The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 3, 1932 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1932
Page 8
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THE DAILY NHWS FBBDEEICK *TO TONS 3. 1S32. BEHIND THE SCENES IN ONHOLL YWOOD BEACHES "I 3V nOD.NEY DUTCHLB. ." t'A Service Writer. vYi:.TM:.:::. Ju::e 3 -- The ,:: "easing -.-.£TM v i.h n-:u-.-S G-vemor Fr»3Js- :_-: P.; ::-:-.:; :.» u«-,ii licCcr-- £ lor Sis ' . : -- c.rr:: "-.j,-:" s;:c::g.hKis '.he i_ie- .";::·;·: i :::»: :~ =· y?a: i presid«.i-.l v-:_'.:i. *' -- r^s^l'.e :'^'.5 -::::o a: IcaK r ,i~ ** *· ; ^T* Zl'.t.*- C. ;" v f 3. C ."Il?r"»1". i^^-pT- .'- g. :;..'.: s'.r-svlv- !,,= :.-.'.;-»" s::oi pc-Uuca.; r»-»: T.;ii;h vrculii ;srov.ce a ::berC party N? ,.·"» ::o ir.y s^rh iisi^ie'..yr. b* 1 .'or te.: .-.a The very !^L\ '.v -:f a .-t A:: vets* 'or Preslcir.- «'h»:: h- ra:; or. a * * * Cite England's Case. On th* other har.d. tb*rc aro many tch3 ·s-.-l tei; you !.hv. thjt is R".r;j; to- be a;; ·'irpiii^aliy coo-vervati'. c ywr. slve ides. Is likely to be favored. In state primaries :here have beer. :e=,::'r..s Thich have been used ci-her :o substantiate that theory r-r its cor.vcrf.-. but there has been on? national «;·- C.:::-:.i.« '.ra::-.'\: --oa which the theory's pro^? ;er.r.»\ : ur::cv a: point v s* extrexc'y sim-ncar.---tha; *n abo-*:':·:! la Great Britain. Shearer. «ui:-._-.:::~ Their suppOKtion is tha: Br.tair. was on;-. »!-.-:· ii::i ! faced Tith a cr*ais, that the U.-.:tc'j r.-.r ::«.-.- v .': .- -" Sliies has a crisis and thai the ;-.*;-'pi-./c-'-.::: : 1 : . - . .-. ui?.r trend toward safety--"dcn't roc* ;~r.; I;'.; :::· rn the boa! wh;n coa.-iir.s over N'isjara · ?. · ·;- s;v ; :r ; c' .-- ^.^ ^V 4 . / ···; ir: ::;.£ p;-tu.'v. r^t tli«? '·:.:-.· v:^.5 i::i..:.^ _i ·_·..·.··..« ;^i :.yx are the :::.iieri of ·.he huge -' ; ^'. r_**. «.:·· li -.vear-r.- I*. 5;::--.:j ;:% r Ii.'t- fr:u the iur. an! allows ::er bvi '." u'^ln a f; 1 . ;::r.-.-.'!e ':\:i ?t ·.::·· .··.::·_·· t::::- Lila i-: v.-?3r:r.? a bar.ciir.- r.a-top »ath:r-z c~v;V-:rrx. ; i«t ;;:;;'.:·. ·.:.- la-: .vrd i;: r.-.-!.:; ityl*: o- the cMt. liberiil; vi»-d fi.r H- over-- star." n ·ha:: :ire likKy v, e., ; »-t N..-.,-:::b-r _ H In 1924. when I-:- D-.-r.'xrra'A rnutch- .Gerald. ed the conservative corporation lawyer --t;;c-^ John W. DavL". -is.»::i--t t;:" ····r.5-.-r-.a- p-p^-t ''' Ohlor rc.d Mr an'i Mr;-. Wilbur Ha;::: .-.-ji and Jean, Hanover, ^ ldav a' "re '···j^.e ··' V --e- ?.-d tl-iu- '-···- · ' ? ' · - = . }-· · " ...... " ......... " ..... Arda Thomsj. Mr5 several days recently In Hurriiiwrs. Pa . v^itin? their children. Mr. and Mrs. G*o:ge Morelock and family, and Mr and Mrs. Ajnos Sayder and farcily. --Miss Edaa Letcaios. daughter of Mr. led Mrs. G W. Leaizyon, vho taught icaool a: Mt. W^U. Pa., bae returned to the h?me of her parents for 'he j'iarxer nioaths. Ventilator At Top Cook Porch DeliTers Dairy Pl»n» | C. E. Wise, agricultural es^ineer of '· :i:e Eiierisio^ Ser-.'ioe. University of . Maryland. ac:oc:pa2iei by Henry R. Shoeaiaier. co-in'.y agent, delivered plans asd specifications to several · dairj- bosses in the locality of Sabiilas- : viiZe. Thurscay. i«r. Wise »'ill visit the . locahty of Yellow Spriags thi5 .-rornlsg · for the sasie purpose. Of British icves'-ion is a aovor-cnven plow tha: aoris «i:hout aid of human assistance. It Is operated by winding on aitemat* drums cables fas^ned :o opposite sides of a field. r.u4 RADIO ra MX.UABLZ. BADIO «s*-- ««« VICC ROGER F. LIPPS EXTCET KADIO SERVICE. HOL'SE WISING. riXTlEES AND REPAIRS So J»b To* Small -- None Too Lars* PORCH SHADES THE RUG STORE MCLIAXIX BEXTZ 4 EAST PATRICK ST. gprlnr Chicken, iff poand. Old Chlrk- rn» 'Zte poand. 1 czo fill xnr ordrr^^ »liie or drrsud. Pbvoc «»«B. R»b; BRUCHEY'S «ad i9 Went Sooth Strc«t. Frederick. M»ryU,ndL ·**** f S t ~. · · - f 'f! ^f : ATTENTION I THE NEW DOMESTIC ' Buckeye Elec. Kefricerator ; is now on DiipUj In the Weinberx wU- 119 N. Market street, for ibort while. £ ALBERT C. PALMES. Agent. J A::d .?:? : ^ ?-?;?y Shannon, dad -r:r.-:pi::y ::. a bei-.-h i-.-arf. Tho broad -'-^JI be here in the \ ^ Xorris For Rooserrit. . . . There a no particuUr ;xnr.«. in ars;:- ~*~ n J^;';" 1 "' v -" lV ·J3S the degree cf Kocseve'fs yro- :ln -;'"~ ;:1: ' EV::: ^r.i gresjivism. althouch you hrar misch In ' , %t ,. a V :p ^. 5J ^ v ;*TM"/ : rarh srguffient. The nrogrc-ssivcs in : '' :i! "° ·'·'·- r ' 1 - ':) '-'--' j DemocraUc party. --;th :hc inoic ;hn:i : " ccn '-- rjrr..i!.-.ej tsrit approval of Senator Get-rsr \V. propc;:: ':.;i'.\y. j; t Karris in the Republican party. ::av" they :rn'; ;· :!::·····.. jum-cd » his support. pr--,-rc.s:--n-.- v. v ....-.,· ThrT r.rc not al! tonvi-ccS :h.U All t:i:n~? ;.-. !':rn Rc-oscvclt is a siaa xactly alter Lhpir ;hr ca:i.:Ul:i'..' ':.-.·· c-xn hearts, but they do feel that frors; :·? ·;:·· ;-..isr-.--.--:.'.-. -; '. Tanevtown ca - :^! -:,:: M:5'f^ Celia ar.d Millit '.!.-. :-.::·. M r - . .7an:^ Welly and iv cvc:.::- u;-: ; Mr. a .-.c Mri. Tol- S:. : j .!:;;· Mr. ar.d Mrs. A'.iert V - - »innv In Limelight Of New York Inquin- ^ v.--:;.SJ ~^s^ ^···^-tssmzs--::. ,», !lo^t rrprc5*?:;t::: ^ :i rr-p: ~c;': ;i :-.»:i Ad;i:n GcKxi T.t\rr::. .\:^irh \V.i^ : tysburc: and . ' . " - .»::o::r.-- ; orial jfrviecs hclc :::"rr. _ r 3:i!-.: .:;; : ;!:; -;. : . M r 3nd ^f,^ j^., ; a·-·'·;:- a:;! =--:?:-.ded the ?.lemor:ai IN A HURRY! KKKSH SIVKET COVXTRY BUTTER ib. 20c j C O I N T K Y DRIED APPLES 3 ibs. 25c ·:£;,- "jji j* i! ' : %P«^^- · v ; ^^-' - - P:ir.ii.iy A::;: M^::c: Mr .ir.d Mr.- .;. W r.csday. .-ailed o:: C:nr-. H i r i i - r i - r Extra Money For The Farm! R A I S E n t x KAECITS FOR rs: HOME GKOW.V C Bunches ASPARAGUS 23c 56 r.\NCY CKVSHfID PINK !OUXTRY S3IOKED CORN SALMON SAUSAGE cans can ^ -WE'RE HEADQUAETEES FOR GROVE'S LIME M:^ W.i:- uon cf Xfa- Yorl-: City affairs is Hu.-- ^rll T. £;:-:rv..:.ri .sb.,-vf!. It has beer. tor. I-:-,:-:-, ar.ti c.-.-.zclxr- Gr.i-.-c. Mr a::.! M.-.v Ca-rXl Sl:-.-.'-:r.?.i;-r .ir.^ cat:^:-.- | FREE -- FREE s n \ n ; ; i T s : KAHRITS: KABBITS: j 3! OMI: I N -- r i i . L OUT COITON FOK L I rnn K « K I I T . D K A W I N G S A T I R D A I S 3 v i r . ' u . : r. !. vot -irsT BE H J K L ·* ^ ro v. is i: N \i!t nnuv.v ONK FKtt ,'\r - !, " :l h ^ «" =··' «!·· f-ee rj.,h:t. Orcn r r r r d a r t h i j ivcrV. s A. ·:. I, j o I-. M. Cn m r rir l r , h , 5 ^nc"'" : C ""', *"' h " U ° ? ' h! * fcr " i ="S ALL STAR RABBIT BKEEDhKS ."~1 Norsh Markt: Strrtt Frtilcrick. Md. WHEATIES 2 pkgs. c GRAPE JUICE 2 Pt- bots. 2Sc I'ancy Sliced Dried Beef loc !.; Ib. Summer Bologna 14c Ib. Rettbcrir's Garlic Bologna 30c Ib. Kcttberg's Liverwurst (r.iver Sausage) 30c Ib. WHITE OK PIXK WATER LILY PEONIES FLOUR n in a bunch 12-lb. sack 1 O c bun. ; 25c GRAPE NUT Coffee Week in Our Stores Try a pound of our Coffee this week. We feel sure you will like it. and the :riees are unusually Io\v for this quality. Choose the One That Suits Your Taste. 33c~23c=10c Saved. 4SCO Coffee * 23* Quality and price make ASCO Mild--Delicious, eecnomical. Try a pound. Acme Coffee Aa exquisite bleod of unusually high-grade coffees. Ib tin 27 C Boscul CoiTee Del Monte ..._ ........ Ib. tin 33c : Maxwell House Coffee ...Jb. tin 33c -------- Ib. tin 32c i Lord Calvert Coffee ________ Jb. tin 32c Horn -de-Lite Mayonnaise 7-TOE. Jar r 19« SCG Sandwich Spread jar White Meat Tunk Fish l /^ can 15c 12' : Del Monte ASCO or Del Monte Del Monte Crashed Del Monte Del Monte Calif. Peaches tali can Calif. Peaches 2 big cans 29c Pineapple 2 c=s 25c Asparagus Tips «q- can 25c Spinach big can 17c If You Enjoy Good Bread--Try Ours Supreme Bread ·arse wrapped 7 Keeps its Freshness. bif p loif · S i WAS NOW Regular, Gai. $3.39 S2.7O White Green, $3.50 $2.85 Colored Enamel, quart Si.35 Varnish Stain, quart 1.35 Friday and Saturday Onlv EAST WAY'S 38 East Patrick St. Phone 187 1 -- Wisconsin Indians use Congh Syrnp on their pan- *· cakes. Cio'/erdeli Rabbit Meat is the most delicious and finest flavored Rabbit Meat known. Delivered to you strictly fresh and thoroughly chilled. Packed one pound and two ounces in a package 39c FRESH COT'NTKT ; FANCY PRACTICALLY : PEELED HAND PICKED SOUP Strawberries PEACHES BEANS 2 boxes 25c 2 Ibs. 2Sc 3 Ibs. IQc HEINZ "S HEINZ 'S BITTER'S RED KIDNEY COOKED BEANS SPAGHETTI SPAGHETTI can 2 cans X 3c can IMPORTED SWEITZER AND LEVTBURGER CHEESE BLACK Walnut Kernels loc i 4 Ib. FRESH Sweet Cream lOc 1 -. : pt. Creamy Cheese 17c Ib. BEST Peanut Butter 2-lb. jar 25c Beach Nut Tomato Juice Del Monte Cherries Del Monte Pears G-lenwood Apple Sauce 3SCO Cooked Spinach .3SCQ Fancy Corn /ISO) Choice Peas 3SCQ Tomato Catsup Gulden's Mustard Grlenwood Preserves G-lenwood Apple Butter 3SCQ Beans with Pork Cocktail pt bot 15c can 17c big can 20c 3 cans 25c big can 15c can iLQc 2 cans 29c 2 bots 25c jar 13c 2-lb jar 35c can 15c 2 cans 9c WEEK END PRODUCE SPECIALS Home Grown Asparagus 2 bunches 28c Fresh California Peas ib. 10c ) Iceberg Lettuce 2 heads 19c California Cantaloupes 2 for 18c Red Ripe Tomatoes 2 Ibs. 29c Valencia Oranges doz. 27c Fancy Large Bananas doz. 17c SELECTED CUTS Chuck Roast . . . . »»-12c! SMALL LEGS Genuine Spring Lamb Ib 21c ALL NO. I SMOKED BALTIMORE RYE BREAD b ig i oa f IQ C n KE LARD ibs. 1 3 NEW ORLEANS BAKFNG TILT-TOP BOTTLE MOLASSES CAPPER 3Oc qt. each STAUB'S c SELL SEE:»-BAT COFFF.EI Fres Delivery Ntws^ARCRR:; Skinned Hams . . Finest Ail Meat Frankfarters " 12y 2 c Three Corner Roast _... Ib. 17c ^tandir.j: Rib Roast Fresh Ground Ueef Ib. ITc; Boilins: Beef Maryland Tot Roast .....Ib. I T c ' Dry Cured Bacon Lean Smoked Necks Ib. ITc Smoked Shoulders ,,, Claw Crab Meat Ib'23c 3 ibs. 23c Ib. 12'-c _.Ib. S'ic 19c White Crab Meat n, 23C Deep Sea Trout 19c FiIIet of · Haddock ib. 15c Fancy White Fish In 10-lb. Pails These Prices Effective In Our Stores And Meat Markets in Frederick and Vicinity.

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