Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 27
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 27

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 27
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Page 27 article text (OCR)

^—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE.JOURNAL—Tuesday Apr!! 8, 1975 Bus!n«M Service* 18. ProfettionoJ S«fvtce« .,_. -.- Ceramic tile around i BOOKKEEPER your tub. Jl-4.93, Corrplelr. AiJ f&OO . 7S34416. I 9, KXpKRT- HeatLnf 4 re/nfftrsl^l air ; lil± cxjnditiorJp.fc service. Minor plumbing. 1 fiL'S Help. repair, new tmtaUttfon of rcfnscrat- 1 Apolv panr- ed »T equipment. 797-M7I lor »rv-i t ~.. .^. ~— Ice or tret e*tinu.lta r.n air ccmdi- ri*AS}IINrj. <;jirk m*cne!3<? *!?r ; s. Z/ <-f,<n s JU.50 (1000) change *1 ibo**c4 hys:i Ct's Slfni, aloyment • X Interest Mot* 'ER • Hf'.iU tppUancei once t»tt • 3iW Avenue i Pereosnel Service, 747- tWt-ume. ake House After a sruft. fiih-Avcnue Q. O:l fieitl welder*. Mu>< . O00.1 pay. l/its o! b« willing lo relc*:Ale. Employment H 22. Of Interest Mole ACCOUNTANT: fee [>tid. Degree Some experience. lianjsenier.I po* lion. m'.oou-;. Call Eric Brownm: 757-?.^!. Sneil:nt and Hnellirii Per scnnrl Cor,, Blunts. 401 Toner o Plains. INTEP.BSTKD IN sales? train you for a nanonalh company. 17X1 oer mentis. ' know r naM vfl STRICTLY I WIN ESS BOSAVEIJ/S fcfr-arr service. t> r^.s of h*al:r.£ and coo'lng. C «rle^rj, expep.enrerl. 762-l?bO. rail TIT-TIM a.'tcrVfk) r.M KEK ^aid. Airtr/cHural sales, _ .. .... _ •free. Sld.OOO -rODtrjiusiiofti, auto- if )ou qualify. 792-1718. mobile. Key Person.-vrt Cor.jultanU, | Tuw ri-Cou::tr>' Center, Vajl food tor (.Career oprortur.ity - Jll'.CO). -*:if£lti - '±*12 Avf.up c^, \ViiJ Vrv>nr:el Service, 717-riHl. , c e|HKU' WASTED: Male Bonkl a j| ] with Mecr.anit'Al Mamlenfim e ] 'ain'edse or Appliance and f'.e.'n^e ;serviceman. Call T^-sKS for BOOKXEEPINO and Tax Oiriiplete. au«r>ntee4. J & Mrv T B \ii3. r.eerj one transrx>n >!••• a*. I 1 )) KrsVlne H'-rke: ''^JX.-i A Hdne-ndcrs no? WK Paint Hon-.ej We Wa «o,-V : J. ij, 7i,>"rj:. f air.!. . f. i l.ll-T Opera-.o- t.iejj!. J3.T5 Ha;.', 'jns^:iants. 40*. U^ Persw) c'ARE'KT re;-sira and :n*tal-ai:on. Joe <.'urni".K'am. Reliable TPT•:'. Student T95'71^7, No Job loo ur.all. liel.EOS's Camel Service, rntchin;. lr,s>a[!alion Htam rlearl-il. and Df.'i'fcNI'ABLr:, r>'<r.u«<. ' il ' ar '' I,ubb'*?V bise. J12.CCO. j ____ jersr---. rw> Avcr.'.o (; r;i'Ni-]> M n>T^" rsirr.M Scrvic-e. 717-M41 j',"••' r -'-- vl - ^> = *-' TO!' cowboy tiar,d and heart Donors nr?!per w Lh exrxr-.enco. Con'.ai'. Cirri | jTajior. Iju!e'i?!d Kw.frs in.;, K->-j | \V A S TKD. Trti n-.-x-nanll-s 1H r\;;-. \ i nenee prp.'errcd G.-;e Hi partsman.. | b»reMs. Wil.1 Ins-j ranee p'a'i - lor l"a!\ia Wood, 37-3!?4. ,v':gr.t'iiV'-j S1CO e - slabl- our. .Star r-ers fnfven ty. or rifanmj -y. Houw- <1mn. nrantpe 1 ! Fupr rj- yrte Kjdmate! (MATURE e\pcr:cnie'l (renuireri. Apply in Employment -tr.z. p.<-r rcn-ej, "If \ve moved the stisrijcslon box we might got sonio sug- pe.xn only _o- i'p«.tinn<t r-nnnnrninrr tho ^nM-inanx-'" JACK'S MA&TIC Wand Oarp*t clfa t^rv ce. Kr*«# citimatei 744-7SV5 . fAI.KS — SH.'XO. r-ryr.n'-l f"-^r.saltant*. '\ ! o\rer.>' ; tjr I'. . O M^ rr- . «. ! 1 n *~ ! i'vr Vinyl is All ll.s !'j worlf with ca'.tlfj Abernatrr.-. 2'.0 p? r ^fi'-r. .>.•>?:•.• 'J::'4 Mar l.;bV>.-:-: ; ;ai::sht-i a-.-c-ints, Transpor.a'. M! P^'J» bonuj. J6?CO. Call Sally Hami!-! r^itl Consu:tants. 401 To*er o?' estions concerning the company!' The best suggestion concerning advertising is to call 7S';-9. - ;n ior an Avalanche-Journal Classified Ad. 24. Mde er Female ADULTS wanted: Ase 50 or over. 5 days a »eeV. ItSMlSS. Call afttr 5. PART Time ihoe doff vtanted: niHards. KM. 2H. Call Employment 25. Agents-Soles Rep. EXPANDING in Lubbocli. I need 6 sales associates in the Lubbock and Mirroundins area, riril year earn. inss o( at least JOO.OOO for Ihe right people, llanase^tieni positions available for applic-ants who quality. Call weekdays, between 9AM-12 Noon. IMMEDIATE ppetuns for insurance section supervisor in hospital business office. ?-3 yrs. supei-visory ex- '31JK43 ior St.-. Jones. perience required. Applicant musti ,..-.„.-..,,.,..—: ;—have Ihorough knowledge of Me<li- l>TERVIb\V Novr For A career Ir. care. Medicade, and commerclBl acallh insurance. Salary neuouatjle. excellent norkinj condllions and I NEE benefit*. Interested lo qualified ap- tr pljcant5. Contact Personnel Office, i. Medical Center Hospital. P.O. Praw- er 6i3, Odessa, T\. An Equal Op- porlunity Kmploycr. Real Estat?: Will Train. Call Steve Car'isle. 797-4301. Iwo people who need to arn bet«e».i SLW) and ?300 wr weeV ,o slail. Phone Bill Bumside, 763- Ads Got Results 7S>-!QU OOMPUTEP. Projiammer - operator.! eipcnence n.lh U01 system pre. I .'c.-rt^d. Excellent carcT orport-dr.Jly. I salary' open. For information callj $12,000 PER YEAR Good man can rxpecl to make this j much and more selling new and _ . (used cars And inicks se( 6 men End women to fill pr, University Dodgo.' 700 pennons b?,n£ rrcsicd bv a rjalional {;• corporation in an accelerated sales [ deld. f~2V) per month bonuses and t vacation if you qualify. For personal' interview call Mr Miller, 792-J7TS. Boh Tet- Universi NOON help needed, U-V. Go-Jd work \ Ins conditions. Rood benefits, aoplv in cerson, 502S West 50th 1510 30th.; SALES CAREER WITH SALEST MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES If you are a thinker, a ruponil-. ble non-conformiit beiidei be Repair will irr,:n. ? Co.i.icIUn'.s. -JW &r rr.c ' '"flh ?\Brl. a Wanted. ce \a--aiicrj. 7(3-7777 -11 Full-part time I Benefits. Yellow ;iraaor driver Ward CARPET CLEANING t Matthews. •:'t. ^f'.'JI irnsa'.or. he a E.W. Employment 23. Of Interest Female Employment v v 14 WAITERS & waitresses. Denny's one I of the leading restaurant chains, is now hirinz vvajlers and waitresses for the above positions. Excellent siartmz wages. Iree insurance, prolitl ing friendly end entrg«hc; if you are managing now, er can be> trained lo manage people, I want to hear from you. Our dynamic new training program allowt you to begin sharing and savjnss plan, paid vacs tions and creat worlcing conditioni j may be yours If you see us now. 'Apr/leant; IS and over preferred Oar employe** are Important to us: Der.r.y's Reit.iurant. F07 Avc. Q. 24. Male or Female Cean, Ksr.lUze. Deoc'onie Frc Car- snell:ni ptti. n.-apes and Upholster? 1 , ^hr. To^er of Plain £tr\icc. Call "S5-K51. E«fo:i or A.'l tr fctore HTLirx — 7'J3-3TQ7. CHARGE IT M.VS.VOER: National chain. Kvrel. : .TjrrfTt^ - ; ~-^ -- \ --- - ..... — — • ~"»— • ~-i. mxig >, lent t-arper cripcrtunitv. r.ub!)O(-k| J,^ "rvnertence 5 recSJr"'" ra'i 0l Mr" '' PR S«retar>-. !»). jreai bcnc.Ms! 1 NEED a pro rv,.it!o!i. Eerc'ns:jio.C-jO. Call sally' iu«nn in- a?n"irtm f A ^ •-?! ' Ke *' Personnel Consultants, Towu-J ;^-Bl61 Davis. rtarr,:,Er,n, ,j,-,.2-3. ^.-eliinj: and;-^ - . - ..unr.n. .. „. -,r. . , , • onr . lr . / o n t£ ri 7o.^;*;si. \ - provisional upholsterer, i WANTED, couples Interested in , apartment and motel management. 1 Excellent for retired or semi-retired | people. Will train. Living quarters other benefits. Must be] I willins to re-locate. 7K4335 between a.m.-5 p.m 19. Women's Column Apply FielrH tnK'resrrMj A nt Iiic- ^13 Sjtli id;. 7J7-I32L' T^'.u ^nitp formai -A("^;i:r.^ ^o^r.s ar;<1 veil*. On? sue 5-6. fie--cr ur.Tr, ( c.e 7-t. Both bocsrl f.t Bndal - c hoppe. Call rSj>i-~Sl .",7^". <'t.;sTOM made drapex. l)r;r]ume ard table clcjth j a n v E:icr SAI.Ki.MAX K.j.\N' - Klectporic • c^uiprncnl - Great srowth r,:sy. ^:O2 A'.-f-'.-e Q, v.Mlisres it 1 ! .^en-ire, 7;7-S!4:. :lKNrf:ri ^rrvcr.- man Apri^v t'xxl Jfarie;.' learning our bu<in»> in your spar* time, whiU still at your present job. Then move lo full- lime leisioni with training •alariet available lo all par* ticipanli. Our managtrt' incomes average more than $20,000 per year. Unlimited commitiioni and all the fringe benelili. Calf: ' CARMEN FERULLO 5603 AVE. "Q"-747-4391 Invetlort Diversified Services » 34. Sports Equipment BILLIARD EQUlpmect: New * u««il pool tables. Repair * Service. Lovell SporU. 1609 University. 762-0666. Pisloli. nfles. sbolfuus, bought, sold, trade. Money loaned. Hubert 1-awn Shop. 605 Broadway. C.B. RADIOS. All major brands available. Ftom JS3.09 up. Base »ta- liens. J1S5.17 up, T*Ain trucker antennas, J35.75 while Ihey last. South Plains International Trucks, 763-S213 30: E. Mth. :i7-' AJtbTRBAM trader. I; 1 SSUki. nL-ludM all equipment 74T-6QS6. ..^ SPECIAL tew Open Road. 11 ft. tKde-ln, :ab-<jvers. Double sink, Icebox, stove, and oven. (1695. ' KAK KAilJ'EKS GOU-' Carls for sale (new and usisn-tpeciBllzIng In E-7. Go and Cushman. AUo parts, tires, butteries, and service at OHon Country Club. (SOol 285-25?S. SAFEPULL Chrome Trailer Hitches, tlf.95 up. Plus installation: Heavy duty hitches, boll on equalizers available most cars: Chrome grill guards lor pickups, low bars, Poweji Tire Marl. 1519 Avenue H. & Pnipps 762-5238. TRAJJPOL1NES — American, Eldlln rer — N'ew, useo All supplies. Uy-a-way — Finaueini. Teazue Trampoline. 797-8295. Boats & Motors 1971 SJCHIAUA V-drive, ::Xl f'hevro- let. beautiful & fist. Must tell. 7G3- 16 FOOT Kiberjlas bonl, fO HP Ms-cury. drive-on trailer, built-in Uas tank. 11368. W-977S. 1S74 15 ti. VIP Bas.'j boat an, trailer. New Irolling motor. 2 IJLve wells. Rod racks. Kully I'arpctcil. 'M horse Johnson. 799-^071 aller 5P.M all day Sat. and .Sun. 16' FIBERGLASS Iwat. motor anil traUer, e.vivilenl tcl skiins or f/sii- ins. 747-2^31. 15' , Dri-ie-on S5 he. 7«-00'. r 'J, bf/al trnller lor BOAT TRAILER 4:SO-!2 tires galva- •<3. 744-OOK. person. .<:;rjie(t'« tl Clnvn p.d. KXi'KI'.IKKCED and area. !<P5l Waruerl for Perform :nlere^t:r,^ Control sa:eE. .Ve\ :TA1L Salts: "ion for Ladles \Vea ner.te prclcrnxl. Salary fJravc? yashior.^. S'out" T*la;n rar fur•;CEI> sfarr-.stieis.^larljcs nKr.ed. food company'bcneMi. llusti t" 11 Probtrm.! - •iolnin^ on.v. , <'•->-,.. have Ia;e3 r\pcri e r.ce or i>» sales j J? 1 -;?. °- Williarr. Altoraiicns. rneni-V.'orr;- .onentol. ADP!>- OriJn res', rontrr,! i"<"-51 / il. PKIt YOt It 1XCOMK i.NKEPED Inwicdialffly. E.vperlf.icod!;' DRIVER'S SadcF. Must have opera.| psrt-llme • J2.00 jwr hour to start', wa ,'! er ": waitressc?. and salad girls.! ' ... Boron's Personnel .j | University, 7&7-1161. 26. Situation Wanted "s:0/iln'' C 's3K i Av^! t - 0 5' s Ucensc Rood driving record, i n i U j bonui"' (coik-nlssion 'j-rfiiy week. Good !nt»mo ;o r as-] 1C£ Hii eressive person, who likes people '[sales survey-dellverv. and_o_ats!de work. Big Red Catcrira,: Full-time Slid per'week to starL Ave- r i Persouni-l if.'vicc. Euaran-' l-ubboclc. Country Oub. Post. 7M-m?0. n holding Harvard £ccks administrative rusTOM made drapes nr. or I have a nice - Your fab- telectl&n of VOL'fi hom>? or mire, late a.'temoons end cnntnn 75'J-rXj^ j MAIDS War.tvd. i MrerJ. F-e/ere.-; Kxpencnced de- ire'J. Apnl;. 1 2007 Avenue C. nSu'. S iVoS.c' f ^ ^° ^^ '^^'"'"^^"^"iPrartiC?. G^d OIJJE'S Alteration Shop. K years expenenre. \\'ork guaranteed. 7il- ^"Hfc:.'-'' joj need Rllor 76371IM. lilt SSlh Street. ?K\VI.''G done flt reas Snccia!:?e in women i inable ra'.c :lothes. 7S7- i BOOKKKKPEK — <-'r«rdina> office ' plus lx«OAkeeri!n2 dutiA^. J-X»'«l. Tali .Pat. 7'B-TOll. K_v:ni rc.-w.ncl Con- PAP.KIN'O Attendant: llaiurr. tie". r>**r.dab!e. manaepmer.l rar)ab:litv ; ?:>7W. Call Mel. 753-7011. K<;ns J'er- sonnel Ccn.sultants — C11"-.\ "i[> L h ;E.XECtrm-B i-'ocreiary — Financial I Institution — Gr-et public. decisir>-: mating. J300. SOT Avenue Q, \ViI- )hams Personnel RerMce. 747-5141. ] DAY time help for handicapped female Tech jiratluate slurjenl. M Monday [hrourn KridB.v. Driven Ji. censr! required. 762-tW4. mast be neat it at-, id pa; 1 & vjorklng condi-; T82-1234 |tions. J-;\tM?nr?nc^ not nece>*a:v \Vill train. Cai! 761'-3-C<7. The ^Iler Brash Co. | REGISTERED Great Pane (monlh.s. J150. 2M-?i:tl Srnvrr. ' • ACCOUNTANT Texas Tr^eh. experi- | enccd with CPA lirm and private •[industry desires position with chal- tram ;• ou compan>. ?alr^?^ We v. national!;-' know Tnr.ntn. paid RESPIRATORY THERAPY TECHNICIAN •!9'-t791 OPENINGS FOP. Machine shop ! —: .Iman. Evcntn? snd rJBht shift. Good -jlensinff future. llanche-Journal. Wnte Bo>: -11, Ava- °«:I INDIVIDUAL with NO\V openi Furr Marine Company- j->it selecllon of Jet hoan l/ibboct. Buffalo I-ikes P.oaJ. 1 mile east of Loop 2E9. 1972 TAHITI Jet boat. 18 It. n;w. 455 olds. 590 horse. t!orkle\ Jet pump. KM stereo, tape deck See Robert Rose. Modem Chevrolet 1KC Texas AVC.. 747-3211. RIVER inboard outboard. 16 ft.. bp. Mercury cruise air! trailer Phone day, (S06J Z93-1S21, n:Bhl WANT to buy-boat i motor bi enough for two skiers. 747-5762. 1975 10 1-T. TAHITI. 435 Oldsmobll engine. Road Runner trailer. 7S5 S726, 7<7-57,W -.reel!end« ex. Tra(l«rvCamp«fs 1121 Cloils .MOTOll HOME FOH KK.VT Olt S.UJ5 7M-S5S3 MINI MOTOU HO.MK CK.VTKR Midas - B>-uucliam • Mobile 'f: avoid 1 Iflrrmiic-ks, no tf(t"K, lust ; solfrl Vest Texas Ijinlnesn with excellent rrvlee. Several new, several used rrjrs on hand. Cbme »es us for, » sam! CAMPER COACHES , 4W>1 Browntleld Koid 7M-836J 7W-7SM SUPERIOR Motor Homes COBRA 5lh Vikrtl toilt'l Bultalo Sprints lake Rod I mils Mil loop! 219 Vio. 1972 COACHMEN MOTOR HOME Onn owner - 26. COO milej -Power plonl. 110 AC AM-FM rsdip vfilh 4 Kle?p? 6 -- t'odffe 41S. to appreciate. Priced to sneaker-,. Mint »es sell. S8.7SO , ' ,' MOTORS, W11 Teiaa. DALE'S CAMPER CO. 3003 CLOVIS ROAD Ne\r arrivals of Tlosa Mini Molor Home*; in the in and 22' elasx. Up to S different floor plans availabla on both models. Come in and lest drive. . / 5 morlel the S 1 , Cab-overs arriving S', S',',' and. IT dnily i-'ully sej.'-conlajncr) or plain. New pick-up dally, fnr any pilce you can afford cover also arriving size pick-up, at a SPORTSMAN — keep in touch with! the land lovers, put a C.71. Radio in i Financing available. Trade-In alloi»- your boat. Krnm fM.93 tip. JViulhlnnce! ' Plainl Inlemallcnal Trucks, 7S3-B213. 301 E. 34lh. alary. E.vceflent ^ n ^~^^. ^ESr?""^'" I Including 10 paid holidays. Equal j opponunity Kmplovcr Smger-Lavne iPumu Co. LubbiX'lc 'Kartorj- Zrfi jBm-.vnfjfld Hiehwnv TST-'MW cations." hon-jsr.« end other b«/;c/i!s! bcd |ll >oi tjuallly. 7S:-17;3. 20. Child Core-Baby Sit. WA.VTKP: Mature C^:r: c tJan M-o^isn tn Veep 'J j'ear old Ctrl in tny home. l.:^nt rOLisctcepir.c. Gc->l pay Icr TP.A1.NKK — Inside i h'fu.-s. Cail Mel 7SJ-7»n. , ork. rinih.' da-,' I'cr- H.\',"K oper.ins for n.-ie prc-i' or infant ir, my home. :<ear WA:.T>:I>. tractor am! truck me rh^r.scs for rarm rquinment ard G.%t Iru'.-k tlcalcr. Mu-,t be expcncnccd and have own hand tools. Salary n: r-ommi.ssion. App!y )o prr«n.i. cra-.v- frr r:T::ipnM?nl. I.^vclUnd. TV. Infa.-.t. Kcference. room for 717-07.VJ, ArjKR Trainee -- Retail do- experience, train focal. lavl o1lon« S'.O.CW i-all Pat. 7-il. >:vi'.3 Pervo.'.r.ol Consultants ("P.KDIT I!.ln,i5cr — Kcta I Horr- -- SjOO — 5-Days — a'/jj Avenue O : - '.VMliarn') Pprsn-ncl Scrvire 747-")H! 1 !;VN'__waiitc<l Ior 3-il or 11-7 or cliEiblp r-ccdi-4 !nr IBQ! IMMEDIATE Opportunity, small nil- lal in Hobbs New Mexico, I s0 ' an< l 10*13 Hledelbers Platen C.P..TT base salarv 55 : />O?. necoti-j Pre^'iman. Kail e.^perlenc'e helpful, 'able with experience. C.P..T.T. clici-; Sabrj- open. West Texas Creative i ble salary negotiable, send resume! Pnnlinj: (9131 652-3747. 504 East I to Personnel Director. Box 3CCO.; .VoWw. Nndlano". Texas 797(11. i Hobbs Ni!\r Mexico 55241). ' pos business in pa city: AB Write Box 4: background .nd oiKields seeks tri chcntica!£y related Technical sen-ice ca-j ,,.„_.,„ i, Chemblto- and MBA.l A fnjc H ' Avalanche Journal. FIBERGLASS Specialists: Ouaran teed minor and major repairs using only factory recommend techniques arc! materajls. 765-7659, 5:20 . lO'OO jn.m.; E 00 - 12:00 Saturdays. 501-ri Phono 76:-riMJ ol boats for pica-' EXPERIENCED Secretary seeks work at home. Reasonable rates, adrlrcsstnjr. letterir-r, and dictation. Call Vi!-'J255. WANTED someone to take care of seml-invnlld lady. SM-33TJ Hart. T\. I \VE wl.l I career::! train Give ASSISTANT Bookkeeper — Automo- t)vp — J-jiKi — F:\cellcnt promntion-ai onnortunities — 2$02 Avenue 0. \Vit- lifinis PiTs^nnef Scr\-jro. 717.^141 J7JO amonth. 1773. u for an excitinj a chance 11 iiein If >OLI quahfv, Mr. Miller, "j".'- VTIJXHV lady i'JIT!-I> oarc. my Harrlwu'K area 79 home, da; i orj>. th machine a ccou n E i n z bark- rcaMinabf':, ami -rfl. we*-k da vs. 73 Infants only by 1'iOUr. V,>' V '-;L , A! I JX in> TIL' lovjnc rarp. r,701 A-. e. n my I'.ome,' F, c pu! ?. rs 2 -3 , ' Ii 1 "! 1 , ~ila>'~ nence ''•>. , bO'"k ba> 75.>7011. ' ant T . '_14^- M]CI expe- i.TTtt L<ib- Call Pat. ] Consult- WHATAnuRGHP. now has for part-time 11:00 to 3:00 (TO worJ: in. i'.oom. Mr?. Joan Ktacj 1 . 5C.'9 necessary, for Interview comn by \\TiaiaburgVr. TEMPORARY available. R"K I'ompfin'.- No 717-5141." and part-time ^er Williams Fee. 2SOJ Avenue UP.IVE-IN Help needed !n Lubbock. Mu.«t 9051. Alter 5 PM. dependable. e johsj '.Yorker WAirp.ESj-'fcis —Apply O. Village Inn field Hlch^ay. no call / in person, [for 4'J'Jj Brown- s? i" CLAIM ADJUSTER We have an opening In our Lubbock office for an experienced auto claim adjuster. Body shop experience preferred, and we will offer training in nronerty lines. Advancement opportunity based on performance. Outstanding Co. benefits including b'ears profit sharing. Good starting salary, commensurate '.vith cxp?n- en:'e and back^-rjunrj pluj compviny r-a!l John MrtVilljams-at 795-K7I PErTtntnien'.. You ovve it to >"r>cr- to investicate this tna ori v -*r- Riislncss opportunity for rnuplc5.j U'ant a second Income? Full or; part-time? In ?-5 years earn up to, yearly 1 APPT. 79?-11flT ; U'.l.NTKl": -l-' r.'\pcnen'-ed. tractor • P.e'Ter.ccs. House, u . anrl irriration. lil:* 1 ;. 7&.J-7103 NKW — K'Jnrycomb ! v ay Care ''en- IT Open. ENpenenr'ed ' staf.' rffrrs ^i.wMy r,irr C'ose ro TevaT Instrr- m?nts. T.iur.r. Ghnnell, i FVirhway Mail, Your Inspe^Hon [s welcome. trdl r.rdb'Jd rinvr. Call 76:-242!. cfill.D rare - licrnsed. Balancer! rivals - snacks - play.round Drop>,•;. irclromi'. :l», - at 7J7-reM. AI.!> Acr^. hot, scricol pi', drop-ins welcome. :£.",$ 40th. 7i'J. r..VIALLY nnr,-dl5criminatory. rhllrt i i"-,,:ch. .Vra'r Tech." 762,SU:. 753-: Hardware, Lumber. I' Consultants, Pans. TO. Star Universi- V'Jrl^lJ Il ( ?prp?*vntativo' — .S-orr.e col- Ic^e, whole*a)e and retail Hrrount5. J707g r car - »*\pens;cs. Call pat. 7ir.-Tfj"l, EviriT Perwr.n?!!:- i FA KM worlEer — acri j Permanent. DOE. I.ubbock F 3 ersonjicl P-road\vay. 7n'!-r^",j, IC Kn^innpr - to SI 3.000 urMd - Immedjalo. Sor- cl ^er-'jce. tiJ13 Univer- Fee n's p s:ty. 7E» Employment commercial l pcndffhjff. nofJ l .^c:-\'ice. 1547 Fun. makf* monev, wear <O^ ~'b 'ICK: Malrt aptitude? EookVeep- beauliful jewelry, no Investment, noj lrJ S background. Tj'po — nnxwcr deliver.-, .^p.rah Coventr'--. Call 717-j Phones. Rush: ^400. Call fue .^colt. 442fi. 747-70S1. 7S7-S2¥L Snellintf and sncllinz Per> .,.,._„.: , sonnel Consultants, 401 Tower c' UA.-. I r.!i; .\eat yoanx lartv with (plain'; MELTONS 5IMMENTALS Service a^e £:m.tncnial Bulls out ot: top sites with Kcrelord base for: sale at reasonable prices. Contact i JAM. Helton. 805— 56:-:57S. Ropes- vitle. Texas 797,5?. NEED A NURSE/ COMPANION/or SITTER • Home or Ho<piLaI • Full or part-ti'me • Flmplcyeos screened, bonded, & insured UPJOHN-HOMEMAKERS 737-12.57 Opixirtunltj- Kmployer COMPZ.KTE • Larson • Falcon • Khbtide « Oura Craft ?orne used boat?, motors /.- trailers. Authorized Evinnide Mercur>' Bales & sen-ice. Our discounts are still the most. SPOJITNMAX Sl'I'l'LY 1917 E. Broadway 7G3-.13O 38. Trailers-Campers 25. Agents-Sales Rep. SUES REPRESENTATIVES! Enuil;.- take 27'-IS7^ Voc, - fully nu-e. 7?743W before 5 ."Ml. H'll«on. up raiments. clNtinlalrwd PM. or K;v BO.VAXZA. Mode!, low t hour le in tyc«; who can l---r>* t in doctor's office. 5 day \vork. Oai] 7M-6221. dflcr i NHKI« experienced director for iJa Care Center. 792-G16:. !'. L. Davli ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY j ^"O TiOth An Kiua! Opportunity Emp]o>Cf AI-J-' SPANISH SPEAKING Telephone caKs from our oft- i'e - 52.10 per hoar- 4 or S hnum prr day - 1 shift, . 9.1, r.-9. Call: 7IJ3-5.!an. Wednesday. 11 to 32 only. SffX'I.U.S Sibyl Law 7-S4-3-117. :'l' | TERRITORfAL SAiES — laid week i while trainins. 520. C ?:>7r> t;p - sc!?re'jiry - Hush, office • Urgent: Borer.'s Personnel Service gjH Universily. 7.17-SI61. 20.000. Urztnt. -jTEI'.P.ITORtAl, ?AI-ES — Sa sell e.\r>r. Top 5aJary piui commission. P.K.VKFIT.-! r;a:orc: type, rreet public. .VO shor-,;rir.d, ;> davs, ?7//j-^. i^)J Judy Jon<>f, 7o"<X>:. Pncllinc d J-'rc!lina Personnel '>n«u!!ant's .->f>l Texas Ootnmen-o Fulldin, .z. W'.'.5 AC'W.'NTINO Clerk Rai-os -Benefits - Hurry! Eoren's Personnel Service, 6113 Unlversltv 22. Of Interest Male - w "ekly payroll, involr-mc.' journal Pf.A.VT V.'oric . mrjcha.iical abilitv - ar: ' ! ledper postlns. To ?rW. Call fork-lift experience. J3.W. Star Per- Pat > • ( B-7nn. Evins Personnel Con- sonne! Cor.stiltants. -JCio University. 1 q ',iUanl-?. 214^-A r>0th. tHo"p~Vnrr-min !-fiv—Ma,h . , '• NKi ^" farmer with sxpcr:cnr» in[S'; x ' KC '- rrn ' F; Pecretar/: Busy office. i .," VV^H II • .Machinist*. ,;<,•,,,[ Texns rot'on farniinz refer-! Must "" 'Wiled. Hard ifnrkcr. Sa!a*';>"; V- • i : fnt- Tr,*'n 'rv,' P -ii-/?-^'! er "' c ' ! '<^^"« d - Call 735-SKD'after £ i?,, 0 ^":, ^P, r> Ji',,, ln . P 5r «n i' <iua!l- P- : 7>ltlV i i Io^n-OOu.,U/ (,<=!- [,rn. fieri. f..ul ;FJ.f)|gl fo r appointment. ."."rlHU warcr/>L5» deliver'.- nn^ Apply SI 4« Kr-X-!.-.r. )i/,rVey o:|. Kveninn --rs or olde: I" 1C T'.OLTE — Kit.ibllshe^ r''^'. 1 '^-. '7iL~! r7in!e'?(J Ka}p.r>- •- com- m:ss;on. v 'acation plan. Insurance p^an, letirement plan. >tmrly wort: Apply — Baldridi'p Erfad Office IVH Avenue N' a.r.pM. . l I,A.NT llana^er — I-'ce paid. lie- ;Crre -- exr^rf^nco .supervision 1 maintenance. JS.OOO. T.ubbock Personnel Serx'lce, 1017 Broar!way, 7G> SOCIAL wort: - health ri"3rco -t aiimlnls'.-al: JP-'OO. Lubbork 1617 Proadw-av. bact:sro^nd. eKVT.fnr" Personnel service -" .S.U.K3 — PP. — sharp, personable, " 1 " "Tx-rtenc-. JTWy i.uhboci: p ''rsonn'-l. lC-;7 Broadway. 76.1-M7.5. S50—flOO PROKrr OrBanization. ...., ._.. Watkinj Vanilla and Pepper. 7'j9-«56| MECHANICAL ENGINEER ....Open tor details. I TECHNICIAN — Draltmz <-.\vr. Open Open •.^ full-time. Five year resident Lubbock. Over :o. Interesting work. T6th ^ Aver.uo A. Kail on Curonado Drive to 23!r;. 747-C^IT, JFP.O.NT Desk: Where r>e:.-inalitv counts: Tj-p;nj—N'O shorthand Good with figures. Slio. Call .Sue -«cott. 737-3JSL 5nelllns anJ Sncllin? Per- io.inet cos.suJtants, 401 Tower of Plains. HEATING. AIP.-CON'D.. TECH EI.KfTT.IC Motor pumps Tech Open 1 LOCAL DELTV T ERY P.oute — JSCO- LAKJ-;.siriK Nursinz Home now hirini: LVN's. 5-11. anrl Ji-7. .v u r,cs Aides also. S-I1, and H-7. Hou>ekeepmf: personnel, and dishwasher. Apply in person only. -irx)6 24ln. UP front: T>pir.s. busy phone?. surance experience help-:, j WOO. call Jiniv Jone,-. ' *",- SnellinR and Snelllns Personnel suitanu. 301 Te.vns Cnmmerca B In- LANDSCAPK. parden worker SECRETAI'.Y — Good -StiM. CLERK TYPIST PHYSICAL THERAPIST .. INTERIOR DECORATOR ISARBKQUE S'ales. vve'?kend^. ]f^ years hourly, call 7t!-'7.'2. Evenings, f.- >r older. J2.10 BtLUSG CLj;p.K. gen. off. LIBRARIAN' AID. part t me COIjN'SEI/JR SL : PEH\ li'OIT, part '< lima i PERSONNEL TODAY EMPLOYMENT SERVICE SOI LNB 76'2- .Open .. cxpr RU' ,!4I2 .J91>! C.rniin Insiir Her, SALE? S ! >rou P lnsur Ue P '' F.XPEP.IENCKIi waitresses, all shifts, excellent benefits. J.T Martin. The Fair P.estaurent. E04 Ave A. 7SMM7. Chnslian «-im,in for part-lime «ork. r a !| for details 761MW2. After 5PM 7TO-5373 >'EKU a Joh? lo SKf.VlCK route. Dependable f#y>-' <t<x:l1 5 C 00 — rer-ttrnr-l ^Tndav Emnioy. ] " n .- . . -) days, woo Evins Person <"O.'.rpLTKfl vns - f.Vjbol • For-Si:-,(/»). 'Jfrt Aven:ir> Q. Wil- Persnr^nr! .S'erx'icc. 7!T-jl41. \ ( 'Y. V.'nter, 5ir^f)0; Me'-hoiui- mrl cv.nsultar.ti. MAN" for suumersibfft pump assem Wy. rc;ia|.-. Pump prc rh.inlcsl barkcrounrl v"'il! train I w:,!:n? In wnrk-. lesrri accept rr sr-on^ihili'.;.-. Cnl! 7fj^-6VV> ,'or a->^o : nt OFi-irK f.'lerk — li^nl t\'pm2 process oMors, I.u'ibock P-rsonnei Scrv- "•e. 1RJ7 Timadwav, TD'-Mn. U'ANTKU — reliable woman to ba-l bysit f*-o small children tn nr. jliomel 7f>7-(137_'. . r. 1 ..v* iAKl -- T>-plrj; anil short hand, fioocl work ba^kcroiirn] ^7" Call Pat. 7T,-701L Eyl.i? Personnel 7« LtVE-ln housel;eej?r-housel:eep ns. care for 2 children, references. 752-1 =r '>'. it no answer 737-./-JS!. \VA.\TF.n Beautician witr: or witho-il ncrieiye. We'll tram then:. Cai! f onsullanlt - KXF-KF'.IKNCKH n wnn cnn do i PKCP.KTAP.Y wor>:. 7o"."';L^, Personnel S'er VIP ol'icc — coot ftn<. pr> ; I uhhorfc c,c, ;s;7 Broadway. ouri - JlO.iW). '.Ttu Avenue Q,. MA!NTE:>",\N"CK helper for large! PT«on onl i-::;m-h. Th.s is not a ]an:lnr's Joli, 1 vjeitr"TT^ Af:;ily fit Ml 1 . rtroailwa 1 . 1 Fllit l^',' MfthTdi^t Clr.jrcJi " , ".if rf rou-if I/lca! ability. en's HKI'KNDAP.LE farmnand. t\;>en er.<-e<l, tractor .-.nd irnzauon. .Mm' h,-,\e references, :;n-e house, u'.ili ill'l f f) £-£5"'_ ;lf "T 7:OT pm T^IJ.MP mechanic. Cuslomer cnnta't - s! 1 .-.-, Har.ijle wnrrar.ty paprrs - 5-[jay; 2".02 Avenue Q. W:HlHms Per^'nnel Srrvicr-. 717'."'1-!1. ..•"1K!>: nurjery ^orXcrs ,'or wa- plants jn nur"~'i;',-'. planting tifet ! 'Kruhs and seriSrat landscapi.-.a. -t be !i Z'j'j'd i,!i>'bi'-;i; crrirtJlion, ?!'•' Holden-I "Klv-n Nursery, TiD <; .'.^r-. (j, between £:'/> a rn. to i.VT M.lriBKer - Arricuttural nd . :«>, . ^ ! ar.- npe- Roren'.! Personnel Frrvlce hnnd So. l-.- no sonnel Toiiv oOl I.NP. 7^->J> "ft. !".77. Urscnl." Per- Mmploynncr.t Service. VAI'.IKI) IialiCs: I.isht Ivping. public conlact. films. Kon-.c hcx>kkeop'Ln^ r. days. J!00 r.-ill Judy Jrmes. 76>7I)S1 .^ncllinj and snelirnc Personnel Con- sultantM, SOI Texas CommorcD Build- in;, 1 . Pt.'BI.IC Call on i'.elalions PLUS csr- n( , p c r i • Field !- L"nJ\er-1 . crx.'KT.ML wnit.-esues urarted. Mu^[ be ner.t /.r attractive. Gooi pay K>:penem-rd preferred but not nec- e-<ar>-. Call 7n^-r^!77. Krij j:-' neoplc? nusme.sM's. ;< Days, P.aises' ^o,j^. ("ail S'IJA S'fotl. 7 r )7-" -J ?l Snellinz and Pnellin:; Personnel Consultants. 401 Towrr of Plnine r>'ins rvr^or.nel Con- f"!00- . ''siI Jo \v,il| Sn-n,rj and gnr-ltinff PER MONTH KrJiAIfj .sai'es: .several openin-.'s lirefe.-: evp.;rience Maturity plus <lo. i nendabilHv. To sl^3 Call Pat, 7^".. J "OH. Kvin^ Perjonnp] Consultants i '-'i-I^.A 50th. 24 Male or Female Pnrt tin Or ffTi mi ' 'If AN 1C M';-VI 'i npi'^rlunity. sion. ^01 .-^IMp <:'? ^ la '.inn nnr.'l. salary ar.J com- P.'i. iorn ''•*" '-r'-ipf Tirrnl ma:ntr»nanr _Vr> chifflrnn. No n premise* I r, o 1 1 i riou- fieinj ' accepted An;>licant one year IJIMEDIATK Oiipcrturuls .~mall „!.set anrl Jflxl.-i Hicddberj platen / 1 :-c'.-7maT, Foil cvperifnco hcliirul Jalary open \Vc.-t Tetas Creative :>7in;|ns: '!'L"»i t:s2~T717. "«; Jim Nobler, Midland. 7.0701. ~ ? E_RSO>TNJEX V I pi Ground Floor-Free Parking 230? Ave. O 747-5)41 CREDIT MGR ibOO Reloit RECEPTIONIST 5550 Great benefits fun |ob INS.CLAIMS W5 Busy offices SECRETARY V60B Public Relations DIESEL MECHANIC S150 SERVICE WRITER 51.000 Automotive FOREMAN SI.000 Supervise production PROGRAMMER $1.000 Computer WHY OWR 10BS , CEC.Oftner Hatujer JOBS OF THE \VEKK Kxcc Sales. comm& 511,000 <\*!l on bjn'n pros; ett eilerit pVge Sales Rep. to J12.000 M.ijnr line cnnsjiner pro-due's; l&ra! Mgr Trainee, BBA $11,000 cnienre stcre chain r.eeds 6' ....SSOpen .Vi-w.CTislmcsccls. Ml, com. car Route Sales, comm & 59,100 Sleno. to $6,600 i'rnposaK. eMimatcs. rtr: 60 wpm Payroll Clerk, cvper S6.000 Receptionist, 50 wpm S5.200 Key-Punch Opr S5.200 Machinists, to $15,000 .l"b shop A production: 6 needed Technician, bonus & J12.000 jfiriades, levels, trnrAils 2-wayTcch.OT& 510,400 Electronic Terh, to $10,400 Silid ^« expT. < Texas sites Safely Trainee, to S10.900 I I'^pection^. OS 11 \ rtr. urgent r.eM Fleet Mechanics SS Open Crane Operator $$ Open I.,T*lmr .iHjoncntrir, Iraiel Shop Foreman, to $9,000 Klrctrician ...'. "........ .57,800 !n plint tUitirit. ccuxl y..nefi:s Service Trainee $6,600 hiet Irurii-^t ii crcpl. local a^'t ii Mjnv Kmpln; rr paid h>f T THE JOBCENTRE " \ full linr pl^rrmrnt *f rxire" S.ubhork Square Offii c Tower * Y Excellent commission slructure J I means subilanhai earnings for I • A lop safes person with drive, I * ability, and experience. MILES I PRE-CUT HOMES [ Exclusive territory now open. ' Excellent commission structure ! on« of the best home financing deals offered. Strong promotionat prcyram requires 'additional Sales Represen- I taflves to handle large number of icads. Joir, us for a permaneni ' position and a rewarding future. i Mail us your quaJifications and we wiN arrange interview. Slart wilh S150 per wk. draw, plus advances on commissions. Good icar required, MILES HOMES INC. i 4500 Lyntiale Ave. H. [Minneapolis, Minnesota 55412 at Opportunity Employer I fuljy sel[-mnta:ned. mileace. Sacn/ice! FOR s.-ile: 11 ft. cabover on 19S3 Cnovrolel rsr Pick.up. Kvceiirnt condition All the extras. Call 792372fi: or 715.31CII. after 3 P.M. PICKUP cover, S ft. Tnpcat, se? fit •2m Marshall. K' A. O. Smith Irritation pump. I'JO'. excellent 15 horsepower electric motor. te*3zn, sialon. IW5 BRBA.MER — Chassis mounl. camper. .Motor Hame, must fcee to nnpreciatf. 7K-5531. TWILIGHT BUNGALOW 5th Wheel 32 MODELS with a>r.t»nffilranir 1 h*«liup $8995 BILLY SIMS TRAILER TOWN 7107 Clo.ii U. 763-5073 UCCEST VOtUME OUHtt NEW 1975 COACHMEHCADETIS'/: 1 17' MOTOR shape: Roufh S9th St 7S.V!S^" Home cxtenor. excellent J1 'KO l?^' !f bbcation-Tralnlnf FREESPIRIT by Holiday Rambler 24'J", tandem, dual holding tanks, 4 lloor plani, Irom JM9S BARGAIN Pric«s! 'H Holiday Ramblnm-5 lo Cnoose from. 16-21', PLENTY of VSs-iee them foaay! Holiday Ramblers. 27-32'; Holiday Rambletls, \t-3i'; Prowler). !<'.'i-3r.']'; Holiday i Prowler 5th Wneels. AssessorieS'Pickup toppers- Campers SEIVICtTHE BfM: HOLIDAY ll.l.-ll*. $3295 AMFSKAMPER Folaioo HartftoD Camper Sletps S-3 Burner Sttjve-7516. Ice Cheit-8«tlery- Butane Tank. Ready to Go. • $1920 SllYERSIIIUK-COtCHWfK-EinOHII MOT08 KOMtMrHLlD MOTOI ROWS "Heller Buy Pharr" ^ PHARR TRAILER SALES 5 UC2 Clcris IJ. 115 ItU 2V. Schools 1 P. VDrJit trains tractor-trailer ririv-j j iiri, llcsidcnt tramipz and home I studv. Call locally: i.= OSi 7S3-7276. ' mc Office: Atlanta. Ga. 30. Kindergarten DON'T HAVE A TRAVEITRAILER YOU'D BETTER GET ONE — NOWH O O a Q :*' . care. Hot meals ' ' m-KIint. IniinnluiH I^cens^d. ZOl- 26tii. ! E .! r.l.-n-c tor sun:.': M'JlOOl, 1^1 viO^ 1 O 31. Child Nursery 25. Agents-Sales Rep. I Clarified Ads Get KeMllI.i 7ii?-:'31t I t I.ICKNVKI) Nursery-. 4918 7th Street. 79:'-i.M.. Hot noon meals. I IT«\NT jn.cxyt, oil Mike Kramer. I'jl-'"^].' fnrllmX and S'ncllmc F'^rsonrvtl Consultants, -501 Tower of Plains. ; pair! ti years old, r,.' ,-irc-a. ni -I l:l~ : , « r -hr, For Inlcrvicw call Monda I.T.-, 7r > .".-i:'7 1 ST. MARY'S J i a. son M(;n. Married man wily; car. phone • In- tercsled In a »?cure future, c,'j?.ran- ; t'fd 1130 week to start. THE FUI.rxR IlP.CSH CO. HOSPITAL M RSKS .\rn<;r:s .-iiiiEs onnKni.V's, >,VN I<! HOVSEKKKPT.Vfl AIIIF.S JZ? 1 wt'l irai:i r'" r;,v.'f nir •. nil for m r N . . Porwr.nel. 'Xi-C'K. 4W> : Fxmnl rtpnorttinllr T'. irrr1ir !Ji ,-t. j;r"poratKir\ - acrcptin? nji- | [>Iit;,itJons for As->iilant TiarTir Mar- I ti".pf. Typing. Inriz hours. tviJltn^ to' accept responsibilities. Apply m per-! snn - I'Jant North of PJainvicw.! Kinal Opp^»'tuniily Kmp1o>'Cr. j A \'.\''AT1ON* without nionr-y is a , vacation without fun. Earn fr'oo*! li>- i r-omc. KuJ] or part-iirae. 7Do-<fc63 a,'l-| cr 1PM. I N'KKI> S [icoplr. S7.V) p^r tr.ontn if ','unlt/irrf. On thr> Job ti.iininff. \'a'ia- Mnn^. .Mu^t r,t> nccit jn appcaranr-r WHIlns lo work. Kcicc'tions based on p^rsonal Jnlrn 1 iC\v rstspr U>nn p,is[ o.norioncp. To arrnnro personal in-' lorviciv. call TftP-OT.11. $650 - $800 PER MONTH "KP.VITf-: Matirji nM-nr-r- lion help 1 Pnrto oil I?i1 K. r/itn. for ucA-noNs no. be manager positions, mi:sl bo H years olrj, resldent or area, and hlsh grsriuate. i-'nr lntfr\ - le,v call Monday and Tuesday, 763-4271. T applicant j Knelling enrl ?nr-llm(! Pr-r-onni I C'on- one >cflr 1 vuttant*. '.fi\ Texas t:ornrnc;x-e Hui]d- TRACTOR MECHANIC ^cntrr. 7fi Saks, top rornpam- offer t futurp, hennfKs. J^OO Xr .'onsullant.?, Tir.v/i-o/unir John Dfitrr rvnfrirnr anrl hospital [nsuranrp pnKl. THOMPSON IMPLEMENT After nPM 2*5-330!) OMon, Tr\a^ MAINTENANCE MAN ACER To 574,000 Co. Pjyi Our Ft« Will be loyally retponiible for plan! engineering and maintenance. Sou Id have iJronfl background in plant uiilitiev, good mechanical, hydrauic analylicaT, and dlagnosflc ability. He- quirts BSME, CHEM E or EE, Call Tom Fernell or lenrf resume lor a fonfitfcniial Interview. SI7I«poiCo«»<»it«»u>l*"« WA.VTKH: nnc tn mrrhanlc, T«>r> flight Jnl alary, r It Trainee: versa!(! ft company. C Promotions by plan. - Vo-vrr of Plains. •^UPKC helps WOO J-, call Snplllntf nnrf ACCOUNTANTS 513,000-JU,500 ALLFPESPAIDBYCO. Poi'iion require* 3-4 yearj jood com- rnercid I account i n^ expericnc p in any iirj^ii^-y. Several po^ilions are open in cilher la*, auditing, or operations department, Accountmo rtegrre re- q'jirea. Call Lynn Fred or send for confidential interview. Ihinhil! "•[f.O'lNF! 'tf'l.'l OH'IHOCr MM.n,C--—-.mB,.M. 7 '4J7V6 J 30 rc^'jrne Tor i i» (DORS Typo 60 WPM: NfT. Tonlins Ma• hinc. Po<tir>? mornings, lirnvv tele- phn-.o .ind o;. f ir<* Ir^f.'ir In flffrnnnn. [/>'-V!r,^ for ^ar<»?r n % iin(l' 1 '1 j.^'son Apply (n pirson 9A.\MrM F: Irlnv A-a-il -t Fritinv Apr!! t: r;real r'ftn'i DidlrtlMilor*. fi'i ml!c« F.K o.' Traffic C/nlo m Hr'iii.iv m. AVON REPRESENTATIVE needed in Lubbock and sur- rounding afcoj. For further Information, call 7(5-7293. NELOA WILLUMS OWNER 747-5141 2302 AVE. Q TEMPORARY OFFICE WORK NOFEE WORK WHEN YOU WANT TO INTERESTING JOSS REGISTER NOW mWIOIIIJT, HCKTHIH. mmmn, CKIKS. ::i i'oun^ fojjp r_ than your ^x v. ilh rii nay check. MA.VAfrKMK.VT I'tHilions a:e now open witu Klortrolu>:. When joi: qualify, \vhilo IrainJn? \'n\j \' ill re- cr.ivc S7f»j )>- r vcck. ia.'an. B;:'| cxpon.sos. Opportiiniiy. list, per wopk. Mr. Ha^h l.O<;AI/ T.V .Slnunn not?dv ':vvJ,ni-| <'inn for MlrrQ'U'avp Maintonanr-r Musi have Firsl rlnss 1-'(T I.KTIUC. Contact Cniof p;n2incer. KOfi-V.r.-tl'uri CENTRAL PLAINS GENERAL HOSPITAL PLAINVIEW, TEXAS Credit and collection supervisor. liberal benefits, vocation, sick leave, holidays. Health and life insurance, crecfil union £ a pleasant atmosphere. Qualified opplicanti for o permanent pojjfion, app,y, P«r»onn»l Deportmtnl, (806) 296-SS31,exl.377. I BU.-JV Bee Nursery — Qualified Day NOW Takini! applications (or full Ore Excellent programs — all tln-.e. pmfessionnl nunrled real estate azes. Infants — school aze. Bel- sales persons. Kxpcrlenced or win anced meals. After ichool pick-up train, and help £et ticetisp. Ou!-| 747-626?.. 2135 5Ist tanding income conimisslon Slinsnn's Inc. T''-*3 opportunity than = a|ps can offer.' MANAGERS ft MANAGER TRAINEES IF: TOU are interested in a career wllh a rapidly expanding Inter- You enia/working with the public; • sibiliT*"' a '° d '" whi ' h ycu can make <J «!sio f » and have respon- ogress according to your ability to THEN: You are looking for a vjbirantisl fringe benefit program • - tor the ia Phor,,; 792-3866 PIZZA HUT, INC. " A|>; WAI. firt'OTlTliMTV KMPI.OVKR Add,.,,: 341 1 Univ.r.ity CAN YOU i SELL YOUR WAY INTO 1 MANAGEMENT? KERNITE . . port of on 5 NYSE listed induilnol I company, is looking for • on individual with ex- T cellent person-to-pe/ion I jelling soils plus the | capacity to grow info a T key manogemenT I position. J You should possess the I ability tu lead and I rnolivale others, o solid C business background and • Ihe willingness to work I herd for success. College degree helpful bul not I mondalory. I Excellent starting income 2 plus profit srtaring, in- I surance programs and i stock benefits. I To arrange a personal I interview, coll Dove " Hocketl at 806-747- | 0171 in lubbock, I Tuesday, April 8th after X 9 AM.(Oul-of-lown, call i COLLECT!) I KERNITE i 1310E.Kort)i|itiDr. \ Irylii THIS 75062 j •,?/•» b,>." ditftsion ol U^Achtm, Ire. 3STIT Street .Vur»orv — All uses, ncensej. well hnlancetf meals, supervised play. Diapor sen-ice. Or^rj 21 h"iirs. 7 days a week. 2315 JSlh. " MAMA I»is' Nurret>' - state niiali- !ied - Open Saturdays . Infants wel- conio - Evcellenl nmsrami. 7S2-WH from Ml AVI) r\ DAY CARE CKSTKH We're the Isi house .Vorih D( Ttrxas In^tniments new location — We're here for your convenience — We KUrirantoe to plc-ase ~- 1/cavo your ohlltlrKi w-iUi us — Ho at work In 5 minuter: 2jOS North 29. Schools AIRSTREAM 1975 ARGOSY, Built By Airttrtnm SAVE GAS PULLING A TRAILER? •••) . ..BUT YOU'LL USE LESS PULLING AN ARGOSY — NO FOOLING! DON'T FOOL YOUR-/S -,SELF!. > < I ^> Z O o 3 O SPECIAL DISCOUNTS ON ALL 1975 ARGOSY'S Built By AIRS;REAM '73 ARGOSY 24' WAS $7125, HOW '73ARGOSY24 1 , WAS $6995, NDW $ 64t8 6111 10 ABBOTT TRAILER SALES 408 Avenue "W" 763-4747 o ENROLLING NOW AT COMMERCE COLLEGE ELIGIBLE INSTITUTION FOB F.I.S.L., N.D.SX. LOANS AND ! B.E.O.G.r.HANTS SECRETARIAL • COMMERCIAL ART • ACCOUNTING • COMnJTER PROGRAMMING • DRAFTING • APPROVED FORi VETERANS* ACCREDITED! BY: THE ASSOCIATION Off INDEPENDENT COLLEGES, AND SCHOOLS FOR COMPLETE; INFORMATION CALL,( WKITE, O* VISIT I 747-4371. 1 2007.34th , I COMMERCIAL COLLEGE IF YOU DON'T HAVE A TRAVEL TRAILER YOU'D BETTER GET.ONE 29. Schools 29. Schools NEW CLASSES NOW ENROLLING! TRAIN FOR K CAREER IN THESE COURSES: * SECRETARIAL * ACCOUNTING * CLERICAL/TYPIST * COURT REPORTING * DRAFTING $KIUS IN A «*'NO/CAICUUTINO CAU WWTI OR VISIT DRAUfiHON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE 14I4Tn«Aw, 715.55

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