The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 11, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE DAILY REGISTER. HARRISBURG, ILL, WEDXKSPAY. FKniU'AF.Y 11. 19 18 The Dally Register (Established 1869 as Saline , County Register.) Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine ·treet. Ilarrisburg, Illinois, by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. ; of Ilarrisburg, , MRS. ROY L. SERIGHT, President. _ ' . \ CURTIS G. SMALL, .--Editor and Manager. - · t , t ^^.^^··^·^^··^ Entered as second'Class-matter at the post office .at Ilarrisburg, Illinois, under act of March'3,1879. Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, $5.00 per year -in advance; S1.50 for three months. Outside Saline and adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 for three months; 75 cents per month. The Daily Register/is a private business institutions The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as a news item or a paid advertisement. By Williams Out Our Way SHUT TH' POOR-MO MORE STANDIKJe ROOM/ THEY'RE PU6HINJ* THE AUDIEKJCE UMPER TH' STAGE.' ·f^E^= ^- · "=---/i,' \^^\\\\r^^\-::^S^^-\\.^^^^' / -'-'^-^-i T. M. REG. U S. PAT. OFF. COPR 1«C EY NEA SER-ICE. INS. BORM TH^TV VEAR£- TOO SOOM ·, I'tMrson S:» ; : Vaughan's -I-'jst One" Taxes 1'resi- Pni' Vrobeft. '.-'cud lYlilu-al Delay.: Alaska Fi;:!tts (Jreuuing Heap- \ M ! ! X G T O N -- H a r r y Truman \ · patience of Job when it i .-, ; , hi- likable, grandstand- 1 .·causing m i l i t a r y aide. \\ Hut he neaily .s r.aticnco--lor keeps-, \.uigiun tried to prcMOte to bo t,p W h i t e House a t i . .-· VTC' 5 ;. In fact. c\i. ,o · ·:· "-':.!· pi'C'motir n ..t out ol a .'Oi tr.o inside story of w n a t | Eisenhower Sends Farewell Message To U. S. Troops BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY We do not sufficiently appreciate the part played by the unsung common people who make possible the dramatic deeds of great preacn- ers-0r ^leaders: -.They : would be powerless without such preparations You and It can do this. work. --Mai. 3:1: "Behold I send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me." BIBLE READING FOR TODAY WA SHIXGTON, Feb. 11.--U.P-- Feb. 11. : The Testifying Spirit, i Gen plight D. Eisenhower. who --Romans. 8:9-17. I as a fhe-star general has lifetime! - . ·-+-- army rank, sent a farewell message : The Daily Register, 20c a week. to L f s troops ^te yesterday saying by carrier boy. that "my service with you shaL I not end as long as I live." "Eisenhower retired Saturday as t chief of staff. He becomes president of Columbia University in . June. 1 His :3rewell message was ad-1 dressed "To the American soldier. . It said: j -Departure from my present post j breaks many lies that are dear to j me. But the separation is n o t , complete. I take with me t h e ) knowledge that, both by law a n d ) in mv own heart, my service himself h.m handed the Pivsident) a :1'P "i paper, purportedly an-, Ko ·«.'' '· l-'^idJ'y ;s the new White j I' , . ,- . M C loi- t h e Air Forces. O n , r paper. Vaughan hr.u j innW-i: as "chici armed | and coordinator of vet-, ir.-." The other army. :r lorco i.iUes were list- assistant,-. This was n', ·M-ture in White House, since h-'.I'.erto all V / h i t c . llo.'.s^ aides h:nc been of equal, rat -.' T: oro has been no lop bo:o. " r . . . President "lanced a t , ,r\s ha.idiwork. biu did not · v ,. · --the ··cine mistake he, v l"". iler.ry Wallace sent him his p'pe.'ui on Russia. Innocently Tru .* * ;*- ***m «-»» o r r f \ * 1 t 1 f f * r,'- t.-'ou^ht it was an anr.ounce- '-"---'· \,r Colonel Lanclry's appointment ?s air l'o'-ce aide, and s a \ C | Y a u g ^ a n !ist - to Charlie Ross. » i i t o Hou^e publicity duel, with ir.s-rut'ions to iclease it to the pix -- iV-; rend the liSc later in his o\.: office and hit the ceiling. v-5 ··- , Vau f f han'o slip of Japer. Hot any political advantage o j i j of the speculator piobe. It would be foolish to start the hearings u n t i l the committee iias made a l u M investigation of the market trading of Senator Thomas and otlieiv.. Knowland argued. "Well, how U»ng ·: '.hat I'omg to take?" demanded Gieen. ' 'low soon can we get started on vhe and in what order ^lo we olar, to put on \\itncoses." U s high time we reached a decision about vhese t h i n g s " Senator Knowland replied that he couldn't answer G r e e n s que'; tions. because no one knew as yet how lonj; the preliminary iir.est! cation would take. I low e\ or. Green refused to accent t h i s explanation. He was so funoi's Ju. he ref'ised to vote on :i motion authorising the i m o J l i w t i m ' u'ni mittcc to spend an i n i t i a l S20.00 for the employment of f i v e sleuths and a stenographer. Xole--This column has supplied Senator Ferguso oC material on Senator speculation, and will be supply a lot more if the cc js "eallv ;nteiested. THE ARCTIC LOBBY Alaska has its lobb\ist- present, it has organ i/ed _iust ns intense as Pan American ^invays'--to bloc!: the re.ioooinl- inent " of able, fearless Ernest Gruening as governor of Alaska. Alaskan canning and shipping lobbvists all have been heating at the back door of the White House in opnoMtion- to Guienin?, Tne\ don't like his drive for lower man time freight rates, and for tiv4he: taxes on fishing, canning and sni?- VALENTINE DAY SPECIAL Cold Wave . . . . . $7.50 Crcme-Oil Machineless $6.50 Oil Machineless . . $4.00 Oil Machine . . . . $3.50 More Beauty at Attractive Prices ? f . $ South Granger Phone 723K al.eaih. too .M :: lobby Hearts call for iff on Valentine's Day Don't forget that Kcd U'ttei Day tin's week. Flowers for the house. Corsages for parties and dances. Phone H5W 212 W. Locust ' Skillful backstage operator for the lobbv is Seattle's Gil Skinner of the Alaskan Steamship Nauga- - o, .,,,,, n-s-cu i' iruiiia-i 1-..U, ,«,.~.-. Alaskan "big busi-- ! S'c'/A-aui'h.-.n's memo thoroughly, ness" is.going to bc ^fPJ'J^ , John Wayne, compelling as Quirt Evans: Gail Eussei. irresistible as Prudence." in Republic's V Angel and the Badman.' snowing ^ Sure, you get sore at "STEERING WOBBLIES"! Th'ey crawl into tires through road bumps, curb scuffs, worn steering parts. They cost you plenty in tire wear, blow-outs, ACCIDENTS. Sure cure is a safety check-up BEFORE it'* too late-- the kind your car gets on our scientific BEAR equipment. Thank Your Repair Man For "The Accident Thai Didn't Happen" Wilson Tire Shop 114 N. Vine Phone 459W CHAS. H. McCLENDON, Prop. SAFETY HEADQUARTERS in my own heart, my service WHH as p ruc jcnce. in Republic s "Angei ar.u me uau:r,di you shall not end as long as I live. the Qrpheuin Wednesday and Thursday. Assurance of such fellowship is -- -T^T^T^rTnTl J M J W t U l t t H V - w »-'*' « « - - - ; - rav most prized possession for no man can have a more worthy comrade and loyal friend tnan the American soldier." _____ BREAKFAST at the DeLux Sandwich Shop HOT BISCUITS' HAM, BACON. SAUSAGE, FRESH COUNTRY EGGS HOT CAKES GOOD COFFEE On West Elm y z Block W. of Saline Hotel umn without toe ahnr.ins We realize that the larger centre ol homemakers hav difficulty in filling every iniiuta of tha dav. out tne Idea of a acot- dule is tc mar.a^e tm.c to i t . best ;.dvnr.ta^f3 ih:is hor:".: to ci\e the homemakcr s.ioic Li. tiiv time for herself end :sr .icivona: THREATEN Ilowaid darihs plan to Senator : *n:nosed to make a statement DAVENPORTS POSY SHOP WHITE CITY Herrin. 111. Saturday, February 14 "America's Incomparable Rhythmic Stylist hirr dov.r. publicly. l p o s e that either this basic »''o 1 .aally. it was decided to sn-t^^,^ jj C adopted or warn 'hat lie r.c^.-vc " that Yaughan's self-pro-; ^.j,,' res j« n O n Mnv 6. thus making _ _ _ _ · · « - . L » - i r r M - r » h n V 1 T l f i T " l I - ' ''·mm i ' . _ ^ . I ^ I n n f T ' V » l C T T ! " l l l I H matic conditions. Parcel Post in Sl.OO packages or more. I age prepaid. HART'S DRUG STORE Carrier Mills, Illinois osl- MOTOR R1PAJR SERVICE WORK GUARANTEED From Saline County Home Bureau Mary E. Harper ' The ix-as wlue of r.iv^ prr^-uvr.e ior any provision In tfio home must -The' Koir,c.T,akcr's Time" | oe ; measured m ter^ oi rus c^n- Good time management is not I tribution t o . the hoJ.r. and ^ valued, for the sake of the pos-;velopment ct fsmiA msmuers. sible time saved, but in order, . ,, ./ r j; · that the person who so plans, rna:- , HoWGy r RevSt'CXO %C.'ieC live more^ fully. ' ! mprO p e ~ Greeting From Benjamin r r a n k h n cornea. r r this statement, "The difierence be-; LAWREXCEVILLE. III. (U.R) -- tween the successful homemaken ^ext time J O U mee t vour minister, and the failure is mainly the dii- ^ 0 ^- t sa \,. ""Good ivornir.^. i:c\cr- fcrence m how the:- use their' e n c j_-- U nj e ss you are certain he twenty-four hours a Cay.'' doesn't ^harc t'he vicv.s of the Rev. Lita Bane, a well known home c Sumpter Logan, economist says that the ideal home xhe Lawrenceville Presbyterian has the following characteristics: j minister explains his pe-'-" th^ j 1. Economically sour.d. i\\ay: 2. -r.leciianically convenier.t.'. i ~j\ie ux-m 'Reverend' :^ ? t't:2 3. Physically nealthtul. | 0 £ rC spcct similar lo the title. 4. Morally wholesome. rthc Honorable.' Wr.-. n ;-ou meet 5. Mentally stimulating. j y o u r mavor or con'-'ressman. o u 6. Spiritually inspiring. U5on : t sav. 'Hello. Honorable.' or 7. Socially responsible. f-Good morning. Honorable Jones.' {j. A center ot unsellish iove. j .. In spca king directly to a min- · Tho use of time, strength ar.tij i s t e r it ^ corrc . c t to say. ·?lr. energy contribute to these goals.! 7ones · or if he holds a doctor'^ Housekeeping is a very esser.-i £^ T ' c ' e Dr . Jones.' it is :ic\er tial part ol homemakmg. contn- ^.^C to ,, av -r.c'.x-rcnd' or -ile.-- buting both physical and social ^ pt , d Joncs ;i \alues to the family. It is tne ..jj osl ministers have no ob;cc- background of family Inc. yet 'I'. ioi ; to be : :i .. ca ii c d i.y ihc:r C.iris- doc-s not constitute all oi nor.'c- ^^ ,, a _, o Q .. ,.. iC ,, cl n , nialung. For this reason it musi :·; ^ d be planned, to leave sultjcient 'H-j-u-j^ -margin in time and human resources, for the cnricnment o. the personalities of each member of tne family. It real!., is sac. to think that life is going on from dav to day. children are grows:-.! ·CD and family relationships -· [ be nau cau.sed. ' t'.s precocious ^ v... , ic-Drescr.tativc from St. Louis seem-i Typeyfriters Repaired Experts on All Makes and Models .WZZ. Ji.1. - « U A i » ^ " , n _ i , i . . . » - ^ - Sen Homer Fercason of ^Iichi; sens who were born the same ycai an is ti"ir.g ro keep the iid on a . ,01 f e r d ' t h a t :. raging inside his' appropriations subconvtuttee, now | joposed to cc investigating Sen Jl'.ner Thomas of Oklahoma a n d , other grain, srcculators. . . ·V a closed-door meeting last, v«»'.: Sen. Theodore Green of j ··"rode Island, Democrat, charged .hi: Fer«UMn and other Repub-. · c"-\ members were deliberately; ivcior. -ing the probe so that hear- 1 ·Ps on The speculations of -Tho-, · Vs Ed PauieV and White House \ ' Jiv' ; c ian Wallace Graham can be i f-cfd" during the coming presidential campaign. . ·· 11 the rate \ve re going, this in ··estimation will last iintil icxli \'ovcmfccr." Green asserted angn-j 'v "I'm not in favor o f - t h e ^ i r . - ·."estigation being used as a political "ootbail." . ' K^nublican Sen. \Vilnara Know- ;·-/} "of California, presiair.g m .''hairrran Ferguson's absence. -Je- Ihat the "GO!' was ir\ing 10 f Vur sell, rent aro and aMi- , Ca:h «· wrt LEROY MITCHEL " Serrior J-arrisbars. UliroU AND HIS ORCHESTRA JAMES RUSHING VOCALIST Count Basic is one of the best selling names on Records today. This unit is composed of 17 musicians and 2 vocalists. Adm. $1.25 plus 25c tax ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Mnl-nrtS* TAMMR Ifarrisburg Agents for Myers Water Systems Asks ev o V.v H\:r.!.\N W. at a 'Jcsk next t- a ',..or..e. Sin-'cs r tcrs- n tin;. r.s he doc 1 ;. put in c»,h 4 , hours a :'.. Ou tO Silver Skillet Brands SPECIAL AT YOUR GROCER 1 Lb. Tin 29c 1 Ih. 11 OT. tin 29c tin 23c net -developed as fully and nap Un j lcc i p rcss staff jr.iy as po^siOlc. dclighlful cxpcn- WASHINGTON. Teb. 11 -- . itnc.cs are missed because mem- Ta j. c s t cno graphers. (or insi. jbcrs arc lost :n the ma?e «i c \ e r \ - ^ th( . w , lncss dav tasks. A sal named Dorothy, say. Why manage time? The op- p(.sitc"of this question is. why ::ol lei :t manage you? One 01 thv t v o situations is oound to CX.M. ' who have pondcr.-c t.' seriously reco"r.irc Jin' as to use ol liifio :'"· sulU. in uneconomical usv oi nv dr ;-r.d of personal sln.n:in .. ll.t home where llicic Jirc (.·»!· «tr r.. :.lonu v.iih the imren*.t-:J pr' .Ore for iir.:e io 3o ihc i » : ? i " t jobs, comes the r.ecd f'»r u ::· vi.ich can be used lor thur ·,.!:·! ante that there may 'v lin-" i\]v, family circle. .\3.-ri.-^rv4 u .' both making ;-';' lllS " ; ii hand if'nianascir.cnt of tjr.. i jo be effective. Why do people object to ,'i s t ,.: c-ile?" Personality diffcr.-nivs pr' i.Kjlc opposition to sy.-,;t;n.s ri '.\ Lome lor various lea^ors So*i 1 :.^.ic-s living by pl t i;i T.i f . ,', r ':.. 1i.«-.t initiative and in' n .. ](:,denvd. Then, t h e r e asv f- !r-o who object to 5Lr f . u * !h.. !fs ( yer the ¥/©rfd r.v.ttco *o ·\',: 1 .3 ^.'. 1 ,-:-nr ·- ,;· '- r i 1 Distributed : 11 . .s. screen :n v .". -let'., take n iTVj o our ' :· ;.r I 4 c Nelson Wholesale Foods 330 Ford Avenue Harrisnurg, Illinois it forces them to work .:rsr:-i sine. Posr«ly tho m i n u t e ir rt«. schedule would he u r - i :o many because of t'i" n.^ tension arising ;^ ;j T s'.lt 4 '.!i}hl variation in c ciu' in- t . Iv the uncxpcc'icd s-n:i! :,m To thoso. we -t.'t s-, .-. 'nr.'o ('cle .'is being a p!..*i .'« r -: v ti c horr.op'iakcrs tirro f .v . 3o, .-'r.:ieu K-'aJj:«r.s -Well.' v.-,,.-; ?.;, of 'in re- 'is pci v." - otficc Mr. ispt-ndins. In theso plans., allow- linns people v.hcn ? o u ;^ ,:r.ccs should be made for vaiia- down to it?" Woman Mrs., talking with both har.c: j. ss:d maybe so. But t h a t . .\?r-n"t her nci:i't. She said shv'd be satisfied if Dorothy made ?s nuich ns George, and if she could . talk the boss into more--well a::d The- spectators in the little committee room were mostly women., They bobbed feathered hats -n ap- y.r. I'Vhcr r.-srce "op at;?in. The ,: vCir.if'r.-. JCSJUM forward. The- To.a con.rrc^siT'an «nid that .' ti"- * tor.c of "^rs. I)ougls»' ::!!. v.;th \.omcn '.otlini disrnm- ·::,i:;() ;i',.. i"- Jt ·';* the pay window -- , i · ou'.d ,-c£-:n to n-5d up that we . c o - ^ o c r thr ic'hcs ir.fcnor to the men. H- said thi.-. U-ir.u dec-lion . \c.-r an'! -.villi women having more v ' l c ^ t-'.-.n n i t n . according 'o Ma:;Mic.--. it v.ould scm thnl Mrs. i) -.s^.. o-iJsmaiii.^ her fcllov. con- i sre:- r -mc:i Xohc'ly in bis right :nind could nfa'ord lo *otc against' J t - · -i Mr-. Dougias smiled Hoc-sn't Won-;. .\^out Tor.iorrov/ Pel'. Sr.nv.icl K. ?«ic("onr.cll. -Ir. , of I'cnnsv i/ar.ia. rbsirnnr. of Jhe · ·:hc immr.t'-e. - 'd f a r N" U from ' ,'iin '.o r r ^ u f -»'Hi o \omin. !U- 3-^, c-.. ''"··- s.inJ. "i!'n tlie obicdive · i o? "i^r.s l)!iJ^"'-' 1'U. lint woi:l(J- h · j jl Iv ,'i'A.A.Trii lo numir.ivt'T? i V, i.ukJr"'. \\ he Micaesicd. h.r.e to h:no r. Vit mure ni.ichincry and ptoole.' And wouldn't inUTslalo · c^ orce i.-^o hob w i t h clakif-· ' ir.-- ·«oilers? ', ( Dr»i^i3s sriitJ she ur.dcrstooJ i - iiL I-'.Lor Department had a ?b.:i i iilf v.o-'-crt out. l»o:n^ a \,oinan. i -hi- ·· .ni. .-he v,isn't worried about w'i.rri wo\i» I h.«P) en tomorrow, j \\omcp, she concluded, cros a bridi.e when it comes up in ilic road. I You wtl! find a suitable gift at Skaggs Pharmacy VALENTINE HEART BEATS r**f ^ .. v _- Lucrcn ^^ Lclong ^rrx^-X" ^^:^y?^x" .-- · " . ' i . . ^ -^;A j ; 5L "'-;^. J' « '; · w ^\ fc-t' v 5rj '2^C;-* \-: Tabu jy p Dubarry : Jt£ ^ :"!- 4v : U ^\ · /V/ '/ \'.-'* , . ... .. The best lines of perfume and toiletries - L U C I E N L E L . O M G ^je/vArLcc. A Lucicn Lelons Lipstick teamed with a Incite applicator tluit flawlessly outlines your lips . - · instantly perfects their beauty- r -- t_ ^ ~'~P^5^ ' ^ n Eighl Fashioned Keyed / / \ %^ / / / Lipstick Co!(»r $2 plus tax Leading brands of candies in heart shaped boxes CHAS. P. SI* The Leading Druggist We Wrap Packages For Mailing JNEWSPAPOU NEWSPAPER!

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