Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on April 1, 1942 · Page 6
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 6

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1942
Page 6
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PAX5E TEfc-THlE MORNING AVALANCHF Lubbock, Texas, Wednesday, Apnjl, 1942 Piol 4343 For The^^ AvoJaneht-JouirVioil Officer DIAL 4343 THE RESULT NUMBER" To Buy, Sel, Trade Or Rent Anything i i _ _ n i- i ' • -•--" ' | ' .- - \ - - „ y< ^^'cuiSftod AiTtrtbuT*** ** „. .. OFF THE RECORD By Ed Reed ITmnilnvrrsoTif fvmnlni/me>«*t i?;^..» n ^i«i T T«7«i-5nrtl,? ^/ Of Adrerttsisc or Tin Lubbofek Evening; Journal Lubbock\Mornm£ Avalanche Sund ju^fe. vaJanche- Journ* I AU el*S£itu<l idrertinnc vilJ «.ppt*.- ta botb th* Morning uid Altenuwtt p*ptr», 'x>th paper* counting on* ln*ertioc« All classified advertising U printed ia the Urbtwck Morales £.T»Ucrh» Um and tie DillT Journal «t the <ua« d»U, BO classified crlrjn«t!nr in ch» •.tterae&D .paper. OiSSUUtiJ lor Sunday* ls»J« <rta vppe&r In the Avalanche-Journal e<rnfitixtc ene . insertion u the p*pe* ii Met ta »U mb-' rcriber* of both- tht &(temaen ftfto morniijj; vtptn. . .-; EPPECTWS JAXDAST 1*. 1(H* AVACAXCHE-JOUKXAL Combined Batet 1« Word -WiaimBai 1 rtvj, per W «d - *e 2 days, per irord _____»______ Ce 3 *»y», per v&td ,_____^__— — ~» Ic t da j«, per -word ""• • 7 d»y», per T»ord __^___________ 1J« _^ rate* lor tcnsecBttvi imerttfts. cat-ci-town *ds received by mm »o«t be eaia •grtth order, JTo eietptlce. "HO REFUND" on 3d, stavoei ttiea it h»i • xppe&Ted to piper.-. • • ''..'• DIAL «ia • •• •• ' Oor cspenemd xi t*£«r wm T«*£tv» yaai. . mt and help yon to *or4 X ta*e ««r collector -will nil tfe« fcJioWis* 4»y. TH2SS ACCOUNTS ARE "ACCOJOiODA- TIOS ACCOUNTS" TOR OUB PATRONS AND FOR ONS DAT O!<IjT. !lo idvertlseasttU attested. OB Mt ~»stU forbid", order. A tptejiled cmri>«r at ta• *ertion* zntist be ffiv*&. V?» re«r»» the rifht to pl&c* an »dr«r- tixstect the proper elas**fle«- tloa .and "reject tmcleaa or objeetioatblt '• copy. Ofcltu&rte* and c&ros or **•**« at yecular • elssslfled advertiiinc rttee. Th» publishers are na: rerpoantu i«r cop; • oalssiol*. ty5x>gr»p?i!cil •rrort mt any , unintentiuul error th*c s*y occur ru- thfr thsn to correct it next )«rae tfter • It 1* brought ta their attention. AH *d- Tertislns orders sr» accepted on thii .- baslA onjy. ThA ATalAnche*Joiz£nsl- can not b« recpe&~ tibia tor mar* than oc« inearrtet 'ifiur- ' tion el c claKilled »4. AdT<rtisera ihooid ' check their adi on tint day ot publication tnd txunedlaMly notify till Oaul- flM Department V «ay mUtiia* oecnr. Classified AdrertlsiBC accepted n&tfl t:CO JL a. oe veek day* md JSatardayi. For cli^silled dUnlay advertising DIAL 4343 'TO DiscoNTrycE AIC AB -Sotic« to DUeoatinee an Ad mtut be given nJtter 9 a. m. and bifot* » B. ». to tome member of the Classified Adrertist- ment Depsrtmeat. We cansot be responjl- "oM'ter'aotie* iclrtn be/or* «r ifter thece and to members of fiorae other : . ^fotice To The Pcblic . Tne Aralanche-Joumal i« a «embsr •£. ths Assseiitlon of Newspaper classified Adyertirias Miaarers..ifhlcii ioolndn leading Newspapers throoghont the c«n$rj ts± has u 1U aim. th* elbnlnattte el hMrolervt a»d aBial-idlnc Cla-crtiled Ad- Announcements 1—Lodges and Societies - A, P. and -_- KB. KU A. M, Stated pfetrtldzj a lint each month. W. M. -Floral and Itursery SIG- MASTODON.. ereroe»rir?r 3lant;, 15c. Dial 2-3603. TYLER ROSES. SPECIAL 411 vsricties, 2 for - njborrltae?, 3 for _^— Italian Cjprcw. 3 for 2Sc : SI tl HUB NURSPRY 2215-19th St. 25c up 1,000 Roses Fresh Dug BROS. NURSERY -2 .mi on Slatbn Highway .•:v : v^ Dial 4521 .-.'••- ;;}WKmSlDE NURSERY See .us .for'select p.'urstry stoc£' including tliade 1 ,iBd truit trees, scrubs, .iverrreens and 30 .iailttlei 61 roses. FkEE-LAYDSCATE AND DEIJTERT .'-'-.; 'V SESV1CE Mtla: North of Tech CoUeyt <sn" LittlelleSd '' -' POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS The Avalanche-Journal Publishing Company has been authorized to present the names of the following citizens as Candidates for :ic*- sub?•:!•„•< to the action r.f the Democratic Voters at their Primary Election on Saturday. July 25, 1942. . * FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, 119th District Hop Halsey FOR CHIEF JUSTICE. Court of Civil Appeals (7th Dist Amarillo) E. C Nelson of Potter County J. Ross Bell of Childress County E. L. Pitts, Lubbock county FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY 72nd Judicial District Burton S. Burks. Re-Election) FOR DISTRICT COURTS CLERK Royal Furgeson, (Re-Election) TOR SHERIFF TOM Abel, (Re-Election) J. W. (YVoodson) Boyd FOR TAX ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR H. B. Bryan, CRe-Election) FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY Halph Brock (re-election 2nd term) FOR COUNTY SCHOOL SUPT. Roy Boyd Claude L. Hale, (Re-Election 2nd Term) FOR COUNTY CLERK Ed D Allen, CRe-Election) R. L. Hooten ' . FOR COUNTY JUDGE' G. V. Pardue, (Re-Election) FOR COUNTY TREASURER Winnie Roberts Coleman (Reelectioti.- 2nd term) FOR. COUNTY COMIVHSSIONER PRECINCT 1 • {i. K. Horton, <Re-Ele'ction 2nd Term) Barrett Penney '•PRECINCT 2. • ' . • • Ben Man'sker, CTle-Eiection) •C. Z. Fine • • . PRECINCT 3 ' . Edgar E. Gray. (Re-Election 2nd'Term) "• T. L. Holt • Ottis Isom ' PRECINCT 4 • Newton" Stokes, (Re-Election, '2nd Term) V. J Farris M. J. Barton FOR JUSTICE OF PEACE PRECINCT I, PLACE 1 Walter Da vies PRECINCT i, PLACE 2 D. W Robertson J T. Inmon, (re-elsctiom FOR CONSTABLE PRECINCT NO 1 T. E. (Chief) May 4-* *I asked him about the gun—He 'sa'id it VAS more natural for him to walk around : "hat way." Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors BOWMAN LUMBER COMPANY 619 13th DIAL 5718 S. P. A. GRADE MARKED Business Service Employment 13-D—Help Wanted Provisional AIRCRAFT SCHOOLS CAN QUALIFY YOU FOR U.S. CIVIL SERVICE DEFENSE 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors GEO. tf. GRAY LUMBER CO. CASH & CARRY No Charge Sales No Deliveries (KILN DRIED LUMBER) BULL PEN 20,000..feet one-inch boards, larger dimension, rick It out. per hundred '. 35,000 feet 5*8 red h-3it pine shiplap, per.hundred — A spools heavy 3-plj- twisted wire, per 100 !bs. SPOOl ^ : .._ — . Mill-end-W inch sbeetrocfc 2<x4S Inch sheets, per square _ Vs-Inch sheetrock linef board,'per square 2x4-2x6 and _ $2.65 'I $3.50 blacl: cable . $3.50 _ $2.50 S2.35 RED CEDAR SHINGIB _ $4.00 ... $4.95 CITY ANNOUNCEMENTS Subject to the action of the City of Lubbock Voters in the Election on April 7. 1942. FOR MAYOR Carl E. SJaton, Re-Election L. D. Thomas FOR COMMISSIONER Place 1 W B. CBilD Price, Re-Election Place 3 Hub Jones, Re-Election Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors EVERBEARING' .Gem. but str»wberr? fccovru 100, S1.23 prepaid. JV V. Willljm £oa. Route 6. ..'-... .,L.- 2VANS ,NiiiseTT. Shallowater. r state tested-home grown berry plant*; plumb and cherrj-'treei. i Larea Stock ol Smooth, "scrkifcht \...,. CHINESE ELMS and other fl^dfe trees.' RED BT(D: Bloom - tng ilze 5DO to 51.50: smaller sk;es I5c and up. • . . . . ; Ererrrceaa. Flowering ShniM. Bnlbi, -• • . .- //-'Strawberries. Vt ML E. of Afe.- H on SUloB E>-ER3EABING strawberry plants. 75c hundred. Broilers. 2322 Ruby-str«t. : Arnett- Benson addition. -. ,' - ' • 3——Lost and Found ..-.. .. lazi: Brief ca;e containln;'31b!e-'ahd'ier- rnpn outlin'is. Dili 8516... - ' . : 1OKT: Tazpolin. 5r*ss rope ; in comer, Vl??^ '«ther ioop reinforcement. Rewsrd. LUMBER SALE A Complete Sellout of All 2x6 and x8 No. 2 4—Personal Notice* MIROVUr Astrologist and Psychologist Expert »fivlc» ba'baj(n«.. lore, natrurc .; Special Readings 50ri - JTirrj: in ». m. «„ R p . m JlH NO Art. J. Apartrccnt B F.H.A. Quality MONEY TALKS This is not a trick sale but an honest price sale. We are going to give the public the benefit of buying [umber at' wholesale prices. No Reasonable Offer Refused. Avinger Lumber Co. 126 East Broadway Phone 6122 MADAM BETH, WADER Uoaitnnatxn rattboi rnnrolt aie on _. aflaj-5. Hours 1 p. ra. to I(v p. us... daily al! .day Saturday *r.rf Sunday. 2321-mti ttrcc! MADAM LEA ADA Kerc for few daj* 1912 16U>. Dial-7631. ' ..' "MADAME CORlENE" ECADEB "oritu'.t me tcxlay aDoul your love, m»r riasc or business ptobleuis. Palm reading led phrenology znaly^is. Nt»r business dls '.«IS AIC. Oiil Z-J.W LAWSOK. siirolocj-, sll alfslrs. 162P. \EADrSGS from nmyv'.cr.slrelr iiStti •r.t IJill-Mth. Dial "57S. THE. BESJ OAV t-i soitrtue .u tbe-> yo-j *ani tu ;ell KntcUlas. Ffesne.,13 to- J»y to sell what j-on" \Vant to •«;?" the IUBBOCK 1ROH & METAt CO. NEW— STEEL — DRED - Ounnel, CAPROCK LUMBER CO. 33th Street »nd Avrnne O. ' Bi*l SSI3 2*6 and 2x3 c--j r-ft Sello'* pine . .pJ.OU Sx« and 2s« eo ~ n Slishtiy crooScd yj.Vv r :io;« B ar.d Bcttrr ^ M t\fi Beaded cc:i;r.s and petition y*KUU .W It. Goodyear host CO OQ With connections •t'J.VSI Good uried '« l.ich ply-board C^ trA Painted on lac j;dcs. S>J.JU Master Painter's Irac! zinc C-T ir/% Per pailon xvb;;e Kou:e psint _ T • «5U per gal c^ca S ^r 3l ,t . 15< . IS" No. 3 shingles, per square _ IS" Xo. 1 shinses, per rquare 16" No. 1 Shingle:, lOO^V edge grain. 100% hcart - / <£"> A^ per square . .-i>**.-?w; WALL PAPER SALE Beautiful 19*3 patterns Room LOT BUNDLES.. $1.00 up 13.70 Wall paper LL carnriv, c -3 *^ per yard ' ** «J-*f|, Good cheap house paint. <£~ AQ gallon „ *r • *^-^ Reliance red bain and roof ^>1 ?** me inside Hat paint, ffn fc lion •? 1 .OO ~e Brothers high standard ^1*3 O^ houj» paint, gallon •? — •*J Lowe ISrotbers Derby red semi- ^-•'i QC paste barn paint,, p-llon •? I .7 J Cement, per sack : 69c Geld Bond tnd Oriental <? 1 £ stucco, per sack V * •> - '/,-tnch fir vail board, S»r square ^i-inch-fir Tex. per 100 sq. ft. Call us for competent carpenters and pointers »nd remember we can sell ?ju better buildir.; materials and hardw?.re for less. $4.50 $3.50 BOWMAN LUMBER CO. Your Friendly Lumber Dealer STEEL Ornmnentil iron ot »n t±nd». porch ram and lawn feacei. Wlin vrork chiln Hnv feneei- LUBBOCK STEEL WORKS 1H ATfl. O Dill 5751 6—Beauty Parlors TVAVEL BEACTT SHOP Mrs. Myrtle Hubbard, 1009-15th Dill 8172 Regular S6.50 wave Trfth neis- d;o F.f\ feather-e<Js:e trim -?J.JU NESTLE BEAUTY SHOP 6 OPERATORS FREE PARKING 906 18th SI. Dial 4542 HAUBEBT'S BEAUTS SHOP Corner Stb and Ave. M Dial 2-3252 12.00 Sanders oU *J.OO S3.00 peraaneat _________ JUO 5.30 permanent _____________ ?I^O ilala sb_=pc5 ind «et - S5o 3—Business For 5ale X>R SALE or trade ceauty shop ant'. build- US in Sundown. Dia) 5472. CLSAlTDiG p'tint, equipped with tre best Hoffman modern equipment, practically new. Low rental contract, in ftno-1 orick buiMicg. Doing a good city business and slf<i a contract at She Air Csie '.it nil C-..T hsr.rfle. Rcpjcn for srllinp. Is nor hcaiih in the family. Can make good erms. H MARTIH Over J. c. Fenner Co. 1181 FOR SALE Beauty equipment. One ^1 oT-Crator shop U1 6021 ° pe " tor 5h "' s - 2 ^9 Hth. . I^undrr. :o i Laundry. Sundb»:i. rCHTLL f*rta:niy sm:ie again u ran Want Acf.v 10—Tailors, Hatters, Laundries Whilworth Cleaners 1315 Texas Ave. Dial 4562 AH Work Guaranteed Announces as New Services MORRIS PICKUP STATION .1303 College Ave. Doors 5-panel, any size . Red Fence (4-ft.) 50-foot roll 35-lb. Roll Roofing 45-Jb. Roll Rooting 55-lb.. Roll Roofing $3.00 $3.75 .90 $1.10 $1.35 $2,00 $1.50 $1.75 $2.50 $3.00 $3«50 SO-lb. Roil Roofing, slate surfaced 100-lb. Sack Asphalt Asphalt Felt Per Roll Yi-la. Gypsum Board %-in Gypsum Board V^-in Gypsum Board Va-in Liner Board Above prices subject to stock now on hand and subject to change without notice 6EO.W.6RAY COMPANY 4th & College Texas &. 23rd 8—Business For Sale FOR SALE:—Cheap. st«3m laundry, 4 Maytaes. butane system. John Miller, Jr., HurJwood. 10—Tailors, Hatters, Laundries See Us For Cleaning Of Your Rugs and Upholstering Lubbock Laundry Dial 6S51 1001 Ave. G At starting salary of approimatcly §1,900 per year and paid vacation. Requirements Age 18 to 55 l-A draft classifications not acceptable. Must be willing to accept position anywhere in United States where Civil Service Commission wishes to station you. Physical eamination ivah-ed for well-qualified applicants. Ask Any FRYE Student JACK N. McCR&RY MGR. LUBBOCK OFFICE 1620 Broadway Phone 8301 SKILLED workers in sreaiest demand today are WELDERS for aircraft and ship yards and othjr national defense plants. My system wil; prepare YOU In a few weets. Dia! 8165 at night or see ra- at 504-BroadTVay. MAST WELDING SCHOOL. CR Institute INCORPORATED Finest Quality Cleaning SUITS or PLAIN DRESSES PANTS . . . Caih and Curt STINSON'S 1708-10 Bdwy 10-E—^Professional Service DR. J. W. PHILLIPS DZVTIST motjoc* Rst'L BIdz. LtTBBOCK Dial S-K01 Employment 13—Help Wanted, Male WANTED: Expcrlencea waiter, 10 houn 53.00 dail/. Green Hut Cafe. Lames*. WORKING jird-aiac. eiperisaced. Lub- bocfc yard, must nave references, »35 week. Box IS. Avslanche-Journal. I3.A—Help Wanted, Female : Exporlenced beauty operator. Salary and commission. Bos 22. Avalanehe- Joumj.l. WANTED: Girl for housekeeping and care for baby. Room, board, salary. Dial 2346*. lady for housework child. Dial S2* (. care for Two rKperienced "waltreS5es r $12.50 v;ecXlj-. Green Hat Cnfe, Lamcsa. WANTED: White girl for maid. Room, board, rmajl <u,"i=iry. Ttco children In family. 2605-23th. >OOM. board to white couple In for wife's worfc. 24C7 10th. WANTED, oldish colored woman, full chsrgc farai house, for Americsa Elan. Roy Crandail, Vaughn. >:c—: 13-C—Salesmen V/anted ATTENTION" SAt.ESSIF.N! Havr EIXKI proportion for salesman In «\rst Texas srllir; sujiplics and cquip- xer.; lo p^^r5icians and hoj)>italf. Must me in Lnbbocls. n-xn automobile for tr»v- rl:r.?. ar.d he exempt from mllit.sry sfr- MCC. P.M»IOR -/cquirfs unusual -ales anrt nitchan:ca-i abilit7 and a pleasins pcr- "J? 1 " 1 ^ 1 * 51 ' .V; 5111 ' 7 in ° v ' n handwriting lo P. O. Box 1260. Fort Worth, Texas. OUR COURSES PREPARE YOU FOR I M M E DIATE EMPLOYMENT IN AIRCRAFT FACTORIES, AND ARE BASED ON REQUIREMENTS OF AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY. COMBINATION SHOP, CLASSROOM AND TEXTS. DUE TO E L IMINATION OF HIGH SALESMEN'S COMMISSIONS. OUR LOW CARRYING CHARGES FOR TIME PAYMENTS' ABILITY TO CONTINUE WITH EMPLOYMENT ON REGULAR JOBS WHILE LEARNING NO TRANSPORTATION COSTS NO BOARD AND ROOM PROBLEM WHEN LIVING AT HOME WE ARE IN A POSITION TO QUOTE YOU MUCH LOWER TUITION FEES THAN OTHER TRADE SCHOOLS AND STILL OFFER AN EFFICIENT COURSE LEARN in LUBBOCK Support Local Industry QUALIFIED INSTRUCTORS Excellent Facilities Visit our offices, shops and classrooms, and SEE FOR YOURSELF. DO NOT HEED SALES AGENTS EXTRAORDINARY CLAIMS. Phone or call in person /or inter- vie Vf. DAY and NIGHT COURSES TEXTS—UNIFORMS TOOLS—INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION. There Is A Demand For Graduates AT ONCl: Women 18 to 40 Men 18 to I>5 Aero-Crafts Institute HOO-02 Avcnup J Lubbock, Texas Phone 2-2272 14—Situations Wanted !r"T77~; 14 —Situations Wanted SCHOOL »Xi!nal< »-HKl:; pl.icr !••> ^,Hfe ror room ar.d hoard. sn,^:i iam : |y. Write Box '- PRATICAt, c\r« Employment 14—Situations Wanted 3ARPEN1ER work, painting, Vaper hanging, small or large jobs. Dial 5275. EXPERIENCED housekeeper, cook, nurae, desires woflc. Stay nights. Dial S-3403. Financial 15—Insurance & Investments Whatever You H»v« Wherevti' Vou Are McFARLAND-MAISEN CO. J. E. MAIBEN. Mgr. 1107 Mala Dial «51 16—City and Farm Loans REAL ESTATE I.O.tXS Farm loans Citv Leans P. H. A. Loans RANCH LOANS See «s for loans. GREEN BROS. Lubbock Hotel s;j;. Dial ',.111 F.H.A. loans to Improve your larm and refinance old loans. 20 years to pay 4 J ,3 Der cent interest. Low rate Insurance tompany loans 20 and 25 vssrs to oajr. Briley S« Jay Room 204. Conley B!d». P. O. BOX 221. Dial Sill Financial 16-B—Money To Loan $5. $10. $25. $50. e o^i MORE • 0 JLAYING wlilteleghorn pullets for «*!«, DUt 3-9810. . FOR EASTER FOR AUTO TAGS DIAL 4378 Today — Don't Delay FAIR FINANCE CO. 204 Leader Bldg. 1104 Bdwy, Over J. C. Penney's SMALL SECURED LOANS 510 00 to $75 00 WESTER "Banker to the Multitude" Room 2 Upstairs. 1009^ Texas Miscellaneous 17—Instruction Classes QUICK training for service 'n government, business, military oljicei. New condensed Secretarial Course. Draughon's. 18—Furniture For Sale CITY, FARM OR RANCH LOANS AS nnanciai cormsuoncieni loi Hit cori- netlcut mutual life Insurance rci.,ii«nir. i am pnpareo to — «j vdu n lour nt . ne » lo» rate IF IT tS A CJdOIl i.iiA!» i UA.N MAKE I'l CLAUDE B. HURLBUI Nafl Han* H!lc Dial 6322 For Your Own Defense Repair Your Home We Will Finance and Insure It Read & Bonfaani Complete Insurance and Loan Service 1210 Avenue J DIAL 7456 16-B—Money lo Loan L! $5 io $75 Your Signature Only For Easter & Auto License $10 Loan $1.00 weekly $15 Loan $1.25 weekly $20 Loan $1.40 weekly $30 Loan ,?1.7S weekly $40 Loan $2.40 weekly $50 Loan $2.S5 weekly SIC Also $100 Furnilure and Au{o Loans Quick, Confidenlial Service PLAINS FINANCE AND INVESTMENT CO. 1105 Ave. L Dial £942 Money Tc Loan Diamonds, watches, pins, radios, cypewrlt- eri or anything oJ value. LICENSED AMD BONDKD PAWNBROKERS GEM LOAN & JEWELRY 1203 Broadwaj Dial 3781 L 0 A N S DIAL 4971 IF YOU NEED A LOAN RIGHT NOW! MONEY FOR TAXES - TAGS - BILLS Or Any other worthwhile need will be advanced within ten minules af- Jer application is iaken FINANCE CO. 407 MYRICK BI.DG. MONEY TO LEND Life Insurance Company funds available at all times. ATI? Kiitount at low interest rates pud easy tcr.ns. M lend on Lubbnck homer, and South Plains farms and ranchr.*. I make ir.sprr.iionr; pcrsonaliy and obtain n u - c ^ approval?. Loans clf^icrt n my office. Sec me firM- ^^y 23 y*ar^ n LiihJxsct; recommend mjr service. L, Wesley Read 613-14-15 Lubbock National orV2 tTIE -JOB ot rentinit or te:Ur.g voitr house to ths W»nl Ads. £•»** r"A 357*5" CUT RATE PRICES OH NEW FURNITURE 2 PC. Davino Suite Wine Velpur ....... _ 3 PC. Living Room Suite _______ ______ 2 PC. Bedroom Suite, Walnut _____________ Floor Lamp, I.E.S. Including Bulb ____ Fibre & Wood Mothproof Wardrobe ^__ Hi<;h Chair, red or Natural finish . Piaiform Roclcers, Tapestry ___ Throw Rugs, Wool, Furniture Dcpt Upstairs W. D. «1N$ & CO. 2209 Ave H 'Cheapest Prices on South Plains IVE WANT To Buy Your Usart Furniture EAST SIDE FURNITURE UM-Ave. Dial 2-3J5 Spikes-Sellers FURNITURE • • NO- 2 Silly Spikes. Mgr. IVE WANT TO nUY OR TRADE VOUK USED FUIlXITIiRE .-\lso x complete stock new lurnlture. 121 Ave. H. Dial 6162. John Spikes Eddie Seller FURNITURE Spikes-Sellers Complete atoc* furniture. Stoves, carpets We trade for and buy your ti=ecS furniture I211-13th. Dial 2-2121. TOP PRICES oalo for used fnmltun Bain Furniture, !6n-19Ui Dial 3-1681 STDDIO couch for sale. Apply 1503 Arenu- J. after 6:00 p. m. HIGHEST cash Wooers on used furnltari Harold Griffifh ni2-13tb • DllJ 3-J.J21 Highest Cisb Ptlcei PAID FOB OSED FDRXnURE PLAINS FURNITURE CO. Fhons <51l Livestock 19—Livestock For Sale EXTRA, good springer Jersey coirs and heifers. Dial 2-9917. T. Teal. 3 HAMPSHIRE boar rfioatj, also 10 pip Iran Lillard farm. See Charles Nunnally Rt. i, O'Donneil, Texas. KEETON PACKING CO. Free removal of dead horses, cattle and hogs. Dial 6671 collect See Us For Keeton's Western Brand Tankage We pay highest prices for hogs. Highest Prices Paid For Cattle — Horse Hides, Sheep Pelts, Wool, Tallow. HORTEX mi AND PRODUCE CO. Dial 4442 Easi JSth «n a Sam* ft 18 PIGGY sows and one toar for j»l« Inquire Associated Iron and Metal Co. 4th and Ave. G. Dial 3-33<2. 19-A—Poultry & Supplies WANTED Crean-.-Poftltry-Egfj See us for Babr Chlckj, Seeds and Brooderi Ralph Robertson's Indrpfndeni Dewier 2707 Are. H Dial SOU COX HATCHERY Rcmcrahcr. CVK Chlofr- Dcn't Co=t, Thry Pay 1111 Avenue F LUEBOCK. TEXAS See u; lor 12 breeds of lh*. finest chicktTU. H'j cheaper to pay more for something better. Dt-ltvcry ri.1}.-: "TITESnAVR ANT) FRT- IlAYa" hut have plenty slrearty started chlrts on hand. C<vr,i3X!e line of P.Millry Rf-;:;d!e^ also lliSiW: RED CHAIN FT.ED DEALER. Livestock L9-A=—Poultry & Supplies QUALITY HATCHERY HI Annue H Onclv Sum oe:da mor* egfi loi atienst. You CBD supply them wltb pulleu from our blsh-powered "Tltamin ted (re« nnie Hocks. MMREY'S SUPERIOR CHICKS With years ot breeding (xperlecce otiuna them. Prom carefully culled ano blood- tested (locks, Straight run and textci chicks. Hatching day: each Tuesday and Friday. MtlRPHREV'S HATCHERY 1961 H Dill SO?] FOB TOVB TOP MARKET PRICES ON POULTRY, EGGS & CREAM IHDEPENDEHI PRODUCE & COLD STORAGE 2427 Avt H Dial 4307 BABY CHICKS Prom my TRAPNEST STRAIN O? ENGLISH LEGHORNS AKD AUSTRA WKll'ES, will mate you more. STARTED and DAY- OLD Leghorn and Austra White COCKERELS Oil. gas and electric brooder.". MRS. VANCE'S HATCHERY AND LEGHORN FARM Shillowater. Texas THE LUBBOCK HATCHERY Is hatching lot> of chicks and have lots of started chicks. Ccme anri get them. Easi ot Fairgrounds. II. IV. SIMS DON'T take chsnccf! B'JS gotid cbicSs and fend RED CKAIN Ch'.ck Stf.rtev. A swe!) combination for esccl:;nt r«V:tri. Cor Hatchery, Lubbock. si:i An:. F. .Olai <262.. : POULTRY WANTED Xo. 1 Fryers. P.< to 2'.'« ins All No. 1 Hens __1 . ; Roosters over S Ibs. ___: ^_ _ No. I Tom Turkeys ._ : _ No. 1 Hen Turkej^ ._ : — J'^c Ific W. M. HALL Dial 2-D311 or 1B05 Ave. H SAVE ON WARDS GRADE A BABY CHICKS White Leghorns Barred Rocks Rhode island Reds in stock! Other breeds available. BUY ON MONTHLY TERMS! Monfgomery Ward's Farm Store 13th SL and Texas AY*. ftTO/^WH'"^ * FROM START.7Q FINISH^ itaiity Let Swift's premium quality baby chicks lead you to victory with greater poultry profits in 1942. Swift's Chicks Ar» Healthy Chicks Swift Halchery, 506 Ave. H Lubback. Texas AGAiH HICK'S CHICKS LEAD THE WAY TO GREATER POULTR1 PROFITS FOR YOU era PRICES'juts JN UNI 'M Don't delaj jour eblct tujloz tny lor.ser " When jou nurchast HICKS' DUZKBABLE CTCCCKS you get cbicis thit »re bitched rlsnt, packed right - DEPENDABLE CHICKS. Even thoush joti should hivt to paj & Httls more In additional cost to let nir dependable chlcfcj they wlU return to yonr; m«ny times over in extra eggs, estm profits. Tlte smalt id-mional first cost and the long run «how you .a greater profit.' waere the Inferior law grade cMclu Ion money for you. Get four stare of th« poultry profit*. A1-" tnoEt. » quarter century of scientific b-eed- ing for MORE EGGS . . . BIGGER EGG3 BIGGER BIRDS offer you an outstanding opportunity for bigger «hxra of tnej« profits. IS2S> Avenue B HICKS' HATCHERIES ' Dial M>13 POULTRY WANTED No. 1 Fryers. .".4 to a'.i i!». Mo. I Hens. a). IZr "th ST. FOOITKI? Miscellaneous 20—Musical Instruments Piano Tuning & Repairing 3313 37th J,,.,, <423 C. B. t.TVKl.T Li;bhoe'«-, Trjejji Piano Bargain Guanut:£d «.-£d pi*no lor sslt cheap zl-- - " or ,.;,* , % : ' enu L. F- R;CCj Walkcr 21—Misceltaneoua For Sale FARV.AI.L, tractor, rnr.dei H Ufo low evnmeiu, ImpKnients or rubber, c^- -

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