The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 11, 1948 · Page 7
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 7

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1948
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY-REGISTER, BARRIBBURGj ILL. WEDNESDAY, FERRUAlUMl, 19-18 Signal Received PAGE SEVBN \r.w vul{K ' , Museum of Art "'"'·" 1 ,| 1 ( M H,rt for HH7 w year 2.1C»,700 By Fred Harmon RED RYDER so THAT MOIAW KID THINKS HOUt OUT ON "DONrOA f?lW6 HE'LL TELL f\6 WHERE H£ HlP 5 O S 0) A SHIPS SMOKESTACK WHEN) THE VJ1RELE55 WAS 1' expansion of |latlii*| Tin- National LuaKUt? profession* iiu'tal working industries lias ^lil increahinu demand Cor cutting tools for plastics and :,oft metals. ul Imketball record for scoring In a MiiKle game i «^» ?', i l by the Chi- ca«o Hears in 1045 when the tcatn mode !Kt point*. in Sofia B R O A D F O R M insurance at a Saving ABNER A Chippendale Oft the Old Blockhead B y A I C a p p . , i u - for ;«/ if you «" j", . M . " ' " accident as driver. ' n|U , r or pedestrian. Strong com- u- ,,Jion.wiJc service, scrn.- a , nd ino , ncy MVlce farm plan. 110:. ital Webster 1'honc 33CK2 KHI'RESEN'TING insurance Compan THOS. D. GREGG Colj1 - -id R.-.stwcd OpwmtUlst Second Floor Gregg Bldg. -. -« ::'.V cr 265R or Appointment M O N U M E N T S A N D M A R K E R S m;ULASTlXG BEAUTY ' AND MK3IOUY ADAMS M O N U M E N T CO. 202 Dst Poplar 1'honc 118611 Thurmond Adams, Prop. or --AND NOW LET'S LOOK OVER THE LAYOUT OP THE i r FFUL SArC-BElfJG GUARDED BY-YOU FEAPLESS FOSDICK.' VOU'RE THE WORLD'S GREATEST DETECTlVE. r . r DOMINATED . THU FIRST BALLOT, -AND THEM WE'LL CARRY YOU IM THIS CHAIR// MINUET DENT CHIPPENDALE.' FOSDICK-DURIW3 THE NATIONAL CONVENTION HEPE--YOU WILL ACT AS PERSONAL TOW THAT GALL.AMT, CCOR AGEO'JS MARMALUKE MINUET .1 PUT THAT GUN AV/AV-ANJ ATTENTIO DEKTY ^CONVENTION HALL-- Boom Goes Gold Go-Go ALLEY OOP Hf^:KNOCKING TXs K*£BCrP Finals fUa? It Complete Stock of Washer and Radio Tarts P-cr::'. C'rvice On Repairs Robson Radio Electric Service 2:6 E Per'-' Phcw 174R1 oE?s e c-r-raia Louis, 1st round. Bob Holder, field. Eldorado TKO over Wallace Souther, Scott Field, 1st round. James Allen, Scott Field, dccisioned Dominic Longo, Scott Field. Leonard Ridings, Green- · viiie. knocked out Sam Belmer, Scott Field. 1st round. ! In the 175-pound novice class: Harold Matheny, Centralia, deci- · C E N T R A L f A . 111.. i'Vo. _11--i (I'.il*--FiiKil boutr v.ore ^cneciuiec* ^loneu .ueiy v^uvs, .JV.UCL *. i^m. i^viunuv »tn. t»»vi v.^\- v^. v..~ , « in both, the nouce and jn the open heavyweight class: University of Iowa Hawkeyes, led! 5 Oih annual Felix Giobonev. Centralia, TKO the Big Nine conference basket- _ open classes in the lOi Southern Illinois Felix Giobonev. Centralia, TKO Glove-s over John Munion, Greenville, o . , , tournrmert being hold at Central-'2nd round. Ralph Ensing, Belle- ia gymnasium al'ter f i f t e e n more v i!!e TKO over Donald Cross, Car- boxers were elirriipaied in the bondale, 2nd round. second nmht's round of fights. Winners in the Centralia tour- Fuller Brushes Phone 678 , u ~\ o.-\ , ,, ; .,,,,.;, o H - S S - ncv will be the Southern Illinois rJ/'h v° v^l';."V- Sntnl?.' entries in the Goldn Gloves tour- I'oocho ^V±: 0 ;;;. r , C p^ St' nsment of champions to be held .Jo.»n Johns. r.jt CK. . . _ . 00 0 /i ...,,i o=; kncc-:a roiuul. Over The Fashion Palace ME SERVICE Louis', ist . . Vandal in, d-joioned Lukes. KjM. St. Louis. In the 147-pound ncvice class: Albert Staiib.«. UolleviUe. -clcci- Montd Dun ^Koenig. Belleville. Irvin Thatch. E:i-t Sr. Louis won by forfeit ft or. 1 . · Don Reeves, Albert Slaub, Belleville, knocked out Lltnd Smith. East St. Louis. 2nd lound. In li.e 160-pound no\ ice class: Leonard Ridings. Grconvilie. do cisioncd \Ycslvy Zei-'er, Gene ilubtr. »* Chicago Feb. 23, 24 and 25. Richard High School Basketball Scoies By United Press Carbondale 54, Du Quoin 29. Xabhville 63. Chester 52. Pana 56. Kincaid 30. Pinckneyville 39. Sparta 29. Jlurphysboro 51. Anna-Jones- (Editor's Note: Hack in Sofia lor the first time since just after the war. Ann Stringer draws aside the Iron Curtain in the following dispatch lor a look at Bulgaria--then and now.) By Ann Stringer United 1'icss Correspondent SOFIA. Feb. 9--(Delayed)--r.K i - The balding, stocky run with blind eye paused for a qui/- /ical moment before he answered ir.y question. 1 had talked with him in Augu t. Ifi45. when he was premier ;.i.ct tin- Bulgarians were in the r.irtst oi an election campaign. Soviet Links \vc-re in the street then. On them were banners exhoitin-; tin people to vote for the father- Innd front. Kimon Georgiev, then premier Mid now minister ot elcctriiica- lion, listened attentively to my . question--did he think there wa- ... much freedom in Bulgaria today as when I was here last? By V. T. Ham'iin Only One Program · Xo," he answered bluntly. "We cannot permit 3, our type of freedom in Bulgaria because of tiu geroiib international situation." I asked him what future he saw t I r his own party, the Zveno party. He replied: "Of course we have only one piogram and one aim--tliut ol i he "fatherland front." On my last trip here, there were poliiicaf parties outside the five in the fatherland front. One of them was the opposition Agrarian party, led by Nikma Pctkov. lie \\as "executed for treason last summer, and his long unmarked grave- now has a plain wooden cross at the head. Then there an opposition pi ess. Mow there is none. There is only one youth orgai.i- 7:.tion for the country, one v omen's club, one culture club for all Everj thine; Xationali'/od All industry, banking, small busi- r-es--- and farming have been na- tionaii/ed. The government alone can buy I'rom the peasant, paying^ a set p'uce for produce and resell- 1 inc, it! For instance, the govem- .ocnt monopoly buys wine from, the grape growers at 40 to 53 leva' C5 to'25 cents) a bottle and re;.M.!is it at 230 leva. | i Sofia looks grini. It suffers from a sooty fog piiri smoke--sinou, it SPR'NGFIELD. I l l , Fob H-- v'scd to be called in the s.ates-- '".I:--Tht Flying Clouds an- back under the shadow of snov.-eovt?rea v» -- -- --.--- -- - - i rv. r |[ip ijrsL ti^e in !'· vear.; \itocha si'.ountuin. big evening ran his total to 177 J ThA ,-nton TownshTo S-h : C l"oo Theic is only one '.ii^.1 club Mclnlyre. on the other hand. 1 , .,.'°' np1 ^p c d the "ate 1 T-h 'choo 1 i" the whole city of Sofia--ihc was held to a meager 13 points ^ e n U c d the -, e »»» ^' 3 J , bulous Asloria . wilh an Air/iri . Jf^ithlr^ Sg 1 " 0 ' Cnd ^l«SSTMl Sg^^howed^day. cpn style swing band and a famous Theoretically," if" Mclntyre and Wier continue at the same pace the Minnesotan will come out on top at the season's end by a 22 or 23 point iViargin. Mclntyrc Average Higher Wier has been connecting for A PERMANENT VACATION FROM THIS- t I * V Whis.k through a pile of clothes in less than one-half the time it takes hand ironing. Never once use a hand iron because Ironrite guarantees you will be able to iron everything. See how these exclusive features, tii-o usable open ends, cast iron shoe, ironing points, forming/ board and central support make Iron rite the simplest and fastest ironer for even a beginner to use. Phone for a free home demonstration or see Ironrite on display at-- E^ZCTRIC CO. Phone 37 HARKISBU5G, ILt/NO/S ·* i. 1- r 1,1 *«a *iinvnv"») \_.w.»*,»«--.« ? ««-- CrIICAGO, r CM. 11---- vu.t.' ISJ( ed ^lery Giles. Scott Field, i Murray Weir, the "eye" of t h e ' ; the Big Nine conference basket-, ball scorers again this week, tak-, ing over from ^Minnesota's Jim i Mclntyre, who still clung dog-| gedly to second place. i Wier. Iowa's five foot, nine inch i forward, scored 34 points against Illinois Mondav night, almost half ( of his team's total of 70. The ·y Ptef T S'-oH boro 39. , ,,,, _,. Field Sam Burner. Scott Field,; Tilghman of Paducah 38, Me- knockcd out Obra Poc. East St. tropolis 3o. Keaster KUET Upholstery Cleaning 503 W. South St. Phone 859R Harrisburg Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Dealer Venetian Blinds COLLECTIONS · ihx* ri: ;,-· accounts, notes and tod '·:« *.th ^ v.t celled frcn anycnc, any- "·. 3T ; -· N'o collection, no charge! M. D. Nesler Collection Agency 1 302 E. Walnut Phone 113 AS- Lkyd_L. Parker's \Vill make any room in your home more modern- more attractive! T C1CI \. team irin°s showed toaay. can siyie swing uauu o.m « !».»»».. cnt'orcd'ii: the Chica^. fioor si.ow. And there^ is only·one U. Si the "Flying Ciouds v.eni all the' \.-t-y to the final game before « s - ; C | r g ing" stopped by Springfield. Th.u i6 S3i set a record of three consecutive; a 22.1 point average over cignt ap pcarances in the state eharnpion- of the 12 game schedule, while f f,r oame tie(! last year by Cham-. Mclntyre is dropping them in at ^^ '' ; Sa2 » ^82 ' fo7Ms Si fr^gnV^d'wS ! ^ £t^?%rmo^..^ 88 points in his last for- TM«'-· totals, based on present JTtfclSSTM 288 ^ 265 " m i a N U 1 irilcnl c ^P ctition " !aVe%mTenth"Teadin 3 th.e confer , Not too far off the pace to b e 1 Lipe resigned as athletic chrcc-' encc race w ith five wins and no j completelv disregarded are Dick tor and basketball coach last tail| dc r ea ts. have one of the-r hardest, sSttker of Ohio State a n d ; and was succeeded by T. B. wud : ; tasks 6r lhc season facing them | Dwight Eddleman of Illinois have tipped in 12_5_points nn 3\*f^i*ri*^G OL lO ·) v»"**'**\^«j «»»-«-w» --·- -- ^_, Viifc ^, »,_ -- -w -Eddleman had almost as big a lour.d of the Bloom regional. , Thc Leathernecks arc noft one MOTSINGER AND ROSE Bonds and Insurance IT'i S. MAIN ST. Phone G55R ' '·'·-- ""· J. E. "Pf.*" Rovr . D. A. LEHMAN EYE, EAR. NOSE, THROAT Glasses I'ittcd 203 NV-rth Vine Street 1--Harrisburg Hospital GOODRICH TIRES Passenger. Truck, Tractor HARRISKVRG TIKE KATTERY K. Poplar Terms 174R1 Insurance Harker Mitey ""1 ANTE AGENCY ,. COUNTY (HEI)IT BUREAU CREDIT REPORTS INVESTIGATIONS iv..!?"· I : CTION SERVICE *~ Phone 67S Optfatoo" cords pats ov troublt-prool 200 GsHons Gasoiine Gzrease Job Battery -· Meal Ticket HO OBLIGATION TO BUY Tickets Given to Auto Owners Only For Visiting Our Stations. For SEE US Snforrsiofson B 7 i Cletcher and Sivok South Main and Raymond ·II 6s IS S*J of the hottest teams m ti:«- conference and it will take o\xn n-ore , Maroon finesse to top then: than i it did to defeat the Huskies o f 1 Xorlhern Illinois State ·iwscr.ers | Collcce last Saturday night m .ar-; bond?!e. 51-39. ' \It»r a noor early season, the . Western Illinois Leathernecks have i suddenly revived into a hignly ( tcnt "outlit. handing ,orthern., . Equality. Carrier Mtns. . . . no way and Muddy toaay were still ^ night as Wier when the two met Monday, the Illinoian scoring 24 points to pace the losers. Bill Sticklen. leading his cellar-dwelling Northwestern quintet, stood fifth from the top with a 117 total, followed by Bob Cook. Wisconsin. Ill: Dick Axness Purdue. 95: Don Rchfeld'. Wisconsin. 83: Don Rittcr. Indiana, 79. and Bob Harrison of Michigan with 74. Buckeyes Lead in Points While Wisconsin and shared the conference lead moment, it was Ohio State, down play. secern* \\r.t: i-.i^. .---»«-«··· - - . --;=·--- 'at the bottom of the ladder, which Galatia won its first game, but s t ra isht caine.s. i.rir.sir.g their sea- amassed the greatest point to'.ai. bowed before Muddy, which had 5on -C rcc0 ru to 16 wins agninst or:A The Buckeyes stood on top wi?h drawn a bye. in the game . v;o defeats. . 451 points topping Iowa's 445. i ast n j g i, t . jj 0 », olborn. Flora. v,ns aii-im- Illinois' 432 and Wisconsin's 421. x c -, ms other than Galatia that , PO rtanl in '«':·'- Southern \ictor UnfortunatQK- for Ohio State its wcrc ~ eliminated yestcrd?y were o -, cr the Mu'-kic^. Playing almost basket was lull most of the time shawncetown. Domi-vil'-C. Ral- ihc c'.tne u:nr.'.- Col:x-rn s ··aiuc too as its opponents ran up the c ^ h apd O maha. to the vr- v;-slly -..v.i-c j...-.i greatest number of points scored TJ]C j olirncv ^tar'-cd yesterday ^c is r« ; '- 11; " c - corc( V '- ;I " S '·' "* TM . . . nn^riC TilnV- _sr _.. i « ,,,..,,. .,,,,,,, . _ , ,, , . ,. ,..-omis'iv: yu:i2 cc:v .leaders with 399 points, t h e n ' " --.-came Minnesota. 3S4: 358: Indiana, 336. and with 319. The Big Nine standings: Ton its 6 p. m. second \\inring greatest n u m e r o poins sc Thc . ournc y j,iar:e« y e s e r a y ^c is r« ; '11; " jagainst any team-- 491. afternoon with three -.amcs »lny- dicalc. 1 Northwestern followed the four ^ bcforc niuht f a ii. hi these. Ga- j ac jj Lons. j- ints, then lalia , rouncc( i shawncetown. 42 (er . r .i r0 of Kior?. gave a crtfit;««ic Purdue. . ,, 1.^,3]^.,- tripped Dorris- ^ Su' ,-tiMUnu :^r e.-.p.. Michigan ^,, ^ to 25." and Corner Mills (j i!t .r,tin Stin'son of Kliorado ovcnvhclmcd Ralcish. 40 to 10. v .. as , n dancer of fouling out. the O? Last night Kid^y eliminnlcd ^iJc. ,!x Team Wisconsin Iowa i Michigan 1 Purdue j Illinois "Minn. ' Indiana tphio State ! Newest. W 6 6 4 4 4 3 2 O 4* 2 L 2 2 3 4 4 j* t 6 6 Pet. .667 .571 .500 .429 .333 .250 .250 . l 08 Omaha. 26 to 19. and uu:dy a ;;of , f i accoun. 4^5 42? knocked out G,3nti., 30 to 1, j Jr- . i I r C ^ f. r 310 358 432 384 336 451 399 St. r, -- ,:,TS need not be measured by , :" A'hs»i you use .. ar Your Windows . . M-.K John B. Owen, J. P. ' = N M a m Phone C53AV S tc ' Or Drivers' License, -cuons, Deeds or Mortgages. IVCOV.E TAX GolotiG Defeats EWorado, 50-44, In Overtime Game Galatia last night defeated F.I evening dorado. SO to 44. in an overt W basketball game played at Grta- n Ua. The score was tied. 42 Jo -52. at the cud of the regulation ptay- iing tame. The came was very 295 High point man of the tir.-l ba^ 355 round was 5!ij.ains of G«l?ta i/uruv- 43T. who scored 24 points in the (.a- cr csp^' P,S2 3alia-Sha\vncctov.n samf. .«ic ]-.inn1iJ)r. 320 came back to .score l i apainst .Vcx !·-. 491 Muddy. Hickcy of Muddy scoicd ,-cw-.r ^ 439 21. Culbrcath oi Ouncr M.lh IS Lon- ::.'.!.!and Kirb-.- of Ridi.-.vay 15 ;ar.d C.Mt.t- Thc cfni*finals v.:ll be played' lonidht. with C.'irncr Mills and Rid"way plcAing at G 30 and Muddy and* Equality mcdinu at 7:4r,. Finals will be pl::cd rnday v ^ ,.."if ! ; J''d- h .-. rvo c-'i"- ... . i rn:' or- :IT'. \\o-. rn'nV.lort, v.o .T,', vMfl ··· i-'lir:». '.VI I oniire 6 p. m. 12c and 35c FORT \\'A\ NK. In :. at home. She 1,0', tb-- Index " YVOHKE D2 CASIO HK 3LTTH Miners Refuse to Work Thursday 2 p. m. -- 12c end 35c Showing M t n p me to down The Mark of Zorro j r . . . from tlcur the slinfi jtcam lo »r.o:i tV ««i:y, rt ~,s., /*,- vo P'ccnr.e.1 u of Eldorado !high scorer with 19 points Kara TYRONE POWER

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