The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on August 9, 1959 · Page 25
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 25

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 9, 1959
Page 25
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Group Paintings to Produce Most Dramatic Effect stop hanging pictures on walls 80 that they look like miiplaced postage stamps. Improperly hung pictures will create havoc in a room setting quicker than you can say "Modlgllani." Probably the commonest fault in hanging pictures, reports the Picture and Frame Institute, is to place one small picture on a big wall. Needless to say, you'll soon need a pair Offers Ideas on Treatment of Dormers With the recent return to building two-story and split level homes you find more dormer windows to curtain. On most dormer windows you'l want to use curtaining to play down the window rather than highlighting it, according to Gertrude Hoffman, home fur nishings specialist at the Uni verslty of Wisconsin. Shutters You can still use some un usual treatments to make the window interesting, though Louvered shutters painted to match the wall color may fit in well with either contemporary or colonial furnishings. Whatever window treatment you use be sure that it looks right from the outside of the house. In shutters this may mean painting the two sides o the shutter a different color. Shades Bamboo and matchstick shades now come in many co ors so it should be easy to match wall color. Or paint them to suit your room They're especially nice because they let some light filter in the room even when drawn or rolled down. Other shades that are easy to use are the opaque ones that give privacy and severa types of plastic shades. They may give the simple effect you want without furthering cur taining. If you use curtaining be sure that it is simple. Perhaps textured material matching the wall color or even a full sheer Often dormers are most im portant for letting in light so try to have curtaining that in keeping with this purpose. of binoculars to locate that cherished art masterpiece. Present Assets The best way of solving the cture hanging problem is to take stock of your present assets. You'll probably discover that you hav^ quite a few small pictures scattered around the room. Stifle that tendency to leave them where they are because you can't stand a bare wall, and plan instead to group the pictures together on one wall. Whereas one picture on a wall can be a liability, a grouping of several pictures can be striking decorative asset. Keep in mind, however, that the success of most picture groupings depend on how well they are designed in relation to the furniture. Balance Heavy pieces ^of furniture or a large furniture grouping requires a large picture grouping to create balance. More delicate groupings, with fewer pictures, work well in small wall areas with lightly scaled furniture, advises the Picture and Frame Institute. Don't worry about the subject matters of the pictures being in keeping with the room decor or even with each other. Framed pictures are meant to be accents and some of the piost effective accents are those that are highlighted by contrast. And remember, if those other blank walls suddenly appear too blank, you can always fill them with picture groupings of some of your favorite reproductions. 1959 Car» are OB hreathtakingly low a» our finance rates RACINK SVNDAT BULLE'TIN Aatast ft. l»8ft See. t, P«fa f Surprise Color Schemes Are Forecast for Autumn A striking picture grouping of framed reproductions and original paintings hlgh- ilghts this Oriental • influenced room setting. Instead of hanging pictures separately, the Picture and Frame Institute advises grouping small pictures together on one wall to create a decorating center of Interest. New Plastic Film to Gardener Boon TISIIE M«mb«r P.O.I.C. Glass Enhances Bouquet's Beaufy You can enhance the beauty of your summer flowers by ar ranging blossoms in tall glass pitchers or bottles. Sparkling, translucent glass has a close affinity to the character and texture of flowers. Bottles allow you to make the most of flowing, crooked stems — just remember to place flower heads at different levels. Plain crystal bottles filled with colored water will harmonize with the colors of your flowers. Mixed bouquets are smarter if flowers are grouped by variety. , Clip fading flowers each day as new buds open. Propose Sainthood for Milwaukee Priest MILWAUKEE — (JPt — A voluminous file of evidence attesting to the saintly life o the late Rev. Stephen Eckert, has been forwarded to Rome with a view toward his being canonized a saint. From 1913 until shortly be fore his death in 1923, Father Eckert was pastor of the St Benedick of the Moor Missions here. He championed many causes of his improverished flock, walked the streets begging food, money and clothing for them. Keep Outdoor Furniture in Good Repair A new, inexpensive material called polyethylene film can do many of your maintenance and garden jobs better. Sheets of opaque, black polyethylene film made a good sunshade>outside windows that admit low-angled sunlight. You can build a fairly elaborate, but inexpensive, roll-down screen with an awning-like frame of light stock or dowels, or you can tack the film to a window- shade spring roller. As a dropcloth to shield the floor while you're painting walls or ceiling, the plastic film is more tear-resistant than paper coverings and much cheaper than muslin cloth. You can also prevent rust damage to your tools by wrapping them in this plastic. From protection for potted plants to coverings for vacation equipment carried on top o your car, polythylene plastic is a versatile new friend. The plastic sheets can be obtained from most building materials dealers. By Kay Sherwood (NEA suit Writer) Midway through the summer, it pays to take an inventory of outdoor furniture and the condition it is in. Summer showers, frequent use and a casual attitude toward outdoor housekeeping have probably left their marks n the shape of dirt and spots. Rust Spots Sometimes leftovers from previous seasons, particularly the inexpensive little pifeces such as small tables, benches or chairs, may be showing their age. Rust spots on enameled surfaces are a sign of age, and SUMMER COTTONS There's really just one thing to do with tired summer cot tons in late summer: dispose of them. If they can't be sal vaged for another season's wear, don't let them take up precious space. Give them away. a reminder that to preserve the piece and restore its appearance you'd better plan to sand, prime and repaint. Taking an inventory is an excellent base for smart shopping at the summer furniture sales. If you plan in advance what you'll need to spruce up the terrace next year—retiring old chairs, substituting new ones in a different style or color or adding a picnic table — you'll be ready to snap up the bargains. With outdoor furniture as with indoor, a bargain regardless of how much the price has been reduced is no good, if it doesn't fit into your scheme or fill a definite need. is Learning 'Terms' Simplifies Shopping for Carpets, Rugs Here are terms which you may encounter while shopping for carpets and rugs. Knowing exactly what they mean will help you to describe more accurately what you are looking for. Backing yarns are the materials that form the carpet back or foundation, and to which the pile or surface fibers are anchored. In all constructions they give the carpet body and strength. The backing ma- Protestartt Missions Staffed by 'Nationals' NEW YORK —m— A survey of 1,602 hospitals and other medical institutions maintained by Protestant mission agencies abroad shows that 55 per cent of their doctors and 80 per cent of their nursing staffs are nationals of the countries where the institutions are located. terials are usually made either of jute, kraftcord or cotton. Knits « Knitted carpets are made on huge knitting machines that combine the pile yarns and backing materials in one operation. It is a relatively new method of producing excellent carpets at prices well within the average consumer's pocketbook. Ply is a layer o^ thickness o yarns used in carpet. If the pile yarn is described as "4-ply", it means that each tuft is made of 4 yarns spun together. SHADING Shading is the crushing or bending of cut pile fibers so that reflected light from the side gives the illusion of a light area on the rug, or viewed from the opposite side, the area ap pears dark. Shading is not a defect, but rather a character istic of all cut pile fibers in eluding upholstery materials and clothing. Regular Cleaning Regular cleaning will help keep outdoor furniture in good condition. The delicate scrol work of wrought iron, cast alu minum and steel meshes sometimes a challenge to clean trick that works for chairs and small tables makes use of the downstairs .shower. Set the chair or table in the shower stall or bathtub. Scrub it clean with a brush and soap or detergent and then tuck the curtain in and let the shower do the rinsing. This is also a ood way to clean furniture purchased at sales. Drying can either be in the tub or on a slack of newspapers. Weaves For on location cleaning, you'll find it a great help to have a bottle brush, nail brush with a handle and even an old toothbrush to work suds into fine^curves or weaves. Smooth tabular frames and plastic strapping can usually be sponged off. But check the chair or chaise frames where tubular arms join seat or back Check the undersides of seating pieces, too, for cobwebs or insects. This is a good time to spray these places with insecticide. By Lynn Elson When summer is over, don't put away your sunglasses. You'll need them for the bright color schemes that are going to be popular indoors in rooms this fall. Coming events are already casting their shadows in model rooms in big stores and showrooms over the country that forecast fall fashions. The rooms are filled with surprise color schemes that take your breath away at first viewing. Once you get used to them, they're warm and exciting, and make your old quiet decor seem drab. Oriental Feeling One big influence on this all-out-for-color mood is the popular Oriental stylo In furni ture and acccs.sories. In one typical new living room, the walls are tangerine, setting off modern furniture fin- shed in white, black and turquoise. In another Orient - inspired room, bright red leather chairs surround a low red-lacqucrcd cocktail table. The table rests on a round off-white Moroccan rug with a large fringe that has an Eastern air. The rattan sofa is covered with a fabric that combines red, blue and orange stripes. Empire Lounge A sitting room in off-beat colors has a red - lacquered Empire lounge. Striped pink silk covers an armchair and a matching ottoman that has pink-and-white painted frame Another chair is covered in a pink and red striped polished cotton. Another Oriental living room that combines traditional and contemporary furniture teams red with bright yellow. A pair of oval-backed occasiona chairs are covered in red satin and an elegant tuxedo sofa and a pair of lounge chairs are up­ holstered in bright yellow. The cut-pile rug is also bright yellow. A contemporary room with Oriental overtones has black and red lacquered storiigc chests with brass pulls lining one wall. The sofa and chair are upholstered in olive green, which is also used for the rug, making an off-beat background for the red and black furniture. Colonial Oriental isn't the only style that gets the high color treatment for fall. A Colonial living room setting has two walls painted red from the dado to the celling. The dado and other two walls are chalk white for contrast. The red Is repeated in flornl-pattcrned curtains and slipcovers. Decorators of these model rooms make it a point to mix furniture with regular wood finishes and painted pieces. Lacquer reds and black harmonize especially well With the brown-black wood finish popular in Oriental-style furniture this year. In some rooms matchstick blinds in Oriental red are used as a substitute for glass curtains. Printed draperies with a white background frame the window. A room with modem furniture uses matchstick bamboo blinds in bright red and blue as wall coverings for a background to accessories with a Far Eastern air. LUTHERAN HIGH SCHOOL 251 Luadtk* Arm. REGISTRATION MONDAY, AUG. 10 MONDAY, AUG. 17 9 o.m. to 3 p.m. FOR INFORMATION DIAL ME 3-4634 Note Cleaning Method for Plastic-Lined Crib A new infant in the house calls for a small basket crib on wheels. Keeping the quilted plastic lining and mattress clean and fresh is no problem. A sudsy cloth will clean both the lining and mattress. Rinse and wipe dry, and put baby back in the basket after a few moments i AUGUST BEAUTY SAVINGS COLD WAVE PERMANENT Including — • Sudsy Shampoo • Sparkle Rinsa • Test Curl • Style-Set • Glomour Spray • Cold Wave R«g. $10.00 Wovt You Sovo $3.15 i r Phon« ME 2-5166 Appointments Not Always Necessary Air Conditioned-Third Floor If You Don't Know CARPETING You Should Get to Know BUFFHAM'S Now In Our Second Century 224 MAIN ST. DIAL ME 4-7191 IMPORTED WOOL SUITS FURRED WITH T MINK IN NATURAL COLOR - TONES Luxury seekers, this is it! . . . these cloths of choice imported wools . . . these collars of silky, natural m\nk, in Fall's most flattering tones and treatments. Compare the prices—just right. Compare the styling, just perfect, for tov/n or travel activities. A. Broadcloth Tov^^n Suit in black, blue, green or taupe .$89.95 B. Cr C. Magnificent New Multi-Color Tweeds in Wue, green, brown, block/white $59.95 Second Floor Fashion Center At teen in VOGUE OPEN DAILY 9:30 to 5:30 exc«pt Mondoy ond Frldoy 12 to 9

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