The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 3, 1924 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1924
Page 7
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"•SI WRDNF-SnAY, DECEMBER 3. 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE SEVEN- Try This For NEURITIS "Neuritis may bo localized In n single ncrvo or may ho general. Involving a largo number ot nerves." For quick mid lusting relief pharmacists liavo for the past few uionltia dispensed Jolnt-Kaao—a aulok penetrating remedy that, when rubbed over the affected part iv for nbnut one minute, Bonks right in BO that not a trace In left on the skin. •Ti>liit -KuHo Is tor limbering up stiff Joints, reducing the- swelling and causing the pain to disappear, and for this purpose thousands of tubes aro sold daily—60 cents at A & A Drug Co., or any llvo druggist anywhere. Mall orders filled, ensb or C O. IX, Pope Laboratories, Hallowell, Alalno. I A Stubborn Cough ± Loosens Right Up TliU tinm»>miiit6 rrmctly t* • won- «l«r for uulrh. re*ult«, KMllf suitl cheaply mtule. U PTO is a bftme-madn flyrup wVidi millions of peopln have found to ho tlio most dependable moans of hronk- inc up stubborn coushn. It is cheap ninl mmydr,, but very prompt in no* tion. Under ita honling, soothing, in* fluencu, cheat Borenofis KOCA, phloem I OOSHTIH , brertthine becomes -easier, ticklinu in throat stops and you pot n cooil night's restful «lecp. Tho usual throat and chest colds aro con- iliiercd by it in 21 hours or lens. HARRY JONES AFTER PAROLE Convicted Booze Seller Ask* Leniency Because of Health; May Die, Physicians Say. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Harry Jones, who was convicted ot selling liquor In Hutchinson on five different counts in Mny, 102?,, _ Is now languishing in the county NotliinR bolter for bronchitis hoarse- J„H W | U , mile (: ii„nco of living out ncsa, croup, throat tickle, bronchial 1 - • • asthma or winter cnnglia. To make tliis splendid couch syrup, his Hutchinson folk are invited to make the beautiful, 71 ft STREET SR J OADW* , HV. their home while in New York f ionr U'/s ounces of Pinex into a pint Kittle and fill tho bottle with plain granulated sugar syrup and shako thoroughly. Jf you prefer use clari- lied molasses, hiutry, or corn syrup, Instead of sugar syrup. Either way, you pet a full pint—a family supply I —of much hotter cough syrup than f ou could buy ready-made for three inies tho money. ' Keeps perfectly and children lovo its pleasant taste. Pinex is a special and highly concentrated compound of Rename. Norway pino extract, known tho world over for Its prompt heating effect upon the membranes. To avoid disappointment ask your uggisl for "i'/j ounces of Pinex" with full directions, and don't accept anything else Guaranteed to give absolute satisfaction or money promptly refunded. Tlio l'incx Co., Ft. Wayne, tail OPEN NOSTRILS! END A COLD OR CATARRH HowToGetReliefWhenHead and Note are Stuffed Up. v.. ntty! Your cold In ho. I iii eiimrrh disappears. Your ilog- ted nostrils will open. Cue air passim;* of your head :\\H rlear and >nil can breathe freely. No more muffling, hawking, mucous discharge, dryness or headache; no sniggling fur breath at night. I let ii small bottle of Ely's Cream t'.iilm from your dnificist and ap- I ;v a little of lliu fragrant, anilfeptk: cream in your nostrils. It I'tueuates vhrouL-ii every air pas«e.;;o c,f the bead, soothing and Smiling the swollen or Inflamed iniicoua niemhrane. giving you instant relief. Head colds and sa- tarrlt yield like magic. Don't stay rtuffed-up and miserable. Relief Is sure. Do you year t¥ f for a clear complexion?! Try the Kesinol products a week and watch your skin improve I Resinol Soap thoroughly cleanses the tiny pores and tfds them of impurities. Resinol Ointment soothes and heaii the inflamed, Irritated f i»ts. The most aggravated cases ol skin affection have readily responded to this treatment. Can bo obuined from all druggist*. RESINOL the 10 months remaining ot sentence unless ho Is paroled, according to bis claims Ho baa recently appllod to Judge W. G. Fair- rlilbl for a parole uml tho judge- chocked the matter ot bis health up to a board of physicians. Losing Weight. The board of physicians, composed of Dr. L. D. Fornev, county phv- slcinn, Dr. J. K. Foltz uml Dr. H. .1. JJuviiH, hnvo reported that Jones is nc.tuully in n serious condition. They found that his stomach, kidneys niid nerves were In a very bad condition and thut he has lost a great amount ot weight. The board reported that Judging entirely on bin physical condition, that tones could not llvo out his sentence, if he is retained In jail. The report ot tho honrd ot physicians will be presented to Judge Fnlrchlld In tho January term of court, when ho will decide whether or not the parole will bo granted. Brown Is Opposed. County Attorney Harry F. Drown lias stated that ho will not favor a parole for Jones. He has expressed his opinion that the merits ot the caso ure not sufficient to warrant the granting of tho pnrole. The evidence against Harry Jones was secured by Harvey Mot- 1 tcr, V. ti. rovuuun officer ot Wlch-! Ita. who raided tho rooming house where Jones was selling lluqor. Large quantities of booze were snlzed and Jones was convlctod. Immediately after the trial Jones fled from tho state mid Is reported to have gone to Old Mexico. Last July ho was apprehended at Wichita and was brought here to servo his sentence of !•'» months In jail. Jones has already paid bis $000 tlno. "TrtE LAT>& "TeuL ME, MISS" CHURCr^TWA-f. VOU ARE O^-C^B COWrfXtt Or A CrAR\<oTMA£ EUlfeRTAlU MElJTJ -~TUEV M_<=>o &A\T> THArf V OL! EKjGAtStVD -WEM "lb TAKE PART IU A PLAV L& T! IAV W ORD,- I A ME VOL) FORGCrvTEk) TiAAT 1 VJA9 A CELEBRATED ACTOR IKS IAV t >AV?^ EGAD, , ACCLAIMED BVCR \Tic <S> A"5 A SECOlJD BOOTr^f I^OOPLE, ^ AM SO GLAT>-~" TMS LEADltJC5 PART WAS 9 EEK! LEFT OPElJ FOR NlOUjTfe C'A'ST 1% COMPLETE >#" LOOK <JJV10<3 > G0i'J6 To BE TV LEAPING MA»J(» NOJ A >J' BOS AM' I, ARE TM" rtoOV<c> ^MO uJILL SUPPORT TklAT V \AfA' Vd ^ Kf TA' ACT V \<b 6Olt0G To [_, 66,BliT n't Ij A ^LOP RlGlAT* tJOVkl !-Tt^'o >JL^ MAUD WE'LL (5ET WILL WAME, Is Big Business For | Santa Fe at Emporia] The Santa Fe r.Tilro:i(l is dning aj ! vast freight, business between fall-1 j fornla and the east. The larger ! part, of this traffic Is carried from! I Kansas City vreft to Kmporla oven nil" Ottawa euiiiff. n double traci.! : route. l-'i 'tjtu l0in\\,Hia ^vesl to; Ellinoi' station. 13 miles, three 1 tracks have been laid and aro In' operation, taking care of the hit- freight business Hint turns southwest at £lllnnr over t In- newest iiitoff lUiit to Kiriorado. Thia business is so largt; now tliat i drives of freight trains are run ; every day and tin' company i> nov. long ono tires before, all of m cars are countfsl. Emporia is to be one of the hi -• gest Santa Ke points In Kansas, i tho belief among railroad me: . Hmporiti !s slightly over l" f i ralb: : from Hutchinson. 6UBMIT CONSTITUTION FOR HONORARY SOCIETY .'op.- 1 J ',1,' < uti :,t i' 'i: inn i .T Mi,' . Honorary >io ,-ieiy f '.r i!.e ".mi'-' high sciiotd Iwis b'"->^n ronu 'i.-tnd ant sent, into natii .iiMi lieitdiLirqter . where It will lie M-u.'d .>u and if ' Is eci 'f.rditnr f liiit|pll;;l .-laml .'in! a charter will !,,« ,.»Mit r,, tlir iiij-' : school. Word from !h<' naliuliiil M-. flee H rxprcl .-d al an: Inn-'. ?Maf' 1 .1. F. tillliland. pr!n< ipal nf ih., hi'.' i sclinol. v.ta' i^ in.-! nini.-:; f al in lilannlng Its fourth track to take I pinulug the .-ncldy h .-r-. care of this business. It Is the' —- four-track railroad the: HARVEY SOLE OWNER OF INDEPENDENT TAXI LINE. rn l first. West. Emporia Is Important. The Santa Fe railroad is spending much money In F.mporla and In 1 that section, in yard and track improvements. In I'linporia It is told i that there are to be hi-; shops i of the interest formerly h"M by built, and operated and Hint a biJiGill Unss. roundhouse will also be built th"re | to take care of the many rlas* j In answering udveitij -eineu.'* engines that are pulling trains s.i j pi,-as., mention the Xew« H>raid. C. I.. "Fai" llarve sole ow n>T "f th' 1 iml line which operates lmre. lie ainioiinc.'s le-nili-nt i-lost.l car till' purriut* RHEUMATIC PAINS GO QUICKLY WITH ALLESAN- DR0 VOLTA'S DISCOVERY ABBYVILLE The marriage of Miss Nellie Cur- llss of ljurrton and Mr. Poter l)ur- ger of Alicnviilo was solemnized at 7 o'clock Friday evening November 2ftth at the residence of Mr. and Mm. Sam Hurler who are a brother and sister ot tho bride, nnd groom. Tho ring ceremony was used and Hov. Davison of Clarfiold officiated. Just Mr. and Mrs. Ham Burger and children. Jay Whetstone and Kev. and Mrs. Davison wero present. Mr. and Mrs. Peter flurger left Run. day morning on No. Hi [or their home in Aliceville where, the groom hat* a position as a clerk in a store. Mrs. Cade and Miss Vern and m. and supper consisting of good things to eat with oysters will be served from 5 p. m. to 12 o'clock. There will ba a good entertainment which will bo tree In the church at S o'clock p. m. This will be In charge of Carl Donavan ot Hutchinson consisting of lecture on radio, readings and solo. Miss Donavan, who has read here before will bo one of the -entertainers. The 1). S. club met Frldav Nov. 28, with Mrs. J. C. Foulds. The afternoon was spent with fancy work and the library program of the regular club work. The paper written by Mrs. I.ooney was read by the secretary as Mrs. Looney could not bo present. The jeub- Jeot was "Kansas Dlriis". After the program the hostess served a delicious lunch. The next meeting will he In two, weeks with Mrs. Oreen and roil call will bo "Y'ule Tide Dishes." Hutchinson week end shoppers were, Mr. and Mra. Anum Ehllng, Mr. and Mr*. Kd llrldgeman and Miss Alice, Mrs. Itose Jlumford, ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS. By Ollv* Robartf, Barton. A POSTOFFICE RIDDLE. RUB THE PI MY St.ui ii. M:\ Hub siuitliluu.>-; Jacobs Oil right intii your sore, stiff, aching joints, and i-clicf cornea instantly. Si. Jacobs Oil is a harmless rheii- m a t. i « nv liniment which never disappoints and cannot burn the skin. (let a 35 cent bottle of St. Jacobs Oil at. any drug store, and in a moment you'll he fren from pain, soreness and siiifness. in use for '•'*'•> years for rheli- -ilailca, neuralgia, linn- <:Lacho, sprains. scientific combination or cer-, " ; Ulu ; ar Saturday i iniir.alicnis in ho form ot a ; ^ ^ (n |ho Vf|f!mt ,,„„,„„„ Smt \^ lifter the MOULT/ egos! No Medicines To Take. Results Guaranteed by Local Druggists. An amazing new treatment for Rheumatism has been received In j this country trum 11 al y. This new j scientific discovery promises to lint 1 an end to terrible rhenmutllc sut- j fering In even tho most stubborn cases, f Alessandro Voltn, the well-known Italian physicist, for whom the electric volt h.-ci been named, discovered a lain fine powder thai Is intended to hi a powerful and active Trie Acid solvent. This discovery ho has called Volta. It is not to be taken Internally but Is shaken lntottlie shoes or stockings and is Intended to bo absorbed into tha blood through the pores of the feet. Tills absorption is aided by the fact that the soles of the feot contain over 10 times the number ot pofes found in nay other part of the body. So remarkable and rapid have been the results from the uso ot Volta powder, both in this country and in Italy, thai, tlio American distributors have authoriy.ed local druggists to dispense Volta with an unqualified guarantee of relict: trom the uso of lite very first package or your money will bo refunded. If you suffer from rheumatic pains, Sciaticu, Lumbago, liout or Neuralgia, you owo it to yourselt to try this romarknble scientific treatment. It Is aaolutely harmless and will not cost ono cent It you do not receive wonderful relief. You can get a box of Volta from such good druggists as: A. & A. Drug Co.; Fred Woesner, Foltz Pharmacies, Adams Drug Co. Miss Lena Jotters canin home from McPborsou for their Thanksgiving ! Mrs. Florence Killing, Miss Bernlce vacation I I'lrket, Mrs. Helronlmus, Misses Miw Bessie Dunn accompanied | Fredla Demulti and Florence Rev. and Mrs. Davison Saturday to : Myers. Roy Ciimmings, Mrs. Marther homo at ilari'ield where she will visit for a couple ot weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Fay Dill and family and Miss Alice States motored to Liberal Thursday to visit Mr, and Mrs. Earnest Slates and returned homo Sunday. The lingles girls had for Sunday dlnner guests, Mr. and Mrs. Jim (iaiiiieiiin. The Baptist Ladies Aid will give garet Duval I, Mrs. Orpha Ayere aud Raymond. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Horton and family attended the big dinner "Little Jack Horner, Is stuck In a corner." This was the next riddle that the Riddle Lady asked: "Little Jack Horner, Is stuck in a corner, But he never heard ot a pie; He was stuck with a lick. Thanksgiving at tho Congregation- 1 Not Uck( . d wl1h a stlckj ill church in rievna Rev. Gray preached s fine sermon on "Prepare to Meet Thy Clod" at the M. 13. church here Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Doll Rathburn and U • family of Fowler, Ks., were here isitlng with relatives. north ot the Winder drug store Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Divan spent Thanksgiving in Sterling, with tho lattnr's mother. Prof. Becker and Levi Porter motored to Peabody Thanksgiving to attend the football game. Tho W. F. M. S. of the M. K. church met Friday afternoon hi the home ot Mrs. Kato Dunn. The Christian Ladies Aid will 1 Six Scouts Seeking "Vet" Classification And ho says low am I!" 'What a good to\* Six Boy 3coutn of troop '*, ot which Fathe'r M. L. Kain is Scoutmaster, hnve mud a applications to bp Votorau scouts. They are Doni have an all rfny mectliiR Wednes- j aid Woodall, Kenneth Kenlney, I 'VT jour bens in laying trim nov* j Include l'millry Pnn-a-ce-a In thfir rntion unc« a day; then «« thi-ir romba ami wattk»a turn ml. {.cB them tir^in to hup uround. Listeu to the gontf and cackle, I'sn-a-ctva Umca up ilia dormant t'KH otvun* —HUtrtfl tilt* fivd the agy way. That's when you net «gKs. 11 Pim>a-(X-a doefln't do jtiat what •re »ay for your hens, return thu empty i>acka«u to your dealer anJ pvt your money back. For L\c«— U BO Dr, He»» Lous* Ki /ler. For Roup— U M Dr. Hcan Roup JJemedy. 'At AH Deaten in Poultry Supplier DR.HCSS POULTRY PAN-A-CE-A : l M BW<UH»)tllETJ REMEDY •ItT »0« COLDS-GRIP day, Dec. '.',. to finish up all work and get everthing in readiness for tho bazaar. The ladles have been working hard to have a. fine bazaar this year and everything so far. promises lo come up to their expectations. ' llo your Christmas' shopping early.'' Dec. 6 is none too early. Mr. and Mrs. Mattlle of Plevna, Dr. and Mrs. Evans, Mr. aud Mrs. Foulds aud Miss Foulds, attended tho Kansas-Missouri football game, Thursday. Mrs. Foulds being from Missouri enjoyed tho game very much. The Christian Ladles Aid will give their annual bazaar anil sup- por in the church basement Saturday, Dec. f,. There will bo booths with fancy work, dolls and other things, candy aud food, with a fish pond to go flshlug and a Christmas tree for everyone. Every one who attends has a package mi the live. Bazaar will open at' 1:30 p. Wesley Brown, Carroll Hostutler, Burnham Humphreys and Harold Herr. To be a Veteran an active membership for five years as a Boy Scout, is necessary. Father Kaiu'a troop Is the only one which has boys who havo been Scouts long enough to apply. "Uuss" Mann of troop 2 was the first local Boy Scout to bo mads a Veteran and ho has been for six months. Five more boys from troop 2 will be ready to make their applications before long and when there are ten, a Veteran Boy Scout organization will be organized with Father Katn as sponsor. Roy A. Coonfleld, Scout executive, and Father Kain are both Veterans, and now have their applications in for a ten year membership certificate. We aro always ready to give you service, just call 09. Ilaglanib Kingsley Motor Co. ll-lt "Now little Jack Horner, Though stuck In bis corner. Cioes traveling by night and by day, For two cents or a penny, He can go almost any Place, no matter how far away. "From New York to Texas, (Enough, sirs, to vex us) He goes for a fifth ot a dime, Someone muet be jealous, For a mere glance will tell us. He has a black eye bait the time. I "One thing I must mention, Which calls for attention, j His railroad must he single i track, I When-he goes far away, It's a sure thing he'll slay. He has never been known lo come back," "Oh, "I know what it. i». It's a postage stamp," said Nick. "That can go 'most sny place for two centB." "What la a postage stamp'!" asked Bo Peep, "Yes, what Is It!" asked Tom, Tom the Piper's sou. "Don't you know?" exclaimed Nancy. "A postngu stamp! My goodness! Whore have you bean?" "It isn't so strange that Mother Gooso people don't know about postage stamps," said the Kiddle Lady. "I didn't think ot it when I asked it. Mother Goose Land is an old-fashioned place and all the folk in it aro old-fashioned. They send all their letters by messen­ ger and stamps are not needed." So she begun at once lo tell them all about it. "1 don't see why you called It aft 'T me." said Jack Horner. The Riddle Lady 'smiled. "Well, you see, I had to have a word thut rhyuiod with corner and Horner was the only one 1 could think of. I should think you would be pleased, sir.'' "I am!" onld Jack sheepishly, "But was it stuck In a corner and why?" "A stamp is always put on tho corner of u letter," said the Riddle Lady. "It it isn't, It should he. Nick you guessed tho answer first —so you get tho prize. -The prize Is a chance to ask another riddle." Nick thought and thought. Suddenly be began to laugh. "I remember one," he said. "Seo who can guess it. What key is hardest to turn?" "A turnky!" declared Doctor Foster quickly. "No." said Nick. "That isn't It." "Are you sure?" insisted Mrs. Daw. "it sounds all right." "That's not tho answer." said Nick. Thoy guessed monkey and turkey and finally Daddy Gander railed out. "I know—it's a donkey!" "Good tor you, Nick!" laughed the Riddle Lady. "That was a fine riddle, Daddy Gander, hers Is a new pipe for your prize." (To Be Continued.) (Copyright, 1024, NEA Service, Inc.) Ribbons Will Fashion Many Dainty Gifts There's ;i worlil of po^iliility in (lift.- tntule fruiit Ri!> lions; such ilaiiity, feminine things that women will lovo. And they can be mailt- with lint a slight knack successfully, Juat a Few Suggestions: Garters Shoe Trees Party Bags Boudoir Caps Dress Hangers Lingerie Uoscttcs Fancy Powder Putt's Be-ribboned tilings for the infant All Sorts of Ribbons Satin ribbons, two-tone ribbons, metalic ribbons, moire ribbons, picoted ribbons, Roman stripe ribbons in all widths and prices. Ribbon Art 10c You will find "Ribbon Art" a small magazine obtainable at our ribbon department most helpful in making new Ribbon Dainties. at a vcr\ small cost. A woman wilh the needle can make them Knotted and deformed by Rheumatism ^ Finishes Alley Paving. 11. K. Mauk, contractor, has recently completed paving the alley between First and Second avenues from Washington to Adams street. Shop-n-Scope will make (ho buying ot Ninas presents tor others as much fun as opening your own. on Xmas shopping. tf. Try this world-famous rheumatism remedy Here's quick, genuine relief for even the oldest, most obstinate rheumatic aches. Pat on gently a littlo Sloan's. Its stimulating ingredients send freshly purified blood tingling swiftly through the pain-ridden tissues. And this increased supply of new, rich blood destroys tha Keruis that cause the pain. Swelling and stiffnesspasnaway, tlio aching stops. Oct this comfort today. All druggists -- 35 ci nts. Sloan's Liniment -kills painf 1 Money back without question if HUNT'S QUARANTKKU SKIN DISEASE REMEDIES (Hunt's Salve and Soap), fall In the treatment of Itch, Kctema, Rlngworm.Tetteror other Itch* trig skin Try thl* trettmtnt at out tUku A & A DRUG CO. Butter-Krust FRESH /J Try it ' 1 We Operate An Exclusive Family Wash and Flat Work Laundry Our entire attention lis devoted to the care of your Clothing and Quality Work. Dry Wash with Flat Pieces Ironed, or Wet Wash, Phone 2255 HUTCHINSON FAMILY WASH LAUNDRY

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