Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 15, 1966 · Page 2
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 2

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 15, 1966
Page 2
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s Man Jailed Following Gunshots With Policemen too Wftf w&ttefittJte m Sooth find present stieh that we now withdraw without tftshtmet to <wtr national e and image." pur cftttriftM ef the Senate preparedness investigating subcommittee stld fee had original ly opposed the lending of U.S technicians to help the Frencl in Indochina in 1954 because h feared "we were going to war *k>ch by inch." He added in a speec prepared for a foreign polic forum at Muhlenberg Colleg that his fears were we founded but the United States i now "committed to an exten that makes it impossible for us Hagood J. triggers, 1201 Ash, was Charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after Allegedly firing on police officers responding to a call for help from the man's wife Friday night. Mrs. Driggers 4 police said, called for assistance. Officers said she reported her husband oaded a weapon and that when she attempted to restrain him he struck her. Police reported that on arrival at the house they attempted to talk with Drlggers through a closed door but he fired several shots. Officers summoned ad ditional help, afterward Drig gers came out of the house and was ordered to drop the gun. to withdraw we stand obligated by our word to fulfill a solemn commitment by the government States. of the United He started to re-enter the house, police continued, and a again was ordered to drop the weapon. He threw down the gun and was placed under arrest, officers said. Driggers was transferred to Curry County jail after being arraigned before Justice of the Peace Wandell Massey. THEFTS REPORTED Police were checking into __ irtg, some towels and clothing tamed at #0 were taken from her apartment. George Osborn of 200 E. 22nd reported a used aif conditioner, some tools and a water can with a total value of #0 taken from his home sometime between March 12 and 23. Delflna Reyes of 820 West reported a hose and sprinkler valued at $8 were taken from her home. Calvin Moore of 201 S. Thomas reported someone broke Into his home through the window of a bath on the south side and took about $50 in cash. He reported the entry was apparently made sometime Friday afternoon. In other activity, the p o 1 i c e "The question to be resolved three complains of thefts report- checked a complaint issued by Charlie Brown at the City Park in which Brown stated two Spanish males and two Spanish females in a white 1963 model car defaced signs at Hillcrest swimming pool. A juvenile was transferred to the county jail after being picked up in the yard of his h o m e following an argument with his now is not how did we get there. The question is: how can we ,win?" ed Friday. Janis Koffman, 417 Mitchell, ELECTIONS Frcm Page 1) try to wift the war by attempting to kill ifte Viet Cong from the air. H« concluded the way to win the war \s not by killing people but by destroying their means to make war. New officers of the state or- ganisation were elected Satuf' day afternoon. Those installed at the banquet were Ken Rhodes, Albuquerque, president; Ed Thomas, Los Alamos, vice president; Nancy Burke, Albuquerque, national committeewoman; Dick Vann, Albuquerque, national committeeman; Douglas Holbert, Alamogordo treasurer, and Shirley Mahon, Farmington, recording secretary. Alene Martin of Clovis was named outstanding young Republican woman in the state Sat urday afternoon. Eddie Mahe of Albuquerque was named outstanding man and the outstand ing club was Los Alamos. Also meeting in conjunction with the convention were mem bers of the Teen-Age Republican Clubs in the state. Two panel discussions were held Saturday on "Campaign Issues and How to Develop Them' Two Marines 'Play Dead' As Cong Loot Bodies Of Fallen Squadron A sqnad of 14 U. S. Marines patrol he told a buddy, "If any- m't take it any longer. fought to the last Against a force of 20D to 8W Tiet Cong near Da Nang nftttl Leather* neck artillery and planes si* leitced the Communist guns. The squad killed 30 Viet Cong; flaming napalm from nearby Binkley said a Viet Cong sni- tWng happens to me, you call! "I heard a man moaning. I;per fired seven shots at them as 'crawled up to him and said,;they stumbled away, unarmed, my mother." Binkley hadn't felt nervous. He was an "old veteran" of two months in Viet Nam. The Marine squad left company headquarters at 6:30 a.m. reinforcements brought the jlooking for Viet Cong activity. parents. The youth's sister turn- and "Campaign Techniques." ed over a tube of glue which he had allegedly been sniffing, a Apt. 5, reported that a French police report showed. i OPEN SUNDAY " Fabulous fabric "buyf" j , m < #1 * > -*-«* v for almost evory sum •-"I" COTTON SAILCLOTH FOR HOME DECOR * only 44 T*. « aiiortment of prints and rich solids. Machine-waflhable.color- fast, shrink-controlled. Save 52* LITTLE GIRLS 1 PERMANENT PRESS NO-IRON SHIFTS Sale 2.47 REG.Z99 Sunny colors... to welcome the new season, done in easy-care no-iron Dacron* polyester and cotton. See solids with check or colorful stripe trims. Sizes 3 to 6x. INFANTS WATtt WOOF PANTS OF SOFT PLASTIC Sale Smooth fitting comfort {or baby in easy-care waterproof vinyl A delight to wear, Sizes S-M-L-XL. COTTON TRAINING PANTS WITH REINFORCED CROTCH Sale 5*1 KEG. 25c pr. Save on this infants' special! Smooth fitting corn- fort assured, easy care for mother, too. Sizes 2-6. SPRING CUSHION OR SWIVEL STYLE BABY STROLLERS Sale 12.88 REG. T5.99 HO MQNtT DOWN... 1.11 »t«Uy Chrome plated steel tubing. Swivel stroller has handy shopping basket. Both of washable vinyl. "Charge-It' ... No awaey dowo .. - up to 2 years to pay A JNI 'I - <L O Panel members included Hoyt Patison, representative, Curry County; R. C. (Bob) Davidson, candidate for U.S. Congress; Schuble Cook, candidate for Congress; Joe Skeen, senator, Lincoln County; John Bigbee, representative, Torrance County; Richard Bieber, campaign manager for Bob Davidson; Dr. W. C. Johns of Albuquerque; a n d Sidney Mims, editor of the senior party news letter. toll to 175. Two- members of the squad survived. Here is their story. DA NANG, South Viet Nam tjpl) _ There were 14 Marines in that dried-out rice paddy and the Viet Cong came laughing and hollering because they thought they had killed them all. The guerrillas were wrong A sandy - haired Tennessee mountain boy, and a California boy who worried about his mother lay there and heard them coming. Both were wounded. Pfc. James K. (Buck) Binkley, 19, Ashland City, Tenn., pud Pvt. Reuben F. Morales, 19, La Puente, Calif., had survived the machine gun, mortar and hand grenade trap their 14-man patro walked into Thursday morning They lay in their own blood ir the hot noonday sun and heart the Communists coming. "Near the end of the fightinp the Viet Cong gave a Texas yel — a ya-hoo," Morales said quiet ly from his hospital bed. The VC (Viet Cong) were hoi ales' helmet. Morales was dazed. f . , d „ |d Moralcs . crashed. but he wasn't hurt. Then the i ^^.^..^ ,....,-, :*—^.— —— A sniper fired at them from a lill at 9 a.m. A few minutes lat- r a sniper's bullet picked Mor- v, i *,t i» i v> vi \.«iy w »ii i »* »...-.» ..... ,_, i -.-- l . - f t\ *l» 'Come on. iet's get out of here.'j toward the shouting of the other But he was hit in the legs and couldn't move. I crawled out. Morales found another wounded man but could not move him either. "We started crawling and running across the rice paddies. I guess we crossed five of those Marines nearby. After they crawled aboard a waiting helicopter, Communist sniper fire tore through the rear engine. Another bullet hit Binkley. already wounded in both arms, in the left thigh. The copter, which had just risen, Three Clovisites Hurt In Crash Three Clovisites were taken to Memorial Hospital Saturday following a two-car accident near the intersection of 21st and Sycamore about 8:30 p.m. Treated for cuts and bruises at the hospital were Beatrice Lee, 37, Michael T. Lee, 15. and Linda K. Lee, 10, all of 108 E. Christopher, police reported. Beatrice Lee was the reported driver of one of the autos involved and the other vehicle was driven by Jean McNeil Worlcy, 34, 2600 E. 21st. No one was injured in the Worley vehicle. Citations are pending in the crash, officers said. jalrol marched into the rice jaddy. | 'We walked into a wall of; fire," said Morales. "They opcn-| ed up with mortars, small arms.! automatic weapons and grenades. "When they charged. I had to cover our right flank. I fired about 10 rounds et one of them; up a tree. I plugged several more of them when they moved; in on us. You couldn't miss themj when they charged. j "I guess I was half crazy. I remember shouting one lime. 'Ha. ha, you missed mo.' " Then two bullets struck Morales, wounding him in the head and neck. He remembered seeing Binkley get shot. "Buck was about to squer?.c off a bullet from his rifle. The bullet hit him in the left hand right wrist and out through his right shoulder." Then Morales heard The laughing Viet Cong looted the Marine bodies and left. "Out of the corner of my eye." Morales said, "I could ?oe them running toward a treolirm. I lay there for a few move minutes with the sun on my face. I could- lering and laughing when they and passed through his walked up to me," said Binkley «"•!<=* *.nri nut thrm.«h hi. from his bed. "But they didn't touch me. ' "My rifle was lying beside me and a VC picked it up. As he grabbed the rifle, it knocked my helmet off my head. But I didn't move. 1 just wondered if he was going to shoot me or not. I was too numb to be afraid, 1 ' said Binkley. Morales said, "I heard a few single shots in the background and watched them come toward me. I was lying on my back. There was blood over my face and neck. I held my breath and closed my eyes. I was waiting for them to shoot me." A Communist grabbed Moral es by his shirt and lifted him. Then he dropped him. Morales lay face down. He could hear the guerrillas moving. He hoped they were going away. Morales has been in Viet Nam 10 days. The night before the ^'Home of Dale Lee Sherwood Memorial Clovis Only 100% Home Ownec/ Mortuary Troy L. Sherwood 920 Main St. Charles V. Sherwood Ph. 7G2-4435 has a new world of GIFTS FOR GRAB Too Late To Classify COTTON FARM — Rest har-Rain In Clovis arf-n. ion acres - •!.> cotton, 82 milo, 2 ROCK! wells, high pressure, underground lll«'. 3-hedroom home. $375 per acre, small down payment. STift on balance. Call Joel Gooeh. Town & Country Real Estate. 7KM501 or 76.1-9096 S9 13fiO Acres good fras», 60 ml. from Clovis. 2 windmills. *40,<)00. Joel Gown. Town * Country Real E«tate, 762-4501 or 7639096 FOR RENT — ONE BEDRCXMf FURNISHED APARTMENT. FENCED BILLS PAID. $55. 763-7093 YARD, WOt'LD the party that picked up the collapsible table by trailer sales on the corner of 7th and Sheridan please return to the A.P. desk. 5S FOR suit & equip, like new. 703-3206 - 2115 Glddlng SALE: COMPLETE Skin diving 78 VNFI'RNISHEH 3 Bit House. Highland School district. See after 6 P.M. STIi per mo. 232 E. Tierra Blanca - 7ii.'M66*>. Gun Witness Held In Jail A witness to Thursday night's mystery shooting, Eddie Garcia of 1117 West Fourth, is in custody pending investigation of parole violation, according to police report. Garcia was reportedly the sole witness to the incident which sent Joe Valdez and Raymond Aguerre to Memorial Hospital with knife and gun wounds, Friday. Parole officer Raymond Ridling of Portales reported Saturday that Garcia was being held while the investigation was conducted to determine whether or not he was in violation of parole through his connection with the incident. 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While I was not elected in the primary election for Sheriff of Curry County, I consider it a personal victory to have lost by a slim margin. It makes me more proud than ever to be an American, our friends & boys are fighting and dying on foreign soil for this wonderful privilage to vote for the rulers of our country. I also want to assure my friends that at no time did J ever say an unkind word against my opponents, nor was J a party to anything that was said or done against them. I would not enjoy anything but a clean & honest victory. J do congratulate Nelson & extend him my best wishes. i want to thank my many friends and the Democrat party for their faith in me. T. A. (Mftf) Horde* 14KGold Pierced Earrings $3-95 up Wide variety; many set with gem ttonei. Diamond Initial Birthstone Diamond Princess Pendant Watch Vinyl Covered 4-Pc. 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