The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 25, 1918 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1918
Page 6
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f * PA(IK SIX THE HUTCHINSON NGWS W. V. MORGAN, EDITOR. .' fcSTABLISHED 1872. Entered at tba loniorfice In Hutchinson, Kan., for traru>mlt*lon through the mails oj Bncond'iJasj mutter, TELEPHONES. BualftrM OCl'Ico ...No. 3 /.dvuru^'.rr L >i-purttiiuDl .No. J L >jlturlaj HOCMIIR No. 403 Buddy EdlUir No. 240 .1 TEnMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Dally Million dethere.! by carrier to any tmrt of iiutchliwoii, 10 cuuti a «&eh. I3y mail, one year 11-00 liy mail, tlx muiitlw) l.f.0 ny mall, tiueu montlui 1 oy ))) mail, uue month 40 \Vt';ky NUWB , une year 60 MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The ,\nsoclatuil Press Is exclusively entitled tu tho USQ for republication of all he«« credited to It or not otherwise cr«l. lUil In thin papor aud uJaj tie news published herein. All rights of republication of DfeclaJ deflpatchoa herein are also reserved. The Sidlinger Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Tetepnone II. No, 17 North Main street, Hutchinson * USING THEM ALL, • * » * Tli« fires ot conmicrci" liavo lo * * burn, ihu wliei-ls of tnduulry must * * turn, though all our strong men * * sbouldnr arms, mid leave tho ' * cities and the farms, and cross " * tho ocean's briny trough, to show * * Die Hun whore be Rets off. Tho * * mills must grind, the forges glow, • * though nil the young and stalwart * * go. So uny miin who has his * * bead may find a nlace to earn Ms * * bread. 'Hie cripples who in peace- * * ful days were jostled from our busy * • •• ways, have found a useful place * * at lost, wherein they may forget * * the past. A man may earn his * * bread and meat though shy of • * sundry hands and feet. The halt. * * the spavined and the lame, once * * more cH in life's busy frame, and * * earn their share of useful mon, * * ond help to overwhelm the Hun. * * Old granddad, who's been shelved * * for yejtrs, and who encountered • " bean less .iters, when be Insisted, * * and repeat, thai he wan still as " * KOOII as wheat, lias left Ids chair ' * nnd inglenook, bis spectacles and * * dogeared book, and now he's * * showing all the town that Osier • * was ii lueoed clown. Tho world * * won't stand for wusted men, until * ' Swept 1'eaee conies back again. * * That member of the human race * * who has the strength to teed his * * face, has strength to do some " * helnfui stunt and aid the armies * * at the front.--WALT MASON. • THJfi HUTCJtftNSOtf NKWB. WKTWESMy, BOTEMBtttt 25, d913, A FINE RAIN. Kaunu- fanners, in Ibis section of the slate, are plentsi d with the fine rain last night. II bus come at :i time to help the new wheat, now Btarllns its growili. Doubtless it will give the wheat u fine start and a sufficient start is a promise for lute lull and early wiuii-r pasture in the wheat fields. This is just the thing needed for all of the country to take the place of the pastun s, siiort because of lack of moisture. A very large acreage of wheat is being sown. The urea given over to this crop will be unusually large aim this rain will go u lung way lowurci helping it along. The country can stand more of it yet, but we must br thankful fur what we have already received and in th.'it way "bo ready to receive more," Kansas has a good start toward the kind of auliimn WCIIIIHT (bat is of un told value. The good ruin Is one of the things that will help a great deal, ABOUT LIBERTY BONDS. There never was a time when a liberty llond looks so good, us an Investment, us It does rlgln now. To jie, sure Liberty llonds have always been good, since the first. They were good If Iln» government was good and even "old wheal III the bin" or real estate could be no better tbuu the government upon which il is founded. Liberty llonds have been us good lis gold, for ihey represent the integrity of the nation and if they were not good uu piece of properly in I be United -Stales could have uny value. Hit! Just ui Ibis Un.,. willi the previous Usues selling iinieii abuve par and v lib the American and Allied armies making victory as cerialn and sure us anything can be certain and sure, no iiivesliinni in the world can have all)' mure nclual backing. The owner of a Liberty llond really bus something. It is Hie one great opportunity lor him to make an inveslmeiii. Never wits there a heller chance for scving money than buying these bonds and the people of America have been taught the art of laying away something by the campaign lor their Bute. If there ever wan a duubt in (he mind of unyoiiu about the actual value of Liberty llonds that doubt can find no wuy lo exist at this time, lor liberty Honda represent Victory and Freedom for the people of tho world arid there Is no collection of people in the world strong enough to lower their value it cent. There is a coining Liberty Uond campaign one ot the days ttnd II Is up tu every uertiou to "try lo set some of Jl," fur It is worth while. 6 B ELIMNS Hot water Sure Relief RELL-ANS Wr -OI? INDIGESTION ing liquors until after the war. Hy the time the government might be ready lo go buck into partnership with John Darlcycorn, after the fighting Is over, the Btales will have adopted a constitutional amendment io the federal constitution Hint will .put liquor out of business forever nil over Die country. The British and tireck air forces have recently been bombing the Turkish capital, Constantinople. They are making It hot for the Turk every place be sticks up bis heud 1, ,i, <g. <t, (j, ,;, ^ * <$• -j, * * <?- «> '!> • EIGHT DOLLARS AND EIGHTY-* <i> FIVE CENTS. «• By Ruth Cameron. ® •$> <•• e> -i> <•> '5- 4> <S> •$> •$'<$> Which do you think Is tnoro valuable, eight dollars and eighty-five cents, or the habit of learnings to keep a contract? A queer little thing happened In our neighborhood recently. .Two youngBlers ot about seven years old had an argument about something one wanted tue other to do. James wanted Roderick to help him make a rabbit warren for his new rabbits. Roderick didn't want to. "I'll give you ten cents if you'll help me." said James. Roderick wouldn't "Hive you fifty cents." "Nope." "Give you a dollur." Still obdurate. "I'll give you all Ihc money In my tin hank," filially offered .lames, not because he really wanted the rabbit wurren that much, but simply because In the excitement arid sport of the thing be had lo get what he went nfter. (Just as someday he will go utter a college letter, or a good job, or the girl.) Roderick (who 1 do not really Ihlnk had been pushing James up, but had merely beld out with the same kind of spoiling instinct that made James keep on) finally said he'd think it over, and ultimately did help buiid the warren. Now, If Ibere had only been eighty- seven cents, or some such childhood's 6iim of riches, in the hank, all would have been simple, but unfortunately there turned out to bu eight dollars and eighty-five cents, which is 11 sum of which even grownups take cognizance. When James made ready to turn il over to Roderick then- was a howl, communications were opened between the two families, Roderick was forbidden to receive the money and James to give il, and the contract was annuled. Now, I can see where there would be a leiupUilioii to do thai, but was it the right tiling'.' True, il must have looked to his parent* (liiuugb Ihey are hy no means poor) like 11 good deal to hand over to 11 neighbor for no value received, bin. shouldn't they have realized that ihey were buying character for I heir son.' At my summer home I have a neighbor who is 11 great believer in leaching children the primary virtues. Her little girl invled a friend to go-swimming with her one morning. Later she fouud that some grownup guests were going in In the afternoon and, preferring lo go with lliein, wished to go over and withdraw her Invitation. The mother would not permit it. "I want my little girl to learn Hie value of a contract," she said. There Is such a thing aB being too.severe with children and asking loo much of them, hut I think that to regard them as released by their youth from the need of met-Ung their obligations, is u great mistake. OVER OUR STATE. deal Ilend is to have some "Wild Moors" at the fair Die first week in September. Are there lume Moors? People generally over the slate are for the proposed constitutional amendment which withholds Hie bul- Wlthout u doubt the nation is to be « dry nation by the first pi' next July. The faw will then be' effective ihttl will slop the sale of latoxlcut- BUILDING UP Hill WOMANHOOD Given Up to Die by Her Friends, a Young Lady Recovers Her Health and Increases Weight—15 Pounds. A Powerful Nation Needs Strong Healthy Women. A luillon is n.j hirutigur than llH v. onion. lU-m'e, li l-i the duty •>!' t-vcry vvuiiiHu WIU-UHT yuuuti, niuMli- iLb'i?, ur in iui- vunti -O lift* to pri'dtM'vti li'-i litulUi. If j uu urc xl* k und suiffi'iing dun't wail until tunnmu\v hut b«M'k rtilh'f Ut once—today. Tomorrow jnur i 11 — ii<-.s« nmy taitu u chronic turn. Thttre in u runimiy for uIinoMi every 111. TiiDua- iintU IMIVU found JYruna to be ituit remedy uu did MltM Ciata U»hr of 81 N. (ioJU SI., tlruiul ItajiUki, Mii'hitiiui. H\u> write* a friend: "1 dou't ntn:d 1 VnitiH any more. 1 urn alt wvll u/tcr Ukituj six botiU-tt I Wfljjh- ttl ninety nuumin before I sUirtiul and w UH poor ;i.nd weekly. 1 hud such u coiiKh and spitting uil the time thai i never exjavUxl to rvcuver. My frlend« Kutnu me up. 1 roukl eat nothing. Now 1 run t-al und w<-L£h 130 pounds. I must thankfully re commend J/urumi lo my ti lenUiJ '* Ml as lAihr's letter IK un liujplrallon, a im'Myutjo of hoptj to suffering women. Jt U'Ua you tluit you too tuuy be Htronu und well and vjK«'roun. I'eruna n>ay bp ha4 In cither liquid or (ablot form. A»k your Ue^ilpr. if you vutue licdllh, do 'tot uccept a substitute. Dr. rUitumit'a World rtunouu I'rruna '1'onlo i* what you want, Vuo ^eruna Compftuy. Debt. 19. OohinAjui*. Ohio, also publish pr. llariuiun'a lletUlh Hook. Tho book U free- Write for It. your dealer wUl tdv# >vu ^ i^tvusmsf. 4An,vw« ^ Abe Martin Artie timid!, champion iri-townshlp sti'alKhl-rail hilllardlsl, is in France. Ther substltutn' carrots fer shrimp In th' salad at tb' New I'alace hotel. lot In Ibis slate from nllens who have only taken out their first naturalization papers. More, than 300 farmers down in Meade county have made application for money from tho government to buy seed wheat. EIDorado has a "Civic Creed," that Is being used every day. It takes the place of the usual town slogan which Is on vacation. It is declared that more than 300,000 more acres of wheat are being sown in Kansas this year lhaii last, Just to let the kaiser know we mean It. The Claflln Clarion seems to have carried the registration day over lor another - week. That paper announced that September la was the day. The card Index system Is being used In Ford county to round up the slackers. The folks there are getting ready for the Fourth Liberty Loan. . Lawrence is to have' 200 seamen in training this winter. Who would have believed that' the Douglas county capitol would ever be a naval headquarters? This is the season of the year when the sale bills In the country I ell of "other articles too numerous to mention." A farm sale bill wouldn't be just tight without that line. The Chase County Leader tells of eighteen young men living in the Hillsboro, Marion county neighborhood, having left for Canada jusi a week before the recent draft registration. If they go to Canada they'll probably get caught there just the name. MU SON. KANSAS Pony Stockings Are for Lively Youngsters, \ and Stand the Wear of Romp and Play. x w I are the days of shapely, stiug- fiUiiiu, stylish-looking hosiery. These are the Unys of Wayne Knit, for Wayne Knit hose has all these Rood qualities, and i .i strong, elastic and sewicenble as well. Wayne Knit is good, honest hosiery; carefully made from the best material nnd we are indeed proud to be known as the headquarters for this famous brand. The factory has a twenly-five-jear-old reputation for quality, which they insist in keeping up. Special Values This Week. Have You Seen the Pony in the Window ? He has traveled with liis little ridet' all over America, advertising Pony stockings for the children, and*\Vayt)e Knit Hose for grownups. GUESS how far the pony and his rider have traveled, and make a big guess for he has been all over the country. If you conic closer than the other fellow von will win A PRESENT OF $5.00 IN GOLD The Guessing Contest is for little boys and girta not over 12 years of cige, ' The grownups are not in it, Leave yoltr guess at the hosiery counter before Saturday night, and write your name plainly with your address, together with How Many Miles sTHE CURTIS STORE CO.. N. Miss. S. Inf. v ARMY CASUALTY LlSTj, The following casuultit',s uiv reported hy the L'oiirjniiiiUliJK tjetieritl of Un* American lOxperiftloiiury i-'orue.s: Killed In action. 7; missing In union, 3.1: wouitdtxl si-M 1 ; ely, IC; dk*i from wounds, li; dliM from lu-'jident and other causes, 2; died uf dlwe-uiv, 1, wound LO . degreee utideler- nniinl, 1. Totiil, IbS. KILLED IN ACTION; Lieutenants: Herbrrt J. Jorn-M, Dresden, Tenn. Hurry Dickinson Thrasher, New Vork, X. V. Privates: Joe iJrnippr., RuaMa. VuiiEhuu K. Harris, Montk-fllo, Minn. l 7 r< aerick J, McKenzle, New Vork, Ny. John Metcalfe, AilJngion, WIBEII. Luke nohlrtter, Battle Creek, S. C. DIED OF WOUNDS: Privates: Floyd Dewaln Hall, FVnton. Mich. Ed word fichrr, New York, N. Y: DIED OF DISEASE: Wilfred R. O'L'imnor, Jr., Cambridge, Maas. DIED OF ACCIDENT AND OTHER CAUSES: Privates; Herman Hay, Wiilier, Texas. Edward ytrunce, Creston, Iowa. WOUNDED SEVERELY: Captains: Farmer Kelly, Adairville, Ky. Frank D. Mctiee, Cluiemont. H. D. Ijewis N, Scherf, Kdgewaier, Colo. Lieutenants: Benjamin Theo A brums, nrooklyn, N. V. Charles F. Bare, Wichita. Kans. Claude K. Catr-aner. Mt. Williams, Vu- Rubert X, Christian, Providence, H. I. Floyd J&ifiune Keweli. i.eelon, Wo. Donald It. Filler. Carlisle, I J a. . Henry Keller. LJflleionte, Pa. Irvhm l<ouls Kinkel, Detroit, Mich. I'fiiil J. Hwank, Winuute, lnd. Itubcrl B. Wooilhury, pottHVlllo, Pa. Corporals: Daniel J. Cahur. VouiiK^tuwn, O, Willlaan Alien Crubb, Ntu^hvilh'. Tenn. Clarence Orr Kramps, Rcsedate, Kas. y* Uoy \V. ltriiPB 1 '!'. Adilan, Mich. Claude Uude. Antlla, Alberta. Canuda. Privates: Harold Abel. KordvlUe, N. I). McClellan Altermeier, Ariel, Pa. Marshall Floyd Amlek, F.veiett, Pa. Joe Bench, Woolen, Texas. Samut I W, i-ulsom, < iuoillnft, Idaho. Otto Wllllnm Cillmelst. r. Madlna, N. Y. Nkk Orutin.**, Murnsiad, N. D. Jacob I^ipold, .St. IAIUIS , Mo. ^ DUiyd Howard I'almerton, Sprlng-vllle, Howard Forbes Parker. Fuirhu-ven J. John Paikes, Kenniore. N, V. Harry Held, Zioii. Ky. Uaiiholoinew Helfly. Newuik, X. J. Elijah yansou. Uuleii. Ky. Bernard ychrnftz. La Crosse, Wis. Peter T. Sobezak. Bay City. Mich. Paul Stearns, liinton Co., Ivy. Hvntiie M. Wltzo. Osukls, Minn. Henry A, Barnum, Seottdule, Pa. Joe Clinton Beta, Stratford, Wash. Charles Frenc'h, Fieneh Farm, Ky. FtiincisKek Gr"aybowslii, Chfeago, UI. Vlti.:cttt t.iraywytLske, Detroit, alien. Jamvs B. Haniilton. Creensburg, Pa, William L>. Jenkins, Bena. Vu. Voholia Krustopoviteh, Mt. Ciiiun. Pa. Andrew Ltllico, l*ev»len, N. D. Jewell C. MuMlchael, l-Uz^eraid, Cin, Harold F. Manohe-sler. Baeine. Wis. */harlej» MesaiiK, 15au Claire, Win. Walter Meyers, Jane^ville, Wis. Walter B. Mooie, Schambervllh' Peter Ostrowjski, Co. K, 10th 1 Homer Pace, Cawood, Ky. Troy Kich, Boone. Ky. Donald RUSH , <ir«'en l«ike. Wis. Harry Frank Sehai:ffer, Plttsbuish, Pa. Oay 1. Skutlay, Taylor, Wis. \S'elr Sunviey, DracosbuiK, Pa. i'uul A. Hwanson, New Haven. Ct. Oeorjje Harold Thornton. Phllllpsburg, N. J. Myron K. Wright, Cassellon, N. I>. Anthony Murray, ; Philadelphia, Pa. Leroy Muse, Sparks, Kans. Tonl Xiumynski, Chlc»t>o. HI. Betijuinln R. Norton, Bridgeport. Joseph Parker. St. Clulr. Pa. Pi.tor Pashuskl. Philadelphia. Pa. MaurlzU Pi- II eg ri no, Curuglis, Cuiia, Paly. Jo-'oph B. Pet ink, latdlnfflon, Mich. Francis A. Pool, Wellsvllle, Kans. I.rfio Hoss Porter. Angola, lnd. Fred F. Pratt; Bernards!un, MJISS. Carl James Itltchey,-fiverett. Pa. Aithur 10. Bogers, Minneapolis, Minn. Ram Ruben. Bridgeport. Ct. Anthony Husso, Koehelle, N. V. Kugerie Sehardellelle. Philadelphia, Pa. Benjamin 1''. Ken it. Tippeoanue, lnd. Peter A. Smith, Boston, Mass, Julius Solway, Sturgeon Bay. Wis. Joseph Veager Spleer. Augusta, Ga. Floyd F.irohl. Allen town, Pa. Floyd .Sirohl, Mt. Carmol, 111. Roy J. Tanki-ndey, Winchester. TH. Harold I*;. Thompson, y<iulharnpton, X. V. 'Edward P. CI rich, Reading, Pa. Arthur Vanator, Goshen, lnd. Prank John Varlos, Ververato, ' Chios, Growe. ITarold Gordon Walklnhood, Marshall, Mich. W. W. Wetherbee. Stow, Mass. Dajiiel Wlchham. raid well, O. Isidore Yudowlta, Brooklyn, X. V. Anton /aula, Kovua. Kropu, Ruasla. Albert Clarence Zlmmennan, Leech* burg. Pa. WOUNDED: (Degree Undetermined.) Cprporals. Do Forest V.. Townsend, Castle. N. Y- MISSING IN ACTION: Lieutenants. Cullen C. Collingsworth, Lafayette, Tenn. Corporals: Robert Buckles. Glendale, Ky. Janus A. Greene," Providence, U. I. Ernest H. Huffman, Bozetuan, Mont. Kenneth A. Moorehead. Pittsburgh, Pa, William II. Stafford, Pittsburgh, Pa. Buglers; Donald Hosir»*r, Cleveland, O. Hairy J. Thomas. Flint, Mitfti. Privates: William W. Blsier, Medora, 111. Gaelano Carduccl. lyowellvllle. O. (jlem W. Carey, Derulur, Mich. Ditjiir-1 Cillucei, Philadelphia, Pa. Prank Conlrlclano, I'hlladelphla, Pa. John Davis, Laeompte, Ruplde^. Palish. La. William A. Delozlfr. St. Benedict, Philip J. Difablo, Philadelphia, Pa. Kvrli'n J. Dtiolev. Philadelphia, Pa. Jay A, Unnhip, IC Pittsburgh. Pa. Ronald W. Dunsniore. Curweiiaville, Julius J. l>'ark;ui, Clifton, N. J. Kdmund FiiKgeraM. Cleveland, Oo. Julius J. Futu-htk, Whlling. Ind, Pa. A CONCERT YOU WILL WANT TO HEAR MUM MPICATOIT HUSIUl FESTIVAL. ntUCUtATUIC WICHITA'S NEW^J2W,W0 EXPOSITION BUILDING • irOLITO WHOSE VOICE I At ADA HAS BIECTHI.; LA/AKU riBO THE Mtl»|. CAL WORLD Th» OL.ORIOUSL.V OIFTEP AMERICAN CONTRALTO' . ••r«u BRASLAU F«EPHICK NEAI IN ft I S AND HI* NATION.* AH-V FAMOUS BAND or.nrTv' One Night Only Opening ol Ih* lnlnfii «Upn *i Whm Show MAIL ORDERS I'llH T , c K ETI) Will M f |tlcd |n u >e t.-Ocr ,,l tt >ri.- U<?>lyt. Addrcit, nlib Oitcii or r.K^cy bnl «r, E. r< MvlNTVKE, T&c fmuat, tvicinu, Kaa*. Joseph Gatofolo, Mussoutnell, Cant ouzel. Provlnee. Italy. Joseph Cnrtifi. Roccohtmera, Rooeheulre MesKinu, Italy. Penjamin GelbfUh, Rtooklyn. X. Y Steven GOlaz, Thompsonville, Ct. Allen J. Gtoff. "WiitliimHtown. X. J. Joseph Guewa. Newark, N. ,1. Francis A. Hallock. Elmlra. X. Y. Russell E. Handwerk. Hlatington, Pa. Clarence E, Hatcher, Watirika, Okla. CllffonJ R. Hazlett. Tflrentum. Pa. Otto Harold, New Vork, N. Y. Anton Janlsrewskl. Detroit. Mich. Clarence C. .|tilm»oii, MlniiOMpoltR. Minn. I'-irnest U. Jone.t, Wichita Falls. Tex. Frank ii. Jones, McDonald. Pa, Stanley Kenltz. IMttsbnruh. Pa. Tony .'Kilhnl'L IJoston. Mass. Steve Utmenski, South Hend, 1 nd. 1-vflwnrd E. Loughlln. Chicago, 111. Ituel T. Lucy. Ft. Wayne. Ala. John Lynch, Untie, Mont. Del be r I Edward Messer. Dettoit, Mich. llenrv G. Mlnch, Pltraburgh, Pa. I^slle A. Minion, Curvallis, Ore, Frank J. Morey, Brockton, Mass. David Victor Xlchulsoii. St. Catharines, Out. Matt Ohlig^thlagfr. Oelwlen. Iowa. Claude M. Parish, New Palestine, lnd. Peter P. IMlegcintio, Prov, of Cozenza, Cozcnza, Italy. Kliseo Pino, AlbUQUCique, N. M. Harry Pogue, Evansvllle, Ind. Chailes H. Rlchter, Jr.. Pittsburgh, Pa. Krarlo Salvalore. Perwlckj Pa. Jt.kjeph Sandtrtd, Pipcrno, lluly. (Miatles H. Schaffer, Ematis, Pa. Ijonev l». Schenek, JohnsonbuiR, Pa. IAHI I'. Prattl. Dean, Pn. X'etson Delaronde. Portage. Wis. John Gawn. Chicago, III. Mat bias John Haessley. Fond du I MC, wis. David J. JIartle, Shnylown, Pn. Ewlng L. Hatfield. MeMelte, Okla. IlcnrV Heftl, Maysfleld, Texas. Roy L.. Jameson, Trout Creek, Mont, llenrv JoltiiHuit. Drnkc, X. D. Albeit C. Krueger, Detroit. Mich. Peler E. Hnnden. Pelllcan Raplila, MUm. Farl Smith, Seatlle. Wash. Paul 11. Sowers. BrookvHIe, Pa. Thorvald J. Rleen. Colfax, Wis. David D. Stein. New Kensington, Pa. Frank .1. SUvoson. Sehenley, Pa. Alfred J. Storm, PUL-rtmrgh. Pa. A Inert Strtisky. Duibols, Pn. Pcleslnw Syvocwier, Poland. Russia. Many Kinds of Rheumatism One Sure Mode of Treatment Vllllum. K. Tkurbvr, North Crnndon, WllllHin IvJivard Traill, Lncknwnnn, N. r;ul«op|,o Voccnro, Apimlo, Pa. Plt'tro Viinnl. Mutuant, Tm-rono, Ilalv. MalliiK Vvlamiuvi!, Wnuon Mutind, K. M, Domlulcli Zllo, Linil IVr Turin, lluly. TH£ EFFICIENT WOMAN. Tho rpundntioii ot (itClclcncy lies In a robufit healthy constitution. When 111, weak nnd. suit (.'ring from drugging III, weak and Buttering from drngglng- down pains, Inflnnimutory and ulcerated conditions or displacement with consequent backache, headaches, ner- votiBiiess and "the blueB," no woman can be efficient or liardly a fit companion lo live with. If every woman in this condition would noly give that most successful of all root aud •herb remedies, Lydln E. Plnkhnm's Vegetable Compound, a trial, she would soon be restored to health and roach the goal of her ambition for personal efficiency. Authorities Say Don't Use Liniments. Treat It Through the Blood. You Can't Rub It Out! Whether your trouble is Sclaliua, Lumbago or the drended Articular Rheumatism, the answer is the same. You must treat it through the blood. That Is the ouly way to rid the system of uric acid, purify the blood and revitalize the nerves. It the hlocd Is freed from impurities, Rreuniatism must go. Tills in short Is the exact knowledge gained by the research laboratories of the S. S. S. Co., In Atlanta. There tests have' been made for fifty years. They know what Kheumutisnr Is. They know ttiUt S. S. S., the remarkable blood tonic, which they originated, will relieve you of Hreumatlsm. Take S. S. S. loday. The complete recovery of thousands of sufferers by the use of S. S. S. Is positive proof that you can be relieved. S. S. S. Is a blood tonic—a purifier thai reslors the blood, revitalizes It, cleanses II, makes it pure as li was before It ^boaeuie poisoned with impurities. S. S. S. gives strength to drive out these impurities—the uric acid and organic poison aud wlih It the Rheumatism. Get S. S. S. at your druggist's. If you need special advice, write Medical Advl3er, 440 Swift Laboratory. Atlanta, Ga. The Consolidated Flour Mills Co. 510-20 Rornbaugh-Wiley Bldg. Hutchinson, Kansas Operating mills at Winfield, Caldwell, Newton and Hutchiuson, Kansas. Daily capacity 3500 bbls. We invite the inquiries of Flour and Feed Sealers (Carlots only) Use UNITED Flour McVAY LIVERY TAXI-BAGGAGE Phone 86. Opposite Convention Hall. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. l»MYaiCIAN». H. S. BREVOORT, M. D. Practice Limited to Office Treatment ef Chronic Diseases Examination and Diarnoalg FI-M. 8ft We.t Flr»t St., Hu>i;T.ln«.n. Kanau Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE °' er i? ,! „ ,v1 "', Dr - P. Rlchiooid. suite 621 nombaugh-Wlley HUIWIDK. Phone 2C52VV. AUTO DIRECTORY AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Sherman St East Auto Supplies, Tools and Garage Equipment. Distributor*: Bosch, Connecticut, Atwater, Kent, Stromberg Carburetors, ind Leak Proof Rings, Phone 3000. e -"QUALITY IS ECONOMY"THE TESTING EYES AND FITTING SPECTACLES Is our specialty. Prices reasonable; accurate service. SHIPMAN BROS. Over Commercial National Bank. Phone 3369. Directory of the PERU VanZandt IMP. CO. DISTRIBUTORS 13-15-19 First East REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO., 17 First West Phone 243 WICHITA HUTCHINSON Arnold Auto Co. Marmon——Hayneg—-Dodge Brother! phone ?707 Automobiles n E *»* Fim si D A If* 17 —"The Most Beautiful rAllXlt car in America" The Salt City Motor Car Co. 123 Sherman East Also Studebaker Farts and Service ElectricBattery&RepalrCo, ft DISTMRUT9M wilMRO ST0RA0B BATTERIES Used by P P«r Csnt ef AH Manufacturers LARGEST BATTERY REPAIR STATION IN KANSAS. 108 Shermsn Es«t. Ption* «7r* FREE INSPECTION OF ANY BATTPRY AT ANY TIMS Elevator service Amy and nlcbt. ARCHITECTS MANN 4 CEROW Roome 721-22. Prtope 216a ATTORNEYS WM. H. BURNETT Attornoy-at.Lav* C08 H.-W. Bide- DENTISTS TXT ONES T Otnilet Suite <12-M. Phone 60W PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS HT^TsTE ^ARTr ^iror^ •ulte 111. Opcctsl Attention to Eye, Ear, Not. and Throat, Gleteee Accurately Fitted. Ui. Jida MundvlU • Dr. W. N. Muml.- 0R8. MUNDELL, Sulla S3) 1C -W. pid« Phone HUM O. A. BLASDEL PHYSICIAN ANO 6URQEON .•ulte 111. Office Phone Wis. Res. Phone 2741 PR. LOUISE F. RICHMOND, Suite »21. Office Phone 86SSW. Reeldence 2tUn 0. A. CHICKPRINB, PhyslCfn-Surfson, Res. Tal HIIR- OUtc, Tel. II»»W. Suite 191. DR, A. G. BEALL Physician and Surgeon Special Attention to Piftk'nosla,- . . - Room 5Q» Phones; Otflce S3»»W. rtca. 3Sfl Or. H. P. 8TERRETT Practice limited to Eye, ear, nose and throat. Room Silt KorabautTh-Wllcy Bldg, I'Uono 8««). REAt ESTATE ANP INSURANCE. U S. PAV1#, Reem W7< pnaji* "Wf^*Sp|B^SH

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