The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 7, 1956 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1956
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Pace 8 ahr 5Ja.nlnuut Sum WEW HABIT Murray«Go-H By TOM MURRAY Tigers, Dodgers Victims->, Giants Win Saturday. July 7, 1956 UL' LEAGUF j.' ''%? - -]^ ^f^ Promoters Cause Race Death? VINCENT X. FLAHERTY, crack Los Angeles Examiner sports scribe, thinks racing fatalities such as the ones taking lives of Bill Vukocivh and Bill Sweikert. both Indianapolis 500 winners, can be blamed on the promoters who fail to provide sufficient margin for safety. In his column he penned. "You probably saw the news photograph of Sweikert. and his car hurtling over a so- called yuard rail before it plunged hellishly clown a 75- foot embankment. Sweikert. didn't have a chance." Jimmy Carter, muchly crowned light-weight champion of the world, refuses to go along with those who feel head- injuries kill off most, prize-fighters. '"A fellow who takes a head beating looks pretty bad after a fight. Bui it's the fellow who takes a body beating \vho FEELS bad," he insists. Roger Bannister admits he didn't expect John Landy to break four-minutes two years ago when he had to run a 3:58.8 to beat the powerful Australian. "Halfway through the race I decided 1 was wrong and had my wurk cut out for me." Landy, running with a stitched foot, also broke the then magic four-minute mile, Whom does Bannister, the first man ever to break tho four-minute barrier, feel will win the 1500 merer, or metric miSe. in the upcoming Olympics. Why Landy, of course. Despite the young doctor's victory over the Australian, John holds the world record. 3:5S-flat. i aik about quotable quotes or picturesque speech . . . what about Los Angeles Times' Ned Cronin's description of Frankie Albert's flight to Michigan to sign an outstanding football player? "Frankie Albert, who is about to cultivate a crop of snapping ulcers as coach of the San Francisco 49ers. took the noon balloon for East Lansing. Mich., the other day to get the autograph of Michigan State's Earl Morrall on the main line of a professional football contract." he quipped. New 49er Coach h No Dummy « THIS ALBERT nobody ever took for a dummy. Especially when his wizardry took Stanford to a string of wins and a 1941 Rose Bowl victory over Nebraska, The smooth little left-hander hasn't lost his touch over the country's smartest single football brain. "I called Paul and asked him if I could spend a couple of hours with him frying to find out how to coach championship football teams," Frankie explained. "He thought it over for a. couple of minutes and then said. 'It's okay with me. but in exchange you've got to tell me how yOU used to work those plays where yOU roiled John "Sarita-a ear-h got {wo hits, sixth innings. out from behind the center and drove us whacky trying Cha.-ics Lyons went aii the way to figure out whether you were going to pass the ball or run with it.' "I told him I'd be happy to. I figure that whatever happens I'll get the better of the deal." pka Look out Frankie. nobody's ever gotten the best of Paul ^ in: Brown in any deal, especially if it has a smattering of foot- fj:; V! baft involved. - r ; A: ID li;o lust ninht of Knsl Len^iie play, (he i'liiiic Bros. Cardinals ami (hr I-VISnn (i:;u»is i".!!iic (hroiiKli wiih wins, dei'ent- iiijv the Karlhiuaii Timers and the 5>HJni!i!i Doi!j;ors. Bobby Bowers gave up thrco hils to UK; Tigers, downing them •'_ i Everitt Nix relieved Walter i'.radhury in flip fifth to got the v. r 'a in the eight innin;: affair. "-•i. Gailan.i .Smith and .Jerry Gil- 'vrt yot the losses. The S:!;u Boy.ioh (iiuiits win n:a',!e Hiein end t!u> season u'itli :• !:;'..-','-• record, w:l,h Hie ""iji'i'i's oC I. 1.. '• : !in't:i coKiing' in m K:isi Harri •;->K' Will lie-li] ' 'he I-'.ayt.own I'.'.'own rjornher. 1 (•'.".shi'ii; with the P.nyia.nd Home lenrn at Knylniid. First, half piny ended \Yednc.s • ':iy with ill-.; Bombers on the !"." i:u: end of a 10-7 in:i!.;'h willi !.;• Third place winner was the rjuisl and John May. Cards with H'.v-S'-j. and in last John KiiKore, Cotton Epprr- placc was the Dodger club with son, and Danny Fletcher >rot (Ina aH'-lo'-l. record. Dodder onu liuser.s. Botli winning- teams picked up The Giants will start their three four hits for the night while both game series with the West Loop losers came out; with but three winning Bavshore Motors Yan- hits. ; kccs Monday at 7:45 p.m. in the Two of the Card hits were Jaycce Stadium, doubles off the bats of George K II K I'.inl :'.'Jid Mike Mir/.e!wood. .lerry Cardinals 010001—2 -I 1 ru-mjihiy and Hilly Walles got Tigers 000010—1 '.' '•', sin.nles. Bowers and Kemplay; Adams, P.o«er Adams, .Jack Andrews, Smith and Vincent, Jacobs. and P,im Jacobs pulled in the I! It K Tiger hits. Giants 100 00,'! 01—5 -1 I Sammy Masters and KHis Smith Dodders 21001000—1 '•' 4 poled doubles for the Giants, with Bradbury. Xix am" Walker; singles coming from Mi':e Dahl- Franklin. Gilbert and Kpperson. Standings *.. the IT-aytown learn!.'"'i! th wir.s. one tii', and two The figure to he a eonlemied in the second half championship wr. 'nil,-. Tiie s.ime.s ended the first wee' in;L',!f them coiir.t a:ui of play in the: second half. CV.lpcppor Iririii'.r.s took advantage of Brave misph'.ys The scores: victory Friday nijht :o sow up the game with a seven- Brave.- 001 001 0—1. :\;o piny. r;;n sefonfl innin;r. Dodgers 170 000 :•:—Js El!;.? Dvdprr.-- so! another Chuck Franklin got two of the Phillips and Lorner, Hayncs (.5); •ii-pi;:'h'd ;;;i:iv from Dons Bril Dodge hits. Fjeil and Franklin. w: n :-\r. '< to 1! incision from the Bell held the Rra\v.s In three Indians Oil 220 2—11 war-iis Bravrs. hits in turning in si fine mound Yankees Mil. 010 2— S T:v Oilnrpjic-r nine had on its performance. He blanked his op- Lyons and Marti: P. Lucas. \Vavne Porter and pcas:r,ts except in the third and Elliott '••', Rushing 1 (51 anil \Vrat- ten. By i;.\ITKI> I'lIlOSS National I.eaguu W. L. I'ct. G1J Cincimiaii -t'J 30 J&3 .. ' — Milwaukee -IU 2!) .. r iSO U Brooklyn 41 ;j() .077 U si. Louis ';~ :•;" noo c PitLsburgh ';i ,'!. r i .Hr.; (ji,i Chicago' 311 :>(» A'f> lOVi Phiiadoljihia :•;;) 42 .-117 12 New York US '111 .411! U !-'ri(lay>; lirsiill.s Pittsburgh at Now Yoi'k, night, postponed, rain. Brooklyn 2 Philadelphia 1 (night) Cincinnati (i SI. Louis -i (night) Milwaukee 5 Chicago 0 (night) Ameriei'.n League \V. I... 1'el.. GH New York 50 l!(i .(i. r ,S ... Chicago 4.') 27 .(!14 4 CkA'pland -C! oil Boston 17 'A': .514 11 Baltimore i.'i 411 .452 15'.. Detroit !l 42 .425 17'.'. Washington '.1 48 .392 21)'^ Kansas City 1~ 47 .3BO 22 Friday's Kesnils New Yoi'k 8 Washington 4 tnighli Raltimorc al Boston, night, postponed, rain. Cleveland 4 Kansas City 2 Inightl Chicago 31 Detroit. 0 might) TKNAS i.KAOljk Team W L I'd. OH Dallas 5S .'ill .linn Houston 5:5 :;•> ,«24 ::'Fort Woi-lh ... 51 ."."i .591! (i San Antonio ... 4(1 40 .4115 17 Tulsa 40 4S .455 IS Austin -!() 50 .441 19 Shi eve-port ... :!S 4S .-112 10 Oklahoma City 2S 51) .322 23'.:; I-'i'iday's KesuHs Shrevepoit 7. Dallas 'i. Houston 7. Fort Worth 2. Oklahoma Cily 4. Austin 1. Tulsa .15. San Antonio 6. NEW BANTAMWEIGHT champion, Mario D'Agata, a deal-mute, is embraced by his wife, also a deaf-mute, following his victory over the world ruler, Robert Cohen, in a bout in Rome. (International! SEE tJS FtKSt HOME LOANS REAL ESTATE SALES BOB BEVERLY, Kcnltnr Tuck Realty Phone 5474 9 S. Ashbei R ySS tin S Bffli $ !eq Cause irer and more recently Brave manager and Fort \Vorfh field boss ? Handsome Tommy is managing the Portland Beaver.-; of the Pacific Coast League . . . Teams on the west coast frames, ala the m ajors, whom they stead- i he B»ys.bore Motor--' Yankee?, .•arujaishr-l by I::,/ Indians, also if hit." to win n normal r.. rould not halt 'he In- irk. I'.v KUKfl FJiiott. Han Bauman atul 1'iiiled Press Sports Writer it'.en were ;he bis oaUcrs Ted Ivlus/''.s on ;i torrid io.-'_ : i.-. Thrv each g"ot two home run b:ni;e today that's jrivinj; the .-lireadv rower-laden Cincinnati '' '•'"" :u " - . . . . . • . . ]vdk"'s '"'i Vi.lni w-'llot) in their Rookie Lion Grow; received credit 'nplc'l lo '-"' lv i- m 1'cowcc Reese. lmil. ; >~ i""hold fir^t pbee in thr- for his second victory in a week "'"I I)nl « Snider in the sixth in- National " I ea-ne a'.llir.uch he net-de.d hein f.-om Bus- nlll .s with both Brooklyn runs. Jt " ' ' " ' ' " third time this year that heat Roberts, who is Kiusy.cwski's liomcr followed sin- the second no hitter of his career vde:; by Johnny Temple and Wally on .May 12 to besi Roberts, who Post after the Cardinals had taken became the first N.L. pitchers to ihe top of the inninjr. lose 1(1 fjames. Ransom Jankson € w fastiy claim they are the equal of. Little Joe Villareal. University of Texas frosh miler. \vith a 4:10 to his credit, calls Emporia State's Billy Tidwell. "The most conceited performer I've ever seen." Ii's different with Jim Bailey . . . he's sure of himself but he's funnv, an easv nerson to know." fers Better Ci Pull Up A Game On League Leaders K rMii.I) PKI>S ,..,,. 0 ter Ki-oem.-m in the sev.: nth. Ed 'The' 23' i. pound fir?!-baso>nvm -oi Railiy .' homered for tno Red- off to a =low .':•;!:•'. — .-Uthousrh his I'"".:.-' w!io denll tho Canlinals their nr)U hrirdlv sci'med to miss Mth if.s.s ii) '1- .-'ame.s since swing- hammered out ins' ihoir I>\K (Ji^l with the New ven homer..; in his last six York (lia!!'c-. to pinve once azain he's Kpahn piichod a four-hitter rind liu , .,(,;„ st j c i : " flf )h,-, Kr.jlec, cluh. r-,:!r;'.vi;-d only ono basenmner to i-en-h srcond in saiiiin^ his sev- ontii v.'in of I he ye'ii' and the IWlih of h;s i-anyr. The H:,ives scored :r..'eo runs off Don Kaiser in the firnl innin;:. two cc.inin;: on solo COOL GREEN '52 MERCURY HARDTOP XK\V TUTOiYK I'AINT—KADIO—IIKATKR—• OVEKDUIYK. KXCKfJ.KNT AIJTOMOIJII.K L//utct ctfe^on ^^^^3^^^^^^P^^ Since ^5LSZZ& 1934 GOO \\. TEXAS riroxF. sisn Klu has -;;,-). ] in when he in the canied th.eru to !v.;n\ers by Hank Aaron and Joe SI. Louis A'Vii':!;. i !iim In tie Th" Brooidyn Dfxijri'ir? remaine'.l ul the l'hie:i-,'0 C'u'iis ni'.iv :--i-'--' pc-rcer.!.,'!;:-: points behind r:-d!('-;;'s when they defeaied 'led- jl: .bill Rebel-Is and t-ir- rhilailr-!- Mi!- ;. ; :i:i Piiilli-s. '.'-L i;i Ihe dlhi-r Na- Clii- -s,'i,il !..•->; -::rne. i'ittsbiirs;!] at <!» n (C» » B E3 5 " 3 B El ^^ ^.a^iFq SWi^s^*^ I 8?IS C-" V J *sS'^» *i. L : 'vV«3 «^y a E13 vjfi K*&*9 K Bfc»*» // er: •• Angela Buxlon At Wimbledon If Mi::: Frv. f;:'!!)<-iii'-.l ?l. IV- r-b'ir:-. Fla.. str.r wins, she will •rorne the !.'',!!; Mmi::ht Ameii r< to win 'he womi':;'s title !ieri\ If til'- ::;>:';]-••:' edi 1 ' 1 ! Mi.".- I'.'ixt'in '.i:-c-s ::n :;n:^-l vii.tory. :die will • ;'HI- tirst in.'n-Ai.'ierie.'ii; winnei pi:'- ]'•: i'.a'ii''; Oorol'iv Roend in "i~ She ali'v'idv -s tile first r.or,- iif-ri'"i:! finali:-;' s;:'ve IJrilain's Kay K'aninK-is in 1!.O. A !:-••• ns, In. lay':; r.M^r.-nn were :?:••:' liivi.'ioti". with Ai'T'riean?: .•-h'i''li v ir; t'or a! least ." siiarf in two in wniar-n's di.nb'i 1 -."-. Mi:-;; on aivl Ait!i"a i;iij--on of Nr-w ; W--IY: ; ;:il':hed a;-a : n;;l Uu- :r:d!'in !r::'ti (it Fay Muiie: and Daplir.o Werney. !n an al!- P..I-;VI<!-. C'llO.. f',l»'il •:•''"] Mi.": : Frv rsiid \'ie Seixas of I'hiladel- i Mhia. liowever. in mi-'ti'" doubles llv •:ir]; A'.t:'-li'' Ic'iM) of Hnriil | ;•:,'! K-T) l:«.r;<-v."dl I':K---I| Ihe tta! i inn l':-;,m of Ni'-ola !>j/ trangeli and 1 Orlando .-.iroia. MAKV i:\KLVV MK. ,\vt> :MI;-'. AKTIICK rrsuKU -n ••(' \\n.\"i ',l'i: l.ari- rot; cf;t»r i-:r:.'>~..'ni,. ile ljj.ii; <(ic\ml"l ''.ill ii), \; r . iiiiil Mr-. ( islu-r ;,rc cm- al f)i.*ji. ; t:il. J I«,|I/T <irt^ IK.I-II In ti,-r,- :,,,,! in I rr.if.tnn. .">rrv. Ci,|if-r rin, nt«\ f-.-trri* \x-ti- K'> \ .ig«. K.'Jt'-iia, 1^'. i^ n slrir!' l i;l ;;( ^'i-dar I'n;. no .iori'^r Hj'_ p h \\'here *-i)^' iv it oi'-oiipi-r !•', (lie liand. '-')<• Jifldri!!*, l ( i iiv- i.'aiii.'irav fiiris. 'ti::r\ (.--•"/vii iv (i-.f. Tin. i'ishi-rs »rr nii'iril/iT, (,< Triiif!/. Talii-ni.'icle. Tin-'. 1 !»/)iii,'l.l !li"ir m-w ( hc\role| (rfirrl Jolin Affair ;;f l',\n h Turrif-r < tie-, r'tl* •', <'ii.. Jlr, .V. Ar:iin ftrr<l III K. T''\JIV. <,\t\\.t f'i(<> In IrifriniKitl. VKU' '.'OIIK (TIM — Al lasi. '!K-\ear eld i':i!n Ki^i from I!a!y Ii;nl :i "repuIatiDM" fn(l:iy and I In 1 |ii-i:iiiis« <if a fi^hl xvill) ol ills npvel, Illlanillloils III- roui'.il decision over .Joey I.oiws of S::er:inie!il(i. Cali!.. al ^Indi- MMI S'jtinre (ij'.nlen ( rii!:ty M.Jrti!. \t!ilr\\tn:<l'.i-r Hilly f'.rnu n v:ii«I, I'll |»iit Unsi back in I In- <i;:rd<-n uilh f.sirry I'oariliDiiii on Aliff. '.'I or Ml." Hoard man «f Marl- l>o:-(iin;ii. rnrin.. is Illi- fiflll- ranldiij; IX.1 pounders u.'inlcd 1'i fi^hl "until In- [;ets :i repi!la- lion" ,— !i:nl :!.")-yi'Mr old l.ojies nn his ! rices ill 1!ir. fin:il hell in Jlieir I'id'lleiil TV-r;idio MT:I|» f'ri'!a\ ni^lit. K'osi neighed COIN CEDARS ...AN UNUSUAL AND BEAUTIFUL DEVELOPMENT FOR COLORED RESIDENTS OF THE BAYTOWN AREA FHA and Gl LOANS EXCEPTIONALLY EASY FINANCING Only a Few Hundred Dollars Down and a Steady Job *6000 - $ 6500 $ LOVELY WOODED LOTS—HIGH AND WELL DRAINED m PAVED STREETS • SANITARY SEWERS • UTILITIES ... NO CITY TAXES . . . 16 Homes have been completed, many have been sold . . - still an excellent choice of elevations and floor plans. Some Homes Open for Inspection at All Times HIGHWAY 146 NORTH Just Across the Cedar Bayou Bridge in Chambers County Attendant on Hand Every Saturday and Sunday. Field Office on the Property SPARKY BOND, Realtor 907 SOUTH MAIN PHONE 1248

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