The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 25, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1918
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

PAGE FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. — mi- IT 111 I in nil i wai )JMiM)Air t sE^mt^tm 26, ism The War and the Corset Tin 1i. mil "S-|H < nf tllf WflM — )l\ of tli* CorsM |)f*-n tahf -13 U-n lai'Kp «-Kt*'nt l>v "in pnv^rmm'iil tlllit cul- • riri mi fin't tit s fin«l ilii ilv I.--Mir- iiiid mills from which lh<v !'i -*ivi' PupV'Ili« alt: no Ittifr aviill il-If. Many '"it- tt-iial'j 'iihtinn SnUi cnrs'tH can no lontj'r lif uhtntm-il or '"ill >n limiiw! aJ»"iiii(. KJJC- tnr !• >» ma it ti fan ti i INK si eel l"iP'.'- fur torsits air; now in •-! n in'Mtt ,m r\ Li 'IlK' ulluatWMi is fnrtli^r rumj'llcali-il t-v Hie '••ti'.i tru;p •fo'Mi l-'fmn Hi.' sti'f-1 lir.Mi.-; tit tin- utnvinj; <>f tho nvit. riiil« rir.ui thf j."IHh- Irif; mill finMiiiiK Jrt(o IIIM rui'Ki-t fadmx, it ml nti Into tin- sin "'i u t.rrici'M • tiii-' I..|.< r SIIMI i:,,;,. 1,. LS U >t II k«'< r.H f. !l With ih" M-*nll that « u\:< s :nal in.iti.'rials nf :iH "H- and still are I- ti \\<.n<l'-r tli'-n lh:it in.i nut .u 111 n i •( Imvi ln-fn I'dti-.-il to itii-|'.-iiv< Ihti wk*'7 Soon H m;i . I- i inp<'Hwi I'lf In '.ii'' any corsets. 1'uv- 1-ir i.'.w < x . n at ,i -I^H"-' ):,.•(•• i*, .1 hi; HI i u ill ni'Vit . . I ( .i 1 . I ' i i • 111 111! It IV iin.! x t . i) I'H! :i Viihi anil All itltaba- The Rorabaugh-Wiley Dry Goods Co. Presents Women's Apparel and Accessories in Styles that Are Good and at Prices that Are Low! Smart Fall Suits are here {or $25 -$35 -$50 This full wo luiv<> MfH'('i;<Hzed on suits at iheso Wk:c:-. I.i'ti'rmin-d to M curt* ilio vi-iy tu 'St to ho hiii], wo took ti ^roat i .\vnl of pains in selcctinR ami huviim ;l;oin. Wo InsiMt'd upon durable ma- torial^. it) ilio colors favnud by scot! taste. And ('•••jjiTialiy did wo fmplia.sizf* workmanship. Kvt r> suit wa;i i i:o]niiizhly insp'-rU'd tor neat and s'cmr .s«*ains porlo*,t ttnirtliint? and prupor lining Tin.' .style;: ti f ihrso .suits lire the smart i.fiior^ci - I'a^hioiuiblf anoiher reason. Ma- ti.'ciaKs imludo I'oitvi Twill, sor^o, Hurolla, cloth, 'Pricuiinn and Silvortono. Colors—taupe, navy, brown, J'.ui•f-'.undy, black, sreen. Sixes 10 to 44. I 'rii od $25.00-$35.00-$50.00 Suits—Second Kloor. Dresses Fof Practical Fall Wear Sorvicablo tnilort-il dresses of satin, serge, wool jersey or i'ilk Iricolette are here in a wide range of atlraelive .sl.vles. and'in a variety of interesting prices. PresseH designed for business, afternoon, street or informal evening wear. Very plain and tailored. Ntally fiuislicd and made throughout with the greatest care. Seme have plaited skirts, others have tight underskirts with fuller tunics. All are somewhat narrower and longer. These dresses eome in grey, navy, taupe, brown, green or black. Sizes 3tj to 44. Prices range $19.50—$25 00—$29.75— $35.00 and up to $98,75 Dresses—Second Kloor. SHOES HATS BLOUSES Tin- n<w "-horn an* niadf nf thft finest of MjrL PjiMu 'h UnJ Inathera. Vory llg-lu in w»:l«lit anil «uft and htiiitih-. Tlu 'V fit tht* foot iti graceful, slinplt' llnt-.s —*'(irnhlriinh' t-oin- lorL and iliritiimUon with dwabillty and fhann anuniial! Mllitiiry liooi -s atifiwor the popular (iptnund foi* the pracUcaJ iuid Iti -auiiful in such a manner that they an- finding gnat favor In the itMitniiw world tbts fad. Our stuck of Military lioot.s Is ecimjjletB In nlzv and culor. frice raiifit; from JV .50 1o JH -00. A Itt-aver Kppy Pi-enfli kfd hoot, with wi 'li Mxili -H, !i Inch btro top, I.ouis XV hi.-i'ls, oomitiK in n per- lict fit tint; trvdid, \s one of bur uou 'uBt stylo. It In priced > 15.00 AlWeary hi-fN— IH .M paJr. Hhn'k Kid SJioeH arc always correct— for till around frw-rvioe and Kuod style tlu-v are Ine-ompurable. In button or Uu :i- Willi turn or wail .soles Uirv rant;*- in prleu- — J7 .00, tb.00, |9 .u('. 5!-MXi pair. Shoe Polish for ch-nninf,* white, colorf-d or brown Mil or ralf. We have a complete Htoek of the he.Mt eb-anerH. Shot U'pt,—KJjht Hour. Kvery day more and more now hats are coming In. Tho popular ideas are being carried out In original shapes, attractive trimmings and wonderful materials. All colors favored In wearing aparet can be perfectly matched In millinery, A new shipment of velour sailors has Just been received- plain chic little hats sure to find a welcome. They come in black, taupe or blue and are priced from $10.00 to $20.00. Loose Novelty Veils In now duplgnti and styles, blaclt or blue. Priced $2,50 to $3.50 each. Second Floor. Umbrella Informatiqn If your umbrella is worn out and the frame is still good— bring it in to us and let us cover It for you. Covers are of taffeta, serge or cotton materials. Matte for 7 or X ribbed umbrellas—for umbrellas In sizes of '24% or 211% inches, (outside measurements.) If umbrella bus wooden rod or IB In n different size, wo will order cover to fit lu Covers uro priced from $1.00 to First Kloor, Appropriate Companions for the New Tailored Suits are Marked Only $5.95 Blouses of Georgette crepe— made with plain round necks or becoming sailor collars. Trimmings of beads—or silk embroidery. Some have collars in contrasting colors—a new note which is very effective. Others are extremely tailored. Colors come in grey, blue, flesh, orange, bUjquo or white. Slses 36 to 44. Priced $G.96. Other blouses of Georgette^— priced up to 135.00 each. Second Floor. SWEATERS Hundreda and hundreds of warm new Sweaters came in last week—Just in time for cooler weather. Sweaters of wool with broad rolling collars—long sleeves and deep pockets— either with wide belts or very smart and plain. Weaves are in medium weight of fine zephyr yarn or in rope stitch—very heuvy. A few are in silk. Colors come In rose, red, grey, green, blue or gold. Sizes 14, 18 and 30 to 44. Prices— $5.95-$7.50-$ 10.00- end up to $25.00 Sweaters—2nd Floor, Interesting Accessories often nrnke a costume entirely successful that otherwise would have proven quite common place. Uloves, purses neckwear an d jewelry are of utmost importance to the well dress od woman. We have a complete showing at prices to plcuse. Beads Heads of filled pearl; vorv solid; i\ory eolor. «-tat hntjth. rrieetl $3 t-0 strand. <\ tub* r eoU) r oil be a il s; "mi fed and - k 1 sixes, l'rled $n.&0 strand. radii $j.:& of siee. Necklace pearls, small biff or gold clasps. 1 J:.HI) and $:'.D0 Same In {arndunted l'rlcfd $3.50 a.nd Strand. filled stci - 'riccd oueii- $7.60 Gloves ICYei y woman reeop- ntzfH as essential t<x her I'ostiiine. t»(iiiWi' ,-»JJK. blucu or wliltt. - cliivp, plain wUh J'arl* pointH. Si?.**.-* fi to S'j. Priceti ?]:!;• pair. Kid Gloves in black, \s bit*, tnn. trrey, charapaBne, or hruun. Plftin or with fnney embroldt-red bMi 'kn. Size.t 5-% lu b. .Pni^d JJ.uO. J3.75 pair. Washable Capes in Aii -H, K >*•*>', khaki, V'luwn, embrpiUpred bitckH or tiuicy cutis ^i2»*'* t! t" "H- Priced to KM. New Service Pins for patriotic mother?>, .sisters, ' sweethearts or wives. Gold plate insigna pins with Kurviee star, pricrd 50c each. Service broochee rolled gold plate; 2 or 3 stnr«; circle shaped pin, priced fl&c. viU'b. Service - Lock eta — pin attachwJ, \.'«old plate; round or oblons ahape; service ptar on locket. Place for picture. 1'riced $1.00 each. H Heart Shaped r :n» — Carved silhouette soldiers or sailor *,n ee.iter. Priced $1.00 each. Neckwear «U) be very plain—ftJ- inont severe—this WUKOI. Yet very chic and lui'iu'cu and altoBL'ther good looking. ^ The New Jane Crow! collars arc finding u welcome n*f:t*i>tion. They yie inaile with round rolling collars, fastening In back, and with becoming plaitt-d ruffles fastening up under band and falling" tfracefuliy arnund shoulders and across the front. Sometlmeri tiie lolling bund forms tlit top of a clever vest in a i :;n These Jane Crowl cellars are In satin or or- Kuinlle and are priced $1.00 and TUB. ^ Other collars ore In plain shapes of orgaiiJia, crepe or satin. Flat or rolling — embroidery or lace trhrnned. priced 3*t<: to $2.-5 each Vests atid vestees n"e of nrgatidfe. crepe or satin. High or flut col- hirs. Priced $1.75 and f.0 euch. Collar .sets of organdie, crepe or satin, pi Iced 75c to 50. Parses of Leather are to bo popular Oils full. \\'i; luavB leatbttr purnes in pin seal or nno- rocco leather. l,ined with silk or ailk moire. Either back or top a traps, f111ed with mirrors a nd coin purses, in a variety of shapes. Colors: lirown. grey, blue, green or bbiejt. Prices range— $1.00, fl -60, jsTus, $3.fl5, $&.00, $7.50. War Hervice serves the server. Construction work at home must run well ahead of destructive work at the- front. WorabauaAMIey HVTCHtN&QN, KANSAS. Fresh fruils and green vegetables used freely in the diet will cut the demand for very sweet desserts. IN NEED OF HELP Legal Advisory Board Wants Women to Help Pill Out Questionnaires. Women helpers are wanted by tho Hcno Counly U'ga! Advisory Board who are willing to help them through out the next month with the fUllns out of questionnaires. An office has been opened in the Commercial Club rooms and Mrs. S. C. McKlnney Is In charge of the work. When one Mops to Uiink thitt there are 5,150 registrants In Reno county alone that must" be taken ca*c of, It can easily be seen that there is no little task ahead of the lawyers. "What we need are women who ran come aud spend u holt a dny at a time to help us during tho times when we are so rushed," one lawyer 5aid today. "11 would simplify matters "Very much if women who have. some time to spare, would volunteer their services. So often the registrants come in large numbers and w'e are simply swamped." Come Prepared. -Men who are farmers are asked especially by the board to study the questions carefully so that when theyj come before the Advisory Uoiud they<( will be prepared to answer such questions that pertain lo the amount of slock they possess, how much grain they have raised and sold, their gross Income and bow much their expenses have been during the past year. This admonition is especially for Ojose who seek deferred classifications on account of agricultural pursuits. So much more (into which is needed for other purposes and for the filling out of other queetionnaires, is consumed needlessly in this way. A speeding up of affairs Is necessary and every available mcati6 is being t-.iken in order that such can be accomplished. The lawyers are so husy especlally at this Lime of the year and the younger ones, upon whom the greater share of this responsibility has rested heretofore, are now in the army, making it doubly hard for those left behind. Only .Few Cared For. Ten percent of the Questionnaires have been mailed out so far and only a very small portion of Iheee have secured the necessary' help. Last Saturday morning was the worst day of all for Mrs. McKlnney, who was all alone at the Commercial Club rooms and she was reshed to death seemingly, with so many waiting for assistance. "At one time I hud ten Mexicans waiting, none of whom could speak linglish enough for me to understand them. All of tile questions and answers had to be given through an interpreter, which took considerable time," Mrs. McKinney wxplttlued today in telling of the need for other helpers. She is there every dny and after a little 'explanation any one can do tile work nicely. Any one who can volunteer their services are asked to come to the Commercial Club rooms and they will be assured that they will be put to work. WINFIELD MILLS PENALIZED. I They Failed to Pay a "Fair Price" for Wheat to the Farmers.' Wichita, Kans.. Sept. 25.—Three I Winfield flour mill companies which ) failed to pay a "fair price" for wheat I August fin-i, second and third, were j penalized a total of $000 by the fed| eral food adminis-tratior for Kansas I here today. The money will go to tlie j Cowley county Red Cross. In addition to the penalties tho millers were instructed to pay approximately 5.500 to farmers of Cowley i counly to cover the difference bc- j tween the prices paid to farmers on those three days in August for their • wheat, and "a fair price" as paid by these same mills July 31 and August 4. Tho mills cotieerned are the Winfield Flour Mills company, which was penalized $300; the Alexander Milling company, $200; and the Adams Milling and Grain company, $100. The size of the penalties .was based on the size- of each milling company and the amount of wheal purchased below a fair price during three days. COMPLETING CHURCH. FRED WEESNER Successor to Hriggs Bros, DRUGGIST No. 3 South Main Phone 168 We Mix, Our Dough yyilli intelligence, The result is Consistently Good Bread Modern Bread AFTER SUGAR HOARDERS. Some Felt Uneasy and Brought In Their Supplies before Being Caught. Wichita, Kan., cSept. 25.--Frcd M. Tate, chief of the Kansas City oflice of tho United States secret service, Is in WlehlLa today conferring with food administration officials on sugar boarding vases. ' Children.Dry fOR riETGtiir* i5^- JR^. \ ^St ^i Recently the men in his office made raids in Kansas City which resulted in tho'arrost of eight persons all ot whom are bound over to the federal grand jury under $1,000 bonds on charges of suBtir hoarding. The secret Bc-rvtao men also seized 2,00U pounds of sugar in the raids. The extreme penalty for hoarding Is two years In prison, mid $5,000 fine. !Uuder tho sugar *«rllflcato plan now in vogve it Is not difficult to trace hoarders. No sugar can be purchased unless the cousumer signs for It. "Following the raids in Kansas City Wii tsm» 4» my office and confessed," said Mr. Tate today. "Where voluntary confessions were, made and the concealed sugar was .surrendered wo did not bring charges. Altogether more than 7"° pounds of sugar was returned voluntarily and was given to tuo Hed Cross. The 2,000 pounds seized In the raids is being held for evidence," Tate is geltlug a list of names (>( persons located in various parts of tlio state, whoee records, us shown by certificates, IndlcjjilLe they we nourt}- ers. • .' All of us waptito bo served first.- Atchlsop <lk>t)<^ Windows for New Universalis* Church Receved and Work Is Being P.uahcd. The are windows for the new Uni­ versalis! church \vhlch have been the cause in tho delay of finishing up Lhe construction arrived this week and are being placed. The seats are being placed and -the finishing work which had to be stopped until the windows came is being rushed. It Is hoped to be able to have the dedication of the church the early part of October and it Is also planndU to entertain the state convention of the UnlversaJist church at this time. Hey, Seward Baker who has been upending 'his vacation In Colorado is expected homo this week. , Your car needs a Vesta Storage Battery. Sue Hill-Howard Co. 24-1U ToHelpMal* Strong, Keen RedBloodid American* 'Rn*Ti Now Being uied by o;«» tbr„ B UUon p t» pl« «nnu»lly. It will locrMM.'lse •ttenijb of wtik, nenroui, mn-d»"» {fit*.. 1 " 1,1 *W Pistol- and* Revolver Cartriclgea for Shooting 'Right F OR home defence, (or hunting er lot target inoAtintf, buy ttc Vine! ot cartridges the jpi «tol and revolver expert* uemmdi *od eb*ropiooJ depend OD to win — the Remington UMC "Red Ball" br»bcL Knowing that * tingle "un*eeottti«bV -wild *hot may eott him the nt&tcn, one tniafire in • hundred ihota throw him out his winning "form" the target ebtmpioa chooses Remington UMC Cartridges. He L««w« tWt «*tr ri*c< ks IOOVMI dowa tt« •ifbti of Ul firtt yittal. b« (WiJ R.mieftoa UMC CftHridfM all Hfkt, Tfc* *4J Mtlltman wko "*%tM • »l «-«W«r till l>« wu twittttd" »»d J<litkM Iti .n m ? n fi- 1 ? 1 ««»»tB »ben k> tfrt* a t\nn«* —M*». ' Cm n* Rraingiva UMC Rati DaU Wand eirtrid«je« arrry ttma— ihtf »loot »i>Jlr. Sdd by Sfiortirif GooJi Dtatert in Your Community lit REMINGTON ARMS UNION METALLIC CARTRIDGE CO-Ine. L*rfr»t M*mufattvrtri mf Fir**rmt*ni Am*%*niti—t in tit Wt*U * WOOLWORTH DLDG. NEW YORK We have complied with the Governments request to be satisfied with a reasonable profit and to keep the quality up to standard. Quality $fos ox The Same Price—Ten Cents Our increased volume of sales, foresight in buying and rigid economy in manufacture, enable you to buy SHINOLA At The Same Price As Always—Ten Cents 50 Good Shines to the Box Good for Leather Makes Shoes wear longer aud look better Black - Tan - White - Red - Brown Large Can Hebe Milk for - - 10c 2 Large Cans Pet Milk for - - 25c 5 Bars Lenox Soap for - - 25c 5 Bars White Rap. Soap for - 25c 1 Gal. (No. 10) Apricotts for - 65c* Stop at our, store No. 318 N. Main Saturday and see our free demonstration of something new iu the food line which will hefp to reduce your grocery bill this winter. A Free Ticket to the movies for every one attending this demonstration. No. 1-318 North Moht No. 2-15-17 B West No, 3-817 South Main. ., 4 Stores No. 4-Corner Sherman fi Main Produce--17 B West Export of Molasses Increases, Honolulu, T. H.—Hawaii's eports of molasses have increased; from 10Q gallpns, worth $7, In 1910, to eleven' million gallons, worUi $352,000 In the year ending June 30, 1917. Mol»sses, a by-product of sugar; is rapidly becoming »s Industry of importance in tho territory and the gre.ftt sugar Jn. terests are now planning to furllier increase the oclput,, Children Ory C A SXOR I Au

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