The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 3, 1924 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1924
Page 8
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PACK EIGHT THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBKR 3. 1924 Call Telephone No. 4400 and nsk for Society. litems for thin dopnrlmont must lie In by 30:00 ,1. m.\ Wltfll I lit' [in^M'r-r-lun lit ,1 I hlh ("mix* will frpsttl in ih<- iwnjcn of, UtiU'Hh^wn inn ilu- n<A( U'M« yt 1 1114.1 ! Was- ri.-v. rly iii 'i'l.-l »'i| in III" pln/ ]..('i'ii liv Mr-i. K. M:IV.I l.owi.- Mii! .Mr-!. It. H. MrCHiTf.M ;>(,<] <•,•.• lM-toi] ;ii id,* ..<u-[(ii ini -i lini: nf ih i hlU 'luil' (Ul \V"UKUlV. i lllll } rsti -r- ilay i'fii'i'iinnii ;it Ih" hmin» (if ll.•"• ^n'^itl'-'i:. Mi-. P' ;ni!' IK»';tci. Tin fir--! s< ,<n-- w.t- tu ill*- i.-nili'n; iiMini "f th- (lul) Imii-u-- ^Mlh Miv. Lewis '.riitiil r. ii-lun: u iti;it;;i<'.iii , \ hlims I'-nu -miMl uhi'n Mr;. U. J'-. Mrt":»rrnll ilritpi.r.l In fur :i Vitll'' r*'si *»iI lit-v v.n\ l;r>niK Tmm ;i MinppJiii; I'-lji. Tm;''ilii.r 11 1 * - >- i hut- t',"I MV(-C the • , !i;iin'' , s in i-hjh i ir ( !c.-. in t he fi \ \ fir since Knn i*Mm ("iire> li:nl >:i\>ii IIIT' clul> !n.ii -i' \\t lite v.iitiV'1 1 , <*f tin' vicinity ;nui m' tile rri'ji! :n|v;iu!:ii:c- which lunl 1 »nittpun ihi» hriupinc fnirr-thei' ll Jill 'll- V,MMH '-|1. lliffi'l-eul ]K'A\ UH-IK-' U ef' j llsl ;i IlCi'll Ullicll hurt Mm" ii I' imjH 'Mvcirient - 1 111 1 > I' 11V .'KM fir- .''Hin.ii.' I.'cff) fjiiil ,f lit*•r:itni'i- nm! ;i - llu-v .-M»ii'.f. Mr-., stunl-'y M.irrr'tf. c!;;:irmnn rf th" lileiiiturf ilep;i rt tii'-ii' euteri'ii ;iiu! MriVKarcf Smith pri 'i 'fdcrl flic Inj; the ovetifiiK high .*corc» Koing liriitn rhitt'ii ifm stainvny sin^L'i^ | tu SUas JV.'irl (.WKIIIV nnd Mr, C!ro»- ilii' Initial cimru* i'rmn LolnMiWiin. vc-nov S«wnr*\. After VIIR ranis The I'lcHhyli'rlnn riny sc. vice? win* ivcro laid aside tho hOfitesRos scr- rc;id hy lic-v. A. H. Mnrrlnon. Tim I ved rofrr-shrnents. l-rldn wax «mvn'v) in a rut niwt) ** ... di'i'v-, nf cnifllipd c.r;inbcrr> shade. Kidlo'.viiit: tho oci 'i 'iunny n wedding Mrs. Purtir Irfi for a ni'Milh^ \ It- it in I,!K> east and si MM !I and will he at hmnc to their Trienda nUw January ITr, at Arkansas City,'io Mr. Porter Is fltdi] riKinnj.' i r of the Watchorn Oil minpnnv. The hride's Roiuj? away div.s.i wa?* ail enscmblo ^uiV nf hlnck hrmid rhuth. With this ^h" wnri' a snuir- iv] coat, the Rift of the j/rnnm. Mr-. I 'l.Tter welt U iiuwn heM- having visited here many I liu'-s at tlw- humo id' her uncle and aunt. .Mr. ami Mrs, Sain *;r :i j -liill and other frtwid*. '.'Ii" fir;- 1 ih in a' a m aniline I he i u.-Hiueii'rt ( liih.^ nt I hi- city tu The I 11 J AT Mi 'nthiM 's f>»r ('hn '-if mas iT.-ini: J this \ivir was lmtd'* yrsleiilay aftenioon. when lltr member.- \*i the l-'riendly N'fi^hbcux tiub M.U'd Mrs. (i. (i. Lino and Mrs. Frail Uurus cavvii'd off th»* Uynovs l'or bridfie yuMeriiay aftonumn ut the regular litnihiMm britf^c 1 a I t he Country club, for which, Mrs. Krod Cnoter, Mrs. .l:inu!S Lou Hick, Mrs. t;. 11. I;MW ami Mrs. N. U. Suwytji' wci'i* liosti.»sses. Tlini'r* wern Rlx- teen ladies nut .for the function. Mr. and Mrs, Lincoln Stewart cuU'Vtumed at dinu^v Inst ovtmUifi at rtit*ir honn 1 . 110 Tenth Am west, tolluv. vi] hy an evening of bridge. The prize* weni in Mr. and Mrs. M.iidtz Cittli, Mrs Josephine. Piek- f--«iiu of ChicaKo. 111., ut\d Ml^w lU»r- tha Parker. Thf-ro wiu-u twenty- eiuht. quests. WISE AND OTHERWISE Jly Mrs, W. Y. Morcan. J. *.f> ^! ^> ^ 4',— —^. ($• l TOMORROW8 EVENTS. i "Only thri'n weckn from Friday until Christmas Kvo." j\ro you a limit ready for It? Certainly jou nre not, j I know nno womnn who In. Hlio Is nun of tlio norl. who 1», plnrnnlly ready Tor wlint over Is brforn her. Ii wouldn't Hurpriscj me onu lilt lo Umrii Hint womnn had Iwr uliroiid nil niHilo— she Is the most fnru-lHimled cronturo uhroad In the land. Of course It wouldn't do for svery nno to bo Ihut fore-handed for 11 would lirliiR ClirlKttnnR shopping In tho hot woalhur—but It would l>« n bU'SsInt; If more i)f us would strlko'a hrt[ipy medium nnd save oursch'cs ii hard Job, and prevent frazzled uervos for the niultltlldo whose work Is lo servo tho Christ- inns shoppur. Most folks could Rei their Christmas slioppiUK done this week Just as well as the day before Christmas, .Many packages must bo Rotten togiitliev right now, tied up, addressed, stamped and made ready lo send, instead of waiting until the post offiee people were worn and wem-e. Of all the. Christmas servers 1 think my sympathy goes out to the post oftlee folks the most. They have a regular deluge of Christinas. The postmen are. loaded like pack horses, for days and days, People think up all sorts of foolishness to he sent through the mall?. Of eonrse, 1 suppose it swells the post | offiee receipts to have a lot a i business passing thftiugh—but It will | must be lerrifle on those who have .-I Mi-, and Mrs. c. .1. J'almer I entertain with an informal supper It,, stand for the flood ol work during Christinas time. No wonder Miss Zona Hest, Miss Esther Vincent, Miss Hanoi Ilallard will entertain at dinner at tho flora- bnugh-Wlloy Tea room for Mm. .lennlo White a brlde-lo-lio of the month. .Mrs. C. \V. Stanley nnd Mr». Chnrles Mnekey will ontorlnln with H one o'eloek luncheon at tho KorahnughW'lley Tea room. Cntnpcn and Mrs, nolle Ollphant as aiiststlug hostesses. The speaker of the afternoon will be Dr, 0, ,f. Starraclter, tho missionary the First church Is to support In the mission field, who will tell of his life In Africa. The Ladles' Aid society of the Church of tho Brethren will meet tomorrow afternoon with Mrs. W. Wright, at her home, M4 Bust J4th street. The Ladles' AU1 society ot the Mrs. Hoy Spnngenbcrger will j calvary United Drethren church entertain the members of her bridge club at her home, 700 West! 20th street. Mrs. K. T. Vooto anil Mrs. T. A. Fry will enlertnln at dinner at tho Footo residence, 225 Sixth mvn. east. ' Mrs. John Mciuln will preside as hostess to the members of liur bridge club at a ono o'clock luncheon at tho Hornbnugh-Wllcy Ten Room nnd bridge at her home, 2M East loth street. Tho annual election of officers will be held at the Armory. The members ot the Cioldon lilow club will gather at the home ot Mrs. Chester Muns, 912 Fifth Ave, east. An all day mooting of the Pythian Sisters club will be held at tho Yoeman hall. Mrs. H. J. Reynolds and Mrs. William Newlln will be joint host esses to the members of the Westside Social club at the Reynolds country home. Mrs. Carl Richardson will entertain the members of her brldgo club at her home, SIS First Ave. east. CHURCH NEWS. will meet tomorrow afternoon at j tho church for work. Tho T.ndies' society ot the Con grogntlonnl church will meet to morrow afternoon with Mrs. A. t). Sproul as hostess nt her home, }'j:j Twelfth Ave. west with Mrs. Kd- ward llauillion assisting. The SI. Teresa's (lullil win tie i tomorrow afternoon with Mrs. VI, T. Fool.-. 22. r > Sixth iivomif. east with Mrs. T. A. Fry assisting hostess. Theiv will be ii special dinner at tha First Baptist church, Friday evening from 5:110 lo 7:00 p. in. Menu Itoast Peru with rirnvv rirosno-fiir anil Mashed Potato^..! Apelvs and Hot Italia CrHnt',;rry .l.dly, Porfectlon .Solid lee i 'ream, Cakr, Coffee Everyneilv Wclonmo. Price, t>0,-. They'll score up to 1925 styles— $8.50 "Shorty" for the "College Hi Gong Tan or black, Danish grain, Rope stitched welt, Soft toe, Pinked tip. 26 N. Main 26 N. Main I,,|,| nf the wi .ri; in' Ibis department j give tn for this work at their nnd ri 'iol tin- ChrMimas gr'«-tings j regular meeting at the homo of from this department to the club at Mrs. .1. .1. Ilritt. nor. North Monroe large. Then t.ft.-r »h.- l«fl and the j street. two friend- , outlined sluing Hi-:-- Tin- remainder of the afternoon heard a fn-ni di-iant room tin i was spent with fancy work, and .i i.inaiiii- of ih" rhrifiinax carols.) handk''rchlK show.-r for Mrs. Ted 'lie iiinsi'- li'-jia rl no nt in a.t ieim: i ' 'tii'saut on her birthday. I.uneheoti tor tl\.' iioli.l.n (.rnerHUi and coin-1 *•»* served at five o'clock. Mrs. Inc I hi .•!:»-• h til- c'los.-ii doors tli"! Hubert Steed and Mrs. T. carol-- soft and vr ry I French were tii" only guests, 'n lieautiftil. The work or the drn-! throe weeks the club will meet art d'part :ie nt was scrni- \ w ilh Mrs. W. It. Clinrmley at Iter three and *;,s a very fine readin-; I home, I l«l North Monroe si reel by Mrs. i 'r. -d lh-thuruiii. "Christ- for the Christinas grab hag. mas 1 'iiv in l!ie Morning.'' The la-lj ' si -.-ii" .-am., from I be art ilepnrl-l Tit.: vegulnr inei-ling ot the I ilel'inltcly Hicni. Ii one or a series pf J Needle and Thread club was held art laid, ails being prepared by the! yesterday afternoon nt. the home suppositional art. committee and | of Mrs. W. A. Randalls. 213 East party Friday evening at their home. JI4 Twelfth Ave. east, com- plimenilng .Miss Crace Elliott, whoso marriage to Air. Carol Taylor, of Colorado Springs. Colo., will take place u,i« month. The regular meeting of cirl Seout Troop No. 1 will meet this evening at the ,-Uib ruoms in Convention hall. .Miss Ida Mae Stunt: is captain of litis troop. The meeting of the Whatsoever club which was to have been held on Friday with Mrs. O. D. I.u- pardus. has been postponed in- C.impbell street, Paring the business meeting, plans were mad-for a Christinas parly to be held ne.U Wednesday at the home of Mrs. .lames Uiley. lif, East Osborne stree:. The artei-noon was devoted to fancy work and contests, the prizes going to Mrs. Hen lle-an. Mrs. .lames KlloY. Mrs. Wangawnn and a depieiion of the painting "The Adoration' 1 Willi Mrs. A. I'. Webhon taking the part of Marv, Miss May llickey that of , Uobert Wesley Vance, the little son of Mrs. Ilole-rt Vance, was th-' Christ Child: Hi" shepherds were Mrs. A. I-:. Fugellierc, Mrs. II. C. Krehs and Mrs. V.'. s. Kerr. The program was di-eply npprerhned Indie incmljers. nuring fhe social [ -Mrs. W, c. Jlatnirell. Tea wts hour liie social eotniulltee, served j served at five o'clock by the bos- ret'reslnneuts. The meeting uevt 1 less assisted by Mrs. Arthur Cline, Tuesday at the Elks club house! the only guest ot the club, will be on The liible with Mrs. ('. j ,. .• .. W. Iluicher as. chairman of tha at-j The home ot Mrs. Mary A. ternooti. (Jacobs. 20 East 15th street was the - ••• ! scene of a delightful surin-lso party A meetitiir of the t-ntporary {yesterday afternoon, when she en- board of the newly planned Wo- j i ertalnnd for her daughter, Mrs. men's Civic Comer club shows a j Jack Horner. Luncheon was served total of about Oi" names entered!,;! one o'clock, and the afternoon -was spent playing bridge. Mrs. Ceorg" Pen-in von the pri?.c for high s< ore. The guests: on the charter list. This club is the holding m gani/.ai ion of the new club house ^mm the Momeu of lluti-hlti-iin and i iciniiy by Mr. Emerson rat'-v. The (barter list, is to he kept ope,, until Hoe. !•> i £ "'^'i"** 1 1 T 'Hp/.'.a in order 'hat all ihe names can t"i !,''n*.'s< e..{ A'M. Ward lihieed on : the ndl> wiio wiil go I ' 'ic-.-a-s Smltli r'.alldi Hendri, k down in the history of the club j ]-)'-^ : f:^" m '' y W -' M"""""" as being iul.-i-esfed In the organ- j \\ M.-Kin'io-y M..i. Center iiatioii sinee iis lii'-.-ptioii. In or- \ i-':-.uii; ii-.L-ai: w. ]•;. liewurd dcr that all tho women can -^oin this club, those wanting to sign i can telephone their name:* to any i „ , . member of the temporary hoard. I "'e I. ' . '1. spent the alternoon These n'-o Mrs j.' |.- Ya""«v Mrs i yesterday sewing for the Day CharftNS ' Hennett,' .Mrs. Kate' 1- i N,lr! "' r - V »< 0)u Wt\*r meeting at riri )oks, Mrs. Ceorg,. ijano Mrs. . 'h« home of Mrs. Will Iloruft', 121 A. E. Fouelhuvs, Mr=. Albert ! Twelfth Ave. east, •i'hoiiison, Mrs. E. C. I'nrhnri. Mrs. 1 A covered dish luncheon was Adelaide stratton. Mrs. A. M. ! held at noon, followed by a short. Ward, Mis. .1. Vv\ Gowaus anilii business meeting. Mrs. Will Hoi- Mis- pearl Enghty. A member- ! I »«lay was taken into the clnh at The practical nurses will meet this evening at oight-thirtv o'clock at the homo, of Mrs. s. Mart's. 215 Seventh ave. west, for a social evening. Mrs. K. T. Foote and Mrs. T. \. I-'ry will entertain at dinner tomorrow at the home of Mrs Foote, 22a Sixth avenue cust. The Jolly Dozen club will meet this evening witlt Mrs. A. A. McIntyre of Ninth avenue east. «. PERSONALS OF SOCIETY. they get to looking like Merry Christmas was something else to them. Post office folks must feel uuits- eated for weeks every time they see n package tied with red ribbon. Not long ago 1 was talking to a postman, and be said "all things have a compensating side to them. Ho said, many of the people whom bo served were very thoughtful to him at Christmas time. I am told rural carriers often come in loaded with Christmas gifts from the people of their route —which must help to remove some of the weariness occasioned by the busy season. Three weeks until Christmas gives time for a little hurrying u on every one's part. And If ea~ of us will speed up our shopplng- our package weighing and o stamp gettitig—think how uur more like Christmas spirit the UP tltttdo of Christmas servers c:. have. Geo, Cook, chief cleric at tho Missouri Pacific freight office will leave Thursday Tor Cincinnati to intend a committee meeting of the Brotherhood of Hallway Clerks. Keep In mind the bazaar of the First M. E. Church Ladles' Aid. Dec. fitb. A fine place to buy Xmas. gifts. Splendid chicken dinner served at 11:30 to 5:30. Kit. CLOSING OUT OUR JEWELRY STOCK A BON-I-FIDE CLOSE OUT Take advantage of our big reductions and buy your Your Chriatmaa Gift M. WELCH 24 E. First The l,ols Parker Auxiliary of i tho W. F. F. S. of the First Moth- | The ladies aid of the First Evan- odist church will meet tomorrow I gelical church will hold a bazaar afternoon with Mrs. H, F. King:'of; and food sain at. Sldllnger's Drug 224 Eighth ave. west . with Mrs. (store. Sat., Dec. 6. n. 11. Stonnont, Mrs. H. E. Van-1 Sat.-Wc.-Frl.-29-3t. May Herrln have returned to the home at Ponca City, Okla., afti spending the Thanksgiving holida with Mrs. I. W. Mustoe, 01S Norll Poplar. i jnsn Ua laid • P, .Miss Ma.; jlar.,l,a The members of the Ladles ot ship T-e -.viij h> (j,., ;,ied upon at liie organization meeting on lice. 1.1 at tie- Chamber of Commerce, when tin- permanent hoard ts elected. The maximum membership fee will be i: is hoped with a large membership this can he reduced hut the first year will see the need of much money ns the building- must have furnishings before it can bo used this time. It was voted to h*ive a -!aiu-...[- of groceries ai the ne\; meeting for the Dig Ilrolhers Christmas work this year. The club will meet In two weeks with Mrs. Fred Pearson, at her home, 1110 North Main street, with Mrs. Jack Copenhaver and Mrs. J. A. Ogden assisting. ] ' .Miss Opal Wilson who Is a student at tho Teacbers. college at Emporia has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rumble and has returned to school. She is a pledge | to Alpha Sigma Tau. .* j Dr. L. E. Montgomery of Llherul. i j who has been a guest nt the home ( ! of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Saunders.; • alio First ave. west, returned to i his home yesterday. | Mrs. Theodore Dunn and tiaby < came today from Pretty Prairie to , be I he week end guest of her sis- J ler, Mrs. I. W. Mustoe ot 'JIS North ! Poplar street. I <j. ,i. Mr. and Mrs. Louis llauaam returned yesterday afternoon from a visit in Tulsa and other points In Oklahoma over the Thanksgiving vacation. :1. ,i. .1, Miss Jean I'eliigrew of Logans-port. Ind.. is here visiting her i sister, Mrs. E. T. Foote and Mr.! Foot,-. ' •Mrs. Rebecca Herrln and Mis At $3.95 A table of Low Heel Oxfords. Values up to . $10.00 MEN'S SHOES $3.95 On Table XMAS SLIPPERS 85c 14 NO. MAIN HOSIERY I 1 Mrs. C. M. Davis presided as hostess yesterday afternoon to the A guest, day meeting ot the Qui j members of tho Social Circle, nt Vive club was held yesterday nf- j her home, 320 Eleventh Ave. east, ternoon st ih« home of Mrs. J. .1. r .oll call was answered with enr- Brownloe, E'e West 1Mb street I rent events, and the remainder or wilh Mrs, Warren Whit., assisting. I tho time was spent with fancy Following ine short business j work. Refreshments w-erc served meeting. Mrs. .1. A. IliUlyurd sang I at five o'clock. Mrs. S. B. Long >f Wichita, was ?. guest of Hie luh. In two weeks, Mrs. M. T. •'Sylvan Hound.-!i,y.' from the "Snow Maiden,' by Riuisky-Kor- sakoff. and "N'eried." bv Clasanoff. Mrs. Riniv H. Snyder played two I her home, 20-1 Fiflli .Ave. West, piano solos, "llnmorrsnm.." by I Vs.-hafsow sl,y and '-Soaring," by Schumann. Mr- K. It. I'.li liard- Knn gave a splendid r- view of th" book, "Vainly Fair." I.j Thai-karey. <.'c,t-.'te(|uaiureii games were led by Mrs. C. A. Johnson. At five o\ loek, lea was served In the dining room. Mrs. A. J. S-hroll and Mr.- .1. c. tillonnell. president or the I he tea table. "I p'.nk and lav- n 'he nppoint- Christmas Gifts that Last | We have the most complete line of useful § and substantial Toys and Christmas Ml Gifts we ever had. = Stroup will preside as hostess at Mrs. James Mustuln and Mrs. j: Orosvenor Seward gave a benefit!; brldgo last evening at Ihe home oil: Mrs. Mustaln at 103 West 22nd j: street for the Cniversallst church.!: Nine tables of bridge played dur-i- president and vice club presiding a Til" eoior s.-heilie coder w as u.-.-e tuen'.s. I'iie nc\t i m ..i .in, be Dee. p.i. wi,), nelson as host, I'd I Ave. A east evening; wltii 11 The guests y M es'lu nic.- K. K. Halrd A. K. il.-iiry O. A. Chiekerini; T. I. Turri'll II. H.l.McC'rorv n-rl All " JU it chne >T. A. Kendall J.oieil C. YUM I; ot the club » ill j •Ml- II. A. Sam- I s. at her homo, ii"! it will be an ' I' e ; bands. 1 i.-rilay Included: ; 1 H. Hi-enn, i "rO'.llfli-l.l, Me. I i:. l -'oster - \. Mlkesull ! ll. itillltaiid j. .• Is,, i CliSliif^-DU »•'».•' ' Miles liu.a Klin: I. ,1. .!--..--., ,iir. null Mrs. ('. h. Nicholson were in JVewtnii today /iltenditig Ihe marriuge of Mr. Nicholson's sister, Mln» Margaret In Mr. John Porter of Richmond, V.'i. The c ri- jnouy wun perTorjiicil fit tho homo of Ihe bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jninei; 1). Nlcbolisou at .10:30 o'clock Unlay. The guest list was limited lo Ihe cnusdiei of Ihe bridal parly and the music was unusual, :i Hilar- tel. made up of .Mrs. Charles Nicholson, ,Mi- H . John Dotson of Wichita, Mm. Ham Horry and Miss| Overworked Eyes Are One of the Results of our Modern Living. If your eyes ache, burn or iteti it is tttue. to have tlicin teslei) tint! iiiicrl wilh glasses. H. S, Z1NN, Optometrist The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. The House of Quality. Henr,' Zinn Jno. P. Birchfleld WAGG1E TODDLER De Luxe Model Wheel Goods— = all kinds Bicycles Tricycles Coaster Wagons Boys Autos Scoo'.ers Kiddy Kars Hand Cars EVERYTHING IN S Sporting Goods J Footballs ' Backet Balls Volley Balls == Golf Bags, Clubs =5 and Ballt EE Mechanical Toys ^5 Doll Bed Room Sets ES Boll Ulnner Sets ^ Doll Cooking Utensils ~ Doll Buggies and Go Carts S HUNDREDS OF OTHER =1 THINGS ~ I J. C. O'Donnell, Hdwe. I H Phone 3250 Fourth and Main §§ mflllllllllHillHIIIIlllilHUIIHIMHIIIIllllMIIIIHIIllllllHMIIiMIIHHlf^lllillJi^g i. Being smartly dressed is not so much a matter of money as of management. By keeping your clothes clean and neatly pressed, you get longer service, greater value and more real pleasure. Our dry cleaning service will help you to keep well dressed on a smaller outlay for new clothes. Telephone us or use the Parcel Post. DRY CLEANERS MIVhslStMi WaMsr PHONE44 iTETTtfE!l«EI{S 123 .North Main Thursday Special, (TOMORROW ONLY Any Sweater In the House $3.95 LOT NO. 1 Brushed Wool with Bobbed Collars All Shades $3.95 LOT NO. I Slip-Over* in Silk and Wool AH Shades $3.95 LOT NO. 3 Brushed Wool Coat Sweaters Plain Tan with Brown Trim $3.95 See Thursday's News for Friday's Daily Special »TETltfEI(«El{S 123 Noith Main I/qJohansen The Vogue is Velvet! The fabric of royalty reigns in footwear fashion and receives a right royal welcome! The Maretta, December's Calendar Style, in blackest velvet,,patent leather edged, is made only by Johansen and proffered, here, only by this shop! 18 TEARE ft ETZLER SHOE STORE Mail Orders Prepaid 19 N. Main ej,B,s.c». i >REMIDM SDDA CMCKERS ASK yout grocer for dteac delightfully crisp, slightly salted soda crackers. He has them in package*, family size contain •a ot by the pound, as you pctfer. fWIONAL MCU1T COMR4HT I

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