The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 3, 1932 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1932
Page 6
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THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD-, FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 1932. --s=gsgseg=^g^ ==a=ga=g= TO Averages Of Speedball Loop Players Compiled /fond That Rocked White Sox Wins Sixth Successive Game By Defeating Athletics. i team, or.e at Georg* M'.nar'O DODGERS AND BRAVES SPLIT I car. : ci the »ho Whit* Sox. » tjr.e. said Umpire and he atar'ed otit AS ·:. _ir. h* rcear.t to co :u*t '.hat, fo.- 1-vAir.g » fretful Memorial Day dwibJe- B^t afer Ge-.-rge h*d toxiced out Bo?, -rs Aarecr.- 70 r Philadelphia. J^e 2 --Yerr.;n -Lefty' Gcssez. the Yankees' slim southpaw irho has been polscr. to the A's ar.c mast cf the Arner.tsr. League clubs this season. did '-'- ajair. ttxisy Gomez wxx; his victory cf trie seaser. his sixth in succession r.d his fsur-.i. Kcct': over the A's by a 3-: coast He gave K»h*r eight hits ar.d set en Tilts, but struck oat 13 rivals to m: "~ ~ ~ Jor the season an trouble. Tr.ree rur_« in the but the Yar.-LS «e=t or. hittir.g ively against the three successors. The score R H E N e w Yori 5 9 0 Philadelphia 1 S 3 Batteries Gome: and D:ci£e. Cain. Krausse, B-iwrnan and Cochrane ' Suitsr " Cain K N-.ii third settle! the decistJr. Err.rr.-r' T.-^e battles and p.t.h_-.» for -.he Fraterr.a. *'.l D.-.u- _r.ns of tae Cit Speecball Leas'-* ha^ lxe= compiled bv -,rx official scvrert Hooert L Walvr ar.i Gvrgc E. Sailer ar.c are re.eased toda Tae Ir:cJustr-al a-.era^es. are for giiie* ^p to and ir.- r". .ic-ni; J-r.« : ar.d the ;« are Jjr »-»rr.« _? to and'_ilr.j pj.^jjer M-t Gmiton. »ltb the rtfht hand yo-t see bar.d»jec Us the picture. the Sox began corning on by twos mad threes G»-erg- ·* a* doing pretty uell, at that. a-.s. -rdir.K to testimony revead at U»e ·r-.-v.;gauoa conducted by President 4 jj ) Will Hsrrxfge of the American League. ' but c:»-.el3.-.d players finally Intervened a::d hauled George »*»? to tile hoa- ' *:'al 'Ahere it was dlsco^red he had 1 broken his hand Here is George, pictured just after Ma-. 27 Only players r.::tir. s 250 or ;e:;cr ire ^xrlud Th- bat-.ins Fraternal Dsnsion. Ab R K Ai V Y Y Y M c A. M c A M C A Aljair.l M C A En;ries Eaj'.« :o :o 19 10 9 23 14 D-Molay Y M C A Jr Order 10 1C * :o 6 5 3 bOO 55--' - 444 ! A.umr.l Al.i:r.r.t Alu.T.r.1 Jr Order M C A E A.bau?.-. Y M C A Boston. Jus* 2--The Washir-s'-on Senators hit Danny MacFaydei hard' M- v.v today to -sin -he t\rt mme cf a d^ubli- Sn.i-* header. 6-4. Smead Jolley hit his c-.- Swjnilo-. Jr Or-- .- enth homer cf the ."-eaior. f^r th» sox Kirr^n'-.r. OeMo.ay The Senators paurided tnree Boston Roderrif*. A'-imr.i pitchers for an easy 5-1 victory in the Br-:x nightcap. The s:ore · Washington . :6 8 H ·i ar.c R . .. 6 '.4 . 4 7 Wea 1 . er, Maroerry Berg: MacFaden ar.d Tatr. Second game. R H Washington . S 10 1 Boston _ 1 7 3 Batteries- Burke and Spencer. Mar. Durham. M-rore. Michael: ar.d Cir.nslly 2 pmmsn K--:.?:· Y M C A Jr Order Aluam. DeMola;. E R.i J80 · o gQ ::.x\ir.j; received a "fevene reprimand" - i75 . from Prexy Harridge 362 . T!le Whit* Sox skirmishing party - 6 - -AIS flned »S1 around, including Man^3 j^r Is* For^eca--and Mr Gastor.. be-3$ .-;de.-; b'irg kr.fxrked out '.\as s'i«pendx£ 333 333 , along -Ai'h h!s tine 333 318 INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE TestCTday'* Besalta. Baltimore. 8; Beadisg, 7. Buffalo. 4. Montreal. 0. Otner gazes postponed. r*i£ GUDCS Tod**- P.eacir.g at Baltiaiore. Jersey City a-, Nenari. Bu9alo at Montreal Rochester at Toronto. AN APPROPRIATE GRADUATION GIFT m SUndinf of the Club*. W. 31 _ . 30 Bal'-asore ------Montreal ... ................ 2 1 ? Newark -------- 23 Rochester _____ _.__.. .25 Jersey City ------- 19 Toronto ....... __________ 16 17 *·» 20 20 29 Ft ·,. .628 .551 .556 .556: I 1828 33 ^50 · = CITY SrEtoaAU. LEAGUE (Fraternal Division) TeaUrdaj's Resalte. Y. M- C. A. 6; Eayles, : Game Tc.-»y. Jr O. U. A. M. \s. DeMolay Alua (.Upper. Brooks) Standing Of The Clubs. W. L. 1932 I Be the graduate Boy or Girl, your expression of regard can be shown in no better way than by opening for him or her a Savings Account in this Institution. Pet ! = Y M. C A \ DeMolay _ * \ DeMo'.ay Alumni - 2 i Eag'.es . - - : 2 'jr. O. U. A. M. 1 3 5 5 .667 ' .400 j -286 | .167 i CITY SPEEDBALL LEAGUE (Industrial Dr.iiion.) Yesterday's Results. »a^o:k Splinters. 14; Ox F:bre, Game lodav. Muse Tailoring vs Hernloci Splinters (Loner. Kreh) j THE FREDERICKTOWN | I SAVINGS INSTITUTION | | Bankers for Over 100 Years = = 1828 . . . . 1932 = iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiJiiiiiiniiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiI Pitching Record*. n=. 23 HITS AND 13 ERRORS :5 ° MARK SPEEDBALL GAME Sport Tips j ing The Braves on the o'her hand. : j ha-.e -.xeaned away what essen- i ·sally an ; Boston. P.X-her Jarr.e* E Por.tor. S' orr-i O Kira Chicago. June 2--Bunching their hlt« la the third St Louis defeated the Crslcsso \V1-.ite Sox. 4-2 today. The score: R H E S t . LOUIS . . . _ . 4 6 0 Chicago - : so 3 Batteries: CorTmaa and Ferrell Thomts. Gregory. Faber ar.d Grube ' B-^t Brooklyn. June 2--The Dodgers and Mas.-: the Braves eich d^splavccl cr.c flrst rank D pitching performance today ar.d th*y G 4 6 4 6 5 '.V. 4 4 n 0 0 American League following In Kem.oc.i S?_n.ers . Two weeks ago on Sunday. vere ^y ·· ··--- es set a new Beaton record ,'Ox P-^e_Brush Co Standing Of The Clubs. W. L. xs. Splinters . . . . 5 1 3 3 000 , ^ - .... ,, ., - , ££ Hemlock Splinters Win - Y. M. Atlantic League baiters with an a\cr- A Crawford, former "Babe" Phelps. ex-Ha; ^ ,,._,^_ .,.,, ,, ,,.. _^^,^.. .^ , ;o«n slugger. !s ieadins the Micdle ' ^ h ^"ktMcdanre'of 51.00o7v.ith7.000 ' Muse Ta^oring Co 2 f*. I. S. -- «... ·« ^333 25R 000 C. A. Beats Eagles. Industrial Team T-Aenty-or.e runs. 23 hits. 13 errors Eye League Ust week, is now 1B . V and six good catches featured the long- ] with an average of 402. He is with r,Qp ! est game of the City Speedbali League ! Terre Haute | season Thursday evening in Baker Pari the Hemlocs Splinters ar.d Ox' Because only four members of the tarned a , A;iy L^J; Sunday, in a m m age of .443. Al Crawford, former b _ a .^.j, , he Phjljles . -.hey'drew 33.000 Frcdenclc outfielder who was scttisg Bo!j QUJUQ 35 president and one-third 1 the pace by a wide margin in the I liree | o . raer of .;- c Red Sox anc i t h e team ! third. , . 5300.000 Pet. .833 .500 .429 .400 .333 I Ab H R eir.lXAS 4 Fibre Bruh Company teams of the In- 1 1931 grid squad aastrial Division The Splinters finally , team, the prospects our memers o ;ne , on f^^ ^^ gome. ha\e been lost to the i f ore g One conclusion. cts for · Hvn" Bream's | can - c ^ iRto .;,,, ·cst $30fl,000 last year The Braves, i on the other hand, netted 5150.000 with a seventh place club that had its share of -amrunsr streaks and provided Boe- some.hmg other than a The Red Sox open market F I A: S Gear.niT F I .vS .th Ox Fibre each won a game ia today's double Hamc header. Brooklyn captured, uie opener. E-.cred;. Miu»e Redmond F I S 'J4 '.6 25 :s 2! 6-1. 'behind, the five hit pitching o f ' ^; Dazzy Vance and young Bob Bronrn. j \\iiar4er Ox Fibre 2i EOT Uodgcrs" ricrnesis. replied with a jj Bruchey Hemlocks !6 four hit gatnc and a 5-1 triumph for | crommitt Muse 22 the Brakes. Hack \Vtlson pro;ided the j Harrison. Ox Fibre 25 big blo-s- In tne first game with his' E Rhoder.cs S-.ervd:. 25 sixth home nin of the season ar.d fol- j p_ ee Muse 23 towed it by touching Brown for his s aarrf . r Evcredy 23 sevenih circuit drive in the ninth in- j j^ Bruchey Ox Fibre 29 TIJT-.S of the second clash to prevent a I Boriri shutout- Despite the split, the Dodgers c "3^ tooS fourth place in the standing, a ! Gr . me ^ single point ahead of the defeated. Pittsburgh Pirates. The score: R K E Boston _ i 5 ! Brooklyn - 6 S 0 , Batteries: Seibo'.d and Spohrcr: , Vance. Quinn and P-cinich Second game R H E. Boston 5 7 0 ' Brooklyn 1 4 2 Moxlej Landis Batteries: Brown, an-d Hargrave: Mungo. Heunach and Lopez Pittsburgh. Jur.e 2--The Chicago Cubs romped away with the first game of the series the Pirates today. 9-5. Charlie Root held the Bucs in check, while Spencer. Chasnon and Brame failed to check the Chicago hitters The score- R H E Chicago .. - - . . 9 1 3 C Pittsburgh - 5 12 2 Batteries Rox ar.d Herr-s. Sper.- cer. Ch5=«~. Brarr.e ar.c Gracr. Paiden. Evcredy Hcir.loeks 3 Muse ? Muse 6 Evcredy 2S E-. eredy 25 Keailoc'ss 22 Ox Fibre 26 L Bmchev Ox Fibro 20 Handley F. I S 17 Coc.-crell Muse 21 Kinchman Muse 22 Lrbherr; Evererh 11 Da-. _·; Hemlocks 19 El Blur-icr. r F I ftrS. 4 Jacobs Ox F.orc -( McGlll S-.crcriv 4 T.r-pef Ox Fibre 8 !0 3 A 8 S a 9 R S 10 9 3 3 f 9 S 8 6 5 6 R AY .500 476 458 40 0 and aided by se-.cri costly boots, scored period of three weeis this spring, - ne pas - j^jj ^ ozfn seasons. TtK SOK I 3 3 g 14 run? The losers touched Grumbine ' of inestimable value, affording the n^ 11 ( jjaven't e^eri a minor league farm. i 331 . :or eight fafetics. Including a double. , a chance to become acquainted wit'.j - i 38- triple and were aided by six errors. The ! the new gridiron regulations and auso ! ' 3 S ^,b.g; «as the fifth when the · to get a better knowledse of the fur.da- 4 375 i Splinters scored the winning runs I mentals of the game. Hardy. San, 3B4 ' Catches by R Bruchey Martz. Burdet:e 1 tinello. Buohl. and Renshaw i\il! be 360 *"^ whisner -.ver~ outstanding j missed from the lineup nevt season, out The lineups' the other men. including thirteen pla- Hee-.lock Splinters--Lar.di5 second ors pf two years' experience, will sup- base. Cheslc;.. tr.ird base: G Bruchey. port Captain centertield. T*ent;. l-?ftflcld: S Rho| shortstop. Da-.-s. catcher: Best, i Sherwood MacKenzic. local sar.dlot .360 352 352 .345 333 Do You Remember One Year A?o Today--Ealf a mil- ii^n people, including K-ng George V of | Encland. witnessed Corr.ero--an's j 4 4 5 6 S 1 4 318 rightS^.d. nchtneld and cen- didn't do so badly, allowing eight hrs.' 3^R terficlrl. M.irtz. leftfleld ar.d short*'op; '-x-alkinii four ar.c far.n-ng t«o H^ al«o .300 294 .286 273 .273 Crutchlc:-. third baso. Smith, second Ii f^jred in a double play. Ke \nrkeu base. L Bruchey. first 1 pitcher Y. 31. C. A. Beat* Five Years Aco Today--Joe Dundee f Baltimore outfought welterweight Glttinge, · anoth 'so 250 ··50 May 26. « hicn ' ine 25-12 K e ' hits and wa.ked , The Y. M C A pushed over another \ B r, a -.f dozen in two and two-third in- cr?or.ent in easy style Thursday e-«s- j nings. .r.C :r. a Frjtemal dr. ision City League . « »* ^ STARS piai| it Pitcher Tir?-:: Gru=ibir.c Sharrer Pitching Averages. G \V j-peeiaall cirr.c by a score of 6-1 in i xhe American Jjeasrue's greatest I 5iict-r Park Tr.e irarr.e -a-as won in the lability, the Boston Red Sox. are £s- 230 · ^ecor.d :nmn; «hcr. Bowers hit a Texas spo.ling one of the bes: baseball ic-Aii? ' L^acurr.! two bases and Fish-, ^ the circuit. Al! -he fault doesn't be- P'" :n ~ er r-j-.;led to score him McKenzte sin- j ; O ng to the Red Sox. They have «on Pot 1 O-^O 1 OW 800 500 400 353 000 Ten Years Ago Today--Cr.-V Illinois scored an O'erwr.elcr.5ng ·r.umph in t.-.e \Vcsterr., 'rack anc; f:-6lci ^^rncs at Iv/^3 Citv. 53 6-M pOJl". second -it 24 1-35 points ar.S F^her -as thrown out trying | only 7 of 42 cam0.1 this season, singled ar.i McKer.- ! they are :ust. a p-or club trj-jis: to get Sir run along without any help Apparently there arc better b.:s--r.c-'is n«n an^or.- the National Leaiaie rr.acrnatrs than ^i the American iasr;:c. The TvJ' rade an- a^-st ?. GiMl r.-j raced home w.-.n i.-.c winning Jame n.oci out to °r.d :lic Gast- ·ry .ire! BrmsV lod 'he h.ttir.g. Al- '.a-'-h I'-:' a h'-rr.r ran in the fourth. cf Xr:r? Drrr.a set a new 100-yird clash record at 9 7 seconds Safe When Planes Crash. Mt. Clerr.e.-.'. M.rlt.. Jur.e 2 -A5 Selfrtclcc F.eld fi;.r,^ Ica-x It is important for the go^sr to low to play -half shots." These Iowa ^^e needed to place the ball ir» a cer- 3illv Haves "-2-n spot, sucri as in reaching the fairaay from a bad l:e in the rough, or playing the oal! close to the pin. ! Before numbered clubs became the ! vogue and a golfer aad only his woods. j h-s midiror mashie and his putter to . 0 · iepenc on. a half shot ras. and stiii ,- i is. cr.e of the mc«t important shots in RED WHITE BLUE FREDERICK'S FAVORITE RICHEST STRONGEST BEST QUALITY SUPREME OH BOY! HERE IT IS! The BIG 3 Ib. Can No Disappointments-Always use this famous brand for best results. This product is the result of years of expert research and we are justly proud of it. Sold by all leading stores. AMERICAN LEAGUE Yesterday's Results. 5: Ph-lacf'.phia. : Was'rur.gton. 6-S" Boston. 4 St. Iout5. 4: Chicago 2 Ot.trr ?scis pos'ponci Cl-:-,elar.d Games Today. Det-- i- St L-Cu-5 at C.uca;o. '.-.^n GalatK-r who established a Rirl:e League stolen base rec.-ri TV-.- -. Frecenck -T. 1930 -.r.d led the Three Eve L'-acue in ba'Jing las: sum- --.r -i 1.1-ccly to br recalled fr^m Ne-a Ora .» '" P-'V in the ox:T.clrl f.-r tr.o C'.e^ lr.di3-.--5 unless Vosctik. Port- ··- ar.d -V cril. rap out of their rt-"- «*r.t slumps Only Jarr.ieaon Is arcund ... - fr ,- a - f the f.rst s'rtnc fiy-cha*ers xr.d Billv aw - svi^Kieni-.c br^-.s- -; GalaTfr up '^' * -"hx a' s- He ji r-.,-ir.g t.-w ball a- n 350 c_p for tr.e : D15r - I star.tan- .-. tr..r= MUC. McKenz.e right- jj- ore yjari their .-hare c-f canies..made G is ·'".· ratrher. Jim»s r-t-cher: , ^on,.- for thernsolies and r.erv cluo that played thfrn. a-.d rr^rr.^r f c^ a morrfy maker for !he durattor; -.if tr-.s . -.ere torn off both L.e.r 3c-v slf-v leaped ar.d was unhurt Th" v-irlcV* l~r.wst r^~ s - vl:;5 *^ o" -ho s-r?t H.r.:!-'! rp.c. th« ' Mihab- harata ' It was b-^un 5'" 1 '"" ^rar* B C ar.d fints'.-cd about l-'CO vcars later. schecule Tre SOT hav aver- ' aged hardly 2C?0 Tw at th«.r horr.t gamos. A cro-ad of 7 vo. or. a Sur.- da- at Braves Field, is thr.r best show- To cle:n ar.-i rerr.".e si.t moist- Me- fio r "u the leather, the feet are moved closer together and the club isn't taken as '.K. As no help is needed from the body, the restr.cted body pivot results. If the shot has been properly exscut- f d . the hands trill be ex:ended out in front positing alas? the intended line of fagh:. Standint of the Clubs. W. L. Sew Vork - 29 13 TJetro.t . . 24 13 ?h:l35elrr~a -.25 19 Clei eland . .. 24 20 ,..»-. -- · -- »5 2S Pet .*SO S2J Harridge Imposes Penalties On Players And Umpire In Dressing Room Fight Commencing June 1st and Ending July 31st 'All Retail Prices of STIEFF SILVER will be subject to a deduction of 2O% JAMES E. DOLL JEWELER NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooilyr 6-1: B--st--n 1-5 Ciica^tx 3: Pittscursh, 5 Other Today. ielpr^a z". New Yori 3ost.~ at Broosl": Cr.-cago at P/irtsursh Cjicuuist; at St, ;.oua! of the Clobs. Bostc-r ______ -- _ ------ Z* 3rOO£l~ .. - ....... - ~ 22 Pittsburgh ...... - _ 2: St. Louis ----------- 20 Philac«lph.a ..... ------- 20 New Tori . __ ........ 17 Maybe ulten Wli.te Sox players ar.d ·-·r r"^-. 5 rj ·\ias-' at- Urr.p^-e G»rge Moriarty started trad-' CV..-"··' M---r.irt:. ir. .re t'.v.r bc?t Mom^r.a". Day punches -sir.c a Mcrr.^r.a". Da. ,-.-:---- Clc-.C-ai.d. Mrrn---.i. Uiv s is ^t-.estisat- under the grar.clstarx: at Cleveland. Arn.-ri-ar, Lcag-e ar.c l-»accr r. Cle-.flar.d. drc-larw 1 . M---.- "d by b^?M". a..-.i.--/ c* The -rr-r-rr. Ca'-her Charley Berry thot.;'r.* :t was ~ ~" all parr.e. Anyway Charley, farsi-. 44-i -ave 425 ^rtr Castor.. Wr-ite Sc\ ;..- t-r .-. a bt" · c.r_: under tr.e E.-ancrtar.d Jc'.l^-^.rj i N'rr- ar. ::"Woodsboro Vs. Adamstown. orl3l Day ck)^blc-r. acfr .:. C v- r' Hi'".c A ref^rn EE.~e t^t-seer. Wooclto^ro Gastor. ^as the f."' f accTt Mrr- OTirn-ss.-r.'r K;re\-- M I^ancis a --- ». a j ^en be»?.r.; for *r'.io a.l v -^- i--- -.-··-. .·· of the Cc'jn'y I.'ag-!''. ar.d the Adant*- .,-::;· 5 cltallT.-e " t a r ^ - -.-.e -\.-.-''«' M^r_\-f- HAS ' ;ar.t*r. ifer r.c sr.ociv- ; ... i ,._^._ ._^, * ^ a - _ v j.,. _ F--..--"i V" vC '? "V* rer -"' 1 "~ a _ · i r -- . i. ? ---^- ... Al.-Amer.:a f^-:oj".l player at Lawrn A C -..: i- slavj'i SstJrda- \V.-;tc S^\ tear.-, or.,-' a- .1 ..i-.- M..' o-. .' :'. . G a ^ ' - H' i--.- r " ~ '--··-' ' " C.".o".ir.c. r.?."-- ·-. - - '-. ·· =v (-,-..» , ,. --.. ,--"·-? ra--** 1 - v - ,..-.,,. , .,. . ._ - .,, ^ - T ,, , , , . , , . » - « a - ff -c --i-ar.c.r.i ' ^i o- .-..- p ajc:.«. r..--.a..i ; .-- ..-- ,-- ?1X str.l-:-^ P . ir.. H ' - . c e - ·---«· C f. \as ,... L.I ...e ca.?e. , ,.^.", c .^. ^ ' a .;'. 'd'--M^'-^a frcm .-.r-' vr':a...r.s to ^ r.-s c_t- « t.-E -.r' M; -,..e.i t.i.' o.a:.f.~ aj-s.-f --e^tc Gr-be a Sl^ rir.e fcr ij ac- "' i"e£ti»ating autrunties and fln- | " " ' SoC-O. - . 9? "Moccasin A Knirt Kacher cxlc-il of the a=55t ca'.f leathers, la blact a=3 S5.00 Sport Oxfords Black and White Broken and Wliite For Summer you wUl not ftrsi srr.arter. COOISR shoes tliar. these CALF- SKIS spor: oxforcs. Ir. Slack ar.c ·srhite and brown ar.d -!rly.t; The "MCOCASIN" -s sketched abo-.e. there are sc-.eral other styles KEMP'S M and S 5 STORE For MEN

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