Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 33
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 33

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 33
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Page 33 article text (OCR)

2»A—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL-^ Wednesday Morning. April 9, 1975 Encouraging Birds Can Help Control Insects In Garden HEATHCLIFF By ALLAN A. SWENSON Sooner or later you'll reach ,1 or hilter fruits. But in the ca«,e of blueberries, currents, cher- i-irs and possibly strawberries you may have to u=,e netting to keep out unwanted birds. confrontation \vilh an army of inserts. Organic gardeners have believed (or years thai ihcy could Beneficial Insects - praying control inserts naturally, using man Uses, lady buss, and others j biological an( ^|\[pl ATTION'" t '' an ' 1e '•"" lo wm '^ m sow-! meeha n i r a I Ini L/\l "-^ ! al ways, However once you m e t h o d s .pir.UTppXjsian using insecticides you rlvfllll '" v 'nullify them. In fant. you kill i There's a good bit of truth to that. B i r d s are helpful alhes. They can devour millions nf harmful insects in a season. The ones to encourage are those that flit VICTORY GARDEN around the them along with the destructive iinserl.v ; Frogs, toads and snakes are; ,-ilso part of nature's plan tol achieve proper balance in plant (and insect population, Frogs jncori moist, areas but toads do; i well under many conditions.; jHoili devour hundreds of in-! serls. Snakes are rodent catchers. hedges, fly low over gardens, iobviou'sh. nobody wants a den I and hop through vegelabloi of poisonous snakes around, but j garter snakes, grass snakes andi mnke |others do perform valuable |services, if >cm can stand Ihcm.l insecticides' rows. One simple way to friends with birds is to put in a i S VOU THAR OUT THE CAT FOOP COUPONS AFTCR 1VE RHAPTH £ WPER / " Gen. Weyand Recommends Immediate Vietnam Aid WASHINGTON (AP) -- Army Chief of Staff Gen. Frederick C. Weyand has recommended to President Ford that Congress he asked for at least $500 million in immediate, additional military aid for South Vietnam, State Department sources said Tuesday. The recommendation by Weyand, who returned over the weekend from an inspection trip to South Vietnam, would increase by $200 million the aid being sought by the administration for the Saigon government, Weyand reportedly told Ford and Secretary of Slate Henry A. Kissinger that the South Vietnamese army is still capable of fighting and if given the necessary aid could hold off further North Vietnamese attacks. The general also told the administration leaders that with-j joul. the half billion dollars inj mew military aid. the current Saigon regime probably cannot survive for more than a few months. In the meantime. Sen. Henry M. Jackson, n-Wash.. said Tuesday informed shources had told him of secret agreements between the United States and South Vietnam. ]n a Senate speech, Jackson called on the administration to release the contents of the agreements, which presumably uromiscd American military intervention the North Vietnamese seriously violated the 1973 Paris peace accords. Slate Department spokesman Robert Anderson has said that "I am unaware of any secret agreements." However, he said he had not checked (he Jackson claims with Kissinger. Weyand appeared in secret , uesd " y " ous * a " d , bef ° re both Se , nale h ' S c °'- Tenth In A Series bird bath. Make sure you keep it filled with fresh, clean water. Drinking water is also important. You would be surprised how scarce drinking water can be for birds, especially in dry periods. Many birds have mixed appetites, eating seeds as well as Naturally-derived also work well. So do some] flowers that repel insects. Thenj there's good old hand-picking of beetles and bugs. Elimination of weeds also helps, since that deprives many insecls of their initial host crops before they invade your garden. Manure Processing Plant Opens HEREFORD (Special)—A manure processing plant, the largest of its kind jn the world, opened doors to Tuesday afternoon Funny thing -- insects prefer southwest of here, diseased or unhealthy plants. 1 By regular use of balanced for-j rhe public line, seven miles! The near Summerfielrj and is silual-lyear to build, was not revealed, ed adjacent to a feedlot operat-| The heart of the BioCon plant ed by United Beef Producers, is a pair of vats, each approxi value of the 30,0(10- Tl ? e inCo " Divisit " ot Searlp He told reporters following the Senate committee testimony that if sufficient aid is received the South Vietnamese will fight. "There's no question about that in my mind," the general said. "I told the committee the South Vietnamese were under mately 400 feet long. The two! very heavy pressure and that a vats can be loaded with up to crisis point had been reached [square-foot pjant 1 _\vhichj.o£ik_a 3,-iOO tons O F pulveri/ed manure.I for the survival" of South Viet Dentisl To Al GC Banquet The waste is spread in vats where blowers force effective pesticides to! . seels when little long way. For a copy Ihejnam, Weyand added. air His inspection tour indicated through the material lo slimu- he went on, that "a crisis of late bacterial activity. On the I confidence and morale" is the average, a period of six to! lar sest part of the problem in| I eight days in the vats is suffi-j'he Southeast Asian nation. Icienl to complete the conver-i When asked if the Saigon The process solves an envi-! ABERNATHY (Special)—A J sion of manure to "Tillee/." forces could survive without ad- in.jronmerUal problem of cattleman Marcos dentist will enter-i The soil conditioner will bej rill - lorlal military aid, the goner- nnly Jfeedlots while creating a prod-:tain at the annual Abernathy 'available in hulk to area farm-' 3 ' replied: "No. thpv rannnt " agriculture supply million in appropriated aid, meaning that there is no more money available for spending in Vietnamese assistance. According to this information $468 million has already been spent, another $57 million in equipment is on the way to South Vietnam and the Pentagon has just obligated the last $175 million available. State Department sources indicated doubt that Weyand's recommendation would be passed on to Congress by Ford in view of the overwhelming opposition apparent on Capitol Hil) to any ma.jor new military assistance for Saigon. Various members of both the House and the Senate have spoken against giving Vietnam any new military aid and it appeared certain that the original request for $300 million was doomed. One State Department official said, "Kissinger would be laughed right out of the building if he went to Congress and said Saigon can be saved if we spend just another half-billion. The only way Henry can get any money at all will be if Saigon's men finally find their backbones and beat back the North Vietnamese with what they already got." Meanwhile, the Ford administration was pressed in the Senate to boost relief aid for Vietnamese war refugees both the North and the South. Sen. Hubert Humphrey, D- direct representation' be made to the Viet, to areas held by' forces is being Minn., urged that a ban be liFt-iChiefs of Staff. ed banning aid to Hanoi, and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-. Mass., said Ford should dispatch a special representative; to Vietnam lo negotiate for the' safety of refugees in areas cap- 1 lured by Ihe North Vietnamese." Kennedy said either . the' United Nations should be used or a should Cong. Robert Miller, deputy assist-, ant secretary of state, told the' senators the question of huma- nitairan aid Communist studied by the National ity Council. ', Miller said Ford would deal' with Ihe matter in his state of> the world speech lo Congress^ Thursday night. He added the! United Stales has moved quick-; ly lo provide shipping for refu-! gees in the face of a deteriorat-- ing military situation. ,' Administration officials Informed members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee- lhat the South Vietnamese, army has "a chance," with' more U.S. military aid. to de-. fend Saigon and the Mekong. Delta area. The assessment was provided- at a closed door briefing, members said, by Philip Habib, as-^ sistant secretary of state for Asian Affairs, and .Ma.j., John R. D. Cleland, a member of the Joint East Gen. staff . . USP insecticides nnly "eediots white creating a prod-:tam at the annual Abernathy n they arp really needed. A; 1 '^ of va lue lp farmers. accord-Chamber of Commerce Banquet rrs through i -- repeat, little goes aj in £ to Dr. William C. Hack-ell, j Thursday. April 17. -distributors. general manager of the BioCon nf my new bonk. send name, adflress and check Dr. Charles Jarvis will ad- i . Division and developer of the! dress the banquet, set concept. jp.m. in the Abernathy at 7:30 schools the porcupine fish can inflate itself with water or of a total of . •—.-, .• 1 . * _. -. JCtu 03 >-\ cii do WIC UUltl II L/m •"•""^A itsv nilU t |r»3 dllUl CititU R , e , n '?, T * n rn fi r't?' cattle manure ' The plant. whlchl«vic gatherings throughout the RON- 18!) nr-pt. A. nndm C ly | wj)i emp) ]1M5 persons . , s M . state. Station, New \nrk, >.\. 10019. \ ie d to cle abou| igoooo , Tickets ,„ ,,,. u 1 .„ Allow three weeks for delivery. l to 2rjo .ooo tons of feedlot waste ; S5. They vear. or monny order fnr SI .SO (plus! The BioCon plant will remove cafeteria. 25 cents poslaec) In "Inflation ! hai , mfu , organisms and weed Jarvis is characterized as MglUorsMctory^Oiir.len. ^jseed as well as the odor from humorist and h»s address Capl. Charles Buie Miami Seaquarium. Jt for the banquet are [reach a length of eight feet lOJcal year! may be obtained at inches and the sharp spines j Meanwhile, sources said that As a family, member of the puffer eplied: "No, they cannot. Weyand is seeking to increase the total of American military aid to Vietnam for the current fiscal year to SI. 2 billion. Congress so far ha s appropriated about S700 million out U billion it had administralion had originally asked for SI.4 billion in can arms aid for Saigon for this fis- ,, r . , . , .- «. t : Gimlemnj: hangup* I The new facility is off U.S. SO member. tde chamber off ice.or from any covering its body are but. not poisonous. painful the oblis Defense :ntert the Department last of the had S700 Temperatures To Climb In City Today .V,T News Ser\-lce» Texas weather improved Tuesday but, not bpfnre heavy M ins friggeiTd minor lowland fhodlng and funnrl clouds danced through jome section. 1 ; of the siorm-weary slate Thunderstorms spawned by a southbound ro!d front, spilled three ai?d four in<-h rainfalls across North Centra! Texas. Lesser amounts fell in South Texas. Tornado funnels spotted in Southeast Texas, north of Houston. near Liberty and near Hampshire caused no damage. In Luhbock. « here [unnrl clouds roamed and high wind* lashed (lie cify with wind and hail the previous night, ihinas were calm. Winds were gustv (n near r,o mph but. skies were clear anr! the thermometer climber! In HI degrees following an early morning low of 35 deerrr>. The forecast for Lubhock calls for partly cloudy skies and warmer today wild a high in the upper 60s and low tonight in the middle -40s w i I, h southwesterly winds 14 to 2-1 mph. A new cold front pushing inio the South Plains on ThuWlav will bring rlouriine?s and a chance of rain, forecasters said. Elsewhere in the nation a new storm swept central and eastern Montana in \\-hai. weaih- ermen labeled a "severe blizzard." A weakening Pacific front fanning across (he upper plains toward Wyoming, (he Dakota* and Minnesota spread moisture tn the form of record snowfnlls. Snow banked up to 21 inches deep in Great Falls. Mont . breaking the previous record by 3 inches. The storm blocked roads. closed schools and livestock losses across area of Montana Continental Divide. a vast of the LUBBOCK AVAI,AVOIf;..10l RNAL VORSIVi Hcvrninc Cillion of Thr I.uhhncV AMlin^hr- Jnurnal Printed alSth jnilA^pcue .1 I.uhhorV, Trus ':SUI. P.O. Box 4SI. I'honf T6MUI. Sf- <ond Clan po$l»g^ p^id ll l.uhhnrk. Tetil. HOMF, DELIVERY Bv Thr MnnlK llnrninj. E^fning, Sunday ..................... JV?S HorninR i Sunday ....... . ......................... "> VI I.vfnmj, Saturday, Sundiy ...................... J w Morning Only ................................ • ....... 3 W E»f nine. Saturday Only .......................... ? M Sunday »ilh Daily SI. !H-8< l»v ................ I !» SO iundajOnl>-SI ,l? + »t rav.. MAILSLBSCRIPTIONS 1 Yr «Mn. .IMn. 1 M« Horninf* Sunday ....... MI.MIH.nn JI8.M Jl i» Ei«nlnI*Sundav ...... tfM :l on l!,00 ( Wl JlornlncOttly ............. ».M I .».«!) ».» 3M r,venmiOti[y ............. 1VI1 177(1 >-f> -^ JundayOnly .............. 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