The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 11, 1948 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Wednesday, February 11, 1948
Page 3
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THE DAILY UEG1STEK, UABR1SUUJIO, AJLL V WEDNESDAY, FF.rmiJAUY 11, 10-18 PAGE THKBB "7 i'«i \\'fsl Lin. ' AtU-iid Wedding of ; l l l h lnHtUMl l « l N U - « . at MolimMII. s Relieves" Distress of MONTHLY ' L^!c! Up Red Blood! , , . 'n,,', IK) t r y Lvdni E. , 1 i ··.st(iicli«'\.-:,uch i,',5.111m 1 . Tablets nre , I « M homr wiO V ( Wood m simple Mr. and Airs. Oave Kvans and MiTiiim Kvaiis 'nine retiuiud l i r o i n Moline, wliere «hev .'it tended ! the wedding Sunday of their ncce. 1 Miss Kllcn Louise H a r v e y , and | U L. \Vicrks ol Molnic The mai iiage ierf(-niicd in the '·'ii'.t r i i i r t i a n .' hin eh. M i s \'al U t C u i i e . 'JhamiKiiun. C o i m e i l y of ' i a i i i s b u r g . \.is ,na( t o n of honor and her ·dst Utended vhe v c u t U n u . The bride, who is UK- d'uighter | of Mis. Elmo I'mr.ell of ''online, i 111., and formerly ol Kldoi.tiio, is I a graduate nurse wno h:is been nursing at a Moline hospital. The Social and Personal Items Busy Women's Hiblc Class iMct'ls Monday M i s Kthcl .tones, and Mrs, Lola fox. chairmen of the January »nd Fcbi uary hostess committees of the I5us\ Women's Bible class of the Fust Methodist church, were co-hostesses at the class social, held Monday night at Wesley center. Opening pi dyer was given by couple, however, will \vhere Mr. move to W I C I K , is the class president, Mrs. Ku^li Gidcumb, who presided over the short business meeting that followed. l Seventy-foul calls on the sick l a n d (he "shul-ms" of the church were reported by members. Mrs. KSMTEtagK Hrinjj your friends hero when you yearn for f i n e food. Our steaks ;ml chops reflect our jjood choice in buying the best . . . the economical pric- offered show consideration lor budget. . . . Com a n v l i m e . our our in Calendar of Meetings .... .. her theme chapter of Hebrews. The meeting was then turned over to the program chairman. Mis Cox, who conducted several ' amusing games in which all participated. Games included "Fool ish Questions and Silly Answers,' ".Mumbles," and a word game. 'Ihrec humorous readings by Chailes Hudgins were enjoyed by i t h o ' c in altendance. Seleclions in eluded "Madame Presidenl," "A the Ball Game," and "Ma's Sabbath Morn " Relrcshmenls of homemade cake, ice cream and coffee were served by Ihe ivfrcshmenl committee. " M i o . .lames 0. Hall was present ·^ a guest of Mrs. John Eadie. Meeting Monday by t'ipsbyleiian Lenore Circle The Lenore circle of the Presbyterian church met in the lower looms of the church Monday evening v.tth Miss Ada Cable and Miss Edith Morrison as hostesses. The meeting \vr.s opened by Miss Lincoln Reader Reviewed At Michael llillegas Chapter, 1). A, II.. Meeting The February meeting of Mich- icl Jlillegas chapter -of 1). A. R- was held Monday evening at the ionic 01 Mrs. Carl Rude, 24 West South street. Mrs. Rude was assisted by Mrs. Bernard Moore, Mrs. l Edward Evans. Jr., and Miss Margaret Ferguson. The meeting, at which Mrs. Dick Parker, regent, presided, was opened with the devotional given by Mrs. E. M. Oakes. In observance of the birthdays of the two great presidents, Lincoln and Washington, Mrs. Oakes read Lincoln's favorite pass-age of Scripture, the 27th Psalm, and closed with a famous prayer of George Washington. The pledge to the flag and the singing of the National Anthem followed. After a discussion of business,, the meeting wa 1 ; turned over to the program chairman, Mrs. Scerial Thompson, who presented Miss Linda Rude, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rude, as a guest on the program. Miss Rude entertained those in attendance with two piano selections. "The Lincoln Reader," edited BIRTHS Mi- and Mrs. G. K. Crest. J r , liamsbiiru. KFD 3, today received The Ladies' Bible class of Ihc news by wire of the birth on Feb. tend a two-day institute on taxa- An'y Geo. B. Lee To Attend Institute On Taxation at U. of I. Attorney George B. Lee will at- -- .,--- - , fijtmer Wilma Crest. Jlll K mcc?wir!L T'Sl To Mr. .and Mrs. Walter Demp., vision. The Controlling Weeds Most weeds can be kept under control by crop rotation and good cultivation made at the proper time. Chemicals for weed control have received attention In the last few years. Sodium chloral* can be used or. tfnall areas (Vi acre or less) (or bindweed, Johnson grass and Bermuda grass. , Sodium chlorate gives best results when np- with'Thc'unhwsity'Extcnston'Di- P licd in October or November as a ' Shanks, 15 South Granger street, tomorrow at 7:30 p. m. for its regular business and social meeting. All members are invited to attend. Staled convocation of Saline Chapter Xo. 165. Royal Arch Masons, loday al 7:30 p. m. The Marked Master degree will be conferred. You arc urged lo attend. Refreshments. is Presented b °» » Iatc nt1 hospital. slreet, a I by the university for practicing l j h at Lignt Galdtid Register Mrs. Edna Jones Representative The Royal Daughters class, of (he Social Brethren church, will hold its regular class meeting Thursday at 7 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Rachel Smith, 1214 South Grangei street. _. attorneys in the state and will be conducted by experts in the field of federal taxation. This institute on taxation is the second of a series of instilutcs .presented by the university and is conducted by Dean Albert J. Harno ol the College of Law. dry powder at the rate of four pounds per square red. advises Oklahoma experiment station. The Daily Register, 20c a week, by carrier boy. Relieve miseries direct --without "dosing OH Teachers and officers of the John Gill, who has been in the Veterans hospital at Marion f o r ) treatment, returned home last week' for a few days. lie was readmitted to the hospital Sunday and will undergo an operation soon. The Galatia Telephone Directors J. I'acilUl : iiliu iinn-tia wi i"*- , . ,, . i · c 4 First Baptist church will meet to- held their annual meeting Saair- night at 6:45. Prayer meeting and i day and ebcted Mrs.JWary Webber the church'monthly business con ' ~ " '" c --·«-«- '·"-· lerence wjll follow at 7:30. by Paul Angle, was selected for review by Mrs. Charles Combe at the February meeting. A biography compiled from the writing 01 sixty-five aulhors, Ihe book is composed of 179 selections lo form an integrated narrative. Each phase of Lincoln's life is clearly drawn by great names in Lincoln biography -- Carl Sandburg. Ida M. Tarbell. William II. Herndon, John The school Susannah Of Wesley Sunday the Methodist O V f J I W i H,»V-»y.7 V f- ,,-- -church will meet for a pot luck dinner at Wesley Center Thursday at 6 p. m. The Philalhea Sunday school class, of the McKinley Avenue| operator for another year. M:os Estelle Upchurch of V/esl Franklcrt spenL the week-end at the Jones home in Galatia. SHOP REFRESHED AND TAKE A CASE HOME of experts who are belter known J I If l i l U U t . 1 1 1 1 ^ » » « . * · » V J | * ^ , » i v - v ^ *^ B - - · - - « * « | V i . - _ * » f -- -. ·-- - · .if an Sclby who gave the devotion,! to scholars than to tn "The Faith That Saves." The les-| public. ·on. -r.en by Miss Ahma Shes-j Mrs. Combe's review of such a tak a continuation of Bible j beloved figure in history was dcep- from St. Matthew which] i y interesting, and sometimes moy- Scys Studsnts are Hushed Through Courses Too Fast n-- DCH, wim,uii 11. nv-iuuuii, ,,«.... Mrs K u m a Qshel, who resides on G. Nicolay, John Hay and names j soulh Granger strcet- Mystery r{ ovnAi-fc who nrn hotter Known i_ ...MI ,.!,..,,,,« ,,\nc- nnA oil ter r^l pals will exchange gifts, and all ia general ^ embers are urged to at tend. The choir of the McKinley Dr. R. N. Whilfield said today. Whitfield, president of the Federation of Stale Medical Boards and assistant secretary of the Mississippi Slate Board of Ilea'th, said ** ^ I I H V i I W i l l t - J t . i f i « V f c J « W « . . · · « * - - - | v J l l V * - l V . ^ - l * * O f *»··** » J W « . . I P - » - - h:d"bei»rt selected from Ihe book,'ing, parlicularly when Ihe words " f i n e World, and One Lord." The| 0 { Lincoln upon his departure for presont " " ".iven Washinglon from Springfield m r February, 1861. were quoted, "My Year Book of Praver was Mis. Charles Boicourt. T h e group in allendance me cnuu in inu IYIVIVHUVJ -- -- *-»-- --· , , 1 . 1 Avenue Baptist church, will meet I that students are being rushed tonight at 6:30 for rehearsal. It i Ihi ough courses -'before the youth- is important that all members be I f ul mind has fully digested the in-------- jgiedients. i He addressed the annual meeting The Pankeyville W. M. S. will meel Thursday at 7 p. m. at the T h e group in attendance includ- Friends: No one, nol in my situ- meet Thursday at 7 p. m. at the ed 13 circlt members and two| a tion, can appreciate my feeling of |Cmi rch. All members are urged west'. Mis Stewart Radford, and sac jness at this parting. To thisi t o a u en d, anc i visitors are wel- ?.I:ss Annabel Montgomery of Pitts- p i ac e, a.'id the kindness of these ! come _ ROW! those full-length mirrors you've wanted ·* A. butg, Penn , Fatrai. cousin of Mrs. S. i p e0 pi' c , I owe everj thing. Here ! I have lived a quarter of a century, of the federation here today. "The writers of textbooks have lost the capacity to use language which may be coupled to the know- 1 ledge of the grammar school stu-, denl," Whitfield said. M K a t r a i . ! I have lived a quarter of a century, Tnc Amoma class, of the First' He ciled the example of a card M i s Kaiherine Sefried will bC| a n d havc pas sed from a young to Baptibt church of Carrier Mills, j he received from a high school hosless at Ihe ne.\l meeling of an ojc j man n erc my children l nab pO slponed ils meeting from student in Chattanooga, Tenn. · tin. cncle. ;-* 1 *£'. ·* Genuine N U R R E plate glass · door mirrors u n v » i i i t- j*s~.- 0 -~ , xja|JllbL C11U1CI1 UL v u i l l t i . 7 j . -an old man. Here my children i nab p0 siponed ils meeting from student in Chatlanooga, Tenn. have been born, and one is buried. Thursday, Feb. 12, lo Feb. 19. All i '-The boy asked for information I now leave, not knowing when or j meters are asked lo nole Ihe to do research work on race re- whelher ever I may return, wilh i change in dale and atlend Ihe · lations in the south--a question - · - .--.M-- t^,,* i that can't be settled by mature ._ minds--and yet he misspelled The Naomi Sunday school class three simple words within three of McKinley Bapltsi church will senlences,'' he said. have their "regular class meeting j Thursday at 1:30 p. m. at the church. i I 1 1 OlS * « j W i l U L U V A \« » *»* * · · · · -- j -. -- - ----- , \ . I I M I I Q \ * Meets at CountiT Club . a task before me greater than that ! meeling , At a meeting Tuesday evening which reble d upon Washington. of the Egyptian Pilots Association, W j t ] lou t the assistance of that Di- held a! Ihe country club, a resolu- 1 v j ne g e in« "'ho ever allended him, ·uon uas adopled lo register the | cannot ° succee d. With that as- · association's objection to the bin T cannot { ai i in Congress which seeks to outlaw J^ianct ^ the flying program from the GI j ith vou , B i l l of Rights. The secretary was TMTMTMTM Trusting an d be every- 4*$ sfe* , iHl \J» A f c t i l H J . * - f instructed to wire messages of dissension lo Washinglon immedi- , alely I t l l A C O - l l n i v » « ,,-«· -- , ^ where for good, let us confidently hope that all wiU yet be well. To His care commending you, as I Brownie Troop No. 2 will meeljg Thursday at 2 p. m. at the First Baptist "church. n ^ a . Onl 8 ^crcwt. required t o mount mirror o n »r. frMal clccr, trL-a.-r.HiJCI p.'n.Mic clips hold mirror tirir.U in place. . , Ml'part-, furni-hcd. iiichitling complete instructions lor n\-\.M,\'ion. i^MK tjki-n down and re-installed if ou moc. Jusf measure your door Width of Door Size of Mirror Price . . . Only 24" 16"x63" $14.90 26" 18"x68" 16.90 23" 20" x 6S" 18-90 30" 22" x 68" 20.90 32' 24"x68" 22.90 N . :;·· MJ .,-:iuf.fuI. useful, fiill-lcn^l'.i N»rrc plnlc glass door ...-.-r n- t;lav. 'I hry arc produced l»y iNurrc craUj-:ncu -- lUc · "·...or- »f N.-.sious'iiy Ad\crli-cd Living Pictures. i K t l l l w l i t iv/^^- v » « % - « - - ^ _ ,are no longer living in this rom- 'munity. 1 Opal Imogcne Lane, seriously ill two-year-old daughter of Mr. ·and Mrs. Ado Lane, Cave-n- Rock. RFD. was taken to St. 'John's hospital in Springfield yes- 'lerday in an ambulance from the Gaskfns funeral home 1 Mrs. Ray (Dolly) Vickers Led- foui was treated for minor burns at Lightner hospital yesterday and i fidav. and was released this after- Inoon. The burns were received I f r o m scalding water. 1 Rov Sam Grubb. 17-year-old son 'of Sam Grubb. 809 High street. i Eldorado, left yeslerday for San j Diego. Calif., where he will be 'stationed following his enlistment , in the U. S. Navy on Feb. 3. i . -- · i Describes New | Birth Techniques LOS ANGELES. Feb. 11--OJ-E _ -New birth techniques many times safer than Caesarcan sections were Leads in Horses Iowa farmers had 569,000 horses and celts last year on their farms, the largest number of such animals of any state. Utah and Nevada had Blackheads too. No waiting Yes. it is true, there 11 a safe, harmtcv. medicated liauid called KLEEREX that dies up pimples Iv a* it acf to loosen ana remove These nserV cnUiuuiwtica"y . claim they are no to n ^. c -TM;yTM:*?i snd are now happv w«h «jeir clear ccraple«on Ute Klecrex. If one ap- R ,,4on doec^ot^s/v. you jr. , . arun Stores Everywhere" l e - l c - l c - l c - i c - l e - l e - l e - l c - l c - i e l c - l c - l e - l c - l c - l c i described today 'of baby doctors. , *»«· »/*.·-- -- --' to an assembly U U U UWlv**?- I Dr Samuel A. Cosgrovc. Colum- i b i a University obstetrics professor, said a new Mi-d rfCf^I??? ! lr. nasscs the casily-mfected abdom- ! inal lining .and is safe even when Before the meeting was ed, refreshments were served by the committee in charge. Mr. and MrTTSS: Poulos hnvej £^^"n2X T ^£ KSKV^,' SSr-aSr^'Sr liSST IS i ££ "-~ - ' --""JT. dealh of Mrs. Poulos' falher, C. W Ramsey. Mr. Ramsey, a former resident of Eldorado, died i on Jan 31 and funeral services | were held Feb. 3. Burial was m i the Roselawn cemetery at Detroit j ReaclT Compromise On Administration i Of European Relief ; WASHINGTON. -Feb. 11--O) ! --The Senate Foreign Relations | committee was over the first hurdle today in its effort to write a | European recovery program sat-1 isfactory to Republicans a n d ' Democrats alike. The committee voted unanimously to put ERP under an ad-i mijiistrator independent of the; State Department, but subject lo t presidential orders. i The decision represented the first major compromise on the so- called Marshall Plan. It settled., at least for the moment, what 1 Chairman Arthur H. Vandcnbcrg. R., Mich., called a "major con-. Listen to "CLAUDIA"* WEBQ 10:30 A. M. 24 bottle case $-|00 (plus deposit) !\ ONLY Ic BOTTIED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Harrisburg © 1948, The Coca-Colo Company ?URN!TURE STOP^£ 4.IIIU «0 ·»'»- - - - - - , has been in labor Controversy.' Under the committee's propos-, "·idvocatcd local anesthesia a l. the $20.000-a-ycar ERP ad- childbirth He said it ministralor would run the pro- «:- ri -s the mother from pain but'gram without interference from ·oUcct ,,,o b*. .b^a-j ."SBg-sSJa £. man would act as umpire. Tentative settlement of the nd-1 ministrative problem left the question of funds as the major, disputed issue in the recovery program. The administration wants a $6.800.000.000 down payment for ERP. I Critics of the administration's proposed S9.333.000.000 initial investment in all foreign aid pro- 'jecls got some new ammunition Ifrom Rep. Christian A. Ilertor. JR.. Mass.. head o f ifce .special House Foreign Aid committee *Hc made a proposal lhat would in effect, the down payment by one-third. Foreign Aid Will Not Halt Communism, Correspondent Soys WASHINGTON, Feb. 11.-A foreign correspondent a?' today lhat the Marshall plan is dangerous "nonsense." George Wcllcr of the Chicago ! Daily News testified before the House Foreign Affairs committee lhat building up western European resistance lo Communism "cannot be achieved by any number of American billions." The newspaper man said the j proposed European recovery pro j gram's net effect would be "to increase the blackmailing power of the Soviet armies." The only way to meet Ihe Soviet Ihreat, he asserted, is to increase substantially and permanently "the American deployment of armed power in both Europe and Asia." NSATIO Not for many years has there been such a Ic SALE on ladies' DRESSES . . . We are overloaded on winter and spring dresses and are offering you this 2 for 1 saving--200 dresses -all sizes and colors-buy one at regular price and select another at same price for only Ic. \ If You Can't Use Two Bring A Friend Ig-lc.le-lc-lc-lc-lc-lc-lc-lc.lclc-lc-le-lc-lc-lc 5 "I 5.1 LWSPAPLR :WSPAPLRI

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