Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 27, 1962 · Page 12
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 12

Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Monday, August 27, 1962
Page 12
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MON., AUGUST 27, 1962, Ute Charles Amertcort Press JM1\NEAPOL1S-ST. PAUI, —You'd think <i pu major le.iguc no-hiticr would \\n\c Didn't Effort . PAUI, (AP^nvcr Chicago and Kraliek's gem. ball and a good slider "with just! a Rood pitch. The pitch hardy y pitching a, over (he A's loft thr Angels and'a couple of changeups tossed in" missed, that's all." second in fashioning the season's fifth nn- majors. He struck try to get cute The fact he had come within one pitch of hurling the seventh perfect game in major league history didn't bother Kralick either. ail his pitches as well as a pvd place, three R.unes behind New hitter in the amount of cunning and wile work- York, (.'leveled whipped Boston out three. ing for him. twice, in 5 and 4-n, and Detroit "No, I didn't But not Minnesota's Jack Km- split with Washington, the Tigers with any of the hitters/'^Kralick ick. the 26-year-old _ beanpole winnmc the first game 5-3 and said when asked if his running "It doesn't make any difference the second figured prominently. "Kansas <"jty to me—a no-hitter or a perfect •"'•-• is a real good hitting team. You game," he said. "1 suppose it's a Kialirk foumi mu in (he fj n t c ' on 't fool hitters like that with little nicer to he a perfect panic, ^:nc a perfect vian-e [m ,^ (h . , his(U!V(1 hilli he walked the second man up in the ninth inning. Rubin Roberts eontiniicd his re- southpaw who edged the Kansas the- Senators takim.; City Athletics and" hardluek pitcher Riil Fischer 1-0 Siiud:iv. hive- mark;'h!p ciir-cb::-.-!\ \u!h a ' hit cf.'ort as Ba'!ir,i<>ro compK a five-.:aivc sv.ecp over th- N- w Hattey s York Yarkr-'s, 2-1. Th.'t lo--.<. the "'^t voi ' l<l Yank.-' «!x!h straight. cniiii!.-d usim; llv <• v.i'h Las Aro'!e:-' -!- 11 decisinii Krai 1 ; itiniii!. hreak riuhi. "I eou'dn'l hall ri.uiii in (in-ow <\: . I told 'catcher Eair I-.;; it." a o:i;ijn fast it turned out it was better for tn walk him than have him hit Mexican Cup nayers Win National Doubles SNIDER STYMIED — Dodger Duke Snider is out at third after trying to advance from first on a single by John Roseboro in the sixth inning Sunday against the New York Mets. Felix Mantilla puts the tag on Snider. The play wasn't vital, as the Dodgers won, 16-5. (AP Wirepholo). BROOKI.1NK, Mas*. 'AP— iv!:*."Now you know why they call u> luxe the jumping Ivans ha< !•; in M> x- s'on in ico. We have a habit of bounding meelinsjs." back." "We've been These v.ords were uttered bv a leiini:- : 'he p,jubilant. Antonio Palafox alt -r !:•> c and Davis Cup partner Ha^el Osuna beat defending chan::;••m-; Chuck McKinley and Denns \\.\\- slon fi-J. 10-12, i-(l. 0-7, 6-3 Sur-i'iv for the men's national d<n.>h'es tennis title. Down two sets to one and i ok- ing tired against the Amer. 'ais they had twice licked in Davis Cup play, the Mexicans got their second wind. "We've felt we've been coming for the last two rears." said Osuna, 23-year-old University oi Southern California student, "j .- ' n - t cute stuff." but it really makes no difference . , t | ie He lost pinch hitler George Alu- to me. I'm plenty satisfied." 'rve, so sik when a fastball sailed hit'.h Kralick, who newled hut 07 y about ^outside a? , a 3 ' 2 cou , nt , in ?* Pitches in blanking the A's. said ninth. This didn t particularly dis- he {h h( ahnu( (hc posMi)l!ltv of Kralick • u f a n Cr u- ie Same ' a n °- hitlc '' in «« fifth inning but •t i» S L k USU f y 5 lt5 UT pr ° tty " thc * ix »>- ^'cnth and emhih ' ^^^'J^*: >«PPcd by so fast I really wasn't thinking too much about it. "All of a sudden it was thc ninlh and 1 was jusi trying to £ct them out. After all, we only had one run and 1 wanted us to wiu more than anything." The Athletics made what Kralick listed as four good bids for hits. They were: (lino Cimoli's long flyout In left as the leadoff hitler in the 'irsl inning. "If il hadn't been for that JACK KHALICK BOXJNC? NEW YO P K-- Iffy Arrh'r, ISfl'j, I YorK oi.itijori'ffl Joso Gnn^aic^, l ! N»w York. n. V.ANM.•> - HPOMIC Jon?',. Its. fhi, knorl-'r.-l o-rf Vonhchat Knnonq^tjk, Thailand, .1 r i ° i iinancial house we've .".rr'U'il now that we shared the title and the second •icalcn McKiniev and Ral- time with Maria, who was side- iivi< of our 'st tour lined lost year bv hepatitis. Since slr " n }? , x ™ uj , blmvin £ in fr , om ccn •^ » ' " -I,,., i: ,,l J <i,,,» t,..n ..«:...i.i i p!a\ing our best. i. two nvinths," i -\car-oid Palalox, being re-united they have three national crowns. "Maria got mad at a call in the second set and after thai she played belter." Darlene said. "When she plays well, that sets me up. ler field, that hall li.-ive .lack AMERICAN BOXES NEW YORK BALTIMORE ob r h bl ab r h bl iresh If 4010 Adalr ss 4030 Sich'son 2b 4010 Snyder cf 3000 V.or;s rf 4000 Brandt rf .4000 V.antle cf 2000 Gentile lb 4111 Kubek ss 2111 Robinson 3b 3111 Linz ss 2010 Williams If 3010 Howard c 3000 Nicholson If 0000 bB'orrn'd 1000 Triandos c 3010 Skowron Ib 4000 Breeding 2b 3010 Boyer 3b 3000 Roberts p 2000 Ford p 2010 aLonq 1000 Bridacs p 0000 Totals 32 1 S 1 Totals 2? 2 I 2 o— Grounded out for Ford in 8th;.; t>— Grounded out (or Howard in 7th. NEW York Bnltimorc - — Robinson. PO-A — How York ?4.9, Bn • more 27-9. LOB— New York 6, Boiti- 010 000 000—1 ' Hamlin ss 010 100 OOx—J : Johnson 3b Hintoi-u 2b Brlghr lb Zipfe Lock . B— Lin?. HR — Kubek. Robinson. Gen- !uc. SB— Montlj. s — Robe-:'. Jnvdr' IP H K ER BB $0 Po-d (L, 13-7) ... 7 75207 B--d-.cs ..1 10001 P->DC"S (W. «•;) ? 51123 U — -'AcKlnle", C^ylak, Urrcnt, Stewart. T — 1-44, A— ."?.4/f trolt 27-8. DP—Brown and Boros. LOB — Washington 3, Detroit 9. 2B—Plcrsall, BriaM, B'jrm-nn. Foi. HR —Bruton, Cash, Baros. SB —Bruton. S— Stenhousc, Fernandri. IP H R ER BB SO Stenh'se (L, 10-10) 5 53336 Hobough l 21101 xKutyna 0 21100 Daniels 2 10011 Sunning (W, 14-8) 61-36 3 3 1 7 Fox 2230 0 0 0 1 x—Faced 2 men in 7th. WP — Daniels, Bunn-nri. u — Hurley, Flaherty, Runqe, Carr.';an. T—2:2.1. (Second game) WASHINGTON DETROIT ab r h bl 5120 Fern'dp? ss 4 1 1 D Bri-toi if 4131 Knli;ie 11 5 0 n 1 Coinvln If 3000 Boris .It) 0000 Ci'.h IS 413: c.--:rl'.' lb .) C : 0 d'.<?''-T «|BV 9 Tnce 'ilends (."firivis Christ;. Tex., ;••-. "\\e v.'i're loose cmd uc- tiiiiiiy felt no p>-e.---ur' 1 ,'iller Ihe r>;iv;s C'lp. Tiuu's mori- important than ;i,iv lourmnnent." Miss Moffitt. "She heenme T!:e M.\\ieans c mie directly exuberant in the third set here after winning the American couldn't touch her." Zone finals from Yugoslavia. • "I blame myself for our third set letdown." Palnfox said. "We lost our concent ration after I in'-sed a couple fif easy shots." Kab-ton's er-rors proved fatal in the k.'y service final t",fi sets. Defend'iig champion ].) Hard and Brazil's Maria none against the fence," said. Ed Charles' lowering fly to riuht center in Ihe fourth which Twins' riuht fielder P.nb Allison reached OUT Ihe fence and speared lo ptv- "Darlene was the show." said V(1|lt a llomo nin - " That ilaci to ho so we the play of the gam;'. I'd call it the play of the year except Boh has done it before." l Cimoli's chopper past the mound, in the fifth \\hich Bcrnic Allen | handled perfectly to nail him at ' j first. "I thought it was an infield -f"r Hie hit." Wayne Causey's line drive right to Rich Rollins at third in the Trio of Eagles Hurt in Victory HERSHEY. Pa. (AP) - The breaks over the Philadelphia Eagles reported today three players were injured in sixth. "That might have been the, (; t , ( arlene Saturday night's 24-7 exhibition hardest hit they got." i K . . lUicno victory over the Washington Red- Kralick. runnmc his record to captured women's,i-s 4-.i. fi-3, skins at Charlotte, N.C. H).«. has had a disappointing sea- fi-_ over Mrs. Karen Hanlze Sus- Corner linebacker John Traccy son until recently. After a"lMl man ard n:lii<. .].-an Moiiii:. thc suffered a possible shoulder sep- reading in IHfili he had hccn I^'jny BY Charlie Thomas ''Man, that loan sure did emm- in handy, \\Jlh pas day a week awn.v, and me needing tn o n e y iui. mediately!" Like ! h ;i t ?" | t meiiiber of tho Vf ~ & armed fortes, ^•"' ^ lols of pcoplr, t ' including jw» eminent employees, nerd money unexpectedly, aiul I'm a I w ;t y s glad to help them fast 1 . \Vhenever you need nmnev want, Tennis fOi)--eeded queens. The triumph Ktrai:!hl \-ear pau- and Wimbledon aration, defensive end Gene Ges- eounted upon as one of Minno-; ice under sage a sprained right ankle, and sola's stoppers. But the no-hitler' state wav 1 kcd the fifth defensive halfback Bob Sued a Was only Kraliek's fourth com-1 groin injury. I plote game in 30 starts. not drop in or give me a call here at Interstate 1 '.' Don't bother with an over-worked budget! the niniiey you need quickly and easily. Interstate, "financial hou-e" is here in I,al o Charles, pbone HKmlock 3-R243. complete fifKHiri;il scrv- roof — the Inter- Miss Hard has iE (AP) — Jerry defeat Freddie Rcily of New Or Tex., and leans and Alberta Baggct of M<> H it Kino rf SChr-;d' C PiersaH cf Ostecn p 4010 ab r h bl J 0 0 0 .'. C 1 C .1010 4 i i n 4 0 2 C l 0 n c l c c o i • • c •> -, o n i n n c t. r B r K. - Fr-.t .•. ••» r p BATON ROl' Walters of R:i Elizabeth <Ptu.-y) Trice of Baton bile, Ala.. 6-0, 3-fi, 6-1 in the wom- Kouue hold Hi" mens and worn- civs doubles finals, en's singles crowns today in the Walters and Neltleton took the Gulf Slates tennis tournament. men's doubles title- efrom Tonuny Walters di.:;)'->r| of Clint Net- Robinson of Baton Rouge and tlcton, also of Bavtown, 6-2, 4-6, Lamar Roerner of Houston, Tex., fi-4, 8-6. Dr. Robert. Borders of Shrove.-, port picked up the junior vcter-i ans trophy by bree/ing past J>rael I Delgado of New Orleans, ti-1, i; :i. l 6-n in the finals Sunday. Miss Trice downed Peggy Moore of New ii-3, fi-a'for the BOSTON C-eicier cf (First gome) CLEVELAND ob r h bl ab r h bi 4 C 1 1 Dlllard cf 3000 ss 4 0 0 0 bTasby cf 2011 Vest ski It i 0 1 0 Luplow rf 5000 C-.niorj rl 4121 Froncona lb 3 3 2 1 Punnels lb 4 2 3 0 Essegian If 432^ N'a'.zone 3!j 4122 Ronr.ino c 4111 Nixon c 4001 Held ss 3112 S'.->illin- lb 4110 Phillips 3b 4124 Wl'son :; 1010 Klndoll 2b 3110 Koistad ? 1000 Perry p 2010 orj. Green 1010 Bell p 2000 r'.:r.ev p 0000 -.Tii-r-on 1000 r --n:-'ct p 0000 Totals 37 5 US Tolols 35 10 11 » a —S.ngied for Ko'stad in 6:n; b—Called or' on <.'T!kes for Di'iard tn 6th; c— '"^iDO'-'ded out for Eoriey tn 8th. Boston 000 104 000— 5 Cleveland 203 010 40x—10 R— Yo«;tr:»nsKi, Bressrujij. PO-A—Bo's- tn-. 24-S, 77-17. DP—Kindall, H'-'c onH F-T;'"ICOHO• Punnpli end Bres* '-3jo: PhiMipe, vc.ndoii and Francona. LOB—R«"jr 7, fje.-c' E ?B— Romans. Es'-crrnn, Ta^oy. HR — rrcnrono, Clinton. ,'*'• -one, Pnilhps. SB— IP H R ER BB SO .Viijon (L, 116) .22-33 5 4 5 3 Koistod 21-32 1 1 1 1 Eoriey 2 54314 Fornieles 1 1 0 0 Perry (W, 10-10). 51-3 10 5 5 Bell 32-32 0 0 U — Poparella. Soar, Smith, T-2:53. otalt J751J4 Nuchwilz p cV.-'ood JCP-i D fOsborne Totals 0 o o n 1 o - o n c n o 1 C D 0 o n -• n 0000 31 7 e 2 ciiam|iionship. Miss Trice won a t.-i'a! nf ihr.-n title-; in the tourney uhich ended Sur.fiay. o—Ron for Cosh In 4th; b—Sin-' - 1 «ir Foytack In 5th; c—Struck out for Nlsch- witz in 7th: d—Trinled for Farley In >ih; e—Singled for Roarke in 9:h; I—-'/. 1 - —.0 for Jones In 91h. Washington 003 100 100—3 Detroit ceo 100 001 E—Hlnton, Hpmlin, Kaline. Ftrlcy. PO- A—Washlnnion 27-13, D.-!roit 27-7. D Ham 1 n. H>.lon ond Bright 1; Johnson and Br;ght; F--? r ncnc^rz <:nd Cash. LC' — Washington !. 0?t.' 8. 3B — .Vo-ton HR —'.<ing. if- -McAu:-f?e. IP H Osteen (W. 7-1) . 9 8 Klinf IL, 3-4) T 2-3 •> Foyfart 1 1-2 0 Nlschwitz 2 2 Jones 2 l HBP—By Oileen <Ca<.n) Runae, Cornnan, Hijripy. Col. Robert Scruton of New Orleans successfully defended his She teamed with Miss Moore to senior veterans title by downing ' ' ' fe'low Orlcanian Earl Kissinger, 6-2, 6-2. Scruton and Kissinger teamed to win the senior men's doubles from Earl Wilson of New Orleans and Benton Smith of Houston, Tex 6-3, 6-4. Rain canceled the junior veterans doubles. Ponchrtoula V//ns Second ±\ Toumev Jilt R ER BR SO 2225 J423 0011 1101 o n o i U--Piahcrf,-, T—2:2*. A- CHICAGO LOS ANGELES oh r h hi 04 r h hi Lond'S rf 4010 Pforjon cf 3 •} \ n For 9o 4070 V.ornn 70 1 I 1 n Cn hm lb 4010!. TrrVs lb •» 1 2 7 Robinwn rt 4 0 2 0 G T'rn't rf 4 n Mi If (Second Game) BOSTON CLEELAND ab r h bl ab r h bl Geiger ct 3000 Dlllard cf 4110 ti.Green n 4000 Luplow rf 4 1 ) 0 Yastr tkl If 4000 Francona lb 4 1 1 1 Clinton rf 3000 Esseolan If 3123 Runnels lb 3000 Phillips 3b 2010 Malzone 3b 3020 Held is 3010 Tinman c 3000 Kmdoll 2b ."'000 Schilling 2b 3000 Edwards c 5000 Dc'.ock: p 2000 Donovan p 3000 oN'ixon 1000 Totall n 0 J 0 Totalt ?» 4 7 4 o—Popptd out for Delock In 9t" Boston 000000000—0 Cleveland 000 004 OOx—4 E'—None. PO-A—Boston 24-J, Clev'or:?! 27-10. DP—Runnels, unassisted; Schilling, E.Green and Runnels. LOB—Barton 3, Cleveland ?. 7B—Moltone. HR—Eiieglan IP H R ER BB SO Delock (L, 4-4| .8 74411 Donovan (W, 17-7j 9 2 0 0 1 S U — Soar, Smith, Rite, Poparello. T— Smith 3b \ 2 ' ^^iricio ss Rlct. I Correon c Boumonn p I Zonnl p I Stone p j oB. S'd ikl Joyce p Totals 4010 Rodaers c 3010 Vainer H iron Torre'. 3h 3000 p rf-noii ss 0000 Lee p 2000 o o n o 1000 0000 37 0 8 0 Totall em WICHITA, Kan. (APi-Poncha- toui;:. l.rt., the defending eham- nion. v,on its second game in the National Nou-Pro Baseball Tournament by heat ing Sun City, Ariz., 4-1 Sunday night. A three-run horner by Charley Williams did the job for Ponchatoula. In oilier games Milwaukee defeated DCS Moincs 2-0, Grand Rapids, Mich., beat Indianapolis 4-2, Denver edged Osceola, Ark., 3000 5.4, and I.ubbo-k, Tex., trounced Fallen, Nev., 10-0. 3010 4 f) ! 0 4021 2010 ATTENTION MEN BOWLERS Teams or Individuals Needed for 'GREINWICH MEN'S" LEAGUE Organizational Medina 6 P.M. Wed., Aus. :><) Contact Cleve ISroussard OR 7-3!J7:: BOWLARENA (ill 7.0U08 304 104 o— Flied out for Stone in Chicago Los Angeles . !OD 000 lOx—<l r —l.'one. PO-A—Chr.ogo 24-11 l ^ An- rieles 27-15. DP—Wrron, Fr»f;i-.i r -1 L. Thomas 2; Fregosi ond L. Tr^mos. Fo< ond runningham: Zoom. Srn^th ond C'jn- nlnrjnom; Cunnipqhnm, Aparirio ma r"un- ntr^hani. LOB — Criirogo f,. Los Ar.rje- les 6 Bmn (L,65) 7onn S'onc Joyce Lee (W, 11-9) IP H . / 1 1 41-3 i 1 t 1 n 9 8 U — Nopp. Slevens. Kmnornon. mond. T— 2:09. A— 10.047. ER B* 'iO 1 " 0 (J 0 0 1 n l 0 0 l 0 1 1 Drunv t.Howser Fischer p ,_. ~ ~ I Lumie 2h 'First Game) Sieb'rn lb WASHINGTON OETROIT . Cimoll rf u ,- obJr . h , b , 1 obrhbi Jimenez If Homlm ss 4011 Fcrn'der u 3110 rousev ss 4011 Bruton cf 5 2 1 1 Bryan t 4000 Kolme rf TO \ <\ ^1.,^ 4110 rolavito H • - - - ' 1J5 ' r 4000 r^sh lb 2000 ",'Auhfie 'o 0000 ^oroi. 3b 1100 Brov^n <. 7000 Running p 1 0 1 1 Fox p 0 o n r oooo ) 1 '' 1 o o o c 7000 31 3 6 3 Totfl.. 33 5 10 4 o--r,roi p ;J o.-t (or Slenhouse In 6th; -.-•.Vaiked lor Hobaugh In 7th; c—Singled •ir Totlier in 7th. -Voihmgton 001 000 200—3 Qe'roil 200 161 1 Ox—5 F—None. PO-A—Waihlngton 24-4, De- Johnson Hlnton rf-'b Bright lb R?tzer c Lock If Hobough p bKing rl Cottier 2o cZiQfel Kuiyno p Don.ols p Plersall -I 5222 1 ft 1 n 4000 "' l i l 4000 4 1 I I 3000 ? 0 3 C 1010 KANSAS CITY MINNESOTA ob r h bi c.' 1 ! r h hi DelGreco cf 4000 Green rf If 3001 Charles 3b 3000 r>o-."r v, .' f r 3000 Rollir.s :•• 3000 Killobrew If 4000 3000 Tult>- r-f t- < . .3 0 C 0 Alli'cn rf i ri r.- n 3000 B-ittcy c 3010 2000 AH'-i ?.b • • • i 0 0 n f: Ver'-'jltes ";» ''CIO 0000 Krclrk p < 1 0 7000 1 n n ft 27 0 0 0 Totals Totals |f Totall 0—'iVulked tor f-iryc for fttoi'-lr. in 9lf). Fischer in 9th. Konjrt City Minnesota !-_ | :nl , n p; PC) t - - '.«>';nr-.':f< 7'-1"; '.OB V<h: linrj 29 1 I 1 for . S— Versalles, IP (L.4-61 .. 8 KrohcK (W, 108) 9 ry. T—1:47.' t,—'ti.'at. ooo ooo ooo—o • 100 OCO lOx—1 I (onv" ( ,ty ?4-ll. - if •:••,';', ''ity I. . SF-..r.r-- H R ER Bfl SO li I 10'0001 3 , Ber- ATTENTION SCRATCH BOILERS! 12 TEAM LEAGUE (3 MFN TO A TEAM) NOW FORMING AT THE BOWLARENA GUARANTEED »H75.W PRIZE MONEY H> Jl(W«.Oe 2nd 50000 CONTACT: FRANK CARUSO, SECTY. BILL &UCHERT GR 7-620* At JAL TEAMS NEEDED ORGANIZATIONAL MEE7INQ WEONESOAY, AUGUST 29, — /.30 P.M. BOWLARENA - 2727 ViWY. 14 526 Ryan ,.^YOUR CONVS *'' B.F.GOODR5CM STORE HE 6-2555 i MUFFLERS V ALIGNMEN LABOR DAY WEEKEND 11 prices of the year! Save on ey?ry size of IFE Big i( Align front end •A Balance front wheels ~k Check and adjust brakei * Pack front v/heels * Add brake fluid CUT PRICE TAKE UP TO 6 MONTHS TO PAY GOOD BETTER BEST COME CHOOSE THE RFGoodrich BATTERY TO MEET YOUR NEEDS PRICES 16.95 START AT I;.CH. EMY HUMS OTHER TlncS NAR. ROW EDGE • Limited time only! Famous BFG Big Edge Silvertown whitewalls, with extra rubber where the wear is (see comparison at left). B Get beauty and value-plus a big edge to safety performance, mileage! • BFG Big Edge Silvertown blackwafls on sale, too! No down payment with your old tire. Free mounting! 24-MOMH ROAD-HAZARD GUARANTEE! Because ol th« high qual.ty of workmanship and materials in new B.F.Goodnch Big Edee S.Ker !.< ;y ,e Kuarant,,,.. ( t >, 24, , u ,,m, 5 t blowouts, cuts, breaks caused by road Hazards encountered in normal dnvmV a ("e , s "n <i!l.I <u:, olio,.,,,- e for ,cn,;,,- lmy . , fl . a<1 ; , Bdlnsl lh , purcnase „, , fe p| acernenti „ currenl retai| „„ your g f Q^^ deii r n« d. a" rlo r <i.I 7," »"**•"««•««"• " V rePa "' ^ BFO Big Edge whitewalls now on sale at these BFG dealers: OTHER BFG TIRES START AS LOW AS »B. GOOORICH STORE W K/Urt Strtc-t Tel. HE I. 0447— HE 4-2555 Luko chailcs, La. UNIVkKMTY ICXACO 4SIJ kyon Slice! •}// 603-1 *BURKE'S TEXACO Broud and Rtid Streets Tel. HE 4-7323—HE 9-50*1 Lake Charles, La. CHIASSON BROS. TEXACO GRIENWICH TEXACO TRAHAN TEXACO SCHOOL ST. CONOCO Highway 90 Easl HWY. 14 & Prim Lake 273? E. Broad sfroet 2630 Knkniun Street Tel. HE 6-1172 Tel. 477-W3 Tel. HE 3-4256 4/7-0232 Lok» Charles/ La. Lake Charles, La. Lake Charles, La. Luke Charivs, La. IOWA TEXACO Highway 90, Ipyyp, La. 382-2331 JENNINGS TRACTOR & IMP! EMENT CO. Jemiinq}, La. - 824 C24P CAGNON TIRE CO., Jennings, LCI. INC. ALL CONOCO SEKVJCJC STATIONS — USK I'OUH CONOCO CUKDIT CAHD SMOXEY'S .f.XACO Haiknorrv Hltihway '2 Sulphur/ La.

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