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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Monday, July 26, 1948
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Today's News Today NBA FEATURE SERVICE f A. P. LEASED WIS£ AND FEATURES Weather forecast Considerable cJoudinen and warmer w i t h scattered shower* toniaht- TiT'daj parti} cloudy and not quit* .* narxn with a few shover* south- cast portion. VOL. LXV--NO. 239. Prew Run Today ' News--7.075 ' Post--8.375 '.Total--15.«50 FREDERICK. MD., MONDAY, JULY 26. 1948. EIGHT PAGES PRICE--THREE CENTS Roads Board People Could Something ~ · T* ~r~\ ^-s Ope For Work us Bids G«mByE.vfr« LikeFlving Session ·' ° By FETEK EDSON NEA Washington Correspondent Washington. July 28.--iXEA-- Results of the coming special session of Congress alone may decide whether Harry S. Truman or Thomas E_ Dewey will be president for the next four years. As governor of New York. Dewey could perhaps be pardoned for keeping his neck in and ex- Richard F. Kline. Frederick cort- pressing no opinion on tough ques- tractor. was the low bidder this tions of domestic policy. But. in R. F. Kline Estimate Lowest For Bethel And Mountaindale Highway Saucer Back People In South, Along: Yugoslavia Ready And Willing White House \The Ration To Trade With United States Conference Today Of Leaders Stirred By Sights Of Strange Things In Air Atlanta. July -6 .-P--The Hying saucer--or something--;j back irorn'ne when bids were opened : his new role as GOP candidate for again. fin the offices of the County Roads the presidency, i: is he who is on Reports from wiaeh- separated Bank Deposits lit, til*?" V-m-C^ V*. *»**- ·V^'VCmi**,.- »»·**--··----.c -- r - T - _ _ _ _ _ ^ r · I- t I Board or. the macadami^g of 1.492 the spot as well as the Republican sections of country have des- T miles of the Bethel-MouiUaindale Congress. This will give the vot- cnoed "it' over me weeKend as: s V|lfY\v" I llf TPUm* J^ ers just the opportunity they need 1. A wingless craft, spurting v^JJAJ T» J.AAV J. V^Cti?^ Iii Fiscal Year roa j ers just tne oppo Kline's bid was S36 707 40 Other '-O compare the two candidates in flame "lake a CUCK Rogers rocket bidders were: M. J. Grove Lime action, and aot just on campaign * promises. Beigrade. Yugoslavia, July "6 · turning, to the United States. Here V -P--Culbert L. Olson, former Go- on * "strictly personal trip.' O'so:» vernor of California, says Premier said he" talked with Tit-j for in Marshal Tito told him yesterday hour yesterday. Yugoslavia is ready and willing to He said the interview was grant- trade with the United States. ed after he mentioned to Assis- Olson said the Yugoslav Premier tant Foreign Minister Ales Bebler. put only one condition OK agree- to whom he carried letters from Coast And In ^Northwest ments for trade relations--no poh- fnends at home, that he wouid tical ties. like to talk to Tr.o. Bebler acted The former California chief exe- as interpreter. eutave. a democrat, said he would Olson said he inquired why report to President Truman cjr.- Yugoslavia engaged in so little cerning his talk with Tito upon re- trade with the western democra- :-- cies. including the United Stales. Tito, he said, replied that the western nations'had not made it possible. "On what conditions would you deal with America?" Olson asked. "We would be very happy to have trade relations with America on the condition there would special session may also backfire to make Harry S. Tru- · man and the Democrats the tar- insiead of the trigger men. Rights 2. An ^rst«i;ra:n e»vc:ed balloon. 3. An unusually bright light. 4. A ball of fire 5. A red and blue flame that conditions." Tito burst in m:d-asr. 6. A flash of cherry red fire. 7. A meteor. "It" first was reported by two Eastern Airlines pilots, each a Most Of Money Loaned Was In City, Recent Statements Show Truman Calls Parley Of Democrats As Congress Meets In Special Session Vahintlo». July H6 ( 5' I--The republican high conimjntl drridrd today to make no decision* on a legislative program until President Truman puts his extra session ree- ommendation* before congress tomorrow. Washington. July .6 f--Presi- dent Truman summoned. DgiuecrBl- ic congressional leadeis to thc White House today to review the be no political replied. Olson said Tito emphasized again that Yugoslavia would refuse to message he will deliver pcr..o»ally accept any political interference to *"* Republican-controlled Con: but is ready to deal strictly on a Sress tomorrow. By JAMES MARLOW Washington. July 26 -I*--He-.-;. Wallace"; new Progressive psrt\ hammers 0:1 this idea- Thai th» country and Russia can h\* s? peace and \\ork together Metely saving M doesn't i:iak«* it :« fact 'or. .-ince that's also the No t problem of our time, a number uf questions have to be faced True, the two countries Jsved peacefully before World War 13. although they didii I work \er\ mticlt together. Until that titise the RusM3» Co-n- muttists had concentrated on Making CoinmuiiiMii Miivive and vturk in that one country. · While they did. they let their neis^ibor. N;«/i Germanv. Rrow strong enough eventually to attack Russia and almost lie.-stroy i!. 1 But. anyway, until World War II Communism in "practice was iimit- ed to Rus?ja. It \vas not in any real conflict w i t h this country, it p uslie d and helped by the Russian Communists. Communists have tak- Congress plus liberal Northern fighter pilot during the war. who recorded increases Middletowa Den)ocrats should be able to slam said they encountered a wingless loans and resources business basis. '. Mr. Truman worked through the cn ov . r all , he countr ses of East- The interview occurred during a morning on the final draft of the crn Europe except Greece. Frederick city and county banks congress of the Yugoslav Commu- recommendations he will make to And all of them since all be- in deposits, nist party and the fact that Tito the lawmakers who assembled for licve in the inevitable triumph of during the granted it at such a busy time the extra session called by the Communism everywhere, want to Company. Frederick. $38.799.50: L. R. Waesche. Thurmont. S40.478.25: Interstate Amiesite Company. Wilmington. Del.. S41.705.30. A contract will be awarded later by the Roads Board. Republican platform calls for all Kline at present is engaged un- lhe *' reforms ^ residen , Truman has |ider another Roaas Board contract. Republican majorities in in building 2.3 miles " r ·«---'··" K highway on the old road, through the whole program. mystery plane, spurting fire, near year ending June 30. compilations c a u s e d considerable surprise The Bethel-Mountaindale con-, The danger cornes through the Montgomery. Ala., on the Atlanta- o f recently published bank state- among foreign diplomats here. tract covers one section of what is- p OS5 jbility of a filibuster from Houston flight Saturday. ments showed today. An analysis Moscow Radio Condemned _ expected to eventually be a ma- afaoul a " dozen Southern states' Next up. Clarence L. McKeivic o f t h e statements of the Frederick ' At yesterday's session of the Minority Leader and Mr. Truman's made" up of friendly, like-minded cadamized road from Mountaindale r j g hts senators, including W. Lee of Columbus. O.. lent credence to c j ty banks was published July 10.' Congress Yugoslavia's Communists vice-presidential running mate, nations would save it from the dan- to Yellow Springs, giving resi- Q'Daniel of Texas. John L. McCIel- the pilots' report by declaring he Loans again showed a substantial . unanimously and with wild cheers headed the group of Democratic K«?r of attack from a powerful en- dents of 'the Mountaindale section ]an of Arkansas. Richard B. Rus- had seen "a flash of cherry red j ncrease O f $2.528,844 in the past condemned the Moscow radio and leaders invited to the White House ' emy like Na?i Germany.- a new hard-surfaced route into' se ll of Georgia. John H. Overion fire" while a passenger on the year ;., tne five C j 4v ant j len county ' the Communist party newspaper in at 2.30 p. m. Europe can be conununi Frederick. of Louisiana. James O. Eastland plane. _ _ banks covered in the survey. Most Moscow--Pravda--for distributing Presidential Secretary Charles G tv -' 0 ways: The contract covers clearing/ o f Mississippi and Olin D. Johnston Then an Atlanta hunter stalking ot tnis xvas in !ne c - lty where the reports of their Belgrade corres- Ross sai j Mr Truman would go 1 - A" war m wnicn tne Russian {grading, drainage and placing ma- o f South Carolina, all Democrats. I game in north Georgia reported ir , crease was 51.911.244 over June pendent, who has attended all over his mes ," age anrf discus^ »,i.v ' Red army overruns Western Europe cadam base course and surface . TWO Ways To Bust Filibuster · -an^ unusually bright light--as^a 30. 1947. The county increase was meetings of the Congress. legislative recommendations with ! and sct5 U P Communist govern- course. * ' *"* " -* - --* ~ - ·· - . . . . . . . . - , President. Except for two callers, see the rest of Europe communized. Mr. Truman kept his schedule free. (Russia has a special interest in Senator Barkley - K y . Senate seeing that happen. A Europe communized in G. F. Esterly Dies, Aged 45 Well-Known Former I Athlete Succumbs orgamza- _ ........ .^ . w i European was calling Con- countr J" has one-- coming to power consider. , an ' wa v thc * can - i Senate in continuous session until cited calls and inquiries. "If was Savings deposits i ; the filibusterers wear themselves reported moving westerly, at a banks increased only :o the conference were- others invited U aU Eur °P e K° cs Communist. in the city slav news agency, said thc Con.._ $134.654 as gress condemned Pravda for "mon- ^ i out. great height and against strong compared to an increase of 51.051.- strous slanders against the Yugo- "°TM tj ". ' ca ?; r: ^ C P- McCormaek · So. at the worst, there is the ' winds. - Q99 in demand and other deposits, slav Communist party." In Mos- ' Ma * s Assistant House Democratic possibility of a two weeks' session It was this way last year when In tne coun ty banks, saving de- cow. Pravda published a story Leadcr - follow. With that Senator Lucas «I1!.. a«istant mi- ' k ' nd of s . { «ngth behind them. Latin Senator /on (RH. banks increased S201.133. as com- : Foreign Policy Principles. George Titloiv well-known Frederick dent. dJted suddenly o. ~ -- . tack at 6.20 o'clock this morning at- ing Congress vote to adjourn as ; same thing--or something, his home near Frederick Junction. · aged 45 years. Esterly had not been in apparent, ill health. The countv medical , . _ . . . , examiner and State's Attorney Ed- . pie have a right to demand con- · they saw a big ''silver streak fly ,,£ win F. Nikirk. who Investigated, structive action. Adjournment, of . southward Sunday siternonn. $88.966. said death was due to natural Congress before anything is accom-. ji rs R e id said it looked to her i The figures for the 15 city and causes and occurred very suddenly. , plished would be an excellent cue . u^ the blade of a giant sword. · county banks: Esterly was reported to* have been · for the voters to throw all the , g ne £aw no g^. spurts Of flame or Capital. SI.132,195. the same: sur- ' policy of the Soviet Union." in this city late Sunday. , rascals out and elect a new bunch emokc. j p i us ~ a nd profits. S3.735.105.68. an j Ke listed the principles as: A son of the late George P. and · in the hope it-would do better. ; -j t v/as pre tty high--above the increase of $210.753: total re- Democratic national chairman: Reps. Priest 'Tenni. Kerwin h ( . « . , this country would find it- e m a sca of Communism. It couldn't survive against a com- munizcd world. ·Ohiol and Murdock - A r i z - , a n d . So what does , hjs do Leslie B,fflc secretary to the Sen- knowinE Communists everywhere aie uemocrats. are workinK for wor id Communism- House arranged the DOCS it sit idly by. letting itself parley. Republican be surrounded and eventually, per- thc Senate and Hou.--» haps, crushed? ._ . .... , . . - gathered this morning to The United States alreadv has the county banks increased , Yugoslavia will be governed in . discuss strategy for the sessions.; taken a stand to prevent Co'mmu- her foreign policy by the pnnci- They plan another meeting tomor- nism from spreading further pies of peace, independence and , row after hearing Mr. Truman's It is doinp it through the Marsh- support of the anti-imperialistic program . all Plan for helping Western Europe Anything or nothing may come, get prosperous: by giving aid to ut ' of this second extra session ' Greece and Turkcv h\- hnMinir f ac f 1.. Universal activity '~ lt wa -~ ' sources. $59.502.ol6.67. an increase and peaceful cooperation on the year, for the members were Hester M. Titlovr Esterly. the de- Of course, it was politics that , oroken douds." she ceased was a member of Frederick prompted President Truman to call , br jg nt silver.flying slow but steady. · of S1.4S8.I23: savings deposits. S27.- crounds of full equality based on ' from happy about breaking into' Aerie. 1067. F O. Eagles: Frederick Congress back. But. if the Amen- ; H was long an(J narro - vV , but not j 837,707.39. an increase of S545.098: _ the principles of the United Nations. : f heir vacation that started on Juno i've ever seen. Lodge. No. 371. L. O. O. M. and the can people gain something out of lu _ e anv d;rigib i e T- Junior Fire Company. this session in the way.of housing ' ·»_ --r J ays. Esterly was or anti-inflation legislation, what . re here, playing" difference.does it make if the mo- 1 500 Attendett StalCV ?·**{+.****.*+* *t1f A *V*1»_ *-··*- v«-fi c crir/'i trf TlfVIl'ttCy! · _ -- -_ In his younger day quite a sports figure tackle oa the old Frederick Athle- tive was sordid policies: 1 t:c Club football team for more · Tne program on housing should JfaTK Jf CStlVal . than ten vears and also playing be fairly obvious. If it is nothing t basketball"with the old Foundry more than the Taft-Vagner-SIlen- Despite having been pos^oned club of tne city basketball league, der bilL it will be enough. This.for one evening because of rain. ^ He is survived by his wife. Mrs. bill has already passed the Senate approxiniatelyoOOperso^ attend- ^ ; out ' of this second extra session | Greece and Turkey: by holding fast for peace · evcr held in a presidential election ' against Russia in Germany. far i But do; this government--which calls itself a democracy based on ,,.. --,_ the majority will of the people-- ooier deposits. $26.n4,806.22, an 2. Economic cooperation with all ; 19 and was to have lasted until ' have a right to block the spread increase of Sl.145.603: total de- i countries on the grounds of eaual- . December 31. : of Communism in Europe if thc ma- lty and respect of mutual obliga- J The President, who called the IJortty of people there want it: tions. . lawmakers back to work after 'a- 1 This is one answer to that: 3. The policy of support to the '. fading their record one of the' I ^" hc Communists have been in a forces struggling for peace, nat- . worst in history, will confront minority in every country where ional freedom and independence. ; them face to face tomorrow to out- ] t h e v !lave taken over. Ones in 4. Support to the anti-imperial- ' Hne what he wants. control, they have suppressed any , istic policy of the Soviet Union and ; He already has said he wants opposition which might overthrow posits. S54.612.513.61. up Sl.690.701: loans and discounts S13.830.I38.02. an Increase of S2.528.844. The banks in county towns or on the Carroll county border which included in the ^r^.^. Walk . with its ' 5. Development of cooperation Mvrtie M. Steele Esterlv: four but will have to bV fought ; ed the childr^s f^x^ « Sato-. ^ brothers. C. B. Esterly., Roanoke. through the House again. . day *£*%£**£ %£^ took ' branch: People* National Bank of ^^.1^^TM""^TM^ cost of among other th.ngs. Va.: Franklin R. Esterly. Dayton. F?cht On Inflation IsjComplex For the occasion the grounds took . Bn4ns , vick Bank of Brunsv.-ick. O.: Lewis F. and Edward A. ^ster/'Mrs.^Ray A. Fleischma'n. iaent'ask^'for'the unpassed seven rides, balloons, games of skill and j ieto"TM""savings "sank."" Myers- ples ' Democracies in economic Dayton " . points on'his original 10-point pro- hot dog stands. i vme Bank ^4 First Rational Bank and cultural llfe wlth the object at the funeral home. ' gram, the outlook is doubtful. De- The main event was the children s of Mt Airv. . pf strengthening the common ae- thcm. '.That includes Russia. The Communists there number about 'SVEoSS;"on infla=y con- on theTpplarlnce of = small mid- ' ^Sst at^^nk 0 * lS££. '.- »» «^ ^.^ *£"?»- SfllOol Sv^t^tll IXSw^So^ ^^^ 1 rols is more complex. .If the Freeway complete with barkers, pony : Woodsboro Bank. Thurmont. Mid- «on and the countries ot the Pco OCJ1OO1 OVSteni i r Lo°of C onfm,,nit'f^ *tT' P Z - *__ j.. _ .__--« rtM .j ^ a ,. n ^ _rj.. i~~n**~.,.- rr^mAe e\f cinil anH i _^ . _ - nl**c Ti*»mrtnran^c in *rnnfjmir mi . ^ . l u u p oi L^omniumsLs run thc other The body is JOS East " Church street, where I sifable as rolled-back prices might interpretation of Tschaikowaky's i ' velopment in the socialistic coun- ML Olivet cemetery- il- R- Etchison and Son. funeral directors. sler And Woman 'There^."however, the possibility cuted"*the difficult dances of the j Charges of contributing to the de- ; Face AdultCFV Charge of a new anti-inflation program ' Sugar Plum Fairies, the Minuet. ' linquency of a minor, docketed j - ~ which would call for freezing Chinese Acrobats and Mad Russian ; Sunday evening against Mary Bow- j Atlanta. July 26 VP-- A 45-year- To Be Explored ; Am vets Name Group \ To Conduct Study ^f r ^ *r^H?^if:« h !; "TM°^ c : « ut -id that *'°p *c O f Communists run the other IS5.000.000 people.- But couldn't this country work out a deal with Russia whereby the Red army would go back inside Russia, we'd withdraw our troops from Europe, and Europe would be free to work out its own salva- Halt Trains To And From Soviet Zone U. S. And Britain Take Positive Action; Give Technical Difficulties' .As Their Reason Frankfurt. Germany. July 2$ I*--Military governors and German political leaders of the three western rones reached final agreement- tonirht on plans for a Western Germany *overnmrnl. it was Irirnrd officially. -- Berlin. July 26 -4»--The United Slates and Britain banned movements of trains today to and from the Russian /.one of Germany. American officials said "technical difficulties" caused the stoppage. The joint American-British action appeared to be the most positive counter-move yet taken by the western allies to break the Russian blockade of Berlin, now a month old. Gens, Lucius D. Clay and Sir Brian Robertson, the American and British military governors, took the action at a conference in Frankfurt. The restrictions are effective at once. The prohibition is against the movement of all trains "orini- natinit or terminating" in the Soviet zone. When the Russians stopped traffic on the railway between Berlin and the western zones of Germany, they asserted "technical difficulties"' were the cause. U. S. and British officials in Frankfurt orally termed the rail stoppage "economic sanctions." Authorities said the rail commerce betweea the Soviet zone of Germany and Western Europe "doesn't amount to much." Interested countries of Western Europe : have been informed of the. order through international railway · channels. A Berlin informant insisted that "technical difficulties are real and do exist" as far as the rail traffic . into- and from the Soviet zone is ;concerned. : A certain number of freight · trains have been moving into and 1 through the American. British and French zones carrying: manufactured and raw material products · from the Russian zone. : The American-British action · means that trains carrying goods · from the Russian zone to Switzerland, or to Bremen for shipment to Scandinavia no longer can travel throujrh Western Germany. The same ban applies to traffic from Western Europe If its destination is in 'he Russian zone. Intcrnstional mail trains will be permitted to pass, however. So will trains from eastern countries as. for instance. Poland. Russian trains returning German prisoner-of-war also will be permitted to enter the Western zones. In another development, the Berlin city government ordered the dismissal of Police President Pa:il Markgraf who was appointed to his position by the Russians in 1S45. Dr. Ferdinand Friendensburg. Deputy Mayor of Berlin, said he had handed Markgraf a letter of dismissal, ordering him to turn over his office to his assistant. The move was expected to have wide repercussions in this four-power city. Claim Relationship To Late Railroad Man Four Frederick residents filed a J A - - j-» -^ f~t 4 4. J A i l C wwiit-i · ii~j » » v ·· TM - » TM . - v(;^.i.;j ViU, " " « -- · * ·»-· «.*.-· ·· *·.-««-*··· ^-f* ?f±?^?n S^S" ?°^ oflS trough three rounds of wage in- A performance by the rhythm - county _probation off-cer. county, it was learned today. . consi - _ _ sense. The arguments for it run 3 ges. Several of the children par- ) State's Attorney Edwin F. Nikirk something like this: The country has now ticipating were but three and four said today following a conference oeen years old. i with Mrs. "William C. Roderick. in each country were free to plan · - j , . . . . , - i . . . *~ -*-*--v-«. -_^j i... v» j' t ^ , i t _ A.i, lit ILf ljla.ll A committee which mclu« c s Dr aad plot and trl , t come ^ ^ mAf \1~sr^v-f-Lnr, C + n « A j - A f («s._^^«... _ . . ~ / * · " · · - - · . . Recorder's Court today on a charge Fj of lix-ing in adultery. Jsmes Marrone. State's Attorney countrv ,,, . _ -... . . _ . _ . And how could this ^ ^dxvm F. Nikirk..Post Commander , vork v .. ith Russia - f , d . . Vernon Casscll and Sheriff Guy helpcd ^ke Hus - " · ' TM e . t T,° r e ^^?° k ! d ^!!!f^fJ Anders will begin -a far'i-findine claiming to be first-cousins of the · late Andrew C. Bagent. Brunswick railroad employe, who may have left a substantial estate. The petition was filed in behalf as Rev. D. A. Martin, a Greenville. ,5 o c r e t o f a ~ creases. .*.!i-.*- *vM***^*' -- -- --CT-- -- ^i. ^jt*.J.V/A.iiicm^.^. i^_.- i»*^- iii»_7 fc ^m» ^, w -..»j £» wvu .... v .. w-.»,*_*, -- _ _ -- _ _.-- - -- - - invc^t»Ei3L-iuii 3s uic rc**i**v 01 s rc~ Coal, steel, auto, railroad band followed the "Nutcracker = The docket entries on the charges · S. C.. minister for more than 20 so ] ul " ion p assed a t - nc most recent . , and electrical goods industries Suitc - and a g voap of patriotic ' bore the names of Lieut. Dorsey years and Miss Lois Chandler, an mecti of thc ch , cr - - * - r and encouraged Communists cvery- Communists everj-\vhere own hopes on the have bad var ious price increases ^ which more than offset the wage evcnt to a close. . and marc hes brought the and Officer Haugh. of the city po- attractive 27-year-old brunette. increases because dividend pay- :ice. '"Cases of this of C. Joseph. Samuel O.. Earl J. ^^^ nov% - h5gher than when p U Vchas"e"o7"additionai equipmea "VV. and Emma E. Bagent by Sherman P. Bowers, attorney. The petition claims their father, now deceased, was a brother of mother of Andrew Bagent and adds this ratface began. Inflation has thus far riot hurt AH proceeds will be used in the irchase of additiona iO'r -use in Staley Park . h anvone particularly, since income in has kept ahead of expense for Socialists Harass ' of the economy, and of a powerful Russia. Communists, with their Citv Detectives M. W. Blackwell its attention on the pro- desire for wor , d Communism and ^L^°l 1TM^SL h ^S S« is ilttie employment. The Marie Government A hearing on the petition -will be held before the Orphans Coftrt. it is expected. There were re-ports over the weekend that Bagent may have as much as S30.000 hidden sorne place but there were no developments to confirm the rumors. Register of T .Vills Harry D. Radcliff said. Graydon F. Ciem. Rocky Ridge, qualified vs executor of the estate ^pf his mother. Mrs. Catherine E. Clern. Two sons and a daughter were listed as heirs. Realty of around S750 was reported. real danger of inflation would come through fourth or subsequent Paris. July 26 ·;?.--Socialist dep- rounds of wage and price rises, utjeg v .-ho wrecked the govern- Such climbing up the inflationary men t o f Robert Schumann summoned to a hearing tonight. Chief Straley indicated ths charges wer^ being eliminated from thc , docket. spiral could only lead to a boom .that would make eventual down- v.-ar5 adjustment difficult without The ?ensible thing io do is at- tempi to hold the line on wages and prices at present levels, and not let them go higher. The mechanics of such legislation will be difficult to work out. administer and enforce. Curbs on credit arsd imposition of the Aiken bill farm price suooort program now. :n«tead of 1950. might have to be part of the plan, for they are the keys to the cost of ago were harassing the govem: of Premier Andre Marie to- i chance to be ys 17 to I8 l / 2 Can Enlist In Md. N. G. Annapoiis. July 26 ·.?.---Governor Lane in a proclamation yesterday provided for the enlistment of boys aged 17 to iS~- in the Mary- brother-in-law s house. before Jt 5s understood that the Greenville in March 19-... ;ec win ^ ln · mad * T ^ cTM 1 ?.TM 1 nav f. TM lld « n . recently for the Board of'Bduca- and I thougnt tney would like it. t , on conccrnine a nc , v construction the aetectives quoted .klartin. IMartin also left a wife, a 22-year- old son and an 13-year-old daughter in Greenville, according to thc detectives. COLLATERAL Collateral forfeitures were made corn. Unwilling to take responsibJHty for the six ministerial posts IMarie offered jneis the^ Socialists have^^Vaf^^-^aVthori^'^ren^th TMon,in R by Theodore McGann asseo. -«ane to include onl .v.o under ^g ^ raft 3aw · Bethesda: VTilliam F. Dismer. Jr.. Bovs who join the guard will be Washington: Harry A. Sennett. Kar! deferred from the draft as lone ** · T - Kobin - Silver Spring: Edwin W. land National Guard, before Substitute Magistrate Ea- Ke said the boys could join units **" ard J - Smith in Peoples Court this i already at authc . under the draft law. program. This surx - ey came before a public meeting for discussion early last week. It was reported merrfners of thc committee plan to call on officials of the U. S. Department of Educa- - ., _ . , , ,. . tion and will interview local pri- in - '. he _P robIem of »v,n K peacefully rate and public agencies which have any information on the sub- in the still un-communized Western European countries. If they did. and the Communist parties outside Russia lost heart and collapsed. Russia some day once more might find herself confronted with a powerful enemy, or series of enemies, on the continent of Europe. All those questions are involved tolum are former . Works and Commerce and Indus: trv. Temperature Todav May Go To Near 90 Temperatures were due to warm ~~ up to near 90 today after a pleas- 3Iother Of Three ant weekend but the forecaster said , " _, . _ _ no immediate return of hot weath- Victim Of er for a length v period is indicated. ,, . . . . ... . . He predicted light showers tonight, Baltimore. July 26 .-*--A 24- vote of 33 to 3. toeiay with eight would be followed by "not so -ear-old mother of three was abstentions. ' warm" tomorrow and moderate on stabbed to death last night, and · The caucus then decided that, in W Wednesday. i police in several states were alerted view of the narrow margin, they The cool, dry atmosphere of the to watch for a woman wanted for would send another delegation to weekend hold daytime tempera- questioning. "they serve satisfactorily, the Gov- Murray Hancock: James T. Schultz. Blum as Vice-Premier and Paul Ramadier zs Minister of State. Both Ramadier and Premiers. Marie -.vas reported also to have c X" 1 !·! offered the Socialists the portfolios , lawyer iameu i IlOt Of National's Philadelphia. Juiy 26 The Socialists deputies approved die Sawyer, manager of the Toron- the proposed Marie cabinet by a to Xia P le Leaf Route 5. GSen L. Bream. Gettysburg. Pa.: Lee B. Stanley. Baltimore: Austin Wm. Luhn. Route 4. all exceeding 50. SI 1.45; Wm. George Partiguin. Cleveland. O- ex- me coromktec. under the resolution, will not reveal any of its findings unifl a complete report :s assembled. Dr. Marrone. it ;* understood, spoke at 'cngih on thc subject al the l?st. meeting. Other business v.-a^ routirse. ^n- c:ud;ns inrsorovements to the new home. Ten new members \\ere accepted. tures to the low eighties and pro- j ,Mrs. Beulah Whedbee. who doc- · vided cool nights, the temperature · tors said was expecting a fourth sinking\to 52 early Sunday. · see Marie. League, toria;. ager of the Philadclph; 'Sa\\yer is not to be confused with Eddie Sawyer who used to play shortstop with the old Frederick Hustlers. He is now a sergeant on the police force in Baltimore, local persons said.' ARTICLES FILED . child, was pronounced dead of a ; Ar1 j c ] es of incorporation have MAKES FAST TIME \\ound in the left chest upon ar- Deerl filed with the State Tax Com- Patuxcnt Naval Air Station. July -.vith Russia and working with it. Driver's License Is Flown Here By Plane An airplane -vas used Sunday to eorne to the rescue of a young ?ittsb;.rch. Pa . resident who had made the mistake of leaving his motor vehicle operator's license at horr.e. The man. Rodger Purvis, was oicked up cany Sunday by Officer Simmons on a charge of opcra- !:rsg an a.itomobiie with no license :n possession. He was ab.e to post thc required collateral of S^ and cots but couldn't !eave thc city because he didn't have his license A friend who was with him had no license to drive. P;irvis contacted another friend in Pittsburgh and the latter hopped over night Grace Virts and Sus- The company said the increase ^n a plane during the morning, ar- anna Virts. East Fifth street, were was due mainly to the higher rivmg at Stevens Field, near charged in warrants with assault freight rates. and battery on Lauretta V. An- Operating expenses for the month Freedom From Road Gang Is Short-Lived An 18-year-old South Carolinian "took off' from the county prison labor gang in the Highland section this morning, county authorities disclosed, but his freedom was short-lived. The man. William Ansel Center, of Duncan. S. C.. was picked up about an hour later by State Troopers A. D. Hasenbuhler and Patrick Staken along Alternate Rt. 40 i v.-est of Myersville. Sheriff Guy Anders indicated Center would be placed in solitary confinement for at least a few days. All available State Police and deputies converged on the area when word was received by the Sheriff that Center had escaped. William Miss, foreman of the road gang, reported the man suddenly "ran down the road" away from the'group of about 11 prisoners and disappeared. The escape occurred shortly after the road sang went to work between 7 and 3 a. m. The gang is at work cut- ting^urjderbrush along the EUerton- Hiehland road. Center was sentenced to 60 days in jail on a vagrancy charge July 16 by Magistrate Howard M , .Tones in Brunswick. . -- _i ceeding 30. S11.45: Harry A. Sen- ,, . T -.^ . i~.f" rtctt. Washinjrtor,. and Karl T. Rob- B. Ami O. AnilOUIlCCS rs in the International «s. S»vcr S P nn ? . operating a mo- | ncreasc J n Revenue v * af named man- \ or vchlclc TMtnom taw. Sil.4. Philadelphia Phillies, ^f^v, wcre TM a ° e i , Troop " Baltimore. July 26 ?--Thc . _ _ . ._ i.- r j Richard A. Myers. A r t n u r M ,-,,,,.,,.,, .,,,,! rvhin T?o;iTMaH Richard A. Myers. A r t h u r Rudy, and Sgt. W. W. Corbni. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad announced today its gross revenues ~~" ______ . ^ or lnf,i month amounted to S36.460.- OVERXIGHT ARRESTS 819- an increase of $6292.126 over City police made several arrests the same month last year. LewjstO'vn. around noon. He had Purvis \\ailet with the license in DEED RECORIED A deed was recorded in the clerk's office for the sale of tracts aggregating around 165 acres and improvements in Linganore district from Mr. and Mrs. Calvin P Ruby to Mr. and Mrs. Rat'ael A. rival at a local hospital. Occum i 5s j on for Maryland Laboratories. -6 ·?·--The Constitution, biggest drevvs. They were summoned to jumped to S23.098 032. an increase higher wages the railroad AT RECORD HIGH Washington. July 26 ;p--Third round pay boosts helped push average weekly earnings of factory workers to a record bigii of S52.S1 on June 15. And average wages of union buildings trades workers hit a ne\v peak of S2.10 an hour on July I. These latest Bureau of Labor Statistics reports added fuel to the economic debate certain to be touched off when President Truman outlines his anti-inflation program to the special session of Congress tomorrow. BLS last week toM of new record highs in its cost of living anl wholesale price indexes. . , . -- ^ . , . ' . . i . pants of the rooming house Frederick, to deal in machinery for airplane ever to cross the country, hearings by Officer HofTman. Earl of S3.318..119 due to hi the fatal altercation occurred s a i d ' t h e purification of water, etc. Capi- did it in 10 hours and 19 minutes E. Shilling's. Xorth Market street, and material prices, t Mrs. Whedbee's assailant fled after telling them, "I'm going to Kentucky." However police said the woman Frof. consideration being around .mi«ht for questioning might be ft yesterday. The 184.000-pound giant posted 55 and costs on a disturb- said f I I ' l . H ' I i v J t H , l O t . I l ^ J l M W » ' I - ^ a i i ^ V l i " . * . . . n ^ i . * t »j . *1 " · . · - · · " -TM . . - ,^, $9.000 according to revenue stamps. 1 resident of near Staunton, Va. J--ups. tal stock is S.OOO shares common. no par value. Incorporators are listed as Georgia F. Durham. Silver Spriny Hu-»h C. Bickford. K e n s i n x - j a 2.600-rni!e course fr«*m MotU-tt tier Sri ai"i c-t^t^ on an intoxication come of S!!;:01:13 'on. and Horace C. Whitman, Jes- F i j l f i . C .iif.. at an average speed of · haivo Licui Dor.sey and Officer "..9J2.-(!6 \ L T SOME ISSUES SUP Xew York, July 26 i;p,--A hand- second of two built by Lockheed i ing the peace charge and James Operations for the first six months ! ful of railroad issues^ slipped a Aircraft as naval transports, flew I M. Steak. Frederick, was held t i n - ' o f Jhis yrar re.Milteit in a net in- trifle at [about 260 miles an hour. i Shook made the arrests. L 1947, it said. the op^-nintf of the stock n iiuMt-;.M- f . n a i ' : r l tod.iy. Tlir balance or the s;mic pel iod , - ai k"t -ho\ved a f a i i l y even ivtix- i lure of small gains «nd losses. HELD IN JAIL William Russell, colored. 01 Bartholows, was arrested on a bas| lardy \\arrant aiul is beinj; held irt ijil for the Seotember fci'aiul jury. He \va.-5 apprehended on Wcdnes- J d a y by Constable Paul B. JEWS PA PER I IN EV SPA PERI

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