Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 30, 1973 · Page 154
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 154

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1973
Page 154
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Page 154 article text (OCR)

VOU ALWAYS LOOK AT THS eur swfts uusrr BACK A cftEss i LAST we§K NBU ALfteA&v Fram experience, Jock, I can UUijaJ.Wtrt 1 * iw much you can do about a hedgehog... 'She's onlg ) Abu jes' puts uer ek old, Slim(y hand in w milk an' - u. _ B — s \ r |, ck ft off yer thumb/ Now wait a minute, uou quus.' COMB IN THE TUB/ WELL.I'LLSOON FIX THAT/ STRAMC6R, HAVE FLEAS IP YOU DON'T TAKE CAPE OF YOUR THINGS WHEN M»fce YOi/NG YOU DAD, YOU LEFT TH'LAWN MOWER OUT...yoi WANT ME TO PUT • NEVER WILL , t WOUU9NT ttf If VOU iOff TH0 ttOPl* 6AY >OU CAMt OUTtHINK c ••••• 10 voi SAVmi A 9U0JftfK Wft AUU OUOHT MAIN,WOUb9 FRUIT IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH PUT UP YOUR MITTS GRIN AND BEAR IT YEP, FRUIT IS GOOD ) FOR MY HEALTH — /£d/ tfJuiMtilmA •—•• - - . UnMramble these four Jumbles, onfpetter to each square, to form four ordinary words, .4 J* H 'VW04& Wortd **^t llMtfvH THfcs UA6T THtN& THE Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, a* suggested by the above cartoon. Jumble,: VAIUI IMTf PAUTi By George Lichty "We get a fringe benefit from our trash compacter, dear!.. We'll never again have to sit on a suitcase to get it closed!" Astrological forecast wlfi tna Question for 'ffli basebair superstar, Bv SYPNEY OMARR $»turd*v, Jun« 30, l»7j readers; Do vou agre* . Willie Starqell, , it" tfie" best.athltleSi especially __, players/ are born under Sagittarius? Traditional astrology would tend to side wth slupfler Staroell. But I would b« Interested^ In hearina from vou. ARIES (March 21-Aprll ]»): protect yourself, against safety hazards at home. Take one step at a time. Rushing PQYV Invites ---'-•--• • - T you should be released. You mv. Know It and act with coi.. ^ew opportunity s on horizon. , act with,confidence. are wor- nfldi JCORPIQ ,(0ct. proach .. J3-Nov, 11): New BD. . . . Is necessary. Leo, Aquarius persons could Slav prominent roles. Highlight creativity. Don't force Issues, you are due to make^valuabje now Invites ilally. where especially ...... § erneo. Comi 6V se related _ Ing seems sold accide travel, note; . - ents. Aonlles , traffic ars e; with Libra, «V , 29): Solar .,» of vpur chart Ideas, trips. Moth- .ev fs to test and final commitment, patient. What vou are lik Maintai .. Some of . .Manvnow ,:ely to find, you Irresistible, .jjn sense of palance —andtiu- mor- Flattery should not be taken too seriously. Someone may try to pull you •morl eel vou have "all the cqrrJqrts of .iome." Buf there also te friction — and you solve dilemma bv admitting Imperfections, not hiding them. Taurus. Libra persons In picture. Be 'hat seems to probably Is a it It as such, pfav im- .c. »), Emotional burden Is, hot as heavv as It seems. One who Is fierce In feelings reallv, does care for you. Excuse temper tantrum. If mature, vou open path to haoplness. If petty, vou Invite the opposite. Choice Is your own. CAPRICORN SEMc. » • Jan. If): Don't take others — or yourself — too seriously. Confusion, blocked efforts may appear par for course. Kev now is to wait, listen, observe and become fa- with legal nuances. Gemini, . ou yourself l are In foaether breath. From Capricorn messaae. n process of ''setting yo . er.' Means take deep emotional -,—j. Gather reserves. Review position. Know, when to out foot down. Set „ example. Refuse to be confused te a,_ disappointment ._ valuable lesson. Accent It as Pisces, Vlrqo persons could pfj .. —. J-March »):..Youna erson may have to be tayqht value Tendency is for vou to for purpose of taali' sponse. It would ,be you io explain. Dortant Heeci "Inner Answers will be forncomlng voice. Ir you In" for purpose of taalnlna late response. It wo instructive for vou io ^AKIBM.. In manner based on facts, not affectTonate re^. more constructive to YOUR.,BIRTHDAY you restless, have fine tend to overeat and your aftljify to handle extra ;yirork, responslbllftv. Relv You can be more r Is talced for review. Lfctf Ac|»pJ'wh9T'Ts"re«lT Yc j Jdojt't'oi ervtcn of past. Ons wt,o ha^abvi are you Jfrk' ln"Dracesi'of recoverlrig' firom emotional setback. June was. perhaps iive yourself a chance. , , VfR&O (Aua. 23-SepT. n): Monev U featured. Transactions occur based on ....... ..,-.. ... . -^-" • '- Candle extra work, emotional setback. June was pi v on experience. vour most sianiflcant month i productive if care year — October Will be ffiene: i. Get rid of nones- but more pleasant. You, draw many born under GftmlnT —' •IU5- YW have dual .na)i one, •*J/i> , ,,..„ a? understanding, oThers an when It comes 19 really knowing yourself. ALL EDITIONS, Ptiftentx, Sat., Sum 30; lift the Artiona Republic D47 Wizard of Id 1'Vt THOUGHT ITOVm.».REINS IN VOUR PtAV, 1 MEAN- AND•» IF YOU'LL SEND ME THE SCRIPT-AMD 1 PEEL 1 COULD DO THE PART I'LL LET VOU KNOW! JUDV I MUST RUN ALONG, ^ "« ^WPaUL ANNE! 1 ONLY STOPPED TO 1 .TKKSAKuS?* LEAVE THESE tlCKEW! 1JKNNINM &IRIS WHO L«W mWE> urh A W<W L 0 tOVtTO TXV PUT THEM ON SALE IN ^- «=">»• 1>M $UR£ ? THE SCHOOt OFFICE? Mary Worth r WHERE BID VOU PICK UP THIS PYGMY PSYCHO HE'S A DIRTY, SADISTIC KIDNAPPER WITH ATERRIBLE INFERIORITY COMPLEX ! PROBABLY TMB RESULT OP AN INHERITED GENETIC AGGREGATION. HERBS ANOTHER TISSUE FOR VOUR NECK. ANALVSTf MEANWHILE. SOMETHING'S COME UP AND I'LL HAVE TO BE LEAVING FOR NEW YORK.' I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I WANT YOU TO TAKE ME THE PROFESSIONAL BUILDING.!. DO YOU KNOW WHERE IT IS "*. 6A/V\? THIS IS BETSY! I ANYTHING MAY I SEE YOU r-A WRONG? HIS AFTERNOON? ARE YOU AT THE PARKERS'? I'LL COME OUT THERE RIGHT NOW! 1r/ HE JEST STRAGGLED HOME AT SUCO-UP FROM A ALL-NIGHT 'POSSUM HUNT VEP- HE SHORE IS/LUKEY — BUT I DASSENT WAKE HIM UP RIGHT NOW IS OL! SNUFFV HOM6.LOWEEZV? * V AN' HE'S DOG-TIRED Snuffy Smith JUST WHAT! WAS AFRAID OF, BASEBALL * DAD,ILUf\5 IOONDERIN6 ios. Funky Winkerbeafc Ask Andy Is lapis lazuli a precious gem? "jrom Fran Falcone of Warminister, Pa. Lapis lazuli was named for the deepest azure blue at the very top of the clearest sky. The lovely mineral is rare and comes in various qualities. The best natural samples cost about $5 a gram. When shaped and polished, top quality lapis lazuli is measured in carats. A sizeable stone may cost $20 a carat — while some of the large' precious stones run to thousands of dollars per carat. In the realm of gems, the word "precious" means costly. In this case, we must rate lovely lapis lazuli as a semi precious gem. However, in the past, this azure blue mi- By Gene Fawcette AUTO-COLOff, A NEW TV SIT 1$ CLAIMED TOBETHEFIRSrCOMPlETglY RECEIVER, FOR THE FIRST TIMg, A VIEWER NEVER HAS TOTQUeHTMBSETEXCgPTTO TURN IT ON OR OFF ANP TO CHANGE CHANNEL'S OMITS SYSTEM, ISJJS :«i U3B03S6 / N*oq neral was patiently processed to make a glorious array of artist's paints. These were colors used to create the works we call Old Masters. And they are priceless. Their value to the world is above precious gems or any saleable item you can mention. Lapis lazuli is the mineral lazurite. It contains silica, sodium; aluminum and sulfur and usually traces of several other minerals. It is of medium hardness and opaque with a glossy luster. Its rich peacock hues range from azure through deep violet blue to vivid green. Some samples are flecked with golden pyrite and remind one of a star studded sky. Less valuable samples contain specks of white or greyish calcium. Since ancient times, the biggest and .best samples have come from Afghanistan. To the master painters of Europe, the pigment material in lapis lazuli was worth its weight in gold. They renamed it ultramarine because it reached them from over the sea. And those old masters transformed the heavenly blue "stone into priceless works of art. The patient processing was itself a, line art and each master used his own secrets to prepare it. Some of the vivid blue and green pig' ments were extracted by pulverizing. Some of the fine or coarse powders were baked to ashes. The color of the ashes depended upon the heat of the crucibles, how long they were allowed to cool plus other subtle secrets. The prepared pigments were mixed with special oils to create an array of luminous paints that have endured through tna centuries. When you feast your eyes on a genuine Old Master, you see nature's semi - precious lapis lazuli made priceless by human artists. The vivid blue and green pigments were blended to portray the true colors of nature, as seen by the gifted eye of the artist. Darker ashes were processed for a multitude of browns, golds and reds. For luminous skin tones, the master painters used the. palest ashes from lapis lazuli — alias ultramarine. Deposits of this once precious mineral are found in Chile, Colorado and a fe\|r other places. But the best samples of unblemished blu« still come from Afghanistan Meantime, wouldn't yoti know, our clever chemist^ have copied the multicolored pigment in nature's lazurita. Nowadays, many artists colors are made from this synthetic chemical. It takes aft art expert to tell the difference. Time may or may ncfc prove that the natural pigment was superior. * Send questions on postal? card to Ask Andy, P.O. Box- 2406, Phoenix, Ariz., 85002. ' LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE If "New"

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