Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 27, 1962 · Page 15
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 15

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 27, 1962
Page 15
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Slanted Oil Well Hearing Begins By PINTS MOTHERSHEAD proved hone dry-but next door DALLAS (AP) — Lawmakers to acreage containing established sought today to determine who|P°ols. Primarily the probe con- stole millions of dollars by angling oil wells underneath somebody else's property. Teaming with Atty. Gen. Will Wilson, the Texas House General Investigating Committee called nearly 100 witnesses to a hearing. Wilson and the Railroad Commission have been inquiring since April into a mushrooming scandal. The Federal Petroleum Board also has been gathering evidence. Wilson estimated $10 million a month in pirated oil is involved. He said there is reason to believe at least one well has produced stolen crude for a dozen years. Investigators have found several wells pumping oil on leases LC Child Hit by Car At Hackberry cerns the vast East Texas Field and others in the same area, where well spacing rules did not make slant-hole drilling costs prohibitive. Test crews report discovery of 118 such crooked holes, deviating more than the legal maximum of three degrees from verticle, in the East Texas Field; nine in the Hawkins Field in East Texas; and one in the Webster Field near Houston. A suspected well is being checked in the Quitman Field. The Railroad Commission severed pipeline connections for all wells on eases where one or more violates the law. This left 538 wells with a daily allowable of 9,311 barrels, worth about $3 a barrel, without market outlets. The state has sued for penalties nf $1,000 a day against operators of several leases found to contain illegally slanted wells. Some owners who suspect the siphoning of oil from underneath their properly by neighbors have filed civil damage suits. t .u* ni, i • t i i Tlie committee hearing is t h c Lake Charles tot was in a jfirst move toward a CCm1 p rehen . Texas, hospital with sive public airing of who drilled A Beaumont, serious injuries today after being slanted wells and who profited. , .. , • _. • ... : =• MOIIICU wens mm wnn promeu. hit by a car on State Highway 27 Lawyers say court dctcrmination south of Hackberry Sunday after-! of darnage to royalty owners noon. He is Tcrrence Lee LeBlanc, could take more than lion. a gcnera- to West Calcasieu-Camcron hospi tal in Sulphur after the 2 p.m. accident. He was later trans- Troopcrs said the accident happened on Slate Highway 27 about four miles south of Hackborry. 3. of 1704 Second street. He is the: wilsnn joined David Witts gen . son of Mrs. Dclores LcBlanc. j cra] counsel for the i eRis i a tive State police said he was taken group, in questioning witnesses. Witts has been the principal architect of assorted other probes. ----- :---• --- •— —-- Two years ago the House Com- fcrred lo a Beaumont hospital for: m ju Pe delved into vice and ; treatment of a skull fracture, of-! breakdown in local law enforce ficers reported. mcnt at Amarillo. A county judge resigned and voters replaced two other officials. The same committee aired The child ran from tali weeds at charges of links between pence the roadside into the path of a car ! officers and organized gambling driven by Butler A. Young of 4327: nnd prostitution in Beaumont and Sarver street here, police said. Port Arthur. Both cities fired their police chiefs and a district attorney resigned. Ouster procced- incrs against a sheriff are pending. Rep. Charles Ballman of Borger is chairman of the House croup. Other commiUeemen are Reps. Dcwitt Hale of Corpus Chris CHICAGO /AP) - The National ti. Bill HoIIowell of Grand Saline. Safely Council estimated Saturday, Mcnlon Murray of Hnrlingen and that between 410 and 490 Amen- S. II. Picratt of GiddinRs.' cans could be killed in traffic ac-! • cidonls during the 73-hour Labor Day holiday weekend. The council said another 16,000 to 20,000 persons could suffer disabling injuries during the period from 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 31, to midnight Monday, Sept. 3. The estimales are based on the council's records. Labor Day Death Toll May Claim 490 Americans U. S. Commission Defects A -Tests By Soviet Union WASHINGTON (AP) — The — _ — , Alomic Energy Commission re- Council records show that dur-i ported that the Soviet Union set Ing a comparable 78-hour, nonhol- ! off twm nuclear lests in the at- iday period at this time of year ' mosphere Saturday. 330 persons are killed and 13,000' One blnsl was in the Novaya suffer disabling injuries. . | Zemlya area in the arctic and the A total of 386 persons lost their; other in the Semipalatinsk lest lives in traffic accidents during j site in central Siberia, the 1%1 Labor Day period. j The arctic explosion was described as having a force of several megatons, rqual to (lie blast of several millions tons of TNI'. The AKC snid the one in Siberia was of low yield. This would indicate a blast equivalent of less LEGAL NOTICEY SHERIFF'S SALE Fourteenth Judicial Dlslrld Courl, ParKh of Calcosleu, Stalp nf Louisiana. The Equllonle Life Assurancp Society of the Uniicd Staffs, vs No. 55.V03, Charles J. Hoffpaulr, cl til. By virtue of n writ of Seizure and Sale Kiucd and to me directed hy the Honorable Court aforesaid. I hnve sclrod and than 2(1.000 tons of TNT. The AEC said both explosions . will offer for sale at public auction to ' ,, i , c. , , the lasl and highest bidder without the ! OCCUlTCCl early Saturday. benefit of appraisement, at the court house door ol this parish In the city of Lake Charles, parish of Calcasleu, on Wednesday, August 27th, 1762, between legal hours, and storting at 10:00 a.m. Ihe following described property, lo-wlt: Lot thirteen (13) of Block Seven (7) of Wcslfleld Addition; Plat No. 2 to Sulphur, Louisiana, a subdivision In the Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (SW/4 of SW/4) of Section Thirty-four - — •• "*-"—< ..." -«»A / - *i -,* (34), Township Nine (9) South, Range < foot tllC thf Lihbv sink StinrHv Ten (10) West, Louisiana Meridian as i >' U C . * ' SnllK &unclav per plat recorded In Plat Book 10, paae 188, of the records of Calcosleu Parish, Louisiana. Seized under said writ. Terms: Cash on day ol sale. H. A. REID, JR., Sheriff, Calcasleu Parish, La. Sheriff's Office, Lake Charles, La., July 25th, 1962. CAVANAUGH, HICKMAN, BRAME and HOLT, Crewmen Saved When Tug Sinks NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A 41- PAP/ THE ONLY SICK I AM MOW, IS HOMESICK.? TAKE ME BACK TO MIPVtLLETOWY' I DIDN'T MEAN IT L-LIKE t SOUNPfP. HONEST. DONDI HE PE*S!3 THE ORPHANAGE SEARCH OP HIS BACK- GROUNO MISHT PERHAPS THE POCTOR WILL PERMIT HIM TO TRAVEL. COURSE OF HIS LIFE.' | MON., AUGUST 27. 1%}, Ufa ClrarlM AiMrtcnn trm JJ l *NASON ON EDUCATION Student's Creed For New Term IT'S FUNNV MOW A GUV£ FAVORITE DISH FITS HIS PERSONAL!?/. FOR INSTANCE, SAK6E LOVES CRAS MEAT j 8-27 BEETLE BAILEY GENERAL LIKES HEAP CHEESE, KILLED KEEPS ASKiSJS FOR lSL SCOUT COOKIES MO THEN THERE'S BEETLE. HE ALWAYS WANTS NUTS ON EVERYTHING July 25. Aug. 27. Attorneys for Plaintiff. near the mouth of the Mississippi river, bul the Iwo crewmen were picked up by a passing crew boat. The tug was owned by Brown & Root. Construction Co. of Venice, La. The Coast Guard said cause of the sinking was not determined immediately. 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RICH WAIT INSURANCE COMPANY OF VIRGINIA SINCE 1871 CAS5IE TELLS CRISPIN' THAT THEIft PIVORCE. WAS ILLEGAL... ...ANDI'PBE NEVER LIVE WAITING- FOR WITH YOU.'I'LL FINDASYOU WHEM CRIME THAT RATES YOU SOT SOLITARY CONFINEMENT/' OUT. ITS _ DUTY... COMMIT t IT/ GOOD-BYE, \ I WON'T BE JOHN.HAVE ABLE TO HELP NICE TRIP//IT,THINKING OF CRISPIN ANC7 CA5SIE. MARRIEP. |THEY 5AY MARRIAGES ARE MADE HEAVEN... ON STAGE ...I WOULDN'T HAVE CHOSEN THAT LOCALE FOR THIS MARRIAGE. BUT IM \liV«i 6LAD TO SEE THAT THERE'S SOME "" JUSTICE IN THE PLACE ITHMS MAPE. JITH THE-BRUSH BROUGHT TO HEEL.TRACY WELCOMES WITH PLEASANT ANTICIPATION WORD THAT HIS OLD FRIEND DIET SMITH'WANTS TO TALK TO HIM. VES, TRACY. I HAVE SOMETHING I THINK YOU'D LIKE TO SEE. DICK TRACY ^ NOU BRING IT TO HEADQUARTERS? ARE VOU?"ASKS TRACY. TESTING GROUNDS ADJOINING MY MAIN .FACTORY;' EXPLAINS DIET SMITH. 1 ~ ——•""" K ~-. { IM ALL MY YEARS in \ CIRCUS AND CARNEY SHOWS. •J J NEVBR SAW ANYTHIMq S^JTQ MATCH IT/ ^ v WWN-VV vv*. \ \vwvvv ORPHAN ANNIE Y'MEAN PEE WEE AN'ELWOOD MAKIN 1 UP? AFTER BEIN'SO OEALOUS AN 1 SORE AT EACH OTHER?/- 'Lf""^ i../ *T SHUCKS? DIDJA EVH? KNOW ANV WORSE BATTLES THAN R|£L FRIENDS CAN PUT OH? flND HOW 'SHAMED O'THEM- SELVES THEY FEEL WHEN IT'S ALL OVER > HM-M-VOUVE QUITE A STREAK OF PRACTICAL- PSYCHOLOGY IN YOUR MAKE-UP, MY CHILD! By LESLtE J. NASON, ED. D. Professor of Education, University of Southern California The start of a new school term . is a little like New Year's Day. | Just about every student makes I a resolution that he will try to do' better during the coming term, i But a resolution merely to do : better is quite useless. The only | resolutions that produce results) are those which outline specific j plans of action. j I have formulated a set of reso- j lutions which will not only help i students carry them out but will] make school more pleasant and interesting and bring better grades at the same time. I WILL take charge of my education, formulate a plan of attack for each course and keep revising my plans as I discover improved techniques. 1 WILL try to go beyond the as- • signmcnts in each course, realizing that 15 or 20 minutes of thinking about what I have learned and what is coming up next is valuable. I WILL learn to read effectively for each course. First, I will glance through and try to anticipate what I am going to find out. Second. I will read rapidly to find out. Finally I will recite back what was said at the end of each section. I WILL c o n t r o 1 my atlention and strive to do a careful, accurate job on examinations. I WILL improve my listening skills. I will read or outline ahead and think about what is being said in class and fit il in wilh whal I already know. I WILL review each course from Ihe beginning every few days and jkeep the overall patlern clear in j my mind. j I WILL begin preparing for ex- i animations with the first meeting j of the class, making final preparations a polishing-up rather than a cram session. I WILL strive to improve my | handwriting through practice because I need case in handwriting lo transfer my thoughts to paper. I WILL keep a record of assignments and keep my homework up lo dale. 1 WILL analyze my examination papers in case I do not make an A, searching for the cause of thd low grade. I WILL set a high standard of homework and, since firsl impressions are important, I will turn in my first assignments on time and in good order. I WILL dress and act like the kind of student I wish to become even if I have to think carefully each day until proper dress and action become habits. Senator Sees Good Month For Congress By JOE HALL WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Wayne Morse, D-Ore., said Saturday he has not given up hope fof \ passage of the college education ; bill but that its prospects now do not look bright. • Morse, chairman of the Senate- i House conferees on the measure. ; told a reporter he has no plans | al the moment to call another ! meeting on the long-deadlocked | legislation. ! "I don't plan lo do that unlit it appears we can get together i on a bill," he said in reply to ! questions. "We haven't been able i to do it so far." The Kennedy adminisration has been counting on the college-p'd • measure as the one part of 'is badly battered aid-to-education ! program likely to be written into law by this Congress. | But in the conference, the meas- I ure ran into a church school con- I troversy of the kind which has ! stalled the bill to aid grade and 1 high schools since Morse steered it through the Senate in May 1951. The House in January passed a ; bill to provide $1.5 billion for col- ' lege classroom facilities, 60 per ! cent in the form of grants and 40 : per cent loans. j The Senate the following month passed a bill carrying the samo amount for classrooms but as loans exclusively. TAKING MtLi5SA AND JUNE GALE TO DINNER, DR. REX AWGAN 15 ANGtRED WHEN IT IS SUGGESTED THAT THEY BE MOVED TO ANOTHER, TABLE/ YOU SEE, "Vx/ YOU ALSO DOCTOR., \3 PROMISED IT WEPROA\I5£D\ TOMEV/HEN THI5 TABLE: TO I CALLED FOR A MISS POOLE / R.ESE.R.VATION. fORHER /V CAPTAIN/ PARTY/ REX MORGAN, M.D. NOW, PtEASE HAVE THE WAITER. TAKE. OUR. OR.DLR5/ CAPTAIN, TELLTHI5 PARTY) THAT I'LL PAY FOR. THEIR < DINNER....IF THEY'LL MOVE) ANOTHERTABLE/ r~ ...SINCE THEY'RE UNAWARE OF YOUR PHE5ENCE THEV CM'J KNOW THAT 89 T>IEKU55IAN 27M COLONEL POINTS OUT THAT THE CHINESE KEPS ARE AWARE I'VE A1APE CONTACT SECRET POMP TEST ENPANSEREf py THIS ESCAPE, BUT THEVP 0E FOOL'S NOT> TO REALIZE THAT I MUST ^ MAKE THE ONiy MOVE LEFT, COOPERATION WITH THEIR ENEMY-KXJ.' TERRY AN7 PEIPIN<5- HAS KISKEP MUCH ON THIS VENTURE. YOU CAN EXPECT THEIR EFFORTS TO PROTECT I WOULDN'T MAJOR KOPc ' THE AIRLINE HOSTESS HAS RECO6NIZ6D SOME PHOTOS OF 'TIPTOE"- RICHMOND, VIRGINIA »M RYAN HE 3-9914 HE WAS ON My FLIGHT YESTERDAY 6O TOOMEY CAME DOWN HERE WITH A PRETTY GIRL? .ANO I THOU6HT THIS MISSING HUSBAND CASE WAS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT.' WITH A BEAUTIFUL LATIN- AMERICAN GIRL' THEY WERE MET BV A CAR AND SHE TOCP THE DRIVER- "ALA VM- TANA V£KO£"/ KERRY DRAKE JACK Plt-OTS THE &-5Z, THE X-l? STELLA, UP Td LAUNCH ALTITUDE! PORTO LINPO IS FULL OF SPANISH-SPEAKING REFUGEES/., "LAVENTANAVERPE'./THESREEN WINDOW?..COULD A NIGHT CLUB/...SOMEONE AT THE HOTEL SHOULD KNOW/ LOOK FOR THIS SIGN OF GOOD CAR SERVICE Look for Ihe service-repair ihop In your community that uses NAPA branded parts— they ara backed by the largest Independent pain distributing network In the world. « NAPA warehouses, Supplying 3,000 NAPA Jobbers are linked with counties! thousands ot Repair Shops . . . Local Shopi, Serviced by BERRY BROS., INC. Now I lay me down to, sleep, Ten thousand bedbugs at my feet If 1 should die before 1 wake, I pray the Lord their jaws will break. Believe it or not, we gave Mr. C. L. San ford a dollar for that little gem. Why don't you other folks send in your jokes lo us and receive a dollar for your efforts. our time saving, food keeping, beautiful PHILCO FROST FREE TWO-DOOR, GIANT RE- FRIGERATOR-FREEER- COMBINATION. You can own this huge 13.6 cubic foot box lor just $248.88 with your old refrigerator making the down pay* mcnt. Wouldn't it be nice to NEVER have to defrost your freezer section or refrigerator section ever again? The Country Store is very much in the air-coiulilioning business. We still have plenty of all sues in those fine Phileo units. There are still some hot clays left, and you can buy them al ridicu- Ituis prices. First duck lo second duck: "Oil, slop walking like a woman wearing slacks." Our interest is in the future because we are going lo spend the rest of our lives there. AT 4o,ooo FT. OTELLA CUTS LOOSE AMP STARTTTfie X-IS ROCK6T — 55,000 L85. OF FIRE 7HR.UST! SMILIN' JACK STELLA SHOOTS THE PLANE UP Tp OVER. 3000 MILES PER. 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