^orris, ier.uer r Tee chauffeur. John Cvaaiga. ; ber^h luvr -crT.inst use of the mails; j^j.^ r> ,- «_ A-B s , tr T>^^-^ -o,>v I d - ed a * ^POitane. 26* a. native of Pueblo. Colo.. arrested Tuesdav night when he called for a. suitcase be believed to extort by threats o or violence. battin- the f?re* bur "- ' sh, Jast week . would be settmg: a were held at 10 o'clock tfce to c*sntain the 510.000 demanded Roger? for six montns lai Did ijou ever Hear of A BEER THAT TELLS ITS OWN AGE TWICE? / Heiddberi Only and satisf fully develo lay Time,, snd Time o is tfais superb beer bottl Then tiie"BKEW-B AT is'shown on every bo definite guaran ee tii« exact 3ge of this fine old Milwaiikee beer. Contiast its f=E-bcxEed Ssvor, ||5f •*5cfaness, stieagiii. and -mellow crezunness •witii tic ia.w SHTOT rf iraaged. beer. Yes, -Blatr Old Eoddberg Srsvr-Dated Beer is weS -wccth the triSe more that It costs. If zf s brertr dxted, ifs Blxtz! BL.AT2 BKSWING CO. SI5TRI3I7rSI> B J, D. GIBSON "Pbone 113, 247 Bo-ha Paris, Texas bad precedent _ia that it .night j p^ era f hom V A 'oirisiaa Science create :. situation even ^orse? ser ^ ce was held wit|x Mr& ^ ^ T I- 1 * T5 f» a *• T^***^.* 5 ^ 1 * • j— _, ...^^ d. t»-e^e— j Crites as reader. Burial vvas at | "Funds a.tocated to this county { Kvergreen cemezerj'- Pallbearers • : for use on made work projects j wers j_ A , Potter. C. E- Goocb. S. je Tnel?o, C. J. i _»i ii^sTr^ii:^.ii tiiiu s-rf, ?i. D. Grii*is. clt;o:is \vou^d be of litzle benefit f generally, besides the possibilities i of having fires started all over the i countr xvith the expectation of| FOR MRS. JENKINS havtng: more projects created," i •• Reeves said. . — .,-u.,.. ^,-j^w^i , xv^re t_r A- .rosier. \_ ; have been used sparingly and to | G. Hopkins. George ; send out men ijnder existing con-1 Mussulman and Dr. CATTLE SUFFER ' Funeral services were held Tues- I day afternoon a; ":30 o'clock for 1 Mrs. Mary J, Jenkins. S'J. who : "Vf AI? T TXTiTTX" ' d ^ e ~ ai h * r ilorne ax 452 E 3 ^^ Boot" • 1^-CiAJrS. JLjiLTL^Jt.^ • j^v-^^r. Mosdav morning. Services ; | wer - conducted by the Rev. J, I I^IXDEX,—*? on tinned drouth in ' Roby "Ward and lae Rev. Charles j this community is causing' many • T Tally, Jr. Burial was at Ever] cattle 10 suffer i'.-oin lack of tvater ; s:reen ceraetery. Pallbearers in! and teed. j eluded Harry Book. Cecil Farreli. 1 John 3:ard reports a chickec ] Charles X)uvail. W. M. Digrss, 'Hob- j hatched on his farm from an e=^ j ert Cook and S. K. Boolis. : -K-hich haci not been set, j Suri-ix-ors include four daugh- | J-.inden baseball t?am -K-on a ; vsrs. Mrs. John T^'hite. with vrsom I ^ame from Mt. Olive here Sunday I she made ner home, Mrs, J. C. ] afternoon. The same teams tvill ! Stokers. Mrs, J. C. Stowers, llrs. | play asra:n nest Sunday afternoon J jr. £•_ Ueatherwocd and Mrs. J. C. I here. | Ho-eer. all 61 I>a!!as; and two sons. : Many in this conzTn-unity are j 3. j, J=nk:ns of Paris and George ; suiferinir from colds. ] Jenkins of Corsicara, • The Rev, TT. 1^ Richie. Prirrsi- i 1 tive Saptisi minister, -win preac>. j FIRST BALE AT Tlae R'Tr.-. ?»V. Turner. Mission- i ary Baptist minister, of Post Oalc ) BOGATA IS SOLD ! BOGATA.—Sonata's first bale of I 1?34 cotton wa^- received Friday, j brought in by Clyde Ijawler and ecKlecs i g-;r>ne<i by th-e Farmers Gin com- ] Colonel Rogers. 54 years old. is j Xort Gibson for 15 cents per [ the father of the former Countess; pound. A premium of SZ0.50 teas j L-'Ufiwig- Salm-Hoogstraeten. the' ei\-es by local merchants-. The j former Millioent Rosrers. The I bale weighed 420 pounds. I present Mrs. Rosrers is the former; A daughter born zo Mr. and Mrs. I ilrs. Pauline Van Der Voort I3res- | Howard TVood here -Monday nig-ht j ser. j i"£s been named Virginia Ruth! ' ^he baby weighed eight pounds, i NOTICE TO WATER. j -^ Junior Sunshine clizb was or- j COXSCMEKS ; ^anised here Monday afternoon. i vTater bills must be paid on or \ f — e first naeeticg: was held at the ! before August ID is order to secure I ^ome of ilary Ellen AHea. The j the 10 per cent discount- i c ^ - ° w -- ^^st every two weeks at i Superintendent of \Tater \Vorfes. j peaabers' homes. The next vc-jl! be held at th.e home NOTICE Two "Quiet" signs belengtix; the police department for use near been misplaced. These sig-ns are i __. T .^ , . .^. _ . .„ „ _ ^ Meeks here. Miss Meeks • Pinson home i :sville. | Miss Suld, Calloway who has ; { been, ill for two weeks is reportoc ; j unimproved, • Miss Margaret Pinson of Clarks- : ScHted^r^ueS^rcoiS^ini!^^ 011115 -" 1 ^ ^ iiss car* Trith the "department. 1 iOr a ^^ in Clark GU5 COTHRAX. Cftx- iHOOVERTOWN HAS ! BEVIVAL MEETING "There s nothing tough about my throat..thats why I smoke Old Golds is being- conducted at wn this week by the Rev. Thrasher of Paris. jLon-nie Hoover and Mrs. Fannie Hoover of Dallas visited here this "week. Sill Hoover of Dallas was also a week end visitor hers at the ^% • bedside of his father. G. C. Ho-.v- is crtticaliv ill. born t and j ante* j -tommy Brewer August 2. has been ; named Jerry TTayne. i Several from this co-n:=Tinlry are £ - - - — -i ~ L -- _ _ | >rs, - rau'e ?"reTT:mer of KTIOX City has returned from a, visit _ Mary Stta Chesney !s viskir-s i^ ryler this week. (AN OLD GOLD SMOKH^ S?NC= 1932] *TF AN" ACTOH plays a few two-Sste4 J_ characters oa tije s<-reen» some people get the idea he's hard as nails aS tbrotigrli. **But tiiat s not al-vi-avs troe. Xake mv throat, for iastarice. I have to "watch it Eke every other movie star ^-ho ^-orks in front of the 'mike/ **Tbat"s vi,-hy I'm for Old Golds—they n-eppr rasp the tnroat. Anil -^iiat's more, your taste tells you that they're pare tobacco—plenty age<i—and not '' with artlfkriaJ flavors. "An irritated tlzroat is one *t< break* tijat I won't mk. So III keep ri^fet on sailing smoothly >-rth OH JAMES CACNEY ^Te"<i like to emphasize tins point, Mr. Carney:— Ho bettertobcrcco grows than ifs used in Old Gold. And it's pur*. That's •why Old Golds are easy on the TH«OAT and | First Bale at Bonhain ; Brought In Tuesdav ght to B->n] ham Tuesday aftcrrjoon, the C:rb* ; bali, o* !3rG4 cotton -^as sold *?'• "^ c«-ts p-e" po-r.i. A pr^TtKurr: i *>f $7.5*! "?r'3j=; srri'^i. ? The tim bale this year « a* j orou^"* J" ^T £"- O. H.Oi?ers frc-rn : ^ast of Borhen:. r»'r, R.o?cr? sale ; he had to J»l-rk c-vc-r !*';• acres tc- z-.: \ T h & bal-s, J Th»? r'a.I'* arrive <* in ST-nh^T" s* ' r aft «=-r noon, th* University of Michigan health s*jr~-'i Cfr. Allred For Governor Eeli»vsr:s' *-hsr. Texas n«e*<Js in her governor's office a inar> •w.-V-.o rmf, t?s« couregft to st^n<2 ui.> fc-r •he p*x>pje of th« s-rate against • man rather than a big oli nasr. '•*.';*^! th^ supil^ort Kii<i **odorw^rrn'.-Tst i-r Texas' ti^;rest 5>oIiTicia.ns, th« friends of Jarnee V. Allrtd, Jn LA- | ] mar county are Invited to avs«tzs> J • b;*t fe.t I^mar County Court Room; , for tht purpose of orjspan-f : r-g- an A;-ir*r<J CatnpeKSfn Club in | .L&.jna.r County whfch 'srll! crx«s *fct J voters TO sapponr. him f*>r th«s of- i * THE THROAT-EASE r IG A P P T T F S«<* JAKES CACNTT io "Warecx Bros- Pktur«» **H£»E <imES TEE NAVT* CICAKETTC Lwttwrf Ok.IK, | fice in the Augrtist primary ^!«c- | tSon. Jam-*' A!Jr*<J 1*<J th« field in .the July primary In I^tmar co«s\ ry. W> b«Ifev« that he wjH lead i in th* etat« in the • tion if hi* fri«*nd« i a.T»d •wor.' tor his el* 1 j Eveo'C-ne ifi l^atfusr county, fav- i A!Jr*<l to the office of Gav*rrsor of : T«xits ia i:;vit*d to »tt«'nd thj*; ' i r«*<Ting' and hear wfjy ti»<»y shouM : J a*si«t ' in thJji . work, j For By FrteJMis of AIlre<J, i AUGUST SUMMER Silk* Cotton Hurry in for th gains-crisp/ new sum mer dresses at almost "give away" prices > <*4 * * CiSi^P ^V!i • ^ftW^* *P^*\^ ^^;* !l v>^ /i^7 £^££? . • - » u •• * fc *•« ^ . • » * . • j r. % .^ v * * . i Big showing of cool cotton dresses featuring cheer print*, dotted organdies* ba- tistes, and seersuckers in aunback and regular style. Good colors, good sizes and smartest styles of the season. Former $1.98 vahae*- BASEMEXT Values To $11.95 In this great group you may cboo*e from £ prmted linen*, laces, piques, seersuckers, ) prmted crepes, paste] crepe* a*d organdy evening dre*se*. 1Tiere*» a dress here for every rammer occasion , . . . and all new aH smart aD the grandest of values. SECOX3D F1XX>K *• • • v-i SECOXD IXOOK Former Values to S29.75 S, A very choice collection of prmted crepes, and pastel crepes m cool, summery dayttm« styles, also the prettiest of evening dresses in several styles and fahrics. All these ar» of the forest xjuality. Daytime Afternoon Evening Fashions Former Values to $19.75 BUY AS MANY DRESSES AS YOUR CLOSET WILL HOLD In this collection of drecse* there «re d»rk crepes, prmted crepes and white and prmted organdy evening or afternoon drewes. Only the finest quality materials, and tailored are shown in this groop «e them .... many dresses are svtable for early FaH wear. FTXK)R «dA.S> < ;«* No Returns No Exchange* No Approval* S2E THESE DRESSES IN OUR WINDOWS BASEMENT Perkins Bra /V\ Pxj

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