The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 25, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1918
Page 8
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"I had kidney trouhle of the worse sort for five years," he eontituied, "and iioiliiiif* 1 took for H would do me any good, excepi to KIW- ine a little relief lor n while and then the (rouhle would eoine ri^ht hack attain wnise than hefore. My appetite left me and nearly everythiiu; 1 tried to eat would sour on iny Rtoinaeli and make gas rorm and my stomach •would .swell ii|> IIH a ilrum- 1 was terrlhly con.-itipated and I;II nervous 1 could lutnily sleep, and when 1 got up In the imiriiing 1 was so tired I wasn't I'll lor anything. I had dizzy trcinblinr spells all during the time, and finally KOI to where 1 w'as so weak niul nenuus I hecuu to get preiiy mueh worried ahoiil myself. I heard a lot about this Ore.atoue treatment and deeiiled lo try lhat. thinking it miKlit do me some ^ood. Well, sir. after 1 started inking it I ipiii having those dizzy trembling spells, mid my nerves not strong and steady. I inn liun/;ry as a wolf now and 1 eat nnythliiK 1 want wiihout having the least suffering nfterwatd. My »iom. ueh feels like a new one and my kidney troubles have disappeared. I sleep like ii loa all nighi lung and gel up In the morning r>-i-liiiK fresh mid fine and reutiy for a long day 's work. 1 am gaining In weight, and I sure feel like u different man. Orga- lone is I he flneat treutmeiii in the world I lliink. It innde me feel well for the first lime" in years, and If this statement will help some one fine who is suffering, to get relief I will be mighty Bluil 1 nave It. As far its 1 am concerned I uni going to keep Orgutoue In my house from now pn." Orgutoue la uol a scientific, patent or secret remedy, but u now scientific freutmeiii containing no alcohol or other Btlmulatlug drugs and is Bold in Hutchinson e\olmilvcl,v at A. £ A. Urug Co. Out of town customers are being supplied nil churt;es prepaid upon receipt at price $1.25 or six bolllus for |fl-26—(Advertiso- went.) ' WHENEVER YOU'RE THIRSTY At work or play the delicious hops flavor of Colda refreshes and invigorates. A non- alcohol ic health drink brewed of the finest cereals. Try at any cafe or soda fountain. Order a case sent home-any dealer. HYDE PARK PLANT 1 a lh 6L CASS, ST. LOUIS COCO COLA BOTTLING CO. Distributors Hutchinson, Kan. 6 BILLIONS FOR LOAN New Fourth Liberty Bonds Are Jo Run for Twenty Years, DRAW 4}{ PHRCENT INTEREST The Tenth District, of Which Kansas is a Part, is to liuy $260,000,000. LEMON JUICE TAKES OFF TAN Girls! Make bleaching lotion if skin is sunburned, tanned or freckled Washington, Sept. 2 ."i.— The tonM federal reserve district, of which Kansas is a part, is expected to subscribe n total of $260,000,000 to the fourth liberty loan, It was announced last night by the treasury department. Kansas' quota has not yet heeu determined within a day or two. .\ew York, Sept. 25.—Six billion dollars is Ihe minumtim amount which the people of the United States are asked to subscribe for the fourth liberty loan, according to an announcement by William <J. McAdoo, secretary of the treasury', i" a stirring address here last night, outlining the government's plan for the campaign which starts Saturday. Mature In 20 Years. The share allotted to New York federal resere district is $1,800,000,000 or SO per cent of the greatest loan yet offered. The loan, which will bear 4',-4 per cent Interest, will run for twenty years, maturing October IS, IMS. unless the government should errclse its reserved right to redeem the bonds on or after October \'\ Appeals to the Wealthy. Asserting that, without this vast sum. "we cannot lick the kaiser," the secretary made a RPeoial appeal for the subscriptions of corporations and wealthy Individuals, as returns from the third liberty loan indicated that wealthy corporations and persons of large means had not responded "eom- mensurately with their abilities to help." He pointed out, that of the IS,. 000,000 Americans who subscribed for the last loan, only 22,500, Including corporations, bought bonds in excess of $10,000. ''It would be preposterous," he said, "lo say that there are only 22,500 men, women and corporations in America able to lend more than $10.000 each to their government In liberty bends." McAdoo Scores Swindlers. Mr. McAdoo also condemned the Squeeze the Juice of two lemons into a bottle containing three ounces of Orchard White, shako well, and you have n quarter pint of the best freckle, sunburn and tnn lotion, and complexion beautlfler, at very, very small cost. Your grocer hns the lemons and any drug store or toilet counter will supply three ounces of Orchard White for a few cents. Massage this sweetly fragrant lotion Into the face, neck, arms and hands each day and see how freckles, sunburn, windburn nnd tan dlnappenr and how clear, soft and white the skin becomes. Yes! It Is harmless. i practice of 'swindlers and unscrupulous and unpatriotic people, who contrary to the urgent request of the treasury department, had induced holders of liberty bonds to exchange them Tor stocks or investments of doubtful value." He pointed out that these operations forced the treasury to buy bonds thus thrown upon the market in order to protect Ihe market and the credit of the government. HUNT UP CLOTHING FOR THE RELIEF OF BELGIUM Bring the Clothinp That Can be Spared to the Rooms Today and Tomorrow. The destitute of Belgium and northern France need your spare clothing. SO be sure to hunt through your trunks, boxes and other places and bring out every garment that has any warmth about it and is wearable. Bring it to the rooms back of the- Citizens bank on Second avenue east, today and tomorrow, for on Fri. day the garments must be packed and shipped that night. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children In Use For Over 30 Years Always bears the flic; nature of <^^<^^Sf jlp j Miller's Antiseptic Oil Known us Snake Oil ! Accomplishing Most Wonderful Results. ... J I want to thank yuii for your wonilor- - * fti] ml, stutwi Mr. .f. C. Gibson, of Jones- btiro, Arli. My little girl was very low with diphtheria. 1 htul given hot- iwo ! dost•» of medicine which cost me | with no results. I boutfht a bottle of i>our nil ami uiie application rtHi«vetl her. i Now .- ; hri is well. It Is the (f r en test rem- ; t-tly I i-ver .«u\v. Mr. Gibson made this .'Miitemenl before hundreds of people. MM. i Florence Meager. "234 Whitney street, Hartford, Conn., writes: "I have use*! your Antiseptic, Ol\ for neuralgia with gmxl effects. Only thing I have ever tried tlt:it stopped Ihe pain Immediately. Mr**. Williams, Gadsden, Ala., writes: I have usiri your great puln Oil for rheumatism., hiirf joints, also for sore throat, and { want to fctiy that li is thu greatest remedy I ever tried. 1 recommend It to" all sufferers. Many reliefs reacted daily from thousands nf grateful usors of this wonderful "11. livery holtlo guaranie<M. buttle or money refunded. 30e. Crtc nnd $1.00 ;it The A. A: A. Drug Co., iJutehin- (•;on, Kans. Cocoanut Oil Fine For Washing Hair There is no home here in Hutchinson but has something which it probably can share with some one less fortunate than they. There will be many more Belgians and French people less by nest spring because of the ravages of pneumonia and other dreaded winter diseases which will taltc their toll simply because of exposure. Ah effort is being made by Air. Hoover to feed these starving people but the people of the Xj'iiir.ed States must give from their wardrobes ihe clothing that is to protect Ihese unfortunate. Reno county must raise her ipiota or 2,000 pounds of clothing for men, women and children, for there are thousands and millions of faces turned toward us for relief as well as food. , As long as the war lasts ltslgium will mid must look to America for aid arid sustenance. We must give and give largely. ARCHBISHOP IRELAND DEAD, One of the Great Men of the Catholic Church Has Passed Away. St. 1'aul, Minn., Sept. 25.-—Archbishop John Ireland, of the St. Paul Diocese of ' the Roman Catholic church died at 3:55 o'clock here today after an. Illness of heart disease and stomach trouble. Ho.was eighty years old. Arcliblsliip Ireland's strong Americanism, first put to the test when the civil war began, was manifested afresh" when the United States tered the world conflict. No sooner had congress formally declared war on Germany, than the archbishop called upon people of his faith to remember that. they were Americans above all other ties and' declared It Tli. horn* at Halt Scfad&af U Man ck/dm $50 Suits and Overcoats The Finest H ERE are some masterpieces of the tailoring art; . sumptuous materials of.American and British make; very exclusive, high grade products. Smartly styled models for young men; most advanced styles for men of conservative tastes; in sizes to fit any figure. We're making a feature of these very fine Suits and Overcoats at $50. We think they're the highest attainment in such garments; for fail or winter, for business, dress, motoring: ulsters and great coats. There's great variety of fabrics and coloring, plain colors and patterns; silk deccrated fabrics, hand woven tweeds, soft finished worsteds, shetlands, meltons, kerseys, velours. A beautiful choice and array of rich fabrics. Suits and Overcoats $50. nELUXP "THEATRE *^ TODAY and TOMORROW f&blph'&ikor' promt* Lina '< If you want to keep your hair in i good condition, be careful what you : wash it with. I Most roup.-; and prepared shampoos j contain too much alkali. Thi-i dries 1 the scalp, makes the luiir brittle, and i is very harmful. Just plain iiiulsified {uixo .inut oil (which is pure and en- j tirely gri-n.'ii-lvsB), is much better than the most expensive soap or anything else you can use for shampooing, as this can't possibly injure the hair. Simply mo 'sli'ii your hair with water and rub it in. One or iwo leas- poonfiils will make an abundance of rich, creamy lather, nnd cleanses the hair and scaip thoroughly. The lather rinses out easily, and removes every particle of dust, dirt, dandruff and exuK «ivo oil. The hair dries quickly and evenly, and it leaves it 'fine and silky, bright, (luffy and easy to manage. You can get iiiulsified ecoanut all at mesi any drug store. It is' very cheap, and a few ounces is enough to lasi everyone in ihe family lor months. Thought Man Was Crazy "I have suffered from stomach and liver trouble for years: the lust (•two years' people have been calling me crazy. The doctors could not do anything for me. The awful bloating of gas seemed to press against my brain and I could not think dearly. Three months ago a friend advised taking Mayr's Wonderful remedy and it has worked wonders in my case. All my bloating and suffering is gone and I feel as though 1 was newly born." - it Is.a simple, harmless preparation lhat removes Ihe catarrhal mucus from the •Intestinal, tract and allays the inflamation. which causes practically all stomach, liver and Intestinal ailments, including appendicitis. One dose will convince or money refunded. For sale by druggists everywhere. IT'S GOOD As J sr ic " cs X XWJ [ Puddings It's gooil and wholesome auy way you eat it Modern Bread USED RESIN8L 11)1! BAD SKIN TROUBLE Considers Recovery Remarkable llrooklyu, N. V.,' Aug. li.— "For almost six years 1 suffered from a severe case of skin trouble which began with swelling and Intense pain In my kuoe. Then my leg becuine Inflamed and sores broke out, which it. hid and burued terribly day and night, i tried many remedies, but gained no relief. I oven spenf six months |p ihe hospital, nnd the doc. tors wanted to amputute my' leg. At lam 1 tried Hesluol Ointment and Rcsliiol Soap nnd obiained relief from Hie first application. My knee Is now well, and 1 consider tho euro remarkable, as my trouble was very serious.' (Signed 1 ' .Mis. Henri Mauer. 416 Hooper Street. All druggist's sell Hoslnol Ointment and lteslucd Sotut , . { their duty to help in every w-ay. Later when occasion demanded, he advocated purchases of Liberty bonds and contributions to the Red Cross and to various relief funds. In this course ho followed consistently a part he took In a famous controversy which antedated his "Furi- bault plan." It resulted from a petition inado to Rome to create In Iho United States Qurnitin parishes with parochial schools with orders that the German language be taught In these Institutions.' Its sponsors sought to conceal the purpose of the plan by proposing also tliat it bo followed by other nationalities, but tho archbishop saw the fallacy of the idea and hastened to Rome, where he successfully "The mass of our Catholics are Americans,'! he argued. "They resent any attempt to make them Irishmen or German or any other kind of foreigner. Tho bishops of America axe fully able to ward off any foreign invasion in the church and to maintain it on thoroughly, American lines." Later, on the same proposal, ho said: "Our country is not a Poland to be partitioned at tits good pleasure of foreigners. Woji&ye; under Peter's successor, our autonomy and for the sake of the American church and the American republic, we vlll retain autonomy." As a monument to Archbishop ire- land Btands tlie beautiful ctvUiedml of St. Paul on too brow pt gt. Anthony •nLove'sConquest 1 B «Ma wiVICtorMn 9MWI t.mou* J >atn4'O '«non4ft' And In Addition The Official War Review War Happenlnys "OVER THERE'' Made by nur own government and :ent- »xl from the Committee uu public information, Friday and Saturday CHARLES RAY ' —IN— "HIS OWN HOME TOWN" Alto Latest Sennette Comedy— "LADIES FIRST" COMING—DE LUXE—SOON 13."W. GRIFFITH Trose rut S Groat L OVG* AaAETTCE^TRciurt •»- Call like «. (Tho Birth of a Hiucm' »i'IlMr«i cf (haVwli". I n ol udinj Lillian. Qish. Gcortfe Barwcett Robert narron. George $ie$mw\ Henry'Valtruill MaxfleullSrantay; Rosemary Theby G lor I'd Hope »Tlw Crat Law'« 4 »i?hty story oP vornuu) regeneration by vor , The ' hand ttot rooks 'th «t owdie i» th» hand that can viold a VMPQn. tor , potent'*» the »vor<L'. ,»' y « w Made Right-Laid Right Your shingle roof is SL constant drain on your purse. Leaks are frequent and repairs always neces­ sary. The Art Craft Roof material is absolutely guaranteed: Is Or resisting and far more beautiful than any. shingled roof, and costs [ only one half as much. -,• ^'ti*';-! ' ooJ Red—Green—Silver Cray Do not tear off the old shingle roof. Have an Art Craft Roof applied right over the shingles. This gives you a dust-proof attic, a much warmer house in the winter and cooler in the summer. . ' •' ' . We will tell you the exact cost of on Art Craft; Roof for your home or other buildings, including \; the necessary Ubor of application. Careful, couftcieotlous:. workmanship. Ask for tuiupleau estimate. L. J. WHITE LUMBER CO. 100 Sherman West. Phone 65; Bloom's Fragrant Cream of Roses i . >. For chapped hands and face and for after shaving, makes the skin white and smooth. It is not slicky nor greasy. It does not soil the gloves. Try a 35c bottle, E. E. BLOOM & m. r Druggists Agents Eastman Kodak Co. 305 North Main St. Kodaks, Fjluis and Supplies CuticuraStoDs Itching ana Saves the Hair H1U.. It overlooks tho valley of the Mississippi and tho thriving city whose growth from a rough pioneer trading post synchronized with the attainment of fame'by its founder. TO MEET IN TOPEKA, •i — —r— Kansas Banker* Are to Change Their Session There from Wlnfield, Topoka, Kan., Sept, Mi.—At a meeting of the executive committee of the 'KRHSOS State Buntcors'. assoolatlpu keid hero, it .was decided io"»i>augo fta place (or (fee annual convention of tho association from WInfiold to Topoka and Uie dato for the meeting was set for February 26-27. The reason for the cbango was that the legislature will be in session at that time and the bankers anticipate-that there will be niuchTeglslatlon before that body in which they will be vitally interested. A session of bankers In the capital city while the legislators aro here will servo us an opportunity to acquaint the law makers 6 AtA MR H . ojthe BLADDER )r «li«VM In 24HOUR8 with the bankers' problems, the financiers believe, HELLO, BILL! Wfcflre did you get the new hat? That isn't a new hat. It's my old one I had cleaned and blocked at (he I^irson'Hat Co. 4 South' Main. 21-3L Furniture Hospital. 400 North Main. Telephone 16i>. U-U Safe JW^irlMFiWTSudlN^ALJDS ASK FOR ^ The Orifiul Nourtehlnc' rwlRl «ats t tQYi ^*ai )QfQwln|(Ch)ldien, I RlcbMMf, Malt »dQraJo£*u-%« in Fowler •ft* Ori«ia#l Fwd -Prink ft, Ail H**[, QTH6K3 M» IMrcATIQNIlf . • ... ... I

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