The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 7, 1956 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1956
Page 7
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Saturday, July 7, 1.950 '• Chr Bajitnttw Bini Pago.: ; 7 CURLEY KAYO 7%4flUWU.WtQTAl. ag >*«//• OP PANfilNfi, J BAN6 By Bill O'MaJfsy BIG SEN BOLT •sr- fl By John Culbn MVSSI.P —I (5','ESS YC' • L\Mc? .^ f—t j I r) ,^r-r-T:.:.- <- 'CT.i-iE CLP BLOCK- By Mort Walker and Dik Brown Hi and LOiS I CAN'T TAKE IT NOW. Z'M LOADED UP BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH Sy Fred LasswcU YOU F05SOT \. YOUK RECEIPT", MS. FLASSTON i/ BALLS 0' FIRE !! WHAT ON AIRTH ARE WE-UNS HAViN 1 / ft PER SUPPER ? " SHHH!! ; CO YOU REALLV —by Charlie PJumb and Fred FC-K ELLA CINDERS HEN Nor WITH / I WANT MV \ TWE5E SQUILL THEN \9 THERE AN/ TO «?U*TTHAT ELLA ONCE WA? LVPlA _y It?NE. ARE sen \ THeRe'5 HO CONVINCE? BEETLE BA8LEY By Mcrf Walker I DIDN'T AwrHiN6.)E-,fHWJ I FOUND A GREAT BIG ONE I HEY SAR6E1 TKERtl'Vj A WHOLE tJ'jV.t" \ '71 FUU-A. S"'tt!N£O k'ISHT ' I GENT SOM£ OP THE i/erj our TO LOOK FOR A SPRING,Ol». Architect Preparing Drew School Plans Store Sales Negro Institution To Have 13,000 Feet Of Floor Space SHOW Gdld Approximately 1S.OOO squai'c foct of floor space is included in the architect's preliminary plans for the new Charles R. Drew high school for Ncjjro eliildron nt Burrett Settlement. The plans have been approved by Crosby .school uu.-toof; and .Matt K. Hownnl .Ir.. thn an-h;tect. is currrntly propnrinn detailed plans for a construction bid open, inj; lentalivelv seheilulcil for Aug. 6. The cost i.s estimated at about: ?.;")0.000, including equipment and the arthitcct's f, ; c. 'Preliminary plans call for con- Mructioi! of a rectangular building that will a quuilranyle .|fi feet: wide. The two loiif;- sides of Hie 0- ?haped structure will each contain live classrooms. At the front, end will be administrative offices, a teacher's lounge and a cafeteria. The latter room is an area th.'H nerves both as a cafeteria and as an auditorium. The rear side of the .schuo! is to house a locker room and re»l rooms. Six of the regular classrooms are to be 32 by 22 feet, and one is to measure 28 by 22 feet. The science room will be .'Hi by 'Substantial Decrease' Seen in Polio For 1956 WASHINGTON (UP) — The. Public Health Service today reported a "substantial decrease" in polio cases '.hiring the first six months of 195(i. The 2,(156 eases reported in the first -six months fell more than ].000 cases short of the 3,70fi report during 1h>; first half of .19!)5. The figures on paralytic, cases are somewhat less favorable. The .1,,'J99 cases rej.Kirtixl so far this year are only slightly behind the 1,'IS2 reported during the first six months last year. The health service said 2f>8 new eases were retried last «w«;k compared to .'i^.'i during tbe .same week last venr. 22 feet with a H by eight-foot storeroom. A typing room is to measure 22 by 20 with nn oight- by-eight storeroom. Tbe combination library and study hull will be 36 'by 22 feet. A unique feature of the design b that there will not be the usual inside hallways serving the rooms. Instead, access to each classroom will be from an outside doorway from the quadrangle. A covered outdoor walkway will run along the inside; perimeter of tbi! quadrangle no that, .students may change classrooms without passing through the rain. The school is to have an nsphiilt- tile floor and i.s to be constructed of tile with a brick exterior. Contract Bridge DALLAS (UPI— All average. Increase of six [X!f cent in department store sales in thn five-slate llth federal reserve district, for the past four weeks compared to a year :\gn was reported today, ilic Federal Reserve Hani; nf Dallas said at the same time th;il i the district's aveivure for the first six months was three per eent hiphcr thnn for a comparablr' period in 1950. The district includes :sll nl' Texas and .sections of Oklahoma, islana. Now Alexieo anil Ari/.o- na. Amonj,' Texas- eiii, .; in 111 vey. Foi't. Woi'th sales \ est foi' the fo'.ir weeks period with H 1^ per eeni ^ain; I-iouston f(»l- lowed with seven pe>- cent, then Dallas and San Antonio. SECRET AGENT X-9 By Me! Graft By Roy Crane Reserve Uistriei; >"o. 11 State Xo. tin (JKl'OUT OK CONDITION CROSBY STATE BANK of Crosby. Texas, a( (lie close nf business -June :((). !!).">(;. a State lianli- inir institution "ruaiii/.ed and n|ieraliiiu under the banking- laws of this Stnti- and a member of (he I'edenil Reserve System. Published in ::renrd!iiiec with a call made by the .State Hanking Authorities and by the Federal Reserve Hunk of this District. ASSKTS L Cash, balances with other banU.s, including leserve hnlanr-e, ;nid cash items in process of collection y. 7ft0.4-1fi.R.". 2. United Stales Government obligations, direct and prnaranleed 1.7.1 l.riTS.OO ,1. Obligations of .Slati.s and political subdivisions 125.1-I2.40 fi. Corporate stocks (including .$•!,:SCO.00 stock of Federal Reserve bank) 4,800.00 H. 1,/ians and discounts (including-, 1 ! overdrafts'.... 077,148.03 7. Bank premises owned STfi.OOO.OO, furniture and fixtures SSt.OOO.ii" M.000.00 S. Real estate owned other than bank premises 1.00 11. Other assets 1.00 32 TOTAL ASSETS $3,708,113.96 MAHIUTIKS 3.'). Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations $2,S32.7-14.44 1't. Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, find cor- porati.'infi ."!!'! .A52.0!) l.'i. Deposits of United .States Government, (including post jil savings i 20,-t 10.2-S ' in. Deposits of States Mini political subdivisions ]»2.. r >S3.'.t.l | IS. Other deposits 'certified and officers' checks, etc.'.,. 14,,141.27 ; Ifi, TOTAL DKPOSITR s3..",»2,131.!tr> : I!-",. O: her liabilities Semi-Annual Dividend H.000.00 > 21. TOTAL I.l.M'.IUTIKS $3.4(W.K<1.95 i CAriTAI, ACrOl'NTS : -Ti. Capital'" S SO.OOO.Oi'i | 2ii. .Surplus .Sii.iMiO.DO . 27. t'nd ; videil ))rofits 147,»SL'.OI j '.:'.>. TOTAf, CAPITAL ACCOUNTS S ;',07,!-S2.()1 : " >. TOTAL l.lAKILlTfKS AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS. ,$S.70S,113.!)« ! *Thi.-- bank's capital consists of: | Common with total )iar value of $80.00"."" i MK.MOKA.NDA M. Assets }'iie<lg'cd or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purpose* S 17Ci.OoO.00 T, A. H. Garbs. Cashier of the above-named bank, hereby certify Mint the above .siau-ment is true to the best of my knowledge and belief A. li. GARBS. COP.PvKCT ATTKST: O. O. Hare. Camilie rir.cb. T. A. Ramsey. Director'. STATK OK TEXAS COUNTY OF HARRIS. »s. Swofn to find subscribed before me this 5th day of July. Jf'.v:, GLADYS O'BRIEX. \*r,r.arv Public. played the king, ace and another spude, declarer trumping- the last one. Three rounds of hearts exhausted everyone of trumps except West. South was in bad shape. He played his diamonds until West trumped the third round. West then cashed his two remaining spades to defeat the contract by two tricks. The result of the hand demonstrates the danger which is inherent in a suit contract when the ratio of trumps is only seven •to the opponent's six. Suit contracts are ordinarily not desirable unless the- declarer's side has eight or more trumps. Game contracts can be played and made with a total of seven trumps, but they frequently require special handling- by the declarer to make up for the trump deficiency. The ordinary tactics of suit play mar.y times have to be abandoned. A case in point Is today's hand. South should not have trumped the third round of spades. He cannot afford to put himself in the position where unless the adverse trumps arc 3-3, he may lose control of the hand. His proper play is to discard a club on the third spade. This will leave him in command if the trumps divide no worse than 4-2. If East, after winning the spade queen, returns a club, South takes the ace, four trump tricks and five diamonds. Declarer's generosity in conceding- the third spade is a necessary extravagance. By Josephine Culbertson 'South dealer. Neither side vulnerable Two days later..,,, rug Elf watches nis plans in action from big vantage the Wentworth Hotel,, • »'-l2«Sg5; S.Tiiftr kJ xSN * i -us *». "rtftnr J •,v,->-. DCF.S ;T //i^.H, 3L. " ' C-si-S... .J5T \ rA,:;-.5*WOHDERFU //H.O ARE T -55= J ~7.'E. W--V '•' CCS35? s< ttf~ I' •'-'•>.-' A SO AK109 J952 A Q 10 Bv Wayne 33c" v ;g -rl F? r.:.^. /OU'f-T GO''/i IN SUCH f-, IDf.lL/ K.V1 ' CFF.CL... . ., _ r The bidding: South West ICorth 1 ¥ 1 4k 2 fy 3 • Pass 3 •>¥ Opening lead— !;ing of The bidding presented no problems to anyone until North's three heart bid rolled around tc South. Kis hand was much too good to pass, considering the diamond fit and the newly discovered heart fit. The danger was strong that North had only throe hearts for his belated heart bid. To bid four diamonds might sound weak to his partner's ears:. and to bid five diamonds was overly aggressive. Torn botwoi;n which of the three bids to make. South overlooked the best b::!—- four clubs. The effect of this !» I is to compel North to clioos..,- lv- Uveen hearts and diamonds. If he bids four diamonds, identifying only three hearts, South can go oft to five diamonds. LONG SAM Ai Copp and Bob Lubbers HALF-TON '51 CHEVROLET PICK-UP M:\\ ISI.l'K PAINT—It.ADIO—1IKATKK— Ol'.STOM CAB SINCE 600 W. Tews 1934 Phone 8 i 86

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