Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 4, 1930 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1930
Page 7
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1930. Kruse and •Were busy over the license plates owner* with .pet numbers, morning- 153 had filed special numbers, and •s below 91 with two ex- been spoken for, In telephone numbers, dates, etc.,-are wanted, [lor L. J. Dickinson will have text year. In past years Mr. tuts had this number, but Senator Dickinson asked for acceded. ^The treasurer has No, M- • ie of plate and number have ['reversed for 1931. Instead of L n umbers on a blue background , year's platefl will have -blue Mrs on a White background, [ numbers are the same size and plate size has not been changed. nth eotinty'8 number is 55. first day for Issuing plates [Monday, and plates will be la- j all thin month, A penalty of [liar a month attaches If licenses InoV taken out before January 1. lint of Special Numbers. list of special numbers i follows:-,;-. J. Dickinson. .„. H. Long. ^ - W H. Grover. t :A. G. Dalley. Mrs. Wm. Shirley. [, W. J. Cotton. Win. Pestotnlk. Mrs. BrechtblH. Wm. B. Devlne. Mary Mitchell.. H. E. Green. A. E. Michel M. E..Polhemus. Mrs. M L, McEnroe. Bennle Leeck. Edwin Wichtendahl. J. August Peterson. Theo Qoeders. (-21. Olaf Funnemark. (-23. Geor Hagge. Peter Sandt. \V. L. Whitney. •Lewie Bosma. Tice Brack. Carl Meyer. Ed Mtxdorf. J. A.'Freeh. Marenus Holm. Clyde Moore. C. E. MacNabb. W. H. Rlcklefs. W. B. Williams. W. H..'Ricklefs. Fred Schmidt. H. O. Bueil. C. B. Prlebe. Geo. Schmidt. ; Geo. Schropfer. Clara Schultz. '•H. E. Partridge. ' Marian Osborne. M6. Ole K. Flom. H. E. Morgan. Ralph Tletz. John Jurgenson. .-Will Ringsdoi-t. F. E. Macumber. H. A. Bonnstetter. C. G. Macumber. C. T. Chubb. E. J. Murtagh. Frank Weiskamp. Nl«k Heesch. Marinus Ohristensen. Ben J. Banwart. 1-61, John Gertzenauer; Edwin C. Tletz. P. 1 W. Hanaen. Merle E. Holt. Joe Balk. Martha M. Boyken. Herman Goetz Jr. 1-69. John Bernhard, )-71. Leon Worden. !., Herman Goetz. 1-74. J. E, Harner. C. L. Genrlch. Chaa. Meyers. Lucy Harlg Hoffman, !-79. Carl Becksteln. Fre4 Traub. . -82. Wm. Franke. Leo Guy. Robert H. Bell. Chas. Emanuel. N. A. Smith. Peter Kramer. Mrs. Amelia Warmbler. Julia M; Ij-iesveld. Amle Peugnet. . , Ed Edwards. , D'. D. Paxson. " • Qhas, Gilbrlde. J. H. Warner. J. M. Smith. Irvln L. Beenmn. C. H, Haln. 18437. G, R. Sjogreri. Bertha Johnson. PO. Martin Brandt, |5T. Henry Swoldt. •W-184. Henry Rlcke. 157, J, O. F, Price. . lTS-179. Cgrt" Becksteln. |80,m. John FrenW. Joe Traub, Bert Cronln. C. F, Lathrop. Airs. Chris Miller. Geo. Miller. H. W. Miller, Andrew Peterson. H. BMker, Glen W, Jenkjnson; G. R. Cook, F. A, Wlthara, Robert Harrington. B. E. McMahon. Math Lamuth. * W, B. Quarton. E. p. Keith. T. p, H. N. Arthur W$r4. "t Waltuiian. J. F. Oyermyer. ¥rs. C/ Joe Am Alex Nielsen. i«e y, fmitb. L.' gJRin. J. A. and |23, m. w*. [»77! lm. m, lm. m. e K l¥*- F. 8,- B- ytc^i; 7 STUDENTS HAIL FROM THE COUNTY AT MORNINGSIDE JCOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQQNA. IOWA The Algona District nroadcaatpr a little monthly ptiper published by T3r. \V. IT. Lease, superintendent of Die AlKonn district of tho \,, rth . _wcBt Towa Method JHt Confri-piifc, story In the November Issue AlROnn. district 1Il-!< - M. I'. Ilnwnnl entertained the tii-t-Togciher bridge club at one "'clock Uini-hi'iin Momlny. The A. C. Fergusons, Kcokuk, concerning Inrts siwtt Tli!inhs K lvlnK nnd the weekend with u,,. K, .s. Mortons. Mi', nnd Mrs. Edvv. Williams, 'it'll, \VIM-P ThnnlsHirlvhiB guests Ihp.lr cousins, the Hert Cronlna.' , ,.„.. ' 1 '' 11 ' A - E- Mlchels «pent Thanks- at Morningside, Among S ( u . Kmnj? and the week-end with -rel- mentloned are Harold Hotch- llllvps ilt Atlantic nnd Des Molnes. of kiss, son of a recent dlst pastor now Hurt Mctho- Wo ' lpn ' TI "' nkHglvinB .r. Cosgrove, Armstrong, spent week-end nnd Dorotl, i w M '' B !lll(l e wee-en dn mrhtero V ," Marlhoti, B.uUrwi. ! with his Bister, Mrs. George Holtl elnuh dn mrhtero , elnughters of a former TllonUn , bauer. pastor now at Rowan. Othci-s men. t oned are sufficiently Identified In the following clipping- Harold Hotchklss, senior, Hurt Mr. nnd Mrs. Joel Herbst and I'hilomeim Qiilnn took Mrs. M. .1 Qulnn to Hull Sunday to visit brother. The Dr. W. R. Lairds, Sioux Rills, were Thanksgiving guests o Mrs. Laird's parents, Mr. and Mrs Jos. Cosgrove. Dr. and Mrs. A. T>. Adams son Bobby spent Thanksgiving a Woodbine with the doctorfs mother Mrs,->,l. E. Adams. William, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. 13 Chubb, spent Thanksgiving at home He Is In the employ of a credit company 'at Minneapolis. W. C. Danson and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Danson were Thanksgiving Kuests of Dr. and Mrs. William Scholten, Spirit Lake. Goo. W. Godfrey was at Ames Monday and Tuesday, and spoke ut an evening meeting of the Ames liotary club Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Co\vles have asked that their Advance be forwarded till further notice to the hotel San Marcos, Chandler, Ariz. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Herman and Joa. Elvidge, the latter of Lone Rock, spent Thanksgiving at Perry with Dr. and Mrs. Geo. P. Elvidge. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cold, Kein- beck, and their son Wallace spent Thanksgiving 1 with Lucia Wallace. Mrs. Cold is a niece of Miss Wallace. Mrs. George BIbert and Mrs. Eu , , Iowa, Is a leader in religious actlvl- t PS of the college, making his way through by having charge of a student charge. He Is a member of the Chapel choir and of the Sigma TJicta Rho fraternity, Dorothy Squires, junior, Rowan, Towa, hns a position in the business office of the college, active In religious activities, such as Y. AV. C. A. and Grace Epworth League. Member of the group living In the Women's Residence Halls. ,, -..-,.-, Marlbeth Squires, freshman, Rowan, Iowa, second member of the Squires family to enter Mornlngsido, Marlbeth Is popular in the dormitory and Is active In Epworth League work. Clarence Thompson and Eunice Thompson are a brother-sister combination In Mornlngside college that has carried the Thompson name prominently before the students of Mornlngside. Clarence Is a member of the Sigma Theta Rho fraternity, prominent in Y. M. C. A. activities. Eunice has been a star member of the athletic teams of the .Woman's Athletic association for two years. We hope that Lu Verne, Iowa, will send us some more like them. Harriet Smith, secretary of freshman class, Algona, Iowa, member of tho Chapel choir, active in Y. AV. C. A., popular member of the freshman class living at the dormitory. ' wene Kenefick spent Tuesday ir Has extraordinarily bright prospects | Oes Moines and attended the show as a .student. • ] "Cherries Are Ripe," at the Shrine Dorothy Sellstrom, Algona, Iowa, freshman, member of the Chapel choir, the junior Symphony orchestra, active In Y. AV, C. A. work on the campus, living at the dormitory, with great future at Mornlngside college. Lucille Malueg, Algona, Iowa, member of the Vesper choir, Madrigal club, member of Sigma Mu, honorary music sorority, member of Mu Phi Epsllon, national musical sorority requiring A and B average ( in grades, practice teacher in Sioux City schools, popular as a member of the happy group in the dormitory. Ruth Hulse, Algona, Iowa, very active in the religious life of the campus! She is . a member of the Vesper choir, social director of the Y. AT. C. A,, and an officer : in Grace Epworth League. . Ruth Miller,. Sexton, Iowa, senior, officer of the Y. W. C. A., officer of -the Dormitory Council, very active in the religious life- of .Mornlngside, s well -as being one of the powers f the Grace Epworth League. Charles Seward has the honor of epresenting Laurens, Iowa, In Morningside as a freshman. Seward ives at Klllam Hall, where he is veil liked. Wendell Seward was for- nerly in attendance in Morningside and Dorothy holds her diploma .from the college. •..'.]. Several of our representatives are graduates of the institution, this las! year and are now in the field in various positions. Howard 'Lease '30, has a teaching position al Schleswig, Iowa, where he la a pop- got home Sunday from several days at Sioux Falls and Yankton, S. D. They truvcied by cnr and except tr a piiciurc had no trouble. They 'ound lltiie snow. "Mr. nnd Mrs. H. L. Gilmore, their son Edwin, and Mrs. M. .1. Strelt spent Kalnrday at DCS Molnes. Edwin Is having his teeth straightened, and It is necessary to have adjustments made from time to time. Mrs. Strelt vi.sltcd a brother. The A. c. Holtzbauer home .on east t';ill W ns quarantined for scarlet fever Monday, Two children have i he dl.sense In mild form. Mr. Holtzhaiior, who is employed at the Anderson meal market, Is stn.ylng with hi.s sister, Mrs. W. A. Barry. Claude Nugent, Spencer, spent Thanksgiving with his parents Mr. and Mrs. vv. D. Nugent, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Anderson. Mrs. Nugent Is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. Claude Is assistant manager of the j. C. Penney store at Spencer. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Holm, Hlngsted, and their daughter May Ella spent Thanksgiving with Vernon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wes Hohn. Vernon, who used to have a drug store at RlngHted la now past and future for lOc. Suppei will be served at 5. Mrs. O. AV. Krlckson goes to Minneapolis tomorrow with Mr. Erick- spn, and thence will go by train tp Rhlnelnnder, WIs., to visit mother till after the holidays. traveling for AVatklns products In that territory. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Bishop spent a week ago Sunday at Estherville, nests of the Rev. a.nd Mrs. W, A. AVlntersteln. The Rev. Mr. Winterstein Is pastor of the Esthervllle Methodist church. Mrs. Bishop gave a talk on missionaries at the even- Ing service at the church. Irene and Edward Seivert, Ashton, were overnight guests of thfc Anton Streits last week Wednesday night. Irene 1 teaches geometry In the Cresco high school and Edward is a second year student at I. S. T. Cherries iiuditorlum. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Mayfield affairs at They tra- looked after business Council Bluffs Sunday. veled in their ear. Mr. Mayfield ^ells batteries. Mrs. Oscar Anderson, her children Adris and Lyle, and Mayme Belts spent Sunday at Fort Dodge, vis- !fipg Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Calver, former Algonians. . The W. P. Frenches spent Thanksgiving at Curlew with Mrs. C., Cedar Falls. Irene and Edward are niece and nephew of Mr. Strelt. Bernice Stock, physical education instructor in the Eagle Grove schools, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stock. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stock, Sioux City, and their little son John were also here. Kenneth is assistant city editor of the Sioux- City Journal. Mrs. Cora Virgin, Lincoln, Neb., and daughter Velma, spent Thanksgiving with the former's mother, Mrs. M. E. Worster, and sister Mrs. Cleve Stewart. They went home Saturday. Mrs. Mattie Demaray, Holly, Colo., was also a guest at the Worster's on Thanksgiving, going to her home Saturday. Ruth McMahon spent Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. E. McMahon. Ruth teaches at Galva. Marion, attending the state college, Ames, also spent Thanksgiving here. The McMahons took Marion and Kathryn Misbach to 'Fort Dodge Sunday, and thence the her Her husband will join • her there at Christmas time. Mr. Erickson, who owns, the local Erickson hardware store, Is traveling salesman for the Jenney, Semple, Hill & Co., hardware concern at Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Morgan left Saturday by automobile for California, and spent that night with the William McCullochs, Kanawha. Thence they proceeded via Grlnnell, where H. E. ha« relatives, and Keokuk to Klnney Byson's at' Tal- larah, La. From there they were to go direct to Pasadena, where the James Morgans reside. The H. E. Morgans will spend the winter there. The R. H. Clarks, International Falls, Minn., left for home Sunday, after a. we«k with R. H.'s parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Clark, and Mrs. Clark's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Freeh. Mrs. R. A. Clark accompanied them as far as the Twin cities, whence she went by train to Chippawa. Falls, Minn., for a week with her son William. Mr. Clark Is U, S. customs Inspector on the Canadian border. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Bishop, Rad- cllffe, went home Sunday, after several days with Allan's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Bishop. Allan Is principal of the Radcllffe high school. Other Thanksgiving guests of the Bishops were Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Mosier, Ames, their children Dorothy and Paul, and Kenneth and Irvln Anderson, Ames. The Mosiers formerly lived hero. Mr. Moeler Is now traveling for electrical supplies. Kenneth and Irvin are brothers of Mrs. Allan Bishop. The howl of a wolf was heard Tuesday night about midnight by residents 'of east Elm street between Thorlngton and Jones, F. D Williams, of the Iowa State bank and C. H. Chapman, manager of the A. & P. store here, have reported hearing the wolf's call, as have other members 'of their households Dogs in the neighborhood howled and barked in answer. It is though that the wolf was in tha ravine ! block or so east of Thorington. DANCE TO-NIGHT —at— I. 0. 0. F. HALL LESLIE WHIPPLE'S "Banjo Whip" Orchestra, of Port Dodge. WANT AD Fill up your pantry this week! SUNNYFIEID Flour 59c lona Peas or Tomatoes . Golden Bantam Corn . . Quaker Maid ?A!?ED Beans , Potatoes, bushel Ralston's Breakfast Food Santa Clara Prunes /IVo Navy Beans, 41 bs. Sauerkraut . 3 Lifebuoy Soap . . . 49-lt. BAG J1.15 1 25c 3 NO. 2 CANS 3 NO. 2 CANS 4 14-OZ. nf- CANS /DC $1.08 no. 25c $125 25c JJ-IB. «OX NO. J CANS nf- /OC You can alwvjr* tell what food U mo«t In demand bjr |olnf to«n A & P (tore. There you will rteof nlu It by th» quantity on display and It* low price. What I he public o»*> for otttnntmt <A« n«f(nf •/ thtitaion AAP charge* relatively le*H tor. A&P FOOD STORES The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. MIDDLE WESTERN DIVISION French's sister, Mrs. L. A, Trow, j girls took a bus to Ames. ular member of the teaching staff +- ••. '• Opens Furniture Store A used furniture store, in; connec tlon with which will be a repai and upholsterln» department, ha been opened In the former Counc Oak grocery building across from the Algona hospital by Theo, El bert, with C. W. Davenport, late the R. G. Richardson store, as man ager. There is storage space , fo rent in the building. The Alpha Delpfcians will mee next Wednesday afternoon wit Mrs. H. L. Gllmore, and the program will consist of a review of the pia "Lysistrata" by Mrs. J. S, Auner. P. travels for Cowan & Cowan mber company, Waterloo. Mrs. C. M. Frane, of the Algona otel, returned Sunday from De« loines, where she had visited her arents? Mr. and Mrs. L,. O. Gus- George L. Miller, Algona home designer and builder, recently completed a five-room bungalow for Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kouba Jr. at Wesley, and the Koubas took possession last-week. The bungalow [ Grand Opening for all Good Boys and Girls! and, since last week Tuesday. Mrs. Cora Virgin and her daugh- er Thelma left Sunday for their ome at Lincoln, Neb., after having pent Thanksgiving with the for- ner's mother, Mrs. M. E. Worster. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Godden, Emmetsburg, spent Sunday at their on W. H. Godden's. They called on ttle "Billy" Godden, the Algona capital, recovering from an appan- icitls operation. Mrs. Eva Deim and her children, Catherine and John, spent the veek-end with the children's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Deim, 3wea City. Mrs. Deim ie seamstress or the Modern Dry Cleaners. The C. B. Moore Smiths, Des Moines, went home Sunday after spending Thanksgiving with the J. J. Holtzbauers and Wm. Barrys, Mrs. smith is Mrs. Holtzbauer's sister and Mr. Barry is her brother. Mrs. Horace Hamilton, Minneapolis, went home Sunday after a visit since Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Horigan. Mrs. Hamilton is secretary of the Blak» school, a. boys' private school. Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Higgins, Arm-, strong, and their three children, spent Sunday with Mr. Hlggin's sister, Mrs. Eliza Robinson. Mr. Higgins is a barber, and Mrs. Robinson clerks at the Weiss & Sor- stedt store. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. C. Hanna, th«ir son Everett, and daughter Myrtle is featured by built-in cupboards, ironing board and broomcloset, and an arched'space foJ 1 a range. The Presbyterian women will hold a bazaar and serve a chckeri supper at the Legion hall this week Saturday. Aprons and fancy articles will be on sale; also home made ,candy. There will be' a fish pond fsr children, and an experienced fortune-teller-, will reveal R ,- Mothers and Fathers will Appreciate our New Thrift Prices Famous Daisy Dolls Christmas BEST BRANDS will be easier on your feet— ,if you wear ENNA JETTIGK SHOES ff& Mirth provoking happy things for the youngsters that will bring shrieks of excited joy. A I veritable fairyland of toys that will take Christ- j mas a long to »fc remembered day of happiness. Woven Fiber Doll Cabs $2.19 $3.98 Gay colors of beige, green and red. Adjustable hoods with real windows. Rubber tire wheels. Chairs and Rockers 65c - 75c Little red tables _____ $1.49 Large Size Bass- iaiets, assorted colors $1.8« Easel Black Boards _69c « Easel Desk Black Boards _ _ _ _ ... 98c Cute writing desk attached. Graham's Special All Steel Coaster 14x33-in. body. All steel. Rubber tires. What eTery d>*| QC boy needs— _-_^W»««w Dolly Ann kitchen sets - - _49cto$1.98 19-in. infants, 21-in. comp. head dolls, dolls with wigs, doll that close eyes' and cry. Negro and Baby Dolls, 25c Eskimo Dolls 49c Suit a»d hood. Large 24-in. Doll $2.98 Moving eyes and lashes. 24-in. Doll with voice'$3.98 Wig and voile dress. 27-in. large Doll $4.98 Dolls Fine Line Imported Dolls ArcadelCastJron To F/>1 G, & B, Special -w -» m^ CI6AR i j^^^j! smoker there is w- 5 S-rprUe ffA ^K^lB SHOES FOR WOMEN YOU NEED NO LONGER BE TOLD THAT YOU HAVt AN EXPENSIVt AAAMteEEE-jftmUfH EITN^JETTIC^: . Melodies Every Sunday Evening . • WJZ Songbird ry Tuesday Evening ' WEAF Delated Stations Velocipedes lor Boys and Giirls Junior Models $2.69 to $4.49 14-in. - 16-in, - 20-in. Velocipedes $3.49 to $9.45 Tubltfr frame construction, rubber wheels, adjustable saddle. Doll Furniture Sett at $4.98 Rubber tires, disc wheels, handle bars with rubber grips. The Marvelous « New Zilotone $2.49 A wonderful musical toy with clown that plays with mallet on keys. Pull Toys Tri-motor plane air" plane. Airplane. Speed truck. Dump trucki IERSCO, 98c Toys. New and Unusual Hoop-Q^lioop. Dutch Mill. Jungle Race. Merry Miller. Mystery Gun. Airmail Game. Train. That Whi* By IxjcQmotive, tenders, ocl, FTQI to 14 y Ford Fordor Sedan 25c Just like the real^ car. Finished in red, green, and blue. Reindeer & Good Luck bunks 25c 25c Assortment Food chopper, airplane, Ford coupe, Ford dump truck and tractors. 49c Assortment Ford wrecker, large dump truck. , • 98e Assortment Threshing machine, red baby truck, ciucus wagon. Ford Stake Truck A mew 19 29 model, in assorted colors — red, green, and blue. 'I •..-^ Children's Toy Books Crayon & paint book 5c A.B.C, alphabet book 19c Friendly animals __10p "Three Pears" book ?5c Billy Wh}f$ers book 35c Stories of the Bible- 4»fi 978 page Mother Goose 25c Group Boy gcoiit $eHep , poys Airway |eyiei pick IJawiilt^ Sgri Girls' Central Structo . M?

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