The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 11, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1948
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIX By Adelaide Humphries by AJdo«!c Howphntj. D.jtnbLtcd b s'EA SERVICE. IMC Gordon E. Kerr is Candidate for ESENTATIVE Seeks Republican Nomination in A P R I L PRIMARY Gordon E. Kerr of Brookport this week announced his candidacy for thc Republican nomination for Representative in the General Assembly in the April 13 primary election. Mr. Kerr is 36-years old and has been a lifelong resident of Brookport. He owns and operates a grocery store, which he purchased in 1930 following his graduation from High School, and a hardware store. During the war his wife 1 operated the stores. They ha^e a 13-year-old daughter. His father, A. T. Kerr, Jias operated a dry goods store in Brookport for more than 50 years. He enlisted in the United States Army in 1944 and served in France and Germany with ihe 33rd Infantry Division of the Seventh Army during 1944 and 1945. He is a member of Fort Massac Post. Veterans of Foreign Wars, and is a Past Commander of the Lester Reynolds American Legion Post .in Brookport. ' Mr. Kerr has taken an active interest in the affairs of his community. He is a member of the Massac County Farm Bureau. He is serving his fourth term as a member of District 38 Board of Education and served one term as a member of the City Council. He is a director of the Brookport National Bank. Since 1942 he has been a member of the Board of County Commissioners. THE DAILY REGISTER, IIARIUSBORG, ILL., WEDXKSPAY. FF-RUVARY 11. 18-18 oviei Committee Censiires Music by 3 Russian Artiste THE STORY: Janice Hilary.: ed on. u n t i l d - i r m v i these pas' pretty, efficient oui* nurse. J o , few months , H h..d eeayn, on popular and handsome socie)\ i l u e l \ . N e t he.v v \\a.-. in i.i. ri ctor Erie llolbrook. inns his lin.ther's kitehen. .^ine as over office for him When little Betty "0! eonis- she is her moth , J-uc Cove he other nurse, sa* Uaid now helmnj; »er out as she JeLts to spi. stciish MUs Willows. |a!«as d.l. " w a s omwhelmed. one of the doctor's t w o seerclarles. 1 , too. You eon d lv.%e knocked me t l - f t Miss U a n niisht Set mar- 1'at w i t h :i fliek of .NOIII-yist «liea *«1 ^ leave'.Miss Willows re- i I'Poned the don ;IH! there stoou r l i c v " M L s s Hilarv will never Hen. And re due UK-K thc waie lea^. Not unless something un- ,t a bit laiier a:ul bi^-r. I kepi foreseen occurs! I t s " !«'· a \.is»i»u; terrible pity." Janice Hilaiy [e-' U|.--« turns home on thi^ particular da u. |Gov. Green Yields i Gubernatorial Choir 'To Eagle Scout MO . i V, I V v 11 t\ 'i.'.\in l r - . t \ . i . , l a v , - i . N iMd i - , · · ·!'. iii.. 1 hu of . SPRINGFIELD. 111.. Feb. 11-I (l'l'_Gov. Dwighl ». Green yielded , ...., ' h i s executive chair to u Taylorville| cim.'bov scout today after S ivin« »if c ounj: substitute a few tips on gubernatorial problems. Default Day Friday In Circuit Court Circuit Jud^e I-oyd M lindlev of Carbondale will be in l l a i " burn Friday to preside m the 'en- ular default day in ciruut court Files Divorce Onnplaiiil Wanda L. Nolen has hied a com in circuit court seekm-.. Nolfii Hourly Aipetllfn A family of live eats borne 8.500 pounds, or u little uioic- than to\u tons of food .1 yeat i.iti i :*fhos'i;..\o\ icli. Aram .md Sei7oi -U ' ^.UUvl I l i l l U l I.U J J » W " » . _ . -Green had his picture taken i n , Th( , Dailv Kc gj s t 0 r. ZO'j : the executive office with "Cover- . carricr - blllf UTOiv. I ole" i in to ,., n-s seas three,. IV Janice would have taken hand away if he not it so firmly. "I'm teinbly you're home. Ben." had come too l! for her K. She t u i n e t ! .iw.\ :.o\. them into the kitchen, per.-,. 1 ; s ( *-ti · ' -o that the} would not soe hji. ! ) I - : 1 ; his beinji the MU«O mcani j - ' 'For Ben Arcner vws M | ui V t a .-on to the IhLi'As. lie lira | u i i n n v : in their hemhuoniood uon j '·' ''' tune lie l.«id be- :i a boy until j bee: 1 father (tied , nd the Arciiert, | 01^ ir i i s l u l a r v ki.c*.\ uli ien h.c: t'hem w i t h the ere-j nor" Charles Kidlcn. ·otu-n bourgeois" music. Kagle Scout. Incn o uou-cl tneiv. f o r t h w i t h t o , o v e r for three hours. ..,,. ...'.sirs such as tho.-e o f , 'n, e ceremony is an annual lea,'i \ - K \ and Kim.skN Korsakov. Uirt , of -Scout Citizenship Day. . t ;':.'o Most famous Soviet i Central Illinois scouts selected for M,, .s \\eiv attacked for vast j outstanding achievement became , . » [ , - . i'.vm tiic ottiual part |-^ate officers" for three houts ,.10% w e i e not penalized llns afternoon. \ bat v.eie iiu.1 meted i -- -the t IChonge Name of to S Base LOiumittee observed.! C co f.* Field tO Scott b« d i f f i c u l t "because-i J t u l « ' " 51M i m O t i J U i i U l l t t - ' i : » J . - ' i ' * v i "·' - - . - - . . . . off altogether the mood that \ continued to l e t u r n to lliu neigh- U A A *.. LW^.V v . . ^ · I , . , . . l j . ] ^ » . , . t ^ ^ t l t ^ t. . IV 'i e ^ t h e . -a ,-.votive ivssib-litles and . ;Kte.sai\ co.idi'ions have] u EL LEVlLLE. 111.. Feb. 11--i up tor a leal floumhinR | t n)_starting today, the Air v i.-.1 Liiltinv.' . j Force's huge permanent installs-j of here has a new i 1917 ! MAKSARIM for i i - u i r c to oose^e m_ - isMiea a year :,nu a na» The airport, known - - - . stn:u o-^ i-Mica a v.-.a t .nu « ":-"jas Scott Field, has been designat- j aco 'o ol-mir.'te bouryeoib i r M , gcott AU . Force Base _ in i, n e i fh.o..«... . n d cic.ue "a realistic w - (h a general or d er naming all | S O \ K ' art." __ Air Force fields as bases. ' ----~ The field was named in honor Cheap Pasture Land of Cp i Frank W. Scott who was A manuscript dated 1137 A. D. , killed in a flight in 1912 at Col- sf;ews that pasture land in England I i e g c Park. Md. The 2,000-acre r -nted at the equivalent of two i base is commanded by Brig. Gen. 'mts an acre annually. ' Emil C. Kiel. M Now you can ^orve margarine in ipp squares with this inexpensive plastic mold J. M-ARGi'-AiOLD sqttcrc* a fit'l pound o} margarine. «.* 10... jauntine^. .-»..«.· ----- ---.---, one cowlick that would not ta^e mouth a bit too crooked f"o*r. t childhood "contact w i t h a baseball, and eyes that v.cre blue and direct and honest. ^.. unchanged. Ke'did IOOK bigger, though, her mother had remarked, ana straiahtforwaid laughing He had ii.e a:iu ' have lo\od him at no Win co.Jdn . ho I am overwhelmed. That's jusl Three long years that he would. "Your mother':, been telling So many, many miles apart. with her lette not so manj lunger \u-ite, e\en to an old p.«i. i * ·'You're not such a v.uv, ;.» - , j correspondent our s elf. y o u n _; ' j man," Janice mana^ti to retort. ' i -1 can only make- an X foi my ' 1 ;name." He gave her hi- wide anr ' : ·And I was kind of bus;. r.i\aoi.. | , '-at times.' He became rar-*!-_:': I '' ! mous. "But I tensive o::. .n \ exue- 'd'o\e~ On condition tnat On niaK-. J i"t«r" un for vour sad neglect nuv t.ij. j cermiauen i^i'CG"»F "--"·"-.--"r 1 - " l , " , ·· * to soothe and heal raw. tender, in- l m nome again, flamed bronchial mucous _ir~ein-, she owed it to him. Jaince b sbo derstandin! (juicily aili..- --._--,, +3 h°ve vour monev b£c£. , . ,o ii_vc ..UUA · «, - ^ K s \ ··T:,,Y: nnoiit -t, if i U in K . Beware Coughs from common colds That Han VALENTINE FLOWERS For the Lady You Love Don't overlook that Red Letter Day this month! You must send her a memorable bouquet or corsage from Ford's -- she'll be pleased beyond words. If you're rushed for time just phone 23o -- we'll do the rest. FORD'S FLOWER SHOP 415 N. Webster Phone 230 2. ). MARGI-MOLD serves a\ a iterate dtsh tit rffrs£trator or tec box. MARGl-MOLD a tasy to Ask Your Grocer Today SSS OUT CUBES AS HEEDED MIX AMD PUCE IN MOLD Distributed Hy NELSON WHOLESALE FOODS. 330 ford. Harrisburg, Phone ^^ ^Irlon relieves prompt!? bo cause ic goes right to the SP«- n ' Tf! \ · y--^ f -^ fgu ^^T TM * * ^'" "' ' "^ -- ! for Couahs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis his' L is 5 5 ·\_y "i thot^h it V.OUKI ta-.L- :r.ucr j,:n'4 to appease a star.ed ai. _ i. -rm all aid I'm too tncci to- | i! night--" Janice began. But nei | | r-other, v.ho had In'siocl horicH ] ! these labt fc\v momentb at thv · 5 c'cc'iic lanse. lu.-ned to s:.%' 5 1 , - ^ o u ' i e havlr.i, cun-ier v..u: us. j i Ten Tnat s understood.' « \ ' "i v.arn vor,. }!illje Ililaiy. j 1 you'll be sorn you i-iviied nio' | baid. h;-^ blue e.^ob :.iv..'.'.-. 12. | ·^ Ssfc quality is timeless The tailored perfection you expect from Rothmoor in a coat you'll wear season after season. As in all Rolhmoor coats and suits, the material, styling and tailoring are traditional and timeless. 100-yo wool gabardines. $87.50 (Second Floor) j you | JjCll O « i V . * » » - * . ^ - « -- -. I -\ou won't ha\e enough meat leu i foi a meatball, iet alone hasa. ! * Go alony with \ou. If don't cat us out of house ! hor-^e. I'll be a:igr\ " j :au£hed at him. tneni botn v.u'.i \oi; j and 5 Tirs. Hil. n i I Then, br.mi'.:-.^ i a v.a-.- of he: } jpion. "Run alo-. vpuirs. :-.. | t».o. I can finish up better V-I-M'--; } en audience. The ta«/:c-s a,i -C. : ;.r.:cc dear. And I thirk I nt ir ] \our sister coming m. "iou c. r. j IwrmS our surprise on her r.ov i \nd you'll get a surprise of yo;.: i own. "Ben. v hen nu sec no.'. ; a^n-un our Aibic i^ ·-That I want to see. Ben i"' cl«red. "No one can cr-r.'::cc · - !'.'-?t tr.e haruni-scarun-. hn^ evo. cc into a fine youi.a lady. I;" a ,v.av. it voald make me kma oi i-d. "Seems I'm running n ^ny changes t -lrcad." 1-is e\ .b accused .lan'ce. tr."'' (·jicct Uance toi.iP." nor that ... 5 ,-as not -.tire he the o*..- ] r L.L::ce- lie h:"! fo:.nd in her. ll.i ·-. J ]^ cau:'.-.t her band i:-..:!!::^ !u- 5 ; !c.n' vi.'5 h.'n. { (To iJc foiUlr.ucd) { HE WATCHES SPORTS WITH HIS BODY iiffM'l i"¥jF'S ^*T( ** *-T3T-**K " ·t^s? ffL'Jt'* ~f.- 9r?i; T . · ;? r ;^« - · ^·Vi'/rT i . · ^* ¥ * kV* '* f :--.* ·· · : .·..' · · ' -"-"'- . '. ?·- 101-03-05-07 North Main Street r? 2'. Use our convenient p a y m e n t plan. Small, weekly payments that'll make your new spring coat all yours in no time at all. 11 of c( ^tf" -*~^, 1 ii l ..ii i _ i i ,".'·' ? .ii Ar.K. sui «re l.:iU «" j i v.(od. 1L...I... Put an American down In a ringside scat, and he ducks, feints, and rolls with every jab. ; And between rounds, he turns, stretches and waves his arms. He watches a fight, a ball game or a hockey rr.stch with movement. And if that's how he likes 5«, we're with him. With cur British Lounge Model Suit, xvc even help him to indulge his never- ending motions. The easy tailoring of the British Lounge is designed to move in--with t freedom and comfort. And while all this is £oing on, thc tnm anil f tapered lines of thc British Lounge give you a flattering and v.hittlcd-down look tiia«'«; definitely good for you. It's a suit for a mnn who lives, and relaxes, with enthusiasm. BRITISH LOUNGE MODEL (Men's Store) OHirr .JIrs in stork at A and Sfij.OO NEWSPAPER! WSPAPLRI

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