The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 25, 1918 · Page 5
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September 25, 1918

The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1918
Page 5
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ffHK tt tlT UH'lN BO It NteWU, PAGE MV.fc QUESTIONNAIRES MAILED OUT Go to First Ten Per Cent of Men Between Ages of 18 an<J 37 Years Who Registered September 12th \ Queitlonmlrta te these Regl»trants, 1 Sebt. 24,'1918. £ S768-—Charles Dewey Orandon, 116 D QBast. itnn— Won Wlmcr Tenkclt, Hutchltuon. J2I760—Curtis Clement Cox, 300 H.Mnln. f 2TB1— Frank Mnrtln Imcl, 23 5th Eiutt. > 27C2—Albeit ISilgill- Kuhs, 138 Carpcn- nockfonl Smith, 220 I) t?ampbcll /ter Mast. I 2703—Glenn 'fifUlL 2761—Curl Pollock, 118 B KMt, 27GB—Carl KetTlrk. 11. No. r,. a700— t'*t« Hnmeey Bpaln, 110 0 Kant. , 27(17— Prod Doan, 801 Cnrpentor. 3708—Handord Dewey Howes, 120 6lh lOnxt. 2760—John William Lxiwls, 300 C.-unc.i- »sr Knot. 2770—Brtdle Dewey Jtanks, 212 Digger ISoot. 2171— '/.neh Goforlh, Hutchinson. 2772—lllHl arveiwtreel. ("ulll«on. 2773—Willi (learn! Cnlbrrt, Medurn 2774—Kreil A. Jlmli'l, 310 2775—Levi Chnrlr." Uiirnes, .12S K Weill. •2176— Win lira l.pwli Mllnm, Onlu. 2777—llolln Moslev Cook, 1128 i .l K:,pt. 377H—William l-'lllmmo Dew, 31H I'niK. 27711—Vlllico ItByinnnd Pauley, 111 1.IIK- Irer Nast. 27SH—Adolpll Allen. fiSO tat Rust. 2?M—Shirley l.uea.", tin V Bn«'.. 278J~John Jermoo AteDolan, 336 3rd Ave., Wausaw, wis. S7S3—Charle* MUIWUI . 207 Walei- St. 2784— JauiM Henrv Day, 120 Campbell Kaat. 278 .1— Carl Hoy Lofjan. J10S S. .Main. 27S0—Vrrna Moore. 32K CaninMl Hint. 27K7—Joseph Alnicr Mat-tin, -'Hi 1-" Iinnl. 27S8— Inmea Mni-rlli, 227 K Knst. 27SSI—Krankltu I'earce Dursess, 1! Woat. 2780—Walter Melralr. .117 l> Eaut. 2701— Wulter "Vernon Hidden, 220 W K- ser Kant. 2702—Mwurd Charles White, 2S Bigger iSust M03—Alvln B. Smith, 820 Carpenter East. 2801—Wllllami Edward Robinson, 1ST Park. _, 2K06—William nic «anl, 209 13 Etast. 280B—Seott Hopkins, 309 Park. 2S07—-fleorgo Stockley Ctarscm, Tt, 2. 2808—l-'jirl II. Smith, AilWiRlon. 2»o»—Irvnn Charlca llumllns, 310 Campbell. . 2810—Edward larnc-1 Brlec-Nasb, 120 O Knst. 2814—Dewey Itaymond Wllllnms, 212 llnrvey J3hat. SSIC—William Hoss Ballard, Hutchinson, 614 l!tl\ Went. 28(6— Claude Cooltrlim. 320 U Went. 2817—Herbert Frank l'lekorlns.i Arllr*- ton - • '• 2818—Aha Hay Hern, 304 Carpenter 281B—Fred Daniel Deonnrd, 613 S. Pop- lur. 2820—l^iwrenee Polloek. 116 R Tfcist. 2S2I— Joseph I.emell. 318 C Rast. IMS—Hvoi-ctt Marlon tme.t, 2J 6th Weal. 2823--Hoy Orval iluali, it. 1. 2821—John MoCluxliey, 600 F Hast. 2S2B~Claudo Duvull Chniniello, S9 F Baal. 2820—.lamia Edward Roberts, 216 D Kant, 2X37—Frank Allen Harris, 101 Campbell Knat. 2828—John llenrv Payne, 208 15 Fjint. 28211 -Cllfliin .1. McMullen, 201 Park. 2S30—Arthur Craltf, 801 Campbell. 2831—Arthur Lee Cole, 2OT Carpenter Knsl. 2832— Clarence FJuier Swain, 206 Cur- penler J'laat. • 2861—Claude Maaon •Etci-uffea, HI '• F Qua I. 28E2- Auiuwt. Dick Peek. SIR D Raat. 2863—Iteuben Stanley Hoff, 222 Carpenter. 2S54—Arthur Warren Lynh, 509 Carfrcn- ter. 286*—William Honilley SUnaman, 226 DltRer E«at. 2866-F IIH I William Dawley, 308 S. Main. 2869—Herman Corner, 200 Campbell B. 2871—William Edward Lasure, 221 Walker. 2876—ICarl II. Crnlg, 115 Park. 2926—Mitchell Allen Wlthcrow, Buhlcr, n. 2. 2926—William lleory Schrock. Wedoro. 2927—Abraham D. Dirks, Huhler, R. 2. 2928—Herbert Claude Brooks, Metlora. 2929— ,Ialrit>s Franklin Phllllpa, Hutchinson, It. 4. 293i>—James Irvlhff Walker, Medoro, 293-1—Claude K. Drcaaler, Buhlcr, R. 2. 2932—Elmer Henry Oswalt, Medora, 2933—Jacob B. Nickel, Buhler, R. 2. 2931—Henry Refrier .Frlesen, Bubler. 2935— Frank F. Jenaon, Buhlcr, II. 2. 2930—Andres Chabftvain, Medora. 2937—John I3scarlRfl, Medora, 2938—Henry Oarcla, Medora. 2939—Jesus Buterea, Medora. 2949—Praycd'a Rodrluuezo, Mdora. 294]—LTrvano I^irona, Medora. 2942—Wuricu Waller Bnrnca, Medora. 2943—Clifford Dwlglil nickcnbrode, Medora. 2944—Klaus TO. Kroeker, lnman, It. 4. 2945—Hoy Elliott Bcln, Hutchinson, R. 2946—Rdgar TIce May, Metlora, 2947—Joaeph. Murlon Prealon, Hulehln- son, It. 4 5961- Weat i. -Archie Lee Vernon, 417 Sherman * eat. 21162—Herbert T4eno Howell, 111 B 2963—AiiRiut. Robert Miller, 405 Sherman West. 2961—Cyril Barclay- Bond, 61* Sherman Weal. 2905—Dewey Charlca Thurman, 413 A West. 2960—Jay Dewey Waltei-a, 30-1 2nd West. 29(17—Milton Charles Molls, 203 A West. 296.1—John Harold Hess, 103 1st West. 2969-^amcs Willie Abbott, 62.1 C KnM. 2970—Royal Kdwarda Culver, 423- Sherman West. 2971—Lloyd Robert Wall, 418 A West, 2972—Cbailie Harrison Clark. 5H N. Main. 2.173—Harvey Courtney, 302 A West. 2974— Uolao Wilson Carton, 106 N. M.-iplc. 2975—Robert Rollcn Jones, 407 1st West. 2970—Ilccae Thompson Tandy, 13Vi N. Main, 12 Stores SERVICE 12 Stores Is Our Motto We are in the clothing game to make money—and he who offers you clothing and furnishing at "Before the War Prices" is a back number. That scheme of advertising has been overdone already—and the sane man will not let it affect him. Merchandise of all kinds is higher —the same as groceries, labor and every commodity. What we offer you is. the best value you can procure ANY PLACE for YOUR MONEY, and will back this statement by our vast resources of TWELVE SUCCESSFUL STORES. Service and Quality are synonomous with Kirshbaum and Heidman *'Union Made" Suits and Overcoats And we can save you from 15 to- 20% if you will give us a trial. Come In and Be Convinced. The "Looker" gets the same attention as the "Buyer" iu our store. 12 Stores Comer A and Main .12 Stores Clean the Easy, Best Way-With SOOVER^ M * electric surtiun swivuer A Mb. "push" beatg, sweeps nnd suction cleans your carpets and rugs!» Amazing! , But the scales provo It. (Bring down your own Bcales If you wish.) That's why so inany little tots delight in "helping hauseclean" when a Hoover is In the home. I T'S so quick and cool to clean with a Hoover. The -work is all clono by the electric motor which revolves the patented Hoover soft-hair brush oter 1,000 times a minute.' Your beating, sweeping and suction cleaning are accomplished in a single operation. Let us prove to you how easy it is to houseclean T£e Hoover way. 4 size$ *~ "~ cue for every purpose and terms, if you wish, THE UNITED WATER, GAS and ELECTRIC CO. I.lpplneott, 211 B KoelllnE, 119 1st 2977—Harry Weaver Weat. 2978—Walter John West, 291S—Omer Fin-rell Knajip. 515 1! Wfst. 2980— Clarence Cllnlon Ilarm-a, 015 S. Washington. ^ 29S1— Karl Albert HollinKswortli, 500 Sherman Weat. 29S2—loaeph Chorion Cook, 212 s. Monroe. 29S3—William Jcaa Carver, 21 U Weat. 29S1—Aicll Lawrence Dcever, 127 Sherman West. 29S5—Earle Cllne Smith, sir, Shenrnn Weat. i- 29BB—Hoy Sylvesttr Itandles, 300 Sherman West, 29S7— Al Jones, 1U1A, S. Main. 2988— Oeo. Emmi"tt Shaker, :U0 A West. 29S9—t)eo. Atkinson Hardy, 411 lsi West. 2990—Melville Crocker Sk-vena, S29 Sherman West. 2991—William Robert llllr, r.2(l Sherman Weat. 2992—Chitrllo Worthlneton, 212 C West. 299.1—I»ee Slclee, 1)0 Sliermnn Weal. 2994—Jlsalah Milton Coleman, 015 S. Washington. 2995—Henry aiwanl Jt -t- York, 113 S. Kara J. Kartabnught 110 Sherman ferson. 2990- Weat. 2997—Hnhn Debolt Wanl, .117 A Weat. 2998— Henry Newton AluVkh, :I0S Sherman West. 2999—IMward Jonc-ii, iZD Sherman Weal. 309O— James Hoy Tarienee. 13f> Sherman West. soul—Carl Alto Riindnll, 117 1st We.-t. 2002—James Mel'licrsjon Lung, J1& lat W TOI. 3003— Moss Teller Tadlre-k, llo 1st West, a004—Joseph Kelso Hennvlt, 11.1 S. AilamH. .1006—Frank Uenlon Unrne.s, S. Jcff-jr- sou. 20(hJ—Clcorge Boyer, 101 2nd West. JIOOI—Oc-o. Horace Thonisi'ii, L'lti A West. 300S—Ceo. Wallace tli-ildy, l-'l A Wist. MOilr-Wurtk-W ltemllk-U Miller, 103 B WesL 3010-William rurrack, 119 S. Main. 3011—Jnmea Oliver McVny. 109 A West. OT12—Chiuinccy KorwuKl Sliullz, 21 11 West. k 3018—Guy J alms Olronlend, 027 II West. 3014—lilbert Mallcke Harris, 605 otll Knst. 31/16—George Pieilerlck Jones, 111 S. Adams. 3010—Monla Meals, .213 II W.-at. 3017—Lonnle UnaiUa Lloyd, 7u2 U \Vrnt. 3102—Thomas Day Keller, lU.-<-n, it. I. 310,1—Charles Henry Klrkputrbk, MU Hope, It. 1. 3104— Prior Joseph Ixiehr, Ml. Hope, It. ' 310.1—An tone aicsrn, Ml. Hope, n. 1. 3100—Otto Nichols, Ml. Hope, H. 1. 3107—Albert John L,. Koch. Haven. It. 1. 310&—George William Hermes, Mt. Hope. R. 1. 3109—Crover ayde HntUin. Mt. Hope, It. 1. 3110—Herman Joseph linger, Cheney, U. 2. 3111— Frank Unger/elt, Haven, It. I. 3112—John Baptist Bogner, Mt. Hope, It. 1. 3113—Henry May, Mt. Hope, R. 1. . 3114—Oscar Martin VanCainpcn, Haven. It. 3. 3'I13—Joseph Michael Punch, Cheney, H. "'3110—John Wllbm-Otto, Haven. It. 1. 3117—Harold Dewey Smith, Lawrence, 1-Tan.sus University. 311£—Lee Clymer Atkinson, Patches, Colo. 3119—Paul Peler Paul, Ml. Hope, It 1. 3120—Worth ISmunuel OUu, Haven, 1|. *3121—Luko Thomas Hor.sch, Mt. Hope, It. I. ,1122—George JoscpH Thlmeseh, Cheney, It. 2. S195— George Nnselrond, 704 2nd Kast. 3190—John Frederick Uuetlache, 017 4lh East. 3197—Clark Henderson Parks, S13 3rd Kast. 319S—George Willis Wilson, 121 3rd Kasl. 3199—Krnest Perry Cln, 315 .V. Severance. 3201—Jacob Christian ' Nlnnger, 300 N. Main. 3202—George Edmund Huffman, 304 7th West. 330-1—Krren It, Brabrl. 230 4 th East. 320&—Kncurnuslon Vlegra, Mexican colony. 3201!—Jose Medina, M-exIcan colony. 3207—Miguel Vnaquez, Mexican colony. 3209—Luis Maurle. Mexican colony. 32J1—Jose Plna, Mexican colony. 3213—John Huges.Child, 7]5J4> .V. Main. 3211—Charles K'eckler, ,302 7th liast. 32K,—Mnvin KIwood llenvig, 20S 4th Kasl. 32lr,-Claude Orin Swain, 312 6th East. 3217—Owen Johnston. 113 Sill West. 3218—H. Itussell Crlffllll. T.H N. Main 3219—NorrlB Edward Frye, "" " East. 3220—Hobort Amos Smith, Jackson. 3221—Paul Milton Bornholdt, Monroe. 3222—Geo. Kelt Fsiilrly, 401 Uuren. 3223—Guy Georgia Spencer, West. , 3221—F.mmntt Allen Frye, 800 3225—Donald Clay Mcllralh, West. 3220— LcRoy Wallace Decker, West. 3*27—Brady Ferrell. CUl West. 323S—Ralph Arthur Jitter, 23 6lh West. 3229—Fred James Pells. 103 7th "West. 32.10— William Ralph Rllsworth, yi 7th West. 3231—Thomas L*vi Ilayden, 011 8th West. , 3232--jesse Leo Green. 422 3rd East. Fannehlll, 412 N. Washing- Ion. 3234—Fred Johnson. 31S 7th East. 323S— Joseph Martin llolloway, 130.1 N. Monroe. 3236—Charles R. Flick, 1020 5lh West. 3237—Clfflstopher nun- SmiUi, 710 5th Weat. 3228—Frank Campbell. I-tutehlnson. 323H- Charles Harris Downio," 200 0th West. 3210—Frank Wlnriclct S. Johnston, 101 CUi West. 3241—lister Voung Hufrmau, 310 7lh West. 3342—Harry Franklin King, 224 8th West. i 3243—Juthen Flnley. 318 N. Oregon.'. 3244—Creo Cyrus Itamsay, 214 7th West. 3240—Royal Arthur Urotighton, soo 5lh West. ' . !*i»- 1 3240—Oliver Kngenc Farley, 302 6lh West. . 3247—Edwin Hernnid Person Rust. 3248—Harry I>;«ls Gilbert, 204 4lh West 3249—Henry C. Wells, 705 M. Main. 32t,(i—Uvrt L.nwrrnc>i l'uckett, 411 N. Madison. 3251— George VMs Gllinan, 25 itli Wesl. 32o2—Idlsworlh Eugene Ul-ouil, 200 5til West. S253—Harry Glllsplc Hoffman, 711 6th West. » 3201—Fred liurnhain Harris, 702 4lh East. 3355—William Waller Curpculer, 31) Stli East. 2250—Frank Hargrove Hig-p, 400 5th West. 32.17—Auvel Robert Ashley. 510 7lh West. »258—Cliarles Albert Nagle, 309<i N. Main. B259—Hany Hardy ChrliUier, ::M Clh West. :i3»0—Frank Heslle Llltlefleld, 19 llHi West. 3201—Carl Wilbur Nelson, 12S tith West. 324",!—aeorgfc Calloway King, 17 6Ul West. 800 519 7th N. 401 N. X. Van 108 tin 7th Ea-st. 10 6th 127 4th 120 4lh LEAVE FINE RECORD. Rev. R. C. Russell Succeeded In Raising All Debts From Hie Church. The annual-conference of the Unit- POSTTOASTIES —rrA <|orn food *ha* will Mo you io do your bit iowordc whet*-c«ving. The Newest in Fall Gloves In Those Shades and Kinds You Will Want for Your Fall-time Costume. Perrins French Kid Gloves - .For Which We Hold the Exclusive Agency in Hutchinson. First and foremost are Perriti's French Kid Gloves, now procurable in all the fashionable Autumn shades to harmonize with modish suits and coats,— Grey, Taupe, Tan, Brown, Navy, Black, Black and White Combinations Perrin Gloves are beautifully cut, made of best of skins, and finished in the most perfect manner. Cape Gl'OVeS for street and suit •wear, also desirable for .girls' school wear. Made of heavy, yet soft and pllablo skins, obtainable in tan, gray, brown and hlack. Fabric Gloves Ka y8e r Doubts Silk Gloves, obtainable in black, white, gray and white with black stitching. Kayser Silk Gloves with chamolsette lining, in white, black and gray. Chamolsette Gloves, including the Kuy- ser gloves, splendid both for wear and appearance; obtainable in white, black, gray, tan and white with black embrold- erj> on backs. An excellent chamolsette glove to be found in glove section at....$1.00 Pair Wool and Golf Gloves in black, gray and all the leading shades. t Gloves for Children Cape \Kld Gloves Kid Gloves with fleece lining Wool Goll Gloves Kid Mittens Wool Mittens Vogue Patterns Autumn Patterns and Ready Now In six of the largest American cities, Vogue has established, a Pattern Hoom for Its own in the centor of the smart shopping district. In seventeen other cities. the shops catering to women of discrimination nnd tiiste have set aside exclusive sections for the showing; and sale of Vogue Patterns. The woman who buys gets the New York Mode, the New York service, In her own city. Vogue Patterns—smart in cut, simple to execute, will solve the problem of your autumn wardrobe. These advance autumn designs are working models of the earliest, most exclusive, most becoming autumn designs. Every season Voguo cuts hundreds of exclusive models in pattern form—simple, as patterns should he—but never commonplace, as patterns often are. Vogue Patterns are easy to cut, fit, aud combine. Sleeves with a single seam that mold the contour of tho arm—blouses cut In one pieco with scams only at the shoulder—waistlines designed to the exact point of liecomlngnesfl —correct shoulder lengths —two-material designs. Such points create for Voguo Patterns their clientele of smart women. Quantities of correct and distinctive gowns, suits, coals, and blouses aro pictured in the editorial pages of this number of Vogue. Save yourself time, money and materials by supplementing your wartime wardrobe with Vogue Pattern costumes. Your homo seamstress can produce smart frocks a', a merely nominal cost. Turn to tho pattern pages In this issue now. Special Featuring of Blankets Wool, Wool Finish and Cotton, also Beacon Blankets Now on Display. 8ee last night's News for full particulars. Buy W. S. 8. Today OffY CJOCJ/DJST CO Buy Early and Save lidARLEY IVi IN. DEVON lV t IN.] ARROW COLLARS ClUETT. PEABOOY 4 CO.. INC. MAKEH8 ed Brethren church has Just completed its work at Wichita. The membership of the first United -llrcOirun church hero were uiuuilmoun for the return or Rev. R. C. Russoll, hut he desiring to attend college, accepted a charge In Top'-ka. where he will attend Washburn Colluse. When Mr. Huusell came here s4i months ugo the church WHS about JUtlU in debt, besides conducting the church so ably in a spirrual way, he has, by his untiring efforts succeeded in paying off all debts, including repairs on tho church of nearly $£00. A substantial fund ha« been started and the church treasury still shows a halauce. This Is a remarkable achievement for Mr. Russell'in so short H time. Rev. Ileasley of Neliratika. has been assigned to succeed Mr. Russell. ifr. K UKBR M will preach a farewell sermon Wednesday evening, eight o'clock. Some out and hear him. It is not humanly possible to create an earth, but nearly every person is able to make a Utile bell.—Atchison Globe. The Best Is Not Too Good For You First, I examine tlte eyes carefully to find just what is needed in the way of lenses. Then I select the moiiiitiiiK Unit fits YOU and is exactly suited to YOUR requirements, Your glasses will stay on because they are right. That's the HIGH CLASS eye glass. ] devote all my time to the testing of eyes and the fitting of glasses. H. S. ZINN The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. Henry Zlnn ' Jno. Birchfleld Even if Your Family cahoot consume a loaf iu one day, it will keep in its wrapper uutil it is gone. Modern Bread As we understand It, the kaiser wants a Utile peace.—Atchison Olobe. Many fur-trimmed (rocks have the Russian side gigging, UNITED DOCTORS Specialists DISEASES OF THE STOMACH, UVEA, KIDNEYS, OLOOD, NERVES AND SKIN indiQcttlon, Constipation, DyipepiU, Gall Bladder Trouble*, Rheurnatlim, N«urtti«, Weak B *\(Ki Catarrh, Kfdnvy jnci BI»ddQr« Complaints, N«rvouma*«, Falling Strength, Bloating, pain In Side, Goitre, Epilepsy, Aitnnu. prunchltis, Chronic Blood Poison, Rectal Disorders, Diseases of Women and Diseases of Men* llutvr*:nvw. iiuttuflt*] uatMiU in Mutca- tnson and all pyrt« of tnc criuitry. Hundred* ut LuBlimoniaJs uu file. Wbtrty. Kan- Yuu am ut liberty to tell ull .luUircm how (tuk'fcly unci cunipUtuity you cure*} mo of u kklU '.-y tuui Uiuldvr trouble wfetch, huxl atlllcU'd mo lor Urenty yearn. ^ A. HOVER. ConaulUUlnn and cxaralujtion free, QuU'k rttaultB at win all coat. Me<Viotn#4 furnUljod. X-ray, Vlolwt lUy, llijth Frequency, Ozone, S«rum tuul QauUrU treatmviiU. att !at*at dUcovfciiea. 6Vt We*t Flrat Hi-, Mutehtwun, KoMaj. U-a boy hates aoytto*. U's ft psufc

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