Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on April 1, 1942 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1942
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

r-'- -i PAGE TWO-^THE MORNING AVALANCHE Lubbock, Texos, Wednosdoy, April VI942 Dial 4343 fcr The Avalanche-Journal Offieei Reuther Plan For Airplane Production By Motor Debate On Plan ~ Is Conducted Lauded, Lambasted WEST TEXAS LARGEST Cold Fur Storage ANNOUNCES THE A'DD'EET " PROTECTION OF LETHOT GAS . . II Slops All Bacteria Decay" 243B 13th St. BRAY'S MOVING! HOUSEHOLD GOODS and Your Property — Anywhere Pick out any of the 48 states or even Alaska or Old Mexico, if you wish . . . we'll haul your Household Goods and Property to your destination safely. All rates governed by Interstate Commerce Commission. BONDED-INSURED Armstrong Warehouse and Transfer Co. AGENT OF UNITED VAN LINES F. A. Kennedy R. Clyde Smith 702 Texas . Dial 6659 Bell Plumbing Co. DIAL 4376 HAVE YOUR PLUMBING REMODELED AND REPAIRED WHILE IT IS STILL POSSIBLE TO OBTAIN MATERIALS. Call Us For Quick, Efficient Service! WATER HEATERS -- REPAIRS By ANTHONY G. DELORENZO United Press Staff Correspondent DETROIT, Mar. 31—A champion of labor and a general of industry—Director Walter P. Reuther of the United Automobile Workers (CIO) and President C. E. Wilson of General Motors corporation—today submitted the issue of a!l-out war production to a full dress debate ''unique in' the annals ot American industrial relations." In an unprecedented joint press conference between representatives of labor and management, they debated before an audience of newspaper men, Army and Navy representatives and groups of their own partisans the merits of the so-called Reuter plan for the automobile industry to produce 500 airplanes a day. Tco Many Types Oi Planes Wilson said it was impractical because of the diverse types of planes needed—bombers, fighters, interceptors and troop-carriers. He said such mass production would call for the utmost in standardization. Reuther countered: "Before this war is over there is going to have ;o be much more standardization of airplane design than we have today. Only by reducing the types of planes can we produce them in the quantities we need. That's the way Germany did it." The debate opened with George V. Denny; jr... moderator of the radio program "Town Meeting of the Air," as impartial referee. He ruled out discussion of such issues as the 40-hour week, double pay for Sundays and holidays, strikes, profits, salaries, wages, proposed joint labor-management committees for war production and others now pending before GM- UAW -contract negotiators. Next came a reading of the so- called Reuther plan which the UAW-CIO submitted to President Roosevelt in December, 1940, with a claim that it would enable the automobile industry to build 500 airplanes a day while still producing 4,000,000 automobiles a year. Wilson, was the first speaker. He challenged the program as "E guns and butter plan to produce something our military authorities did not require and still do not require even in this war emergency." He said the Reuther plan called -for a number of planes of a single type that surpasses the quota set by President Roosevelt for between 35 and-40 types of planes. "As I understand it," Wilson said, "the President's quota for total airplane production of 120,000 planes in 1943 includes all these types of planes—a grand total that is less than the Keuther plan proposed to manufacture of just one type-". = The GM president said the Reuther program "over-stated" the ef- Civil Appeals Proceedings .. WHO CAN BUY CARS AND TRUCKS? icial filiations Dotinninrr Canto_ Ilttliuillilg i auto For Those interested in Buying Hew Cars or Trucks Come In. '„, Get ihe Facts! You May Be Eligible! e If you would like to know if'your vocation falls within those classifications now eligible for consideration by local car and truck Rationing Boards, come in and get the facts!. _"\V|.'have- the latest official regulations on the rationing of cars and : trucks.-We have the-iieeessary application forms. And, we will help you fill in the required forms that must be submitted to local Rationing Boards for decision and approval. According fco latest government regulations, - nineteen classification groups are now eligible to make'ap- plication for the purchase of a new car or truck. You may be eligible in one of these groups. Even though you may not think that jrou are eligible to buy a new car or truck, investigation may prove that Immediate Delivery under the new regulations you are authorized to do so. So, if you are in doubt, review with us the facts, based on information the government has supplied . . . then we can assist you in making out proper apphcsticn -forms - to present to the local car or truck Rationing Board. * * -K To those who are NOT eligible to purchase a new car' or truck, we invite inspection of our late model used vehicles . . . thoroughly reconditioned and with excellent tires that will serve dependably. Or, if you plan to keep your present car or truck, bring it to us regularly for lubrication and for Victory Quality Service that will extend the life of your vehicle. NUMBER OF VEHICLES AVAILABLE Hauler ^^r-^?* 5 OF CAR AND TRUCK PURCHASE -ERTIilCAiES • NEW 1942 PLYMOUTH CARS • NEW DODGE Unit* Jo 3-Ton Heavy-Duty Gas and Diesel-cowered AH Vehicles Have Been Carefully Protected in Dry Storage to Preserve Their "Factory-New" Quality in Every Detaill Co ,vl413Ave J "Transportation Headquarters" DAY AND ALL NIGHT SERVICE Dial 4644 AMARILLO REPORT A M ARIL L O, Mar. 31 W — Proceedings had in the court of civil appeals for. the seventh supreme judicial district of Texas: Motion granted: Texas Employers Insurance Association vs. Joe DeLarue, to reverse and demand. Affirmed: Homer P. Scarborough et ux vs Home Owners' Loan corporation, from Potter; T. K. Manley et ux vs D. E. Holt, from Gray. Dismissed: T. K. Manley ei al vs John Raxien et al. from Gray. PROCLAMATION ISSUED AUSTIN, March 31. (^/—Reverent observance by prayei's and other fitting ceremonials was urged for Good Friday in a proclamation issued by Governor Coke R. Stever.son today. fective surplus capacity of the automotive industry. He ssserted that suggestions as to how this capacity could be used for war production was "so cumbersome and impractical they showed obvious lack of appreciation or knowledge of what the real job was." Wilson called the Ruther program a "publicity and political plan," because it was offered to the government instead of industry. Reuther Counters Reuther countered that Wilson "failed completely to understand the plan." He said it contemplated not only production of 500 planes a day but also was designed = 'to obtain maximum utilization of the automobile industry's machine and man power. 11 "We put forth the plan because President Roosevelt said we needed 50,000 planes," he said. "We knew that the automobile industry was the only hope for such a program. I can't understand Mr. Wilson's statement that there was no need for that many planes." Reuther said the plan was offered to the government rather than industry because "only the government had the authority to move in and set up machinery to get this thing done on an industry-wide basis." The union boss accused, ihe automobile industry leaders of tardiness in joining the all-out war production program. He said that when th UAW-CIO proposed postponing 1942 automobile models for six months, to free tool and die facilities for the war effort, GM board Chairman Alfred P. Sloan, jr., countered with a suggestion to eliminate 1943 models. Reuther called the 19-12 automobiles the "Christmas tree model" lor their use of strategic metals in bright trim, and asserted: "It was the most criminal thing that ever \vas done against our program. It was the-gieatest waste of skilled manpower in, America. They didn't realize that we had to lay aside our normal way of doing business." Record Losses In. Texas Seen (By The United Frew) AUSTIN, March 31—Fire losses; this year in Texas are going to be the. greatest in history unless the trend is reversed, Marvin Hal!, state fire insurance commissioner, said tonight in a radio broadcast. . "Based on'what has been happening all over Texas during the first three months of this year'' Halt .said ''we are headed for a new record in fire losses." Losses Said "Serious" Losses from fires in some areas has become '''serious," he said. The commissioner advocated "simple observation anrt prompt action to remo\ r e hazards before fire breaks out." i "Prevention of destruction by fire is worthwhile in peacetime," Hall commented. "In time of war, it is even more urgent because many things such as refrigerators and automobiies cannot be replaced. When we consider the difficulty of replacing our very homes, it becomes tremendously important." Preventable fire losses, cost Texans $7,000,000 in 1941, Hail said. He computed tnat an equal amoum of money spent on military equipment would buy 20 fiy- ing fortress bombers, 107,350 semiautomatic rifles, 46,000 sub-machine gyns, or 175 anti-aircraft guns. JOB PLACEMENTS DECLINE WASHINGTON, March 31. </P) Job placements by the United States Employment service declined by 3 per cent in February for a total of 425,000, Federal Security Administrator Paul V. McNutt announced today. VITAL HELP NEEDED Expert office help is mil 10 tc.vctnment and buimess. Acute shunJge deve.'ayin:;. New Condensed fiusme&s Courses nrcf.arc quickly foi handsome income, early adra««£nenr. Boi V. BUSINESS-^COLUEGE l.chboct. Abilene. OilUi. Wichita Fills Dr..-Walter J. Howard DENTIST 403 Myrick Bldg. Dial 5621 GOOD USED FURNITURE VALUES LIVING ROOM SUITS We have 4 good used suit* on display, Jhey are -priced to If _ $24*50*0 $49.50 COOK STOVES Good gas stoves, we have 6 in slock. Priced at — $12,50 to $29.50 USED BREAKFAST ROOM SUITS Four suits in stock — $SaSO to $15.00 ICE BOX Like New.' All metal. Cream and Green Enamel, A £65.00 Value __ We Buy Used Furniture HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE €0. 1212 Ave. H New Plymouth motors $110,00 Fenner Tubbs Co. 10th At L. Phone 2-2111 DIAMOND BRIDAL PAIR Both Rings at this Price of only 100 Ask for LESTEF^S "FAMOUS 100" and charge it. Pay only . .. $1.50 WEEKLY n^ C RE P I T JE WE I 1010 BROADWAY ,-COME IN FOR AN EXAMINATION, DR. CHARLES C. MURRAY ,: -•-. PAY 3a Weelclv Navy Isn't Turning its Back On Cupid; Advice Is Offered The U. S. Hairy isn't turn- Ing its back on cupid. Accepted recently as a machinist's mate in the Navy's new 'construction regiment, J. W, Patterson of Sweetwater, wanted to get married. However, he wanted to be sure such a step would meet with the approval of Uncle Sam. So he made a specie] trip to Lubbock Jhis morning, routing J. E, Calloway, chief quartermaster, out of bed at I o'clock. "Get married and send your wife S100 a month and you'll be all right," Cslloway lold ihe youth. Newton Stokes Issues Formed Announcement Formal announcement o£ his candidacy for a second term as commissioner of precinct 4, Lub- jock county, has been issued by \s\vton. Stokes. "I want to thank my many riends in Lubbock and Lubbock county for their support and influence in the last election," his statement saiu. "I am asking for a second term as commissioner of precinct 4. If re-elected, I will give my time and do the best I can do." COYOTES GETTING ijRKEYS DALHART, March .3| W.R) — Coyotes have taken a b/avy toll of turkeys northeast ofiDalhart, Mrs. Fred A. Wynne, turk>X raiser, reported today. •• |i She said she had lost plof her flock o£ birds, and agrpjj with ether farm women who lave lost turkeys to the roving aninals that a bounty -.»n coyotes peltt v should be given by county commiWioners, CIVILIAN DEFENSE REAIY FORT WORTH, March ! 31. S <U.ft) No matter what may coiio, \!he Texas civilian defense organ i;a- tion is ready, "can and wiilAjf need be, give a good account bf itself," Col. Homer Garrison, director o£ the Texas departmental public safety, said yesterday, I He addressed the annual meeting of the Texas Police association HARDIN ANNOUNCES DALLAS, March 31 Hardin, former state Senator from the thirteenth district and now practicing law in Dallas,, today announced his candidacy for-lieutenant governor. SKIN SUFFERERS Free book b>- twelve authors telling hor sin:pi- use of, a product from the earll' Quickly released them from the misery of Psoriasis, Eczema, Athlete's-Foot, Acne, Varicose Ulcers, Itch. Poison Qnk. Address P. O. Box 5170. ChlcascvDl.—Adv. DR. J. B. McCORKLE OENTIfT 307 Myriclt BuilLlng Uubbock. Texas Phone 6591 OR. E. D. TtfQMP! OSTEOPATUIC FUYSlblAN-SURGEO.N THE OPENING OF , DR. R. P. RElD^ OFFICES . SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO RECTAL AND PROSTATE DISEASE!! — CO^ONIC IRRIGATIONS Phone 7391 301 & 309 Myrick BIdg. jpf^ *QOI RUDY'S CINDERELLA SHOP 1105 BROADWAY THRILLING SAVINGS FOR EASTER SHOPPERS NEW iASTES* IN TWO SPECIAL GROUPS and $ Sizes for Juniors, Misses, Women and Larger Women OTHER SMART MEW A- „- ; * f 4 EASTER .FROCKS;:., ______ ..M^S to §14> REDUCING A GROUP OF SMART NEW EASTER A and JU7..95 and GABARDINES NEW TWEEDS KSSJUNGBONES SOFT TWILLS IX PAS T C L S AND PLAIDS SIZES li In- •&, JS to U. S14.S5 Value* Buy United Slates Defense Bonds & Stamps S Y ave tour CAR Trave By BUS Travel by bus, it's convenient, comfortable and safe. Travel by bus: and help keep 'em rolling; keep 'em flying! America's fighting forces need all the metal, all the rubber, aI5 the fuel \ve can spare. Save your car. Thu bus will got you there. . . . '* LOW ROUND TRIP FARES: Rour.d Trip Lubbock QfJ KA to Ft. Worth L «o/«0l' Round Trip Lubbock : 0?Q A A to Dallas ._ tB^.^U Roxind Trip Lubbock to Houston Round Trip Lubbock. to San Antonio Round Trip Lubbock to Austin '. $12.50 • Subject to 5Tc Federal Tax 30-dsy Return Limit Texas-New Mexico and Oklahoma Coaches Joe Bowman, Mgr. Union Bus Terminal

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