The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 8, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1934
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

v T r WEDKESDAY, AUGUSTA 1M4 Setf If Or f AMS NEWS A Paris <:LASSfflEp AD Information Alt *. in~-t e«» COT tnuat P*n» * ' p «m. tb* For eoa«ecuuv« . UM>«rti*o«: 1- Ttmji Se p« . «t»r<t. X Time* tc per »or<l, * Tlm«» »c g»*r word. 11 Tii»Mi* l&c p#i word. Z* Tii>-#» 30c 0*1 word. Minimum cbarx*. **C- ftllnimum ttamlMrT of *ortl». •OuTcred or UQ«* »*t • .la »r» ^icnlert on tb* vorO* in tb* tin*.. wn la *1 Contract r»t«» "UJ o* given ' upon « j>plic*Ei4u L*«al r»t«« «.t Out «4 «.*!»: Krror»i ord*r* toi JM- N*»» "US -not t>» for mor* th»o OB* IwSorrecf insertion, W»- r»wer*-* -copy- fo*- »b*_ b**t int*re«t* of both *<tWrtJ««r «a<J r»»1*r Box tsufi»l»«r» c«r* N«»i> will b* tl»«r» ~ M wtll your «.<!• to. oar c*»- iri*d Ad T*.Jc«T« w»*» vo» •*•» «or Al»* tfc» Pfeone It4 OR Livestock Good Thlnes to EM ATTEXTIOX Tennessee folk: Ten- nesses Daznson* now ready,. F. E. Gri«i». Phor.e 2403^1..".." » Merchandise For Sofa* Household Furniture STARR piano. 2 piece living-room suit. Direct Action gas rang*, chiffonier and small table. 257 Pine Bluff. Wanted to Buy ttft WILL PAT CASH for a. good used car. Nothing older .tfaan "29 model considered, and prefer Ugnt car. Must be a. bargain. Ray Morme, Morse Bee Line Station, corner I9th and Grand Ave. Fnrnfsbed Room* tl LEADING FIGURES IN 'BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS* FORMER CLARKSVILLE RESIDENT DIES CLARKSV1IJLE. — XTord has been received by local relatives of the recent death in Los Ansele* of Dick Kim ore, -well knoism for- raer resident of Clarksville end Red River county. At the' time of his death he was engaged in business is Los Angeles. Mr. Elmore, prior to his moving to California, was in business In Detroit, and was associated for several years with W. C. .Hamilton in the dry goods- business here. He was tax collector of Ked River county for two terms. HONEY GROVE NEWS ITEIMS TWO furnished rooms, llghthoase- keepsng-. Phone 57. 41 South 23rd street- Unfurnished Room* Atinouricem ents | THREE rooms and bath, private entrance. Phone 1474. - -Ail So«-iette*. and txxlge* i OKZ>KK OF SASTERN STAR- PARIS Cbspter No SO K- S. »*«!» «very •Winl*' Cavinesai."vir. \L Mrs, £>o=a Mar- j Sic. Sgc. ] S L.OIXJK. NO. i~ A_ F, and A.. M. a COSEmunfeatJons 2nd and *XSs Fri- «venJngs eacij month T;30 J>- m Ren/ Estate for Rent Apartments for R*nt Vt«t;ns breTfer 'Bi»«ny W 5 cordSaUy inviietf 1. J K G. Brenerrian. Sec, coo! furnished apartment reasonable. ±12 Xortii 27tfa. FLTRXISHED apartment bills paid- Phon-s SIS-XT, fe«t!n fl .ftf tensity occasioned by the «tru M I« *or political control In N*w Orlean« continued *» aa thorrtw* moved to cits Senator Huey P.. Long (left) for contempt on the ground that he refused to ob«* a I court order to disband the national guard. In the city hall, police held control under orders of Mayor" T- i Semme* WalmsJey (right), who defied the partial martial law proclaimed by Gov. O K. Allen fcentert *; Long lieutenant. (Associated Press Photos) , Revival Dra-wing ported. ~Li. I*. Bolton is conduct-j Dallas spent the •sveelc end nere Good Attendance ing- me services. The Rev. j • of ! fcere. Jack Arnistrons Is 111 at sis iiome Merkel began a. reviva.1 at Rockford. BIARDSTOTTX. — Good atten- j cn-urcli Snaaay dance is reported at the Baptist I Mrs. Sarah revival- at Friendship. Five a.ddi- [ Brookston. tlons to the ehurdi have been re- i Mr. and Mrs. G Ben Coleman itas returned, from visit in DaUs. Mrs- Lee Edaa Maynard is ini- -proving from a recent lilness. A, Proctor oft Albert Willianus who has bees Lentz is visiting- in GROVE.—Dow Bell. Jr.. of Ho-w* is visitiss- here. Mr. a^id Mrs. Robert Pyron and Mrs, Luther Trout visited in Dallas Tuesday. E. X* Ballew attended a banquet la Sherman Monday nigh.=. given for salesmen employed by Roberts, Stanford and Taylor. •"Willis Tnmer has returned frora a. trip to the Ozark ilountalns In I Arkansas. Miss Effie ^Vomack is visiting in Oklahoma. City, Bobby, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. i!l with typhoid fever is reported to be O. lAn*, ic-ho recently underwent an operaiioti for reaiora! of ton- ail*. I* r«£K>rt*d. Improved. TFilsoa Bmznonx who 1st attending »caool in -Dallas !a visiting h* parents her«Mrs. Ma* Edding* haat gone to t Ada. Olcla.. where she will be eta- f Ployed In a beaaty shop. | Johnny .Carter o* Lubbock Is visiting: here. Miss Sarah Beti Meason of Dalla» is visltlnar .Miss Lorraine Scott. I KANSAS »0NISTER AT CLARKSVDXE CLARKSVILLE. — Dr. G. xv. Horn, Humboldt. ICansas, minister .occupied the pttlpit of the ; First Preabyteriazt church here i Sunday, while the Rev. L. P. Par! ker. Clarksville pastor, addressed I the congregation, of the First Pres- j byterian chnrch, of Eumboldt. { The exchange of pulpits was jmade to determine- whether a 2er- i manent exchainge of the two pastors would b*. desirable, it was pointed out. TVhlle the official board here announced no action, taken, it tvas learned that Dr. Hom*s visit was entirely favorable. Indications are that a final decision will be left entirely to the two pastors, both of whom have- expressed favor o£ ^ the chanse. . Ksch has supplied { his present pTilpit approximately "eight years. CAJRTOOXIST KETntX* *0XB . — Fraci: ]Jr.. youns Tesas carto*zdM I outstanding: work ia t3i* fl^M' fiiunior won hisa a contract j Collier's, concluded a tistt ' ! Clarksville relatives Tuesday i he left for Kew York to resom* | his work. He will taka'A leicnr | ly return trip throug:li a itcmber | sonthem states, ae reportedi IMPROYIXG | Mrs C. O. Harris of j Okla.. formerly of Paris, is r*port | ed to be doias nicely followinjc a \ operation about ten days ~" *!fVJ» COMP.VNV | Jforsrs - ~~ i&J^^CA | PLATES D**gr.«j v •/. , • I ^-LETTEB HEAT^. LASL^^ . SGN*\TURE: arr? ITT Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE Starting From Scratch By E. C. SEGAR rs cHAPTtra NO. <s R. A 33., - Stated conTOC^Hon 3rd ..Thursday aveBSag «acb Tnonth. 7:50-p. m. VtsitinK _ "eon»j>anl<ins'."" 'w«slcomee: • J:. J CautsicK- p'TJK.XISHK "»un«i ME H S* H G Br*oeman ' M ai- E....H- -,- a- .*» . r _ j apartment. &S2. THREE rooms and bath, furnished Phone 1240. • ? •: > or unlnn 123 Bonb.a.m. Pfcoae COCKClt- NO. S4 R. tn<3 j . eac-bf inontt;- 7:30 p. m VSsitJcR cotn- pao.Ohs ••*lcom«i... 4. J. . CcBainsiiann. ^ 'C ill H. • G Breaemac. S«c.. NO S KNIGHTS o»cJ»-i--« is» and - . evealnss .. e*eli. month • Vi«clas_.,S4i: .-Kisiaats ' Bury: E) Johisoa E. Br«a*maii. recorder. GBUTTO M. O. V. F- E Kcg^far £T.*»tins 1st Frida *icb tsioatlr T-30 p> m. VisltSas i*rcpii«-v> cor*J**l*v ta-r-?»d J W. Harris Moo- •rcli. H U, Parson*. Sec. Houses tor Rent »S 5-HOOM HOUSE—Modern. 163 on St. Tel." 191. 5 Rm. Film. Hm, and Dep.—^ LARGE CROWDS ATTEND REVIVAL — Large crowds are at- Holiness Jneeting- con- by Mrs. Scot, of Cal- tbtr<S Friday j ilomia. s*c. •*".*:-""•" r ] dren visited here frorn ileado'ws, ~ " i Texas, over the week en-fi.- Lo^I «cd Foaod. : «| O scar Thomas and iamlJy of I.OST: BroTPn billfold coatalains U^hur City have moved here. . _ ! xr^jji baseball learn played Shoals Monday, defeating them IS to S. Mrs. C. T. England visited rela- ves In Antlers, O&la., over tlie stun, or sisoney, TFith my naine. Re- . ^ ^ Bob Greger's Pasiry Siiop. ! f iat€ 11 Tbis for That STTAP socnS year old_ helfex^^eek: 'for nay. V. H. Dicteson. Phone j DEPORT NEWS TO BUT—SltrncSne out- { AND PERSONALS Must be barga'n. Address.."ilotor." | car*-- KeTK»_ „•.... _ ! Z)SPORT.—Urs. .Jade Jeffus of ichSia Falls has returned io her a-f-er a visit iiere. SSe = accompanied borr.e by Mr. and Mrs. A itomobtlcs for SmJe CHEVROLET CABRIOLET A "29 tno^el. has new Tuscan Tan paint, job. two new tires. Is a real bargain at $155. Sec It At Mcrse Bee Line Station — j Mrs. Dick Brntorj a.nd son of ** ] Gotiiy are vistias here. — f \V. E, Veteto asci Mrs, Jale { Kood spent Tuesday and Wedaes- - Ave. at I day irs Dallas, buySr i for tise Veteto Dry Goods sior« 1 here- I M:s? Virgrinia Grant has retoirn- 1 ed from a two-months visit In Laf- j Jcln. j Beverly Sue. fwo year old daugh- j ter o' Mr. and ajad Rtss: Tel. SOS ) ter o' Mr. and 3^rs, Grady Jackson 1 is seriously ill. Her — ! Mrs. Minnie £!I!s cf L>etroit is oc f- ~* ; ten dine her. | Henry Davidson and son John. XOtt YOtT CAN n'AVTE: TOUU 1 are%* : Vt:n?r her* 1-otn Winters. MATTRESS RENOVATED 0r> TJtf" Fa*y Payrocnt Plnn^ C>TK Day Service Paris Mattress & Avnoinj Co. SO XV. Slterman Phone S7O | PATTON\ r ILLE HAS REVFV r AL MEETING Financial PATTON'VIL.L.E- — I-arg-e crowds I are attendSits the re\-iva.l is pr »s her* conducted by Eider To ITS and Bond* -.CHARGES PRICE GALBRtAfH. DEWEHSE -«-***" AND PKOCK — I "\Va!ker of Austin, Service?: are £ * j held on the latvn of Ihe Baptist "~" I church. '•( Mrs. J. A. Green vho has "• i 1:1 'or several monrhs is reported } as beirs^: critical. retarr.ed Bristle has Mt»ney To I frorr. a visit :o Honey Gr ; Little JxTries' Karl Mazy. ill. \v::h i diphtheria, is reported improved: 1 A revive- nieetins: Is in prog:res • at Shady Crove, cor.dxicted by the | Rev. C. B. Thompson. Methodist AUTOMOBILE LOANS >«»»*••• HriltMttrfd. <"a*h Ail^wtJnro GENERAL INSURANCE Plan . Oliver Jt Yancey Bank UiOc. TrU £2S I Homer 'Moor* are reported to be improving frcrn a rer-PTit !Un«». Troy BUS^H?!' and family of £>e- port visited here Sunday. Livestock 1 Funeral HeM For f Mabel Resident FcttJ Plant* and Queen of Dixie Poultry Feeds Sore Nuff Stock Feed F*c«l Sctd — Gnnl**n Seed liutk B;r<1 and i>ui>- and Pur»py Foo<S Ch«-i«**r« Guaranteed to Off HARRY BOOK * Grnncl Tel. «t>4 TDABELr. — Funeral el<2 Sun<!»y afterncion for Mrs. J Clyde Hackaby. 57. who died at the I honifi of Claude I>OX\TVS here S j <Jay night. S*rvSc«s xv^re conduct- f«»-3 by the Rev. S, .T. ! Burial waj* at Car.fteld | Survivor* InduSe her threw chil- ! Htickaby; thr*f> hrot • j^a'.ney of Borptjr. t f5»;n*y or Fhocr.tx, Ka!ney of Tulsa: and two Mr*. Anns* Campbell of uniS Mrs. K«by«« Conley of 'l'ITTv rtov*r *M»d—SOc p*»r bushel. >•* '3 r i^aUSvan, Cavin*-**, Texa*. ;."!<! Bf=">Ok?i W^son yard. t,l\f*fook fi»r Sale AfCTlON SALE—Monday, August £ to T your* oUJ, «rood colors, *00 t«V I2«x> pounds*, mostly broken, *U rat. Kal<« !*:ar;n 1:00 p. rn,, rain t»r *hino. McAltcr'« Live Stock "St. Mrs. Mil«« J. \VUU*. 72, a: "VVrlRht City Saturttay a;tf>r sw-v- «ral months il!ny»»». Th* hoKiy was s*nt to WJn»«bcro. Texas. for hi^rial, 8«rv«vor* Include son«. D. E, \VhUe- of Crow. T«-xas. M I* TVS»ij* of Wjnnsboro nn<3 K. F. Whltft of Brown-wood. Texas four daujrhtera, Mrs. C. E. Hooper of Wright CJty, Mrs, J> C. Brmill. Wanna, Texas. Mr*. I ^ ,- Clayton o: IHnvfrr, »n<l Mr». X. S, Kithr of Fnr^o, ?f. I>. Bob MeGinnJn, n«irro. w«« »«rJ- ously wounded Saturday nljtht when ho i» r*port«d to hav» «hot th» «,t TO fARCH "fOV^^O NORTHS PsHDTHc U3HSTE cN. I? tUc 6tT KlLUED! ,//-x ' THE BUNGLE FAMILY By HARRY J. TUTHIU / MCNTSOSErCr =2- DCRAOO OUST, / SOILED OVER WITH SYMPATHY^ BUT f I K&E3V FROM THE WW HET LOCKED* AT HER THAT HIS IDEAS V ^^ICHANfiiNS- WELT, -*" ' "^ K3M HAS CHANGED TOO, YES SIR. A.UDTT UGH! IT OUST VAKE5 MY R_ESK r TER. WHAT I W£N THROU5H ON* THAT YACHT TO HOME: AND FIND OU RUNJNJNG HOUSE FOR CRACK-POT LODGE SUMS. YES I MEAN BUMS! ^'U_'^EVE=!. PUT MY FOOT ON A 3OAT AGAIN. NEVER. I'VE. CFTEM HEARD ABOUT THE BOUNDING MA5N, 3UT I f KNEW >VKA~ IT MEANT UKT!l_ BOLD5MS A PiECE OF RDSIM ON YOU —7 FOREHEAD DIANA DANE The Last AXD S-AT AND TH= COOK. VX'JTH SN MY HA^vc f l 'J 5=TTIM 1 v^ED UP \X/JT«-l DlAKA'S CAN -THA.MK: MY S\K!T2~D HAMO HOMER HOOPEE R A LESSOWI VAKE HEH ASHAMED I to<56owt rr: I' ASK1W HER PO^ WCEKS To SEW CM SOME ON UTJLS HECTORS - SH'.RTB FOR Still Reticent WS. FLTTCKP? 4X5 $*&Vv«2 CONSCIOU^ASCfS - ) |V' ^^SLC-1 — ~s \\t

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