The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 3, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1932
Page 5
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD.. FRIDAY. JUNE 3. 1932 DEATHS David E. Hoke. David S. Hoke. chief engineer o! th? Army-Navy Club. Seventeenth and I streets northwest Washington, died sue- . cenly wh-v sitting at his desk at work ! Thursday afternoon, apparently from a ist-ar; ai.^ck. He was iead ttbrii physi- ciaas r«ach«i hire. Eoke wss bom in Frederick SI years ago. and 'aras a. chief machinist In the j U. S. Navy far 20 years. Most cf this ! T"n» Tas spent in foreign seas. He was retired about ten years ago and ti-ent to Washington to mske h_s hom-e. He had been employed by the Army-Navy Club ever sine*. He is survived by a daughter. Mrs Fanni« Nicol. and a brother, Henry H. Hoe, of 1203 Fifth street northeast. Washington, with ahem h? ma-de his home. Funeral services ·aill be held Saturday Of W. W STATE RESTS IN TRIAL OF HEALTH By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIJl. · Sll'.or. Jo!irc»I O! joclmucs »a« ot Tfce He»ttJ j EDITOR'S NOTE! This is the second ' cf two articles by Dr. Flshbein on ----^^------ (lav m?3!lf fc-r voung chil*' * ·* * Defense Puts Character Wit- N«» -M«*L nesses On Stand. iANNOUNCE AWARDS 1 AT MOVING UP DAY (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) j ! Grace." hid bees sun?, thr inromirig i .ir.c outsoir-s seniors marched o«t of the chapel w the music of the senior ' march, »Inch was played by Prof Ker.ry T. Waoe Social Kvrnt» at Hood. M_ss Marian Bellimy. the ::?'*' ed- In their analysis icr luncheons fo-: .·..·r-ir.-vhie: cf the Blue ar.c Grey. :iall children. Mary E. Sheeny »nc ^ : -.-i M^S Mirsaret Abenieth. mau- WouM-be . ii.fiiv. and burslars weir | ·.ratoed a: a 'sc.iool' recently unearthed ; by police of Prague. The speclilty oJ the establisvhrner.t «as a course In day- Ught robbery LOCAL MENTIONS - NATIONAL BANK LOCAL MENTIONS A1I M-mtXTt. of Kirdrrlck Council, ! Jr O. U. A M . 'Aiio *:i' s-.i:x to Wash- | iiiS'.or.. D C . 0:1 J-".f 'A'.'-', aw. at | ldce room -'-' S 4 · .1 :r. 1'r.: ^ I'jr.ide POTTS GE1FFIN. You n:av 5»c:j-- '.':t TONIGHT back Is'.o the d»rlc:t»s md ·) :·· Rising" B'at 03 0 ; ;*e wirlU-- i; is si! Charlotte ChatSeld urge that the j;n:j editor, entertained the oli ar.d ,,!--:e :c - h young child's heaUc^t :r.«il be serve* ;-.'.-* eiiw-rnl boards at a lu:i:r.e.n IE Krturn Cards. , All averr.ters of F H. S Alumni As- i .-ociJ'.i.n are :ts;ue^.e\i to return cari- ::nr;iecliatol acl-.iM:'.; whether they »ill ,v at t e n t h ixiiiquet arid uance ' to be held it Kvxxi College. Friday. . CASE IS HEARING AN END morning at the funera. h Deal, 515 H street northeast, Wash- inzton. Interment will be in Arlington National cemetery wr.h military honors. 3. Harry Ziegler. J. Harry Ziegler. husband of Mrs. An- j me Zisgler died May 31 in Baltimore. i Ftmeral servtoe this afternoon at two; from his lat* residence. 5633 I Rock vtll?. June 3 AP.--A character witness testiried today at the trial of Berry E. Clark, fcrmec clerk of the Board of Montgomery County Commissioners, that he heard CUrk was sheet in his county funds in 1S19 The former Treasurer is -,-:: on the grand jury. Tne total shortage a illeaed to be TM.:-re than S40.000. The witness. } H. GnrSth. chairman of the board of county assessors, Eiad-.- ^nation after be had said CHS (Urxjct cony Clark's general reputation Rest*rstown road, interment in j ^ , ±f co ,. nt; . was good Loudoun Part cemetery, Baltunore. WEDDINGS "Did you ever hear that Clark was short ssiooo in 19-7. 191S and 1919 ar.d ^; : family?'' State's Attom-ey Ste-d . ; Prescott Foache--Ebert. ' Griffith replic-d he h_ad h-:arc tiie re Grayson T. Fouchc, son of A. T. ports of this alleged shortage about a Fouche. line KTa. and Miss June year ago. Ebert. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gw. if :he noon cieal -.he ' Y" Kut at H-xxi Colw Thurs- i-2i: be followed by a rest perLxi. _.-.y. Children *ho have c.:\ early breai- R-v ar.d Mrs. William R. Earr.h-irt list may need a luncheon in the nnd- . - r e ' i'. home" ire-si three until S\e c^e of th-? mornuig or in the afternoon . -lock to the old ar.d :ie» Y. \V C A. Such a luncheon may cons^t usually ::-.a:.r c.'.biw-s. i^ieral ta,-u".ty ::ie:n- of ton^ato ;u-ce cod liver oil .r. c ; r.-. a.t'.-nded. and Miss Jcjiinette ivi::s- ;-.he nvirruna. and a glass cf smlk in the ::.. --li» ,x;?-ke earlier in the s::-.-riio-xi middle of the afternoon ···' '·'·'-' Y M C A on '.he ;vac? ri'.o'.c- In pla:u:U!«; a mmu for the nnddis niont. lur.c.'itwn. the b^i$ should be a man. r.-.e 193--33 executive tjard of the cish cf protein character, whioh mav Athlet.c Associatix: hflc i tea u: the be an ess sour?.* scrambaec es?s. a ' Y ' Hut from fxir until MX o'cl'k in .neat bail, or s?rr.e similar prtt*ja l^nor of -.he 1931-3. 'joarti Mi»s Ruth There .should alsr be on* ire^h greet cepanuwnt; Miii Eizao^th Surtnrr ar.d Iraiy vegetable which n^ay be worked Mivs Alice Gatei. ass^stanti in the de- oe-.eri^e. and fruit or some other des- r-ear's senic-rs at Hooc. was held Thurs- 'scrt -usually flavored «ith fruit. day evenln? in Derr"s vr»cKis. Miss All of the menus used contain var- Marie Kepner '32. w as general chairman cant^ties of calcium and phosphorus, provided by t2:e foods selected. about half of the daily re- Fredcrick High School 5-S.SJ. M -Cl KKKY ^ w'EWHLRY S1XRE. MAKKKT tfl'U'K * ·· T"C V : ^" .*·..! r Wco:-..-.: ···· Scs F.- For *ale-- Markrt. r - :if THE ' ^ ' - CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK ! OF ;J F K K D E K I C K . MD. POTTS GRIF7:N .The Milk \\ Arc .2. p: ,vi -w~\i o\^ l.i W- .T.- ;--.:. Our I arm CAP1TAL $100,000.00 K«Ju»-ftl I'rii-c* On Oil Stoves. \Ve h4^^· ^' o:-.'\ lij:htl uec O.I CvX»i S'.o-.t^-. .^1-· 3-1930 Mo.-.e'- A E KISKER. IV^utiful Fronie* SUHPLUS CBOO.000.00 : quirement of iron. The grow ing child needs these ni:'.er5! substances. In oroer to cover the QUfc tiors cl :,-rice and variety, the foocs PRODUCTION OF SANITARY MILK PART OF INSTRUCTION 'uice niay be substituted occas- For Pupils In County Areas Shipping To Baltimore. --Frtw. i At M: V:e-.v Park. Hyattstoxn. this . Sat. nite. June i £\erbody ir.Mted i Another Hi; Time Dance At i Doubs Switch. Monday NUht. JUR* 6 ; Masic by Jolly String Band Special : featur?. cake vjtlit Admission 35c i: 15c. Rrnt-A-far. Dri.e-It-Yo-_r^-l£ New I-m Siitfs Gu- .ir..-. O.I Included FRANCIS SCOIT KKY OARAGE. PUBLIC SALES. i-v r.'. :v JOSEPH D. BAKES, Ckxirman »/ Board. HOLMES L. BAKEK, Prrsidewf. JOHN H. BAKER. JOHN N. CLARY. tr.iti - - r i ' - . s ' *-* r*^: »^ec:*i »j pr»- r:-'.-l*^ C v \ 2 . * . - r- f.r:i Sis .sccrse is j *."«"·** ·,. '. ~' *~~ z*:.v cr *.7f--r;s TMy «.',;·» *. i*. a * · "· ft ":-n T.^it r.t+^fS*. JOJIN N CLARY. A.. L".'i or :---:rt=;t o M:: BVRS r".E2. soi::i:cr. ·Ph-crte 726. 9 N. Court S^ AUTOMOBILES FOE SALE. ··Olt SALK v"'."\i--CKEVHOLBT TKUCK. Kl-CS CONDITION. Bakimore, Jur^e 3 ' A P . -- Be'.v.-een COO and 700 students, in sixteen h.g:: rhools iji Balur«:cce's n:ilk produce:TM ore-as hi coui;'. i^s are beir.^ ai- The Ketul»r Dancr AT FURNACE FORD. SAT NITE A Good Time For All. Music. Dixie Sereriiders. Dance. 8 30 Miss Erasa Miller, Ed'-vard Coir.pher, · :he 9' Laffle Wolfe, and \Voodrcnr Fox. county ;tracted in the production of san-i ^iry e-ard 'UT 7.hi?h allow em- s --- - - ' Spalding--Eyler. oezzltment of county funds. Defense Attorneys Albert M. Bouic. \^~^'_ irs-^ites the nutritional The ;uice from canned tomatoes :;iilk under tlr direction Health Department. They are to be t.x? Floyd William Spalding. of Thar- Thomas L. Dav^an, F. Barnard We^h i .^ -T^,.C , ·..,^:Z.- ^ d f b :he i ' i "'~ ~ :hes * ar ^- ** . - ·»· · _ · »-»_-» - _ _*· T---.-TM -.^in 1 ' A _ ^ r? t?* ^^_-s»«- O*»^i- ··-.»- "*·*+ ""-I."^."* n" ~- " -- » . - - « ··· f ~ - »-^T ·- vk»,i_. .. f f^fn -,r Tl'"WV*J*i«" f~.t " V». k T5l«"i^« ·! (Ti Nrvr Automobile Tops And Curtains. First-class viori by a:i experienced ; ;:'.·«. ^ 1 ' - , All work guaranteed. Price' '·-.""*" :n '"' ~" ' y farn-.ers o f : for entire top. $4 ar.d up. Quick and ' , ,-. fr eb-.- c.-.o the JOSEPH McUiviT, \':ct-I'rrsident. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN. Cask if r. SAMLEL G. DUVALL, Assts.'ani Cashier. J. TKAVTK3 THOMAB. n£ Cashier. LOST AND FOUND. ANS\vsas »«' 'P::cr.f ·;-3-i stUEirr THURSDAY ' :. f::i5j:: 5 J"r* !or R. S. ! efficient service at all times. Will ap- mont.' and Ida A. Eyler, of Frederick, and E. Barrett Prettyman placed or. ^ . _ - - l % p ^^ a ^ were married Wednesday evcmn; at the the ?:o.r.d several cnaracter \vttneises. "-. E-.-angelica! Lutheran parsonage by Rsv 2nd then asked ac.'eurnm^nt of the ^ _^_ Dr. Amos John Traver. About, fa.-en.ty : trjl until this rr.srnir.^ to enable therr. ^-~ friends and relatives accompanied -^.em. orably '.vith other fresh fruit Craic. Director of the Bureau of C-iem- l*ec.3t your patronage. is - . ,,.._. _..._. ,,. ._. . CHAKL.ES V FUUktER. Fr.incii Scott Key Garage. isir\- and Fo-cc. said. Tne areas are tr Biltiinore. Mo'AMrd, Montgcnierj- and. Frederck counties, and York 114 \V. Patrick St. t=.\rv:::AY. JUNK t. i93t. j · · TV"' «·:. *: :'.f :·· i"':* J'- "" E.-.!-'r ', I IVrr. CNTC.:" -.! M' ·-:' ! V-'* J-' ! '» ', I s^:-i:.-. ,'u..-,-: :·-. :·-·.' ·='.. K r r : : c k ' I C.'-T.-.v. V.i-U:".-.. '.:·' »!--'-'· .·f;::!.ri K^i'-s · o sr:-r,1 a'.:.', tiicr:: ..-. «-\'i"::.j::. ·»"- !"J».:c Dr. F. S. Lansdale will be out of town. June 5th. to June 12th. i court; from having to listen to ths testi- i ; Often missoelledi Vassar (College): ! ~*~? of ^e rh2 " a s "°" °- ^i'=«sss- : · g. mJ . gr " Identified by Cashier. !. Svnonvmsi Evident, apparent, obvious. · Tr " e particular cneci menttonea in rne , , rr ,^.- fp! .; " - :::cictni«r.L upDn which Clark is being: ill become the permanent ; ' of the school winning it t-a-ice during j Follow The Crowd. To the Bi? All Nite Dane* At FISHEH'S FRIDAY Music By NOTICE TO CREDtTOKS NO !C.5« EQUITY. Frar-c'.t S.-o'.t R':nS-. Tru«« of Hsrrjr By -.-.rtuc el n:-. irJT o! :!·.- Circuit ^°;;;" k !D\Y NTTE JCTSE 3 j il'h'day of M l . 1^32. :!:r cr.-,'.:: jrs o? Harry ,y Our Dixie 5. Lr^^ln^^^r^^'pro^: DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER. THOMAS H. HALLER, CHARLES H. COSLEV. M. D., JOHN S. NEWMAN. JAMES H. GAMBRIU,. JR.. HOLMES D. BAKER. DANIEL BAKER, JR.. JOHN H. BAKER, ELIAS B. RAMSBURGH. ARCHIBALD E. FISHER. CHICKS FOR SALE. _ \v" ' ·; \ v-; FCM: SAI.K SATL-KBAY o? , -. ·» ... -· r:-,; t:...-.;j. O:.T a«--i o'.d. j-.-vV",.,- ·-"··-.-..; r..v-.-5 H»tchrry. W ' . ' " - - - ' . ^ ^ 'PS»:.-T «-»-«« CHtCKH - B A R R E D AND WHITE S C !'.?!«. While Wjrasdo:t*» asfl -··llo:'.-,. St 00 J*.-5?:* Blaci G:aa«. i i f i v y ai»or--d. 55 00 Also'.ei Ci't-rs ^.a-.-!:;r.K We ii-j? ipou'.iry ^^, -Pho-f -ijj. Cii. Chick Hi:c^?rj. j iifT Eis\ strtr:. S-iT-dSt U \ B V s::eo c 1 - cis Festival. Thursday. June 9, the contest, to l»e carried through bv . . . . ,. : R F C»cd"; D; -- Fanr ^ t --·- ·- '·" Jo:ln Sumrr.ers rneacou- on Braddock ! He wUI go into all the schools at reg- '· ~ '~^' iiilar Intervals. , :?5:r:l ' "The results t" date are outstanding Bingo. Benefit Braddock Orch- "Abu-^n o: ^r · :~i Word SVJGV: "Use a. -Kor-d three tunes j -'-V -" 2S identified by George P. Hen- ! Merryland Tract Woman's Club. and i; is TOUTS." Let us increase our '· Person, cashier- of the Montgomery ] T he Merryland Tract Woman's Club i Tocabula--.-"bv mastering one 7rc-rd each ; Cc-unty National Bank, st, Rjckville. in i ^Ka; ; ;o e home of Mrs. Paul R. Al-.alt ; and remarkable." Dr. Crai? said. "3 , civ T-c-d2v's -sore: "imminence: 3 ! ^htch bKh accounts isrere kept. Mr. ' r ,, ar jeflgrson. Trtth, Miss Pearson, three ! 'ar as '*-e kno-a- Baltimore is ihe f-rst threatcnins." as of "something abc-ut to : Hencl-crcon testified to the of i -.-Isitsrs and t^er.ty-eisht members ores- city to undertake and carry through; au:rirr.::citV!i ·*:·!·. ::« c:rrt of :hc C:rc»is Cour: for Frf!fr:ck C3-.i:-.'.y. on or bf!or« thr Sr!)iVrc(l Iron-. pir::c.r.i'-:«s 1:l ^'-- dls ' SCOTT KUNKLES. Tr'-stcc. Fire Wood Fer Sale. ny Quantity. Delivered. 'Phone 982. C. W. WEDDLE. S'.oner Storn. happen ence of ·yar. Pcool-e r-^alirc-d the immin- · t;3tri accc-unts and £aid t,na' ins cnecks i £^- . vrorfc of this character. It is goins ;c I in question had been paid through his : xhe meet in? opened ^rith the sor.r. °e the means of raising up a g-cnera-! Ladlesburff ; 'Old Black Joe." reading of the col- tiors of dairy farmers thoroughly in- ! Dangerous Wanted ork of any kind. NOTICE I'O Cr.EDITORS NO !2.ilO EQUITY. EV "'am M S".nr~. Tru'IT rt ·-!-.'? Hya'.t · - - a body cor- | HELP WANTED. _^^ ^^^^^^^ J i^^-«^-^^~fc^'^^'*--^'-^^ WASTED-MEN ASO WOMEN CANVASS- ».-5. pay :.»-::·· App'-r * 5 s - M»T«S s- 6-3-dl:- ^OEN T --"XCLUStVE TERRtTORV FOR y.i ^-'t sr.i.: :.r.; c: dc=:al sad siav- ! -ic "cr»Vni E'l'-'J Co.. 6 E. Mal- ii'rrrr s; . Bi::.nso.-r. Xti!. 6-3-dlt* SI-CO -S3iCO YEAR--GOVERNMENT JOBS. Mi-n--acr:irr.. 13 '.o 50. S'.Mdy «orfc- We coacr. yo-: lor Frcdtrici examlnationi. U*i P o-3-i ar.t! I'--.:: pir-.-.raUrs. Trtf. Write iinmpa'.a-.riy--135-" J'-rf- Box 1076-C, Ke*s- . ' Chevrote'. S.\:»-.. lK:srpo:a:«S. P. LUTHEK RICE. fune 3.-Rev. and Mrs. i ***'' a " eg « e^^c-^ea-. of "cur^^^ . .-.-w. ...... ; _^,^_^ j-p^^,r*V ^tt'"' ^^C." J SL Ains~orth and two children. Cath- ~ " lect. response to roll call which %VSLS | structed in the methods and mearis o f ' ' : pc-lated an objeciion tha; the indict- \ --xell Where You Were Bom." ' prcKJucing sanitary milk." After the business discussion. Miss ' The instruction is based on ?. bul- 3 check At- I person took charge. Recipes were dis- ; letin en "Essential Requirement^ f-r i ulies confidential. Ne'ws-Post Box 106. ' hief Judge Hammond Urner ana As- | =a -T --lira. Irti.a BencnoS of .' D«ten=e Attorr.ev ^.-^^ca-eet srier.t wecnescay -;her Dr. Benjamin C. Perry. Trith C. E. Staup and fa Graduation Specials. Novelty Necklaces and Bracelets. Valued 50c to SI.M. Special 19c. Values Si 00 to S3.00. Special. 79;. REMSBDRG'S JEWELRY STORE. Francis Scott Key Hotel. Yon Can Buy Your Home While Prices Are , - . , , _ , . ,, , . . . , . Thr-rjzh vour shares in the Building Cnicnville CInb Meets. tv.-ei-.'e stucents v-ill give a dem^nst-a-· · T · ·- T- womb's club of Unionville met :lc-n in a nearby farm in the p^ence i ^ ^*TM^£^TM ? June 4. OfTl-ce at Frederi ,,. v'.rt-je o: an Or;!cr o'. '.he Clrc;:!'. Court Hg! j, DBSTRO'Z DEPRESSION for Frrder.: n Equ'.tv. dated the n qU arrellr.B wild l: Out by adjusting u:h or :.:.-.'.-. ·"'" ·' "·"- " h ' HELP V.'ASTEO -\VHITC. PROTESTANT. d i i ^ p - a K c i cr jelt'.ed s'.rl for !ionii"ra«;"oJ t:ir.r O^e not aJralfi to rernilri in norr.f s'.or.r. V."ss« S 10 P* r -- an'* 1 Li-::dry go!:s out. \Vr:tc Box 103, Nviilpos- 6-2HJ31- :a 33.!! Stor.-r t Storm. WIL t.IAM M. STORM. Trustee. Savings Institution. NOTICE TO CSEDITOP.S In '.he c:rr.:i\ : cour--"For F.-d-rlcK County. !.-.·:-! ^' z Co-:r: o: E-;-.:.'.:.- Pj-sor.s Ni-a-rn-.n. Trirfe unJ'r a derd o! trust frs-n '.h- McC.i." Orchurt: Company. a body corpi-a'-t On Pr:.:.or.. FOR RENT. FOP. REST --FCRNKHED ROOM WTTH ha'co-.v L:?!:'. ho'ase'sc-p;;r;g 1! dMlrec. A PP :y 112 v.\-s-. Th-.rd i-.ret:. 6-3-d3f FOP »ETT--TWO ROOMS. WITH BOARD i:" de;:"rrd Mrs. S P. Elder. 230 EMI Second rlrce'-. 6-3-d6; 1.1 desired A real opportunity early bird. A JOB AWAITING 8 roonj modern brick duelling for tourlii a-jslnru. with cttr.eni Dloci modern am.-.? station including one acre for ussping purposes, iqca'.ed on Highway. May trade on 27 acres on HlRh^cay near PrederlcK. dwelling K'.lh electricity, bitb and jravltauon _____^ water system A real opportunity lor tourist | ^^ RENT _six ROOM HOUSE wrTH , R RENT.-LARGE FRONT ROOM. ?RI- r-'i' ba'S F'-rr.ahet! or u-.turnlshed. A?pi- H3 E. C'.-.urch s!r-;c'-. 6-3-dtt and fllllnC station business. FARMS FOR of any size, price and location Sir:i;" App'.y 107 \Vts-. 5th Charles, spent Friday evening in Lew- ; account. State's Attorney Preacc-t: : prayer was r-;-peat-?d in unison. The . Department.. The cepar;rr.ent v;51 j.. o _.,_ Vith their cousin Mr. and Mrs. ': caunterei vcl-th a mirth provoiinj: -;: C2 ;: ^M responded to with z. joke, issue a junior sar-itary miU: producers Charles Puanan. ' - "J"-^ Peter is a director of that bank Mrs. Joe Heis«r resd the cire-ctor's re- · certificate to each srucer.t who passes jtr-. and Mrs. Harrv Albatigh of . ar - d J con'; he could tell about, ' p.,--, Mrc. Jaco-b Yotins gave a demon- a satisfactory examination. TJtica, Spent; Friday wit-h "their sen and · e ~ s ^? account in the_ bani.- Mr. r-.en- ' ^-.ratiar. on the rr.3ir.g of jellies, pre- ' cauE"e-er-in-"a__ -^j_ a _.j -^r;.. dersc-n. however, said be did no; sn^w. ' M---; s ar a conserves. The next, rneet- A'baiJg"" 1 o' ~=-^'imrr..-ri-own Springs Surprise Move. ' ; r _ 2 -^;i ^ June 14 at the hall. "--Mr." anc" ll-s. Sinter Birely spent ^'e "s Attorney Prescc-tt sprang a ^ . Saturday in Frederick. sunrise move on the " heu ; r m r i T T TVI T mpTTT) All -Visitors in the home of F. H. Eire- ! «e stimrconed Kaoert F- Teitnun, cer- briiALlj IN LlilJjUr UN ly and family on Sunday were Mr. ar.d , t_ned puo.i-c ajcountant employee o, : n n A T , n T , nr n . D D V T M r PITH 3ta. -Mcrvin Ko«s and friend. of tr.e ce:e=5e. :r3m tr.e counsel tao-e to CHARGE OF G A R R l l N G (jUR Tonngstown. Ohio. Mr. Arthur ar.d tee witness star.c. ±i« asieu Mr. is:t- farriilv. of Cacip Gec-rze G. Meade. and man to go over the receipts giver, for _ _ ~ ,_. _ . , ,,, v - £-,^ T,r^ Geo-TM WTh'do o' D=e~- rnc-nev paid bv Mr. Clark to the countv ^ew ^ori. june 3 (APj.--fc^^.a^o.- V : "a-d Vr=" ="D "KO--s of · treasurer and oick out every receipt 1 -Salvy, Spitale. one of the three per- CHURCH ST. SCHOOL ASSN. FINAL MEETING Room Mothe - '" Concluding Program. Dennis. Jr.. Attorney Directors: G. Hunter Bowers. Edwin C Markell. August T. Brost. Grayon H Mercer. James K. Cramer. F. W. i Ober-derfer. William T Delaplaine. Paul '· is- of Ju-e. I Pavne. Gilmore P.. Plan::. E. 3. . r . s - r3ia:!-.c TM-.f. ~:ie .\'cc^:n Orchard j Compir.-.-. prov'-il'-c! ::i.- r.j-.:ce bo s:vert by j ;n " F roirr.c;: Csur.ty. b-^orc the lourta : PARSON'S SEWI:AS, Trustee. : ;oui. Jr.. William B. James. Robert L. -- W a ** -- ' to'jP* 1 f^r"^ r T 'P»T : --'-- ^»"-^ T^--a- *:^j'^- -IT-- .j..^ ~\ T --- --* ij *"LO" 1 --£ O~ .rei^LLLL'^r iil-Lt ^-_r. u ' u j c.--,« -tr-^X.J- ' · - ^ -- . - . - ^ vjj.----.-. ^..^ ^- ^ f .- ..^.. .-».^,._v.^-v* i..^x.«.,^*- A utio-- D»-^"-- ~'~--L5 ; "eri ; -i*'---e" sa--."» 'home on ' that had. reference to the checks of · sons selected by Col. Charles A. Line- day evening in the school auditorium -j-I^V r ' " ~~ "" " · ;:-,e clerk's account. All four defense j aergh to negotiate with underworld concluded the activities of the Church l,"*-^^ ._ ;--»-o-e of Mr . a n a Mrs. ! attorneys s?rar.g to their feet with ; characters in an attempt to obtain the street School Community Association tt-rd~" 3 Jnsw"-rVh" oa Siir.-dav were Mr i shotits of. 'Get your oven auditor" ar.d- '. return of the kidnapped baby was in for the year. The program, which Singing Canary Birds S5.00 Each. MRS. HARRY HALLSR. 72 East South St. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE ! Th:s Is :a g-'." r.o:.c- t h a t '.h" 5ufcs:r:srrs ( hav oS;.-:r.!-: Iro.-:'. ;he Orphans' Court ol Pr^T.cI-: C"':r.'.v. :n r.'.^rv. tnf.. '.^'.Icrs Tcs- [ '.irr:rr-tTrv on '.r;!- »w.» r: FRANCIS K -.VEP.THEIMER. : late o: Jrcicr:c£ M.'.ry:.-.r.d. tJeceas- rrested early today ivhen police The amusing oc»-act p:ay by the Hoc-m piilacelTjhia srj visitir.g her sister, l^rs. . ?:E:e of l.Ir. p.acc- c-n ta-a raided the Playtime clnb at 44 West uch er.'c-yed. Ait-sr the stand to idrr.tify the fsrs account book Mr. Clark -srhich Speaks Bcanty Shoppe. May Holmes, manager. Special this m:oth Marcel or Finger Wave and Shampoo. SI .00. Pertr.aner.t Wave. S4.00. 'Phone 557-J. 217 X. Market St. Charles Smith. --Mrs. Charles reports of the secretary and the treas- Special Sale of Plants. Groff. the Florist, is offering large 6 in. Geraniums at Sl.OO per dozers. ' cated. '.o 'ri** · ib-^cr.b-^r. an or t^l-^r* t.-.c · 6th ds7 of D^r^^r.ocr. 15C2. n;xt: :hey n:ay ! othm".--*? bv ,a~ be Axr^udcd frcrr. V.i ocr.e- , ' *t if -i'.d r 1 :;^:? 1 Th^se :r.d'-b'-d To trie [ Givr: ·;r.^ l -r n-.v iiar.4 th'.s 61h dav of :-:A:.:MOND ct.\RY. i STAR FURNITTJEE CO. ^i-i^i-^jr-t,--u_^-,. - , -- , · -- , -- ^ -- - ·· - -- "i " -»-^--^---n»^^j» BARGAINS Hi TOEtNITURE. 50 slightiy used refrigerator*, all sizes. t 00 to S12.00 100 fe'.t base r-Jii icesri »: 35 up L^vlni; roosi, dining roctn. Ocd room ar.d ici:crien lurnlture and household ea*eci£ of ever? kind ar.d dMcr:pt!on. r-.ex and silfcht:? used, at unheard o: prices Come In acd be convinced ;tlat TOU can *ave more than half. We will iraie your o'.d furniture In. Your crei:'. Is zosd here STAR FtTRNiTUttE CO.. 323-325 North Market Street. Frederick. Maryland. "OR nEST.--3-ROOM APARTMENT. Ali rr.Dd-rr; Lcs rcr.-.. 159 W. Patrick St. S-!-d5t* FOR REST.--SECOND FLOOR APARTMEST. i Mrs. P.. F Na'.::^. S i t West Seco=d St. ' "OR P.ENT --MODERN AFT. 3 roo--s. Sata. j pan'.rv ar.J r;;'.:?r.T. 2:3 W. Fltr:c'i St. I -?hor;e 533-V,' 6-J-dSt i fOR R r ^-T --SECOND FLOOR APAHTMStTT. j App:;":J6 Si,-: Sc--or.d St. 5-3i-dSt 1 FOR PS-rr --MODEKN APAaTiTENT. FCR- -'s'-.-d Thre» r.--ms ind fci'.h. Side ,,-..,, o-...,., .-·. r .-.-ce So ch::dr-n. Ap] p;y KO N" Ita'riV. S: " 5-:i-«:- 1 FOS P.S:-T --APARTMENT AXD OrFICBS. i App:- E.':c ar.d Grrj Sca'-lv Step. '"* ; V." Pair.;:-; Si 'Phs.-.e S"3. _. d ,_ _.-,, -. e - --,-,-_- c -^-. · =.,.,, c .._.^-- 0 _,,=_ -^.-c= -' 3 av- ~ere sever, other men arrested at the tirer the report of the welfare Sa?e. large plants at 40c doz. Berbenas ' " sane time. All were charged "Itf! act- tee was made ay Hubert De-- This at 50c coz. large plants at 75c · ~" " committee has been verv active Dur- - c '- ~E~~-^ sale will last this week only f NOAH E. CRAMER SON. Eighty acres located about thrr* rr:i:es _ _ a-: or" Frcderlci ar.d o-e rr.lle north o: E-«-;u:rr*. ; ;; A ; :; , na ; r::gr;Tray. ter: acre.- In t:r^ber. :e:: d 3-.7.V 6-13-20-27-;? 3 acres ; n meadoic and ba'.ar.ce under _-.:':iv»- --Paul Savior ar.d f2mi.y have moved placed or. the Iv-cz-cr ccc'ts -·: the cour.- to his r.ew home in 3s.rk Hil- ;y. After ror.5iderisy.c- argumcr.t the --Mrs. Charles Dilpr.ey's r.eices visit- ccurt permitted tr.e prc-a-?cut;or. to con- Miss Mary Stroll, Harclcl Cnpe. of Al- ' £:a;"s attorney startl-:-d the d-;f:r-5e lentowr.. ?a.: Mr. ar.d Mr?. John Sen- aeair. with the'sta-err.£r.t that he Troxel or. Sattircay were Bernard Mr. Welch pointed out t h a t a State w:t- Mantz -·'. Wsstminstcr ar.d his -college -esj. j. Ro;?r Wl".ltef--rd. m?.de the T;rr.. -cf Taney---c^r- tir.Ml he :orc--d t'r.-rm from Mr. Clark --Kenneth E^ker. Paul 3aer_ar.d ·-;; cifc:.vt.-u :..- o--..ial a-ccour.t. ' W-c * ~~~ Audited by Hairier. To Hold Tent Meeting. jjr 5 . O'Srien tltrr. -re-cod:; ::· tx-.r.t ?rapar-3.ti:r.s are ir. ·'.-: makir.? for ;: - ; ;- e ; :rr _ = ; ; - -·-.- ^y-^- -.-,". 0 -a ter.t rr.'::ir,; wl-.ich -ill i-e hel-d en the ^; r Clark -vl-.i-cl-. r.-r-:- r.:: or. t.-.e" fur.c fr-nt Auctist ".' to September --;:---cr.ts o: :r.= ir.e r--aon?" Ov-:r fit-: 4. Rev. J R. Fsrier -"-11 : the evar.- .;.;_=;,:·:;,- c -f State's" A::o~-: ir.s ir. -cor.cert with or.e another in violation of the Su'.livan law in possessin 7"'?". O.VCT« r . "t« r*~*f-.-^-Z^~*-T-:rr CT--» : *-l*O 1-^ *"" O ~?T^r" ir.; the year 2.56-5 half pints of mil-t v.or.acrfu. oargains. and 535 lunches were served. GROFF. the Florist. The second annual report of the " 22-5. Assistant Chief Inspector John J. Sulli- Hcotn Mothers was ma-dc "37 N'rs. M-:i- · vai ar;r;ea-ei "o b» -'ntcr^stcd chieflv '- r - Money raised by th? sales of caies Gradaation-- : rl"e.=-a'cl^hir.g "the prl^oner-s"legal aV- ar -- car.diss purchased a Miiltistamp. It's o-s of the bis events of your life. i _ a -_ :Co _ r .,_,.:^ p _ ^.g. jjja-j^ - ov tr ,.- for the use of the entire sch?l. Slevc-r. and there should be a portrait to mar's ^rl^ctor of "the oart'rjlaved bv Spitale ti:ctur« of_ Ge?r ? e Washin?tcr. ^ere 'It* occasicn--to with class- r.amed with him n..- framed. ir.e fc-llc-wir.z articles ---re mates. c ,^;,_. =-, purchased for various rooms: W-:-cklv Thc-ne 793--fsr app-xntment readers, sar.d table, pencil iharp-'-ners. ETDMOXSTOX STUDIO. drill pamphlets. Bible. r»c-k a-d rr.s~'.- NOTICE No'.ce is hrr.-by c-ivrn that the County Co-- .rr.:v::-.c-rs '·'. Frcd^ County. Md.. ir. r^ v .th ?.r. ?.ct of the Giner2: A.vmbly r' Maryland, pissei at -he Janu.iry .=csf:-r. ir. :h" yrar 1920. Arn-r.c.r.r. "he PuDlic L^cal Laws nf . FOR RENT --3RD FLOOR. FRONT APART- · _,,-· -.!i-.-.c Bu.'-i--; C"'.cs W»r:5e!a- ' e .' - ' ' ' S-M-iil . FOa HENT.--FVr.XtSHSD APAHTMSST. s"c3-i"V.:;r. :~5 Si;: Seccr-d s:re;t. 5-30-Gt:f FOCR ROOMS. -.Vn tapVoVed ilh d«e:'..r.g. »m «=a , FOR RENT -APAHT7.tENT. FOCB ROWB. ^^ ; r;^7,c^ : ;t :r i^nv?i := ^! ?: *5K«^ e f f ^.t's :n ra^;:-. | '"'·- J 5-30-dt: One ^-ir.dred e.;r;ty acrcy :n i.Tjrrr.cnt ' ;::-.;r:et. :rapnved larje r.-srr-.e dxe:;.r.;; . .-.TJ^C. bir.L ±_" ir.d i" r.-^essary oui- Ij.^.rrss A iarca.n at i3!00^ N.r.e acre Berry Farn: Troulv:".:?. :mi pro-, r'- Tr:lh s.x room APAST- Addrsss 3cl Maryland. -it. Frrc-rici: Cxi:i:v. sub- 3r.a_,:i^.e«srary outs^i,^.. t^.003 «a,- a^^^-J^ V'^Tst - * - - " ^-^- - " - J ^ '·· . . - * . .. . - . ..... .- ^^ ^ , _ . , ^ ^ ^ ^ _ ,,.-.« ort/ --^p^-.Ji.-^- »...r-TM*-e r"1-;- -- . - '- -------------FOR RE'^T --Slt-ROO'.t I APA3TMEJTT 3r.c Irvir." Col. Lindbergh as ar. ir.termscliar the kidnap tnvestijat'c-n. Spitale disnlayed a rerrnit for the vrcapon i5-"i' Grc?n r - MAN JAILED FOR BEATING TEACHER ON KUNGERSTRIKE z:ne rack, iullstin :Darc. 5-or.c b-:o.-is. Slrawbnry and Ice Cream Festival Itistorv work boos*. Itamrr.'r* ar.d r.a-. at Yellow Sji-r.js. Friday »«. Jur.e crayons and pist-e. hyrlc-ne mater-a". 2 Benefit 3r»s H.11 Church. 2-.ery- and;.-. --n-e mvittd In addition to tliese arti-cles t'r.e cur- · tain f:-r the stage wss ccmr,le:c-d bv Modern Apartmfnt addln? the back-drop curtains ar.d the F;r Rtr.t Apply .Veil BC-K. manual valar.:-;-. Tha --as cone at a oc.r, -: 410 North Market St. sever. 5146 " j Tr.e pr-CKds from t'r.e ^a.-c -- --· -- assaul- "-clc. May 2D r.ettec Sl-54 33. rr.--i-r.-c Tine Watrh Market Prices 3-'nr.::t. 3^ yec^r -:*lc; fath-c-r -'.-..lrl---r. ;3ilc-d on a charge --.:. intent to kill after beatiris and 'ite rrxxs recripts for the year S337 35 s.::r.ced by one c-f his sor_-. has gcno rr-ak^s a tota.1 of S759 85 in tr.e tw: tn i l-.ttnr-T strike. years that tlt-e H/cm Mc-:h:-r=' crtar.. ?r.c-:s rea.-:nab Wcrk rrjarar.'.ted 1 yr. SAiHTSL L TYT^SS. 121 North Market Street .\ B-ar-d of E.-'^ for Cour/y 2; 5 he "ff.'-f "f tr.- C-ur.ty Com- rr!is.~ic-r.'-r.s ir. ·.:.-· Co';~, Kcu.-c at Fredo-- ci:. Md . d-ir.:-.; '.'.-· rr."r.'"r. cf Jur.': in th-^ year 1??2 cr T.e f-110A"ir.s dates. Jur.o 6. 7. .-".r.-i £, 1,"'3;. f-r the pur- p:«?e cf tr-sr_==.-t re .' :-.-. t..^.r.ess as is each £.n ~1 ^ '. rv *fl.c..":l 'lir^-uzlt ^ricir; and ev^rv .^"^ s r~: rir\*.:'r. ··": mar.oy to bo m?.cl. tv ·.:.··· C --jr.'y c~rr.rr.t.-si--r.trs "f Fr---d-r.'-i C- :i.ty. M..r land, is to b.sttbrrry ar.d 800 ra^pticrry s-^ O~n^r r-.a'i prosp^t- 1 : o' SI.OOO :r.ccm* :ri:.- -rar P_;T i.-.:^ --op^ri- ar.d cash :- :sirr.«i.»t?.j Pr.'ce $2.003. KOAH E CRAMER ft: SON. f t * COtTRT STRE2T. FR£OERtC:-t, ?.:D 'PHOKS 503. ~ " " " - FOR SALE. FOR SALE --BABY CAP.StAGE CHEAP TO 5-.-» b j T j r G33i as r.-i-. Ap? .- -.-; 41 J N MarX:-, S'.rc;'. 5-2-I3'.- FOS HSNT -- :-?. DO'.: KOtTSS, 523 SOHTH FOS SA-.E --BP.OtI.tXG c.-..;.-:-r.- G'jr^f S sv-r.-r Pr-.or-e 1005-7.' OR .' ?. V : N G FOR SALS --MILK Pi«ir.: V.rx Da.rr Firm. W-s: "ir. s:r«« p.s? p-.c- FOS R£?.----LASDE SIS ROOM APART- -- - TVi'rV'-'-r Sr" S-2-S1I A Q-JAR1 . Jei S M»r.i t"C3 S£N~ --MCDEP-N 2N7J FI.OOS APART- Grain - ,'^v;: " r j :: :^. ft :n '' Corr" oV. SI £3 ~-~» ^ _ f - ~"-'-'^ Live Stock and Produce- Pr\ ·:..:· -*f i.-:;mar Pr:-i :cii. l=: . _ _ ^ 5 atta-i '.I-' r-.-.?.bil:t- '·: tr." a u d . t S'-^rs ^ : ^ 0 « t M c -. r -. ...-....,..__-_ D^f.jr.^. c;ur.^l Bulls ~_ - -c to 3-c. """ "'""' '' "*'" " .'''..".. "' Calves :- to 5\.^ Lambs 4.- v 6: A fr?ik --":tt r.-ar.--5 .11 tit- ar.d (bucks." -: to 5c · protects a t.-iat st.c.-is a pin __ ......'.... .....2^ to Siac j ia a aeeper as soon as iie snores. "^r.--."i ';r.t:l Mis?'? rrlvs.--;- frc-rr, -:nc.::cxi ourtr:^ the summer by 7v'.A : ·;-..·' '.:x=.:i'al. 3^~ and Mja Ma.r«arft D tit rot. The mar. Ita' rtiused all f-»d sir.:-: Aftt-r remarks by C'r.^'.er C Om b-;.n ; p'.a-c-d in ;ail. according :-o Turn- pr-r.cipal. the for the ;-?.r ·? « k-- Cltarl'.' Fox. ·'idc-d For Sale- All £.r.ds of seccrKl hand Pipe frcjcn : ·f 3 inches: I-Seams. and Angle Iron for 3u::dinz purposes. FREDERICK JCNK COMPANT. Frani Gistley. Pro? Thcne 383 Office .r.cJ Warehouse--Chape! Alley Between Third ar.d Fourth Sts. Residence--215 E Third St. ·.-. .-,-,jr..t ?.^c-;: 'o: ilto :r. s .r..-:'-r .-f A S"i=i -.'-chmaker, Gc.-rrr, , 3-"r.r.£'.:'s 12 ;.ear old wn Ms'.v.n Iron: t_.r.. nas perfected an c';f:c:r.c i Xisa Kama's lo aio-Jier school. i It is drives 97 a liny storage Lower Prices On Scratch Pads. Pencil Tablets ineTsprml paper) Nc-v 6 Or.'5 i. .b B:r.3 ar.J'^"' ?.i-fr Tablets. Noi 9 Gents a IS. THS ^BWS-POST. All f5tl.-!-...t« By O r e - r FOR SAI,S -- rPRIOKT ?IAN"O. ALMOST -c-- . A rs.i. 3-.f. App-7 3 vr;s: :;·..-. S; FOR SALE -- EZ.EVEN ^CRSS O? ALFA1.FV r-.fir'.v rtaJ- :o --2- Aoply Jrnr. A i;-32 -irrl c-rov-. West Fourth Street. Ext '?.-.:-· 8 '.me. 1933 5-::-i:: . FCS T-SNT -- rCATLTGHT EDifS. THOR- ^·^^^"7 ~-i-?r. Kenr * ^a^ Posses- ?ENT -- MODSHN S-HOOil HOUSS, irs aT^n^e w B a.srj Aprl: 5-I-itt WANTED. 3,-ir-d C- :if. ,, PRACTICAL NURSE--W KSTS COSGSStA- '"'·-' P'.-.T.- R?lfor.5t 'Pr.-r- 3J4-J : : U ^ i ~ R. B. MVRDOCH, Clerk. V." ANTED --POStTION A S N U R S E O S r.^sc-xork, 1C8 Eurio *'.rcei. ? 6-2-d3t I 68S-H, i-3l-4S;« FOR P.EXT --MODSKS 5 SOO1! APAST- TT.JT.:. x.-^ jiri. toS Scu:S Mirss: street. :T.^-?;.J:; pc5=?"--r; Arpl? i* c c=::sr. 5-t-dll FOR R-.NT --SIX ROOM KOCSZ ON SOSTH X.".-:-- ?- A-i'.r 10 C. S. S:h.' J .ir.»cht, TH X Xi-is; st.-«-. 5-t-itr

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