The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 6, 1951 · Page 13
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 13

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1951
Page 13
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r \'. TWENTY The News, Frederick, Md« Thursday, December 6. 1951 Andy Rale* A Han GAINING CONTROL OP A RAILROAD MUST BE HANDLED SECRETLY. OTHERWISE, TH! WOULD SKYRCX OP COURSE... BRfNK...I WAS JUST TESTIN6 TO SEE IP VOU MR.6UMR.,ALLOW ME TO SHAKE THE WAND OF A MOST WORTHY SUCCESSOR , TO YOUJ?_BRILLIANT UNCLE/ SO, UNCLE BIM WAS ·---^/ OH, lh4TER£STED IN' AUSTRALIAN -A NO, RAILROAD PREPERRECi EH? /SIR.. I'LL PUT OUT SOME PEELERS TO SEE WUAT'MY FELLOW FINANCIERS THINK OF THE STOCK... Non-Fraterna CHRIS WELKIN, PLANETEER CHANGING Ot* BKOTHEKLY? . Z IFO50T TO WARN NAruR.AL.uY UR EAKTH -5 THIH65 WANT! Carnival "Prcntiss isn't afraid of work! He'll sleep right In front of * pile of it that would scare another employe to death!" JACOBY ON BRIDGE Expert Lesson On Object Of Bidding By OSWALD "jACOBY Written For NEA Service The nano shown today will seem like sheer insanity to some of my readers. Curiously enough, those an; the very readers who are in need of the lesson taught by the hand. The average bridge player thinks that the object of bidding is to get to a contract that you can make. The expert knows better. The true object of bidding is to win as many points as possible with good cards and to lose as few points as possible with bad cards. The question of who plays the hand is a side issue- NORTH * 53 · 102 WEST B$ EAST 4 6 4 9 8 · V K 1 0 2 V A Q 7 6 + A 9 5 4 K J 8 7 4 3 + A K Q J 4 2 4.9 SOOTH 4107532 V J 9 8 4 *Q6 + 105 Neither s«3e vul. West North East South 1* 14 2 4 2N.T. «J' Pass Pass Opening lead--*K For example, take today's "insane" hand. South was Richard L. Frey, one of the all-time great bridge players. What's more. The was playing as hard as he knew how, since the hand took place in a national. championship tournament Still, here-was a player who bid two no-trump and; didn't win a single trick. What sort of serious bid was that? , Actually, Frey'expected to hear further from the opponents. If he got doubled at two no-trump, he expected to make some other "foolish" bids, winding up at three spades. No serious damage could have been done to North at a contract of three spades. As it turned out, the opponents were the foolish ones, for letting Frey play the hand--even though they managed to win all thirteen tricks against him. The penalty for being down eight tricks undoubted was only 400 points. And Frey didn't mind losing 400 points With the cards held by his partnership. nlf West had gone on with his own bidding, he could have bid *nd mad* « sl«m at clubi. Count- Know America Today's Anniversaries 1822--William T. H a m i l t o n ("Wildcat Bill"), Montana trader, .scout and trapper, said to have known Indian sign language better t h n n ·the Indians themselves, born in England. Died May 24, 1908. 1833--John Singleton Mosby. f a m - ous Confederate cavalry leader, lawyer and consul, born in Edge- inon't. Va. Died May 30, 191(5. 1859--Edward H. Sothern, famous actor, son of a famed actor and mate of the great Julia Marlowe, born in New Orleans. Died Oct. 28, 1933. 1863--Charles Martin Hall, discoverer of the commercially successful way to make aluminum, when only 22. born Thompson, O. Died Dec. 27, .1914. 1872--William S. Hart, famous Wild West movie actor, born in Newburgh, N. Y. Died June 23, 1946. 188G--Joyce Kilmer, gifted poet, born in New Brunswick, N. .1. Died on the battlefield, in France, July 30, 1918. Today In History 1790--Country's capital moved from New York to Philadelphia. 1830--U. S. Naval Observatory, Washington, established. 1833--First meeting of the American Anti-Slavery Society, Philadelphia. 1889--Died, aged 80, in New Orleans, Jefferson Davis, Confederate President. 1917;--Halifax. Nova Scotia, muni- tion ship explosion--over 1.000 die. 1918--Secretary of Labor appeals to the country's workers not to make a country-wide strike in behalf of Mooney. 1938--France and Germany sign mutual pact, for "pacific and neighborly relations" Wetween them--war soon breaks out. 1941--President Roosevelt makes a peace appeal to Japan's Emperor Hirohito--the day before attack on Pearl Harbor. 1945--U. S. Britain Agreement: Britain to get a 55-year loan of some $4 billion, and a write-off on some $25 billion of lend- lease. 1950--Truman and Britain's Attlee in White House conference agree to bar appeasement in Korea. Today's Birthdays Rear Admiral William J. C. Agnew, commanding officer of the Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Md., born High Falls. N. Y., 60 years ago. Herman Shumlin. producer-director, born Atwood, Colo., 53 years ago. B. Earl Puckett board chairman of Allied Stores Corp., New York, Feathered Creature Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 57 Pertaining to 1,9 Depicted feathered creature 13 Repugnance 14 Skin affliction 15 Tree fluid 16 Symbol for illinium 17 Rounded and cylindrical 19 Chief priest of a shrine 20 Employ 58 Put up with VERTICAL 1 Flower vessel 2 Man's name 3 Corded labric 4 Greek (ab.) 5 Egyptian goddess 6 River in Africa 7 Butterfly 8 Poker stake 21 Compass point 9 Most unusual S C A L A R E U t- [ A N G E L . T Ht Abl mm 6 OM N S N 22 Correlative of either 23 Senior (ab.) 24 Yes (Sp.) 26 Exclamation 28 Snare 31 Polynesian chestnut 32 Palm leaf 33 Blackbird of cuckoo family 34 Geraint's wife 35 Shoulder of a road 37 Hardens 38Early English (ab.) 39 Transpose (ab.) 40 Measure of type 42 Negative word 45 Route (ab.) 47 French article 49 Lag 51 East Indies (ab.) 52 Air (comb, form) 53 It is scarcely larger than the 54 Components 25 Presser 26 Arabian 27 Narrow way 29 Dismounted 30 Cushions 34 Royal Italian family name 36 Pertaining to the chin 10 Playing card 11 Preposition 12 Sidelong look 18 Electrical unit 40 Otherwise 20 Bear 41 Secure 23 Irony 43 Whirlwind 44 Allowance waste 45 Stagger 46 Duration 47 Native Latvia 48 Gaelic 50 War god 52 Collection of sayings 55 Behold! 56 Suffix lor 'Hey, Why Can't. W e Build A Rrirlffe?' MR. AND M3LH, JOE, MEKE'S A RSVCHOLCX3IST WHO/ GOUR_ES S£TTEK OFF IP THEY NO, we CMOTKXAL RELEASE. SOOC THE MEALTM HERE Y/eVE geEN GOING TWKOUGM LIFT NEVER MAC? CROSS woec? L00A6T TOO .LOUC? I CAN HEAR^OU THE PyCHOLOGI6TwELL;' ' LETS MC AKlC? J CAN MAINTAIN MY NORMAL · MUTT AND JEFF As Far As Meat Goes, Jeff Is All Set For The Winter! LISTEN, MV FRIEND, AND FROM THAT PIG DON'T YOU KNOW/ You CAN GET PORK. CHOPS HAM, BACON, SHOULDER THAT MEAT IS MIGHTY OF PORK, PIGS KNUCKLES EXPENSIVE THESE DAYS.' AN' LOIN OF PC BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES VOO AOO160YOWCHWV\ A 6000 V sovvb«\\ BUGS BUNNJT Thanks, Little Man FRECKLES A1O» HIM PRIENDB Say That Again if P(?eCDU9 LAM6 / T TMlMK \ iW AFRAID SOMEWHAT MioHr MA.V HAPPEMED/ THIM- DID OH, DEAR. MR WMERE HAVE LHO^RP THAT BepORe? SHAW'S CAR .' AMD . ALL BECAUSE 1 DIDN'T SET My BRAKES CAREFULLY ENOU6H/ BECAUSE OF MY CARELESS fiRKING/ HAPPEN, MRS VIC FIJNT AH Clear So Far I OT HERE f AAR. PE0DEFZ. THIS- 16- 5TRICTU/ BUT WERE THE LA5T PERSON TO NOW THAT VOUj IT ^E EMS 5PEAK OP IT, TO HAVE HE WA£ *AD K HAP- AND DOWMCAf-T h PENED BUT I CANT BELIEVE HAM W A 5 - T H E THE TYPE TO KILL HIM5-ELR TWAT WA5- SIMPLE/ THEY DIDN'T EVEM SUSPECT ME/ WITH HIM LA£T ^·EEM. UP- ABOUT ANYTHING? I COULD, (N5-PECTOR. COPB. 191 8V NEA SERVKaL li On Second Thought born Fairfield. 111., 54 years ago. Robert W. Woodruff, chairman of the executive committee. Coca- Cola, born in Columbus, Ga. ( 62 years ago. Lou Little, Columbia University's football coach, born at Leominster, Mass.. 58 years ago. Leon Kroll of New York, eminent artist, born there. 67 years ago. William Webster of Boston, business executive, ex-chairman of the Dept. of Defense's Research, born Bel Air, Md., 51 years ago. Dr. John C. Whitehorn of Johns Hopkins University, famous psychiatrist, born at Spencer, Nebr., 57 years ago. Lawrence K. Frank, director of the Caroline Zachry Institute for Humari Development, born in Cincinnati, 61 years ago. ing the value of the game as 300 points (as is the rule in tournament play'), and not counting the honors, West would have scored 820 points for bidding and making six clubs Frey got a good score even though not everybody bid the slam at clubs. Those who stopped at five club.s nevertheless won twelve tricks for a score of 420 points. It will be remembered that Frey lost only 400 points, and the difference of 20 points is vital in tournament play. 15 SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRJSMAS Today's Horoscope Today's degree favors the birth of a writer. The mind is inclined to literature and is probably studious along scientific lines. The memory is retentive, with a facile power of words combined with scientific analysis, all of which should bring a sure measure of success. It is a strong day and should produce a strong personality. Social Situation A neighbor comes into your house and doesn't notice your new draperies. Wrong; Ask: "How do you like, my new draperies?" Right: If you are determined to mention, do so in a way that is not a direct bid for a compliment. TLE Hospitality is the art of making guests feel at home when you repjly wish they wwe. JUMPING JOPLIN ANNIE! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? A \WCDMAN YOUf? AGE....FR1ZZIN HER HAIR... 5ING LIPSTICK! SHAMEH H/C?A/'7-\ / |T«S A. DISGRACE T- M. REG. U. S: PAT. OFF L.COPB. 19S1 BY NE» SERVICE. INC OUR BOARDING HOUSE OUT OIK ft.%T E6AD, PlKc. THAT'S CAPITAL/ AND IT ME A STUPSMOOUS AM Of- ectewce, LET OSCOCT A A TO OUR ACT, CARP PULLS THS ARTILLERY TSLL THIS ofj£: WHY DO -5PARROW6 WORR.V EVERY MORMiMiS ? SILLS ARe ALL KNEW HOWOU HACW WORk ONI TH' CAR C EWSPAPER iWSPAPERI

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