The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 8, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1934
Page 5
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^ A- - -••-,' ' .- tt /'<*.~?t J£ ' ' " - - '" - " .-***->.-- >( il?V-* , AUGUST 4 i»« IHK MMSNEW9L HeatWaves >urge Across Land Mid-Continent FeeU Effect Sun and Mot Winds With New Force »y THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Scorching temperatures burned jLftfcin "Wednesday tbe mid-conti- n*nt aJreadv hard hit by lieat ir*.v«s sui<l drouth. The new beat wave extends from t&« Rocky mountains to the Appalachian highlands, and southward into ttie Gulf states, further crops in section* that been suffering- all summer, perature readings of 100 or more are common fawmghout the stricken area. Hot -winds in. some parts aggravate th* situation, particularly in Missouri, which., -with Kansas is among the sections hardest hit- Kansas City had an official high of 10$ Tuesday: St. Ixmis and "Wiciita had 104: Springfield. Mo., *»d Oklahoma City. 102: Springfield. 111.. 104 and Concordia, Kas* 10S. There were many other high readings. In Korth Dakota. nrh«re President Roosevelt got a first-hand glimpse of the damage don* by the season's unfavorable weather, the temperatures ranged from 90 to 94, but dropped late TiJ**day night when a heavy rain i f«H. I "Four deaths ."were attributed to*.!h«a.t in Iowa ~wher« many This map i*pt«wiU btnin«» condition* in *v«ty state of A* tbiien •» ihow* in Augirtt, 1934, mtt* of "hUtion'* Busings/* officUl publication of th* United Stet** CHambcr of Commerce. SPECIAL THIS WEEK , OO Permanent* $2.25 Other Permanent^ $1.5O op Wave Set . . . ... I5c ELITE BEAUTY SHOP Evelyn Seavers, Tel. 8»4 Beavis-Jone* Seed Co. 32 North Main Just Received MSScr'i Foo<Ji cog* R* »o ift for * pvesad Or .-two *ftd gr»« your Cog * r**I 4r*«i. FREE Caesplet* DC* readings above 100 degrees were reported- Further injury to livestock is reported. At 3>odjre City. Kas_, growers said there would not suf- v.cient feed to carry the cattle through the winter unless rain conies soon. Southern Illinois also reports great suffering to livestock, I>espite rhe widespread heat area, some few spots had received, rtlief. Exe-issive rain feJl in Salt .Lake county, Utah, and northeastern Nebraska, reported beneficial moisture, Temperatures in the Rocky mountain area got as hi;srh as 108 at "Uiles City. Mont_. and forest fires are burning in Idaho~ The East escaped hot weather t*-ith top from 15 at Boston to S2 at Phtl- adelphfa s.n<3 SO ax Nevr Turk, Chicago had readings be:o^r ?-"?. M»t the humidity made it seein hoii-er. Miss Lucy Crow of DaUas, is here visiting- Miss Emmie Stone. Mrs. 'Mamie Gelger is a patient a.', the Ijamar hospital. Miss lx>uise Crow of Dallas is visiting Mrs. Ray Morse. Mrs. B. C- Ferkuson of Cooper, is at th.e Sanitarium of Paris for treatment. Mrs. McCain's parents, Mrs. B. I*. Billingsley. Mr. and Aged Woman Is Dead Here BRIEFS About Town ther * ** * ****">• **>- NEVE INJURED Aft * IVkUctt h*f» hare {wen **kcd to h«lp E. G. Lee of Swminole. Okla_ In the recovery of hi» endi«*» en- AIR LINER ORAfiUft MILWAUKEE, w*re injured. on« critically,. It was described as 93 i • Tcurs«Jay night for members and their families. ' been lost between Paris and ] water, | Council No. 1727, Security ;^ e <*«• « wa » Described as 93 i^ner fell^o ^.S^w^I'S Mr*. SftUie V. Biard Dicsj Benefit association, wi« have- al feet - *** liscfe *» *<>n* and w»s 14 i takeoff here and it» mot<*« b«m ' watermelon supper at Lake Crook j iach<ss *"<*« at *<* wa * ««* to have r ia*o flaaj«* Tinssday El*h£- I Although the plane did not tin lover, two of ir* motor* attd ih* propeller were, tore from 1^, tfc* pilot's compartment Wednesday At Home Of Daughter Miss Sallie V. Biard. 79 mother or Mrg. T. TV. Rus&ell and one of the pioneer settlers of Lamar county, died at the home of Postmaster and Mrs. Russell early Wednesday moraing after a prolonged illness- Funeral services will be held at the home at 9:30 Thursday morning-, conducted by the Rev. P. F. Hemdon. Burial will be at Evergreen cemetery. Survivors of Mrs. Biard include two daughters, Mrs. Russell and Mrs, JS. M. Dickerson of San Saba; two sons^ Billy Biard of Ft. Smith and Dick Biard of El l>orado. Ark.; three grandchildren. Jack Russell of Washington. J>. C., Mrs. A. P., Black. Jr.. of Gainesville, Fla., and Mrs. Herman Cass of Arlington; and three great-grand children. Virginia and James Black and Edward Cass. Born in Arkansas. Mrs. Biard came to Laraar county many years ago, settling at Rock Bluff, south of Paris- She and her husband John A. Biard, were among the pioneer settlers of the county. Mrs. Biard was a. member of the Christian church- Lee May of Direct who underwent an operation at the "Lamar. hospital .some time ago. is report-! ed to be improved. Cotton Sale Rule Given Check Must Be Deposited Until TaxJExemption Certificate Is Received fractured arm when she tripped on a.'rug and fell at -her home Saturday night. She is reported to b« getting along nicely- Mrs. Burton Mason underwent an appencectoiKy %Vedne«fday afternoon at the St Joseph hospital. may sell cotton grown —— Sihis j-ear before-their tax-exemp- Mrs. R. J. Durham received a. j tion certificates are received by depositing certified checks for one- half the value 'of the cotton with the g-lnner when tags are placed on the cotton. This announcement _„ - , was rnade by County Ag-ent A. I*. Tbomas Foster underwent an | K-lniiasion Wednesday mornmsr, ! ° J ' er ^ don at . the ^ amar k^Pital |following a talk with \V. A." Thomas .Tuwdarmorniag S»»th«««of| of Dana^ collector of Internal Mr. ano Mrs. Oai-a Foster of 156 1 revenue for this district. Xorth Seventeenth street. j ^ } No cotton may be sold until it bears a tas sh Bruce Smith. Rodsrers Smith, home. son of Mrs. Mae is quite ill at his Paris* ftneyt dry cleaning 1* Master cleaning:. Men's suits and ladies* plain dresses Master cleaned «nd pressed for A bi;r 15 pound bundie of family washing, carefully wasbwd, all flat work ironed, for only CITY STEAM LAUNDRY Telephone 21— 22 ;e Murrell, ot Dekalb underwent a tonsilectorr.y TVednes- day rnornins^ at ,;he Sanitarium, of Paris, Dr. and Mrs. O. TT, Robinson left, by motor, TV-9-dnesday morning for a trip to Chicago and Xi- Fslls- They expect to be t three has been •Mrs. Roy Johnson leaves Thiirs- lh ; T . Federa] B «"<*«isr. Dallas. "• hen a farmer deposits day she Frank H.obertson of San for Fort Smith Ark., where ^-111 visit Mrs. A- B. Harper who often, has been the guest o£ Mrs Johnson, in Paris. Mrs. A. W. Gatlin '"~ i attend the- "c _ , i WHO is ixiesday morning-'.at the St. Joseph j rpa bospitfi-L .§- that the tas *t is exempt 560 he ^ Still Alarms for grass fires were! Resident* and property rae<i in ai 500 Cedar street aad : o. "Ward 1 are asked by City San- | O ve- Culbertsc* street Wednesday j itary officer John How-rton to 4 mo ne the inicr^A »«*- J- morning. A truck was sent just | have al! trash aad rubbis - n collect- Ohrb^fe? 24 S. pS^Si*. Sfn« SS^ Ren °* " hCre " ^ J " ?d aad PlaCed ta the CUrb F " day ^SSadf^S^S^** idecce bnmed. , for co i lection by city employe*. G B ^ Minneapolis. iWwSi«t- ilr. Howerton 1» urging all citizen* man for the a i rways company- Miss MHetM. Meadow, state fi- i to clear their premises of all tra*h Geors* MerJeee, 25 Alvorva. V T" - nanc^ chairman of the Business i and rubbish, especially such ar- j r>onaW Conture] *I>aluth * * ** and Professional Women's club, * tides as might hold water and | Frank. Cooper, 42. W«natch*«. was in Paris Tuesday on official J furnish bres<im-r places for mos- 3 Wash.; Arthur* CaHahan, Mufti*- dtity. to the local club. j quitoes. % j ing, Mich-; Lester Ed««i $», Spok- j ase. and W. H. P. ClarJc, San j cisco. , One arrest for drunk was made \ Wednesday morning by city NEGROES MAKE BOK1> HONEY GHOVE. — police. The defendant previously r rials for two Honey Grove s had been arrested Tuesday night, j clarence Battle and Hilda Battle" REVIVAI. discharged and was Wednesday morning lodged in city Jail- Announcement was made Wednesday by the Rev. T. W. Cum?: re ~ arrested ? were held here Tn*«day morning. He was j Hilda BatUe, charge^ -with murder I mlngs of Blossom zhat the Kaxa- and assault to murder, -was re- j rene revival there will b* coatin- leased on bonds of $350 and $250. j ued through this weefc and h as- j Evangelist Ha3 T mond Dozier ii * ducting the services which are last several years, left Tuesday j bond of $400. The nesrro woman } ing well attended. Everyone is in- Uoyd Falls, wlio has been em- >. Clarence- Battle, charged wit ployed at the Paris [News for the ? sault to murder, was released on j ducting the se momin^ for Goose Creek -where he | fainted during she progress of her J vited to attend the servic*s during ha* atte'»T>t*'r? ft r>f>«:irmr» xtrirVt t>io ! n-i-al ! »^._ _^«»;_j _,* _^ ^ . _ _^s_ ha* accepted a position with the trial. the remainder of th* meeting. for tax. Tags and other necessarv j supples needed in administering i the Bankheac JLa\v may be obtain- | ed by winners from Mr. Thomas •" r Mrs. John Maness i* in 'VTash- tcn. D, C, rnakinc: sn ext*nce<I visit with h*r7- sister. Mrs. Gladys has g-one to e of Ser "'father.^;*f :> is animproved a: his home j fc •r Sulphur Springs, she \ras sx-t. compained there by Mr. and ilrs. Mrs. E. M. Sadduth and baby, born recetiOy at the 5-t. Joseph ho*r>iial. have yone to their home ] in Roxton. I WaterBflls ShowDrouth tified check, payable to the int^faa: revenue department for one-half the value of his cotton, .the Dinner ..may issue tags for the cotton and j «3ve a receipt for exemption cer- itiScates. When the farmer sives ' the required amount o£ j on cenificaies, the i check -will be returned to tie j farmsr. Funeral Held For ^S olf e City Woman Miss Susan Hes« of Durant. had | ibe month of July was one her tonsils removed VTednesdav ! more dry one. And* Paris water Sanitarium of bi:is probably veil! sfco'pr it or al- of Paris. ready have. A report from the. office of City Engineer TTalter Hicks Wednes- young son. Charles Roland- arriv- j day revealed that dtsrins- Ju!v the ed Tuesday fro-n their horce in { amount of water pumped—50*556,-Js &n all-ttme recor* Mr*. Cnaries O. McCain and Oklahorna City for IL visit ousave save -. - * - <K=~- -a- " - ~-f ^ "^^ ~y^ "" •"^•"-a,- ^t^r- •* _ „ -^— '^W-. ^B; -jr_-^.T^^ you run it- ••T ^"^^ _£^_ "^ -~ _= - _ _ - ---*-.- - =r,~SS--^L ^ - ~~ "v 3 ^^ a ^r^ -^•Ir ™S~5^I&^^"M only Ford offers all these 5 ^ eatures Consider the zmportmftce of the Ford Trock «x»cts »b<ywo *b<yre. Then think about whit Ford jives you to addition ... in the way of savings. First, as inexpensive a track to bey ms you am find; Second, «n 8-cyIinder, SO-horsepower power- plant th»t »ctnmlly operate* *t A lowr cost tb*x * "4-" You save oo first cost. You save on gms and oil. Yott sare on upkeep. Yet, in the new Ford V-8. you get a truck that sets *n entirely new standard of performance. Investigate today! RD V-8 Trucks •4*5 AND UT, F. O, B. DETROIT AUTHORIZED FORD DEALERS OF THE SOUTHWEST -E- CrTST.—r utieral ser"- ( for Mrs. Lira*. Viola Spurlociu I - d=ed at the horiie of her ! Kerj- JMorsa.ii. GI ! the Honey Creek comixinnitv Sua- i <iay evening at 10:30 o'clock, v^ere | held itocday afternoon at 3:0.? 1 o'clock at th& Webb Hil! church. ' Biiria! follow-ec at the T\"ei>b HiZi I cemetery. " | Mrs. Spurlock is survived by i her husba-nd. ±i. L. Si>t:riock, ? f five brothers. j 'ic Runnioit, Jr., Bill GeQ;—t i Sfcarp acd J. C. Arnold were She*- [ Winfr-d Run-on"" of Ciebarns | visited hers over the week-en-*. f ilr. ar.c Mr?;. C- A. Armstrong 'i ba,ve jast returned zrorr. ilinne | apolis, Minn. ! Mr. an<; Mrs. Or-a.n Davis and 1 itr. and Mrs. Tom Barnes of ChlS- \ dress are visiting- here this week. ] Miss Betty Joyce Williams, who ' been viyci-gr n Fort Worth. ! SUMNER WOMAN DEES WEDI«ESDAY Mrs. "W. C. Tloyd. 5*. dsed at her home at. Stunner early KiomJnjr after a Funeral servlcei will be az 4 o'clock Thursday afternoon at XJttle Tine church. Burial will be at the cemetery there, crvivintj ar « >. er husband: on« , t*owell Floyd of Paris; a daughter. Miss Zella F»oyd «>f a footer-dausrhter. >Trs«. . LvTj-t of Kilsrore: five thre-e brothers. F!*Wheeler of KalJ?, I>. TVheelrr of Brecfc*nrJdic« arsd Alfred \Vh<*fl- *r of Samner: and one sister, Mr?. TVoo<5 of :j>araner. Fisnernl services «U1 N* in arge of fhe R*v, J. \V. M^Ticn^ and the T5*v, X. C, \Valt*r». Pails will be Cecil Kven?:t, Guy Bxick 'Whitf. Alleys Mark Kennedy attd Pete S40 s: fo- Paris. The report shows that the pumping 1 plant at Lak^ Crook operated 5S9.4 hours during the month, or an average of 17.4 "hours per day to pomp the 1.530.000 cal- Ions of water that -was the average daily total for Jalv. j Old Sol is the city's b:crest ^ater consamer. And "he is on the free list! Durinsr July ^^ 501.500,000 gallons went up to the sun in the form of loss through evaporation. This is e<;iia! to the \ has returnee to her h o ~e h-— record loss through evaporation,' '" recorded back in 1924. But in spite of all this loss a-nd enormous consumption. Paris still ha* j>Ient>- of -water. At present there are S.250.Q00.96$ gallons scored In I<ake Crtxjk" an<I 500.000.00? «ortxl in Lake Gibbons, sviil- sble in case of an •extreme eraer- S«acy. And the supply is only 250,060.000 gallon-* less at inis tim-« th«.a the previous five-years" average for this time of month. If the present drouth continues* much lonsrer, however, a. new record wjl! be set for evaporation loss. City Bnsnteer Kicks ««.;d. ybil McR.grht of Dallas is I visiting here. J Mrs, Joe James of Canton. Ohio. • is visiting here- \ s, J. *r_ Melton is ^51:1-3^ j n { tkis week, " | Miss Ver«5a Keeres of Dallas ha* { visiting here. | Constantine Calm $ After Relisious Riot* CONSTAXTIXH, A;?er:a. fS* _ ntino ;s outxvardly csJrs's, in- wsrdly 5£ethinsr X\>dnesda.y as th$ city prepares to bury viciinis of bztte— Arab-Jet\i«h reiigr-.ous riots. There is an ur: cor farmed report that troops nav^ been rushed r<? s iit city of Algeria, the tram? o£ which is not disclosed, where an attack on Jewish houses is allegedly planned. The battles >»•«•* 5 prose! to rcwn? near CoiiszaT*^.^?. M*Uta.ry pr«- c&~utions -were STr--?r;:thene5 after th^ arrival of Jale* Card*. Tr*r:rh grovernor srer.eral. who broke shor: a vacation in P"is. for the to ii or 1?.~4 75 per c? TO WATER I9S3. Water bills must be paid on or Aa«rxj!?t TO in order to secyre the TO per cent clisconst. Snpcrintmdcnt of Water Works. I Cool Laxative For Hot Weather lt*» STTAHT OUSTOX. £P» — Kxectstion in ' th« electric chair -WTIS the pwn<»>*- ment in srtore Wednesday for Elijah Stuart, *7. unlettered and un- ^^ U a ttt cb^in* BU» l*x*t«w. All roc »w»l ! Houstonian, convicted J»» » A» V»*»«ticUl «K>lin« mint fl»voc of murder by a Jury which did not. ^^£^"^^^££2 | hjs T>i«i4i That he ^aa tn- r li^M«<i»Mr in Fwn^-nwmt—and S*r»u»* TOU I when h« held hi» foyr-year- old <f*u«:htf»r, DorthVs he«d under th« wmtrr of * *h»Uow creek and •r to reat N MOTOR OIL... ... is the climax of Contiaenial Oil Company's 59 years of leadcrsMp in produces. CoaticeritaX oSers you, through IS.GOO Coaoco Stations in 40 states, the finest product in its history — ?*ew and Impro?et£ Canoe* Ger&i Processed Motor Oil! A Really New Motor Oil! Continental research scientists spent two years developing it. made thousands of experiments and tests and drove this new^ oil 5?<53-OGO miles in road tests. This great new oil has two to four times greater film strength than anr straight mineral oil- Penetrates and combines -with metal surfaces — ^proriding "The Hidden Quart that never drains away." Is stable under all conditions; l not thin out. Prevents carbon and sludge troubles. Superiority Proved! Unquestionable proof tna.t tins new oil gives greater motor protection and lotcer oil consumption -«ras provided bv the Indianapolis Destruction Test, tinder AAA Contest Board Supervision (Sanction No. 30O1). Six new stock cars "were ^ driven to destrucdon to test Ne-w and Improved Conoco Germ _ /7 Processed Motor Oil against five nationally known oils. Five 1 ~ quarts of this ne-^* oil carried its car 4.729 railes— —5_ 3.015.S miles farther than the first oil to fail and 1,410.2 raiies farther thaa the best of the five oils- Change to New and Improved Conoco Germ Processed Motor Oil at any Conoco Red Triangle Station- Kntne your motor has the finest protection you can ^ive it! CONOCO GERM PROCESSED (PARAFFIN BASE) MOTOR OIL w CONOCO CONTINENTAL, OIL, COMPAXT Toniffh: and Every Wednesday Night, over X. B. C. ir.clu<»in« WBAF-WFAA. S:30 CST. Harry Riehmar. . . Jack I>«nny a^<2 His Music and John B. Kenoedy ONf OF THE PRODUCTS OF CONTININTAl Oil COMPANY

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