The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 8, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1934
Page 4
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" THE PARIS NEWS. The Paris Evening News PARIS. Established Jnlar 1O. ISO XORTH TEXAS PUBLJSH1XG COMPANY New York Day by Day BY O. O. MelNTYRE Entered as Second Glass Mail Matter »CKc* at Paris, Texas, under Act March. 1ST9- Daily Except Saturday aa<i Sunday SUBSORLPTIOX the Poat-jXTEW YOEK. Aug. S—Ko other prominent !*N Xew Yorker has achieved the complete] i self-effacement of Al Smith during the past i few months. It was as though a great mag- By MaiL One rear *5.oo By Mail, six Months S2.SQ \ DcMv«re<J By Carrier l*c P*r Week ( By Maa one Month SQJ Any *JTWs*oo» «.rr«c«on spon ta« ca*r»ct«r. «t*o<!!a« ) •r r»jn*t*tion of «oy 'c<!Jf5rta*t. «rrn o* corpor^rioo which " t» tc« comma* of Th« s«»« -t!» b* cort*rt*-» i tb* «rre>a*toe of the s fa**-* fcbel* p*p*rff *ea! to tbe^r frorr tii* ofS IS pos do »ot e*t year paper pie*»e m*k* complain* fi there to eo •soTttoJuIat it >« presume** tliat ta« 'bean* *er r*»c&JJc»tJoD ot »ll ae-»» <twj>»tcS«« credited to It or *ot o£h*r«5a« credited 1» this c*5*r *=<i «t«o ti* local e««* B»r«iB- Tl!* pebiishars «r» not r*si«asa:i>l&* tor copy typoC**pbJe»l error*, or aay aaiatemioaa \ «rror» OJCXIT tc «*«-err«si=R otbar tbari to correct ta i «tt«r tt te brontbt to tfaeir «.t* ar» aeoepi«d oo tii* ba«i» only. The Higher-Vps T>ECAUSE he does not know Lee Simmons a j indeed as turning off a brilliant electric light. He j came out oi his shell briefly to I welcome the new Tammany 1 That was alL " | many versions.} Some say he is merely Clicking; hTs sores/* Others declare he • is writing his memoirs. And | still others he has has only i taken time off from an ex- •; tremely busv life to do the! O. Mdntyre ^^£.5^ ^nts to do, mingle j with old friends and his grand children. I "Whatever the reason, his picturesque pres- I enee is missing from familiar haunts, Dinty j Moore's, Luehow's, the theatrical first nights! land banquet boards. Perhaps the most notice- j I able evanish men t was fiom news reels. There \ j was scarcely a week he was not laying a corn- : i er stone or welcoming visiting moujiks at the j | Empire. j O. Xot even Jim my Walker in his hey-hey was ; of Hamilton and his fellows. The columnist j mo « for tfee newspapers and magazines•safe's: "I/ee Sinssaons savs he's sure that he f ' < -- I lias the "'an -^PonsIH].>* fv-r- -be death house i Gene Turtney, too. is among popular celeon-j break. Guard Patrersos'/the accused says that jties to duc-k the limelight'with increasing per- they're making him the coat. "Who's rlsrht? jsisteBce. He could be drawn out of his seclu- tie prison board bring pressure enough j si<m now and then to a. private dinner, tea, oe- to bear to find Fa iiee<i . . " - "" * F $1,609- "\Vhere did the aiiierenee go?" } As Ju-ee Simmons is manager of the system* j .and. appointed "Waid as warden, who in turn I ; reading with wood chopping. < Alfred Lunt and Ltynn Fontanne. along! :h Katharine Cornell, form the romantic 1 eirolo^a Patterson as a -uard. there are but ! trio inat seems the last firm link with the ; +^~ v;~^^,^ „-„ T>,-rr^-= rt -« " T? T ' na —^T-T Hegitimaie tueatre. Tbe unnts recent return; racuation anaeea in the gatnenng Ideher-TiDS over Patterson. If the writer ' ^-= . _ - , , , acquainted iriih Le* Simmons and War-! Irom a - vesl l s foreigp trek and tn e announce- j Waid he would not have made such an in- ! ™«* °5 * lortncommg appearance in a Noel i smnation. for he would have known that i <-owara play aid a little to inspire hope pi | ^elfner man could be influenced by sixteen ;^renaissance along the Bialto. about the oniy ' Imndred. dollars or any number of dollars to I ^V rT1 -allow pistols Taken Into the penitentiary. And | £iO< "' it was not necessarv for the board to bring! pressure to sez the truth—Simmons and Waid I Sate Smith is reputed to have salted tbe saw to that "themselves, i proverbial cool million in gilte<iged invest- Of course this eohuanisrs paragraphs were ! ^ents. if any. against the day she retires, thus, Lhapiui. per naps the wealthiest per- A R/en-f SOFT —Hen - H^H ' BACKWARD GLANCES BY A. W~ UTILLE Moct ot u* hav» short memo-i and hopes were for A ri **' *" or instance, how many peo- j *ttrae»er. Bacon wa» m Grayson at 25 cent* % pound. The late Captain J. w_. Bicker a drouth that caused crop !«*•«* all over the country though pomiblv not *o severe in our 'immediate section as now. Tet w« had it, And it .was ascert- ed then by some people that it th* worst ever experienced. Drouths have recurred from time to time during ail our history. There was the drouth of ifcvorabl* ia told some years drouth. He of this sam* that spring cam* ' slowly that year 'following hard winter. There was «oo4 fell in Lamar county until 15. over three months. Corn fell in the fields and those who wer* fortunate enough to raise a littl* 1SSO that was in thix part of the I were abie to sell it that fall for country, at least much worse than $±.50 the bushel, and then it «*• bought for seed. Nortfc and South Sulphur rivers w*r* dry as a powder horn, the captain now. Marcellus Hill of Marshall tell* the editor of a newspaper ther* that his father came to Harrison count?- in early 1S5Q with 65 j s-^d. and cows and .calve* nesro slave*—that he put in a b« ] driven ~to Red river for water crop of cotton and gathered only ! »*ich caused a. shortage ot milk one hale because-of the drouth } in the country. Some of th» work that extended from the first of stock was also taken to th* river April to September. Xor a drop j and the few that had to b* used of rain, his father said, fell there j were brought from Ambia. where during the five months. j Captain Dickey then lived, to th* Colonel Charles BeMorsc. news- j *" eir a * the Paris tanyard! where paper editor of Clarksville, also I now is tile «nion station, and after recorded something of this drouth I *****£ watered were used to haul. that followed an unusually severe j barr «JS of water back to the farm, winter in 1859-80. Writes Jn | f °r* there were no iron tanks then. April. 1SSO. the colonel said thai | Th «. boss were given the dish wa- he had been to Grayson county on | ;er . and vash w »ter used by th« business, and that corn was srct- | famil y- There was not enough ting scarce there and was but 1st- i eot « c * I i planted then to amount i* tie more plentiful in ColHn county. { an >" rh inff so it did HOT enter into but was not cheap. Flour In all j e* 5 eolations. "What the peopl* those western counties Ithey were ( w ' ere disturbed about was sr-owiug western then) was $4.50 To ?5 ^er « som «thins' to eat. and the summer. 109, A man named TV'illiams who ! of 1S6 ° «-^rtainly cut^ it short- operated a mill in Grayson Bounty f was fillin?r government orders at || Jt per 100 and was paying- $2 a ! bashe! for wheat- The wh^at [ croT>. DeMorse said, in 'Lamar. i Fannin and Grayson was nearly a j total failure, because of be-ins: fro- | zen out and even with a favorable { summer (which it did not =^;> he rhoujcht -wrould make no more than ] »ee<!. Therefore he believed T»«T- ] «ons Iivin,sr outside the -wheat j counties -would have to d*-r-en<! o- I jrettiajr their br»a<1?tuffs from \ Flashes Of Life By THE ASSOCIATE!} TKAGEBT IX ICE MADRID —A butcher in «u* fc urban Gracia returned to h?« some other source. Oats and com { nomei 3t ni^hx and. planning t* were beins: planted on wheat land f reilre - loeked the freezing room • _ I in his adjacent shop. ) The next morning: he opened th« j bis: ic^ box to get hi* meat, then 3 hastened to tell police what h« | found inside the room. It-was a All hours Central Standard Time. '. maT1 - a ' rien<2 <>* "^ "wtf*. frbxen L : to death. The Day's Dial ! Or-| the for Trouble," fea.tur« j th* Plaza Theatre Wed- « Where WW. Jt End? IESSAPS r j JOT enarm IS the sheer and contagious quality jHis banter h.a.d ca.rried her swifily iened and grew ri^ld from recoHec- | tbat the maJcers of the picture ad| Of joy She pntS into her TTOrk, plus a gracious- j ^ Th . e dead <5ays. -ion. . mit frankly thac the great idea of ^ splendid, for s "ix>rcL and I'm not even chaas- ' tile Picture was to give the audi- performers altaia. ITnsilOTr— she Kate Smith as an •~obcuninis£'isii •?«<!—£OT fh** .t SUDDi^"-|, ., "„,.-- - - fC~ , . . , - -. * . OTi^Jjis-ri; » n^rTfi— f* Tn -a t^eifvf aevisis^ ana. putties ?_,"" r j. - * - ~ ". sli^j^ - JJ. ~.r -r-,nt- ^•=T3_rs"- TA • , . "~ "" ; two years later she estat>nsne<i an Por if the present system continues much ' ~~^ longer tber * And the real p-onle: ' ing of the relief "but the ialo operation some sethod of supply such relief. a vreorsre V N nit ^er novelty was a round-honse size- Tet 17 r^-rv-.c. vi ^3~. i~ f _- e j O 75 O » c .a < j jjer into her room. ] "Coald I put studs in. for you?" SGine, | =x e broiiE'ri" from ber closet var;- | she appealed, in. little above a. n-his..- 1 cole-red packets: "ne sa.vr -with a rise j per. of tecderr:ess, that she enjoyed op- j He 3^^^^^ loudly, chillv. with ] ening: them for r,ini. that she was j -j ^j, do verv welj for ^-.^-^ fas excited, as a. child would have {^hank. you." Her fa ~ | been. Jrre-^fe pale; then sh Howard] -They're beautifully wrapped/' j And ^ be ciOse d the door be she ence as many laugas «* cocld be • •-— i open, them." * i o < I "Oh., but I want to. It's no trou- f f ble. I"ve -wantec to sisow them ••"> f back. To h.ave yoa back; I into one picture wcitii a reasonable decree of continuity is a good story. Tbe plot an<5 ssory cf the play is based on Ia.u^h provoking incidents, involving a j^oup '. J ^~^ ' of attractive young: people who ^ *^ ^ ] are, unconsciously, looking for ftotiy. i - rou ^j e j a various forms. I by & group of three comic I Spencer Tracy, Jack Oakie and ! Constanc-s Cumrnisars. the players Sbe had thought: "To have you j go from one laughable difffcclty i can ^arit i LO arioxn-er as live * vrith !-wrhter Ufcat the at the situations •of. them to obtain nally- g az Ms enriro: because he S-QS Present] •dispe: to feel that it is liim to accept. Ke tempts to get -arork bat be is nor z& he os,ce TT&S in tnst respect- t-ljst- if he fails to set ^rork fee ^rill and so his moral fibre is — is-as once the •?.':!! TO "work is undermine -he become? a regular recipient of charity, i This h the sviuation that roust be met and ; e, THTS countrA* i? prepared "o •' on tne outris-ht <io:e his dressing he j-— hereafter, avoid ! I i-.rant zo JCT.O-V whether you think P"*-^ moments when he could. Oth- H i she'll like ihsrr." j enrise Iwhy nhe devil rat:st tiesh ! He stared on a lavender dressing i sti '~>£ 2^ the back of a collar?j he At The Lamar P. M,— 5:00 CBS Harry Sosnick's ch*stra.; NBC Jack Pearl, Baron. j FHIJUADE1-PH1A — Th«re"« 5:30 CBS Broadway Vanities: j »°* d in *^^m thar subways. Samuel XBC Wayne Kind's Orchestra, ! G - Cordon, associate curator -."of 7:90 CBS r>etrost Symphony Or-I n * iT '* i " a -* ? 5>' a ^ ^ h ® acae«tny of chestra; N'BC Fred Allan's Reva«. | n»iura! sciences, found it to clay S:60 CBS Byrd Expedition; NBC f ^^ excavated in th« shadow of Guy Lombardo's Orchestra. i city hall. S:30 CBS Melody Masterpieces, j But it isn't enoush to set exctt* XBC Karry Richman. I>enr.r*s Cr- I ed abo-at. he says—maybe thre* - chestra. | cents worth ro a cubic foot of »oil. 3:00 CBS >~!ck Z.ucas. songs:! * Buck. L.tttl« Orchestra: N^S Gene and Glenn,; ?:30 CBS Uttle's Orchestra: j KBC Xational Radio Forurrs. ! 5" -43 C"SS IF^'KTrfe "' T*^-v*^ —ftyr*-* *~ .._-..,-, ^v f.^-r~n * " * ' lache and doctors found in* ^-»j-^r&*-i A^. * ^ . 10:00 CBS Red Xi . . tra; XBC B-uddy Rosrer** Orchis- | ne *\ r>?cali -* i * h ^i he stuck the tootb teacher refus*- '9 tlie^ room to ATI SHARZ»EN£R Cole. 9. lost a. Tooth palled out -while *z «chooL 10:30 CBS A! Ravelin's Or^hes- ( ed r a: X3C Jack Borer's Orchestra, i <Si*PO 11:00 CBS Ear! Kinds' Orchestra: XBC Leonard chestra. Credit ACI>rBtJt «TB» STATION* Stxtios KI'.ocj- WKAS. r ..-»!«»*• IT- Atn>IBT-C JTBC STATIOXS t>3iT?»* .. ______________ gcr Antcafe _____ . ___ . WOAT, K 5CeSIer's Or- j TF FfXE Bt^JFTT PTXE BIAHFF, Arlc.. "sevr deal" • political f ins; K> John McCIellaa, candfd*.T»~ 1 McCleHa.ts purchased every seat " | in th? pa.rk fc-r Friday nl'sht*»':• 1 baseball jrarne between Pin* Bluff I and Greenville. Muss., cf the Bast ;i ^ Dixie Lraeuv and "everybody la 1 Southeast Arkansas" t^ invited. street -Journal, .. . iSTnct over tn» coais " L'~*Tt.n g^ hand kerchief, a little lavender Dottle of smfjIUng salts, a srrsa.Il ivorr eiephani; a tiny, gold scissors, a £>a'j"?c^t O'. ^o^itair^! cards ^n a i.av^n- _ I rv>:-k?: gn«r brought a «:lver chain , •ncfe TaKes tee , * T - , - s 'nat was studctd -*-;th amethvsis. or a <lay Has ,n:s f H ^ ^ s >^piy touched, bet has h« that evt e * r e rrishtfulJy jate*" she compunction. id breathleKsly. TO ; .hat th*y had talked I and forgotten the hour. Mrs. Pow- f trm nod<!*d. emn*d Bob h*v 5 — j titled his mother, pushed a'chalr | ***** care<?r ° f th * | beneath Marsha ar.d ieaair. S down j G<ir ^ an P"nc*as i ""5n**"s ctii^i& a rr!-5.-r4-*.•!--*' v.1* _I • ,.*?"" I History .credits — or • of this j afforded rine ih.i ; Great," the featur* attraction at the Lamar Th*Atr» Thursday and ; Friday. j Thfe Is the London Ftlirt* pro- i duction starrlr,^: Doaijlai' Fair-] banks. Jr.. and th* Esropcan Elizabeth B^r^nricr. bashed on the ACROSS 1, 3«am of <- Body bon«* f Scratlnls* - Solution of Ye*terrf*y*» PuzsJ« In tKe News 1 3 Years Ago ?r SO*T s»h!rt an-i uowiriar black bo w - I tbe bilnarcs. I must have an* hat son. It ca^r-e today b"t T look like an pe Bsster Bro^nr? yanked through a It's no use. I'm just a xxr flour a cut out anii holes bov- / ^ he Paris Morm Ing News thirteen years mffo MONDAY, AUGUST S, 1921 tl»at bis !KA ro;Ls we, of fl.ST th? TBluetiorj to i>rodi^:-t *Aad what did b* doT whow* cap had «hd to a. rakish an^Ie. . <To Be Pie turoe S up ' "I'll never be able to taank you. he murssur-ed thicfcly and ih*r., | ~ rather slwa-ly. h« lifted en* of h<>r • FanjlCTS To Begin container 25. Sour Counry la Ohio * to -it. M«ta| <f2 e^er noticed, that the greatest and I ns econoncists have n.ot zziTs.^ Their; •f T'-, :ps tremble; O'jg'nr. she «a?d "thajok you." be c*rt , Cotton I zx 40 i 41. Add fruit tatk*n otJt of «S<»p*rat{on. cannoi • *3. N"ot far ar all b*- »*t do-wn to frivolity. Of the other three, think only rijchlJy. Cod i* my jodire that T «5f<j n«*t out of looatenciw, to If Fat» had stvcn me !n youth a hu»- of J?l?>,75£.570 rross pr2ct*C:D2T r^ai CL-ARDT. — Farmen, win rh* n!*«•' there l» ratn. of M^ the rate j Honey Grove .Signal-Citizen. Several for his mother an v«ry ->l<!- pote; thai mother ^-->«}<* jJke thesis 7»ve isr«- covered by cotton cotnm unity. thS* cot- contract A «, T *!- t* h:m. trntib!*; IB th»t my h«art the r^uest. for a COUETV health j t:asro "became, it Is stared." thiv dop^d race ^^r° lhe -^ W !f ^ C *!* ?* Wit< ' p *«ii»i<' 1 TA * r* f- ft'-'fr-it't- f*f ~n rv- itv- -f-v-, &v~c ! • ' T - '• t r t * - 1 .fiGOiK feiij., ana Zst&x *h-<s , ^",7-1 .-." > . ,," • cfj^i.^ss^.^rs ; «orse*.«;iy they feed oop*f to the on'rs -^g o j*eoare<j x*rw r*>rk to find rh^ *j*> •) \\ r>";I; f'*"<'l OT M '-Y'i*f'*" s*%. *;r»/-i»."^'i.r>-'->. ** i - • _.»" t -.»*»» i .^ - ^ ^ . ..I.T.. , <;> ,.. r ,j* i *;s.^ < 3D ; ar e De'tingr on in^e races msteao of tne nors«s.— fra:^n^n«tt«, and heart'«-«a««. » T , „ fcy Dr- T, for a Mos>, hi*« 'hiVr chjef of the fire department f«> r s j' p *• r; G ;• r i t)« a : ; d -I CKI i e ^v<-$t- Paris sfaT.lon. was acting rhi^f. } \TOO-G £.tld li^mg fit Arctasore. Aud^rtoOK At his office, , negro woman 340 pounds, %v^ arrested oo i d^arge ^f sell- wad «•«« put in custody of tfee amonsr "^ou ' *-, - ' '- (I. 1 "Lri he wiio ' Jh»* servant of all/ 1 ' Is ther I? hat 2.CXX) year old code about :s* Luia <jones.; krKATS how to take ad vantage of teehnir;. nxarritd bv |sn«?d loved doing: ft. »h« said » the-m in a. I mother «ron't find tb*m. on a had of rh* I visit fron^ a & Sunday. to family of vii»itin« h»r*. Ja^k Short ha* r<etum«?d from a being the boy to ra l« th« roost T-T«mp!e ' visrr r.v jrACKSO?rvir>r,E; A. H. Cb&mn^e* and «on. J y<>u tomorrow." *h« «n4ed »hy!y. for Jack. Tim Heddlin «av-s : 4t Fur the charily, b«.v« h * v * h* »,. n vS!}* to visit Mrj*. , Mrs. R, K, Gray. Mr*. Gray 1» director of th« Girl Scw«»* th»r- and MS»* Alvw Jo t* to a**tst her la th« work, »lvtna- jnrimmJ»» Today** Amusements LOOKING FOR TROUBLE AT THE PLAZA MURDER IN TRINIDAD Vfctnr AT THE LAMAR MORNING GLORY AT THE GRAND DINK DAT

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