The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 3, 1932 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1932
Page 9
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THZ DAILY NEWS. PREDEBIOK, MD FRIDAY. JUNE 3. 1932. KXNB , 7 1 1 mat lie could :ucnts: ii ' J^.in ' U , o . c . A coai:.c. \ ccUc H 4 'Impertinent Radiator Covered \ *^ Mhc hi; - dfa th ^=^ n " n = rai , Ur N ^ ·*»« By A Comfortable Window Seat P E A R R E ' S Modern Pharmacy DRUG PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHONE 208 Suggestions for Graduates Strap Watch Cuff n«iV« Waldemars Tie Clasps Wrist Watch Bracelet* Necklace* Bar Pins and Brooches Diamond Rings FOR HIM Scarf Pins Watch Charms Rinr» Military Sets Traveling Set* FOR HER LarslUem Vanity Bap Tatlet Sets Perfume Sets BUI Fold Set* Cigarette Cue* UKblcn Pens and Pencil* Belt and Buckle Sato VaniUw Moth BBC* LwUhtr Sllvenrare Silhouettes Remsberg's Jewelry Store FRANCIS SCOTT KEY HOTEL BLDG. B M \ E G E R Y TAYLOR | A say :i_ido:v easily adapts itself to Ccpxrijht, 193'J. By The McC'ali Com-. ·--.. ^'-dOTV =-at bu* '3- t"e st-aig'"' T .. /^ F °I. T l e ,- VeW V ,. J -nc^"" here Eust "be 'some ~^rt of ·: c E L.t-.lo closet ·aardrotes, t x o feet · d^ jre ps^sible for each end or , ^^.?icisc= in the colonial room the COT.- i?at ot.c:. -: - rac.ator en.-5c^-? . % ,.,^ ,,, a . ^ o .j see on g rej; ,j e benches of its?, cr v ;;·:; I- cf.ers tne :n;-3er men- r-id.2-.3r. helps tnro- the -tea a " ^c^-" 3 ^ *o~ tne s;a: enc^ inere i" _s v.^r.-ed and ^?^r5= sn:-d;e I: t.:e ^.r.tiov seat t- really :: be sat ofT tl:: \ dr2:.^r.:c ?r. t..s u-jhclster} must ae comfortaole F^r -ne t .n;c ·:".:- r; i'ira;c ^pacs · at well a; .n ljr harmony Uni; and -A.rcj.' s:a- ·-.-. er a -f ~_ j: '· k ^_h.on;. -n ^.invlard -A.di'is or made sl:c:r:s co;rs rr.ay se USE- For a '.:ilc = :o order, are easy -.3 buy. Cocton and rooat the -\:r.ic- ;*s m _: -~ ±1 fr = t- ·. := ' f«lt ar; '~\ ;rtte filltnr^ In the fabric. for bso'-:s and tovs. i "atch for durao--;tj* and stmp'fsi color. PLANNING THE EVEEYD YY MEAL BY SISTEK 3I1R\ XEA Stnricc « n t - r the meats for a nMk Then Wl fa i-.vttli poUtoes ccekea in \arious v.ays and ether seisona! cookel vegetables. Xe::t, ?.ork out lunches fcr the «ess. ^S-nj -ap lefi-o\ ers as much as pas- j s.ole and s-:pply:r.s the second protein ! fcod--other than mea:--pro^idjis a.' pro-^ji --s riot se-- eel for breakfast | Then plan the "ireaktas; fnuts and ccreaJs. Take care to avo.d repetilton. i It 7,or.'; cost a bit more to keep sev- ' i ers! dtffertnt kind* of cereals open, j L:S^.; first one kind ?nd then anofner tian to open one box and use it ali up ', before opening another. i In order to include tso ser-.mgs oil , fruir daily, plan fruits for luncheon ' and dinner in the form of cocktails, ' calacs and desserts. Final'y. decide on the salads and dc^rts, breadsiuffs and relishes. ! Ali the t,-a:e joa are planning There are a n_n:c:r "i important visuaLze them. Pay especial factors -tat r.::r. t plann_ns. - :-· contrast, of color and texture. Avoid The ssc and oc_^it_o..3 ^f the ixrsorL-' tism; c-;rs that clash, as beets ana TOvt aro r.'2nn.n; f;r rr;_:t b; ccn- carrois. Take care not to repea; foods sider;d Tr.e ani;^n" c.' rr.c"c. -OJ c - c^tinc-.\e flavor in the day's menu can afrcrd n 5-:e:-d n'.t--..:i-. -nf".. J^ 1 "crking over 'ft-o\ers its a good the choice cf foods t: a gr--- cczrce rlan to skip a day between their on- The ab-L-;.- of th-e coot--v~.-.E:ner ;; be ;mal and second appearances. This ;.o-ir3ef cr sorre-;-ne e-=e--2nd the ! prevents monotony and makes meals araoun" cf help K the kitchen also de- more interesting. clanr.^g of meai3 cec? an a^.rin- i^g problem TZi · r?c; b-ii^e; reru~e« to c£lan^c, * h^3" . ^ . o n e cLshss riave lC5^ thru" cr^m: ".r.~" .-;·-;· "rr ::~.TC; a nav o. ecciin ..s'-r 1 ; ;-.2" ~-s mcr: da- BE WISE--BUY WISE--AND ECONOMIZE AT , S H U L L ' S --AND SAVE THE DIFFERENCE! Fresh Pork Sausage lb 20 c Round Steak »» 18 c Sirloin Porterhouse Steak Pork Loins . . lb - Lard 2 Ibs. 15c Hams lb. 13c Fresh Ground Beef . . . . lb. 25c Smoked Picnic Hams . .. lb. 8 12 c Veal Chops lb. 17c Rump Veal Roast lb. 22c Veal Breast . . lb. lOc Home Made Smoked Sausage lb. 20c Fresh Picnic Shoulders lb. lOc C. JIM SHULL 313 East Patrick St. * Phone 386 E^S--iiiWe Sell Seven Day Coffee; temu-.e -.-.tat vou can ha"e for dinner Go to market; yourself. You will find CKer and. accie :h;s. :h£ needs of the -e :r: P ~ore than repays you for the body n-.U5t be .n e-.pry 21*2. '-nie it. takes in the inspiration it, gives cf the cay. Tho ~elI-cal3Jicec menu io !·""" WITHOUT MORE CLUES imperau'.e an- must con^a.n tnree cns-; fcoc classes First f"-el foods to fttmah '153* and enerry fcr :ne a:tivi- t-ss of the b^dy Foois ncn in sugar Jtarc.i and fat ccrr.e ur.cer ;h_» nea^ Lindbergh Case Investigators Encoun- terial for the bu.lcm; and reoa^r of b;cy t-33Ue. Thccs ar° the foods ncn in protein. Th-rd. 'prctec-r.e' ter Difficulties. this group When it comes N" J , June 2 --Dead ^*ifj^ toaa.y marked tne dogged hunt for the snta-n-n; mineral c:n=truen« sue : slayers o-f the Lmcbergh baoy, ktdnap- :-3o.cs. -~£ from h.s crio three months ago. '.a.e up Tr.e Bronx county grand jury in Ne~ Yor.v. in-.estigatj-.j the payment by Dr. ', niikmc John ?. Condon of the futile 550,000 out. menu; ^n terms cf meat and poia- ' ransom early in April, adjourned TntJi- loes. -anety. eccnomy and personal out date, after hearing the remaining | 'ikes and d_BU-:es cnier ;n'o the pr?b- --itnesses, Trho had an^hingr to t«2 i !err. rbout tne case With tne information j Vcu ~.l. '.· ~ ·':·'." c~ca"r -pr.e.j 't nan; .t s--~ecied apparently only ft; vril! te nch:c". ed ±n^ ;-;_ - ul co i. our John Ds" indictment could bs re- ! planning and ore*TM.~ more com-, turned. j patently an: ec;no~ically .f ;,oj c .t-' Dr. Condon left, h^s Bronx iiome line ycur men--; fcr sc" eral da;.s cr a aga^i tri-s mom_ng '^ith detectives to , is rounds of NeT Jersey cec.^D or ra-er-es in searcn 01 a face UNDAY EXCURSION JUNE Sth FROM FREDERICK TO or WASHINGTON BOUND SO. 2O TF.IP ' ^iaf r. t f r-oo-* -~.2'c? Ret am t.ckets good on .1-1 5 .? H.-clge Ba5.»s :«ai~n; before 1200 SLUE RIDGE LINES r?.- -i» -«t. Phor.s 208 These Summer Shoes F rom KEMP A S Shoe Shop PFf/Z Keep Your Feet COOL and Swart Thru The Summer! · o= MT.SH ·=·:·-: T-. 'Xhite Trtlh n . -ra! -y.lii biscuit ; »:: suck. 54.95 L nl= StTNSKIXS All -h:if. i-al- blaci C--pe P-jre LIKEN ·r ss'.ts An 3 striped» Sl.OO, 51.45 KEMP'S BROADCAST Christian Science Service THIRD CHURCH OF CHRIST. SCIENTIST BALTIMORE. MD Br«3Ch ol The Mother Church. The F^st Church of Christ. Scientist. 13 Boston. MAW. SUNDAY MOSISG June 5, 1932. at 11 a. m., over station WCAO, Baltimore, 250 W L., 600 K. C. Christian Science Serncet wt. be Broadcast the first «n! thir! SU»l»r of n try month H. M. Snyder Funeral Director AND EMBAUMtR EuL(rUlc. Jld. Phone ML Airy Si Also 923 North Market St. Frederick. Id. Phone Frederick 545 REASONABLE PKK t.S We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock SOD Fifth St. at Pa- B- B. Phase 9U. **mmmmmmwmmm iQl NORTH MABKET STREET Sale! SI. 00 Kidette D'Orsay Slippers 79c Blue - RcJ - Black ' SIZES 3 to 8 :J Phone Orders Filled! KEMP'S ;· COR. CHURCH AND MARKET STS. ;· J First in Fashions--First in Value Giving Children's French Voiles And Flowered Dimities DRESSES SOc Children's Silk DRESSES and WOMEN'S SILK TAFFETA Princess SLIPS Popular Lace Trimmed White and Colors. New White Panama HATS New White Summer HAND BAGS REG. 51.90 VALUE · · LOOK COOL, SMART IN A NEW SILK ,« DRESS AND SAVE IN THIS SALE m Women's and Misses I SILK DRESSES « Every style is here . . . sleeve- B less . . . jacket... one and two- !· piece effects! Dresses for day- · time, for spectator sports wear, · for active sports wear, for in- · formal dining . . . and the 5 dressiest of festive occasions! ^m with your eyes open \ ou will probably be better satisfied with your electric refrigerator investment if yon look at all make* before you buy, so ·vets can be snre that yon are getting the most capabk one for yoor use. And in looking at these various makes, it is well to hare ·with von a copy of the Standard Rating Scale --which lists the sixteen major requirements and teDs how to recognize them. Gome in and we wiH give yon a free copy of the Standard Rating Scale. "We shall be glad to have yon check K e l v i n a t o r against it, point by point, and show vou how fnflv Kelvinator complies with eveiv one of tb' sixteen major requirements. A. E. Fisher Stoves. Roofing. and Heating ^462"' Kelvin a t o r m Other New Silk Dresses J $7.95 and $9.75 · NEW, SMART, BEAUTIFUL {SUMMER DRESSES J At A Sale Price That's Many · Times Under Eeal Worth · · Sheer Fabrics . . . as Cool as They · Look! Washable Silks! New Rayon · Weaves! Cotton Mesh Sports Dress- · es! Floral Prints! Dots! Pastel'! ? Navy Blue! Beige! White! " trims - be ^5 - . B v ·- · S3A " ts y . ·!-;" slc»'«cs Si cane cffec-s no cnc W Sizes for "V\ o m e n . Larger Womrn Boys' New Sun . isoys- new ouu - v · « I SUITS 50= Pants S 1CKefS Sh e e r s -- Trt le Sheers -- Prints- Crepes -- Dots -Stripes -- Washables -- E v e r y New Summer Colo r -- W h i t e --- Navy Blue! Sizes for Women, Misses, Larger Women, Half Size* and Junior Misses! Boys' Pure Linen 8 To 17 rjmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmummmmummmmmmmmmammuummmuummmmmmmmmmm*

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