The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on January 14, 1962 · Page 27
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 27

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 14, 1962
Page 27
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IN NEW DAYTIME DRAMA—The Lee family appears in "Our Five Daughters," a new Monday-through-Friday drama'Series over channels 4 and 5 at 2:30 p.m. Seated, left to right, are Esther Ralston (as the mother, Helen Lee) and Jacquie Courtney (as Anne, the youngest daughter). Standing, left to right, are Michael Keene (as the father, Jim Lee), Patricia Allison (as Barbara), Iris Joyce (as Marjorie), Nuella Dierking (as Jane) and Wynne Miller (as Mary). RACINE SUNDAY BULLE'lflN Jan. 14, 1962 Sec. 2, Page 11 Ex-Racine Man, at 26, Becomes Youngest Play Producer in N. Y. By Tom Miilstead Journal-Times Staff NEW YORK — A young man from Racine has blithely shattered the traditional image of a New York play producer as a gray, grim veteran dating back at least to the days of David Belasco. J. Terry Brown Jr., at 26, is the co-producer of not one but two plays now enjoying successful runs in Manhattan. He is the youngest producer represented in the big city's current theatrical season. And "it feels wonderful," says Brown, who admits to having been stagestruck all his life. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Brown of 1130 Main St. The senior Brown is director of the J. I. Case Co. international division and president of J. I. Case Inter- Tompkins VELVET FREEZE Table or Carry-Out Service 1/2 Chicken Plate 99c Jumbo Shrimp 90c Perch Plate 79c Haddock 75c SERVES 3 Vi Barrel of Chicken $1.79 Barrel of Perch $1.25 Barrel of Shrimp $1.85 Barrel of Chicken .. .$3.49 ME 7-1261 ME 4-9744 Elmwood Plaza & 1707 Douglas 'Sportscars' Topic on 70th Century' "Sportscars: the Rage to Race" will be the subject on "Twentieth Century" today over channels 2 and 12 at 5 p.m. Sterling Moss, one of the world's top racing drivers, will give a preview of this year's Grand Prix Monaco and will bp shown in films winning last year's race. Program host Walter Cronkite, an amateur racer, will discuss the sport's allure with another spare-time speedster, businessman James Kimberly. Ski Jumping Finals to Be on TV Today The finals to determine who will represent the U. S. in the world ski jumping championships will be shown today on "Sunday Sports Spectacular" over channels 2 and 12 at 1:30 p.m. The 90-minute telecast was taped at Steamboat Springs, Colo. Other events on the program include a torchlight ski parade, a horse-drawn sleigh race, a slalom exhibition and a demonstration of ski patrol rescue methods. national. Off-Broadway Shows Terry Brown's productions are a musical, "All In Love," and a Sean O'Casey drama, "Red Roses for Me." Both are part of the off-Broad- 'way movement which has istriven in recent years toithe score they'd written. For 'avoid the high costs and al-ipractical guidance, the young lleged conformation of thejmen turned to Miss Stella from "All in Love" is about to be released and Brown hopes this will further lengthen the production's run at the Martinique Theater. Liked the Score Brown became involved in the play when he met Urbont and Celler and was sold on jWhite Way area. Off-Broadway shows are more modestly financed than "Camelot" and "My Fair Lady," but they are still big league. And these are only Brown's first ventures. His mind is Holt, one of the most illustrious of off-Broadway producers. Miss Holt was better known for avant garde drama than musicals, but, says Brown, "after she heard the first two'of ring Martyn Green, was subsequently presented at the Greenwich Mews Theater with Miss Holt and Brown as producers. Brown unashamedly relishes the old-time concept of showmanship. For the opening of "All in Love" an elaborate black-tie party — complete with celebrities and U.N. delegates—was given at the Plaza Hotel. The festivities put to shame the opening night celebrations of the plushest Broadway hits. Whose idea was it? "Mine," Brown grins. "Mental Anguish" His duties as a producer are not easily explained. "They're too overall to be defined. The producer has to undergo all the mental anguish and contend with everybody's problems. And, above all, he has to raise the money." In pursuit of "angels," Brown contacted friends both in New York and Wisconsin, selling pieces of his plays in relatively inexpensive lots. Since the products will apparently ring up a profit, he smiles, those friends are still his friends. He has another firm belief that many persons his own age are finan- SUNSHINE BAR & GRILL Tkylor Ave. & t7tb For Tastjr Ready to Eat CARRY-OUT FOOD ORDERS Chicken • FUh • Shrimp Orstera • namburtert NOON LUNCHES SERVED DAITiT Rear Dining Koom and Bootbi Call ME 4-9732 or 7-1259 on, Brown only entered it— and in an oblique fashion— when he joined the Ackerman talent agency in Manhattan little more than a year ago.|i Before that he had been an interior decorator. He is a graduate of Parson's School of Design in Manhattan. Came Here In '48 Born in Milwaukee, Brown { came to Racine with his par- • ents in 1948. He attended • Choate School in Wallingford. 8 Conn., and Phoenix Junior J MI; 7-;8ii Eric and 4 MUO Rd. College and is a graduate of'2«««B0M«0M»#««###M( New York University. He has two sisters, Mrs. Samuel Greeley and Miss Barbara M. Brown. •••••••••••••••••••••9 OPEN : BOWLING I Every Day and Evening 24 Modern Alleys Also 15 Pocket Billiard Tables SPENCER'S SHORECREST LANES BEAT THE TAX! State Tax On Purchases Starts Feb. 7, 7962 SAVE BIG, 2 WAYS ... ir With Our Low, Low Prices ^ Buy Now - Save The Tax 1962 Model-17-Inch RCA VICTOR Portable TV's . $1il095 from 1962 Model - 23-Inch RCA VICTOR CONSOLES teeming with plans for the^songs she said she had to dojcially able and would be hap- producers. "Red Roses for Me," star- "Remember, In TV It's Jhe Picture That Counts" $ 269 95 from Less Our Liberal Trade-In 1962 Model RCA VICTOR COLOR TELEVISION "RCA VICTOR IS COLOR TELEVISION" from Less Our Liberal Trade-In Christionson Bros. Selling and Servicing Color Television For Over 7 Years EASY TERMS, Of Course! Use Your Present Set For The Down Payment! Open Friday and Monday Evening 'Til 9 P.M. 316 MAIN STREET DIAL ME 4-3318 future and he has strong convictions about the sort of things he'd like to do. "The thpater exerts a great influence and it should be; used to impel us toward a better, not a more perverse way of life," he insists. "Plays should show us the things that are good about our country. "People come to a theater to be entertained. They're starved for it. It appalls me to see so much emphasis on morbidity and degeneracy on our of everyone being modern stage." on the screen "They Were Fun" these days. Some movies Brown would like to revive;have stars no the breezy Noel Coward type one ever heard comedies of the 1920s and of. The ushers 30s. "They were fun and they at Radio City were rela.xing. And what's|Music Hall wrong with that?" ;don't even "All in Love" is a prime,know them, example of what Brown is I It is as if shooting at. It's a musical ver- there are no sion (melodies by Jacques Ur- supporting players at the show." Miss Holt, Brown py to invest in plays if they and Urbont joined forces as had the opportunity. Brown seeped himself in amateur dramatics and in theatrical studies in school and spent a season with the Racine Summer Theater. But he concedes he has only one professional acting credit. That was in Phoenix, when he played a "small but bloody" role in "Macbeth." Now assistant to the owner of the talent agency wiiore he works, Brown deals with established clients like Gypsy Rose Lee and labors at developing newcomers. A childhood neighbor of his in Milwaukee, a red-haired singer named Kit Smythe, will achieve "overnight success on Broadway" once she appears Something New has been added to our doily menu. Your choice: LARGE 1/4 CHICKEN 49c or V2 -A-CHICKEN .79c French Fried Shrimp 79c Abo\o orders inrliidc frpiich fries, coll' slaw and bread and butter. DAILY 4 TO 12 P.M. I'liti UabbK. nmk and Lake Pereh Irldav and Saturday. For carryout orders, dial .'Mi; 1-!).•).•>.•>. ELMER 'S TAVERN 626 HIGH ST. NOW! Stars Cheaper by Dozen * • # HOLLYWOOD Perhaps you are about it, (NEA)— confused too — this business a "star" Although fascinated by; in her first show, Brown show business from childhood'predicts. Reads Scripts Brown is currently reading scripts, looking toward his next production. He'd like to do one or two more off-Broadway shows, then move onto Broadway itself. A musical; version of the life of Theodore Roosevelt is one of the proj-| ects he has in mind. But a hard road lies ahead. "Show business is very Uough." says Brown. "It's a No One's a Supporting Actor Now asked him. There was a long eyes-half-closed-Brando pause before Finney said: "I don't think so but then. ..." "Albert, dahling, I'm hungry," the blonde repeated. THE WILD BERST (,0-FKATURE — FSERWHEUJ-VS iFinney's shrug matched the you play with razors—; rsome other time" look in his whose is sharpest." eyes—and the blonde led himi Will he become jaded or away to a table for two. May-!cynical vv h i 1 e playing the be hungry blondes are respon-igame? It doesn't seem likely, sible for angry young men. ^^^^^ Johnson HOLLYWOOD — (NEA) — just people like any other iHollywood is talking - about:.people," says Brown, sudden- all be-'^^'^^^''^ '^^ ^'^^ '^''"^ city'ly stagestruck again. "But it's bont and lyrics by Bruce Cel- cause the briefest of roles re-;f'"3"y agreeing with the New;not true. They're not. They're ler) of Richard Brinsley Sher- ceives "Cameo Star" billing. idan's 286-year-old farce "The On telefilms it is ludicrous., ^^^^ , Ihere are stars guest star-s.;^^, _ Story" - ! and special guest stars, allir_„ e.-.._. o-, . • Rivals." Filled with funny and romantic frothy, ditties, lYork Film Critics Circle oni—well, they're stars!" Uhe best movie of the year. for the first time in 27 years • the play's only pressing prob -lunknown to the majority of''";" "'' ^""'^ lem is whether Captain Ab -'the public. There is the bill- Thl wl J'f tH '"rH'?tt"?-^'l 'T-"lst !rr:'' ^ci^^c^^o ree 'p'throscar the ban of the fair Lyd.a Sta ^rring^^ .,o.s,arring "i^^r.r '''' Tn'''' . " The reviewers were gener- was reserved for two or three ^" ""T^'* alircomphln a^y /sTocKbig names. Today ''co-sV .:<ZTZt^^^^^^^^ atei Pr ?ss crit^^ William|nng: all but includes the hat^f^,^-"-^^^^^ awards. It often has been said i Glover called it a "musicali^heckgid scM^n for 30 sec- bonbon" and declared ''all L^^htll^i^^^^"^ musicals should have hands deserve thanks for this: classy, flashy mirthquake." A record album of songs UW Prof to Show Telema+ion' Use One new MGM film has three stars, seven co-stars and six players "Cameo Starring." • stars have become cheaper I by the dozen and by the half- dozen. Except for a handful I of big names, it is all a cover|up for salary cutting in both imovies and TV. With movie An associate professor of'P'-°?"^,|'«" '-'^f half, some Russian history at the Univer- " "oHywood s big names sity of Wisconsin, Dr. Michaehf Petrovich, will be the guest on "Meet the Professor" today over channel 7 at 2:30. Petrovich will be seen turing to students with aid of the first "telemation" machine used at any university. The machine is a three- a spe-il Johnny's PIZZA • WE DELIVER e from fi:;{n p.m. (o closing Open Mon. thru Sal.: 6 a.m. (o 'i a.m.—Sundnyni 4 p.m. In li M NO CIIAHGE FOIl CAIlllV-OITS Phone ME 4-1905 or 4-9723 JOHNNY'S PIZZA 1911 Racine Street SVERRE ENGEN Person Presents . .. cial Oscar classification, but I this the academy has opposed. I——— ' Past best movie of the year ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ musicals w e r e Melody" (1929); Ziegfield" (1936); ican in Paris" (1951), and,^ LAST UACINK SHOWINO day for sums they once paid their secretaries. In return, they are demanding—and get- lec '^'^^'^—bigger billing and spe- the "^'3' billing. CAPITOL * "An Amer- P TODAY OPEN AT IMW 0 ' '1 r.AST IIA{ INK SIIOWINO ^ JOHN WAYNE —J All this ego flattering, it seems to us, has degraded star billing to the point of no return. I suspect the pub. ^. , . lie already is saying, "By screen, rear-project.on device i^^^^j^^ may be a star which enables students to take notes in normal lighting while giving them visual images of three sceens at once— but by me he isn't a star.' 1958's "Gigi." Unless the academy rules are revised, the hit song "Ma-g ria" from "West Side Story" ^« o,..,^-s.„oe COLOR »v oe luxr will not be eligible for "best" p —ALSO — movie song of the year be-'^,^, cause it was written for the ~" Broadway stage. Songs, to ^ QMBN^^SCOPE ,7 ... COLOR l>y oe LUXE qualify, must be written di-g,i,„inii rectly for the screen. ^OAVIO UDD RfTA MOR EI VJO on her Os .|^AR «0'm car chances for her emoting in "West Side Story." "My agent says it could help my career but I don't jbelieve it. But I'll tell you' /' 2 Houri of Action-Packed, All-Skiing Film in Color! WED., JAN. 17 8:15 P.M. DANISH BROTHERHOOD HALL Adults 1.50 • Children 1.00 Sponsored fay Racine Ski Club THINGS were jumping atithis, if winning a nomination the bar of The White Ele-iwiil stop forever my being referred to as a 'spitfire' I'm alii for it." New reason for theater efther slides or motion pic-iP"^^"' London when some- tures. Officials report that the ^ '^^'^^ .^^^f^ machines reduce the time'^'be'-t Finney. Wedged into most students need to digest four-deep mob of actors, owners wailing: Twenty the contents of a lecture. iagenls, writers and producers;Southern California dnve-in '. I we were at a disadvantage—(theaters were closed the otherj '^'and so was Finney. There^night by dense fog. Even the; 8 was a gorgeous blonde at-iprojectionist couldn't see the 5 tached to his sleeve who keptscreen: Established loss: $18,insisting: |000. "Albert, dahling, I'm hun- FREE BOWLING SCHOOL! LADIES Tues. & Wed. 9 a.m. JUNIORS Thurs. 3:30 p.m. Thurs. 7 p.m. SIGN UP NOW—CLASSES LIMITED to 60 PER CLASS f^'y-' . , , I Fonda to Have Role finney is the rugged young, r • • j British actor who won star-'Oi W riter-bUICide dom in "Saturday Night and, p^Rig (;p) _ "y[y next Sunday Morning" to a^^^^ pj^y ^^^out a ..,.,..1 "another Mar-:^,iter who kills himself," says Learn To Free at . Bowl SPENCER'S SHORECREST LANES • critical chorus, S Ion Brando." S' In person, Finney looks i evcn more like Brando—and fields personal questions • about himself like Brando. 5 The words, in -other words, • flow like glue except when • he's talking about his work— Jjdoing "Martin Luther" on the " London stage, starring next iin "Tom Jones," a film about 18th century England, andj Henry Fonda. "Does that sound depress- Chicken Chops Steaks Shrin'ip PIZZA • Perch • Ro<fioli • Bombers • Spaghetti WE DELIVER TO YOUR DOOR 'til 2:00 A.M. (Sundays 'til 12M) RESTAURANT OPEN 24-HOURS FRIDAY and SATURDAY DINO'S RESTAURANT 1816 - 16th St. • ME 4-0547 SHORECREST SHOPPING CENTER—Erie & 4 Mile Rd. • DIAL ME 7-7811 ing?" Well, it isn't, adds the star of the drama, "A Gift of Time." Based on L a e I Tucker Wertenbaker's memoir of her incurably ailing husband, thel work is scheduled for White Way arrival next spring. "This may sound morbid, then going into three films but actually it isn't," Fonda; for producer Sam Spiegal. declares, i Everybody here says Fin- "After all, it's a universal ney is No. 1 of England's theme—'to be or not to be'— angry young men—so I just rememb|.r Hamlet?" Open At 1 :00 _ Show At 1 :30^ E NET! AN TODAY SECOND BIG FEATURE DORIS DAY JACK LEMMON ERNIE KOVACS^^ It'* Svntattonal Fun In th« ••Mr. DEEDS" and , "BORN YESTERDAY" traditloni- -\ .1 'L ;i;:^C0L0w\

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