The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 31, 1975 · Page 61
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August 31, 1975

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 61

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 31, 1975
Page 61
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Page 61 article text (OCR)

Des Moinit Sun. R»gi««r_ Trudi and TritUfI 310 Aug. 31, 1973 Trucki ami Tnllen 310 ^ CENTRAL IOWA TRUCK SALES 515-232-1303 '69 Cnevy CM, 427, S and tap, 20 (t. box and hoist •if Ford N700 dlese, 5 fcSavy fe%,ur »*' *•*• I*6.Ferd Eeenoilne van, 4 eyl., J ! erd N700, v>, 5 sod., tractor equipped Wellman Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc. !i^SkM^r siffl * WREGKEI ,.-, 3MC »SOO series dlesel with Hojnwstoo wrecker. 1974 .Chevy Super Cheyenne, , wheel drive with Holmes 5(K wVCne'vy 30 series with Holmes wrecker box only ,- ir -- -J grain frailer with FIRST'NATIONAL BANK Parking. U)f, .. Corner of Klrksvllla, We reserve the rlght'to refuse all IPord. U T!" Auto. PS, NW Corner oTthe Squara syllla, Missouri Auto. I miles , air, gas. apMtyattag .345, S and 2, »71 INT 1MO, 345. s and 2, air >a] tag, PS. .Bostrom, ir gram jody and hoist, tarp, mint condi- ion. No Sunday calls. 71J-7M-117I Kemsen, la A ik Yew Dealer Far RAM ThanaMferyour WUtl •flfMpHMflf MMk Se« your nearest Dtaltr for a end grain or lieeletk Holer, Truck Bodits Hydraulic Hoists (wm patent •petM for llde center combination duma>X 15 Ton Running Gear. 515-332-3697 Traek Eqiipmnt Shop 515-332-1631 CALL 319-646-2444 ASK FOR ALBERT OBECO TRUCK BED AND . TAYLOR TWIN POST HOISTS Same new — some usad — some ,,, ,„.„., ,-„ lunfajrs. W« mount, shorten J 1 tntvv cw - lentwen, and custom fabricate S. rh»«v r<« most anythlnq. , -'' ch 'vy cso, 12 ft. 7 ton J e'ompartmant ai hvdraullc bulk box, reconditioned, We rust proof trucks and autos with Thixco Tex process. We appraise and repair fire damaged and wrecked feed bulk bodies. On hand for Immediate, delivery ES, f 72 Chew c«o, 427, S and 2, C and and }, C and 17, Chevy CM, cabover dlesel, C 1, airlift spd., C CM, 2*2, 4 spd., C and KM Highland Ml Clint, rta. IN STOCK Dodge Pickups and Vans i '75 voyager vans i 75 Enclosed vans i 75 vision vans 2 '/i-ton j i tt-ton 4 JKir. WESTRUM MOTORS Stratford, la. S1S4M-22U leeper, 20 In. ., ATr tires htllner, 903, Air tend, M In. , . tlrai, H reefers N.W.O.-M nMFruehauf reefers N.W.D.- 6, thermokings. All rajlers. Tj) nsulated traifersler §too. laM Olson ach. 1971 IHC itjo aram truck, 1*1 V4 en«me, 5x1 iranimiuion, iff 77 wheel base, 11.00x27.5 tires, ~~ rein x2. akes, rei ir steering, air .. reme, air brakes, new 1 teid box and hoist 0 .... . HOUSBY MACK INC. IJOSWtith 515-2M-H47 NEED e~ lift? 1975 International Fleetstar, twin screw streigh iruck with Detroit «-7i dlesel angina, 22 ft. Delta earoo box, elec rlc hydraulic 4000 Ib. capacl tuk-a-way tailgete. 16,000 miles, months old. Call Ravnor Cemmu- ition Sueplin from I to 5. sis. f R5: Reefers, Van* . tbeds. Clark, Fruehauf rallmoblle. HOUSBY MACK INC. «• 1*72 INTL. model 1m wL. engine, flit hood, power steering, ?"•' PIP,.« 'P** "A"*: vrtth. i tt, 14 In. cab to "axle, is.. In A-1 shape. Call axi M-S'k'Cbfnlng; laV OBECO Stotk & Groin Boxes GIANT Stock & Grain Boxes GALION Twn Post Ho CRYSTEEL Scissorj Hoiit Immediate Installation Dates Call Us For The Best Prices In the Midwest 1 Hawkeye Equipment fM dwrits gobus tod TruekiMdTrilltri 310 IOWA GTY COFam V31I, 1J • COF4070," fresh" 3il',"i! i'OFJwpY m', 'idspd' V.' »' f-2000 6 conventional, J3I jif Braeltway ," V3i «', ' i i' T Pre'lQhYiiner; ' tood' 'NHJ mi ) ' 4x4,' ai rifi Trveki and Trailer* 3ft ret :iine Truck & Equipment CLAPSADDLE SALES & SERVICE IN STOCK b«co comb, boxes and hoists, utcnen tandem suspensions, erfeetlon dump bodies, farm olsts. CALj STODDARD TRAILERS Manufactured In Waterloo Custom made £««*« UP TO 40 tOfii Used 12 ft. f ten flatbed AUCTION tUCTWS—1UUM KCPWMTS—tUtlSTAn WUMOAT.HPT. 11 11iOOAJL(MMD lOVm DAKOTA MKCOKOIAN uvuToaa,uwiw SAIC SITEi lammon, S.D. Is lecaHd on U.S. 12 hi N.W. South Dakota, only 100 mats $.W.oflhMKk,*D. TIMTORS 12 — 1*75 thru 1971 Pet*. W* cob-overs. 3504 3!»D«- traltrlTO-tSI), law ix»n, •>• 2 — *1»7S t'lM? Freight- Kntn,350Cum.t250Cum. 1 — 1969 CMC JI-95002M Dtlroit 1 i- 1967 K. W. ConvtntiofV ol, 318 Detroit 1 — 1967 IHC Connntionol, ISOCummim linJTOM-TUIUK-tMDI 14 — 197S, 1974, 1973 & 1971 Widen t American 44 ft., 43 ft. A 42 ft. dwminum poll, stationary t electric Nft decks, 13 ft. high, wcelent condition* 3 — 1974, 1971 A 1966 When & American 40 f f. A 3* ft. efamfauM 4 eta 1 — 1973 Chombeftn 31 ft. (ecMCttattr te)beeaMe*l«OPJI. For cofflpbte brochure or more Infof motion contocti TAnOta\MAITV4,INC, IMMtMFrewtMntU Ph:402-72M900 IMmM MdMnrt unt)H*i 4U-12MW 515-597-2383 SCHNEIDER SERVICE Huxley, towai TRAILERS 2—WSeVown^O-trohrs wth Aftow POT Udtia 19M fcown 40* Itoibed 1944 Wi*M. 3T (jroln TRUCKS 1974 C40 Chevy wMi MM Equ^NMntinphmMtlMd 1962 C40 Chevy wHh 1966 C60 Chevy cob end W.LMONSONCO. 515-295-3767 515-295-2029 10 MATCHED SINGLIAXLI SLEEPERS '73 IHC C04070A, 8V71, 29O HP KTO 9313, Air Cond. "OVERHAULED 1973" 10x20 DiK, 142" WB '70IHCCOP4070A Non-Sloepar—238 HP Detroit, 3 Sf>d Tram. 3 Spd Tandem 10x20 Spoke. Coll Us I 1-800-36M679 After 5:30 PM Call 1-515-278-0471 Ports and Service 7i30 AM-1.30 AM Mon.-Frl. Parts 8 AM-12PM Sat. 4545 Merle Hay Road, D.M. — '70 K.W. CAI OVER SLEEPER 270—4*4 SQHD, 10x20 Disc, New Paint. 1—'68 FREIGHTLINIR 81" Sleeper Cab. 333 Cummins, RT 913 Trans., SQHD Tandem, 10x22 Budd, NEW OVERHAUL ON ENGINE, Excelont Tim, Now Paint PRE-WINTIR-TRUCKERS SPECIALS! CARRY OUT INSTAUIO EXCHANGE 14" 2 PLATE REBUILT CLUTCH ASSEMBLY.... $ 130.00 $236.00 GROUP46V BATTERY $32.00 $4t.OO 7" IRAKI BLOCK (No 43130) PER AXLE, CAM TYPE, INCLUDES SEAt 1 F-600, chassis cab 1 F-600 with grain body and hoist 1 F-750, chassis cab 2 C-750, chassis cab I LNT-880, chassis cab 1 LN-8000 with air tag, grain body and hoist 2 LTS-8000, chassis 1 CT-900, long wheel base, chssis cab 2 LN-9000, chassis cab 2 LT-9000, chassis cab 1 LNT-9000 with grain body and hoist Call collect to Roger Biersner, Daryl Dunham, Jim Bough, Steve Chr/stal, Steve Elliott. TRUCKS I IB T CROSSROADS FORD WATERLOO Highway 218 South Ph. 319-232-6631 S25.00 $150.00 DES MOINES WHITE TRUCKS 1-35 & 1-80 AT 2nd AVE EXIT PHONE 515-244-4793 MttoCartt S4 The 1976 Harley Davidsons, Are Here USED BIKE SPECIALS Long's of Knoxville REBUILT BATTERIES HONDA'S 6L1000 $2650 colors an hand antastlcMaft , cnange or overhaul, ia< Plus parts. Reasonable, tuna FT. DODGE, !A. Ph. 573-71 73 or 573-7171 VW 75 TRIKE Stoddard Mfg. Co. OTWtar OrT EARL 2*00 I. U USED TRUCK BOXES 14 ft. alum, van, roll up raar roll x.^'^r&&*fc s and ift fate. eevwl livestock * oo* w-holst FREEDOM MACHINES Harley Davidson Sales and Service Mabe's Cvcle Center L MA ou DEWEY FORD Trade UP or DIE ,-. . * ft flat w-hpisf and steel floor Wood or steel It It. train box 1 BOONE, 432-4643 YAMAHA TRIUMPH BSA of extras, Just or bait reasonable Whitten, Iowa 515-486-5311 BEST PRICES IN IOWA AGO trailer*, wood s». Laminated •idH.fM el fan, TRANSPORT, INC. 51S-4*MM1. Packwaad. la GRETTENBERG'S wtn wFvffvnQtrvt Ti Don's Honda USA DODGE car haul k, Adventurer atlc, power Evenings By Appointment War! ...On Prices KAWASAKI SAL! BENNETT & WALTERS 21-IOth St. SW, Mason City, Iowa _Hoyr|i.Mon.-Frl. 4-». Sat. »-S tfi REPOSSESSED (, tires IS PLA* Spillmans DIAL FREE 1-800-452-1201 ifn'g' 'included'' aVcapt wilf 'not be undersold. Jer»Dickev 4U E. Sfth rfvenoert. la. Sept. Clearance ZIP'S AUTO BODY New Hampton, la. 5l5-3tm«7 '*7-CNEVY with 440 d.rn.,, convertible, hit M, 4 door. Hampton, la. S1S-3T4-3H7 TRUCKS, 3. FOTd. 750 an ZIP'S AUTO BODY Dewey's Auto FALL SALE! Used Competition Machines reari^verv"lbw"mli new. 711-M3-1491 or 332- 7<«USTANG u. needs left front GRAND PRIX Helwood Trailers Inc. SI GT, minor front dam. W'PLVMOU ilno AUSTI SPRITE 1959 Oood fettorabto car BUWALDA IMPORTS "tt Harley Davidson IMMEDIATE ill drlva.** 8 *' mln0f IWif rear.damage, wll •"EHICK-2 door, minor front Wt hi " < '" ** T1O'P.BMLIN, very minor right SRICK GARY'S YAMAHA CENTER n ySTIN HEALEY 'M I, showroom condlt Alchellns, overdrive, pod/ ports* •UHkAiW !*>••*•<•« QMTf, «tC . .VARNA CR290 73. Excel it .condition. Extras, si 100. 7^ MOTO CROSS RACES BMW-Fiat-Saab-Subaru . waton, right front and side [FbATSUN 310, needs raor clip teal sharp car. « rent damage, 1 has rear demise, priced to sell. 2-70 MALIBU COUPES, 1 has 70 FORD Country Squire station wagon, light front end damage will drive. Iowa City, la. 1-800-276-6405 TOLL FREE OR CALL COLLECT 319-354-2112 REPAIRABLES ^Chevv^G-.lO van,'VI HP andmoni jS&'ffoW 'Hatchback with Needs complete IG014 dr.. ant. Car rlgtt .-a Si ¥«, M. PB, and conditioning. Unit needs a r rter panel and a trunk Tld. ' panel and NTEGO M MXJLdr..hdtop, riJKVSf \ ster .aroe Inventory uto salvage. of late model WALKER AUTO SALVAGE Ph. 319-352-2535 Hwy:218,S.,Waverly,la. Where Ecology Originated Vander Haag's SPENCER, IOWA _ Late Model* Fo >atsun, 310 >dr. Ight side, drive slBT 1 r., le irp. easy egr coupe,"very righf front end demT SPENCER, IOWA 12-262-7000 100-242-5030 . approach .Plate, f.UVE VanDyke Co. storm damage, need* front end front demagg Jon wagon station wagon 9700 miles, 4 auto., right front damage OP£L GT, front damage, VOL^T Krager mobile '72 HALLEN6ER, light Interior 70 O^VROLET Stepvan M TRIUMPH GTi, need f nd assembly needs front Cedar Rapids, la. Dial Free 800-332-5400 Rebuildables THL _ 73 Gremlin, ar. damage, nice 72'Plymouth Scant, « < mi. Front end damaao. 72 Toyota Carona 4 dr. REBUILDABLES Nova 2 door sedan. Needs left ppr and quarter. 114 ml. '4 .Ford 2-dr. hardtop. ,jartei Pord 2^ir. hardtop. LTD, IS frOm '«a, right front damage uick ^Century, low miles, 43 Forest COMPLETE TURNKEY < 'RUSHING OPERATION, eluding AlTon C-20 crusher, an 1700 series loader, fie corner Herndon Auto Wreckers Parts and Used Cars earlno. low« 515-417-541 /ery . Mher business forces sale. act Roy Long, Knoxville, ul?41U. .- 74 C GMC TEW END CLEARANCE Pricw May N«v«r B« This Low Again LARGEST SELECTION OF NEW GMC PICKUPS IN IOWA No reasonable offor rofuiod. V4 Tons, % Tons, 4 Whttl drivts, 1 Tons, Crtw Cabs, Sprints. 7—6000 and 6500 Series in Stock Conventional or tilt cab, choic* of options and •ngiiw tizts. Some have grain boxtt and hoists already mounted. Highest trade in value on used truck and pickups. NOTICE Wo have moved to our new location on High* way 20 East. Financing Available Open Nights 'til 9; Saturday 'til 6 515-576-3158 LEMENT TRUCK CENTER, INC. Fort Dodg*>/ Iowa REPAIRABLES 75 Krown tent trailer, AIR CONDITIONERS, qenulnj =ord. Fits all Plntos, 71, ^72, w'/ h io assembly. Have parts on ad. seden DeVllle, very ml- trunk lld p$ M dr. PHIL 7 S BODY SHOP Albert Lea. Minn. 507-373^707 PARTS FOR SALE 72 DODGE Car hauler, 0300.^! black. Adventurer package; VI '*>'- eulometlc, power steeringTpower good, brakes, air conditioned, cruise motor control, 30,000 actua miles. Nev '•""— and^new 8000 ib. Ramsey less withow 1970 TOYOTA Corona 1««0. Pl»tf for parts or rebuild. ... Dart Slant * rebulldable engine. Also 1945.A.T. for Valiant. To 964 244-59 — age. 9%. vw Engines ouaran- m ,up, free on MOTORS, hear runl 1100 each. Also, parts .MUST belnc Condition. Call erter T PM HEAR KleW 070X14 tire and chrome nm for Gremlin X, mathced set >25. 287-i4?4. (.06KA 170 TORINO, 4-sPeed, Capital Auto Parts 244-8548 Pickup, etc. Jnanc/ni ,'wlW "down "payment ery Man Income pontential. ON ALL 1976 MODELS Open Mon. and Thurs. Nlte til » Harley Davidson Inc. 704 s. Federal, Mason City, la. Midwest's No. 1 Dealer PHON .—T 56panhead, It tranny, extra M. ,or dress UP. 51S VTC ^--•TS'iilS.' !l ivMson otter extras ke new. Must sell. iWASAKI "72 ft 125. Rebuilt Good condition. 2 helmets. $375 or „ it r offer. Runs well. Call Mike f Z1-400, show 27»-5t52. 2000ec engines. Factory - with Instruc- ' lost cred- welcome. Varranty, complete with In Ions. SI 15. Will accept most J_.c a.r d_a. Daalan_ weh A% ASTRO CA Frame with re —' , TORONADC equipment, light damage to lower front trams, will di Priced right. ZIPS AUTO BODY lew Hampton, la. 515-394-3147 Hi-Backseats: Roof Vents. 125. Good condl low miles, first ampl . -... CHEVY 327 part* car. Auto- malic, power steering-brakes, air, drive It home, S45. Chev poll S50. 'M Chew 4 bai „ or newer 230 engine. Convert- Mustang, must be .. ._jar Pont. witKb«d trans. Reasonable. Ph. 6V VANORAMA '• ,eati...From 1137. p *nts...$20 installed RADIAL pet, 2-1754 TftES L Most 2-L — Blemished alia* available. 10th, Walnut nd inow. mounted rims, S70 pair. 2- no each. I CUTLASS boar :edar I Supreme *74) — dash- P. la. 52. tires jth never Fx Ford. WANTED, side pipe covers to m 70 Corvette, 350 engine. 712-374- CHEVELUE '67 5S 39« 4 speed, red .title. $350 or offer. 262-4705 or MACK GMC Jfb* j NEW STEEL BELTED IFR70X14. C.njS.. | INEAR NEW Vinyl hardtop for' jajjO. Soo't Flat. 967-4143. I •67 FIAT '70 motor for parts, (ft! " FORD VAN 1969, red title, needs motor. S550 or best offer. 255-2512. or best offer. 276-1 fv.'O Tires JR78-1 I new SI 20. 712-297-74! 17. HRYS. Newport, parts only, ' arcia 244-8475. 215-0929. T and uted VW engines. J9S Closed Tues. Sun. .... Buick motor end transmission. 340 cu. in. t75. 911-0191. 4 TIRES F78xl4, $20 lor all. 4-14" rare MdNDA **-w&&& ^ cond| - HONDA '65, 50 CC 277-7452. ND.A.71 160 or offer. m. 74-21 HONDA &i L100, good condition, GO 73. Like new, % JtJff)'-'. DA ATC SMO. 4 months old. OR_ 7141. 1973 CL7 1825. Phone 215- P R saw day E N T car shaking end ? Find e better one to- radijls, near Imaq wheels. U10- ? :utiass: 266-4366 Or isj: all or parts, •162-6913. CHEV. 4 speed transmission and ishlfter. $100. 981-0191. _i -$5" and up" 1969 GTO Body, very good. Ph. 5- Firestone Store. 5810 Douglas ! 432-5540. Boone, la. CHEVY mags, 2-7", ! tires, $175. 964-1569 USED TIRES $5 an Firestone Store. CHEV, POWER slide trans. 200 since rebuilt. New Torq. irter """ "~ • MO. 967-6371. 2-8'<i", with miles _ . . . . . . _ . _ , - ____ Convei _ :GMC, 6 cylinder, gas engine. $63, CLOSE ratio 4 speed with Muncle, jhear it run. 266-9200. _ _ shifter 515-449.3401 Jynday. _ j FALCON '63 Convertible 6, *50 or OLD^1967. Good condition for offer. 277-2452. jparts. P '57 HEMI and trans, extra partsxhEVEL S200. 24^-3756 3401 . hone 51 LLE '70 515-396-2487. for parts. 515-449- \ COMPUTE CLOSEOUT Snap and Mo-ine Deswrhnent have been told We have aomg-ovt-oi busineti prkn on evecythmg. New and used cycles, beat motan, lOOO 1 ! ol item. Many btlow cestlll Open Dturedoy and Friday 'til 9, Saturday 'hi i CARRIKER FORD (H«net«i D*a>airtm«nt) 134 North 3neJStre)ft Oskoloota, Iowa 515^73-8373 KAWASAKI'S This Month Only Z1B 900,-$2250 H2C 750, $1570 H1F 500, $1199 S3A 400, $940 S1G 250,$749 »wtnjbiMter match any room condition road trimm MS Prlce^neMtlable from U4SO. 5i£ Enduro, 71 S400. cond- MAICO 250 72, Forward mounted 12327 shocks, aluminum body konles. &£=- engine ported, tr ck, fTS.P. Good la. ird with high compression pis- - ' - i parts. Needs — and bike asst tied. Going to schooT, must sel. 575 or offer. Phono 515-751.5*75 Norton-Husqvarna OSSA $200 Accessory Rebate On 250CC Phantom MX's Until Sept. 15th . $995 Open Friday Nloht Till t IOWA WHEEL SPORTS tME. Grand ____ 244-2577 PENTQN 1974 175CC Enduro. Like LOW • Call 475cc Endur miles. Never ROAD BIKES excellent condl- -, HONDA CB750 ......... Wlndlammer fairing. Safety " $17*5 Safety bar tch on top, w-pegs., switch on 2200 ml. Absolulelv mint. GARVIS HONDA TOWN 403 EUCLID 243-4217 OPEN 9 to e *•""' SNOWCO 2 rail motorcycle trailer, like new, 1225. 279-3M4 SUZUKI 5EST selectli 235 MOTORCYCLES IN'sTOCK We also service ALL other makes of MOTORCYCLES We won't be undersold - Call SABER'S SUZUKI CENTER Webster City, 515432-3400 , Open 7 days a week, 9 to 9 No Motor vehicle sale* on sun. uzuicr 74 TSTB: New parts. oncmion. uns hard. 244-8711 UZUKI '73 TS12 Excellent Ex extra clean, good Many accessories. 125. LABOR DAY SPECIAL SEPTEMBER 1st (MX.fnd AMA.TOP RIPEP.S >lnt on around! HILLSIDE RACEWAYS NEWTON, IOWA 265-3535 or ien Hondo onde CL 350 MOVER SUZUKI ' USI E. University W-tlU NEW 1975 KAWASAKI'S CLEARANCE SALE ON ALL USED BIKES Enduro PRO HILTCUMB SUNDAY.AUGUST Jilt It30 PtAn. AAAATEUR°M6TORCYCLE RACES MONDAY SEPT. 1st, 1:00 Dacorah, Iowa Fairground* For Information— 319-3.2.573. AMES HONDA 60 Used Motorcycles in Stock Special Fall Prices EFF F NOTICE CTIVE SEPT. 1S . ST NEW FALL — WINTER HR|. WMH^OTAr — . ~ A. in. I IUL> 3i J0 f".nn> Closed Evtrv Sun. »nd Monday THOMAS CYCLE HAVEN Used Honda Sale s MATHEWS HONDA Iowa's Ol n USED BIKES 75 Slco '74 1425 Many others MIKA CYCLE RANCH __ MIKA CYCLE RANCH ndUncIa W1-42M IMX MOTO-CROSS Starting time 1 PM Sharp Big trophies, rain or shine Last rece.efOsceoU this year . ATTENTIOpT ENDURO RIDERS inaville, aflon c Enduro a> Spri \3. For Informa le. Aug. call 319-3% UZUKI 1974 GT-250 Hustler, ctual miles. M50. waukon, 19-548-3844. *_ UZUKI '74 GT 550, like new, lowl miles, many extras. S1295or of- 'Mr^iiT-Excellant condT. C *3&" & ."' hOU " Tu§MM lion. Extras. FM5, S450. 276-3975. \ffr-'••*•''*•- ?-' B ° SUZUKr " ~ ~ RADE YOUR BIKE FOR A SNOWMOBILE NOW LYNN'S (Since Ifl4 1700 E. Univ. Closed Fveninas GARVIS HONDA TOWN 3RADLEY '75 GT ad metal flake wll T973 T BAR - REX MOORE CHEVROLET • mln. from WDM, 140 watt, Owrt Fastest Orowlnf Chew Ph. m-2415 Res . m-ttfl Van Meter, Iowa nsulr^s^onlV-pleaserT-W- MAZDA WvvOTVM •> •^"pVNp W Ft. Mfti Itwi 51^71-3158 . 276-397: Like new. '74 TM100. 5525. or best offer. 262-B7M. SUZUKI '72 TM250. Extras. WOO. i 10 3 WHEELER 750 Honda engine. Run: good, springer front end. wheels, new tires, 4 i:lo 1 mas 515797-5359 996-J465. _ _ _ __ SUZUKI '74 GT ?5b, like new. low: \A/AMTFD mileage, full dress, rr.ust sell! 1 »f«ni ti/ Consider trade for car. $1500. 515- Used Vespa motor scooters and 884-yoe. __ _ ' mopeds. 515-737-1412 1 TRIUMPH 250 1»72 5500. 981-0427 1974 ATC 90 S350 after 5 , HOLMIS Holmes OWvmsMt (e.. Im. I tletk West Vets iud«e<ium 83»-elhAve. 2M-4S9I

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