The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on August 9, 1959 · Page 22
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 22

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 9, 1959
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

V RACtNl SUNDAY BULLETIN Anrnxt 9. 1059 See. 2, Paire 4 s eeo nq Child Must Be Covered By Dorothy V. Whipple, M.D. <AP wufcaturcn) Do yoii remember what it feels like to pick up a sound asleep child? His little body is limp and floppy. You must hold up his head for him, his legs hang down, you must gather up his arms, or they drag too. Then perhaps you remember how it feels when he wakes up in your arms. Suddenly he is limp no longer. He holds up his own head and his arms and legs as well. Instead of a sack of meal in your arms you have a wiggiy child. His muscles are once again taut and do what he wants them to do. Muscle Tone The difference between the limp relaxation of sleep and the tense muscles of being awake is due to what we call muscle tone. All the time during life the muscles are using food and oxygen, how much they use varies a lot. During sleep they use the least of all and during very vigorous exercise they use the most. There are all sorts of gradations in between. The harder a muscle works the more food and oxygen it uses up. Always when a muscle works it produces heat—this is the heat that keeps our bodies warm. During sleep muscles relax, use little food and produce relatively little heat. Therefore the body has a tendency to cool down during sleep. A temperature that is quite comfortable to be awake in is not comfortable,to sleep in unless we help out the body by preserving the heat that it makes in its relaxed sleeping condition. That's why it's necessary to throw a blanket over a child who falls asleep on the couch or in his playpen. Wows Moscow with Bicycle Acrobatic Act MOSCOW—(/ PI —For a week a tiny Tokyo girl held Moscow in the palm of her hands. Kim Yohoi, who just shades 100 pounds and claims to 21 years, has a bicycle acrobratic act that topped the Harlem Globetrotter act in applause night after night. There was no mistaking it. After the crushing clatter of - Journnl-TliiiPd Photon Olympic Days Highlighted Sports enthusiasts had an opportunity to display their skills during boys' and girls' Olympic days at Racine playgrounds last week. Above, sand cushioned the landing of Jane Mattes. 10'/2, 1131 Rcschke Ave., as she practiced the broad jump at Albert street playground. At right, playing tether ball at Garfield playground arc Joyce Bark. 9. 928'/i Huron St,, left, and Fidela Trevino. 10. 11021/2 State St. The Olympic days were held at Island Park, New Playthings for Pre-Schoolers Have Built-ln 'Silenf Teachers This year's playthings for pre-schoolers are loaded with built-in "silent teachers" that can sharpen youngsters' mental and physical abilities and introduce them to proper social behavior through play activity. But the best part of it. according to Toy Guidance Council, is that the toys are so delightful and such fun to play with that the youngsters won't have any idea that they're "learning through play." As one example, there's a savings bank vault which challenges children to find the "combination" by manipulating a knob on the safe door. As the knob is turned, different die-cut slots turn up to accom- nodate wood "coins". The essons taught by playing with such a toy include a basic understanding of currency denominations as well as physical <iO'Ordination. Creative Activity At the pre-school age level between four and six there is normally a strong urge to take things apart and put them together. Don't let them tear the house apart. There are toys especially designed to channel this urge to creative activity. One is a wood kiddy car spe- eifically made to be taken apart and put together again. It also teaches how to use basic tools properly. In a more quiet sense, there is a new set of puzzle plaques depicting children of foreign lands in their native costume. Shape perception is taught with a rural mail box which has a variety of mail slots to accommodate vari-shnped "letters" and "post cards." To encourage group play and initial observance of basic social graces are tea .sets with such appeals as Raggedy Ann and Shirley Temple likenesses as well as one golden oak set featuring the modern new triangular serving plates. Competition The lesson of competing well —play hard, lose cheerfully —can be instilled through the use of such games as horseshoes, bowling and shuffle board, with equipment of such size and weight as can be handled properly by the preschool child. A safety truck with easily assembled highway signs and a safety school bus with work ing parts and removable "passengers" are among the excellent new toys with which to introduce the "rules of the road" to soon-to-be-kindergarteners. Properly selected playthings through these early formativt years can help send a young stcr on to his first year of formal schooling well prepared work and play alone or m groups and to follow the rules, without stifling his individu; creativity or imagination. applause that filled the 16,000-seat sports arena at Lenin-cst. Stadium the Russian audience always set up cadence clapping —which is the most here. Bom to Entertain Kim is the youngest of eight in a family that in one way or another has been in the entertainment field for years. Her father, at 73, who taught Kim most of her tricks, still rides a trick bike like a youngster, according to Abe Saperstein, the Trotters owner-coach. But Kim received the loud- Handy With Tools She's handy wjth a tool wrench, too, making all her own repairs. Papa taught her how to do that and the trick of winding a tire tube around the t^re to lesson the chance of punctures. Thg last night the Trotters were in town. Moscow's TV brought the show live to the thousands who hadn't been able to get tickets to the sold- One of her sisters was born lout house. After each act the in a New York hotel and hadj her first erib in a dresser drawer while papa was playing the Palace, Kim says. Asked how many there are in the family, Kim answered, "There were eight but most of them got married." Kim goes onto the floor for an eight minute bill of bicycle and monocycle tricks that include just standing still, doing a vaquero twist through the frame, and twirling upside down on the handle bars while the bike moves around the floor. Practice She practices two hours a day every day just to keep in shape for the bit. And it paid off here. There was plenty of applause for the other acts, a Scottish monocyclist who balanced cups and saucers, a German brother and sister act in which she twirls head down on her brother's head, an Argentine youth doing flamenco dancing on roller .skates, a table tennis match, and the Trotters basketball team. Young Pioneer kids streamed !f you don'.t cover him up and help him keep the small amount of heat his muscles are generating he will become chilled. You will find his hands and feet becoming bluish and cold. If he gets quite cold he will begin to shiver. This is nature's way of making his muscles work to warm him up. At the other extreme muscles sometimes work .so hard in vigorous exercise that the body becomes too warm. Then nature pulls out another of her tricks. She makes the youngster sweat. The evaporation of the sweat cools the body down. Help Nature We want to go along with nature and help her out whenever we can. Cover a sleeping child (or adult, too, for that matter) and take off as many clothes as possible when a youngster is likely to get over- healed from his own strenuous activity. Sweating is a good healthy mechanism for cooling down a hot body, but if a hot sweaty child suddenly stops exercising and sits in a cool breeze he is apt to cool down too fast and too much. So long as a child is exercising vigorously his sweat will keep him reasonably cool, but when he rests he doesn 't need to cool down so rapidly. If Lighten Laundry Routine with Sort-as-You-Go Plan Feet Swollen from Heat Deserve Gentle Care If your feet swell a bit in hot weather, give them gentle care. Wear open shoes as much as possible. Use a cream on your feet after your nightly shower or bath. K^ep your feet up when you're sitting in your own living room. And if the swelling persists, check with your doptor. TOY TELEVISION Play-as-you-go TV—it's the quickest and cheapest toy of allf You can make it from two cardboard cartons, glued together and brightly painted. Cut out the TV "screen" with a sharp knife. Knobs are bottle' caps or corks. Children act out their shows as others watch, The toy works indoors, m Washday is no longer a backbreaking "blue Monday" for those with automatic laundry equipment, but careful planning can further reduce the work load. As grandma u.sed to say, "using your head to save your feet," for washday still has one tedious and time-consuming kink left, and "sorting" is its name. Since no automaton has applied for the job, you can use the sort-as-you-go plan, a scheme particularly helpful for a family of four or more. Hampers Instead of tossing ail (he laundry down the chute, put it in appropriate piles as it is discarded. The heaps can be concealed in hampers and clothes bags kept in the rooms where laundry normally accumulates. Use containers in the bathroom for towels and face cloths, in bedroom for linens and wearables and, in the kitchen for tablecloths, napkins, dish towels and other household fabrics such as curtains and doilies. If a different hamper is kept in each bedroom, one can be used for white clothes, another for colored clothes and a third for hand-washables. Fabrics Not only does this method keep kinds and colors separated, it generally assures the separation of fabrics according to content, a consideration particularly helpful with the new automatic washers and dryers that (.an he adjiisleii to the fab-jotlier advanluii'.cs beside savmg rics to be waslied. itime. It savca: money. Incidentally, if your laundryl .,1^^..,^,^ is filled with socks, here s a . . ii , " 1 shortcut in the matciung pmce- ^ '''''^ y"^' ^'"''^ dure. .loin them at the cuff Kliisrinalion of small with liny .safety pins, or with washes .savt« .on .soap, deter- small plastic clips thai have!}^.(.nt, water, <'l(?<",trieity, and gas been di^veloiied for just this, belore putting Ihe Elegant Note Is Added in Tailored Fashions Elegance is seen—and felt— I in the new tailored fashions. It is evident in the beauty of fur- and - wool fabrics, handsome (hen's rooms. They can double flannels, smooth wool broad- as stools or as tables and are cloths, woven wool plaids, ac- .socks in liie iiainper. Budgeting College Grooming Isn'f for Office wasted in waslv-ng small loads. If you have .a little leeway in money for the [laundry budget. The sort-as-you-go plan hasi'^'^ v"-tue of sorting works the other way around: you can wash small lots as you gel lime, several limes a -week. Another advantage is found m the container^ itself. Today's liampers are i\ot only useful; they're decorat.lve and versa- College gnuluates starting out on their first jobs tiiis fall should remember not to nury . "', ^ j, ' f y "^'^'''''^'^ college grooming habits over . '""i, f^^''. ' into an office. Have your long ,'"^''"^ ^''""^ " your hair clipped to a short neatly - shaped hairdo. Keep' ^'^^^ a variety of your sweater collection f o ri'^''^''-''""^' ^''''^'^ 'J^s'8"ed to .suit a special room, iijarlicularly at- '"^ildoor. audi J hey come weekends and country visits, gradually replacing sweaters with simple one - piece wool dresses. Keeji jewelry simi)le. That beige raincoat and matching cap may have const i tuled a unit'orin on tl\e campus but they're not tor olTice wear. Neither are flat shoes, socks 01 plaid skirts and odd jackets. You're moving into a new world now, one that calls for an entirely different look than you've had lor (he last tour years. It will take time and careful shopping to break the old habits. But break them you must in order to make a good impression in your chosen career. tractive arc (he styles designed made in many sizes lo fit in almost any area. Report Church Census in District oi Columbia WASHINGTON — {/?) — A Council of Churches census here shows that th eDistrict of Columbia has 451 Protestant churches, 41 Roman Catholic churches, 7 Orthodox churches, l (i .Jewish synagogues, I Moslem mosque, I Buddhist temple and 1 Hindu house of worship. in whimsical prints for the chil- them in boxes. SHOE STORAGE If you're keeping some of your summer shoes over for wear next year, see that they're in good shape before you put them away. Have your shoe repairman go over them carefully. Then wrap them in white tissue paper and store STOREWIDE SUMMER CLEARANCE Men — Women — Children SHOES SAVINGS CAO/ UP TO J U 70 Op«» Men. and Fri. 8 :30 A .M. to 9 P .M. KLPMAN'S SHOE STORE 915 Sixteenth St. AT OUR RACINE BEAUTY SALON 44 Look Lovely This Summer! FINEST" COLD WAVE Reg. 12.50 95 6 Complet* No Extras Includes Cretne or Oil Shampoo, Creme Rinse, Helene Curtis Spray Net, Haircut and Fashioned Set. The lotions in 'Tinest" are enriched with "Protein" fo condiJioru your hair as it waves. Come in wilHh or without an appointment. Goldblati *5 at Elmwood Plaza cented with fur touches and with leather trimming. St. Louis designers find many ways to emphasize this elegance in a year of tailored fashions. One of the loveliest, the addition of all-over cm- broidery on broadcloth and on wool jersey. onto the floor with bouquets possible dry him off and give for each member of the troupe.|him fresh clothes. If this is not At the end of the performance|possible at the moment insist the Audience surged down tojhe put on a jacket until the the sidelines and the Trotters cooling produced by his sweat- moved along the crowd, shaking hands eagerly put forward. There was a banquet afterward given by Soviet officials and it was warm and hearty. During the stay, the group was spotted in the Kremlin Gardens by Soviet Premier Khrushchev who hustled out of his automobile to shake hands. ing catches up with slowed down rate of heat production from his now quieted down muscles. Cover your child when he sleeps even in summer, take oflf extra clothes when he plays vigorously even in winter. Insist on a sweater when he rests all hot and damp. Jacqueline 's High Scoring BOWLING DRESSES Illustrated, just 1 of 9 styles, avoilable in every possible color combination . . . fine rayon ocetote gabardine. from no 95 SIZES: 7 to 17 • 38 to 44 8 to 20 • 12 '/2 to 24 '/i ORDER EARLY! 3 to 4 WEEK DELIVERY SKIRTS from $7 .91 AH AT FOURTH PUTTHE BRAKES ON THIRST WITH THIS real thirst-quencher! Seven- Ifiji.i.. .,

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