The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 3, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1932
Page 7
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THE 1JAI1.Y HEWS. rKJGUEKlUK, MD. FRIDAY. JUNE 3. 1932- 8ZVEN ilplC HopeS By Claire Bvrcky PROSPECTS NOT SO GOOD FOR LARGE WHEAT YIELD har\i.V. ' V i e is a cooJ . - i j . i i ' i i Vra-tff 1'Jsl v - _ ·:: \ · - I* » I!'! Shoulder. \Va'. nhi ,(t work in the gard-:i of hm home "Ihursdav all-cmov.ui Dr Ira I Draiidfli'ld wrus Mimmoned ar.d -liter an fxaTnina':ni hint to the PTedericS: City hospital for treatment Pearl met M l ' h a sirr. lar ac-.d«tr, t*ioe before. Growth Fails To Develop Properly, Report. t r or -.:., v -id.'. C.^J .-· .. a- -,»rr .v ^ .(··,, -v rec-^r.t be tne Rec Sox .r. :?33 -ruth and mer? than a l-t"J age a ma/cr league call C.MC an- t.nai \ear *iih the Ya:-K^« Boston -A:uld be a logical t;?'. :or h m to settle cxwn Bu: here :s more t---a.n a little poetry, friends, in Boo Qajns's es' .mate of the value cf tne Bod Sc\ Sir Qu-nn. ac- sell x.: -r.? -Aori- 1:-^ lidding 'he good »i.l that ».ire;} g.*s \».th a tail-«nd bali cljib. for t:ie sura cf Si,750 000 II that isn't poetr;. Shakespeare was a Bowery baro^r * · · * * · lie Tell* Why. Bui if joa were Bob Qu.:m, yo.i ·aolilc! be willing to sell, too. though jour ideas of the value or the Bed Sox might not b* as romantic as Bob's. No: only willing out asucous perhaps BOB QCINN- · On ba5is of aia-lable records, the Agains- Ca.ifomi3 Apr- .. a "I ha-.e be*n here aoout r,:ne years best collezix-e s-ix. putter :r. '.he eoun- --nee: Stanford ncn .--s~- -9 '-· "ox" Quinn sa:d the ot^er cay. "and'try today is X^osi ^NcJ-e. C-ra-, ol 51 5-6. Gray «on -...e taot p-st I ha-.e dose e\er'-£u=g here that I d:a Stcafcrc U-iners-V/ Ai.d off Graj's an effort, that ^w.syrec ?0 .At · :r other inhere I was so success- records .'. -sr« t hard *o picture nan as jjches. He also ;.ace^ ·.:·.-i ir lul in conduct::;? baseball (that v.ojld a n-.en-.oer of the Unitec Staves Ol/y.pic discus with s toss % f :·»" fee- be Coltunbus. O. and St. Lou». Mo.» -ea=! IT. Augur c~r£?et:tion at Lo* A:-.- Two «eeki later a-- th" annual I ha-.e boagn: ar.y number ef plajers gelet ste »'-ti» Southern Ci-Mr.-.^ v "hat. other c.-jUs v.ere after and these This is Grays second e^r on th- the Trojans ·svoa. 81 1-4 to -.3 players "have la:ied to come tnrough. Star.fDrd tr-ack icani Up to the pre- Gray aaatn exceeded 50 :«· -Maybe my lack has gone back or. sen-, time he has oeen beaten b\ only itrei the me. I teas 17 years y:th the Columbus one man not, a member of h^s owa . 6 inches and ball club and had to call o2 a tearc. BOD Hall of Southern Califoma.. Bob Hall . ^;j. A ^ *j- i-tart · .er -A".-, o. g.vxi j'. *.,- ^"."^ v a .1 ^:.c -?r i. *-t ^ i;-i". a . w ^,x M. j- \.'.. D: v.! \ v. _^c^»r .\a;. ^~.~ i 5^-^ jir Tn? i^cnd "at'j:; *--. n;.dz.e o: ani tJ-r th.rd a^^t t.-.e Nei -tsc::d an- t-.rc ·». ri.:i tr.e r.ex". -. ~ 3" T-S C.'^ 1 o .- - j. "· "in: 1 -e .- .* - · \jr.--.r-s and \\\ .-..o^ld be NV.vs Your Old Pen Is Worth '4.01 TWO HOURS ONLY FROM 2 P. M. TO 4 P. M. TOMORROW. SATURDAY, JUNE 4 To Introduce thr New Bullet-Shape Smooth-Point tlothu I nbrexWable Self-Filling tt.unt.iii ftn and IVnul Set With thr Nr» Lifetime PUtnoid I'm Point. I You Save S 4.01-With Your Old Pen j I Ks'^arclcs.^ "f :· A V . V..'- ; «·: :^ I Bruit vour pen la our storr. irjjirdlrvs «r m.ikr or conduiuo M.ur '-fit '.-· in pri-^rnt Lhis toupun JiiJ otih 99. .' v' »0 A A : i K E M P ' S o :val-.e re-.i-n;e cicr r s'Aee'.er f\o of Gr3\ i I:o- Sunday game through bad seather. ir-nuned h^n ai the I. C. A A A. A. tearcinatt'S aj-j cu-d-s' in."c Then in tr.e ^:x \ears I -*ai -A.UI trie contests at Pnilac;p;-_2 las May. an, .'an giant. Browns I only lost two Sundays. This upset i.iat stanlea the exports and' The Stjnfard star rr.ace r.ii s -'-^:i cnang player vBig Ed Morr^; killec. I have 51 feet had almost. e\ery kind of hard luck happen to me since IAe come to Boston tha; could befall one man. 8 3-4 to ^-n f^-urui plcoe U TODAY The Old CoUege Try. I do have to lea-.e Boston without vrsg put. a winner here. I 'snll not have to berate myself for not having tned. I ha-.e tried e-.erything I couic think of, and "it hasn't helped. -'Being human. I ha-»e made mistakes. I znade a rc-siake this spring apparently when I thought the 1932 Rec Sox , On June 3' 1918. the German ad- shaped uo as a strong, capable team vance ·xas caccked by American , troops in the Veuilly Woods Accord- They cannot win. | ed an advance of the-r Of- n and re:oo£ Fa\ o**J le5. north of tr.e Ourcq German submar^ie v.arfare again?'. L'nited States shippm; off the r3ju:r:: A w Yk.TlV/T = ^r^C* A r\^ coast accounted for 12 ships v.p to ANNIVbRbARY jjun* 3 * «« announced In ado , mines off tee Delaware Cipcs ana sc- j counted for the suikuig of the -anker. CHECKED ! Herbert L. Pratt. The Be!r-an foreisn xuiister. Char *s de 3roouEV-.ile. resigned and ^.a? replaced by M Coor^man. former president of rhe House of Representatives. shoes jre par- chased in tremendous quin- toties for rash, and are ·*!" dircctK through 1463 storc^ for cj»h. That · how ire arable to offer u--h splendi' 1 i;ualit« in all our footwea- . . at sU' h remarkably lo-.. "I can'; give the club away, n^r h?--e . ir-g to reports from the front, enemy I any desire to do so to get nd of mv losses were i*ry M'.ere due to advan- dilemma I have "E' 1 manv pe-sois ta'k j tageous positions neld bv Amer-.can, France Pytla^. young catcher aboui btiving the club, but I guess thev trc-ops and the v.i.aeras fire of ma- ; broke _i Hagerstov.n several j^rs were only v.indow shopping Now :f chtse =uns and ··75o." ago. has been sen, by tne C-eve-ana somebodv conies along with trs mcJr.ey On the French front. Germans -aere j Indians K Toledo of tne Asia buv the ciuo, :t will be theirs." makjig sJ-ght cams west of Xou-.Ton i sociatlon for more seasoning. Ke i» ae- ij 4i ;=. " and Pontenoy. but French troops s-art- ing held by a string. Babe's Idea Of Price. ___^-- _-- --Friends of Q jinn, asking h.m to name his figure, having reported he is to take S1.750 000 for the team In 1931 PENNEY'S Sold ,51 Pairs of Wear-giving Shoes Black! Brown! (lotxl Irjthrr. corrrrt dei^n. j-id urrful Horkma^iship makr jood ^hof-. National idxrrti^in^. alf-»ine». iP*)- btr^ and middlemen add p.olhi-i- to a shoe's qiul/y nr it«. comfort. You pay onlr for the firvs- three in PEy- N F V S Sardals a-^ ·?---»-· * i d c o in I o-'a 1 ! $2.98 i nat t:^~ seems a little bit high. Babe is said to \ '5- be har'oor-ng the idea trst the club ····' could be bought fcr 2. half million ^ cheaper than that. i g;, If anything rcore happens to the Rec Oj Sox, which hardly seems possible, per- c|? haps Ruth's figure w.ll be nearer accuracy. Guggenheims. who are reported to bo ready to supper- Ruth s cesires. ere fcr a further drop .n tne case- ball marked ^^^^^jUiL^3%£~^ SZ eS I /iOcr ~ v ^^"\-^7" **"\\ iV' r^~ P^-VK\_P._li I -r* -\ _r ·* -\ ^^_ ^ d "^ iT"" iU O-^TvT ctX^JI^ i i I FOR EVERY BANKING NEED As a complete commercial bank, we are equipped to give every form of financial service required by business organizations and individuals. V/e £5 invite you to use our facilities for your checking account, savings account and other banking needs. Interest Paid On Savings COMMERCIAL BANK to Accent Your New Costume And 1932 arives promise of exceeding even this gigantic total' Men. women, and children in every state in the Union have learned that PENNEY'S shoes are COMFORTABLE shoes . . . SMART shoes . . . SERVICEABLE shoes . . . and that they represent TRUE VALUE! STRAPS Bcautif oily st; led. s m a r t l y trimmed, the ^trap shoe is GOOD this year! They'll any nardrobel PUMPS Always rhic. but particularly so thi* year! Plain *tcp-ln models or trimmed pumps. Indispensable to s Spar'*, r.£ s". ^in-.-.-s \VJ* -e Valuable Economy i ji; t Straps « Variety of Models · Choice of Colors O ^w* F MARYLAND A r *" p - ::r.r Sen i rt T v c I. -- · *.""A ,'!(_'· S'J""-rE « 4 ~:c* at '*j«" *"* P~ "S Tr 1 , Ji pi.r r,^' t $1.98 $2.98 LOW PR ICE: ND before you MONEY TRAVELS IN CYCLES, so long as -we keep our dollars In the home cycle they must inevitably come back to us in some measure. Then does it not behove us to think before we spend, and see that our money does not get caught in the overlaping cycles of business that slowly but surely whirl it away from us never to return in any form. IS THE MONEY YOU SPEND STARTED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION? (Published in the interest of all home-owned and home-operated businesses) THE GARBER BAKING CO. NOW oniy Sheer chliTor. -- a spec a lv. -: f : i" c ". £.rr. ^.% cs ta s " -_^ ^ , - ,-^ . cic :^ Always Men! They're Here! Moccasin Styles at a money-saving price! SAXfDALS Sturdy . . . for oung feet! · Black $1,29 re--.c;/- i..i '.-r.e n a^a:i--gr.en you an -T"..arced st\ie in -,\cart^\;ng s 1 -.·'C^ a; a lj,:. '.'n\ cot \V.ih rubber 07 'ealiicr soie a". f ! hcci! A v- "i-onsMc -'-oc . . . a.-'l a jrut!ca" '-nc . . . - : · c--i: -' 3-..1 v, , ^ i n - ,,_ .. Made oJ duck--:r. white or colors! You'll fed them an absolute necessity tor active summer davs! 12 f ) 3 . . ^ ; _· to 111 S1.49 1.39 1.19 N" LOW ; R:GH. Oalf Airn'e Calf Shoes Oh, yc*. trey'.- v-car They're cc-aioTtdSle A "Neu? They'll wear just as %ve!i end j-cst as Ions; as e-isr! They're jsist as good in style . . . bui therr price rr.akes an eva-4 greater VALUE! 0:1.': y-^jc 5s A!" ays First Quaiir-' It"* nnfleces*2rv to bo a "*«hrcwc baycr" or a "ba"-?ain hantfr" to ctt \our monrjX xrirth in FFVSfY'S hop«. \\e put ne vfrj lowest po«- siWc pncc »n each pair at the outset, and «*1I th»m at that price CTcry da in the -rear. YOl" ·s.ive-- at Pcnnej't D E P A R 116-120 North Market St. S T O R E Frederick, Md. are cat CHEAP but GOOD shoes pnced so Intv that tncVre a^toar.fiin? valnes! T t N V F Y 5 has teen se!liiisr shoes for SO year*, and has built a. nationwide repntation for selling footwear at rock-bottom pricrs.

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