The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 21, 1955 · Page 14
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 14

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1955
Page 14
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THE SANDUSKY REGISTER-STARNEW8 fclttlliim ky NEA, (ffi ft55 Robert CorM. XV ALFY vi-rp(. liis hfick iitrsscti flKfllnst llio loosf>l\ fuiird (•;ni\;ii. the dpmi.iohn cliilclu'd in liis Arms. "Don"! hlanic nio. Il's me swipo of ;ui iiiiclo ' "Thai [ disliclic'vc," Naish said. "If linlf of you say I is trup. \()wr imclo will (inisiil the vo\aRO in iions." i Mr. Wilson stood sliffiy and; a hit siiliiMi a( fiip niainntasl . foot.. "Look.s like .•stoics l)a' been broaciied, sii," lio said. '"I'hp' BY ROBERT CARSB Ihp money from you. I doubt i tliat tliry'll testify In your favor."; 'You're .slicic with the words,"! Mr. Wilson said, the pen gripped! in liis hand before he .signed.; "You've got book I'arnin" over and abo " Pinnle and me. What hankers you to sail in a whaler and treat us 'or" "The leaning you can get the same v.-ay I got mine," Naish said. '^Tis voice was softer; he was the victor now. "But there'.s no '.eed to talk of such. What I want of you is ab.solute, unfailing obedience. If T receive it, at the end of 'he voyage what 'happened night can be readily forgotten." Mr. Wilson smiled at Mr. Finnie and i 'lanie smiled back. Then with great sol nnlty and with what NaLsh recognized as honp«;t| respect for him llu-y took his, hand. "Yoti "bout got us whernj you want us." Mi. Wilson .said. "How's for start in' on tliem other at noon'.'" j "Fine," Naish said. i • • • [ WITH Blagecn wan and con-! cave at his side, Naish went into; the hold in the morning. 'I'lic, steward had used a very basic i method for the; manufartuic of, liquor. He had half filled a kcR with fresh water and arldcd to il i potato mash, potato peels, lemons and sugar and yeast, allowed' the mess to ferment. Then hei had drawn off the liquid throtigh! an old cambric shirt, called itj grog and sold it as such. "I couldn't stand the bloody well l)orcflom no more," Blageen said. "I'm used to the fast packets, I am. Travel in style from port to port," Naish had picked up a piece of dunnage and used it against the keg, Tbj staves gave; the liquor ran over the planks to- w.irds the bliges. "Is Alfy really your nephew?" "No. No ore than you are. But I didn't press him to come aboard, 'E wanted it on his own,; the little demon." "I'm locking you up in irons! in the for'd lazarelte until 1 can bring you before a court and jury I sotnewhere. I've known some low swine In my time, but you sound deep six for sure. How much of the fres 'i stores did you .steal?" "Abaht 'alf," Blageen said. (To Be Continued) Rice won't .stick to the pan, if a small amount of lard or other fat has bee" added to the cooking water. MEET ME AT THE RIEGER For A Christmas Holiday Parfy REMEMBER! YOUR GRAY S DRUG STORE IS OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS FOR CONVENIENT SHOPPING Rights Reserved To Limit Quantities lias l)(>oii pcddlin'; hands most o' the I didn't stop him?"; little brat grog to the night." "And >ou Naish said. "Finnic and inc was oul on the platform all nit;hl. N'ou'i -ci Itta.ster of th(> xcssci, .^.jr, I aint. '! ( Blagecn was |iionp in his bunk «nd so diunk that lie didn't lonso «hen Naish (•.•illcd lilin, then slapped him and .xaiikcd his hair. "Want me t (M- \iso me knilc on 'im?" Alfy said. ".Slick it nnder, his big toe nail and he Ixdlcrs proper." "We'll let that wait." Naish, Raid. He closed and locked tluv door. .Mfy frightened him ai bit. The boy ^^•asn't poss(\ssed ^ by evil: he was e\il itself. Mr. Wilson spi'awled on a cor- 1 Bei of the main cabin setteo.l Mr. Francis on the otlier. Naisli: gave them a elieerfnl smile, "^•()ui icnow I know." lu' sairl, "that no' fiailor is respo.isible for his depts under the law. It's alsOj ea.s\' to establish tliat Bla^jeen; would never trust a s.iilor and! that this lot we have aboard I here came on w illioul money in \ their pockets." | "What's your poiniV" Mr. Wjl- 1 •on said. "That Blageen sold his !:;rot,' for cash and you two su|)i)lied the| cash." Naish I 'caelied lor the logj book flipped it to the day's; page. "You might have succeeded and robbed llie- men without my knowledge. But you paid cash to Alfy for his uncle. Tlie men signed some .sort of chit that put them in your debt. At the end of the \'o\age. after they'd left the ijay table, you proposed to get It back with heavy interest. It's an old trick. I've seen unscrupulous mates work it in other shijis." "Half these fellas will jump in the first port we touch. You'll! never find 'cm an,\- pay table." "But you as mate.'> can settle against the pay thc.\ leave behind them. Let's iia\e the chit, iVIr. Vilson. It is time that 1 become severe with \ou." :^''R. WILSON tossed it on the' table. It wa.s no more than; rumpled, sweated half sheet j made out. in .Mr. Wilson's handj and inscriljed siin|)l\- at the topj as "Undersigned i\len Owe toj Messers Wilson & Finnic." The; sums ranged from S2 to .$7.' j Naish slijiped it in his .shii-t | pocket. Then he wrote swiftly; i.. the log book. Sign this, Mr. | Wilson." he said. "And v ou, Mr. \ Finnic." ! "I ain't sijiuing what I ain't' read," iVlr. Finnit> siiid. "Il's a brief slalemeiil of what has happened, "Naish s;iid. "itead ; it with care. Lei me make clear to you, thougi'. that no ^ood willi come later to you it >ou des- 1 troy this log book. Or if liy; chance I should , L;O over the sidej some night and .Mr. Botliwiek af-! ler me. .'Ml that will be lu'cded in; any court of l.-iw is the tesli-j monv of the men who bori'owed ' Catmy FREE! ST. JOSEPH CALENDAR and Weather Chart .... Hurry SUPPLY LIMITEDI DRUG STORES IS always a Christmas favorite! FRIENDS • FAMI&Y • CUESTS LOVE IT! Pin-Wheel Whitman's newest assortment of chocolates. 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