The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 8, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1934
Page 3
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-V, AUGUST «, 1«M 1MB PARIS MEWS. Hugo Tigers 680 One> TE5, ITS A GIRL/ SAYS JACK Oklahoma Nine Will Play Two Games With Part* Team Th« Huco Tigers, «iu> have (Continued trom bill and t&e money for labor go to Paris men" f The total of SSO votes may not I appear large but it is jsaid to bt» | a fair number in a. !>on<t election. \VTule many more persons were qualified to vote they did not j cboose to do so, and compared' eliminated Antlers in the Oklaho- -with the votes cast at other bond! ma sahdlot tournament, will play the Paris Battlers here Thursday And Friday, according to a telephone message to Manager Gene Ibac*don "Wednesday mornins from Business Manager Whitehead of the "Hugo Tigers. - These two games should prove very interesting and provide some excellent sport, a* the Battlers will use several of tiie Antlers players, aatong the numher probably being Wells and Gilliam. infielders and probably a. couple of pitchers off the Antlers club. Should the attendance justify it other games will be played with tha. Tigers which is admittedly one ot the strongest teams in this sec- lion, of the country. However. elections this total is considered above the average. Voting was slow during the forenoon, but later in the day the number increased and before the polls closed there was at times a number of voters waiting their turn. The unofficial reports were made to the city secretary and showed the following division of the votes: For Agst TVard 1 . li: 45 Ward 2 S3 51 Ward 3 .....S3 SI Ward ^ • 155 SS 240 Totals .440 Mayor Crook said he expected ! j at least a week or "10 days to! with, replacements at two or three • e!apse before he received any in- \ *pots. the Battlers are due to grve } structions from the PuM i c Works' Don't I understood, are to For AKTUSRS, Okla.. — Couaty | j ome±au» in | J«ct» whicb include* i road work. they were dropped at the foot o£ a corporal who refused to accept them when deputy sheriffs invaded the barracks Tuesday an<j served the orders oa him at the r-e»idence ° f Wed™eStov guardsmen OB duty in the barracks 'grounds skirted the court documents skillfully anfi their commander. Adjutant Oen- The commissioaers. IA. tfe*ir commissioners Monday tendered j ular 3^^ Tuesday, ra* la era! Fleming, continued to dodse the servers. j Court attaches said the rule of . contempt was signed by Judge Nat j •"VV. Bond of the Civil District court ju*t across the street from- tlie city | bail barricaded t»> city police. ! With a.o end of the political war • in si£h.i, tfce New Orleans Kiwaais J * club faas started a moiueveut to j j laave a delegation of citizens call i on Long and WaJmsley and "urg.*; i {every means possible to bring: | tlse Pas*"* 11 r -> f county engineer i ference with Forrest Butter. «tvtt about a speedy ending of this un- ; to Alike Guernsey, Pounds. Okla., j engineer of Oklahoma. du. wh* to i happy condition." i former resident engineer with { drawing up plans *ad •p*eifle»- •j The only shots £ire"i thus far tt: {the district high-way offices here. I iious for j&e sea- cemriiumBe- 1 the war have beexi a wilg shot by | He was expected to arrive in Ant- I • — —» ) a sentry at a man who was climb- } iers \Vednesday to assume the po- ; Promoters promising l» m*k* | ins into Jackson barracks and an '. gition. . ! rain fall increased ] accidental riot gun charge which! Guernsey's chief duties, it is' recent drouth. blew out a window in the regisira- — __ tion building. TO GT7I0E BERLIN, (JP) — Adolf Hitler and was made returnable August j put aside the role of funeral ora- 10. Other papers served on the i domicile of the adjutant general < citing him to give his reasons for I not obeying the court order that I the troops be disbanded pending a j hearing on a temporary injunction- i The hearing has been set for Aug- ! ust,14. [ Senator 3Long J ike wise remained j in the background with the na- ti ; tiona! guard entrenched strongly f Fertilizer oft pastures helps to for their second week in the vot- discourage vsreecs by giving grass i ers registration office building, a- chance to dominate, i tor Wednesday and turned to the task of guiding Germany through \ grave problems. The chancellor— • president in all but name—-return- ! ed to the capital by airplane Tues- •; day immediately after he had '• spoken a eulogy at the bier of •President Paul Von Hindenburg. j Notice To Piano Owners Our factory man wil! be here the rest the rest of this week for tuning, voicing and adjusting pianos. WE GUARANTEE HIS WORK IN EVERY RESPECT Henry P. Mayer Music House the Tigers a real battle. The games are to be called at 4:20 both Administration as to what now is 1 } expected of the city in order io ; Thursday and Friday, it has been j securi> the funda f the se , reT . im _ -, anaouneed, with admission 25 j , , . .* - j provements and construction of < * the disposal plants. i f "\Ve can not turn a hand until i Jack Oempsey received the congratulations of many young femtnim admirers a» he rushed into a New York hospital to take a peek at th« baby flfrl born to hi* wife, the former Hannah Williams of the stage^ The ex-heavyweight champion told friends "I Icve little girls." (Associated Prej* Photo) the way the Tigers are, going interest in Hugo is at fever heat and it «is probable that a .__,,„.. a ,, T . . ^ large number of Huso fans will be | Fort .^orth and \\ashington.* the in attendance both Thursday, and niayor said. •"«'- •*« —«• **™• f our Instructions are received from I Friday' afternoons. do not what sort of contract we will have. to sign with the PubHc ^Vorks Administration and there are Mayos (Continued From Pase One) <CBfntini:e<3 From Paje other details about which we are found «=?« *P lay a wreath at the | cent in Georgia to 35 P er cent in e One) hous« and T\*hitten advised the man h« had a warrant for Mm. 'Without making any reply the man "whipped out a .45 caliber and started shootins- fell first axid then the "was turned on. "^Vilmoth. After he fell VThitten fired twice at uninformed so nothing: done until we receive structions." will b & < staiue °* E* 1 "- 'William TVorrali i Oklahoma. 'in-I Mayo - fatber o* * h ~ brothers. ana j T he smaller acreage was due to I | visit St. Mary's hospitaL i c-o'ion control -program of the! 50 years you have given j Hsricultural adjustment full Mayor bonds wou in turn must be first approved by j the attorney general of Texas and then by the attorney general of the United States. The bonds" Trill be bought by the Public TVorks ers. to whose hospital leading -figures from all over the world have come for, treatment. "These 50 years, the span of jour medical practice, have cov- f or sewer improvement j ence. ' t Crash (Continued from vxmiesi urea iwicc at Administration, which will make 1 ered probably the . most remark- later said ne believed j *^e outright grant of S2S.OOO to j able period in the history- of sci- he had wounded "him. I Paris ~ Sheriff Stewart, attracted to the j work. hbuse by the shooting, telephoned j ilayor Cro-ok lost no time to! for medical attention for ) nesday morning In writing both the woticcle<l mcii and set out in j the Port "Worth and 'Washington p-crsult of the grunmaiu \ offices of the PWA for his in- At Idabel a telephone oa.J! was 1 structLon-> once he was informed made -lor bloodhounds bat they j o * -^ s j- e turns of the balloting on 3xad^-not beeji put on the trail early \ Tuesday, "W^edueaday afternoon- | The savor said bids -for the! ^- - H - Roniack. son of T^hltten and TRlmoth said they J w . Ork w - ou ; d have IO ^ advertised Romack and driver of the car, j and 445000; Texas ^S and "SS2-1 an automobile they had j accordin - to !aiv and that when probable internal injuries. ' j 000- Oklahoma 4~> ^ud 50° 000^ i tf^lthJs time arrived plans and spec- j Murray Horace Byers. IO T scalp- j . Ar j K&risaSm 57 acd T55.000: Xew I th* House in which they were .ired j lfications Wcu]d be Available in I * d - bat'believed to have a chance 5 ^^^^ 77 d on belonsed^to their a^saalant. j paris ?or perusal bv contraclors , | to recover. They discarded the theory ho {At ^ & .^ a ^ r . T&rf K _ ,^^. 4Xji K ,^ c f Margaret Rose Byers. ?. and adminis- i on combined -with the re- j ning influence of Bankh^ad | on planters who did not sign j acreage reduction contracts. j The condition of the crop Aug-« e:st 2 and the indicated produc-1 tioa in 500 pound gross weight | br,les. as reported by the depart. ; men.;: follow: -J Virginia, condition So per cent j el a. normal, and indicated produc- j lion, 35.000 bales: Xorth Caro- j ifna, 77 and SOS.OOO; South Caro- j hna. t".T and 620,000; Georgia, 69 j *-d KSl.OOO; Florica 65 and 21.000; Missouri. 72 and 175.000: ] Tennessee. 74 and S5S.OOO: Ala- Byers.^probabl«^ tatemaJ Injuries, j baiua . 74 and S15>000: iiississippi, " " " * J * ^^ I 71. and i.062,000: Louisiana, 60.} •eea about a. mile an-3 a half S 3.000: Arizona, 91 and 131.000.; California. 35 and xive T " crosar it and h«ad for High- s - - ,„ .. ^ v , . . 70 there to catch a ride with f *'A worker will not have to be-i^ e:sas - «.o *ae nonae I on tb?> roils of the National Re- 1 acl ^ a * Erashear. ; Both tVh*ttes and 'V^ilrrsoth are ] eaiploj-Tnent Service in order to i TJie husband of Mrs. Byers had | v*teras pea'ce officers of McCur- J secure empl jyment in this work." I recently been engaged ir: highway i j work near Margin. It was report- \ on, the area in . i, less the 10-year average! county. j the mayor said. As 1 soon as word reached Idabel j Mayor Crook said it would be j ed 5 be ?"' *". „ of tixe s^ooti.!*!? a poss« vra* "hast- j impossible for work to- saart on- : ' ve ^ a t i-ufkin, i.exas. Oy formed a.nd group* of arrsed I the project until the funds are- The , fiead an ° injured Taen dispatched to guard highways | received from the PTTA—in other f brought'to Greenville by ; in the vjcinfty of the iut in which | tvords the city can not borrow 15asce. the shooting: occurred. ; funds on the strength of its money j The shooting took place iin a I j o v^. received from the PTV.A. for} mountain sectfor: which i immediate beginning of the work"Decision as to whers the bonds I will be bought is naturally up to I the PVTA and nothing can be, s 1 <ior:e tir.ti! the bonds are bought I formerly many hideouts^ Posst? from Okla-horna. !x>uis!ans, Ark- wxeas and Texas joined in znanhant and bloodhounds - 1 put on the rrsour.taSn traH^. Federal (Continued From Page One) i£e census bureau, at the s time. Issued !is first 'report of rrt-^j ru^inJng bal-js. counting round] bales as hales- of th:s yeiir'-s 1 growth had been ginned prior te 5 baits to that date last year, and \ 71.0C3 to August 1. in 19S2. ! Vt'OMAX IS CHARGED I SAN A-XTOXIO, (J?; — Mrs. i Gladys Rice. 41, wh-cse attoni'ev | claimed she was "starving to ] small monthly installments i • Fak lanfl th« funds advanced to Paris.! "- -- , S .._. . . . j runnine over a.>;e and conj *^.e are going at this thing as vctl!en : per -; od i fast as we can and are anxious to... i.>j._, 's** the work start a.t the earliest" V 1 possible date.^ Mr. Crook said. <Coatinued Fronn Page One) man of the meetin;:. There was some opinion prevalent that tbc fair not be held Uil* year of asrcicuUnrc conditions brought on by th« drouth but tltisf l<Jc* was stoon ^nprrcedod by that indorsing: the fair as *. beocOcial community enterprise. KxnJjLhiitxc that he dl«! 7iot tftc nTcctini; to "scH the to yon men," Mr. Cav{- left the fcssur ^Qoar^ly- to ^atlvcrcd. After a con- wwant of «l*.«c«,v- sion the meeting ^x^eni on record a* anar»tmo*i^y in si^pport of the fair "financially ami momlly." and the M^^-fon acl- Date {Continued r rorn Oae> -I... • " | necessary for growers contracts to make applica- j rea * e ^* Tho purpose of this who have 1 to «ncou.ras:e the ir-.-iprovernent , sijrned contracts to ma.k {tion."for allotments as well «s these } tive - ir ' es ani5 oril - v iT1 s '- ch cases 'growers who di«J not make coa-| n " bers £h / 3 - r " f> -"- H"'-nr>«-»^ *"* i^hen she shot Ben H. | prominent San Antonio at-1 , on a downto^ij street cor- \ i ner ilcinaay remained in jail Wed- 1 f this nature shouJ«l be ] ««»day wlxhout bail, charged wiil» | aaade only on buildings that s are • J^urder, , structurally sound. It should be I ___~~~ ; ur.dersvood ihat Joans made on : - ATTEMPTS NEW RECORD i dilapidated structures, on those! VASAGA BEACK, Ont-. i^pi — i poorly located, or where values are i JiL:nes Ayling £n<3 Leonard Keid \ ining. are not Justified eco'n- ? took off at dawn 'Wednesday in aix| ! attempt to fly non-stop to Bagh- 1 is ; dad. Iraq., and break the world's 1 mo^ni b-orrcwed and ; tracts- I ;: J vea£l «d in better housing is ttior- r Iv^Js pointed out that this date {oas&iy Justified in the light of good [ is absolutely final and the order j JU< * j cannot be broken as a!! aJIotments j ar * i must be wa<2e before any ccrtlf!- ' "" can be had in the county. { «Another sigr.incani phase ' this home moslern!sa.t:ort prorrairs will be cesSt with ?" XVednesdciv's article in the "Paris ^ of the f Another Ions: c!s:ar;c-e flight record. | j REVIVAL BKGINS TUESDAY i Elder Sidney "R". Smith of Abilene j bt\cn.n a revival meeting Tuesday j , nigh i at the Taylor's Chapel] and where improvements MTharch of Christ, north of Paris, * increased value or j The public is invited :o attend the { ;ra caanoc let ihfs date pass f 3Ts<I then put in applications under i any condition?. Vp5>UcatiO3s cars be made oa!y local cornTnUteemen, ! Associate<J Press. > Mrs, Roy Dunagan j Thanks The Voters! A NEW WAY TO SOLVE YOUR INSECT PROBLEM * continued From One* FLIT |?RAY AND POWDER TfIC UOU5£ THAT f UT SPRAYS | VTiehita Fall*, ha?' a fine home j and any number of oil we'U a no |C'i* leases ^-h:ch woulij escape t;s: | ar'ori under the program he ..-; |" Attorney Genera] ATI! red charged. "H«» says he !s Tor the i It is wiili a srreat deal of pleasure, I ss5i:re you. than I have corr.s to this time io thajsk tbe good people of Prscinci No. 2 lor the unasual honor conferred u->or. i«e TV"h?rs they e!ecle<l me Cornrrtis- ) | sioner in Precinct No. C, Thsr-i } | b,3^ never bcen a. case like inuo j j this enc irs the history of o-.:r { j State and only ;hre •• w-orn<?y> have i ' served as County- f of :he people, but his ad valonrs taje p!an wou'-rl benefit cnly utility and loan coTnr-anirs and oil men like himself." AIJre<i jiaid he favored p?.ssa£t? of a proposed con5rl!.«tSonaj iwaitimr a vote. I and then by appointment .in uncicpjret? tern,. To ait*; teU you V«ow I appreciate •loyalty both to Kc-y I>tirt3c:3.r! 3'"-3 Tnyself would, be futJJo bi:; t-r>r- by rny actiorts and t*e.Jjav;cr ir. the future can you realise my heart- f*li gratifutie- Sb.ou!<J t'hore be -t time when I cats s^r\w you by | lature to clajwify for tnx p::r;'C5f*5; : - f'.ce I yhajl be gtad: b«t if in th-^ | property not on t'i*» tax rc-IJ*. j future I can help any orse a? any ! Tn th$ sitorney i??nrra!s *. : *c«?. I tin^e. do not fa^ te» call nte ar,d T i 5*a;«» J*eT!aror TValter V.'oodnard J ^m3! ?v ready to srive thr": tJ'.e I mrnt" at "my opponent's attempt I Plies ?•> my many friends -?-!! over j to wjn C'ycle Smith sursp'orv^rs by ; t ^* > county. if any one has *ug- t«. H:ngr Kast Texarw ! b*SJlt!*<! | jiestions ss to how the work '.n Smith." Wood ward spoke a; Liv- I *^is office can be carried on at 3 jnjrston, i greater adv«ntast" than in :h<- KJs opponent. T\"!?liam McCraw .; j^sst. please «5o rsct hes:r.Ttt- io te'* of D,i]!as, tol«J a Tinispson atidsersco I either me or someone eonr.eetet! •as srviJIty of JTSCORSIS- "As » ii'.»Tttber of :he Texas s*n- ar«? for fen years, my opponent t> re^utAi* the chain store*." McCraw said. "Now he warsts you tc» elect him attorney general so he can ftsht them." with our you nffain ana b.opjns: to be ab a !n the future, I am. Tour 'rien<l. HOT II. TH'NAC.AN. IT COSTS tO Ul tl£-IT OOff •« MUCW Army .tnt», seient;sfc!« have <1is- t-overet!, travel In search of fo\n! nmeh n< txn army on th-* inarch, A *M»U" ween rt-i-onJly in Pitt.s- field. Mass., is th* first s sine* i»D4. CALL 401 vx\> will b«y or tra,d» tor your >M furnJiurs. Come In TO »w* xai for the best values tn h*>rn» fur- D. H. Baker Furn. Co.! v Th« HOUM That Sen* For £*••** ' So You Want To Saw coMf TOMORROW! Hundreds oF Berg Gins For Less Than I Ha IF a Dollar! Good Heavy COTTON WORK SOX All Colors 5 Pairs49c Men'« 2-Piece Underwear FcU Cut Short* Fine Ribbed Shirts 2For49c Good Heavy Bloc Shirts . Boys' Dress Shirts Good Fall Pattern* Men's Fine Quality Fancy Sox A Real Buy 2Pairs49c Big Assortment Fancy Ties For Men 49 Our Moredoe Blades 20for4Sc Heavy Cotton GLOVES 5 Pairs 49c 10 BARS Full Size MUG SOAP For Shaving 10 For 49c \ * ^yy^0«^f^*^\r arqain Days ^t , __. '-• j *«"--A^_»i».~.^M Thursday, Friday, Saturday TWO BIG Red Hot Features FOR 9 A. M.. THURSDAY b Boxes (60) Full Size SANITARY NAPKINS Our Own DeLuxe Quality 5 BOXES 49 DOZEN Better Be Here Early RUMMAGE! RUMMAGE! BARGAINS GALORE ON A BIG RUMMAGE TABLE ODD LOTS OF: —SHOES — SHIRTS — UNDERWEAR —PANTS—REMNANTS OF ALL KINDS ! Good Merchandise and worth a let more than w e are asking—Bot they are odds and ends in oar stock to go »t greatly reduced prices. POSITIVELY NONE SOLD BEFORE 9 A. M. 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