Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 3, 1968 · Page 16
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 16

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1968
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

DONALD DUCK IT SETS EIGHT MILES TO THE OALLON-NOT (THAT'S -MISERABLE _ L MILEAGE ! 'ACTUALLV. ITS QUITE GOOD, TRANSPORTATION WISE! REMEMBER... THE SMITH FAMILY (AIM I TIGER AMvmiM<s we CAM ALL PLAV BLONDIE Et-MQ, I'VE TOLD YOU A HUNPRED TIMES MOT TO BOTHEI5. WE WHEN) I'M TAKING A NAP/ BEAT IT/ OEE--I JUST WANTED TO INMTB VOU OVEQ TO HAVE A PIECE OF FQ6SH BLUEBERRY- PIS MV MOTHER JUST BAKED YOU kTMEW I WAS JUST WCOING IM THERE; DIDN'T YOU 6LMO? BEETLE BAILEY BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH VE OUGHT TO SPEND A LEETLE TIME WIFTATER VO'RE RIGHT AS RAIN, MAW VE OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF VORESELF, PAW-GOIN'OFF AN 1 FLAVIN' CARDS EVER' BLESSET NIGHT TIFFANY JONES ATMARC'S STUD/O... FORFTTY'S SAKE, WHAT IN THE NAME OF...OH, THEN/GHrB£FOKE THE SCANTELLt COiLKT/ON... THANK GOODNESS MARC CAN'T SEE ME NOW...HEt> NEVER STOP RUNNING/ NOT SEEING HIM FOR THE LAST FEW DAYS HAS BEEN AGONV... WONDER IF HE!S' MISSING ME... ALL RIGHT.' ALL RIGHT/I'M COMING/ WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU— PON'T BREAK THE POOR POWN/ THE PHANTOM ' THIS SPY-FOR AN UNMAMFD POWER*- WANTED TO -BY FRAMING YOU- THEY HOPED 7O RUIN YOUR fATHER-AND MAKE IT EASIER FOR BA8ABU TO RETURN TO BENGALI. WAS LATE AT NIGHT-WE WERE CLOSING HOW DIP HE FORCE YOU TO STEAL THE CODES, LON? THE WAY HE DOES EVER/- THIN6 — WITH A GUM- OVERTHROW YOUR FATHER AND PUT GENERAL BABABU IN POWER-FOR THEIR OWN PURPOSES. BUZ SAWYER f E READY TO GIVE UP, FELLA? VOU'RE LUCKY I HAVE THIS EMERGENCY »BUPW BREATHER" SO WLI CAN HOOK ONTO MY AIR SUPPLY. THEY GOT ONE OF OUR DNERS GET AWAX FROM HERE.' UNTIL 1 THEIR SUB , . .. WITH HIS AIR HOSE" 'CUT, THE MOBSTER DIVER * KNOWS HE'S A GONER... | YVETTE MIMIEUX falls in love with Rod Taylor, t h e mercenary who has rescued her from "Simba" rebels in "Dark of the Sun," which starts Friday at the State Theater. Lorenz Submits Resignation To Governor SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) Francis S. Lorenz, state director of public works and buildings, submitted his resignation to ov. Samuel H. Shapiro Tuesday. Lorenz, 53, plans to devote full time in his campaign as the Democratic candidate for state attorney general. He is opposed by Republican William C. Scott, a former state treasurer. Lorenz said his chief assistant, Norbert Johnson, will become the department's acting BUDDY EBSEN explains to Janet Blair that moving the family to Dakota could mean a prosperous life for them in the Walt Disney musical "The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band" which starts Friday at the Patio Theater. A second film will feature "The Three Little Pigs." director until Shapiro fills the vacancy. Lorenz has held the position since Feb. 20, 1963. He also announced that Illinois would become the first state to employ accident investigation teams to study multiple auto fatalities. The initial team will be based in Springfield as later other investigating units will be stationed in all of the state's 10 highway districts. TV And Radio Highlights WEDNESDAY NIGHT — Radio — 6:00—Sporti Line, WBBM; Rick Weaver. 6:10—Chuck Benion, WMAQ; music. 6:30—News of the World, WMAQ; 6:35—Music Unlimited, WGN. 8:00—Extension 720, WGN; 9:30—Insight, WGN. 10:30—Magic of Music, WGN. — TV — 6:00— Fllntstones, 13; cartoon. 6:30—Thunderbirds, 13; adventure. The Virginian, 6, 17. Lost In Space, 4, 23, M3; adventure. 7:30— Dream House, 13, game. Beverly Hillbillies. 4, 23, M3; comedy. 8:00—Green Acres, 4, 23, M3; comedy. Movie, 13; "It Started In Naples." Kraft Special, 6, 17. 8:30—F Troop, 23; comedy. 9:00—Dom DeLulse Show, 4, 23; variety. Run For Your Life, 6, 17. 9:55—Mexican Olympic Review, 13. 10:30—Tonight Snow, 6, 17; variety. Joey Bishop, 13; variety. THURSDAY MORNING — Radio — 6:00—Wally Pnllllpi, WGN; muilc and news. Morning People, WBBM; news, ntervlews. 10:00—Eddie Hubbard, WGN; records. Pat Sheridan, WMAQ; records. — TV — 7:00—Today. 6, 17; Hugh Downs. 7:30—Breakfast With Roddy Mac, 3. 8:00—Captain Kangaroo, 4, 33. M3; for children. 8:30—Jack LaLanne, 13; exercise. 9:00— Dream House, 13; game. Candid Camera, 4, 23. Snap Judgment, 17. 9:30—Concentration, 6, 17; game. Beverly Hillbillies, 23, M3; comedy. Dick Cavett, 13; variety. 10:00—Andy of Mayberry, 4, 23, M3; comedy. Personality, 6, 17; game. 10:30—Dick Van Dyke, 4, 23, M3; comedy. Hollywood Squares, 6, 17; game. 11:00—Jeopardy, 6, 17, game. Bewitched, 13; comedy. 11:30—Eye Guess, 6, 17; game. Treasure Isle, 13. THURSDAY AFTERNOON — Radio — 12:00—Country Fair. WON; agriculture. 12:25 — Baseball, WGN; Cubs vs. Phillies. 5:30 — Eddie Hubbard, WGN; music. 5:55— Business Final, WGN; stock market. — TV — 12:00—Superman, 17; adventure. 12:30—Wedding Party, 13. Let's Make A Deal, 6, 17; game. 1:00—Newly weds Game, 13. 1:30—House Party, 4, 23, MS; Baby Game, 13. 2:00—To Tell The Truth, 4. 23. M3; 2:30—You Don't Say, 6, 17; panel. 3:00—Dating Game, 13, game. Match Game, 6, 17; game. 3:30—Mr. Ed, 6, 17; comedy. Felix, 23; cartoon. Mike Douglas, 13. 4:00— Branded, 23. Merv Griffin, 6, 17; variety. 4:30—My Favorite Martian, 23; comedy. 5:00—Bob Young, 13; news. Truth or Consequences, 23; Barker. 5:30—Walter Cronklte, 4, M3; news. Huntley-Brlnkley, 6. 17; news. THURSDAY NIGHT — Radio — 6:35—Music Unlimited, WGN. 6:46— Patterns, WMAQ; In mu- ilc. 7:30—Art Mercler, WBBM; audience participation. 8:00—Extension 720, WGN; dialogue. 9:30—Insight, WGN; John Drury. 10:00—Norman Ross, WGN; music. 10:30 — Magic of Music, WON; Franklyn McCormack. — TV — 6:00 — Flintstones, 13; Cartoon. 6:30—Daniel Boone, 6, 17. Second Hundred Years, 13. Clmarron Strip, 23, 4, M3; western. 7:00 — Flying Nun, 13: Comedy. 7:30—Bewitched, 13; Comedy. Ironside, 6, 17; adventure. 8:00 — Film, 4, 23, M3; "Flight From Ashiya." That Girl, 13; comedy. 8:30—Dragnet, 6, 17; adventure. 9:00—Gold Diggers, 6, 17; variety. Avengers, 13; adventure. 10:30—Tonight, 6, 17; Johnny Carson. Joey Bishop, 13; variety. Bridge By ALFRED SHEINWOLD Bid Only As We// As You Can Play Some drivers want a car that can speed at 100 miles per hour even if they're not good enough to handle it at any such speed. The same people make delicate bids at the bridge table, and then aren't good enough to make the fine contracts that they reach. North dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH 4 A 10 2 9 AK5 O 985 * AJ32 WEST EAST 9853 V 474 C9 QJ 108 O A632 + 1074 O KQJ104 +96 SOUTH 4 KQI6 <? 7643 O 7 * KQ85 North East South West 1 NT Pass 2 + Pass 2 0 Double 3 O Pass 3 V Pass 3 4 Pass 4 4 All Pass Opening lead — 0 A South's first response of two clubs was the Stayman Convention, asking North to bid a major suit of four or more cards if he could. North bid two diamonds to show that he didn't have a major suit; and East doubled for penalties. Since South would have redoubled with diamond strength, his bid of three diamonds clearly asked North to look for a game elsewhere. North shrewdly showed his better three-card major, and the rest of the bidding was logical. Four spades Plus . . . "GENTLE GIANT" A Story Of A Boy And His Pet Bear. Fireworks July 4th was a fine contract and deserved a better fate. South raffed the second diamond, led a club to dummy and ruffed another diamond. Then he drew three rounds of trumps. Unfortunately, the six missing trumps failed to break evenly. Defeats Contract South tried to get three club tricks, but East ruffed the third club and defeated the contract with two more diamond tricks. South deserves credit for his fine bidding, tout should look for simpler bids until he can play the cards better. He could have made the contract by refusing to allow the opponents to weaken his trump suit. South should discard a heart on the second diamond and another heart on the next diamond. If East leads a fourth diamond, dummy can ruff; and if East leads anything else, declarer easily wins the rest. South is in position to draw four rounds of trumps instead of only three; and then he can safely run the clubs and the top hearts. DAILY QUESTION Partner opens with one spade, and the next player passes. You hold: S—9 8 5 3; H-9 2; DK Q J 10 4 C-9 6. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid two spades; you cannot quite afford to bid two diamonds and then raise the spades since your hand is not Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard Pg. 16 Wed., July 3, 1968 worth two bids. When a responding hand is worth only one bid, your first duty is to raise partner's major suit. © T-M 1908, Gen. Fen. Corf FOR PICKUP BY GOODWILL INDUSTRIES OR AREA REPRESENTATIVE PHONE 232-1390 RELAX IN COOL COMFORT |FREEPORT NOW SHOWING SANDYDEMS KEIRDULLEA ANNEIIKYWOO! Color b»Del Open 7 P.M. • Start 7:30 "The Fox" at 7:50 Box Office Open 'Til... 8:30 NOT.FOR CHILDREN -ALL SEATS . . . $1.50- Open 8 P.M. Start Dusk Kiddies In Cars FREE 3 UNITS TONIGHT & JULY 4th A GIANT HOLIDAY TREAT The Big Mouth vs. The Big Mob! JERTOUEWIS f TOE BIG MOUTH iv 1!G ANIMAL ZOO V AND DEER PARK Hundreds of V A PLAN NOW! TAME ANIMALS •& A big time for TO PET & FEED HI «" the family. Circus Land Covtrtd Wagon RhU Picnic TabUs Fairy Talt LOM Miniatura Train Ridt Tr.t Hwst Slick Gift Shop Giant Shodo Troos Moriy-Go-Roand Big Boar Hovst Cloan Rost Rooms Concession Stand Follow Signs—Pavtd Road Two mita from Famous B*tw««n Polo ft Oregon, III. Whit* Finos Slot* Park WHITE PINES DEER PARK Open Every Day—10 A.M. to 7 P.M. Drive Out Soonl Tonight Thru Monday HViSPRBlflf What they do together.. is a crime! SHIRLEY MICHflEL MacLAINE ,„ CHINE GAMBIT TECHNICOLOR. A Universal Picture' AIR CONDITIONED HEALTHFULLY COOLED -ENDS THURSDAY- James Bond "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE" Plus Clint Eastwood in "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" Continuous Shows Thurs., 4th of July From 2 P.M. Open 1 P.M. The brassiest, sassiest, lovingest, laughingest star-spangled hullabaloo! Admission Adults $1.25 Children 75c ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ALBUM ON SALE AT RECORD STORES TECHNICOLOR' Who's Afraid of the WALT DISNEY'S BLAIR RICHARD DEACON KURT RUSSELL $cu*npliy by Produced by Dlrtcttd by Mutic md Lyrki by "*"" u.iru Mm ...hruoii ...*,.... ...., uu _. ^ BMKJIMiy tlllDUJU uJ Mtflf I flit BUM FRIDAY MATINEE AT 2 P.M. OPEN AT 1 P.M. Tonight. . Big Mouth . . 1st • Gambit.. 2nd • Hot Rod 3rd 4th July • Gambit.. 1st • Big Mouth .. 2nd • Hot Rod 3rd TODAY And THURSDAY THEATRE POWN TOWN Wtol AIR CONDITIONED Continuous From 1:30 ENDS THURSDAY .LUCILLE BALL-HENRY FONDA "T£>urs,Mine and OURS |. \MJOHN^io M W. "" ' • -v^fir Sf >*fnpl»v by Slnry by MELVILLE SHAVELSON .* MORI LACHMAN MADELYN DAVIS „<, BOB CARROLUR O.r«cl«<!6y P.odueed Dy .,„.•,.._' MELVILLE SHAVELSON • ROBERI F. BLUMOFE • itrau WHUTOWM [t^j«« -ji« « iu«i VW..QI.U. .,.»>n[ a, u*mo >» .. «».nl PHI HD i-— ,— , , : .—ijj VjwlAJn ^ Plus fartnon byDeLuxe \ 1 HIS UdrlUUn ixliMWMriu.-iuminn STARTS FRIDAY Open 6:30 7:00 Shows 9:00 BRUTES! SAVAGES! HEROES!^ .<A:*fei£3t*^£k J -*? S 9 MOBOGOUMMMRp,,, RODTAYLOR YVETTE MIMIEUX JIM BROWN "KENNETH MORE PANMISION'indMTOCOLOR.

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