Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 15, 1966 · Page 1
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 1

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 15, 1966
Page 1
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r > w* "I can itwrt mind tree wMtfc M teutons of Its own ffecdom, which gmkttfo itself tram tews m«ffed Hi othef*, which fcrarts tts efttjrite ovfet itwif us nobler than the cmrrtw of the wofld." — William fillet? Cfttamtlftg VOL, 38 NO. 38 UT1 Leised Wtftt GOKP "YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER" CIOV1S, NEW MEXICO, 8WCAV, MAV 15, »«« Gemini 9 Astronauts Get 'Go' CAPE KENNEDY (tJPl) Gemini 9 astronauts Thomas Stafford and Eugene Cernan got an "unqualified go" Saturday for an on-time launch Tuesday on a bold space adventure designed to move the United States a step closer to the moon. Astronaut chief Donald Slayton said that both pilots are "rarin' and ready to go" on the action-packed three-day spacef- light. Mission Director William C. Schneider gave them the all" clear late in the day after holding a three-hour revievf which covered all aspects of the flight. It was an "unqualif fied go," the space agency said Stafford and Cernan passed their final head-to-toe medical examination earlier Saturdajf and were declared in fine shapes by a team of flight surgeons at the launch site. '"The two are in excellent physical and mental condition,'! said Dr. A Duane Cattersonj "Both Stafford and Cernan are rested and eager for the flight." Weathermen, flight controllers and the busy team of technicians readying the gleaming Gemini 9 spaceship and its Atlas-Agena rendezvous , rocket echoed the optimistic reports. "This is the best checkout I think we've had on Gemini," said one National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) official. "Everything is proceeding excellent." "'pre-count- series of The preliminary down" routine, a electrical checks on the 109-foot vehicle, was completed with no problems at 2 p.m. EDT. Chances for a repeat of the trouble that downed Gemini 8 astronauts Neil Armstrong and David Scott two days early in March have been eliminated by the addition of a simple electrical switch in Gemini 9's cabin. NASA reported in a late advisory that the wenther Britain Facing Heavy Peril In Seamen Strike LONDON (UPI) —Britain Saturday moved inexorably toward the biggest threat to its way of life since World War II as the 62,500 seamen of the world's biggest merchant fleet prepared for a "fight-to-the finish" strike Sunday night for Minimum Pay Plan Expected OK By House WASHINGTON (UPI) —The largest extension of minimum wage coverage in the 28-year history of the federal wage- hour law is expected to win House approval next week. The battle this time may be less than epic. The legislation, scheduled to come to a vote late Wednesday, would increase the present $1.25 hourly minimum wage to $1.60 by Feb. 1, 1968, and increase coverage from about 30 million workers to 37 million. Sponsors say it will pass by a healthy margin. Six years ago efforts to increase the wage from $1 to $1.25 and provide coverage of about 3.6 new workers locked Congress in a struggle that spilled over into the presidential campaign. The bill passed In 1961 after a fight that required all-out effort by the new President, John F. Kennedy, and his seasoned congressional allies. There is controversy this year but it does not approach the intensity of past battles. There is little dispute over the money figure although managers of the bill expect an effort to cut the increase to $1.40 on Feb. 1, 1967, and to $1.60 a year later for the 29.6 million workers already covered. higher wages and a shorter work week. With time running out before the midnight Sunday deadline there appeared to be no hope of any eleventh-hour formula to stave off the strike. The shipowners said they were not moving. "Any move obviously has to come from the union," a spokesman said. At the National Union of Seamen (NUS) headquarters in suburban Clapham, a six-man strike committee, which will run the union during the strike, held its first meeting. But it was not empowered to take any action to end the dispute. NUS General Secretary William Hogarth said contact with the shipowners now was "completely broken—there has never even been a telephone call, let alone a meeting arranged." Negotiators Dispersed Union officials pointed out the 48-man executive committee which alone could vote an end to the strike now was dispersed and would take between 24 and 36 hours to reassemble. From Southampton the Pacific and Orient liner Oriana sailed for Australia, one of the last vessels to leave before the strike was timed to begin. The liner carried 1,800 passengers, nearly half of them Australians completing an organized tour of 4% months in Europe. If their sailing had been arranged for a few hours later the 700 tourists might have found themselves tryin-g to get accommodation in a city whose hotels already are jammed to the attics. A number of other ships speeded their departures from British ports and either sailed Saturday or were beating the (deadline by hours. Rains Continue Over 32 States By United Press International The rains continued over 32 states Saturday and record chill gripped parts of New York and Missouri. Butte, Mont., collected an inch o{ snow. Up to 5 inches of rain fell along the Gulf Coast Friday night and early Saturday. Gale warnings were up from Point Reyes, north of San Francisco, to Point St. George, near the Oregon border and winds were clocked up to 65 miles an hour. RFK Sees Continued Extremism WASHINGTON (UPI) — Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, D-N.Y., predicted Saturday that political extremism will be part of the American pattern for a long time to come. "As long as these .« . groups feel that they cannot have confidence in the judgment of democracy or the American people, we're going to have extremism," he said in a televised panel discussion .(Metromedia's Opinion in the Capital). China Lambastes Russia On Viet TOKYO (UPI) — Communist China joined its Eu. ropean satellite Albania Saturday in accusing the Soviet Union of working "hand in glove with the U.S. imperialist aggressors" in the Viet Nam war. The two nations pledged a joint struggle against the Soviets. The communique, broadcast Saturday by the official New China News Agency, was signed by Communist Chinese Premier C h o u En - Lai and Albanian Pre-" mier Mehmet Shehu during Shehu's recent visit to China. NATO To Transit? To London? MJJNIMJN (UPi) *v Britain is sending Foreign Off ice Minister George ftiomjSQn to Washington for talks this week with, the U-g; administration on tfce - raasfe? of NATO from Paris to minister o| state In charge of »4 chancellor of if on $* y JS? ?* Busk and. Under Secretary Georgs Ball. State awa bad, in effect, admitted Viet rT will stage a rapid fire ptsrfof Tnaftce that will fn< meetings with tte Agent W b* <t rehearsal e^i - oflnf landing ship d ,,_ ,_ to IU mother ihlp In a tanar oTi bit without landing on the moot. Another rendezvous attettwt calls for a space mettJcg Stafford' and Cwnaft tisfflg t hand-held sextant similar to oft« that will be carried by ApoDo crews to obtain guidance Itttetv • rnation usually swpplled by fid- outlook for launch time Tuesday is "satisfactory," with partly cloudy skies and balmy 82-degree temperatures predicted for the launch site. Good conditions also are expected in the ocean landing areas. Barring any hitches, the fiery launch of the Atlas-Agena will open the space spectacular at 11 a.m. EDT Tuesday with Stafford and Cernan following in pursuit atop their Titan 2 rocket at 12:39 p.m. EDT. From then on the two as* ofbital etude hookups with the^Agefla end a record two-hour and a^minute spacewalk by Cernan, Every success they log wffl, In one way or another, he,lp , boost America's 121 billion drive t> land two Apollo astronauts (m the moon by 1969 — and poisibly 1088. And each will widen «he U.S. lead over Russia in m a n n e d spacefllght experience. rin t; OFFICERS ELECTED — The election of new officers cording secretary; Ken Rhodes, Albuquerque, preside highlighted the sixth annual New Mexico Young Re- Nancy Burke, Albuquerque, national committeewoman, publican state convention held in Clovis over the week- and Dick Vann, Albuquerque, national committeeman end. Those elected include, left to right, Douglas Holbert, Also elected but not pictured was Ed Thomas Los All Alampgordo, treasurer; Shirley Mahon, Farmington, re- mos, vice president. (Staff Photo) LBJ Urged To Temper Integration WASHINGTON (UPI) -Eighteen southern senators have sent a perspnal plea to President Johnson that he nullify school desegregation guidelines that confront non-complying school district? with a cut off of federal funds. A copy of the petitionf dated made available "most solemn May 2 was to newsmen Saturday, a day after John W. Gardner, secretary of health, educatipn and welfare, an- nounceij he was ending federal aid in 12 districts in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. The letter to the President said: "'We come to you as Chief Executive of the nation to protest vigorously the abuse of power involved in the bureaucratic imposition of the guidelines and we earnestly beseech your personal intervention to Elections Top GOP Convention The election of new officers, the naming of outstanding young Republicans and featured speakers highlighted the three-day New Mexico Young Republican convention in Clovis which is to conclude this morning. More than 150 persons from in Viet Nam but cautioned Republicans not to make political Armed Posse Seeks Girl, Kidnapper SHADE GAP, Pa. (UPI An armed posse reinforce fresh volunteers searche capital of the war and to de-: wil( l mountain region inch monstrate unity on the question, but he did question the aims of the administration's foreign policy. He explained that it would be inch Saturday for 17-yeai Peggy Ann Bradnick and masked kidnaper. across the state attended the less costly in lives on both sides contention which is to 1 by isolating North Viet Nam conclude this morning with a!rather than trying to kill the buffet breakfast and a business! Viet Cong. session. Hansen said it would be more | S i s ters' No trace was found of blue-eyed high s or the abductor her Wednesday near home in the presence of five younger brothers the tiool who her her sod Featured speakers during the effective to hit oil supplies, am convention were U.S. Congress- 1 munition dumps, the supply rout- State Police Lt, Ed man George V. Hansen of Idaho; es from Loas and China and j Mitarnowski said "it's Anderson Carter, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, and David F. Cargo, Republican candidate for governor. Congressman Hansen wound up Saturday's activities at a banquet where he told the gathering that the GOP has a better product than the Democrats right tjiis wrong and have this but must sell it to the American order Student Charged In Shooting Spree SILVER CITY.Tj.MV (UPI) — A western New Mexico Univerisity sophomore, apparently angered by an argument with his co-ed girl friend, was charged Saturday with the predawn snooting spree at the school whicb injured a campus The suspect was identified by Dist. Atty. Dave Serna of Silver City as Terry Johnson, 23, of AJikqwerque, N.M. He was teiag ueid wader $10,000 bond, charged with aggravated assault, with intent to commit vioiewe aod aggravated battery. "This is what the game of politics is all about — selling," he explained. Hansen remarked, "We were outsold last time. It's up to us to get a good product and sell U, and we nave a good product ~-self reJjyanee." "Top often we find people With little local festures running to Was&jigtoa for a big federal bandaid " the Haiphong harbor than j than likely" the foot search (See ELECTIONS Page 8) I end Sunday at nightfall. - ~~ •~""~ ard lore will British Lady, Vendor, 79, Lead Baffle With Robbers LONDON (UPI) —A titled!, lady of the realm armed with an umbrella, and a doughty 79- Haom also dwelt on the war Weather Partly few in Man Escapes Penitentiary SANTA FE (UPI"-New Mexico State Police and prison guards Saturday combed the area between Albuquerque and Santa Fe for a 23-year-oJd vict who escaped early Saturday from the State Penitentiary. James EUedge, the escap*<j convict, was fouad " ' 2:30 a.m. in a cheek by prison guards, it was believed he escaped through a vent in the roof of the cell, slid down a drain pipe from the roof of the "i prison and oa to tin year-old retired news veaior armed with a cudgel, lei a pbalan of Saturday moroing Shoppers into a furious bittle a noon, ^xterate to strong winds ! Prison Warden Harold Cox to- &uiday wttb local btowing tot. day said the t Clearing nigfot fr^d 48. cooler on Sunday not see the time a* about 2:90 with a gang of robbers off New Bond Street Aft alert Canadian tourist recorded the battle on aad tumoi it ..... „ Yard, gut the ttoves, ta worse | wift S&flflB iwrfh of ^ ^9SK W^iKp^PflH* i: ^jP 1 wBP 9 ip 9fm to s ear wit a lidow et Sir Walter „_ »*r first thought was caf irti» ii ai hairdressers, "i couida't age that," sius mm -**< **-*• shooting broke out after Ky cracked down on the command centers o f growing antt^governmeni unrest in two swift and apparently coordinated pre-dawn strikes in Saigon and Da Nang. In Saigon, combat police and Vietnamese army units seized .he headquarters of the militant Buddhist youth organization and the headquarters of an anti-government labor union syndicate. Between 15 and 20 Buddiest youth leaders were reported arrested, and up to 30 abor union members also were taken into custody—some of them young workers who were staging a hunger strike. The shooting broke out in the key port city of Da Nang shortly after neavily-armed Vietnamese marines, backed by tanks seized both the 1st Corps military headquarters and the Da Nang garrison in the center of town. Tanks Brought In Four tanks rumbled through the streets of Da Nang from headquarters, which by a by -old her DA NANG, Sunday (UPI) — Vietnamese marines sent to Da Nang by Prime Minister Nguyen Cao Ky today clashed with rebel rangers guarding the Da Nang radio station. Ky's marines used mortars and machine guns. Four tanks took , jr ,__ outside the compound Vfle one other tank moved insi Newsmen were barred from tering. Several weeks ago, three battalion^ of i._ Da Nang "to liberate & Commuafislbr backed down men a jfe^r .days later,' The, government had immediate Uioves lax rw But informed*soarew*said" Prime Minister Nguyen Cao apparently was getting stage for "strong actio against anti-government jurisdiction over the five northern provinces, and moved on to the radio station. The Marines apparently took over the 1st Corps headquarters without a shot being fired, Earlier, some 2,000 Catholics marched in Saigon demonstrating against U.S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Shouting "Down with Lodge" and slogans opposing the CIA, they marcned in orderly columns past combat ready police and nine truck' loads o! rio police, The marines also took over and occupied the Oa Nang radio station after appaiwUly airbase during the night. •• Armed forces radio broadcast warnings to Anwicam to slay off tae streets as.'ft* Vietnamese troops moved into position even before the city's were aware of wjia* waf An estimated . ma- rism swarmed into the l*i Corps ooropwgd at Pa Nang. ce/' withdrew Senate Pi Asks Merger Plan Get Ax * WASHINGTON Senate preparedness roittee, provoking an with the Pentagon, re ..„„ ed unanimously Saturday the proposed merge? " Army Reserve. and National Guard be sera unwise and undesirable. Defense Secretary and merger Ui tote "in thw international trying to get it approve— subcommittee, headed by John C. Stenms, D-Miss., particularly did not idea now heightened sions and when w$ are in actual hostilities." The eight-member strongty orffiefeea t decision last fall to _„ J**K *sm «%-» me Hi divisions active ses. A statement are a Hilary vranm. There j* INSIDE Todoy'i M*M ml naa.' ^^^^p^- j

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