The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 3, 1924 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1924
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. T H E HUT C H INSOK N E VV S , WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1924 Today's Markets-Grain, Stock, Produce MEAT SCORES GAINS TODAY Advance of % to 2% Cents In Chicago; Corn Shown Renewed Strength. RANGE OF OPTIONS Furnished Oy Grain Marketing Co. E 10 Rorabauoh-Wlley Duf'dlng STOCKS RESUME UPWARD MARCHL LIVESTOCK MARKET AT CHICAGO. ('hit-ago. 1 •» •. Strength .loped In wheat, prices today, • pile Hal WCakll derlitl i.'lilr- in tin" l.l-ll. and I 1 ,i\ i rp>)ol. \ i-^.-ul in (Till the stilt : -.VC'II' llflcrlhctl 10 dohi"Mt!o winter nop lower tiuofations at tm tin- other hiinil. tllviros were SIll'l Wheat. — dose ]— IW.. ' 'pen I..i 1 1 j High l *W I'd Tml.-iy V ( , 1.1 -t'y .Miiv. . I.M-'i l.'il-, l.lA , Mil I "t .Inl> .. l.l'i'l l.l:.''v M'l Corn. « 1.11', 1 !)'•« 111-.-. . l.H'a i.n \j in » 1.17'-, 1 11'-, M:iy.. t.7'1 1 .'.:.-;• 1 Liu I 1 'J'-.'', 1 Jl's July. . 1.7::i'i, 1 .'-' Oats. , J.-.':l\ 1 e-' L t> 1 >.•.-. , .' 1 \ .'.:;:« .M L . "• -"• ~H .', 1 "h .M11.1 .. ,."-v i A ..Me-n .7--July.. .•ii 'i .rih :, H -7 • •' * N "M July.. Rvc. Pee. , i r.iij 1 I.:M f l :1 .Mai . . I .Sii 1 "7 ;i i l.",i i i.:n;', I '1;: .tnlv.. l.'.M i .:«>i i , i.:i.'s 1 -71', President's Message Has Good Influence—Rails and Utilities Lead. AT KANSAS CITY. Wheat. !•.» . Mm'. •Inly. lie.'. Mnv. .111!}'. 1 "i;i, ,1 -H l.ll.!, i.«"•'•» M:. i.. r .:|i« I .I'." 7 B 1 s;.', i.s:i'\ Corn. I.PHa l.'-T'j'a I.It 1.17 '-1 I.If. 1 ; Oats. -t:;«->. l.i:. : 1.4." 1 1.7.1' 1 .17 l.!3 1.1.". ; i h,.- bullish anil gossip wns ettr- i-nt thai order.-) liail been Issued ,n -hip ml! from Chicago e,IIO(l,|iim bushels of wheal anil ri.iWii.iHui litKhols nf 1.1... Till' opening, iiirli rnnced from '7, to ia;,e low. '. Willi May Jl.fiSi; to *1.5!) V,. ,ml .Inly t.) Sl-IO'-i- wa« :.i!li.\i ed hi an .idcaticd all around :.i .-,1 above yesterday's finish. Sal..-, .ill. in ly, priee-i i ohl inlioil to i'.-im upward as n rule, indications ;u in;: thai |]i.- iMovi'ini'iii of spring ' in ;.t lioih sides of tin. Canadian ....tnihy would fall off to a mali'l'lal . '.i. nt within tho POM ten ilaya. i'li.i- eiiino'l unsettled, -\ K In 3 ; ''H C 1 1• i liichnr. May Sl.fil to si r,) >„ aii.l .inly ?1 .IP, in $1.13, I cents higher fair demand. Unlit I '.rii a nil uats displayed itnl'• kifforlngs of knlTIr and mllo. One p.-nili'iit stri-nclli owing to prt'iliiv norn No. 1 whim kaffir sold at. ii : '"»s "f Huvroy -A.'atlH.i'. Ai'in'ii-1 coins liiglier than ,v«slcrtlny"s iiiu- iurn i.rop aiivict'H were also nifavorahli'. Afl'T opi'iiini; at low. y to •% c highw. May -!'_'u : ii to ?I2P^. t)i" corn mat'' i 't ,-,' ilc.'id'Mt {I'-noral ualtll-'. iiici-f.'.-iM-d I'oiintry oficrini-'H to | . riio IoHi il to hi'lm; about any in- I • '• l'finh'iit ii'.n't.ion. Tho rloso wan ! iiiu. l'i to .'hi not hi^hi':', May] •'. :::'<i to 51/Ji^. I, iialw starti'd at '.i' doiliiip lo '-.• iHlvaiit-o, May ri'-i|t. I.alor all 'h.iiulli 3 Pliowod somu tuivanro. I'no'isiotiH w-'t'o t-a.^y. infliioncod ov a (iowntnrn In hoj; yalnes. Kansas City Cash. Kansas City, Ho.'. S.-W1IRAT— lioci'lpts Mil cur.-; I til hiqlior; \o. 2 ilnrk hard Jl.r.ii'o l.'il!: No. dark hard Jl .r .O'ij l.'il; ."^o. hard } 1.4.Vir I r.;.; No. .". hard fl.(7 il.:.s; No. " r'-d ?l.'.'.io/( l.iiu; No. ;: nil Jl.afi*n.i;i. COItN—'i'-U'ije ln'iflior; No. 2 yliiii. Jl.lU'ol.l); No. ;; wllit" / Li^i-jifi l.o'.i'i; No. 2 yellow Sl.ori •ul.u; No. 3 yellow $l.i.iS5M.10; '-•o. ^ tniM'd f 1.0S r d l.lil'; No. .'J ihivcii ?i.iu ;»n .t'S. n.\TK—lilKhcr No. 2 -nlilto '. I \.i'; No. ;! wlili" r .liVjc KYI':—Sl.ilifrl.lin. HAHLKY—S.^*i Mic. KAKHt-$l.i;i"d I.lU. . MI1.0 MAlZK-Jl.TXWl.M. ' lii'inilod fall's in tho KansaH as i N'.-w York. lice. llullislt ilfciu- | oti-.irailoiiM in the Htork market j wire ii'iieued with Itirxensed vlcor I today in response In onconraglnK ' leporfH from the stool, copper and jollier Industries and the favoralilo : Impression created liy l'riflilenl ; ('o.didi:e's iiiessa^o on rail leslsln- i lion. Move 1 linn two score issues j reached new peak prices for the . your iti the first two hours of trml- | itiK on sales approximating lull),000 shares. ! Temporary hestUney imposed hy ; the renewal of call money at e',<- j per cent ivas removed when the i rale dropped hack lo II per cent. ! and buying orders expanded over n j liroad list of industrial, pntilic uttl- I Hy and milroad shares. I The largest Kains were scored hy j industrial specialties. I'. .S. Pls- j trlluitins preferred Jumped 7 points Sale* of hard and dark wheat tin. j -mil the common \>'\: U. S. Hearty ehaiiKOd lo two cents .higher, coed j issiton ahoitt four point ouch, nnd demand. Sales of corn one to two j California packing, Federal Mining I cents higher fair demand. Unlit, j prof erred, Iron l'rodnels preferred ;t to ili^ points. A score of others moved tip - to .1 points. Kails and public utilities, however, led in the number of new hiKh records established, a brisk do- nmnil developing for the high priced carriers. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City. Dec. 3.—CATTI-i*-- j Receipts II.Dm); calves 2,.'i»0; beef sleers uneven; kinds ot value lo j -»e|| above 110, steady to slronu; j others barely steady with Tues-: day's dull close; lop hntidywelphls j sin.(in; hulk fed steers and yenr- ; Huns $7.U(i'.i '.CiO; shf stock slow, steady to l.'.c lower; bulk butch NEW TRAFFIC REGULATIONS Ordinance Now Before Commission Would Limit Parking to Two Hours, Garil department, causing strenms to overflow, damaging buildings and layltiB crops waste. At Uzes II R I I I U I IIK struck and damaged a factory nnd a cafe; at Orles, a half Inch of ruin fell in an hour, uonvnrtlng the. streets Into torrents nnd causlus a rise ot three feet In the Rhone river, and In tho marshy Cnmnrguo district a • cyclone storm ravaged properties along Valcares Lake, An ordinance, which would yiro- hlbit parking tor more than two hours in the business district on | Main street between Firnt. nvemici [and Avenue A, between the hottrfi I of .S:tiO a. in. and 0:00 p. in. was cows and heifers $11.2Off? s.75; 'prao-! I ,ut " n first reading by the city HUTCHINSON GRAIN pno Koei-'ipls of wheat in Hutchitif.on I today 4(1- cars; corn t'l ktifflr and | mllo 1. One week ago 73 cars and j one year a^o 3- cars. ; Iteceipla at various . other ; terminals: Salinn, 54; Wichita, a4; i Kansas fit v. lDG'J St. l.ouls, ;!."•; i Oniithn. .'Ill; Chicago. 21; Minnea-1 pulls, li'iV, Dnluili, 15.".; Winnipeg, i laiS. i Sales here today Kansas City I basis: ! l:r:,„.fi,. Co., ^'"1 Ito who /toni NEW YORK STOCKS. i-w York. K. t;. iii'.ott. &. i'y bulhlittg, by 1 cur I hard .. . . .".!! If. I.', «! !.0 1 tar 2 hard . .. . .Yv.I 11 .t.:.a 1 car 2 hard . . . . f.s,J |- •j^ t I cars '_' hard .. . . i.t> 1- r.n t!;.;i". .1 ears 2 hard ... . .-.'.' :! II' 12 i.r.:; \ car U hard ... . r.^.a il if. t.r.'i 1 car 2 hard . .. . X l.'H 1 '-nr - hard . . . . ;. i-. -J i .> ~i i :. 7 1 . ;ir :: hard ... . .'.T.T 1'- 2 i '• I car :s hard 1. IV . •'•'.7 IS 2i !.'." 1 car 1 iiii\.dl "Ml .... 1 "7 1 I; I 1 ;.r .' mixed) "Ill 1 1.;.) T 1 car k.'iflir (w) STKI-'.I.S: l!ctb!.d..-li) .st... 1 1'ci j Colo l.'lli'I .»:• linn v'o I'ni.'ilil,. sin.-l I-.. Ca-I 11 ..11 t'lpc itu i tub yiiu.'s Stool llr'-at N'tirl.titrn cin. I'.oputilii- iron A- Sled .... 1 : .H ,s;..i 1 c.irti I'oniniim .. U S Slol i.-ct'ii I'l-oforrtd . COPIM-IUS: .tiiui Siu..ltjni; ,ii Ur-fiiihitr .Villi.-etlda I'.'pii.:!' I 'D I'ali.ihim /ilic \- l.,.' .... . 431 . 41." . 711 .If" i.liilnj •llll.' I Unit.. Insi'ir.i Ivt'Iillt.. llav C t: (•l'i" PRODUCE MARKETS HI..-': air (' .lis. cash market today were 1 ivl 1.6*. nt 1.C0; t at I at l.'.O; 1 at 1. !!o\w. Wheat. ! Dark; i at ToC'-j J Dark: 1 nt 1..'>:'.. lurk: 1 at i.fil; X I.'.'. I : 1 at 1.7.7; 1 at 1 1 Hard: -' at 1 l.-C»' s; at .1.4',i; 1 at l.lS-%; .1 at KIM-.; 1 at l.-lf. 2 Hard; 1 at, 1.57^; 2 at l.ntJ; 1 nt l.M; I at l.r.1; 1 at l-MiH; -1 at I.,' HI; 2 at. .1 "isi-j. fimulty: 1.47 to 1.40. No. .'( Hard—1, at l.r.S; 1 at, 1.7.5. No. 4 Hard— at ].a3. Sample Hsivd— I ivt J.74. No. •! Red — 1 at i.r.3. No. 1 Mixed—1 at l.M. No. 2 Mixed—1 at J.."l. No. H Mixed—1 at .1..".:,; 1 nt J.52. No. I Mixed—2 at 1.5,1. Corn. S at 1.11; 1 at Liu. .1 at Chicago Produce. Chicago, Dee. a. — IH1TTKI"!-- Lower; creamery extras -I7U'0; standards •ll , ,-.c; extra firsts 43'rt -10c. J-'!GGS—Lower: firsts I7.i')2c; ordinary firsts arifrtOc; Tefrisern- tor extras .11 r n'3T X <:: firsts SSVi'd 36c. I'On.TIlV— Alive, higher: fowls l"i.?/22c; springs -2c; roosters ll'.ic; turkeys 3dc; ilm.sis ISc; geese 17e. Marland nd Cioifi.' Vlil <'.. . I 'mi - A inn I'.-t I'an-Ainu C'-t. I'm.' nil Co ... rhillips I'l.trob.u Trans Trans .1! al Hutch SUollv Sta lula Slnll Ciiinu T. Ml of of I'll Kansas City Produce. , Kansas City. Dec. 71.—KiKiS—2e lower, firsts 4iic; selected ale. j lUlTTKIt FAT—Unchanged, 41c. | IILI'TKH— Unchangid; cream-. i erv •!&!?! :>0c; iiacklng 22e. rOl'LTHY — I'uchangcil; hens i I'.'c; roostets 12c; tiiinuus 22c; I broilers 271c. Chicago Potato Market. j Chicago, Dec. ».—VOTATOKS- i Trading limited for ordinary stock, ; moderate for good: prices slightly { stronger on good stock; Minnesota t sacked round whites fair to ordin- • ary ,SO'o ?5e. 1-ml- i K.Ml.Ui i,\l<s A 'I' i K I'' llallinierti 7v Ohio ... r.'inadiaii radfie ..... itr.-at N'o: tlitrii I'.v .. Illinois i.-.'iitial K y Si'uth-'rn l.oiiiH'.llb. A- Na.'-hvill,, 7 .lii I'.e-irii' I'.-nmicn . .Mi. I'aiifii- I'l'ofcrro.'l N Y C.-uiial .Northern I'aclfic I'.-nnsylvania l:v .... It. ii.lliii.- Uv liuck Island Hi- K: ..117 lical lop veals JI'.oO; mediums and heavies J.'l.'iilii.7.2i'i; bulls firm; sloekers and feeder steers slow, barely steady; mostly 5."i.(l(|i»('(i.7."); slock cov.-R nnd heifers extremely dull, weak lo lac lower; largely $2.7.*ift 1.271; stock calves steady', {, HOGS Hcceipts 10 ,000; mostly steady with Tue'sday's average; shipper top $!).lo; packer top Sl).!ti): bulk of sales $x.s.'.ff!USD; bulk desirable ISO lo ;100 pound averages $ri .()ii''n0.7i.V. lid to ltlo pound averages ?7.77.'o Slid; pncklpg sows] JS .eoiii; stock pie.s steady, SG .IUWI ti.'.n. SHIOICl'- Hcceipts "..ii ()0; lambs I steady; lop fed lots $11.40; better grades natives and foil lots $14 .(>0 'n ll.l'.r.; clippers $11.7aW12.iri; sheep strong; fat ewes $S.0U. Chicago Livestock. Chicago, Dee. — HOGS — Receipts, 7 )0.000; moderately uetlv;, generally IO I W 27ic lower; heavy receipts ami light shipping demand; weighty butchers show minimum decline, underweight dull: DO@77je off; top ?:k7v. C A TTLK—Receipts 14,000; fed steers yearlings and desirable heifers strong; spots unevenly higher; well flesbisl light heifers 25c up In sputs; bulk fed sleers $10.00 downward; best yearlings held at fll .00; early lop $13.50. S11EE1'— Receipts lO.i'OO; few early sales fat Iambs steady to weak; early bulk fat natives niid fed westerns $ir,.i)n#l5,2i>; Cat sheep nnd feeding lambs steady; handy -weight fat ewes ?7.7.Vti S.50. Wichita Livestock. Wichita, Kan.. Dec. ?,.—HOGS—' Receipts 1.5»i>: looks steady; pros- peclive top SII.20; bulk J9.00 (i| !).'• a. CATTLK—Receipts SO0 including :'.iio calves', cattle active; steaify lo strong; beef steers .ra.75ifi8.50; lio*et cows and heifers $71.'.15(ii.'7.()il; bulls ^2.73if(3.7u; veal calves $1 .00 ak .O 'i; sloekers and feeders ?3.5'J (iiG.77). Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Dec. 3.—Receipts 7.0 ears; prairie No. 1 unchanged to $1 higher nt $12 .0 (l@13 .00. Others unchanged. TIMOTHY—No. 1 $10 .00 @17 ,00;' standard, SlC >.(ii >r7T15 .r >ti; No. 2 Sl:i.50(fi 14.50; No. 71, $12.0t)@13.0U. 1'KAIRIK—No. 1, $l '2.n0 '/j 13 .00; No. 2, $10.00d 11.50; No. 3. ?7.00@ 0 .50. ALFALFA — Choice, ?23.50@ 25 .00; No. 1. $22 .00 !fT:23.flO; standard; $18 .501$ 21.50; No. 2. J1ti .tj0 («t 18 .00- No. 3 $17!.OOfl'1o,50. CLOVER—Mixed light No. 1, S14.Mifffl3.50; No. 2, ?H.50«i 14.00. commission yeslevday afternoon. Other provisions of' the ordinance, whlrh was introduced h.V Mayor Walter V. Jones are: Requires all cars to ho parked at Hie curb tit. no! more than a ::o degree angle on Muin slreet from Fifth to Avenue IV, on Sherman. First and Second, from Walnut to Washington, and Avenue A from Walnut lo .Main. lVrinlts cars to stop not. more than 10 minutes for loading purposes in what is known as "No Parking' 1 zones at corners and in middle of blocks at fireplugs. Stopping there is forbidden at present. Prohibits cars parking in tho alleys east and west of Main, from Third avenue to Avenue D. Tlie ordinance veiii come up for final passage Friday. Vacate Part of Street. The commission enacted an ordinance, vacating 10 ler-l o(£ uf each side of Second avenue wast, from Whiteside street west to tho west line of the drainage canal. An ordinance was passed providing speciitl assessments for paving Second nveuuo east, beyond l'liim street. An ordinance was passed changing tho name of East street to Graiidview street. Grant Use of Hall. The use of Convention Hall for Christmas eve was granted lo the Kit Klux Klan for a Christmas party for ehildreu, free of cost. Report of the police judge showed $2,154 in fines assessed during the month, and 51 ,012 was collect cl. The public health nursing report showed a total of 031 visits made hy the city nurses during the month. The city weighmaster reported 37.0 loads weighed on "the public scales during the niodth. ' The city plunibtug inspector reported inspection fees collected of $102.50. The city electrical Inspector reported 74 inspections made. Ipd&News Ft. N, Elect Officers. Mrs. Marie Sliutts. Mrs. Ruth Lemmoti nnd Mrs. .lilnncliu Lemmon were initiated last night Into the Royal Neighbors lodge. After the regular lodge session officers for the couttnK year were elected. The new officers are: Mrs. Laura lirtire, oracle; .Mrs. Molllo Lovelock, vice oracle; Mrs. Noll Porter, chancellor; .Mrs. Gertrude Daniel, re-elected recorder; Mrs, llerlha Schroll, receiver; Mrs. Klin Foster, marshal!; Mrs. Rosebud Griee, Inner sentinel; Mrs. Ada Mathews, outer sentinel; .Mrs, Klolla Mttrklo manager'; Dr. W. F, Jim Humbert Has < Sleepless Night Over a Lost Calf Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Lillian Slella Mary Elects. was night chosen at the lor Eastern Aelmore as . Pearl Snm- associate ma- Schoor, physician: Schroder, musician; lle.ati, deleuate and Wesley, alternate. EaeUrn Star Mrs. Emma Senrl worthy matron last election of officers Star Willi M. A. worthy patron. Mrs nelson waH elected tron; Mrs. Myrtle Rau, treasurer; Mrs. Oilie May, secretary; Mrs. Gtistti Newman, conductor and Mrs. Kdith Fee, associate conductor. Tho installation of these officers will bo held at the next meeting Dee. lt>. One candidate was taken in last night. Redmen to Meet. The Reiiinen lodge will have its -.innual election of officers tomorrow night in the. hall. A program Is being prepared and refreshments will be served at the close of the meeting. Several of the Great Chiefs of tho lodge from over the stnto will he guests at the meellng. White: '.'. White: t'S'-i. 2 Yellow: at 1.09. 77 Yellow: "S'i; 1 at 2 Mixed; 71 Mixed: at. l.OTVi; at 1.06. S WhftfK 1.09VJ; 2 2 at 1.11; at 1.10; LOCAL MARKETS 1 nt J.09%i; 1 al 1 .OH. 1 nt 1.0 *1 .4; 11 at LOS. 1 at l.iiS; 4 at 1.07'i: 4 at 1 .117; 3 ot 1 iit!>i.; Oats, 1 at 64 u, Doe. .Mnv .Inly IbiC. Winnipeg Markets. Wheat: 1.5S»i. wheat: 1.05. wheat: 1.0317.. Minneapolis Marketi. wheat: 1.5:',V 4 . -May wheal: l.SSVi. I; Sunflower Produce. ' Heavy hens, Die; light hens, 12c; springs IBc; stags 12c; Leghorns ; ami blacks, all weights 13c; old; roosters 7c; turkeys, No. 1 20c; No. i 2 12c; old loms 15c; ducks iOc; j geese Sc. j KGGS—Fresh, per doz. -10c. j Locm uraln. WHEAT—muoted by \Vm. Kelly | Mill wheat $1.33. \ SHOUTS—$1.03. Bit AN—$1.31. Swift & Co. nt 'TTBRKAT—No. 1 40c; No. 2 St i\ .V H K Ilv (>! • SlHllht:ni lly 1 »'.'.•'•, 1 I'ninn ]':\c\iU: lly 147 ; d-mi-al Motors .... fVi^ i .sanit'hiiki-f .\intor-i .... 44i*| Hup M-'toi-* .... t.'i'a I I'lrrrv .Arrow .... 3J|f* | HIII\;M>TI :.» U .:H '.'hiimik'r .Motors .... Ovf-iiattil Motors .... Vf\ Murk TTUCU ln>! Ki-Hv K]»rliii;fk-].l T!:-f Co . .... 17 V S Kiibl.. r >'< .... 'i i.!o«-tIrir)i ]:ubi-.'r i.'o :i4'-- :ir T «V K M!, A.i;i\ ILul.liOr (\> ]2"* Ailin-Jti^cli M;ii;licl.0 ' 'O ... .... "'•"(* Atlis Cluihn-'rs MfK Co .... ^'j M;ivnoll MolniH "A" ' 'K M.ixwll Molurs "IV .... 21-1, N'iiT-ti Mnti.r^'.S'i Motiti Mntnrs .... I'll->i Su-wftft Vv'ariKT MTg CO .... .... 12: Sir..mln;r« "i 'arli Co .... I.7.'i •finiUt'ii lti-.\H-i- Heaving .... .... "STis INI'fS'nilALS: Amit lir.-t .SUKjir .... 43", Indiijstriii] Ak'OhoI It Anui t'itn t.'c US A mn i 'ur .fc Knuuilry ....171 AlJlii I.orniilOtiVti .... PiH WiikiiMi "A" .... ;>*'''H Atlili Sl^fcl Fonri'll'lf-i .... 4:m A mn Tel Trl ...J2 »i 8 Amu'tj , ,...i ''••-'>,» Amu C(l Af-'S'»ci.'tU'tl J »ry < looil^ 131~i MARKET GOSSIP 1U1TTER—Creamery ISQilSc. EGOS—Fresh, 35c. Today's advance In wheat was attained despite bearish wire re- purls which slated that a decided:> bearish tone prevails and that there is nothing on which to base a hope for further advances, i.'tilting lias started in Argentine i hough it is not general. Argentine wheat Is being offered at considerably less than American wheat and Is today the world's cheapest wheat. American wheat lias been consistently cheaper than Canadian grain. Charles Maxwell, manager of ilio Colorado Mill & Elevator Co., and .1. J. Welgel, manager of the Dodge City mills of Ihe Colorado company were board of trade visitors yesterday. Federal Supervisor Finds Movement of Grain Here is Big R. George Newforth, manager of the Farmers Elevator Co., ut Hcl/er ] •vas u board of trade visitor today. He said BOIIIO wheat In Hnrton county lias died from drought. Report it received on the board of initio today indicate weather such us has prevailed here la general iii-er tho district. Al! are hoping for further moisture. (.'urn husking universally is proving disappointing, according lo ro- porls reaching local grain dealers, in .Stafford county, where a. yield of around 35 busholn wus expected the grain is running JB to 20 bushels, .ucouling to word received by! G. W. Encs of Hie Midwest Grain. • i !o. , ' R. Saunders, federal grain j supervisor, who has been stationed j here since November 17 in the: grain office on the fourth floor of the. Hoke building, says that hu has! been surprised during his stay hero] at the volume of grain which is handled by the Hutchinson market.! Mr. Suunders spends most of his time supervising the work of the stale grain Inspection office here. Lie also handles all the appeals of rite grade tests which are made by the stale Inspectors. He has only had sBve.i appeal cases lo handle since arriving here, llefore he was stationed here all appeals had tiC be handled through the federal! supervisor al Wichita, and the ears \ of grain on which appeals were! made had to be held here until \ samples could be sent there and the new grade certificate was re-1 turned. j "The nihility of the corn and ; kafir grains which ate coming into; the Hutchinson market are very ex-i eeptloual," remarked Mr. Saunders.! "Tho grains are very plump and; there is an unusual abM'tic? of j cracked grains. The nioi-titre inii'l tent is also very low." | . .Mitnlgcrnery Ward ', nalOwln Loconiollvb | Continental Can •' 1 i 'ocoa Cola Co 1 I'i'.t.vl.lsau l.'li.HU'ii'.it Co ! I'uril Product.- l:.>flnln» | Famous 1'layers Lnsky I i Co • - • : i-ubaii Amu Sugar lAinn Agrl Choio J I Uipont J )c NPIII | Amu Asphalt I'o •• I .;.-Herat Kle.-'trie : ttitl IhirvoM'-r Co intl Paper Co Pullman C" S'.'lis ltnt-liuck VV.sitiighii'.is.' F.loc & -Mb; ... Vnltevl !~>rn« Co - U'oolu'orth Knvvr -Silk Co ..... Foreign Exchange. .127? . Ill . . 41 "i ; xi\ . :a"." . li I., .PllC !:i : .r.!i .1111 If* Ui ..1 .. «f. >:, .."His .. 11 '2 .. 2ia; A. F. of L. Greeted by Mexican President Mexico City, Dec. 3.— President Calles was presented with nn American Federation of Labor badge by Samuel Gompers during the American delegation's visit to the chief executive yesterday. Air. Gompers, who said he spoke "on behalf ot the United States workers and members of the Pan- American Labor Federation," assured the new president that "we shall always he with you, with your government and your people, whenever in the noed ot support." SUNDAY NIGHT DANCES TO BE DISCONTINUED The Sunday night dances at tho Cantwell barn three miles south of Sterling have been discontinued, according to a notification which Sheriff Jesse Langford received from R. S. Cantwell, owner of the place. Sheriff Lagford states that the dances would liavo been stoppetl by an injunction within a short time If I hey had not been discontinued voluntarily. He investigated tho dances on several occasions and found people dancing while drunk'. Official action slopping the dances was delayed until peop' ; were iotitid in that eonimuni- who were willing to file complaints. PICKED UP AROUND TOWN Mrs. Inez Kay of Second ave. west, left today lor Los Angeles. Miss Lois FIggett of Nickerson was here shopping yesterday. Roy Coonfield, Scout executive, has returned from a visit in Wichita with relatives. \V. A. Franklin, Rock Island motor car inspee^r tvom Pratt, was here yesterday on business. C. M. Davis, Missouri Pacific division freight .igenO went to Geneseo yesterday on business. H. S. Snerieker, Missouri Pacific traveling freight agent went to Kinsley today on business. B. E. .lack of tho Cnitod Water, Light and Gas company is spending two days in Abilene on business. Leonard Hickman has returned to his work at the McNaghten farm department after a week's rest. W. F. Hlelt of Lyons has moved to Hutchinson and will be connected with the Superior Motor car company. Arvin Dowell. who ha- been ill for the past few weeks at tho Grace hospital, was returned to Ills home at U1S Fourth ave. east. A. C. Peck of the Wichita Northwestern, who has been spending a two weeks vacation at points in California, returned this afternoon. F. K. Boussor, formerly employed by the Hutchinson Ilakery, has recently opened a bakery of his own at Sylvia, lie is reported to be getting along nicely with his new business. .Mrs. Florence Hutchinson has r?- Kellem Heads K. ot P's. The esquire rank of tho Kuights of Pylhlns was conferred last night nt the regular lodge meeting on Fred R. Dice. Following Ihe degree, work officers were elected for the coming year. They are: Rush Kellam, chancellor commander; J. A. Keener, vice commander; G. L. Sanders, prelate; George Dice, master of work; E. E. Woodson, keeper of records aud seals; R. P. B. Wilson, master of finance; John Humbert, master of exchequer; William Itickard. master of arms; Allen Nortou, inner guard; S. F. Drown, outer guard; W. S. Rathhuu, custodian ot the ward robe. litis anyone a stray calf concealed on his person-or lathered In the bttclt yard? Jim Humbert, general manager ot Ihe slreet, railway, wnnls lo know. He also wanls Ihe calf. He Is advertising for tho cult and 11. mny be Ihe calf, so used to town things by this tluio mny read It and make report In person. This calf or nil her lis disappearance, is keeping ,11m awake nights. It was like this: A farmer from | near Pretty Prairie, hauled a pair of calves around In his trailer yesterday, and at Mini ami Fourth the trailer wns lightly louched by a street car, not so much of a hit, but enough to unlatch the door of Ihe taller nnd one ot the calves Immediately strayed. It a man was seen late yesterday hustling to Ihe hand, a fool, or horseback, 11 was Jim Humbert. "it was near the Ristmte hotel and the News office when the last rumor came in, and I presume il hud read an early edition of the News," Humbert said today. The calf Is quite necessary settling affairs In connection with! the collision and if anyone should i see tt Jim Humbert would like loi be I old. j In answering advertisements, j please mention tho News-Herald. ilei iiiniiholn at the Intrrsnctton "i tho alley between Thirteenth and Fourteenth Sirens, nnd tho alle) be. twi'i'ii .Minllsim .uiil Monrrio stroottl thi'tice .NnrWi 77 > f••••(. and ttaMUM benefit and taxing ill-lrlet Im l.oltil lo 12 Inclusive, lll.i- k 2. ilutchhis.)^ Investment Ciini]mn>'s Fifth Aldltem to the City of Itiitctdasnti, |,,it.-| 7 \ti 2H iMi'liishe. mock r,, Huich'.rvm In- vesiini-nt Company'd Sixth Addition to the city of llnti'lilioeiil. find' l.ota IS to 21 Ineliwli... Itl.i'., It. ,I10..,|,||. .-"» Invi-.ilmonl l 'uiiip.inv's Slvtli Ad. (lllh)ii to the city ..I llut-liiiison. •'• • s.-is: all In tho City Kansas. Approv eil Xnv.-inl.--r ':- Mi. "' • • -ri-ii l'. .li i Mi^ ot WA 1.TI7I I'. 17. VV. l.­ ll, .1. i...'Ui: ,.f lln!''l!li'.-.oii| : i. p. jo.Ni::; I.Y.MAN. I'.lb nix, IIA.-'KAKI'. ,' li FKUlillSii.N', i 'i-iiiniissloner-l. Altos 1 .: LP MKT/. Cilv Clerk. SPECIAL NOTICES OTCE WOCI.I' ! |„,-,-sl.-.| Phone '-'-.Ui 1 '(II,I. lie 111 AV rpil "n n S.-0 t-li persons In* p!l-,- organ losson.1, 'or ili'lailB. . wit. . ©(ml latesipSftall (luaral.trcd n-palrlni,'. Nellie. 17. 'iiims. 2!>; A.vv.-sl. , "iTc.-iU stock" removed free of charge. ph'.nr UANM'-I'.UNTKI linnil-liel'b) prl -L^h' Nun Hilt Mrs. Aslll.- , U'S Kiglnh IV- '. M.YUY "A I .'Si A Hil'T Ai'ltiiN Sin IP. 'aids and reasonable (.lift anil Apron A S l.i . Iitu.'h 1 lll'I'I'lll.NS ne.I TOO LATE To CLASSIFY Ciff Slim ,: ,«siniih._r ' I U"! NT 17 Il VV -in.III'H Cv'ti.iiil'.e i.w Hu- "Tlirlfi and 7,-11 West. Cnri'18 -IJlllMs HOOSIlUi KITCHEN ouhlii.'t, while iiiul Clark Jewel ratio... will) l.orain gas rungii with Lemhi uvn, uiiu after nnoll, -12'! West 17th Sit. Chandl- lllse or touring car, hlekeus.', narairo for n A, West. ill, fTlltKK KOl.i.M rKlCS |.7 "-»l(i "per iiiiittth: S room lioiisi-. #I.", l.u-r mo. Waler and givvaue (nnii-bed, ImiwlTo li" "'lb West. _Pll"lii ^J7l7^7.. I'lii: SA1.1 -7— SIX "liooi- display I'lfna- erators. Terms, lul '7, S. Main, lud. pemlent Ta\l and tiam-ug'' has ehaiiKed hands. Long drives a -specialty; will appreciate your prAv-uage, day or night.. We will go 12 hteeka from Second and .Main f--r 2,'ic: wit! go 21 leeks with one or two passengers for f.-.O. Phono G'.iri; C. I,. Fat Harvey. WANTFD-To buy sec ace. Phone lik'M. .nit luiiiil (urn- Chinatown to Have Christmas Treat Los Angeles, Dec. 3.—Chinatown's Christmas ship with 100,0011 pounds of holiday delicacies aboard is duo at San'Pedro Harbor here tomorrow. She is the West Carmona from ltong Kong, anil carried abundant supplies ot dried lily flour, birds nest paste, shrimp paste, canned sea snails, died eols and roast goose, as well as a large consignment of Chinese medicines for the use of those who partaiie too freely of such delicacies during the days celebration. Tho West Carniona also Is bringing 14 new* boarders for a Los Angeles zoo; four lions, three Classnffn@dl —Aie— PEAUTY CULTURE OA 3A _ 'I M A T I T ' i:T.i -T N IX ~"M "721 Knot Elm- MAit'-'Cl.ldM'. "Mrs- -I- phnue SJTHiW. 221 N fu_t_b__l aW MATtCKlX'l Nil-d jay "or i VD-.iliis TlllhotL _S12_ ]^_4tll__Pliotie_._l.l^^, jrXlltrKl.l'.lNO. day" or i;vont!ig, »»o llll Wi st_ 1't,_Plviiltn_ , jfAU'ci-iiXlNG. r.i'i'. Phone si'a',.1. • j, !-i t . cneKiior, ptione 2tti:iJ. Mrs. MA ui - I -3 LLL<I ;. «T Kjst_Jst • MAUCK1.I.1.NO. JSC S% K-isl 1't". jilieue MS2 .I. AP!)nliitmetit_an.viimfc "7frVLLVMT : njj(:r"i:i7Ai !TY ~'stior'pir Paper cllfl a specialty. 42ti I-'irst. l)|nine :(7i:'i. Last . LOST LORT Thursday —Grey leather enn- teen hag containing J17I in eurrnioy, ring valued n" l.-eep-a l;e and other small articles. Liberal reward if re- turni-il to 721 Kut LlBhlh or plums 161IW.. LUST —:: mo. old i P.ew.-iril. John Co rle, Iteuie. T.i "i'S'l'7 t'eeii" 11 ".-oil bills. I.i-liv.'eli CI 7 7 -tli, Similay iii.-riili at News "ffie- . 7.1 twirt whit., call, ring, Pretty Prut- "-..nuifnimr JPi In i:. and 714 17. ig. lii-ward; leiiv.i ritONB 44011 AND CALL FOIt CLASSIFIED AD DEPT. "'LOST. Tburni.iy—Grey leather can- I teen U:m eoiiuviuitig Sii2 In eiu'retiey, I rillu- valued -is k-.p.-ak.; and other ; small artleb's. reward If re- 1 turned to 721 Earn Kighth i.r pheno j 1041W. 11L1.ND AD UK.Pl.l KS A-lli—1 .M-'J -2 L'-ll — I O-ll —I K-11—3 U-12—2 l'.-12—l P-ll-l lt-12-2 P-12—U i -; ^ i ,).|i.-l .1-1 a—;; S-IO—2 K-ll — 2 S-ll— 2 1.-12-2 V-ll-l M-12—li ; LOST- T .-rr! A little 1'hcnn : 'A ! N"iih Miiin Minn*' , \vnrbP»"rTi.Viz"J"in»»i ; man UroH.. M.'t.sonir i-itir, 11 CARPtNTERING Orders lo cliungu or ni-SL-i/tiiinuu Btlvt-TiisienienLs tor the cuririu tlay's issue cannot be accepted later tint" IJ a.m. for Tho News ana G p.rn. fut Tim Heralrl. All cfianses ami kill'.? rccjvtd *rtcr tnosu Mourn will take o(f(:c:t th folelowhig day. TIJ -HutUunson Nuvvs-Horald Is o m^mtfirr of Tho Association a! N«wa- pupt.T Cliissifiod AclvortlsinB Manub'rs which inrludos rutt'lmg dcwipai'^rB tliT»)iiRhuut Hi..- cou»lry. • 4i!J nua for its a*ro thu elimination ot frrtuduii'ni anj ml-^Iadint; etn.salfl«ni advcr5.w:Jig. The Hutchinson ^St'vvf-Hcrahl HS vevl its <:\Mty other member or the association, endeavors to iirint only uuthfui Want Ads and will aporociatc having its tittention called to any adVfrtlne- ment not conforming to Ihci !ii«ht-si stamlarJs cf honesty. All L-labsiflod nt1s will he Inso* tm\ hovh morninR atul evening ISSU-'H -il tho pa»i.<!. An ad which im; Plume Ui'.ts. furniture C.i rt). a I pair i.'eiii plans Ire l'le.-.e 1.. ;il re's .mil e.-ii'.t". 10 10 DRESSMAKING— MILLINERY XLf~i : n:7\W6Nn itig. remodel Mis nirtltml*. \v v v ;'t'i , ;i.'—tJiLs^ iii.iion:;: satistatiuu Riuiraiiti'i'd. Mrs. llavs. 514 N Mam soils and ilriSHinaK- , ideating, furrier. .I;, ,i-.e 2 ''r,:i.t. 12 J AT T PAINTING PAPERHANGING 12 crs nnd seven -ill f )•.,« I. i !"' . "„" i!1Ble Insertion will apueur In!— (.IS anil seven leopaldfc. all llesll , Uotti The .News and The Herald i _J Indo-j Classified advertising terms are l — cash. Phone orders are accented r.i. i l'i convenience, hut with the understand- ! I ~" \ IIIR that hills will he paiil on pre: tiillnn. from the Jungles of French China. VVIIi'll- «1 Mnln^oh^'O^ ii,-r' hamiiue; pap.-l Hiori), HIWI ill i:-'slit.:nce lai'.i. REPAIRING. ALL KINDS 14 Big Fire Loss In Oklahoma Oil Town Cromwell, Okla., Dee. 71.—l-'ire, starting in tho rear of a cafe, swept through a business block of Cromwell, boom oil town, early today, with a property loss ot approximately $120,00(1. Ten business establishment, were destroyed. A (sheet Iron bank building, under construction, halted the flames. turned from spending the week at, Garden City, visiliug her mother! Arn >"» insured against fire? and other relatives. Her brother, j not ''otter see Kliiklo agency, tleorge (Haney and his wife enter-1 talned at dinner Sunday in Iter hon-i or. She made the trip out, and back without any car trouble and found the roads very good. I ' l; > '''ho Associated Press) If MCDONALD AGAIN LEADS LABORITES. GENERAL ELECTION COST IS $5,479.40 Xew d u let; closed .Inn. i'li.on TNl.Me. Cotton Market. York, Hoe. :!. c, middling, -teadv I' Pie; Xew York, Dee. 71.—Foreign exchanges firm, (imitations In cents: Great llrltaln demand -l.fiU • a; cables -LGC-V l-'rancc demand o.tOLi; cables 5.50. j Halv demand -L7J4H; cables | 4.714i ilelgiiim demand 5.01!i; cables i 5.02. Germany demand 23.SI, Holland demand 10.'.'.7. Kivltzi.-rlnnri demand 39.01. Gri'oce demand 1.81. Poland demand lO'.j. C^echo Slovakia demand 3.01. Call Money. Xew York, Dee. 71.—Call money firm; high ;'.!,i; low 3; ruling rate closing bid 71; offered at 8&; lasl loan 71; call latum against acceptances 3; lime loans firm; mixed collali.-ral (iO-HO days S '.'i "if 3%: four-six months .'l 1 -™ lit 7J : >i. Prime coinmercial paper 3',». LIBERTY BONDS. prices limited by the M Bt Loan company today Ij. C. Hughes, formerly with Ihe Solvay Process company ot this city and for the past year a consulting engineer in Kansas City, has accepted a position as consulting engineer for the Diamond Alkali company at its main plant at Panesville, Ohio. He will be associated by <'!. S. Rutherford, another former resident of Hutchinson. The Women's Missionary society of the First Presbyterian churcii will meet tomorrow afternoon ut 2730 at the home, of airs. J. 1'. Kowland, 513 Ave. A east with Mrs. P. M. Kmmort nnd Mrs, .1. Q. Roberts as assisting hostesses. CHARGE HE DROVE I Mrs. I, C. lienfrcw will have WHILE INTOXICATED | charge of the study on "Moslem I Lands." E. II. Kendall of Colby was at-1 rested „, ,„„ "' " ""•"- BU SSES, The receut eleciion expense;! amounted to a totul of 55,170.40, according to the rt ;)rds of c.uiu- ty Clerk Fred Lulz, who slated that the cost per vote w:ti 375 cents. The expenses included the cost o? ballots, |ll,5i:!.S0; salaries of tho judges and clerks, ?3,ii50 13; supplies and expenses, SSI.'!.88; and delivery ot ballots, $l'',3.(;i'. ut the early hour of j this morning on tho charge of he- I ing drunk and driving his cur while I Intoxicated. Ho will bo tried in i police court this evening. '"'! CAN'T USE SCHOOL i FUNDS FOR WORD AND 5 Words ur less , t*. to ii Wordu ... 12 to 17 Worda ... is to 772 Words ... 2'i to 2S Words ... 2'J to 773 VVoula ... 34 to Si) VVorttd ... 40 u> -45 Words ... 4ti to fill Worrll 50 to f.77. Words u"se SCALE i Line 77 Lines 3 1. :.e» 4 Lima 6 l.lne.- 6 Lines 7 l.-nes 8 Line, 11 Lin,, .10 Lines C. V. |i_l:lCL.jiphelsti-rlrig.phiimi 1I2L L'.-;i'71J furniiure. ui-ii-it^fi-rnig nun repairing, furniture :i'i,l slnvi-s. Hlld- vani Viirn. <•«.. '•'•»> r-isi "th. Vh. Hi). TrpTiTri7r!TI'7ilL\(t ~V:'rf t ~ea work. I'lioiie 27-:',!. .1. II. l:.i7:-'anil. 15 LAUNDHY l-'or mete than 10 linos figure 77 tluei to i-aeb 16 words or fraction tbereoi CCUTMNS lauluw-i. \VA NTl-il'>7- WaMniu; . uasll ill reft Ma!IW r.ili. phone ; V,'AsiiTl NI.T al.d ni-ai ::.-.|.:w. WORK Phone IM?.!d \Y 15 VAC. Cal at. UUlte'l. Pin- 18 SERVICES OFFERED 16 RATES ON CLASSIFIED ADS For consecutive insertions same copy, fame day. Minimum charge i .27. _ _ I uay ,-r4vf lille :™ \ I-AIXTINO. z^r^x'fi™** a Daya—Per Una .... ,aii I _ estimate frm.^ 2I-- I-.. I>-Im - misJ. 4 Daya— Per lice 3C ! Tit.vsti IIAI I.IXi:- Ail kinds, pl.rno B Days--Per line ii 2,'Sl.l. London, Dec. 3.—Ramsey McDonald, former labor premier, was reelected chairman and leader of the parliamentary labor party today. J. H. Clynes, was chosen deputy loader and deputy chairman, and Ben Spoor was elected chief whip. MORTON NOMINATED V. C. POSTMASTER.! Washington, Dec. 3. — Several hundred vacancies In postmaster- ships which have occurred slucr- congress adjourned were filled today in nominations sent to the senate today by President Coolidge. The nominations include: Svonsas City, Mo., Win. K. Morton. . l>uys—Per line, , S l.iaya—Per lino , 10 Days—per line 2 Weeks—Per Una 1 Month—Per line Special hxlgo rale, per lino for both papers .r.8 Alt .70 1.07.,. LCD .a; Final N'aglite -.flic; lull spot. | , 111! tiles , '\ •1 2".H3e; : : 33. IT'il :\ i i !I" im. i .!•::•: ll'2. 4-22 6ed Check Charge. A warrant bus been issued for Charles Hnbcock of this t-.ity, who is charged with having issued a worthless check to 11. L. Allison lor a sum of $10.50. was drawn on tho Peoples State Bank of Lyons. Topeka, Kan., Dec, 3,—The Kansas City, Kansas Board ot Educa- Visit Dairy Men. County Agent II. W. McCall nnd A, W. Knotf, extension dairyman from Ihe Kansas Stale Agricultural college, are vlsiling the dairymen in this county trying to increase ihe membership of Ihe Komi County Ilairy and Agricultural Improvement association. tion cannot uso school funds for transporiaiiou ot pupils to and from school. The attorney general's department holds Ibaf tho law- applying lo rural districts, where ,„. , , i children are transported to school, lho check | ll0( , s nil| a(1 , tH , t c y> tm _ The ruling wan made on application of the county attorney of Wyandotte county. HEAVY STORMS DO , DAMAGE IN FRANCE Paris, llec. 3.—Hiiiialls similar to Unit which recently did $500,000 damage lo Xjce in four minutes, .struck various, parts of southern France seitcrilay, particularly in Class Party. Tho members of Ihe s. W. C. class ot tlie First Methodist, church gathered yesterday afternoon at the home of the teacher. Mrs. Perry White. 104 Kighth ave. west. Tho affair wns lho regular monthly meeting, of the class. A shower was given Mrs. C. A. Stouglitoti, u recent bride. Refreshments were served at five o'clock. Reaction In Coffee. Xew York, Dec. 3.—A wave of liquidation swept the coffee mur- ket In today's early trading, currying prices down 114 to ivi cents a pound. The sharp break followed a further drop of about 3 cents a pound in the Santos mar ket and was a continuance ut yesterday's selling here when clos)ug prices were 1 10 IVlc net lower. answering uiive'rtlsemonL.. mention lho News-Herald, • The .Nells and The Herulil will lei- oe responsible for more than one In correct insertion of any udveitiseineni orilerd (01 mote than one lime. r .rroiB not the fault of tho odvertlsera which clearly lessen the real «aluo of th' advertisement will he rectified otil> by nublleaticin without extra charge wllhln FIVE days after Inserttrui. N' repuiilieallori will ho made when tin error doea not materially affect in- feline or tniiDeap or the niivi-rtigi'menl TELEP1-1ONE "ADS The News and The Herald will giv< lareftd attention 10 all IIIIH received i 17 RADIO EQUIPMENT V .SO.NiillA KADPI l.OCD SPEAlKiSK • (With '.In.' coiif 'i \'i !(-(l linrii) i "OI J KAK AS A 1JHLI/' ! Touo f|ii:iUty urio.whfd, bt'Ciiiiso Ifi \ all wood. '• Sam»: i:iit.'c aa oi,h*3. I'hono tor ! (ifiimiiritrnlii.'ii. ! sulutti inoncy-bai j I'.rj. ]•:, ^ny, rjol A. I :iul Niirili'.uv mhos on an au- L T u:n:int'2f;. 't'ype.i ."."> each. Curtis, telephont.'. • •urary hut cannot una*- 19 MALE HELP WANTED 19 liAltliKltlNC; t;iu;:hl quickly. MnliT fJtatlu:i t< s :ilu a;. ^ hiiKy, uij; \%n y. \Vni«' .\|ohr Ijuihtj- CulU'ijp, 511 Main, LEGAL NO I iCE .'?>*) monthly, ex|H»nst'ii Kitai iJiitf. d a ft or com plot ion pi'.i<l aa railway 11 .-iffit* iniMK'L'tor. of ;j mi'iilii;:' lutiii'" 1 .^tutly course or ni'UH'y rt'fuiicl'^i. I;\.'t:MMtt tjpportuni- Wr)u- i"r !'••'.• h«M)Ulot ft-iUS. jitand i:uiiln».is Tialninj* lnat.. tfuf- Wittt- (first |.iihli.vlii-tl !"'«'•:. 1, H'-l, Iliilchin.-on N"» : WM Notice To Contractors. Mi.h will I..- nviiv-'il i.y th,At * 'nmU'ir.HEJuiK'rs ttf I h<* • lIui'iriiiSMii. nt t)u- i:ny v'l-'ik'; uji i'» p.m. l-'ri-lav, i.tvif l'rjl 1'iv th>- -•«.m-inniu>n of j-,M".li*' "ill S- v.-lilh AVf. l-'.ai-l lint .M;.ln l > Walnut, S-v.-utli Avt;. W •- •• Jr-Mji .'.lain lu .M HI J en.- j.itd Map: Slrr-t from Thlid to Sixth. , I'.id.hii xhffiH ifuiy I.- -jl.taiiu-tl ai ih<. oinc of thn i.'ity KiijiiiK-vr, " i .MAN, tin-vRt WMI'K in hu'doiiti in arc'i'ilant•• wild j f.»r fafMry tho plans nnd spt'-lf iciiVi(.nn itt liif * i,\iv \n\*ir>-x* in lluirhin mn d'..-it i l'i City i;n^!n.-fr uii lilt- In UH» CHM!;'-^ j mniMua! upportnnity. with tt.rtuii- Uh'.ll CLASS man act a.s K-IUTUT uv,i-m in Iluichinsun atnl .surround- im; ti-rritiir.x ; e-pli inli.i fipnttritinity for rii'.'tu man. i-sp.-r'i-m-v nut nfi'^s'sary. Adilr.-ss Th- Midland Mutual Intmv- :iny '-"<>•.^"I'^ S .'iitl. |C,-. ami 11 Pi.thlf. \viiii"iTTT pn -flii;tti\-ii tn handii* A L-fitifl. ai-rompr nv .-.-rvt'd th- hlUr'. •d K-lu*.-]i for in.iii.da must (•nch htd, Th.,- iioanl rt- rittht to nj.jut any and ;MI i:\> .MKTS?, Citv Cli-rl;. Miilnnt t. Inf rmliu'. d ami r« ad \nv, J.'i, J!C1. ]-'ll:d [iuh;ir=hfd IVtr. iHt, i\t-:\. RESOLUTION. WilKUL'AS, U U nee<'.s^aiy lo con- sti'iirt tanliary acwt'iy In ih« Citv <d Jlutf.hfnaon to prmimtc the i*. aitli a.HI Kftifri'Sl WPUHI'* t^V lh •> I'Miahllauth , Ihi'i-cof ami to provhlo th rt bttmi.t and') cD la.siip-' disli'U-tM ut ani .or i-^id «c.',u . liny n^wi's; miu*. ih^n-frnv; ' UK IT RKS'.)l,VKI-i liy lh- I Ur,' 'd •>( • Cimimi.^.^ioiitr.s of tin" Ciiy t-i | lliitchintson, K'au^usr • That a MI nil a i y r-ss. r lap-, :d i»- ' i<ii:dru'i'd ht! Kitmvti n-i tarn JI> J Suvvcr Lateral -No. 1 ^8, lx-Kinitiiiif at I rii4l;i niaii in (.'(•:•(-ary: writt- svnn Co.. I-Intlh- C.i^k. Mi--], \V'ANT nfj-"iilV 'ii 'ill "-in \Co7 jdiar.-.v. Vi i n \Va'*ij. r, ] uiilf I mil" north p'l-Wm; lihmi •. \VA"NTI':I> ••Tl»Mi~iTr'|^Tv "~th .-M' wTai'^r K. \Vit\\i :di'» !'- s::.;is. .* t.r,n ?-) ^j; firt-HH shofB si to dsfi.tds n :n to £i*,.&i>, part paym-tti ilmvn, OaiatK'O 1(. ('oiici I'oiniiH'ri'i' Co., 17-Ul North Walnut. FEMALE HELP WANTED 20 "! lu [am­ or ;IUI» lOaHt C(».MI M ':T!-;\T huu-.- ily. Call :,i.'7 U-W IXVALiu ~}ady uM»iiV,r^C« " h^**uken Into iMpahh: home :im| ho t-arod for. Aihhvss I'-Vi. f-o .\i..\v». WO l'i K hy lho hour, i'hotuj tUVi.

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